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272 Rangers-Capitals Game 3 in review

Thoughts: 1) Holy shishkebob. I’d been covering this team since 1978, and had never seen one of these triple-overtimes. Saw them with the Islanders, saw them with the Devils. Never with the Rangers. And in my lifetime, there had only been one — the Pete Stemkowski game in 1971 –…

24 Post-game interviews

Nothing much here, except that Henrik Lundqvist had a decent explanation for his turnover against Chimera … he was at the edge of the trapezoid and couldn’t play the puck until it came to him. John Tortorella: Henrik Lundqvist: Marc Staal: Ryan Callahan:

133 Rangers-Capitals Game 1 in review

Thoughts: 1) I don’t know why I always feel this way, maybe because I’ve seen so many series go this way, but I still expect it to be 1-1 after two games. 2) Game 1 probably didn’t seem as close as it really was, but it was. The Capitals didn’t…

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14 More post-game interviews

Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh talk about renewing acquaintances with Alex Ovechkin. Brad Richards discusses the impact of Chris Kreider and what the Rangers tried to do against Caps goalie Braden Holtby. The interviews also include thoughts on the loss from Washington’s Mike Green — who was caught…

88 Rangers-Capitals matchups

FORWARDS: This is obviously where the Capitals are most dangerous, and most confusing. Alex Ovechkin is coming off what is seen as a bad year (yet he scored 38 goals). He was benched at times in the Boston series. But he loves playing against the Rangers, especially at MSG, and…

141 Rangers-Senators Game 7 in review

So we go from one nation’s capital to the other. (See previous post for the whole Conference Semifinals schedule — and p.s. to NBC, it’s not the Stanley Cup semifinals, OK?). Thoughts: 1) That was one great Game 7. Seriously, I thought ya boys played a great game, as I…

155 Post-game interviews

Henrik Lundqvist was really ticked off about the 3-2 goal … he’ll be getting fined $2500, no doubt, but he can afford it. I asked Brandon Prust if he was trying to light a spark or if he felt it was something to be done when he fought Chris Neil…

36 Post-game interviews

By now you’ve heard that Brian Boyle has a concussion and is out, presumably for the series, or at least Game 6. John Tortorella compared it to the Raffi Torres hit that drew a 25-game suspension earlier today. Not sure if it was that bad, but there’s also no doubt…

214 Rangers-Senators Game 4 in review

Thoughts: 1) Well, there goes my Rangers in 5 prediction. Back to Kanata Monday. Yee-freakin-hah! 2) This has been an odd series, IMO, in that I thought Ottawa’s best game start to finish was Game 3, a game the Senators lost, and one of those many, many games this season…

349 Rangers-Senators Game 2 in review

Thoughts: 1) Matt Carkner won’t be suspended, but how do the officials allow a guy to just jump somebody and throw that many punches and get away with it. I know, the NHL’s belief is that the five-minute power play is more than enough punishment. Ridiculous. But he does have…

195 Post-game interviews

The word on Ryan McDonagh is he got hit in the onions, according to John Tortorella. So he’s OK. So is Ryan Callahan, who appeared to take one off the collarbone. Walked in late on Paul MacLean’s presser, so I have only a portion of that. Brian Boyle would not…

525 Rangers-Senators matchups … as I see ’em

************************************************* FORWARDS: Ottawa’s known as a skill and finesse team, and that is certainly true of its first line. Jason Spezza scored 34-50-84, Milan Michalek had 35-25-60, and captain Daniel Alfredsson (who has scored more points — 1,082 —  than any active player who hasn’t won the Stanley Cup,…

92 Post-practice interviews

The news: Both Ryan Callahan (personal issues) and Marian Gaborik (flu) returned to practice today after missing Monday’s workout. So the Rangers were able to focus on the power play and special teams in general. Nothing new on Chris Kreider. I still think he’s on the verge of signing. I…

18 Post-game interviews

I think you’ll like some of the stuff John Tortorella said, about how the Rangers can beat anybody in the playoffs. John Tortorella: Henrik Lundqvist: Brad Richards: Marc Staal: Dan Girardi:

289 Rangers-Penguins in review

Thoughts: 1) Well, the ending and the post-game sure saved me, because I had no idea how I was going to fill out an entire review on this game. 2) This is why some people hate John Tortorella, and this is also why his players love him. That was an…

92 Rangers-Bruins in review

Thoughts: 1) Things got awfully simple thanks to Philly yesterday. Would have been more simple, obviously, if the Rangers had been able to finish things off. So they go to the final three games — at Philly tomorrow, at Pitt Thursday, home against Washington Saturday — needing a point, or…

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