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242 Rangers player evaluations — Dan Boyle

Whatever happened on the negative side in Dan Boyle’s two seasons as a Ranger, some of it wasn’t his fault. I happen to not think he was as bad as many of my media brethren over the two years. I just didn’t. I actually liked his compete level, and thought…

267 Rangers’ coach Alain Vigneault: ‘I’ll be back’

We interrupt our player analysis series for some sort-of breaking news. In an interview with La Presse’s Richard Labbe, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said, in French, that upon speaking with the Rangers’ front office, “first thing they said is they wanted me back next year.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY…

393 Rangers player evaluations — Rick Nash

(Third in a series) “I know I need to be better,” Rick Nash has said so many times. He wasn’t spouting lip service, in my opinion. He honestly knew he had not met expectations. He wanted to do more. But he failed to do more. And now, after this season…

309 Rangers player evaluations — Henrik Lundqvist

When it came time to vote for Rangers’ 2015-16 MVP, I was really torn. I mean, I didn’t think this was Henrik Lundqvist’s best season overall, and I thought he stumbled a bit down the stretch. But there really were no other candidates, and I voted for him partially by…

289 Rangers player evaluations — Antti Raanta

The first in a series of Rangers players evaluations: Was going to start elsewhere, but since there’s news, and since he’s one of those who apparently will be here on opening night, let’s start with Antti Raanta. On Monday he signed a two-year extension worth $1 million per, to stay…

70 NHL awards finalists, and what that means

Happy May Day. Hope to have more analysis on why the Rangers aren’t still playing — though I think even if they played well, they weren’t beating Pittsburgh — starting Monday. Then soon after I will start my individual player analysis. You’ve probably noticed that the NHL has begun announcing…

132 One expansion draft hurdle down, more to come

In case you missed it, there was some new noise about the expansion draft on Friday. Of course, it’s only noise at this point because the NHL has yet to officially announce that it will expand next summer into Las Vegas. And of course the NHL will reap $500M in…

Game review
634 Game 5: Rangers-Penguins in review

Game 5: Penguins 6, Rangers 3. Click here for the boxscore with links to the official game summary, etc. Thoughts: 1) Well, that was fairly predictable. I know a lot of you guys held out hope, and with good reason. You counted on the core of this team that had…

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