Rangers preview: Fixing consistency, Tuesday notebook, position-by-position outlook and five keys


This might be the last blog post under the old format. We’re scheduled to make the switch today. Fingers crossed.

Here is my Rangers’ season preview, etc.:

Can consistency be fixed?

GREENBURGH – You can fix things like depth, speed and skill, and it appears the Rangers have done that. You can fix things like defense and special teams, and whether the Rangers have checked off those items remain to be seen.

But the Rangers’ main head-shaking deficiency last season, the one that baffled the organization and its coach, was their consistency, or lack thereof. How do you fix that?

“Consistency is all about being a professional,” Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said, when asked that question Tuesday, two days before the franchise’s 90th season begins Thursday against the Islanders.

“Coaches and management, since the beginning of camp have made sure to explain what is expected of the players as far as their on-ice performance, off-ice demands, the way they’re supposed to conduct themselves in different situations. Once you know that, and know that that’s being a professional, then you know that it’s up to you to go out and do it.

“We’ve asked our leadership group this year, that when we (the coaches and management) are not around to make sure players are conducting themselves the way they’re supposed to, that they’ve got their priorities in order. That’s what we expect from this group and that’s how we’re going to get the consistency that I believe they can bring on a nightly basis.”

As a follow-up, Vigneault was asked if that means he felt the professionalism or the priorities had slipped the year before, when they bobbed and weaved to 101 points, third place in the best division in the league, and a five-game playoff exit at the hands of the Stanley Cup champs.

“I don’t know if it slipped,” he said. “I would say the right answer to that is everybody would have their theory on last year. Some people might say it’s priorities, some people might say the demands of all those playoff games caught up a little bit, and it might have been a little bit of mental and physical fatigue.

“Whatever theory you subscribe to, I would say right now that I feel about this group. I feel the energy from them. I feel the energy from our fans. There seems to be a heightened state of awareness on everything that we’re trying to do, and whether that was … the priorities or those other possible explanations, right now I feel really good about where we are mentally and where we are as a team on the ice.”

The Rangers do look quicker and more skilled, and certainly younger and energetic. It remains a truth that they won’t improve if they don’t defend better, kill penalties better, protect their goalies better. They won’t improve if they don’t get turnarounds from key players (Rick Nash, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal) and more consistency – that word again – from Chris Kreider, Kevin Hayes, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan and others.

Finding a level, as a group, and reaching it more frequently is the key. Can that be done?

“Absolutely,” Lundqvist said. “We had it for a lot of years. Last year the expectations were high. It was a little bit of an up and down year, but still we made the playoffs. You have to realize, too, it’s not easy to make the playoffs anymore. It’s not just something you can take for granted, even though you have high expectations and have a good team. There’s a lot of good teams that will miss the playoffs.

“So, should we set a high goal? Absolutely. But you can never guarantee anything. You have to go out and make sure you do whatever you can to be as good as you can. But consistency, I think that’s the key to being a good team. It’s not about reaching the highs. It’s about finding that consistency where you manage to win games when you’re not at the top of your game, because that’s going to happen.”

So it can be done? But have the Rangers done it? For that we will have to wait and see.

NOTEBOOK: Klein’s status for opener in question; Rangers submit roster, Nash gets an ‘A’

Kevin Klein (back spasms) did not practice for a second day in a row and went for an MRI exam, and his status for Thursday’s opener is uncertain. Hence the Rangers have altered their plan to get down to seven defensemen, which would have meant waiving or trading Dylan McIlrath or Adam Clendening, or (unlikely) sending Brady Skjei to Hartford. …

Oscar Lindberg (hip, out 2-4 more weeks) would go on IR to get the Rangers to the maximum 23 players by Tuesday evening’s deadline for salary cap complicity. …

Rick Nash was named an alternate captain, joining Derek Stepan, Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and captain Ryan McDonagh. Vigneault said he and McDonagh made the decision. Nash said he was “honored.” Asked if that means he made the team – in reference to his early camp declaration that he didn’t feel his job was guaranteed – he smiled, “still a lot of forwards here.” …

Asked what his biggest surprise was during training camp, Vigneault said it was the play of rookie Pavel Buchnevich. “He’s come in and fit in real well, a real good personality … He’s been fun to be around.”


Rangers preview: Position-by-position:

Forwards – There are certainly some new faces, and some new wheels and skill and youth among Mika Zibanejad and rookies Jimmy Vesey and Pavel Buchnevich. If Rick Nash finds his offensive touch and Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider and Kevin Hayes find more consistency, this could be a very quick and balanced top-nine attack when added to Mats Zuccarello, J.T. Miller and possibly Brandon Pirri.

at Madison Square Garden on October 6, 2016 in New York City.But the Rangers’ forwards need to defend better, and to pay more attention to taking care of the puck, and their responsibilities when the opponent has it. For a number of those mentioned, that is not a natural strength.

Defensemen – The Rangers added Nick Holden and Adam Clendening, and lost Keith Yandle (ouch) and Dan Boyle. But it’s the play of the returning regulars that will determine the group’s effectiveness – Ryan McDonagh, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal and Kevin Klein. Whether Brady Skjei or Dylan McIlrath can earn regular minutes remains to be seen. Skjei obviously has more upside.

Goaltending – Henrik Lundqvist faced more dangerous scoring chances than any goalie in the league last year (he faced 397 high-danger shots-against last season according to the stat-tracking website Corsica, 73 more than Washington’s Braden Holtby, who was second in that category) and still it was mostly his play early in the season that allowed the Rangers to put up 101 points despite their many woes. Lundqvist, the team’s best player, will need to be that, of course. Antti Raanta provides a quality backup option, which will be more important in a compacted (due to the World Cup and a new five-day break for each team) season.

Special teams – The penalty kill cannot be worse than it was last year. Can it? See above, the forwards’ deficiencies defensively, and the struggles of the returning defensemen. Both the plan and execution need to be much, much better. The power play at times last year was good, at times awful (see history of the Rangers since Brian Leetch). The team lost pass-first guys in Yandle and Derick Brassard and added some shooters, including the crucial right-handed shot on the left side in Zibanejad.

Coaching – It’s a big year for the coaches. Alain Vigneault had a lousy season last year, his team looking unprepared at starts of games, unable to close out games, and often unable to play the full 60 minutes; and a defense and penalty kill that were never fixed. A lot will fall upon Rangers’ ’94 alum Jeff Beukeboom, who replaced Ulf Samuelsson and will be mostly in charge of said defense and penalty kill.

Prediction – Despite their faults, the Rangers ought to be a top-three team in the Metropolitan Division. Third place.


Rangers preview: Five keys to the season:

1. Rick Nash – Just named an alternate captain, Nash had the worst offensive season of his career last season. Coming off of a 42-goal season in 2014-15, he followed that up with a 15-goal effort in 60 games in 2015-16, including missing almost two months with a broken leg. The Rangers need him to be an elite scorer again, plain and simple.

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Five2. The defense – It’s as much about system and the forwards, but the Rangers cannot/will not be a good defensive team without significant improvements from Dan Girardi, Marc Staal and, to a lesser degree, Ryan McDonagh.

3. The young veterans – A lot is expected of new center Mika Zibenajad, 23, and rightfully so. But the Rangers need much more consistency in overall performance, and in offensive production from the likes of Chris Kreider, J.T. Miller and Kevin Hayes.

4. Jeff Beukeboom – The new assistant coach in charge of the defensemen and the penalty kill has a lot on his plate, as the team was awful in both departments last season. It’s not all on him and not all on the defensemen, because the forwards’ defensive play contributed too. But there’s a lot that needs to be fixed.

5. Henrik Lundqvist – This doesn’t really need to be said. But the Rangers’ most important and most highly-paid player needs to be their leader and will need to win some games by himself. He needs to bail out whatever mistakes are coming, because the Rangers shouldn’t be expected to be great in front of him.

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  1. Scottsdale Ranger on

    Thoid! Btw, I don’t think losing Yandle will be that yuuge of a loss. Still would rather have him over girardi any day of the week, twice on Sunday.

  2. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Going fast now… things are looking black, maybe because it’s dark out. Wait! I see Trump! It’s a sign! He’s gonna make America great again! Build that wall, Donald! IT worked so well in Berlin. Ask the Russians.

  3. Brooklyn Ranger on

    There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
    And the bells in the steeple too.
    And up in the nursery, an absurd little bird
    Is popping up to say, “Cuckoo cuckoo!”

    Regretfully they tell us but firmly they compel us
    To say goodbye to you.

    So long, farewell,auf wiedersehen, good night.
    I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.

    So long, farewell auf wiedersehen, adieu
    Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

    Night All.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!
    Sad day, indeed. It just hit me that some of you won’t be posting anymore. We will all miss your witty posts, good hockey knowledge, and gibberish. I’m going to miss posts from Doodie, BDL, JamesG, Slatsko, coos, and many more. I know it’s a personal decision, and there is no reason for us to try and convince you to reconsider. But this place will never be the same without you guys. If you don’t have my email already, Carp has it, and I will be very happy if you want to keep in touch.

  5. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Av is now worried about consistency?
    He was consistent last year in not playing the best players available.
    We are going to play one defenseman who is 29 years old and is with at least his third different team and another defenseman who is with his fifth different team.
    That is an upgrade.
    Let the AV watch begin.
    He can’t leave soon enough!

  6. Stranger Nation on

    2. The defense – It’s as much about system and the forwards,
    Not this is more about Skill and Design. The Dynamic Duo are the collective anvil around the neck of this team. Their inability to move the puck is an issue over the past 3 to 4 seasons, not just last year. The team was able to overcompensate with puck possession from 3 good offensive lines. That puck possession was no longer in evidence last season; limited forecheck, long wish passes, ineffective board work, puck coming out of the zone as quickly as it came in as opponents realized the way to beat NYR is to dump the puck into the corner and pressure the D.

  7. Crpss Check Charlie on

    Somebody asked about the NHL Center Ice Package a few days ago. It is now available. $140. Not bad. I’m signed up and ready to wear out my couch watching hockey.

  8. scottsdale dad on

    Sadly, I too will not be taking the fb ride. Carp, thanks for indulging my insomnia-fueled middle of the nite rants. This blog does a great service for us bluebleeders….all these insane posters displaying all our emotions. Will still be an avid reader. Time to drop the puck and Let’s Go Rangers!

  9. Cross Check Charlie soon to be Crosscheck Charlie on

    Sorry, but I don’t understand the problem with setting up a bogus facebook account.

  10. It looks like I went through the trouble of creating a Bonehead account for nothing because of the need to sign up for a Lohud subscription to read articles. Outside of Carp, the paper ain’t worth paying for – Sorry Carp.
    Therefore, I am forced into using my real Facebook account because, for some reason, it is hooked into the the Library’s account. Please feel free to friend me if you want to on Facebook. Just remember it is Gannett’s fault that you will all be forced to learn my last name :-) :-)

  11. Some years ago, when Mama had her LoHud animal blog, I remember Olga realized he couldn’t post there with his..ahem..family name, so he changed it to Olga Feedthecat. Good times!

  12. I believe it’s $9 per year, AnthonyM. But you could also bypass the paywall by clicking on Carp’s links to his posts on Tweeter or Facebook

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    I’m flattered that you remember that Ilb… My favorite post was the Cinco De Mayo – Titanic joke.
    Yes, it’s time to fess up, I was Izzy Mandelbaum, (misspelled) too.

  14. Olga, I think IZZY wasn’t the only name you posted under. I have my suspicions, but it’s up to you to fess up.
    Meantime, I’m going to find that post. Was my favorite too.

  15. There you go:

    Izzy Mandlebaum on May 5, 2010 2:37 pm

    In 1912 the Titanic set sail for New York, but what few people know is that it was scheduled to continue on to ports all along the eastern coast. One of these stops was Veracruz, Mexico where believe it or not was consigned a shipment of 50,000 gallons of mayonnaise. The shipment was due to arrive on May 5th. As we all know, the Titanic sunk, but the Mexicans still celebrate the event on that day as, Sinko De Mayo.

  16. Gonna miss you knuckleheads –
    Especially the nutty night crew
    and the Pope of Greenwich Village cast! !
    Had some hearty laughs for sure.
    Thanks Carp,

  17. ILB – There is no need to bypass. I will just use the Library’s account. I did notice that you can choose to NOT have your posts appear on Facebook.

  18. Olga Folkyerself on

    I did indeed. I could set up a joke with one name and deliver the punchline with another. I got a lot of jokes in that otherwise wouldn’t work right by themselves. But it was difficult to keep all the Folkyerselfs straight sometimes.

  19. Carp, will your LoHud column also be the same one in The Record. I’m a Record subscriber, and now that Andrew is lost to the Devils, there is no dedicated Record NYR coverage.

  20. See Dubb, Carps got my email. If you ever need a thumb removed or a head hung on a door knob, give me a shout. No charge!

  21. Sather's Wrap-Up on

    Ilb, Olga and Izzy were the only two I used regularly. And As long as I am fessing up I also did the Sather’s Wrap-Up. Had to quit that one after awhile, I started running out of material. The common theme in all the posst is that I don’t like Sather.

  22. So long, ilb, oh, voice of sanity. I’ll keep reading, but can’t go to Facebook. Gotta put food on the table.

  23. Sather's Wrap-Up on

    A blast from the past… End of seaon 2009 I think,

    Hello there Ranger Fans!!!! WELCOME BACK! Wait! You didn’t go anywhere. The Rangers were the ones who disappeared. It was nobody’s fault but all of us here are sorry. Truly Sorry. In fact we’re the sorriest bunch of turds in the punch bowl.

    But that’s already behind us and your New York Rangers will be back on the ice next season. So buy your tickets early. We’ll try and keep it to a 50% increase, but Dolan wants mahogany and teak wood on his new yacht, “Nixuk”. (We told him it was the name of the Egyptian God of Champions)

    Speaking of dopes, I’ve spent over a billion dollars of the Big Guy’s money already without a hint of a championship, and at the end of each season, HE thanks me! What a Maroon!

    Just look at that list of UFA’s I signed over the years. It’s a regular Hockey Who’s Through! Wait until you see who I make Queen For A Day this summer! Now, I don’t have any money, I just sign Dolan’s name. You know how to fake his signature? Hit your hand with a hammer and keep writing until the pain stops. That’s how I got a lot of those UFA signings through the front office.

    Mess! Hey Messier! Run down there and get me a few of those $19 horse-meat sandwiches. And tell them not to put any of that stinking sauce on them this time! I think that’s what made my prostate end up prostrate.

    And just for the record, I was the one that finally benched Richards, not Tortarella. He’d kept playing Richards like he was beating a dead horse. (I think it was the teeth) But I knew in my heart Richards was all done. My first clue? Me giving him a big contract.

    Jeez Look at Muck! He gets uglier every day! We had to take him off the Dreams Come True Charity, he was making the blind kids cry. Why, last time he was at the house, the grand-kids pushed his face in some dough and made monster cookies. Even our dog has to close his eyes when he humps his leg. He opened the fridge and all the milk turned into yogurt. Now that’s ugly!

    Well anyway, cheer up Ranger Fans, You got your stick salute, don’t be greedy! Next time for sure! I’ll get you a Cup or die trying. My contract is that good.

    Uncle Glennie.

  24. Sather's Wrap-Up on

    Sather’s Wrapup on December 27, 2010 9:29 pm
    Hello Ranger Fans! Here we are at the World’s Most Flurrymous Arena!
    Did any of you catch Muckler in the Christmas commercial? He was in a Budweiser Ad. You know the one with the Clydesdale? The horse turns around to go back to the barn, and you can see Muckler. Looked just like him…
    I want to wish all the Islander fans (you know who you two guys are) a very Merry Christmas. You finally got the one thing you have asked for all these years- a team that’s better than the Devils….
    Messier: Good news Slats. We’re going to get Ovechkin next month! I made an offer to McPhee and he said it would be a damn cold day when he trades Ovie to Glen Sather. So I figure that’s in January…
    Glennie: Mess, you’re an idiot. It’s cold in February too…
    I was sitting in a bar one time, when this guy walks in with a dog under his arm. The dog is wearing a NY Islanders jersey and the guy is holding an Islanders pennant.
    The bartender says, “Hey! No pets allowed in here! You’ll have to leave! ”
    The man begs, “Look I’m desperate. We’re both big Isles fans, my TV set is broken, and this is the only place we can see the game! ”
    After securing a promise that the dog will behave and warning him that if there is any trouble they will be thrown out, the bartender relents and allows them to stay in the bar and watch the game.
    The game begins with the Islanders winning the faceoff. They sweep across the blueline, fire a shot and it rings off the crossbar and in the net. With that the dog jumps up on the bar and begins walking up and down the bar barking and giving everyone a high-five.
    This continues throughout the game and the islanders win. The dog goes nuts! He starts barking like mad, does a few back flips, and begins licking the owners face.
    The bartender says, “Wow that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! What does the dog do if they win a playoff series?”
    “I don’t know,” replies the owner, “I’ve only had him for seventeen years.”
    Well have a Happy New Year Ranger fans, and remember, don’t drink and drive. It’s almost as bad as texting. If you have to drink, do like I do, pull over first…
    Looks like I’m good for a few more years as GM
    Uncle Glennie

  25. Yeah, I also don’t get what the big deal is getting a free fb account? People don’t want to submit to big corporations and yet they either work for one or follow one (NYR).
    Btw, I made a new fb account and posted on that Yankees blog with ZERO friends in my new fb account. So there is that. The account is completely anonymous and doesn’t lead anywhere. Especially if you never had any fb accounts then you’re golden because you don’t have to remember switching between fake and real accounts when you post.

  26. Like I said last year McIlrath won’t get a chance to play until AV is gone which I hope will be soon. He is not ready to improve the back line with Girardi & Staal still playing (which i can’t understand why) He needs to alternate Staal & Girardi in the lineup until they show they are good enough to be there.

  27. It is terribly sad indeed, not to see again such entertaining characters (my favorites, Coos, E3 – I will cry for you), or deeply knowledgeable and passionate legion of longtime regulars and there is no real consolation in fact that it will also, probably, be more space and cleaner air in our hen house, without pooping parrots, complacent, attention seeking peacocks and dirty vultures, preying on carrion of fallen eagles. No more dirty trolls. Looking forward to the bright future for blog and Rangers wise. Amen.

  28. matty"CleanThatSlate"Boy on

    Nobody likes change. Change sucks.
    This place has been ‘home’ to me for way too long. Although not the most tech savvy, I will make a bogus FB account JUST to stick around. Just to stick around.
    All you guys CAN do it if you weren’t so stubborn. No need to dig in your heels over a few clicks and continued anonymity. We are a bunch of knuckleheads. The season is upon us!!

    PS. COOS, E3, ERIC, an appeal!! You guys GOTTA come along!!!!! DOODIE?

    PPS. Happy New Year, to those of the tribe!

  29. Bless you, Carp. Thanks so much for being the hardest-working and the most capable professional in your field.


  30. TSN had a list of what they figured each team’s “top line” was. They Vesey and Zuccarello centered by Kreider :)

  31. As cccp and ilb have said, those who have existing facebook accounts would have to remember to switch between the real facebook account and the fake one. With stalkers out there that is not a meaningless consideration. There is also the issue of posting on facebook during work time.

  32. Sather's Wrap-Up on

    Hello there Ranger Fans, from sunny LA! We’re out here on the west coast for game 8 of the Stanley Cup Finals. AV tells me it’s a best of nine series now. I think we have a real good chance…

    I wanted to assure you all, not to worry about the contract negotiations for Staal. Everything is going well. He’s guaranteed untouchable, just like Gaborik, Callahan and Richards.

    “Knicks Win! Knicks Win!” Aww, just kidding Jimmy. Can’t you take a joke? Hey, if the Knicks wind up with the first overall pick, I can give you a hand with that. I’m not doing any first round drafting for quite a while…

    As you may know I’ve been having a little prostate trouble. It was really bothering me today, just as I was getting on the elevator. There were two girls inside telling me to “Push it. Push it real good.” So I did and now it hurts like Holy Hell! Turns out they were actually asking me to push a floor level button.

    Oh, and a shout out to all those fans on the Rangers Report blog. I see you’ve been having a couple contests and I want to give you a chance to win something. Can you guess how much money I’ve wasted on free agents since I became Rangers GM? The winner will receive a packet of every flavor of Kool-Aid that they make.

    Yours where the sun don’t shine…
    Uncle Glennie

    ULF ULF sounds like a dog throwing up.
    Um, I’m stuck on this song yesterday. I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I don’t know the name of that. She’s a heart breaker, love taker . Oh. . . very catchy. Heartbreaker, Steve Baker, …

  33. Happy Hockey day Boys!
    Sad day for the worst blog on the internets?
    Here’s hoping we see you all on the other side.

  34. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Goodbye friends. I will not be commenting but I will continue to read. Maybe my gibberish wasn’t the funniest at times but I’ve enjoyed all your wit and passion for the game and a team we love. I’ll still be here, in the shadows, like some insane stalker. Again, it was fun! Carp, all the best of luck. Let’s go Rangers!

  35. Sather's Wrap-Up on

    Hello there, Ranger Fans! Uncle Glennie is back by request! Welcome to Madison Square Garden, the World’s Most Lamest Arena. Well, I’m actually in Hawaii on vacation. I have nothing to do until the irate Ranger fans demand action. Then I’ll fire Gorton and Savior my way back to NY.

    OK now, Hands up, all those that want Ovechkin or Toews or Malkin or Kane on the Rangers. Just give Gorton a little time. About 7 years or so. As soon as they all turn 35 we’ll have them. I can wait, I have that lifetime contract.

    By the way… If you fans are wondering about my health I just had my annual checkup. The doc says I have the body of a 20 year old! He also said, I better give it back cause I’m beatin’ the Hell out of it.

    (singing) “…we’re half way there, whoaaaaoh, Livin’ on a Prayer, take my hand we’ll make it I swear, whoaaaaoh, Livin’ on a Prayer” Uh-oh. That’s Dolan’s newest ring-tone. I better get this… Hey there, Baghwan! What? What about the playoffs? Don’t worry we aren’t done yet. Plenty of time… I think AV has got something up his sleeve… Oh yes, he certainly does… It’s his forearm… That’s a joke, son. Kinda like the Knicks. (click)

    Muck! Hey Muckler! You still got Keenan’s phone number? Give him a call and tell him to pack. We may need a something new for next year. I just gave Vigneault a big vote of confidence with DoDolan. (No, I didn’t stutter) I think AV will be gone before end of next pre-season.

    I gotta admit though, I might have made a mistake in the last round of contracts. I gave out a lot of No Movement Clauses, thinking that the players would play better if they couldn’t be traded. Turns out that they all are showing no movement when on the ice. Well, that’s one on me, I guess.

    Aloha, Suckers.
    Uncle Glennie

  36. Cross Check Charlie on

    Judging from the preseason games I saw, I think Staal has a good bounce-back season. Girardi….probably not. The big question is, if Girardi is incompetent what do you do with him. You can’t trade him. You can’t send him to Hartford. They only thing you can do is make him a healthy scratch.

  37. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, I guess now I’ll have to find a Black Hawks blog and talk about the Rangers a lot.
    Black Hawks v. St Lou on MSNBC tonight.
    Let’s Go Hawks!

  38. Charlie – If it gets THAT bad (and it’s about 50/50 that it could…the other 50% being that he gives you 5/6D-caliber play)…he’ll come down with a case of the lower-body-injuries, and you won’t see him again for a while.

    By that point…being that we’ll have either traded McIlrath for a 6th rounder, or lost him for nothing, Clendening probably showing why he’s been on 5 teams in a calendar year, and Brady Skjei not being ready..we’ll be in for some easy living, because it’ll be Chris Summers time.

  39. Carp don’t think you’re getting out of your Walter’s hot dogs obligations for those of us that you owe. FB can’t protect you from that debt :)

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    When the Rangers finally do finish fifth in the Metro, I think Eric will sign up for Facebook just to comment that he was finally right.

  41. Those of you without Facebook will miss out on all the great Rangers Stanley Cup celebration in comments section at the end of this year!

  42. Thank you for your great work! Another year of the front of the Net being like( “All you can eat Buffet)

  43. Cross Check Charlie on

    I just checked the Center Ice schedule for tomorrow and the Rangers game isn’t listed. If I can’t see the Rangers game what in holy hell am I paying for?

  44. What I don’t get is this. So the great Vigneault says Dylan doesn’t fit his system he is not a quick skater and so on. But, Vigneault would rather play Girardi on the first pair when he isn’t a top d man anymore and a liability in his own end and there is Staal who isn’t a strong skater either and he is a liability in his own end. I don’t know why Vigneault hates Dylan so much for?

    Tavares is going to do circles around Girardi. I’m not saying Dylan is going to be great but look how long it took Buekeboom to play too minutes especially when her got here and he played with Leetch.


  46. Cross Check Charlie on

    Doodie, if you don’t click on any of the ads you’re not supporting Facebook.

  47. Carp – is there a know time frame / schedule for the pre-game ceremonies tomorrow ? would you expect it to start right at 7PM or will that start before 7PM ?; I hope to be at my seat in SEC 119 enjoying a $9 Heineken by 6:30 or so … my track record may suggest I’ll be coming up the escalator right as John Amirante is breaking into the National Anthem !!
    I just got a "sorry but we are not able to accept your Center Ice order right now" from Cable Vision. The Rep mentioned the free preview may be under way but suggested I call back tomorrow ..
    He said : "We haven't received the code…"
    Think they might be dickering about money ? Maybe ?
    I have been surprised that my cable tv has not had one add mentioning the usual "Early Bird" pricing or the usual "Free Preview…" etc…
    NHL kicks of tonight for Wicky's sake …
    Pretty sure it was $160 for the season last year in NJ via Cablevision

  48. While on the can, I dropped a ten inch (maybe more) swirl of chocolate delight and dedicated it to Zuckerberg. Henceforth, every Havana I heave will be now called “a Zuckerberg”

  49. CCCP –
    I know some of Russia’s history. You know I visited years ago. The CCCP (a union socialist states) that you use that as your moniker suggest that you do not know history or are you another avowed socialist?.
    I know America’s history and what makes America great.
    Me joining Facebook means I learned nothing from history and I have no clue what is happening now.

    I do have the NHL internet package. Does that mean I support your enemy?

  50. Donald J Dump – “Facebook created Isis. Crooked.Zuckerberg is a total disaster. A total disaster. Believe me. Facebook is not fascinating and it’s not amazing, believe me. Facebook will ruin this country. Facebook is a total disaster folks, total disaster. My daughter is hot and amazing. but Facebook is not hot and not amazing”

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    By making an account, Facebook gets to report an additional user as part of its membership, thereby increasing their ability to sell ad space, even if I never click anything.

  52. Rock, I assume introductions and yes, a ceremony … apparently a lot of old-timers invited to celebrate 90 years. But I don’t have a time. Also red-carpet stuff and a big fan fest on 33rd street.

  53. AV doesn’t hate Dylan (neither do I, despite accusations) but thinks he is the seventh-best defenseman on the team. And let’s face it, if Girardi plays as he did last year, McIlrath’s probably better than him. But if Girardi turns it around even a small percentage they have a much better chance to be successful with him playing than with McIlrath.

    If Girardi slides, then McIlrath needs to play.

  54. eric:


    you sign in with your twitter account and you can set up your lists, just like I do with the widget: You can have one for everybody you follow. One for Rangers coverage, for example. One for Rangers players. One for notifications (people who reply to your tweet or retweet or follow you or whatever), or anything you like.

    It’s much, much, much better than just having twitter.

    Hootsuite works too.

  55. Eric – You can use regular twitter and just go off carps wigit as to who to follow. Rangers and the TSN/ESPN guys

  56. Tomb. Thanks for the link to the Pavel interview. Was a great read and fun introspection into his new life.

  57. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – thanks for the awesome blog and for a place to hear what fellow NYR fans have to say and rant, BUT Facebook is for Fishstick & Debbie fans. It was fun while it lasted. Now and forever – Let’s Go Rangers!! Adios.

  58. By guys from a long time lurker and sometimes poster. My wife has Facebook. I don’t. U guys were here when my mom got sick and that played an important part of my being able to vent about fake garbage (the Rangers) whilst dealing with real garbage….moms passing. There will always be the bagel store on Quaker ridge, Walters on Palmer and stories about metro north to last me a lifetime. Take care carp and good luck in the new format.

  59. Gravy – my brutha from anutha mutha, brassard will score 50 goals and have 200 assists this year. He’s alpha 1C. Get my email from carputha, our Utha brutha from anutha mutha…and we be in touch, my brutha

  60. One last rhyme for its the time, lemon and lime, nickel and dime, bells that chime, commit no crime, dirt is grime, mimic the mime…..

  61. Yo, E3, plz don’t leave me…come to new blog…it ain’t no gulag… that’s a fact… bring the can…you’re the man…screw the man who stole the plan and became a billionaire. Zuckerberg-shmuckerberg, RR brotherhood for evah, yo!

  62. Maybe if we keep posting, they can’t make us leave.

    E3, kick like Bruce Lee, in the knee, let it be, soon we’ll see, just like me, Step 1C, hee hee hee….boyeeee!

  63. Triple C, I say to thee, on bended knee, mr. Smee, Joe D, pity me, tics and fleas, pretty please, gotta sneeze, breathe and weeze, golly geez

  64. The sun is sinking and a new dawn will rise, I’m wise, Larry Mize, say our goodbyes, time flies….


  65. That’s true carp.. If you open in a new link it’s new site. Should I leave this open forever.

  66. Carp

    New site is awful. How come I go to read keys on Rangers and have ads and surveys to answer

  67. Kate Winslet – “I’ll never let go…..never let go”
    Then she not only lets go, but she pushes his lower middle class azz under water.

  68. I just copied and pasted this url into a new window and the old blog is still here! Could this thread become the new “logging” thread or however you call it.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, I just did the same. I imagine it will be deleted from the LoHud server soon enough. In the meantime, I bookmarked it.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, reading the logging thread really pissed me off. I just wish I had taken more notice of the names there other than Manny’s. Carp deleted it too quickly. Outside of when some jerk was posting my personal information, that was definitely the worst moment of my decade on the blog.

  71. Have a cigar, you’re gonna go far…..listening to pink Floyd live at Olympic Stadium, 7/6/77. A show I attended…..one of the best EVA!!!!

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    Everything I say is a lie. Except that. and that. and that. and that. andthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthat

  73. Even better if on this, the logging thread part deux, I’m allowed to say really really naughty words. I have a horrid potty mouth. Poop pee poop pee poop pee

  74. It’s like the blog after life. And doodie don’t feel too bad. When all that crap was going down some moron tried to put it all on me after I knew about the stupid thing for all of a day.

  75. Eric your emotional attachment to the widget —> has been one of the toughest things to watch as we headed to extinction

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, no, this will likely not last forever. At some point, Lohud is going to delete this from its server.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    I really liked Manny, too. That’s why it smarted so much. He was one of a very small number of people that I spoke to away from the blog.

  78. Torts – “get me the **** outta my car seat. I’ll ******* rip someone’s ******* head off. ******** undo my ******* straps. And ******* roll up the ******* window, it’s ******* cold back here and I can’t ******* reach the ******* button”

  79. Sherry Ross
    P-A Parenteau said he needs to buy #NJDevils jerseys for his 2 kids: “I just bought some Long Island jerseys. I threw them in the garbage.

  80. I’ve got nothing against Manny. Just a bad situation. And in the midst of the Rangers putting together a record season too.

  81. Did you guys hear about Versteeg? Goes to Edm on a pto works out and practices with the team then gets an offer from them and burns them to go accept a previous offer from Calgary. That’s rough.

  82. Torts – “anyone not ******* standing during the ******* national ******** anthem, will ******** find themselves with a 4 and a half double B, up their ******* azz. “

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    James, from what I understand, the Edmonton offer was to be more of a part time player than the Calgary one

  84. Figures Doodie. Besides the Oil have the infamous Kris Russel to pay now. That’s a less shots Talbot will let through his five hole this season.

  85. “There was more made about the logging thread than what was actually there”

    Then how come not everyone, at least some of the regulars, knew about it? :)

  86. Rangers 5
    Islanders 0
    GWG Jay Tea. Also scoring: Cambodia, zjaknghfvdbngtwrdfghmbsd, McD, and tomato purée

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    True story, E3. My sister in law was interviewing people for an opening at her job. One of the applicant’s name was La-a, pronounced Ladasha.

  88. “Coach how do you feel about this injection of youth?”
    “I won’t let these kids ruin my Christmas”

  89. Doodie – > will speak in the third person. > just laughed out loud. > knew a brutha named Parenthesis. > often asked why not go with ( )…

  90. Given the lame IT team at loud, this secret society may just remain open Foe Eva!!!!
    If anyone from IT is reading this, I kid, I kid..,..

  91. Carp, did Josh Thompson have to enter his real age on the facebook blog? Talk about a dark day for RR…

  92. What comes next in this mathematical sequence:
    Poop poop pee, poop poop pee, poop poop pee, ________________________

  93. At least this thread is still going strong.
    I hardly ever post, but enjoy reading the comments. However, on the new blog, for whatever reason, I cannot see a link or “bubble” directing me to where I can read the comments. Any one can help out on this one? Thanks.

  94. Iirc, the whole logging thread started as a BANJing incident because no one informed a few people about a new post. Then it sort of became how many posts can it get to, then ilb popped on it and wanted to know “what these idiots are doing” over here…then I got nagged at for defending cccp, then next I heard arp pulled the plug. The end

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    I went to this party recently. I went in and they were so thoughtful about drunk driving that they made everyone put their keys in a bowl as soon as they got to the party. I asked for a drink and was reassured that sharing is caring.

  96. I’m going to miss doodie. Coos, e3, James g, Olga, bdl, moderation…oh wait my other post finally showed up

  97. Macadoo has put it in his head,don’t turn the ball over. Took away his aggressiveness. Eli needs to chuck it around the field, if he throws a few picks, so be it.

  98. Eli: “well I throw good and I do some other stuff good too…but when they want me to use my brain more that’s not so good”…

  99. Jerry Reese will get another year and another 200 million to try to build an offensive line next spring

  100. Most annoying is Eli the audible King. Play clock down to zero and they’re going no huddle. Left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. A Punch and Judy farce.

  101. Matty"CleanThatSlate"Boy on

    Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive.

    Oh, Oh, Oh, Ah, Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive……

  102. If this stays open, and we get the thread up to, say, 500,000 posts, does Carp still get paid per entry?

  103. Still waiting for someone to open up a new blog where we can comment inappropriately on Carp reports.

  104. matty"CleanThatSlate"Boy on

    I checked the FB version and don’t understand it.

    Sometimes in life, you don’t appreciate what you have till it’s gone. This has been great. We have been very lucky. Thanks again, Carpy. You are the BEST!! And you guys are the BEST!!

    If I can figure it out, I hope to see youse on the other side.

  105. Thank god for ilb. Optimum having issues with in demand can’t order nhl center ice for tv just yet. Told them have a week or switching fios

  106. Ryan Callahan @TheRealCally24
    @DerekStepan21 your 3 goals in Buffalo is not looking so impressive anymore…?

  107. Posting like it’s my job. Just moved to Seattle from New Hampshire, BTW. Different out here. Blues-Hawks in the early evening. Weird.

  108. Same to you, Mr. Carp. I’ll figure out a way to stay in it somehow. Thinking of creating a fake E3 Facebook so I can mention can activities every so often.

  109. Olga Folkyerself on

    E3, Replied.
    Too bad about the blog. Blown to Smitherines. I don’t really know where that is, but it must be a good place. Everything gets blown there.

  110. Olga – I’m just coming to. Not sure where I was, but I’m glad to be back. Rangers are off to the garden and let’s win there…

  111. Olga Folkyerself on

    E3 – A new season. Black Hawks lost tonight. Things will get better. Black Hawks – Rangers Final. This time for sure.

  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    They never met in the finals, though. It would be awesome! Who to root for? I’d have to hang with the Rangers, Hawks have had their successes recently. But then I’d have to give Sather some credit.

  113. Raining gently here in Seattle, some birds twittering, orcas calling, coffee and E3 steaming. Gotta let the regs know this thread is in triple overtime.

  114. I wonder how many games it’ll take AV before he sends Girardi out to pasture thereby giving the Wrath a chance to learn, gain confidence, and grow into a solid 5-6 Dman at worst.

  115. Norm – how do you like the left coast? Seattle is a lovely city. Gorgeous. We were there for a bit back in June. Are you still teaching?

  116. Still teaching, E3, and Seattle is outta control in its spectacular beauty, expense, and number of homeless. Also, everyone is up in arms about the traffic, presumably never having been to Boston, NYC, DC…

  117. Wonder if its possible to simply keep this page going forward, editing out older comments from time to time…

  118. Doodie

    It’s not so horrible. You can come and read…and post.

    Right now we’re trying to figure out the best way to refresh, block ads and recognize when new post’s been posted by Carp lol
    Yeah, Facebook problems, you wouldn’t understand. ;)

  119. Norm – yes, the concern over traffic on the west coast is largely overrated except for LA, which is really congested. When I lived in San Diego, I often took red eye flights out of LAX, and even at 2 am, I’d get stuck in a traffic mess, typically in Irvine, and wind up missing my flight. That must have happened at least 10 times. Traffic snarls at 2am? Who knew?
    But the natural beauty out here is quite impressive.

  120. Where the hell is coos? He needs to know this thread is hanging by a thread. Haven’t read a bad pun for days, withdrawal pains…

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    The best way to refresh on the new blog is to X out the comment window and then reopen it. It refreshes the comments without refreshing the entire page.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    Pirri over Jooris is the right decision. This is basically the forward group that I wanted to start the season.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Does that Rangers 3 code work for Papa John’s that aren’t in the NYC metro area? Because in New York, we actually have good pizza.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    BDL, I said that’s what I wanted, too. I’m surprised AV had the trust in his rookies to go through with it.

  125. It makes the most sense, Doodie
    Fast, and Grabner a D minded, and Pirri plays the PP and is protection if Buchnevich or Vesey struggle. Also if they are trailing they could still use him. Where once they fall behind there is no use for Jooris.

  126. Just did a successful test post over at the Changes Coming thread. All these old threads of hope. Also I’m assuming you can’t see comments on the FB page unless you’ve ponied up and/or made a bogus FB account? I’ve played around over there with not much success.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been saying it since he was signed that Jooris was hot garbage.

    I think the most interesting question, beyond when Lindberg returns, is what happens with Boo Nieves? He has turned a lot of heads.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    You can see the comments, you just can’t make your own. You have to click the blue comment bubble that is just below the headline.

  129. Doodie

    On mobile I’m using mobile version where you have comments space under the article. Similar to here which is much better than full site version where comments section slides out from the side. On mobile it sux bad.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    But refreshing that slide out is so much easier. After you get through the initial barrage of ads, you don’t have to deal with anything else. Just keep closing and opening that slide out.

  131. Austin Matthews has nothing on our Cambodian Rocket launcher. Tonight, the Laosian Lazer deposits 5 land mines behind the enemy line. Long live the Cong.

  132. Looks like the sub human Lucic is riding shotgun on McDavid’s line. The first time someone looked sideways at McDavid, lucic’s gloves were off and punching ensued. Who rides shotgun protecting any of our lads? Obviously, Stepan is the main Ranger enforcer, but who else? Old time hockey for sure….

  133. I don’t see the rush on Neives let him play 20 minutes a night In Hartford. If there is an injury in the middlle, then He is your guy.

  134. Matty"DropThePuckAlready"Boy on

    Eric, damn. I had a ticket. Didn’t see you needed one. Sorry.

    Me thinks first 20 games will be turbulent. Hope they can find some rhythym over time.

  135. Step may not drop the gloves, but he’ll drop the helmet and give you a premature recessing hairline.

  136. Gravy – step merely takes off his helmet and the shine from the arena lights hits that chrome dome reflecting into the eyes of the opponent which blinds pugilist. Brilliant, I’d say.

  137. Slatsko – put on your Sunday best. The Folkyerself clan will eating some possum pie with the Monterey Hillbillies next summer.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    Fact: If you live, you’ve only received an electric shock. Electrocuted means you died.

  139. Cal, Rose's fiancée on

    I can’t believe I put that ******* giant sapphire in my coat and then gave it to that ******* middle class tart

  140. John Jacob Astor on

    You know what happened to me? Two weeks after Titanic sank, I was found bobbing up and down in the North Atlantic like a human buoy. I had $2000 in cash in my pocket and my finest gold watch.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.

  142. Brian Williams on

    I was on Titanic and survived by swimming for 3 weeks till I reached shore. Believe that? Nahhhhhhh!!! It took 5 weeks.

  143. Never let go? Never let go? Give me a ******* break. That wench not only let go, she pushed my ****** head underwater. I would have married her too.

  144. I’ve been a lurker for about 6ish years and only posting a handful of times. I love that the thread is still going on. I just have to make sure I don’t close this tab, right?

  145. Wallace Hartley: had to buy back my own violin for 2 million after originally paying $50 for it brand new

  146. After I survived the Titanic sinking, I was on another cruise ship that sank – and I survived that too. Care to join me on a canoe ride. I am unsinkable you know!!

  147. Gee thanks Doodie. So if I’m back by game time I’ve only been shocked. If not I’ve been electrocuted

  148. Allow me to be the first on this thread to say this line up sucks!! Good thing we’re playing the isles.

  149. James, the voltage isn’t what kills, it’s me, the current. I’m measure in amperes. Remember, if the thunder don’t get ya then the lightning will…..

  150. If Tavares can somehow wrist one into Girardi’s grill, knocking out all of his teeth, I’ll get my chance.

  151. Doodie Machetto on

    The URL for this thread will work if you paste it into a new browser tab/window. What you should do is bookmark it. Then you can close it without fear.

  152. Girardi's grill on

    Yo Wrath, if my teeth were knocked out, I’d just gum my food. I wouldn’t even miss a shift.

  153. Nah. It’s all Jesper Fast this and Jesper Fast that.
    Also a lot of how Brass was clearly the 2C.
    Nuthin really.

  154. And you’re using worst in the street sense, right? “Michael Jordan is the worst basketball player ever.”

  155. Hi all, glad this thread is still going strong.

    I have a question about the ‘otherside’ , hope some one can help or at least give an answer.

    I’m being asked to subscribe ($14 am/m) in order to read Carps columns. Do you/Did you all get this? Did you pay? Thanks for answers in advance.

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, I received it. No, I didn’t pay. Access the blog through the links in Carp’s twitter feed and you will avoid that problem

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, that autoplay video is going to get me in trouble. I looked away for a second and all of a sudden a bunch of high school girls running around playing field hockey are on my screen!

  158. re: the ‘otherside’

    Doodie, thanks. No problems now with reading or listening.

    Any idea how can I also read comments? There ‘bubble’ for reading/making comments is missing from the articles…

  159. Doodie, unfortunately it’s not there for me (not on my phone or notebook). Anyways, thanks. I will play around with it. Hope I’ll work it out somehow, one day :-)

  160. Still going hope it never dies.

    What’s with all ads on other blog. How avoid that when trying read what carp writes. Ads and surveys all over

  161. It’s Go Time !!! LGR !!!

    Enjoy the game guys!

    (BTW, I think I need a new phone. The ‘otherside’ works… on other peoples phones.)

  162. Good evening all!!!! Thanks to C3 for directing me here…I was all alone on FB :(

    We’ve got to figure out a place to hook up for comments if no one is going to play on the new site….it’s not the same without the heads!!,

  163. No Neil Smith?

    Got to recognize Ratelle before its too late.

    Park, Tkachuk, Matteau should have been there

    Glad to see those who were though especially Zubov and Beezer

  164. Hank blew that one, but had a great handle to Hayes for Miller’s semi-breakaway. Good PK tonight.

  165. I’m gonna be with family this weekend and not able to be here much….somebody let me know where the threads continue or if anybody comes up with plan b will ya?

  166. If Kreider has added THAT to his game, anything’s possible. PP has been great all night, good to see it rewarded.

  167. I’ll take it….always like an opening night win.

    You know it Olga!

    Well, the crowd may have been small, but nice to see you all here tonight. I gotta run so see ha tomorrow!! TA!

  168. Hugo Folkyerself on

    What’s all the fuss lately about this Zika Virus? Getting a little head is a good thing.

  169. Yo yo! Congrats on a new season and on first win if the season! Of course, as always, they never make it easy! Grateful game overall tho! Speed, driving to the net, youngsters playedo great, Zucc is still a del zaster in d-zone! But most importantly, this place is still alive! LGRR!

  170. I think Norm is on to something here! When this thread gets filled up when can go backwards! To a previous post! Aso long as you don’t click on the Rangers Report logo up top you’re good!
    Does anyone know coos’ email? Someone should let him know we’re still here!

  171. I’m thinking it’s Maggie, Wick.
    Carp I read the review this morn great job. A lot more pucks on net and north south stuff last night. I like it. The ice in front of Lundqvist doesn’t smell like the butts of our defenseman either. Hope we see a lot more of that staying on their feet this season.

  172. Big win. Fun to see them play with such speed.
    Good article Carp
    Hope the FB thing works best for you and all but man, it sucks.

  173. Yeah I know in the comics it’s Glenn. They keep trying to make it look like Daryl but too obvious. Plus people would be po’d

  174. Somewhere, someone wrote, “Late second, Zibanejad did a nifty little between-the-legs move, lost the puck, worked to get it back, passed to Skjei, who gave it to Zuccarello. He tried a return pass to Zibanejad, but it banked in off Ryan Strome’s skate. Yeah, you need some luck.” Ah, to back in the C&C saddle, if only for who knows how long. Two things on that one: Zibanejad appears to have (it’s only one game in a blue shirt) a bigger upside than Brassard, more skill, speed, better defense. We’ll see. And the Zook pass, through the danger area, forcing the goalie to move, is as good, or as luck-inducing, as a shot on goal that can be tipped by a skate as well.

  175. OK, I just wasted the last fifteen minutes of my life wading through a Facebook account-creation process, ended up deactivating. That place is a scary mess.

  176. I have two accounts now. One of them with my real name, I used it only for a closed Boneheds group. Very minimal information. I occasionally use. The other one I created a few days ago with my name as it appears on the new blog. Almost no information, use it only for sign in purposes.

  177. I’m sure if it were up to Carp, we would still be here.
    I don’t know how else to say it, but I think Carp did enough for us to try and give him some support. But I do understand it’s a personal decision, and respect it.

  178. I still think there’s a middle way, and I wish I were the one who who had the chops to pull it off, that is: a Bonehead blog moderated by some Bonehead or other in fact, and by Carp in spirit. In the meantime, I hope some Bonesmen continue to post here and work backwards through existing posts until it stops working or simply peters out. To those who are posting via Facebook, I say good on ya!

  179. Funny that everyone on the blog wanted the rangers to be like the penguins team…speed blah blah blah and they have Tostitos playing in n their roster

  180. I played great the other night. Papa was right. I’m not washed up! .
    In the words of Howard Dean.… “YEEEEEHAWWWW!!!!’

  181. See Dunn, let me know who’s responsible for this Face Break crap. I’ll put a quick end to it it.

  182. I know. Sucks so hard.
    At least we have this last vestige of the worst blog to hold onto.
    See youse later.

  183. I don’t have the Kooz email. I only have that Fokker, olga’s email and by extension the other Folkyerself family members….Cccp, ILB, wicky, and poopie..,.i mean doodie…..

  184. Young stud – (wailing) – “she did too much coke”
    Colonel James – “oh you think so Doctor?”

  185. Papa, I pinched a Zuckerberg yesterday that crawled of the can and chased me down the hall. It was huge.

  186. Believe me, my dad’s hands might be small, but he doesn’t have a problem down there.

  187. Anyone see the chick that sang the anthems in Toronto tonight? Major set of pipes. Beautiful voice.

  188. HeyCarp, it usually takes a suit to Ef up a good thing. Except in this instance, it probably took a couple of suits to Ef up a great thing. Sorry for your pain. We feel it too.

  189. now i went to older article and answered a ? and then went to new article and can see it. When went to new article through twitter link didn’t have any success

  190. I’m sorry but right now The Wrath is better than Girardi. AV needs to wake up and see what’s going on.

  191. Clean it up? Lol…. ain’t nobody but a select few know about this thread! If you ain’t got the link you ain’t part of this conversatio!

  192. Staal constantly over commits to the puck on the half boards. U think he would have learned by now.

  193. I have the St Louis feed and in the first period all I heard was “(insert Blues’ player) goes around Girardi”

  194. Now that you mention it, Caro, I’m done with Zuccarello, Nash ( but U knew that) and almost Stepan ( but I think it’s more that he’s playing with Puke and Vesey)

  195. Very encouraging so far. Different team. If they play at the same level consistently, they’ll be more than fine. Buchnevich needs a lot of work in his own end. He has no idea what’s his coverage.
    They may need to upgrade their mid-level defense even after Klein is back. But tere is time for that.

  196. Exactly, ilb. I thought the same thing. They way they played and pressured and attacked. I liked it. If they do that consistently, not a lot of teams will be able to hold them off.

    But of course, here come gloom and doom ranger fans. Trade this guy, fire that guy.

  197. Danny G is out with hip injury? Could be long time out. It’s Dylan time! Good thing they didn’t trade him…yet.

  198. I thought Stepan had a very good game. The Cambodian cannon needs better hands. Guy should have had a Hattie. JT with some glorious chances too.

  199. Just tried to read Carp’s game review, could not get past the survey. Wanted to know if I need a new mattress.
    After two games, it is pretty apparent that Zibanijad, and Kreider are the two best players, and AV thinks Zucc, and Stepan are. Stepan was much better last night, but Zucc seems disinterested.
    Clendening won’t last the season. He is just not good enough. Holden has been OK. They are going to have to make a move for a Dman.

  200. Yes, BDL, agree on a move for a Dman. Question is, who do they go for: a puck mover, or a shutdown type. I’d wait for now, unless Klein is still far from playing. Thing is, it appears their forwards are fairly capable of moving the puck quickly and crisply. They may need a shutdown type

  201. Well don’t keep us in suspense BDL, do you need a mattress?
    While I ponder that one I’ll just say that losses to good teams are going to happen. And we knew going in that there was going to be a transitional period w this team. Now that it took a game and 1/2 for G to get hurt I guess the Mcilrath questions will pile up.
    OBviously it depends a lot on Klein. Overall I think they need a D man though. Preferably a shut down guy. Someone with some good sense in their own zone

  202. Have a feeling we’ll see some tinkering with the lineup before next game. Nothing major but probably Vesey and Nash swapped. Maybe Pirri repositioned

  203. Same here. Not the mattress. The shutdown guy. Something is different with their forward positioning this year, and definitely their speed, they move the puck through neutral zone very fast and very efficient. Too early, I know. Also, they certainly have enough shooters, it appears. So maybe overpaying for a puck mover may not be necessary this year

  204. That may have been the best loss NYR have had in a few years. Don’t remember the last time the Rangers dominated as much, especially against a really good team like the Blues.

  205. I’m not saying this team sucks by any stretch, I think it has a few more “holes” in it than some of you admit or notice because you are excited about the supposed speed.

    4th line is an issue…a significant one. Only one of the current members belongs on an NHL 4th line…grabner.

    Vital faceoff winning (pk and d zone) is an issue.

    Yes, the d is a bit of an issue…Girardi reliability (physically and mentally), in this system no one should be playing their off side (if this coach can’t take playing mcilrath and his growing pains, trade him) and the right side needs sorting out (clendening should be a 7th D man). The left side has 3 NHL D men and they need to be mcdonut, staal, Holden. Skjel is not better than any of them, he isn’t. He should not be playing for the rangers right now.

    That stepan line needs to change…more importantly vesey needs a different opposite winger.

  206. fyi:

    HOT AT THE DOT – New York won 33 of 57 faceoffs in tonight’s game (57.9%) and has won 66 of 121 faceoffs through the first two games of the season (54.5%)

  207. Carp
    I don’t think during normal gameplay they are terrible at the dot, my concern is they still seem to be losing the vital draws…the same ones that by the end of last season had av so desperate he was having brassard take most of them. Seems to me that miller and z pack are better than avg, but they still need a centre that has more of a knack for draws

  208. Blues’ feed showed the puck bouncing over Girardi’s stick leading to their first goal. The Wrath isn’t worse by a lot. Free the Beast.

  209. So I assume McIlrath is set to make his season debut tomorrow? If he plays poorly, how long do we give him before we boo him?

  210. Puck mover. A good puck mover IS a shutdown guy because the puck doesn’t stay in the zone.
    And the guys you think of as great shut down guys actually are great puck movers, too.

    On a team where the forwards having the puck seems to be the goal from our blue line out, having a guy that can get it to them is vital.

  211. That’s why I think Skjei has struggled, for example. He’s treating it like a hand grenade.

  212. I think he might get a look even if Klein is back. Does not seem like Clendening is making coaches happy.

  213. Anyone else clicking the links in Carp’s Twitter but still getting the ad count? Any thoughts on getting around it?

  214. Can’t figure this out, Dubbb. I can post here, but not on the one that insists upon Facebook.

  215. We’re just hanging on to this one, Coos.
    Have to have a FB acct to comment on the other one.
    I am see dubb on Facebook too so it’s an acct I created specifically for this. No real info. So far it seems harmless.

  216. Boy, this is really screwed-up. I think my handle is Ed James over there, but the narrow scroll and the few mini-posts are irritating.

  217. YAY Coos! Boo Jooris! YAY CARP! And Doodie that’s probably why Clendening has seen 5 teams in the last year.

  218. Vesey I haven’t had a problem with his game yet through 5 of the 6 periods I’ve watched so far. other than one giveaway in the defensive zone Saturday night that screamed “Rookie” He’s seemed okay. But that line with Stepan and Zucc need to begin producing as does the Hayes line.

  219. With Jooris on the PK I’m going to say SJ will score at least 2 PPG with him on the ice tonight.

  220. Brooks suggesting Kreider and Skeji as the potential asking price if they were to make a call about Trouba. Seems a bit one sided to me. I mean the kid fits exactly what they need but he isn’t Scott Niedermayer. No one tell Brooksie that this thread is still here :)

  221. Not really. They project Trouba as a top pair d-man if not now then certainly in a year or two. Dont forget he is only 22.

    Skjei was good in the playoffs. Maybe the only guy that played a decent series against Pittsburgh. He had a disappointing camp and hasnt been good to start this year. Growing pains? Probably. Would be a great replacement for Trouba for the Jets.

    If you can get Trouba for Skjei and Miller you do it in a heartbeat IMO. Kreider and Skjei is a much tougher call but I dont think it is THAT high of an asking price or anything that makes the trade one sided.

  222. I wouldn’t do Kreider for Trouba straight up at this point, let alone adding Skjei. Kreider is about to have a breakout year. Trouba is sitting out waiting for $6M contract. Projected being an operative word, he still has a lot to prove.

  223. No, 2 games isn’t enough. But he looks more determined this year, but more importantly, he may’ve found a center whose style fits his game.

  224. I hate to be that guy but I’m just flat out against trading Kreider. First two games of the season aside, I think he’s their greatest asset up front. I know what Trouba could be if he stays on the right path. I’d part with just about anyone else on the team up front. I think he and McDonagh would be the best D pairing this team has seen in a very long time

  225. Would you trade the Kreider of last year though?

    Another reason not to give up on this Kreider (i may be overblowing this idk) is his relationship with Buchnevich.

    Who are you more willing to give up Miller or Hayes?

  226. As a matter of fact Lev, I wouldn’t . There was talk (albeit it not very credible) of trading Kreider at the deadline last year and I thought giving up on him was crazy. At the same time he didn’t win me over by having a better second half to the season. I’ve tried to stay patient with him knowing how it sometimes goes with power forwards. Especially young ones. Honestly, if he fails to take a step forward this season my opinion may very well sway, but to this point I take some credit for not lining up to pull the plug on Kreider.

  227. I think the easy answer is Hayes. At the same time I would alright with trading Miller in a deal for Trouba. Not because I think he’s not valuable, but because I think in that scenario it makes the overall team better. Miller with Skeji I think the Rangers still get better.

  228. Let me ask you this- who has been the best defensive PAIRING over the last 5-10 years for this team?
    None that would compare to a hypothetical pairing of our captain with a guy like Trouba. If I had to guess I’d say there was probably a season or two where Staal and Girardi weren’t falling apart simultaneously and were the backbone to our defense but even that pairing doesn’t compare to the potential of McD-Trouba.

  229. Give the blue line a chance to show how bad it can actually get and people will be ready to package Vesey and Buchnevich for Trouba

  230. Trouba left Michigan after only one year. You ain’t goin’ nowhere without that sheepskin, bubbeleh :)

  231. Hayes and Shay absolutely, if they’d take it. I’d even do Hayes and Klein. Lots of potential combinations. Only a very few here are untouchable. Or, wait for Shatty (only money).

  232. Yeah, definitely pieces. Way easier. Plus all that road food will throw me way off my ” schedule”. Who needs that.

  233. Not that difficult to score the most PP goals when the refs allow you to jump on the other team’s back and take a nap as your teammates go on an odd-man rush

  234. Olga Folkyerself on

    I see the old Nash is still running. LGR!
    This blog seems like a lifeboat from the Titanic. There are no rescue ships in sight, and the boat is leaking.

  235. Love the new Kreider, but did Trautwig and Not -Dugauy actually say he might be the best in the game? Woa!

  236. Embarrassing job by MSG missing PA announcement of Vesey’s goal.. im sure they’ll get Burns’ second goal in though

  237. They are sloppy. Very, very sloppy. It’s fun to watch, but they are going nowhere playing like this.

  238. Zebras sucked. Was expecting some kind of a bogus penalty on Kreider just at the second horn. Kreider mouthed “What for?” Ultimately no penalty. Ref must have warned him about something or other.

  239. Doodie Machetto on

    Fast and loose. 3, 3, 4. This is not sustainable long term with any expectation of winning.

  240. Doodie Machetto on

    I feel like when Mcllrath does something like he did with Hertl, he’s auditioning for another team. Surely he must know that AV would greatly frown upon that.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    “And how about this clown wrestler who is credited with the YES! YES! YES! Chants in Brooklyn?”

    Carp, that’s his chant. no question about it. Here’s a Youtube video from 2012 with him doing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJbmB9k2Y88

    I have no idea what the connection is, though. I didn’t even know it was this guy until the Islanders fans started doing it and I looked it up to see why.

  242. Great to see all those goals. Veseys first among them. Really nice ovation for that. and largest Raanta chants before he allowed 3rd and 4th. Couple next to me were from Vancouver. The lady was sitting there during the first Ranger goals. during the 3rd she’s up and dancing and doing the goal song while she videod things

  243. Only three games, so wishful thinking on my part, no doubt, but this group has the makings of a team that could play positively all year, not worrying about what the other team might do, but making them worry instead. “We will score more goals than you.” Last night, we saw a shot from the point go straight in through a Zook screen after good passing and movement; a shot/pass off the boards to Nash and in; a shoot-shoot-shoot goal from Kreider, his second near-post goal of the year; and then two nearly identical goals when first Fast, then Stepan turned down good shots for better passes to Hayes and Vesey. So, yeah, superior speed, great passing, good forechecking, better special teams. Even the defending has been better, if not so much with three-goal leads. Likeable team so far, and if Kreider decides this bring-it-every-night approach is to his liking, no limit.

  244. Wholly crap, carp actually responded to me on twitter this morning…!!!

    Breathtaking review today carp !!!

  245. Doodie, it’s not as though the Rangers franchise is some sort of championship-winning machine. It’s Broadway, man. Entertainment is not inappropriate in that venue. I’m all for run-and-gun and Lundqvist.

  246. I said before the season they’d have to win games 6-5 this year on some nights. Just wait til the defense plays worse.

  247. Very odd that Shampoo Boy, after all these years, still hasn’t learned a thing about handling the puck. Not criticism, just observation.

  248. I see small progress. Still makes boneheaded plays, but has added the occasional good play as well. Led goalies in assists last season, for what it’s worth, which I suspect is not much.

  249. More weird Lundqvist stats. Trails only Lehtonen in active-goalie assists and is 22nd all-time. I suspect that’s a reflection on how bad goalies are at puck-handling generally and that we see Lundqvist every game, others only occasionally.

  250. It’s up to us, Dood, to make it good. If we build it, they will come back. If nothing else, we can count on E3 getting on the can sometime soon. In the meantime, say something cultish.

  251. Gordie Clarke at ducks Devils, this after the strong scouting contingent at ducks islanders. Rangers don’t play ducks until February and don’t play Devils or islanders until December.

  252. Fowler is their odd man out based on cap, but Clarke already passed on him in draft year, quite famously. Maybe vatanen, who we were rumored to be interested in for girardi back at the 14 deadline before girardi resigned.

  253. I suspect Carp has his hands full because of the new format. He probably dislikes it as much as we do, it certainly wasn’t his choice. But us complaining about it isn’t going to make it better. Trying to make it work will.

  254. This place is awesome! And the widget’s still here! Is this the Bizarro World?
    I don’t see how we don’t trade for a defenseman this year.
    Any more word on that potential 3 team deal between the Ducks, Jets and Rangers that Wicky referenced and showed us the link?

  255. I ageee ILB. I’m having trouble with it on my phone. I subscribed and I still get that message that it’s my last article. It won’t let me sign in even though it acknowledges that I have an account. I created an Ohh-Baby Facebook account, but deactivated it because even if I log out of my regular Facebook account and into the Ohh-Baby one, by regular facebook name still comes up on my comments.
    Not blaming Carp at all. Hopefully, LOHUD (and people like me) figure all this out and the comment section is running smoothly with lots of Boneheads traffic in the next month or two.

  256. I’m not blaming carp or complaining. Was just joking about him not being around this blog today. That’s all.

  257. sorry guys, You have absolutely no idea how crazy it’s been since the switch, i.e. last night’s Go Time! didn’t go up as scheduled. Was more than an hour late. And sometimes the poll disappears, or needs a refresh to re-appear. These are the minor issues.

    My inbox is gonna catch fire it’s so overloaded. I owe a bunch of you guys replies, and I apologize for that.

    also had a couple doctor appts, an IT appt, and an accounting appt today. Which is always nice. Got it from all ends, so to speak.

    Also don’t know if I’m going to get in trouble if I encourage this place to stay open. But I don’t really give a crap.

    Thanks again to all who made the switch, or who are straddling the two blog places for the time being. And again, I am going to miss a whole bunch of youse very much if you don’t come over to the dark side and this thing eventually shuts down.

  258. Nobody blame you, Carp. Quite an opposite – we feel sorry for you and just sad that you’re unable to spend more time with us. Loyalty is not dissolve so easily. But whoever pushed for this new format, will face a Higher Judgement, though…

  259. Ohh- I had the same issue initially with the Facebook acct. Until I found out that even if you sign in to the new blog with your new Facebook acct, it’s still shows your real name because on that platform/device you are signed in to an actual Facebook page with your “real” account.

  260. ILB, you always have to log out of your “real” FB on your particular device and log in your “created” FB BEFORE you go to new site to avoid it. (I learn it in a hard way, forgetting once to do it on my another device. Probably, you even caught it for a short time on new blog. Not like it really bother me too much).

  261. You have to think, it’s a righty D the rangers are looking at…I mean after Klein the right is iffy.

  262. That new place really suck.
    Being here from Sam’s days.
    I would check the blog hundred times every day and now there is no reason to do that.
    Once a day for Carp review. That’s it.
    No comments. No widget.
    I miss all of the gibberish.

  263. Here is what I do. If i blog on a PC, I use Firefox browser. It’s less glitchy. In that same browser i sing into the Facebook account I want to use for the blog and stay signed in. As long as you use that same browser to blog and Facebook (your blog Facebook) you should be fine as far as posting under your bonehead account and you don’t have to log in or log out to use your real account. Just use your real account while using a different browser. It works.
    For when I use mobile, I try not to use full version site because of that crappy side window for comments. Instead, I use mobile site and that way the comment section is right under the main post. Similar to the way we’re used to comment on here. Also, get yourself FREE AD BLOCKER browser! It’s awesome! Go to your app store or play store OR WHATEVER and just type ***AD BLOCKER BROWSER***. Ever since I got it, not a single ad or a popup about limited articles. Do it and you shall find peace!

  264. Also, the ads and popups when using a PC only come on once. The first time you come. Then, if you stay on the page, they do’t show up anymore. Just an fyi.

  265. Steve Zipay Retweeted
    Jeff Marek ? @JeffMarek
    Big OHL Trade – Sean Day (NYR) moved from the Mississauga Steelheads to the Windsor Spitfires pending approval.

  266. Very happy that I found out where all the cool kids are hanging out. Just bookmarked the page as “Carp’s Secret Blog”. You truly don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone. I would gladly pay the $9 a year to keep this format alive.

  267. Good morning, the “other” boneheads! :-)
    Not sure how long this one is going to last, doubt Carp can keep it for much longer.

  268. Good morning boneheads big game tonight we need to give up no more than 2 goals. Would be nice to see otherwise it’s dogs and cats living together goals coming in Biblical proportions!

  269. Carps got 99 problems and this blog ain’t one. Hope all turns out well with those appointments Carp.

  270. Ducks have too many defensemen and need to get Lindholm signed . Could very well be Kevin Bieska on the move. He’s 35 he’s making 4 mill a year (and happens to be a righty) Ducks could retain salary and use what they open up to help get Lindholm under wraps. Can’t see Clark taking Fowler. Simon Despres could be the other option. 2.4 mill cap hit but he’s a lefty. Anyone know anything about Bieska’s skating ability these days? or lack there of? Could see Beuk liking him if he has gas left in the tank..

  271. Shouldn’t the Rangers ( and every team for ha matter) have scouts and every game? Isn’t that called doing your homework?
    Do the work!

  272. I know it isn’t playoff time yet, but I find it interesting that the Rangers even admitted that Klein and Buch had back spasms and Girardi with the hip injury. I guess they couldn’t figure out if those are “upper body” or “lower body” injuries. I guess they should be termed “mid-body” injuries.
    I wonder if the Rangers could get the Ducks and Jets involved in a three-way deal involving Fowler to the Jets and Trouba to NY? The problem is the Ducks don’t want to add/retain salary and I am not sure if a NYR first rounder (plus picks/prospects) is enough to get it done – and if the Jets have an interest in Fowler.

  273. C3, maybe AV just hates Russians:) and rookies.. No, my guess would be there was a lingering injury that worsened when he took a bump in St. Louis. Again though, wouldn’t be shocked if he duclaired his way in and out of the lineup after losses. The third and fourth line were much more AVish against SJ. Fast third line. bit more of a defensive(ish) fourth line w/ Jooris.

  274. Booch and Girardi have day-to-day body-related sub-optimizations. DTD BRSOs, we call them in the business. Not sure who wikileaked the details.

  275. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, also don’t forget that the Ducks are in a terrible cap crunch right now because they still have to sign their best defenseman and they are already scraping the cap. The Ducks must make a trade, and soon.

    Vatanen is 4.875 against the cap, Fowler is 4. Simon Despres is 3.7. Those are the defensemen that carry enough weight to be moved where it would make a difference. I really think Vatanen would be our target since he is a right hand shot with nearly 5 million cap hit. The thing is, how do we afford that much salary? According to Cap Friendly, we have just over 2 million.

  276. Each time the Rangers give up 3 or more goals, Papa John’s should force you to eat a free pizza and throw up on the side of the building.

  277. Doodie, you left out Bieska. At 35 years old and with a 4 million dollar hit they may be desperate to unload him even if it means retaining 50% salary and freeing up 2 million for this year and next. Rangers may get him for a mid round pick. It’s early in the year for a blockbuster type deal. Could just be a salary dump that gets the Rangers a defensive minded righty.

  278. If it’s Vatanen then it’s at least one roster player getting moved. One who can play the left side. So Miller would probably be the likely candidate

  279. So you’re saying he’ll fit right in as Girardi’s replacement, ILB? Would certainly prefer Vatanen obviously. Not sure what the asking price would be but Anaheim isn’t holding all the cards considering their current log jam and cap crunch

  280. The Ducks aren’t up against the cap, but they’re a “budget team” that is up against their budget, so same difference. They can’t spend (any? much?) more than they already are spending.

  281. I agree ILB. Bieksa isn’t the same player who AV coached in Vancouver. Even if the Ducks give Bieksa away for a mid-round pick and pick up part of his salary, I don’t see how that helps us that much.

  282. It doesn’t help much at all, Ohh. I feel like that’s more of a desperation move than an upgrade. if that’s the guy they acquire there’s an injury that’s much worse than we are aware of right now to either Girardi or Klein.
    With that said, I don’t think there would be as much going on in the way of the big guns scouting if that’s all this was.

  283. “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling has been going on in here!”

    Anyone remember Casablanca?

  284. maybe AV just hates Russians


    You know, James… I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. I just looked it up and through AV’s coaching career in Vancouver he’s only had ONE Russian player. Some dude named Sergei Shirokov who only played 8 games in 2 seasons for Vancouver. And zero Russians in NY until this season.

  285. But sending salary back the other way defeats the purpose for Anaheim. They need to clear a lot of space to bring Lindholm in. Our 2 million of space isn’t enough for them.

  286. Doodie how much cap space do they really need to clear? Maybe the Rangers take Fowler afterall. One Ducks rumor had them sending him to TO for JVR. The Rangers could offer something more idea in terms of opening up some Cap space. Maybe Anaheim takes Mcilrath and a draft pick, I don’t know. But I would think that if they could clear 3/4 of one of those 4 million dollar salaries they’re on the hook for it would be a pretty big help.

  287. Olga Folkyerself on

    Croupier: “Your winnings Captain Renault”
    Renault: “Thank you very much. EVERYBODY OUT AT ONCE!”
    Great movie!

  288. Anaheim has a million dollars in Cap space available. Lindholm was said to have wanted a deal worth a little over Ristolainen’s 5.4 per. Sounds like they have to dump Vatanen’s contract to make that happen, And without taking back salary

  289. That might work James.
    BTW- could have sworn I’d heard that the Ducks had cap space but were on a budget. I was wrong. Either way though they can’t take on salary.

  290. No, they’re definitely not taking any salary back. I also didn’t realize that Lindholm was looking for 6 million a year. defensemen are the ones who are going to cause the next lock out

  291. It’s not about who deserves it. It’s about the ramifications later on. And that’s not to make it about Lindholm. It’s about blueliners in general. Kind of like the second line forward who all get 6×6 these days for 20 goal seasons

  292. turning point of game when they lose is not making 2-0. numerous chances puck wouldnt bonce their way. hayes needs to finish

  293. So apparently using ad blocking browser didn’t prevent from going over free article limit. I am now blocked from the new blog.

  294. I remember this smart guy Doodie Machetto saying that Vanek would be a great reclamation project on a cheap one year deal.

  295. Cccp
    Go through twitter, just click on the new post links that carp tweets. Easy peazy jimmy vesey!!!

  296. what a freaking brutal loss. somebody freaking finish. tell hank stay in net. nothing good happens when he plays puck

  297. Olga Folkyerself on

    Should’ve won this. Can’t seem to finish on numerous chances. And yes, spot weld LQ to the net.

  298. Thanks for the Review Carp! Missed the game for a beer league game of my own.
    Good heat that they’re ouplaying their opponents and doing the opposite if what they did early last season. In the long run, they should have better results this way.
    Curious to know how Klein looked in his return?

  299. Yes, wicky. Same story. I’m on my last article through Chrome browser lol

    But I cleaned cookies on my ad blocking browser and I’m good…so far.

  300. I know it’s early and I am not referring to last nights game. But the fact is that when the really big game is on the line for the Rangers Hank is always the 2nd best goalie on the ice! There I said itA

  301. Doodie Machetto on

    Classic eric. Game 4 and he’s already worried about the 2 points.

    We looked great last night. That’s what is important at this point of the season

  302. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m ready for the Brandon Pirri experiment to be over the minute Lindberg and Buchnevich are back.

  303. That was as frustrating a loss as there can be. They could easily be 4-0-0 right now if not for two goalies stealing games.

    Why ready to give up on Pirri? He’s the only one thinking shoot first on the team. Hopefully Zibanejad turns into that as well but he aint there yet.

    Keep playing like this and the team will be fine.

  304. Some time this season, this new, fast Rangers team will need to show themselves they can turn around a third period facing a hot goalie and an opponent packing it in, running out the clock. Speed won’t do it if the other team is content to dump it in. No worries yet, obviously, but you have to have some comebacks under your belt going into the playoffs.

  305. One would think Grabner will eventually start putting in some of his SH breakaways and Vesey’s luck will turn around. I think they’re fine. Though I agree I was looking for some Brad Richards magic late in the third.

  306. Grabner to me has always been like Hagelin. Tons of steals and chances but not a high percentage of kachinga.

  307. Doodie Machetto on

    Lev, they could easily be 2-2 after not being able to stem the tide of third period collapses in two games and winning two games that they dominated from start to finish against backup goaltenders.

  308. Seedubb- Graby is going to be this generation’s Darren Turcotte for Rangers fans. He really uses those wheels to break in alone and just yucks it up nearly every time. Rangers fans will loathe it before the spring

  309. I just can’t for the life of me figure out how the hell we lost that game with Jesper Fast playing third line…

  310. Thanks ILB (a little after the fact). Might take some time, but I’ll get over to the Dark side.

  311. In a stunning turn of events….Rick Nash said last night that he has to do a better job offensively..

  312. Grabner, even if he doesn’t score on those breakaways, keeps defensemen honest non PK. They’re much more reluctant to pinch in, or go near circles with him on the ice. By the way, the EN he scored was when he stripped Marleau who still has pretty good wheels. By the time Marleau turned around to skate, he knew it was too late, so he didn’t even try.

  313. Doodie Machetto on

    Very true, ilb. Keeping the PP honest. We’ve been susceptible to point shots since 2013, when Torts made the philosophy of giving away the point to protect in front of the net. Although, last year, we forgot to do that second part as well.

  314. i thought i had lost this place, but my wife saved it for me. she’s the best.
    deal Zucc for the Dman they need. i would not trade any of the young forwards.

  315. We should find a different thread with minimal comments . This one is starting to lag too much. Too slow.

  316. Doodie Machetto on

    I read your post and was going there myself until I read your second post. and it took the fun out of it.

  317. Maybe time to look for a goalie?

    Is Lundqvist going to get above .900 save % ?

    *ducks for cover*

  318. Hard to see the Rangers beating Holtby tonight. Unless they trade for Ovi between periods.

  319. I have no idea how they’re winning right now but Ill take it. Lundqvist, to his credit, has made a couple of big saves.

  320. Rangers may not see out the next four, but they’ve dealt almost perfectly with the last sixteen. Worst case something to build on.

  321. Nash deserved that one. Strong game. One of so many Rangers not panicking with the puck last two periods. Rangers are GOOD.

  322. Good morning, boneheads!
    C’mon, boys, get on the other side. You’re sorely missed there. It’s getting better there, we just need more insightful comments from this gang. If Olga could get on the FB with his name, and the info he provided, anyone can.

  323. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ilb’s right! I guess… Some concessions were made, but overall it can be done. This place is the Titanic. We’re offering you a seat on the lifeboat. Just put on this wig and dress and follow me.

  324. I will be here, listening to the orchestra and listing slowly to starboard… a kind of ledge, if you will.

  325. What’s the deal? NHL channel is showing the oilers v jets. What’s up? Shoukd be our sexy sexy boys!!!

  326. Lundqvist will want that back, but this is about the Rangers not cashing in as much as soft defense.

  327. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Get up boy, get up! We got a problem here! Tough it up. This is for real, you’ve got to want it…