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631 Rangers-Blackhawks in review

Thoughts: 1) Best win of the season for the Rangers, who are now two over NHL-.500 for the first time this season? Maybe for several reasons, one of them being that it came against the defending Stanley Cup champs who were 15-2-6 at home this season. But for many other…

376 Rangers-Penguins in review

Thoughts: 1) This is not an excuse. Just a fact. The Pittsburgh Penguins are helmets and shoulder pads better than the rest of the East. They played almost the entire month of December with their JV on the ice and ran away and hid. They could play the entire second…

279 Rangers-Panthers in review … Happy New Year!

Thoughts: 1) Happy New Year! Whether 2013 was good, great, bad or horrible for you, here’s hoping that 2014 will be better. And the dawn of 2014 means one thing: Honeymooners Marathon!! It also means Winter Classic today at the Big House, and after the game, the naming of the…

514 Rangers-Lightnings in review

Thoughts: 1) Henrik Lundqvist. I thought he had no chance on the first goal, none on the third. I thought the second was stoppable, that it was a big rebound (it was) and that he went down early and got beat high glove. But I watched it a few times.…

323 Rangers-Capitals in review

Thoughts: 1) I know you guys don’t want to hear the glass-half-full stuff, so I’ll just blurt it out and get it over with. I didn’t think the Rangers were outplayed at all, especially at 5-on-5, in this game. I thought they defended pretty well and a lot of guys…

68 Capitals 3, Rangers 2 … post-game notes & quotes

Post-game notes courtesy of the NYR; quotes courtesy of the Washington Capitals: Capitals 3, Rangers 2. Click here for boxscore. Team notes: –        The Rangers began a five-game road trip with a 3-2 loss against the Washington Capitals tonight at Verizon Center. –        The Blueshirts are now 18-19-2 overall (38…

378 Rangers-Islanders in review

Thoughts: 1) The homestand to hell. At some point, if not soon then later, the Rangers will rue the points they hacked up on this nine-gamer, whether it be the points that make them fight for their lives the final days of the season or the points that keep them…

314 Rangers-Penguins in review

Thoughts: 1) As you know, I completely agree with what Brad Richards said post-game. That you don’t judge how a team played in a hockey game based on the coin-flip that is the skills competition. Because, as you know, I always maintain that it’s not part of the hockey game,…

1038 Rangers-Flames in review

Thoughts: 1) Funny how the shootout changes everything. A stupid breakaway contest can warp your appreciation, or lack thereof, for what went on in this game, which sure wasn’t great, and sure wasn’t against a great opponent. Though, to be honest, I thought the Rangers did get better as this…

275 Blue Jackets 4, Rangers 2 … post-game notes & quotes

Post-game notes & quotes courtesy of the Rangers: Blue Jackets 4, Rangers 2. Click here for boxscore. Team notes: –        The Rangers were defeated by the Columbus Blue Jackets, 4-2, tonight at Madison Square Garden, as the team continued their franchise-record nine-game homestand. –        The Blueshirts are now 15-17-1 overall…

399 Rangers-Capitals in review

Thoughts: 1) Hey, for crying out loud, you can’t expect them to score more than one against Philipp Grubauer. Did I spell that correctly? Too lazy to care. But that’s kinda the point. 2) I mentioned it a little while back, during that five-game road trip, and I wasn’t alone…

305 Rangers-Devils in review

Thoughts: 1) Marc Staal. Boy, that sure as hell doesn’t look good for him, getting hit on the button like that by Reid Boucher’s shoulder or upper arm to the chin and reacting as if he knew right away that something was wrong, and then slamming his helmet on his…

183 Rangers-Baby Buffaloes in review

Thoughts: 1) Henrik Lundqvist. Remember that goalie controversy? And by the way, this talk about how he’s earning that new contract now … well, that new contract starts next season and I think he gets the signing bonus July 1. So he’s just getting by with the old contract right…

43 Rangers 3, Sabres 1 … post-game audio

Courtesy of the Buffalo Sabres: (fingers crossed) Alain Vigneault: Click here for Alain Vigneault. Henrik Lundqvist: Click here for Henrik Lundqvist. Rick Nash: Click here for Rick Nash. Ryan Callahan: Click here for Ryan Callahan. Brad Richards: Click here for Brad Richards.

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