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178 The Richards saga: My take

Here’s my column from The Journal News and, with some new, corrected info on the recapture penalty as it pertains to Brad Richards’ potential retirement if the Rangers don’t buy him out via amnesty next summer. The original numbers were incorrectly figured by, and since corrected, in a…

331 Buyout time … Is Brad Richards a goner?

The amnesty buyout period began at 11 p.m. Wednesday, and runs through July 4. Players who are bought out under the amnesty exception allowed by the lockout-induced CBA, will be set free no later than the day before free agency, which this season is July 5 instead of the customary…

380 Guest blogger: Miami Pimp … “It Doesn’t Matter What Path”

(Editor’s note: Be aware, or beware, that our very special guest blogger is known for his creative negativity, and the colorful vocabulary with which he describes his beloved Rangers … you know, “bush-league” and “amateur-hour” and “clowns” etc.) “It Doesn’t Matter What Path” By Paulo Molina, aka “Miami Pimp” It…

256 Guest blogger: Mark Romeo … 2013 Report Cards

“2013 New York Rangers Report Card” by Mark Romeo Hard to believe it’s been only five months since we were collectively wishing to see less of Gary Bettman and more of Sam Rosen, but it has been.  Tough to call this Rangers season much of anything other than a disappointment,…

8 Live Chat Thursday at noon … should be fun

We were going to do this anyway, but now it sure will be a lot more interesting. Live Chat Thursday at noon. Be there. Or else. I am posting three things I’ve just finished writing … a news story about the firing, a column, and a list of potential coaching…

1 John Tortorella break-up day video

Here’s the video of John  Tortorella addressing he Brad Richards situation. The entire presser is in the audio file below. I also took video of Richards’ interview with the press, but I am having all sorts of technical issues uploading it and I may not be able to get tech…

11 Break-up day interviews: Tortorella, Richards

Let’s start here because this was the big topic, obviously. Brad Richards knows he’s being bought out. He’s a smart guy and a pro. John Tortorella talked about Richards, but wouldn’t answer a question about whether his long-time friend would be back. The video is above, but this audio clip…

311 Game 5: Rangers-Bruins in review

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture right here, well, just wow. Look at the five Rangers around Henrik Lundqvist and Gregory Campbell, look at who they are in a must-win Game 5 of a second-round playoff series, and how nobody can prevent the fourth-line Boston center…

8 Post-practice interviews: Tortorella, Lundqvist

The video of the John Tortorella presser will be up shortly. He had some interesting things to say about Ryan McDonagh and Chris Kreider. Also, the news: Brad Richards skated with the Black Aces today. Chris Kreider, apparently still feeling that injury above his left eye, did not skate.

235 Game 4: Rangers-Bruins in review

Is it possible? Um. Probably not. But ya boys can sure make things interesting if they can somehow win Saturday evening in Boston. Like Derick Brassard said, “We’re looking forward to going to Boston. The pressure is on them. Toronto came back from 3-1 and it’s possible. We just want…

737 It’s Go Time! … Game 4: Bruins at Rangers

As you’ve seen/heard by now, Brad Richards is a healthy scratch tonight, and is certainly done as a Ranger (unless they somehow come back in this series, maybe?) … He will be bought out after the season, the Rangers paying him $24 million  over 14 years as a parting gift…

294 Game 3: Rangers-Bruins in review

Save your breath some of you, and stop praying that Darren Dreger’s speculation on the radio might be true. John Tortorella is not getting fired in a 48-game season when two of his three best skaters played like garbage and the team won a playoff round and sure hasn’t quit;…

301 Game 3: Bruins at Rangers tonight (7:30) … pre-game notes

Courtesy of the NYR: NEW YORK RANGERS vs. BOSTON BRUINS 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Eastern Conference Semifinals – Game 3 Tuesday, May 21 (7:30 p.m.) – Madison Square Garden BOS leads 2-0 TONIGHT’S GAME: The Rangers will face-off against the Boston Bruins at Madison Square Garden (7:30 p.m. — TV:…

272 Game 2: Rangers-Bruins in review

Gotta tell you, I didn’t think the Rangers could do the 0-2 trick against Washington, so I’m not saying “no way,” but I really don’t get the feeling that this Boston team is going to lose four of five. I think these Bruins are better than Washington, play a style…

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