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492 Rangers-Maple Leaves in review

Thoughts: 1) The Leafs — is that the same team that played in the Winter Classic? — really put up zero resistance, and the Rangers sure appear to love playing against them. The Rangers, a team that can play with anybody if allowed to skate, allowed to use their speed,…

223 Rangers-Canadiens in review

Thoughts: 1) Speed, speed, speed, speed, speed. 2) IMO, and I’ve said this before, Carl Hagelin has been the Rangers’ best player since he came back. There were three or four  or five remarkable plays in the first half of this game … A play when Justin Falk was trapped…

308 It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Canadiens (Les Habs)

Game 19. Rangers at Canadiens. Ya boys lost a three-game winning streak on Tuesday. They have won six of eight and seven of 10, as they begin a stretch of nine games in 15 days to close out November. That stretch begins with back-to-backs (Los Angeles at the Garden…

261 Rangers-Penguins in review

OK, show of hands, how many thought the Rangers would get three points out of this home-and-home series against the prematurely-crowned Stanley Cup champions? Two points? None? Seriously, if I had told you on Wednesday afternoon when everybody was nuts over the Marian Gaborik trade that they’d get three points,…

888 It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Canadiens

Game 34. Rangers at Canadiens. Ya boys have lost three of their last four (one of those in some random non-hockey related contest held after the game ended in a tie) and six of their last nine. They have scored five goals in those six losses, and 15 goals in…

519 Rangers-Flyers in review

Thoughts: 1) I’m sure there’s some sentiment today that the Rangers beat a bad, struggling team last night, and that is very true. But, we’ve seen it plenty the last two weeks where the Rangers play a lesser foe and get one point, or none, or get beaten by a…

1028 Rangers-Panthers in review

Thoughts: 1) I’m not talking anybody off ledges today. I’m just not. Because, though I still think the Rangers will make the playoffs, there’s not a lot to like about this team big picture. 2) Last year’s team wouldn’t have many starts like that, and if it did, Brandon Prust…

634 Rangers-Jets in review

Thoughts: 1) Start at the start. You know the Jets are going to come hard, you know they’re playing well and all jacked up about being in the playoff hunt, and that the place, unlike MSG, is going to be really loud and nuts. And that, therefore, you are going…

834 It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Canadiens

Game 17. Rangers at Canadiens. Your boys have lost two in a row, except that, in the National Lockout League, one of those losses doesn’t count as a loss even though if you win one of those stupid post-game contests it counts as a win. Anyway, the Rangers have enough…

482 Rangers-Canadiens in review

Thoughts: 1) Even when you’ve been doing this as long as I have, and you’re sitting there writing about what an awful game you’re watching, sometimes you hesitate. I ask myself, is it just because the crowd is dead that it seems awful? Is it just because one team is…

10 Brandon Prust pre-game interview

Prust was asked if he read where John Tortorella said he is just another player in another uniform, and Prust said, “well, he’s just another coach.” He was laughing when he said it. Brandon Prust:

491 Rangers-Islanders in review

Thoughts: 1) Let’s start with the kid. Or the kids. Please don’t go overboard with this 19-year-old, who isn’t going to score a goal a game, or two a game. But, geez, right off the bat J.T. Miller looks like he belongs, like he has the body and the ability…

784 Rangers-Penguins in review

Thoughts: 1) Wowzer. I don’t even know where to begin. That was just putrid. I thought there was a stretch there in the second period where the Rangers righted themselves a bit, and then they shot themselves in the skate with the Derek Stepan giveaway for a Sidney Crosby (who…

298 Rangers-Maple Leaves in review

Thoughts: 1) It is beyond stupid to think this team was going to stink  it up all season. I don’t think they are where they need to be, and they still need to get more from the guys who play on the second line, or who are supposed to play…

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