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520 It’s Go Time!

The first night of Life after Redden begins tonight with this forewarning from me: And I’ve said this about the captain, and I’ll say this about Michal Rozsival, and others. If the contract hadn’t been so obscene, we probably wouldn’t look at Wade Redden this way. If it wasn’t so…

61 Back at the Garden

Nobody available pregame. No John Tortorella presser. Nothing new to report, except that there were six fights in the rookie game (a 5-2 Devils win). See Tom Gulitti’s blog for some details. So we’ll be back with a game thread later. ———————- Not to belabor the point, but I believe…

225 Sweet 16?

Sixteen days until the Opener. 16: Whitey Ford. Joe Montana. 16: Pat Hickey. Pat LaFontaine. Pat “Little Ball of Hate” Verbeek. Brett Hull. ——————————- And of course, 16: Sean Avery. The lightning rod. Today’s topic of conversation. And not just because it guarantees we will do big numbers. First, for…

98 Something’s missing

If we’re all in agreement that “the Rangers have struggled”: since charging out of the gates last month, what’s less clear is what exactly they’re struggling with. Do they lack a physical presence on the backline that would make life more difficult for opponents? Are they absent the character needed…

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