Changes coming to Rangers Report


Sorry for the delay in the news.

As we head into a new season, we also head into a new look and a new format for Rangers Report.

It’s going to be bigger and better and with more content.

There is a but …

But the commenting is going to have to change. You will now need to sign in with a Facebook account to comment. While that might sound foreign or terrible, it really isn’t. It will certainly clean up some of the blog commenting and limit trolling. It’s free and easy to get:

You can create a Facebook account easily, and for free. Just click here.

We expect to make the change Wednesday (fingers crossed) and be up and running, full speed, for Rangers’ the season opener Thursday against the Islanders.

The blog is going to look quite a bit different. It’s a format The Journal News/ has been using for quite a while with all of its other blogs. Just so you know, the other blogs that have gone to this format have grown considerably in readership.

My bosses are certain that this one will too.

That said, I know, from comments you guys have made over the years, that some won’t follow us over to the new blog. I understand that. I just want to say right now that I will honestly miss you guys and ladies who don’t migrate with me. I will be terribly sad to not be involved in your daily arguments, comments, opinions and, most of all, your g(j)ibberish.

I feel like I have made thousands of new friends here since 2009, some more than others, and a couple of enemies, or in some cases, verbal sparring partners. Mostly you are hilarious and entertaining and I’d be terribly saddened if most of you don’t come along.

I hope you will consider staying, and that even if you don’t comment, you will read my stories and, especially, game reviews. If the comments continue, we will continue to do “Go Time!” threads for games, with the Three Stars polls. Whether the comments conversations continue or not, we will still do periodic live chats, and we’ll have video, and pretty much all the stuff we’ve done since I took over for The Great Sam Weinman in 2009. Only more of it.

There are going to be some hiccups for me, for sure, and I’m sure there will be plenty of questions from you all, and until we make the switch you can post them in the comments.

Once we make the changeover, you may want to reach me via email. You will always know where to find me: I’ll be happy to answer your questions, try to calm your fears, and attempt to help in any way, whatever it takes, to keep you as loyal readers. You guys rule. You really do.

Thank you. I hope to be hearing from a lot of you soon.

Click here to see more info on commenting via Facebook accounts.

Twitter: @RangersReport.

Photo by Rick Carpiniello/The Journal News.



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  1. Oh God! I have to get a stupid Facebook account now?! I’m vomitting. I’ve been so proud of myself for avoiding that crap.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Me too. While part of me thinks that I should stay away and encourage all other anti-facebookers to stay away as well in an attempt to show your corporate overlords that the change is a mistake, I don’t want to punish you for their folly. I’ll still be reading.

    Feel free to embed your videos.

  3. I am unfamiliar with facebook posting issues. Does this mean that whenever someone posts something, it ends up on their facebook feed automatically? I have never participated in a blog ties to FB.

  4. Well, I’ll be here.
    First of all, the whole notion that signing in with Facebook sign in to another account is not secure, is debatable. There was a good article in PC magazine some time ago about it. But, regardless, Facebook now allows one to sing in to other sites with anonymous log in, whereby you can choose what information you want to share with the website.
    But most importantly, on personal level. I’ve been looking for the best website that talks about my favorite team for years, and finally found one. I’ve been here for years, this place became more than just a blog. It became a community. My family and I made many friends that i met on the blog. And we became very good friends in “real” life.I’m not about to give it up just like that.
    Let’s not overreact, let’s give it a chance. I will

  5. Ok. So it’s possible that I can just create an account, put literally zero information in there about me, never use it, totally ignore it, and post here?

  6. Ugh, had a feeling because Carp has usually been upfront about no Facebook in previous change posts. Love the Carp, but hard enough posting during work hours as is. I may create an alt FB account, but need to keep real life out of the public eye.

  7. and there’s the first question I cannot completely answer. I will have to find out.

    but it you sign in with facebook, your comments will be posted here and available to be seen by any other commentors.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been out of college for over a decade. I’m the last of my friends who still uses this moniker (Doodie Machetto). In fact, I don’t even talk to the other ones anymore. I guess it’s time for it to be retired.

  9. Rob in Beantown on

    TYM, I’m not sure. That would be something I would be very concerned about. I don’t want people I know IRL (lol) to know how much time I waste here, and if all of my comments went straight to my facebook page I would probably not want to post often or ever. And on the other side of things, I’m not really comfortable posting here under my real name, or having Facebook and their army of robot marketers have access to my posts. Nothing really good about this blog news, I am sorry to say :(

  10. It’s been real boys and girls. Can I still read reviews and view widget without creating an account and posting?

  11. My heart sank when I read this. I guess at 34 years old i’m an “old vet” in a young man’s NHL.
    Carp, I love ya and can’t express the appreciation for what you’ve done with this blog and how hard you’ve worked over the years for us. You’re not a reporter you’re a friend. My wife and I just do not believe in social media accounts and don’t have them for various reasons. I wish you nothing but the best and I’ll still be in touch through email/following your column. This is going to take some adjusting not being able to come on here and chat lol.

  12. Phew!!!!!! OK, so maybe not ideal for some of you, but quite manageable I would think. Cripes, I was more nervous about Carp leaving or some other horror!!!

    I may duck out during the off season, but I’m here for the long long haul. Worst hockey ever ;)

    Ok, I can rest now…

  13. Michael Silvers on

    I’m coming with you. By the way Carp now that you’re traveling again I hope to meet you in Dallas on 12/17.

  14. I just don’t get it. It’s like the crap with avatars. All they did was slow down blog.

    It takes 2 sec post here.. I yell at my wife for her obsession with Facebook.
    Just brutal.

  15. I’m a long time reader (back when Weinman was in charge) but don’t comment much. Why wouldn’t people follow along? It’s not hard to get a facebook account if you don’t have one and how often do you come to the blog? Everyday right? At least during the season. So it’s obviously worth it-if you don’t have an account to take 2 minutes to sign up.

    Follow Carp!

  16. Oh dear, people already over the ledge before season even starts….very sorry to lose you people.

  17. as I said, I will greatly appreciate anybody who comes along for the ride. And I will be extremely saddened by those who don’t. Today my feelings are the same as yours.

  18. And just to be clear I don’t “facebook”. I have an account only to occassionally look at pics of my nieces and nephews because my sisters won’t share them otherwise “just go on facebook!” bleah. But facebook isn’t the devil.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    It most certainly is. And Carp, I don’t blame you, at all. I know you fought the good fight. I still hope to see you around MSG.

  20. Thank you, Alex. I don’t “facebook” either. But I do post my stories and videos there. I don’t use it as a social tool. Don’t post any of my own personal info on there and never will.

  21. So why not make a “Blog” facebook account? You only use it for comments.
    It’s not that difficult.

  22. I think when you create a facebook account, you have to have a real working email address. not sure if any of the other info has to be real. Hoping to get somebody from lohud in here to the comments section to answer some of these questions and concerns.

  23. Its ok carp. Ill start posting in order to pick up some of the slack!!! Yor reeviews are one of my alltime favorite things

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I do not want to support Facebook in any way, shape, or form. Facebook will make money off of a “fake” account. I have no intention of aiding an enterprise with which I disagree.

  25. Lohud management and Facebook want to know if you have a gun, and if so, list your address, what caliber and where do you keep it.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    This is my rifle/This is my gun.

    This one’s for fighting/This one’s for fun.

  27. Nice to know Mark Zuckerman owns YOUR life. But not mine. I quit communicating with lots of good friends around the country from bygone years, rather than cave to the corporate octopus invasion of my privacy, any more than I have to, and we all have to, a lot. One of the most blatant lies I have ever come across is the Facebook fabrication that you need to put your picture up there “So your friends can see what you look like.” Talk about a red flag, kids, that is the one. You go right ahead and let them talk down to you like you are a six-year old, I choose not to do that.

    WHY, this change is almost a rhetorical question? I don’t think private sector companies even have a choice but to dictate this change to their readership, any more. It’s like a mandate from the oversight powers who control our lives. Good luck to you, Carp. And you seem to have some reservations about the gun to our heads mandate. I don’t blame you a bit for that, your instincts are sharp in that respect.

    You old friend and occasional antagonist (no hard feelings) Robby B.

  28. My god. this is break up day. AND I’M BRASS! SN said that I would rue the day I celebrated his departure. And now I see why..

  29. I thought anyone with a brain would avoid facebook like the plague…will continue to enjoy your excellent writing on the Rangers though as they are by far the best there is.

  30. As far as I can tell, IF you’re a regular Facebook user but don’t want your posts to show up on your feed/others, it won’t. I was hesitant to do it over at Ranger Rants, mainly because I didn’t want to inundate any of my friends feeds with constant “_______ has posted to Ranger Rants” over and over and over. But while you’ll get notifications when logged into Facebook that someone’s responded to, or liked, your post, it won’t be on your page or anything.

    Having said that…if I continue to post here after the switch, I’ll most likely create an alternate Facebook account and put ZERO personal info in there. You can even put info in that’s absolutely 100% inaccurate (fake name, birthday, etc). You just need to tie it to a valid email address, and its yours to do with as you please.

    Just my two cents.

  31. Count me in Carp. I’ve never used a blog with Facebook before, but it’ll be worth figuring out.
    The Reviews, the articles, the widget are awesome, but the posts/comments/community are a huge part of the experience as well. Hope to see yous on the other side!

  32. Please find out if you can use a Google plus account to sign in as well. I’ve never had FB and unfortunately I won’t be getting one in the future. I’ll absolutely be reading as I always have, and will miss the occasional pop in. Thank you for all the good times Carp, and I’ve met some really cool down to earth people on here as well. Best of luck!

  33. According to that link TYM posted, you will need a Facebook account (obviously), which requires an email address. You also need a profile pic and at least four FB friends.

    Either way, I will not use my real account if I decide to sign up. Unfortunately there have been some undesirable posters that have already stalked personal info of others causing them to leave. This could make it easier.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, include me in the group of those who have had personal information unwillingly exposed.

  35. i think people with no facebook account currently can create one with a new fake name even linked to a real email account that nobody sees. Looks like those with existing accounts don’t have that luxury.

  36. I, for one, am looking forward to joining Carp on Facebook and seeing all of his cute puppy videos, political rants and endless photo memories of parties that didn’t look fun the first time

  37. My God! You mofos act as if you MUST disclose all of your personal info, including SSN and your pee-pee size to open a Facebook account! Just create a name you want to use on here, use bogus info (for your birthday and such), and make your fake account private! Then open a new email account for Facebook account confirmation! BOOM! Sing in to your fake account only when you want to post here, and sing out when your done! It’s that EASY! As far as I know, nothing you post here will leak anywhere if you happen to have another account.
    I’ll be here and so should you.

  38. Not an avid poster but will miss reading these…will probably lurk on the new site to read new intel when things get interesting with the team. Sorry they felt the need to do it Carp, but I get it. Tough times in a tough industry! Many many thanks for your dedication and thoughtfulness…you are a first class host!

  39. As long as you and your reviews are still here I will continue to visit Carp. Commenting we shall see, but like a lot of others I prefer to use my UKRanger alter ego…..It’s more interesting than Simon!!!

  40. I am thrilled to be a migrant Carp – looking forward to the continuation and expansion of all the great work you do and the insight you provide. Even if I don’t always agree, you are well-informed, entertaining, thoughtful, and yes, a bit provocative! LGR!

  41. Doodie, it’s an unfortunate but real issue that has to be considered. I have an FB account, but limit it to true friends and a few acquaintances.

    Josh, many people have more than one email account. If not, you can create free ones through gmail, yahoo, etc. Most service providers let you have multiple email accounts too.

  42. Thanks for the link, TYM. Maybe all of us who are going to create a fake account can be eachothers 4 fake friends. Hell, I plan on using a fake photo for the profile pic.

  43. “You also need a profile pic and at least four FB friends.”
    Manny, Booby, Mr.D and Carp. There’s your 4 friends. Now go and sing up! :D

  44. Not a facebooker, so I’ll be out of the comments but no worries there, no one reacts to me anyway!

    Many thanks for hosting carp. Love your work and opinions, and as long as I can still read, I’ll enjoy the new format. I’m sure it’ll still be the best blog for NYR news. Thanks for the opportunity to post here over the years. Cheers

  45. Creating a fake FB account is not a problem. But you need to have four friends to post, and I’d prefer not to have those friends connected to real life in some way. And I realize there are privacy settings, but it depends how much effort you want to put into it.

    Perhaps we could create an alt account exchange list to add “friends”?

  46. Carp,

    I couldn’t possibly know all the angles here being on the outside but, as someone who monetizes publisher content (help pay salaries for people like Carp), I would have to guess that the FB requirement has some ties into the revenue strategy. If yes, this is understandable and likely a good thing. For those outside of this world, FB has become a critical component to publisher revenue generation — a necessary evil if you will because of their scale and because literally the entire world now shares more with FB than they do with their therapists. While this reliance on FB will eventually crush publishers who do not move out of its shadow, very few have a strategy in place today to be able to survive without including FB and Google who, combined, take 85% of every ad dollar spent on a website. Think about that for a moment – for every $1 an advertiser spends on my site, $0.85 go to those two companies already leaving me $0.15 to pay carp, pay engineers, developers, etc etc. I imagine Carp’s bosses had no choice even if the main reason was for non-monetization considerations.

    Selfishly, for those who post often and are most guilty of saying some of the most uninformed, outlandish stuff here….I’ll be happy to never have to sift through your drivel in search of the blue highlighted comments again…bye felicia, don’t let the door hit….and while you’re gone, try watching a Ranger game some time, let alone an actual hockey game… know who you are.

    For those willing to stay – I have FB but I don’t comment much and been here since the Sam days – it is extremely easy to set up a “fake” FB account. Think of it like you do when you set up a fake email just to use for commerce stuff or loyalty memberships/sales announcements. It shouldn’t be that difficult and if you really give a Gudas about Carp and his employer keeping the lights on, even if the FB move has nothing to do with, they should be able to make more $$$ on advertising with FB logins in play than before. Remember, content isn’t free…it never was….an ads or subscriptions is what pays for it so everyone should chip in and support Carp — even if this FB move has nothing to do with ad revenue.

  47. Carp – the one serious thing I will say is that the switch to a FB format absolutely killed Chad’s comment count, so I’m not sure how LoHud quantified for you how his blog grew in readership.

  48. I hate Facebook, have no intention of opening the account; too bad there are no alternative ways to add a comment.

  49. Man- there are some paranoid m*er f*ers here. You don’t have to use the facebook account you make! Don’t use your real name even! Most of your names aren’t even real here. Use it only as a log in for Ranger Report.

    What would happen if Ranger Report was gone? I don’t even want to think it. I don’t think I would even have to use the internet. It needs and deserves your loyalty. You can remain in your outfits made of duct taped clothes and colander hats- just create a bogus facebook account and continue on with the Report without FBI surveillance.

    That’s my last 2 cents

  50. He gets zero comments now, FG.

    But I don’t think he had a community like this one.

    They use metrics based on page views and unique visits — i.e. readers who aren’t commenting apparently — and his numbers are up. Same with Josh, 26’s local sports blog.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    FG, I imagine it works like this: the number of “clicks” to stories goes up when people’s FB timelines shows them liking/commenting on stories.

  52. Maybe you can convince Walter’s to add a comment section to its website so you can run a parallel blog over there with the old comment format. Great publicity for Walter’s

  53. Here I am posting a comment from my 5th avenue penthouse, and I don’t even HAVE facebook. How about those Cyber skills!?

  54. Sam Weinman started this blog in the fall of 2006. Ironically, prior to fall of 2006, Facebook was still only allowing collegians to set up accounts, not the general public.

  55. I don’t have a Facebook acct. But totally addicted to this blog. Have someserious thinking to do.

  56. what if we all agree to pay a nickel per post. Then will LoHud be satisfied with the current format? The honor system usually works like a charm

  57. If you can’t open a new facebook account using your email, because that email is tied to your legitimate existing facebook profile, you can always get a new email address. Just open a random yahoo email account, use that to sign up for Facebook, and friend a bunch of random people.

    I just did it, and it took me 10 minutes. A yahoo email account I’ll likely never EVER have to look at ever again is the only thing linked to the fake facebook account. My mobile # was used to contact me with a keycode to activate the account, but was not linked to or used after that fact. This facebook account I’ve created has a name other than my own, a picture of Darth Helmet, and lists a bunch of cities that I’ve never ever visited as my current and former homes. Fake birthday, fake occupation.

    In fact, if it’s true that we would need 4 facebook friends to qualify, feel free to do the same and then search for “LosingMy Leschyshyn.” That way those of us who would like to continue posting without personal information out in the ether can do so.

  58. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Thanks Carp, but I won’t be commenting going forward. I will not participate with facebook, it is against my principals. Good luck to you.

  59. So are us non Facebook posters still going to be able to view the Twitter widget and read your posts? The Yankee blog did away with the widget and has a monthly article limit. I never go there anymore. I really hope I don’t have to leave here completely.

  60. Adam Zimmerman on

    Sort of amusing that a switch meant to increase transparency and verification is already resulting in the creation of numerous fake accounts.

  61. Gravy – I hear what you’re saying – but if the fake facebook account isn’t at all real life, then having people here connected to each other won’t impact real life at all. nor will it allow anybody into your personal space or information.

  62. Ok…a few things…
    That ilb seems like a real kiss aasen;)

    I don’t know about facebook, but carp sure as hell won’t reply to any of my tweets (oh, I forgot, he hates me).

    So facebook……..I’m not a big fan really but we do have an account to keep in touch with family (couple of Ukrainian bastages in NY and some jackaasen in North Dakota among others). We had a security breach recently which led to a email switch to encrypted servers and other device “adjustments”, but all that said…I’d follow carp to hell and back despite him hating me so I’ll do it (that probably made several people on the fence choose to not migrate over ;)).

  63. Maybe Carp can set up one last Charp under the old format so we can share some memories, some tears, and air any last few grievances?

  64. Stranger Nation on

    FB has the publisher’s best interests at heart. (s)
    This is a fool’s (Lohud, not Carp) errand. All about viewing numbers for FB sponsored ads, and the commenting will drop precipitously as it has every other blog.

  65. Facebook? Nope, Sorry its been real Carp
    I Knew I would miss Andrew when Craphud took over the blog for the rangers, but now forcing people to have a stalkerbook account to even log in for comments?

    Peace out

  66. doo doo doo doo doo, another bites the dust.
    FB rules the world and the suits are all to happy to fall in line.
    How does Zuckerberg’s colon taste? Ask any suit who runs a paper.

  67. Mad man, very good post with accurate intel that everyone should be cognizant of. It pains me to think about the foregone support for Carp and Lohud for developing this outstanding community.

    I vote with my dollars, however. And I’d be far more willing to pay a modest fee for reading and commenting privileges here in order to support the efforts of Carp, rather than to blindly support a company that I despise and have zero trust in (and which, to your point, will rake Lohud over the coals to pad their margins). Sadly, I realize I am in the minority regarding that preference and the industry is so far gone that A/B testing to see who feels similar to me just won’t happen

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, that’s it. Taking over Ranger Rants is why a FB account is required. You nailed it. Great job, detective.

  69. Safe to say comments will go down, now will it go down to Ranger Rants levels when 30 was a good day????
    I doubt it, but there will be alot less traffic that’s for sure.

  70. For anyone leaving, just know that Mark Zuckerberg, too, once departed a Westchester County mainstay, leaving Ardsley High School for the even preppier confines of Phillips Exeter.

  71. Have thought for a long time that Carp is the best Rangers beat writer out there. The mix of no-nonsense reporting with a wiseguy sense of humor made this place a must visit. With that being said, there were more times than I can count where the comments section brought this site to what it currently is. We have some really, really funny and quick-witted folks who post here and it’s sad to learn of the inevitable decrease in that type of content. There is a ton of collective hockey knowledge here too, but that’s always been a distant second for me next to the humor.

  72. Unfortunate development for sure. I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. Any personal info on FB is way too much. Fake accounts may work, I don’t know.

  73. I had a facebook account years ago but deleted it after old girlfriends and my ex-wife’s friends kept finding me. I will not be forced to join again.
    This fake account seems like it may be possible, but I have my doubts. Even with a fake email, they have your ip address. I will wait for a few guinea pigs to try it.
    I will keep reading for sure.

  74. Man, no widget either? I love that thing. Made this place one stop shopping and I didn’t have to get a stupid tweeter account either.

  75. Ranger Rants went to fb and I at first swore it off. I’ve never done fb till then but didn’t want to lose Andrew. Unfortunately a few weeks after giving into the Dark Side Andrew had to shut down.

    My experience. I put zero info but my name. Made everything very private in settings. I didn’t need any “friends” to post.

    I guess you could use a fake name. But if you go trolling and someone reports you FB can close that account down. But if you’re not a jackwagon u can probably use the fake for quite some time.

    My friends and family in real life I keep in contact with through traditional means

    ps. U don’t even need to put a pic on.

    But the visceral reaction is very understandable as I had avoided opening an account for so long. Most of u should let that wash over. If u really like this community of fans, there aren’t many alternatives out there with anonymous interaction. And building those new friends is a struggle. Luckily a couple of Andrews fans made it here with me. DaveB and CJ and I think ranger rick. I believe sioux was over there years ago but defected here (probably due to the garbage trolling by a couple a holes )

  76. For those who take a stand against submitting personal information to a private company like Facebook yet have no qualms about giving a private company like LoHud their email address each time they post: what’s the difference?

  77. Facebook…
    I got rid of my Facebook account, and not about to get another, but I will keep reading Carp. I’ll always keep reading!
    I was told a long time ago that a Facebook account would allow me to
    get in touch with people I hadn’t heard from in awhile…then I got a Facebook
    account and realized…These were all the people I was hoping to never hear from again!

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    I went back to find my first post. It was October 26, 2006. I ended with this phrase:

    “This was my first post and I promise from now on they’ll be shorter.”

    I think I failed to keep that promise.

  79. This is definitely a bummer being down here in St Pete, Fl. you guys are my best connection to my birth place and the Rangers. I am not going to make any quick decisions on saying so-long to the best blog ever. I do have a fb account and it’s not like the Gov. doesn’t know everything about us already. I think making a fake account has potential. I will see how this plays out. Carp you are the Bomb even though we don’t always agree. I will do what I can to stick around and yeah this has probably been a bit of a shock to us all. “Let’s Go Rangers”

  80. A sad state of affairs. Much like the Rangers defense.
    Glad to continue to read the posts and articles, as long as they are not limited and requiring subscription.

  81. Ogie Ogelthorpe on

    This is sad news indeed. What am I going to do ? Ogie Ogelthorpe isn’t my real name !

    I’ll follow. While I was late to the dance it’s easily the best blog on Mr.Gore’s Internet for die-hard Ranger fans in particular and hockey fans in general. I’m a Facebook idiot so I reserve the right to change my mind but I’ll give it a whirl.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    This is the best post in the history of the blog:

    KASPAR on AUGUST 1, 2007 12:01 AM
    I call up Sather, I say ” be nice to Comrade Avery. Why you callink him not nice things in your brief”
    Then Sather say “who is this speakink?”
    I say “it’s me boss! Kaspar from hartford”
    He tell me, “you are very lucky not to go to arbitration this year dumkoff. Take your 3 million, play with kids and don’t piss me off”
    I say, “just kidding this not Kaspar, this that guy Malakov. goodbye”

  83. Doodie

    I believe all the archives will be lost

    thats what happened when Andrew made the switch

    its a crappy adjustment, though not surprising

    I too at the time emailed the powers at be and Andrew pleading to give options besides facebook…like google+ or other ID formats for registered users, but it was not an option for some reason. Its unfortunate and feels sleezy that the only option thrust at us is use of a specific business entity. There is no free market or choice of alternative, so it feels unamerican

  84. we're taking the armoire on

    Thank you Carp and everyone on here for your thoroughly enjoyable posts,insights and was my go to place for all things Rangers and I will miss the interaction

    AT 60 + I have resisted Facebook like it was a plague and in many ways IMHO it is. I believe Facebook is voyeurism at its lowest and also a site for bored housewives looking to desperately connect with their past.

    I will be in read only mode and will hopefully continue to enjoy everyone’s perspective on the one team that I truly love.

    Thank you to all of you for making my life a little brighter….

  85. Hey Craig!

    Yes, all you need is a valid email … everything else can be “faked” to be honest. I’ve been using computers for 40 years now … use to be on the old BB back in the 80’s. I SWORE to never use FB, but I too didn’t want to lose the ability to comment on Ranger Rants. I wasn’t crazy about the FB formatting of the blog, but to be honest I dislike this rolling post format here even more. I dislike having to provide my name and email address each time and I dislike the inability to specifically reply to a post. So yeah, FB sucks but it will do.

  86. Talk about spoiling the news on Crosby’s concussion. Would make for a good convo if we weren’t all saying our goodbyes like a bunch of teenagers at a graduation in anywhere USA.

  87. I think the best posts here were from Chris Drury peeling out in the Clutchmobile. That guy should make a special farewell appearance tomorrow. Anyone remember Bob? I think he posted here and on Ranger Rants. He was Eric before there was Eric. An even more pessimistic version. He would have said 6th in Metro.

  88. As we begin to splinter off, I’d like to wish all of you the best of luck in all of your endeavours and ranger following.
    I’ve bantered with some of you more than others and there are a few of you I will really miss interacting with…bdl especially.

    bonne chance mes amis

  89. Ha CJ

    I did end up “finding” u i believe back in august
    sent you and daveb a friend request, just in case I couldnt track you down on the flipside
    that request may still be in your inbox. lol or maybe your privacy settings so strict it wouldnt even come through to you. oh well….at least we both surfaced here.

  90. What really surprised me in this news is, some reaction and how big of a deal it become for so many. Seemingly educated people sounded Luddites by philosophy to be anti-this and anti-that. Paranoia aside, using FB to sign up for posting, is the easiest thing to do in our fast changing world, well worth of being in such interesting community and most of all having Carp’s always thorough and balanced analyses and quick inside hockey news. For me, besides a well deserved loyalty, it is a nice and must have part of day to day life and high entertainment value. You don’t abandon your beloved dog just because a corner grocery store where you buying it food closed and you have to go now 2 more blocks to the supermarket for different brand. Of course, I stay, no biggie…Carpiniello rules!

  91. Now if only Facebook would make it as easy as Instagram to swap accounts. I have a personal instagram, but I also contribute to my company’s instagram feed, and on that app it’s as easy as clicking your name, a scroll-down comes down, and you click on another name to swap to that account. But I figure Facebook wants to discourage having multiple accounts, so that won’t happen.

    Another possible option – I believe on facebook you can create a “page” or “group,” and when using the Facebook plugin to comment on a site like this one, you can actually select whether to post as yourself, or your “page.” So maybe for the people who are on facebook already and don’t want to create a new account, you can just start some dummy group called “(whatever you want your handle to be),” set it to a high privacy so that it can’t be seen or searched for, and then use that to post on your forums.

    I’m not in love with the FB posting, but I will say one thing I like is that you can block trolls. So much could’ve been solved over at Rants if people were able to just cut bait with their antagonists. Or at the very least immediately block and ignore a troll.

  92. Wasn’t having multiple accounts, and needing an easy way to manage them, the root of Hillary’s problems?

  93. Carp, I hope it’ll work out to your expectations in the end, or the very beginning!

    To all who still doubt in FB. I wouldn’t be worried using the site created for posting purposes only, with a name being the same as the nickname you are using on here (or just create a new one (?) that’s up to you)
    As long as you aren’t using it for some silly purposes you should be fine.
    Like with me, you wont be able to find my ‘friends’ on FB, nor are there my private pictures or updates about my private life etc.

    Heads up guys, keep positive. Enjoy the new hockey season and Carps updates :)


  94. Well I am staying around, although with a new handle that will be Walt Tkaczuk. I opened a new FB account. This is all pending my actually finding 4 friends before the kickoff. Walt was my favorite Ranger growing up.

  95. Bunch of cry babies we have here. If you care for Carp and this little community that YOU helped build, come along with us and stop making a big deal.

  96. It’ll be fun to guess who is who once the new format takes place. I havent decided on my new handle yet.

  97. Sheesh! You can just set up a Facebook account and not have to answer any of the other profile questions or even post anything other than whatever you comment on regarding Carp’s post.

    Find out if you’re able to make Rangers Report a Closed Group then only those here can make comments and we’ll avoid the trolls.
    If anyone who wants to join in then they ask and get invited to the group.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    JPG, I think any sort of restriction on access would defeat the purpose of gaining more Facebook followers.

  99. Carp,
    Thanks for all your hard work insight and opinions always pure even if I didn’t agree on some, but that’s life. I’m out no FB for me, can’t do it with the job I got. Maybe you do one final list on who you hate…..always my favorite. Muckler, undertaker, Wilson ect…….

  100. Doodie,
    it’s not exactly a restriction. Just a matter of keeping tabs on who comes in rather than just get a bunch of trolls to fill up the comments and be jagoffs.
    Just be an open Group.
    But again
    you don’t have to really put up much at all on your Facebook page or profile.

  101. I had a facebook account years ago to keep in contact with my nieces’s and nephews in college. After they graduated I deleted my facebook account, don’t like facebook. It was fun guys and gals, LETS! GO! RANGERS!

  102. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp I will continue to read your posts. FB has been the death knell for every blog comments section that made the conversion. At 60 years, I’m not about to compromise my principles by joining the matrix that is FB. It’s been fun with the gibberish and I’ll miss that. When you’re in a plane over flyover country, look down and wave, I’ll be waving back. By Boneheads.
    Now that I’m going Carp, can you let me know what became of my roof rake? Thanks.

  103. Also, for those who are concerned for their online privacy, there are free VPN (virtual private network) services that hide any and all of your online activities. You can download it and be worry free that someone is tracking your online activity.
    Or if you think that $40 a year isn’t much to pay for your private Internet browsing, I would suggest visiting this site,2817,2414799,00.asp
    It has top VPN programs that some of you might be interested in.
    Paying option is better because it offers guaranteed service.

  104. CR-EGG … yeah, guess that shows you how much I pay attention to FB … and come to think of it, I might have set up a secondary email on gmail just for the FB account — an email that I never look at. So I gave in to FB without really giving in, at least in my head.

    DaveB, funny about Hillary … and funny that 1) I don’t care about her personal emails (um, they’re personal) and 2) without proof that she was hacked, I care even less … there are literally 100’s of reasons why some people like to keep certain things private, they’re not all nefarious. lol besides, I already know too much about her … and I’ve seen how they make sausage down in Washington. It isn’t pretty, it sucks trying to get anything done in Ovechkin land.

    MECCALECCAHIMECCAHINEYHO, I concur. Please feel free to write up the Court’s decision as I believe it’s the majority one. He knows my Disqus account and still stalks me everywhere I post with Disqus — and still says the exact same thing as a response to ANYTHING I write, i.e. everything that is bad is due to the failed Sather/Clark drafting and Sather must be fired. lol

  105. 6 games for Gudas. That’s a good start.
    Btw, this is my email address if anyone ever want to reach me for any reason.

    Also, for our senior citizen posters, I’d like to offer my services helping you create a facebook account. Just let me know. :)

  106. Brooklyn Ranger on

    Sorry Carp, this will be my last post–according to the FAQ someone linked above it says…

    Do I need to have a Facebook account to comment?

    A: Yes. To add a comment, you’ll need to log in at Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can get one at Signing up for an account is quick, easy and free. Please note that once you’ve signed up with Facebook, you MUST have a profile photo and a least four friends for your comment to become visible on the site….

    I’m not playing with Facebook for more than a sign in–ain’t playing with the whole idea of adding friends.

    Nothing against you–but the corporate policy stinks. Liked reading the blog posts (thanks guys and gals), but guess I’m stuck back at HF exclusively.

    LOUSY rules.

  107. Ugh –

    I don’t have Facebook either.
    And I will not get an account.

    I posted much more in the past – but still like throwing up the odd line.

    It’s such a shame that the world (especially the journalistic world) is allowing this one company such sovereignty over individuals.

    You realize that your Facebook information is used to figure out pricing for airfare, amazon, etc … they watch your activity and then price goods to match your income level and spending. There is no single “Sticker Price” anymore.

    And the bogus info is a lie.
    Once you login to Facebook, they track your IP. Once they have your IP – they track it on their other partner websites. They don’t need your name to know who you are.

    Anyway – I love the Rangers, I love Carp, I love this blog ..
    I just will not be able to contribute to it anymore. … here I come (again!)

  108. …may be this new changes is not such a bad idea after all – could be like purgatorius ignis – purifying fire for the blog.
    Just Prust saying…

  109. Eric

    I don’t think it means anything. He was asking if I still have my AOL email.
    Are you coming with us?

  110. leetchhalloffame on

    When AV dumps McIlrath will he become a thorn in our side like Moose Dupont did after we let him go? Sounds like #6 ain’t gonna make it to opening night on Broadway. Personally I’d much rather watch Girardi, Klein & Staal. Yuch!

  111. I will still read the blog but so much for the comments. Carp have to say, this is purely based on some suit feeling the need to get user tracking and other metrics out of facebook. Blog could certainly have used other more user friendly discussion systems but oh well. Sad as the comments were the 2nd best part of this blog

  112. If the Rangers (or any other team) put in a claim for any of these players on waivers, when would we know they a) put in a claim b) were able to get that player? Not sure if I’m hoping they get any of these guys, (maybe Pulkinen, but I don’t know enough about him). Mostly just curious.


    So now you want my contacts friends photos post etc SEE YA, not interested

    Thanks Carp..

  114. @Adam Z: Because its a throw away email address

    To those who think FB is no problem, hope you use noscript as well as a cookie cleaner religiously. FB will track you to the ends of hell… or center city philadelphia, which ever is closer.

  115. Carp, why Facebook? This an awful decision. I don’t comment much, but I definitely will not be commenting any longer. I guess I’ll just have to read and be happy with that. Just so you know, before the Lohud Yankees blog switched to FB commenting, it was ranked in the top 15 blogs by consistently. Since the switch, you can’t even find it in the rankings. Whoever told you switching to FB commenting will make the blog grow has some splaining to do. Good luck, I’ll enjoy the writing only.

  116. I still think there’s a good chance McIlrath stays (for now) as the No. 7 and Skjei goes down, because he can with no waivers, and opening night goes 27-5, 18-8, 22-4, with everybody on his correct side.

  117. Mark Zuckerburg is watching you on

    In accordance with current tradition, I do not have any real facts to back this up but, it should be noted that many “blogs” who saw their comment boards dry up after moving to FB login was at least partially driven by the fact that people didn’t have a lot of insane sheyacht to say once their real identities were attached to their commentary. That traffic to those blogs may have suffered as well is due to those people bolting for areas of the internet where you can still post garbage – like most of the Trouba proposals here – anonymously. I get it and of am the same mind but it less scarier than what the tin-foil folks would suggest and, to be honest, if you are truly that concerned about your privacy (and fair if you are) then you should really consider quitting the internets and cell phone altogether because you are already being tracked. Besides, so easy to use a fake FB account solely to log in here if you want to comment. The real concern I have is them moving to paywall – again, neither freedom nor content ain’t free so it if understandable but haven’t read Zipay faithfully since the day they made that change.

  118. ORR!! What Is It Good For!!?? on

    This post feels like the Council of Elrond scene in Lord of the Rings. Some are too scared to take on this journey. I’ll stick around, as much as I hate facebook.
    And AV is a girly guy for basically forcing Undertaker off this team. Another first round BUST, thanks to ol’ Gordie Clark. Keep that dweeb away from the first round. Nothing but busts. The list goes on. We’ll see what Shea Stadium amounts to, but don’t forget Sanguinetti, McIlrath, Del Stalker, Cherepanov.
    THE and Jay Tea were good picks. That’s aboot it.

  119. To all those who think that the “fake FB account” is the solution – be advised that FB considers fake accounts to be a serious problem and is intent on disabling or deleting every one that they find:

    “On Facebook we have a really large commitment in general to finding and disabling false accounts,” Facebook’s chief security officer Joe Sullivan told CNN in a recent interview. “Our entire platform is based on people using their real identities.”

    OK, that’s from a 4-year old article but my quickie Google search showed that they have maintained this stance.

    I have never had an account on FB or any other social media site and will never sign up for one. The simple reason is that I value my personal privacy – and they don’t (Zuckerberg is on record as saying that he doesn’t believe in personal privacy).

    Its not a question of how easy it is to sign up (of course its easy – that’s their entire business model, get you to sign up for free and harvest your information to sell to data brokers) or that its free. If you’re not paying for a service you are not the customer, you are the product. You have been warned.

    This policy change will not have much effect on me since I don’t comment very much but its sad to see another publication succumb to the FB siren song and so many willing lemmings who see nothing wrong with the whole sociopathic nature of the “social media” phenomenon. Its not Luddism – its enlightened opposition to a trend that threatens to erode any semblance of control over our personal information.

    I’ll continue to read, of course, but will not comment at all unless the FB requirement is lifted.

  120. Meccaleccahimeccahineyho on

    CJ, good to see you again, along with a few others. I believe every word you say about our old adversary. Sick puppy.

    As for some of the Facebook concerns here, I’m almost certain that, with minimal effort, blocks can be applied that prevent one’s postings on 3rd party sites from showing up on their walls, your own as well, me thinks.

    As for the 4 friends minimum, simply Facebook search a few local bars/restaurants. Many of them use the “friend request ” option instead of the “follow” option. You could likely request 10 within thirty minutes, then get at least 4 accepts by the next morning.

  121. anyone who doesn’t despise zucker and his ilk aint paying attention…..that’s why he has a large audience

  122. Carp,

    Will the new format be able to read cyrillic? Using cyrillic is the only way I can fool the facebook to keep my CCCP name.

  123. No problem. Just one question. Do we still sign-on, read and post here, or on the LOHUD Ranger Report FB page?

  124. On the blog, there will be one of those quote balloon things in blue, I believe. You click on that to comment … or to see comments. It will prompt you to sign in there and then you can comment.

    fingers crossed.

  125. Well that sucks. I guess I’m not the only one who is no longer worthy. See you on the other side.

  126. Not sure what I’ll do going forward but want to say to Carp and all of you that I have truly enjoyed your company these many seasons. Of course I’ll still read but I’ll miss the many interactions I’ve had with youse.

  127. Gudas suspeneded for 6 games, Crosby concussed and P.A Parenteau waived by the Islanders…Are the hockey gods giving us a consolation prize for the loss of our blog?

  128. Thanks George, and to all, for all the kind words today, and to those who are coming to the new blog, and to those who aren’t — thank you for all your time spent here. Especially the humorous ones.

    Much appreciated.

  129. Think it’s more about losing the anonymity than a hassle of creating an account. I am on facebook and would prefer not to have my internet comments tied to my name unless it’s something I want to put it out there publicly with my name on it. This is a bad move and anybody with a job with any sort of corporate/finance/legal/medical profession will most likely not be participating in the new format.

  130. ORR!! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR!!?? Seriously? You blame Clark for drafting Cheraponov who died? You lost credibility with me right there to make such an absurd claim — indicates a serious bias. He also drafted Kreider, Miller and Skjei, all in the 2nd half of the 1st round … and Del Stalker, for what it’s worth, has played 433 games by the age of 25 — that’s over 5 seasons. Yeah, he wasn’t “right” for us, but that hardly makes him a terrible bust. He too was drafted in the 2nd half of the 1st round.

  131. Yankees blog posts without comments? I don’t think the comment section here has much of a chance.

    I also got a notification about limited free articles. Is that per day, per week, or per month?

  132. consolation prize for the loss of our blog?
    Blog will still be here. It’s the stubborn posters who will miss out all the action.

  133. WOES … but AGAIN, it’s easy to set up a fake account (name) and tie it to a secondary, etc. email created solely for the purpose of FB. You don’t even have to check the email, ever … and there are privacy settings re: what gets posted. I fail to see the ISSUE re: anonymity or hassle, it takes like 5-10 minutes.

    Plus look what you get in return!!! You can bother Carp all day long and call him a meanie, or a softie if that’s your preference. lol

  134. CJS my employer does not allow me to post publicly to blogs under my name; it is part of my contract that I will not do so. I imagine many other people in a variety of fields have similar agreements they have to make.

  135. I will always read your material. The best reporter in the bizz. I will continue to come here to read and bs with you on Twitter (Sir_Blobfish) but I’ve had a personal boycott of Facebook since its early inception and I can’t start now.

    It’s ok though, I just won’t get into anymore inter-commenter quibbles here anymore.

    Have a great year Carp and LETS GO RANGERS


  136. Could be the end for me as well Carp, thanks for everything and will still read the game reviews for sure! And I’ll shoot you an email sometime to grab some Hubba’s when I’m in that area!

  137. Open a post, Eric. We used the latest one. When you open it you will see all these icons, for twitter, facebook, etc. One of them is a blue quote balloon, like in the comic books. click on that.

  138. Just posted on Yankees blog. Seems like it reads cyrillic. Could just be on my end, who knows if others can see it.
    Also, Yankees blog has a TON of ads all over the site! Makes navigating through it a real pin in the tuchas! I hope the new format won’t be like that. All in all this news sucks. Poor old blog.

  139. I’m pretty sure when Carp posts a link to a new post ( tweeter, facebook), you can go directly to it and bypass any limited access

  140. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Will miss this place tremendously , especially you Carp luv your sense of humor.
    ;- (

  141. WOES … understood … although with a fake account you would be posting under someone else’s name. lol Just kidding.

    PETE – will miss you posting. :(

  142. Only constant is change…..and maybe fifth in the Metro..real hockey starting ….Lets go Rangers

  143. Cross Check Charlie on

    I don’t post much, but I do like to chime in with a “Let’s Go Rangers” every now and then. I guess I’ll have to set up a bogus Facebook account so that I can keep doing that.

  144. Will continue to read Carp. The Facebook thing scares an over 60 guy like me who does not want to hurt some relatives by not friending them because they are too into politics, which IMHO has ruined Facebook.

    In the meantime, thanks for always respectfully responding to my comments. Hope to cross paths with you some day. Even though so many “suits” have tried to ruin the sports we love, our passion perpetuates our status as die hard fans. And this blog is second to none!!

  145. ORR!! What Is It Good For!!?? on

    CJS, take it easy. All I did is mention his name. I liked the pick at the time, but still, he could have drafted Pacioretty or Subban, two guys drafted by the Habs. Oh, and they drafted McCaptain in the first round. That kind of drafting can turn a whole franchise around.
    Del Stalker is a solid player, but they could have had Eberle who’s better and Carlson who is way better and would be perfect paired with McCaptain.
    Point being, the guy historically has passed on top line superstar talent in the first round. I’ll give him credit for some later picks, but he’s the reason why I don’t care aboot trading first round picks. Hasn’t done anything with them.
    THE is a good pick, like I said. But he’s been disappointing the last two years. 20 goals isn’t enough from him. Jay Tea, another good pick that’s still progressing. Shea Stadium, who the hell knows.

  146. Appreciate it CJ. Maybe i’ll create a dummy account if i get my act together, but no promises on that front

  147. I have FB but never use it to post on other websites.
    Will still be a reader of the blog.

    Does this mean I won’t be able to put a vote in for a back up goalie when the rangers team pulls a no show, which might happen more than a few times this year?

    TopJimmy over & out!
    Thanks Carp!!!!

  148. Rob in Beantown on

    “This is a bad move and anybody with a job with any sort of corporate/finance/legal/medical profession will most likely not be participating in the new format.”
    This, basically

  149. For what it’s worth, I was able to sign up for a FB account with an email account I just created on yahoo. Using all fictitious info.

    I can’t quit you bastids.

  150. Bye Bye JJ…not many blogs left for you to ruin behind fictitious names. Registration was sorely needed and we have it.

  151. “This is a bad move and anybody with a job with any sort of corporate/finance/legal/medical profession will most likely not be participating in the new format.”


    Uuummmm… post when you’re at home then? I mean… DUH!

  152. Carp

    I very seldom post but I enjoy the reading what you guys have to say.

    With the blog going to Facebook sign in. Just created an account just to post here.

    Hope everyone will make the change.

    and I leave with this quote.

    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

    Winston Churchill

  153. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, I guess it’s goodbye then Carp. The Folkyerself Family is not all getting on Facebook. (Please! Hold the applause until the end.) It’s been a lot of fun getting all my personalities on the blog. I’ll probably still read, but the family will post no more. See Ya, Carp. It’s been fun…

  154. Irish Ewell O'Folkyerself on

    May you be on the new blog a half hour before the devil knows you’re gone….

  155. Ok.
    Since we need 4 friends to post and I don’t want real life people I know as friends for my blogging adventures my new name on FB is Cregg Graves

    Friends request me with your handles and we can make the 4s together

    One good thing about the warning

  156. I absolutely hate Facebook and, for the amount of commenting I do, it would not be worth opening an account. I’ll still be reading though and I do want to thank Carp and the Boneheads (sounds like a band) for hours of entertainment. I wish you guys all the best. And for one final time- LET’S GO RANGERS!

  157. duckbillplatypus on

    Count the DUCKBILL in! although will prolly go back to my old name of Mao….cant wait for the season to start!

    Best time of the year!!!! Excited for the new format. GOOOO CARP!!!

    Latona, where are you???

  158. Eric,
    Cccp mentioned an msn email.
    previously, I’ve contacted him at an aol address.
    so I was just making sure it still existed

  159. Wicky,
    hope you come around.
    still, with or without you
    I will repeat your line that we
    a crease-clearing defenseman

  160. Good idea, CR Egg.
    Friend request will be sent.
    I am now on the Facebook as, wait for it,
    See Dubb

  161. Still Boiled by FB & NHLDPS on

    One feature that will change with new format will be the ability to reply to other posters comments, but that also could get ugly. Carp moderation will be tested severely.

    Trolling by Azzlanders should become pretty obvious.

  162. Still Boiled by FB & NHLDPS on

    By the way… the timing on this change to Facebook format couldn’t be worse. I really don’t want to know any Ranger fans political views or leanings.

  163. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    Carp: You are the best in the business. After a game, the first thing I do in the morning (depending, of course, on Ms Seiling’s desire to commit a minor, major or match penalty) is read your account.

    For a host of reasons I won’t join FB but please know I will remain a loyal reader.

  164. Guys, You can create a very minimalist Face Book account so you can continue to blog here and not include any personal info …
    You don’t have to include even your actual name etc …
    you can stick to your current user-name …

  165. Question for Carp : is this correct/true ?
    Everybody will be able to view the blog even if not signed in via FB.

  166. Elitist, arrogant Suits who have never seen a hockey game (and couldn’t care less) slither now into the best blog on the internet and dictate who can speak and through which infernal, self-serving venue they will allow you to speak through. They ironically will follow any socialist devil so long as that devil puts more dollars in their capitalist wallets.

  167. I had a feeling that this was coming. I have a Facebook account, but decided to create a Blog Facebook so that my employer will never know when I am posting. Of course, Zuckerpest wouldn’t let me sign up as AnthonyM so I had to improvise. I guess the Wizard of Oz was a bigger influence on me because my Blog handle is
    anthonym anthonym (think about it).
    I was even able to get four “friends” to friend me: me, my late wife and my two cats. Yes, they have Facebook accounts – I was really bored one day :-) The funny thing is people write to them and send birthday wishes.

  168. I am a lurker for the most part but absolutely love this site and Carp’s reporting. Truly one of the best in the business. (not blowing smoke, just telling it like it is) I also love the comments here and find them endlessly amusing. If you don’t have a facebook account it is easy to set up one. You do need to provide a cell phone number now to do so. I have two facebook accounts. One with my real name and identity and one with my alter ego, yev kassem for situations like this one. It will take you less than 5 minutes to set up a FB account and would allow you to keep commenting on this site once it transitions to a new format.

  169. As a follow up.. for those of you who said they HATE Facebook. As long as you have a cell phone number, you can set up a FB account with the sole purpose of using it to participate on this site when it transitions. You do not have to do anything in terms of social media if you do not want to.

  170. Will not be part of Facebook. I want to thank you personally for the years you’ve provided this great forum for the discussion of hockey and my favorite team The New York Rangers. I’m saddened and will truly miss you and all your bonehesds. Nothing is forever. What shame.

  171. Thank you, Lone … and all those for the kind words. Much appreciated.

    and if you don’t want to do the facebook commenting thing, you can still read my stuff there all the time.

    if you are on twitter you can just click on my links daily and avoid all the hassles.

  172. What in the name of Walt Poddubny is this world coming to? I have avoided Facebook like the plague, and now this? Next thing you know the debates will turn ugly.

  173. Long-Time-NYR-Fan-Maybe-Too-Long on

    All the best, Carp! I may or may not do the FB thang. Not without more of an explanation about what LoHud and FB plan to do with my data (in both places). Probably not.
    I sincerely hope that the 2016-17 Rangers won’t find themselves on a one-way street to confirming these recent teams can give the early 70’s teams a run for its money to be the greatest Rangers teams never to win the Cup. If it does maybe it’s a fitting departure point anyway…
    But I won’t stop reading your stuff, Carp. Not a chance! You the best-est of the most-est – LLAP! And hope to see you at MSG.

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