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Game review
205 Game 5: Rangers-Kings in review

We’ll have some more chats, for sure. And we’re going to have a lot of reaction the next several days, then through breakup day, the buyout period, the draft (do they have any picks?) and of course July 1. Gonna be a short summer. Thoughts: 1) Happy Anniversary? June 14,…

Game review
193 Game 3: Rangers-Kings in review

This is subject to change, and subject to the blog server not crashing, but we’re planning to do another Live Stanley Cup Final Chat today at noon. Or maybe we’ll call it, Talking You Down. Be there. Thoughts: 1) This review is quick and easy. The Los Angeles Kings are…

Game review
352 Game 2: Rangers-Kings in review

Thoughts: 1) I’m going to start out with that one single play. I understand, maybe the Kings come back anyway, maybe they don’t and there’s no way to know. It sure started the comeback that did happen, though. But we’ve been saying all year long how these freakin’ inconsistent calls…

Game review
258 Game 1: Rangers-Kings in review

Thoughts: 1) I’m not sure what to make of Game 1. Why? Because I thought it was kind of what we should have expected. The Kings are a bigger, heavier team who beat the crap out of you and give up chances. The Rangers are a faster team that won’t…

204 Alain Vigneault: Different style = loads of success

Hee’s my column on Alain Vigneault: By Rick Carpiniello Alain Vigneault doesn’t bristle often, at least not publicly. If a question is one he doesn’t care to answer directly, he will do it with a smile or a joke. For example, when one of the many video replay rulings went…

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