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355 It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Oilers

… or as Ed Norton would say, Erlers. Game 4 of this 15-game trip, and second of four in five nights to end the preseason. Ya boys are 1-2, and have yet to have close to their full lineup in a game, which would be impossible to do with Derek…

339 Rangers-Flames in review

Thoughts: 1) Boy, Slats with that Borsalino was awfully tough on Derek Stepan in the taped interview on MSG. “He’s going to get paid, just not today.” Suggested he was “a fool” for listening to his agent. Classic old-school stuff. And I get it, that it’s playing the CBA and…

269 It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Flames

Game 3 of this 15-game trip. First of four in five nights out West to close the preseason. Then ya boys come home for a few days of practice before heading to Phoenix. Henrik Lundqvist is scheduled to play the entire game tonight at the Saddledome that changes sponsor names…

224 Big week for a number of youngsters, starting tonight

The Rangers get back to work tonight in Calgary, to start a preseason-closing week in which they play four games in five nights. It’s a crucial week for some of the young players trying to make Alain Vigneault’s team, especially if Derek Stepan remains unsigned on opening night (doubtful). Expected…

New York Rangers
406 Chris Kreider hoping for a fresh start

The Rangers left for Alberta on Wednesday, but before they did, veteran reporter Brian Heyman, filling in for Carp, caught up with Chris Kreider at the MSG Training Center. Here’s Brian’s story, which published today in The Journal News and on GREENBURGH Chris Kreider skated up and down the…

167 Guest blogger: Manny … Rangers-Devils in review

Before everyone starts demanding trades, firing coaches and writing off the season as a total loss let’s remember that pre-season games are hardly must-win scenarios (a lesson Rex Ryan learned the hard way). That said, with 46 players competing for half that many roster spots, there is certainly an aspect…

186 It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Devils

Game 1 of the preseason, and of 15 in a row on the road. Yee-hah! Though I will add that the last time the Rangers opened with a schedule like this, they won the East, almost won the Presidents’ Trophy and reached the Eastern final. So, you know. Brad Richards…

101 Guest blogger: Papa Bear … Over/under for 2013-14

Thanks Carp for asking to post my over/under suggestions as a Guest Blog. I guess it’s my turn to “stink”. Boneheads, here are some of my suggestions for Over/Under pools for the upcoming season: A) Ranger Point Total: 62 B) Kreider Goals: 47 (Note: If Torts was still coach over/under…

71 Guest blogger: Mike Aker … an alternate NHL universe

Alternate Reality Rangers: How The Last Lockout Changed The Scope of The NHL….Maybe Forever By Mike Aker Whether on television with various incarnations of Star Trek, in comic books with the X-Men, or even in Greek literature, we’ve all learned about an alternate reality, where there exists another realm that…

380 Guest blogger: Miami Pimp … “It Doesn’t Matter What Path”

(Editor’s note: Be aware, or beware, that our very special guest blogger is known for his creative negativity, and the colorful vocabulary with which he describes his beloved Rangers … you know, “bush-league” and “amateur-hour” and “clowns” etc.) “It Doesn’t Matter What Path” By Paulo Molina, aka “Miami Pimp” It…

256 Guest blogger: Mark Romeo … 2013 Report Cards

“2013 New York Rangers Report Card” by Mark Romeo Hard to believe it’s been only five months since we were collectively wishing to see less of Gary Bettman and more of Sam Rosen, but it has been.  Tough to call this Rangers season much of anything other than a disappointment,…

311 Game 5: Rangers-Bruins in review

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture right here, well, just wow. Look at the five Rangers around Henrik Lundqvist and Gregory Campbell, look at who they are in a must-win Game 5 of a second-round playoff series, and how nobody can prevent the fourth-line Boston center…

8 Post-practice interviews: Tortorella, Lundqvist

The video of the John Tortorella presser will be up shortly. He had some interesting things to say about Ryan McDonagh and Chris Kreider. Also, the news: Brad Richards skated with the Black Aces today. Chris Kreider, apparently still feeling that injury above his left eye, did not skate.

235 Game 4: Rangers-Bruins in review

Is it possible? Um. Probably not. But ya boys can sure make things interesting if they can somehow win Saturday evening in Boston. Like Derick Brassard said, “We’re looking forward to going to Boston. The pressure is on them. Toronto came back from 3-1 and it’s possible. We just want…

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