Rangers waive Glass, Gerbe, send Nieves to Hartford … AND some blog news upcoming


FIRST A HEADS-UP: I am going to have some important news about the blog over the weekend or Monday. Please drop by to see it. Thanks.


The Rangers got their roster down to 24 players Friday by waiving Tanner Glass and Nathan Gerbe for the purpose of assigning them to Hartford (AHL).

They also have an intriguing situation with prospect Cristoval “Boo” Nieves, who was assigned to Hartford Friday (along with goalie Magnus Hellberg, who cleared waivers).

Nieves, a big center who has become an excellent skater, was injured last month in the Traverse City prospects tournament – in which he excelled before being hurt. The “upper body” injury kept him out of the Rangers’ first five preseason games and much of training camp, and he was able to return, and impress, in Thursday’s finale against Philadelphia.

“I saw a big strong skating centerman that hadn’t barely played in the last two weeks,” Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said. “I liked some of the things that he did.”

Vigneault said the Rangers wanted Nieves to go play a couple of games this weekend in Hartford – where he will be no doubt monitored by the front office – and made it sound that it is very possible Nieves could be back with the big club if he plays well there.

With Gerbe being cut, Josh Jooris is the presumed fourth-line opening-night center unless Nieves wins that job. Jooris suffered a groin injury in the first preseason game and didn’t return until Thursday. He was signed to be a penalty killer, and hardly stood out in those situations.

“I thought he tried hard,” Vigneault said about Jooris’s performance against the Flyers.

For Nieves to be recalled, the Rangers will have to make another roster move. They are at 24 players, one over the maximum, at the moment, though Oscar Lindberg (hoping to return from hip surgery in November) will surely start the season on injured reserve. The Rangers must be cap-compliant with a 23-man (maximum) roster by Tuesday, though they could still make changes before and after Thursday’s regular-season opener against the Islanders at the Garden.

The moves Friday gives the Rangers a shade over $2 million in cap space and the flexibility to keep two extra defensemen, presumably Adam Clendening and Dylan McIlrath, and an extra forward.

Both Glass and Gerbe will first have to clear waivers by Saturday at noon to be assigned to Hartford. Glass’s assignment will provide a savings of $950,000 against the salary cap (they are hit with $500,000 of his $1.45 million). He is in the final season of a three-year contract.

Glass also cleared waivers and started last season in Hartford because the Rangers were forced to keep Oscar Lindberg and Dylan McIlrath or face the probability of losing them to waivers.

Gerbe, according to reports, has an out-clause in the contract he signed July 1 which would allow him to play in Switzerland instead of Hartford.

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  1. Repost ….RE: to keeping 8 D…. (3 guys sitting a night) It’s AVs words not mine. Check the tapes in interviews his first season here. He likes having 8 D. I’m not making it up. Only reasons we ever went 7 were cap or lack of depth, mostly cap. Then had to use the spare fwd on D in practice which doesn’t help anyone. Except maybe the goalie getting some grade-A chance work Allows for the so called “maintenance days” too – See more at: http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2016/10/07/rangers-flyers-in-review-25/#comment-2825505

  2. So Jorris and one other player need to be moved when Nieves comes back. Who do you think it will be a dman or a forward?

  3. Nothing surprising here really.
    Glass wasn’t going to make this team better, and now you have room to hold on to Clendening and Mcilrath. That’s win/win move.
    Pirri clearly outplayed Gerbe.
    Boo in Hartford, is an easy call up if needed. Nice to read he’s THAT close to making the team.

  4. Pretty important news………… must be something like live web cast of new and upcoming Charps from Blog HQ.

  5. DAVEB, in case you missed my post from the prior thread:

    DAVEB … this is CJ, from that other site as well. ;) I found myself unable to see a couple of games this preseason, did some searching and found this for FREE: http://onhockey.tv/ … Now, a few caveats … make sure you have some good anti-virus programs on when you’re watching, maybe an adblocker as well like Adblock Plus which is free. I’ve “heard” that malware, etc. might otherwise “come through”, especially with Russian feeds. Don’t know this for a fact, but ended up catching 3 preseason games through the site and have zero issues with my computer and it scans CLEAN. There are different feeds, some better quality than others. It will do.

  6. Ogie Ogelthorpe on

    I hope it doesn’t go the way of the Yankee Lohud blog. I won’t pay to complain. I guess I’ll just set up a few cardboard cutouts along with a desk down in the basement and become the Rupert Pupkin of hockey.

  7. Ogie Ogelthorpe on

    TSN just issued its top 50 NHL players – Highest and only Ranger – The King at #45 (and that’s number not hashtag !).

  8. Oh man I was banjing.
    First off- Rock- it’s no problem man. I should apologize too as I have my moments of foot in mouth.we’re all here because we’re passionate about the same team and seeing them achieve the same goal.Welcome aboard.
    Secondly- What are you doing to the blog Carp? Should we be worried?

  9. Cross Check Charlie on

    Carp, the news better not be somebody else taking over the blog. I don’t care who it is, they wouldn’t be able to measure up

  10. Bonehead Hockey Draft set for 10/11 6:45 EDT/ 5:45 CT/ 4:45 Wicky time
    Are we all on board????

  11. Good to hear from you CJ! Thanks for the info. I think I may look into Unblock Us first, but that sounds like a good backup plan.

    Ogie – If Zuccarello had the same exact season he had last season, but played in Chicago or Washington or Pittsburgh – they’d gush over him and he would’ve made that list.

  12. Rob in Beantown on

    I will try to be there on time. My only feedback is it is a little early for us on the east coast, and certainly early for mountain and central folks

  13. I’m with Rob on the draft time. Would prefer it gets pushed back an hour but I’ll try to make it on time.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, add me in. I didn’t get an e-mail. I’ve also got a friend who wants to join.

  15. Plain tickets are booked for NY.
    Flying in for the Carolina game followed by the Sioux/BC game.
    Now where to sit?

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    Doodie, it’s the same Yahoo league as last year. If you login with your old credentials it is all set up for this year.

  17. FIRST A HEADS-UP: I am going to have some important news about the blog over the weekend or Monday. Please drop by to see it. Thanks.



  18. I wouldn’t mind if the news were that we didn’t have to constantly input our name and email address every single time with post. That’s all I ask. lol Oh wait, and that Tanner Glass gets traded for a 5th round draft choice, any year will do.

  19. DAVEB … yeah, I mean for $5 … it’s an annoyance, but worth it if it provides good quality and resolves the blackout issues. I know in my case I’m just keeping it as a back up plan.

  20. The Other Peter on

    Is the important news that you’re dropping baseball writer Seth Rothman from the “Rangers Coverage” Twitterfeed? That would be a huge improvement.

  21. Everyone relax, he news is just to inform everyone that any problems you have ever experienced here on the blog were all mcilrath’s fault.

  22. Amazing that shattenkirk isn’t somehow involved when the Oilers are in desperate need of defense.

  23. shattenkirk apparently already told the oilers he wont sign there, otherwise they would have already gotten him instead of larsson and blues would have hall

  24. Pete chiarelli continues to be hot garbage as a GM. And now they’re supposedly signing kris Russell! Oh Pete, you’re too much.

  25. Wow… interesting trade. I like Yakupov. Just by being outta Edmonton alone should really boost kid’s confidence. Plus, Tarasenko will be a great influence for him.

  26. Yakupov is the real winner of this trade. Hands down.

    Edmonton continues to give hope that you don’t have to be competent to run a sports franchise. No wonder Sather so closely connected to that franchise.

  27. Carp- Tell me this isn’t going to become Islander Report or The Fish Tank Report or The Honda Pilot Islander Blog or Brooklyn November Cup Champs Report.

  28. boxcareddiehospodar on

    So the games are already beginning with Mcilrath.

    If this guy is not part of the future then just release him and let’s see how many teams pick him up right away.

    Amazing that McIlrath has the rap as a poor skater yet we lived with Girardi, Boyle and Staal the last two years.

    Can’t wait for AV to get canned this year!!!!!!!!!

  29. Where would we use yakupov? And is kris Russell really that much better than Holden, especially at that price? He wouldn’t be on our top pair and probably not bumping staal off second pair, so $3m for a lefty Girardi (albeit currently a better player) to play with Girardi? Pass

  30. It would have to be Pittsburgh, Washington, and either the Isles or Philly …. Last year we beat the Isles by one point.
    Depends how bad our D is. Isles could be going backward as well.
    Really a strange year. AV’s rep is that he wants a defense that can quickly transition. That’s exactly what we don’t have. Will he revise his approach?

  31. “Gerbe, according to reports, has an out-clause in the contract he signed July 1 which would allow him to play in Switzerland instead of Hartford.”

    Awesome news, did not want him in Hartford either.

  32. I’m wondering if the big news about this (wonderful) blog is that the host is going to roll out an extensive analytics section, complete with graphs, r-scripts, modeling, etc.

  33. Wick’s Picks-column. Weekly write-up and video of best hits, as well as “the Rat of the Week”

  34. Oh joy AV’s Rangers are finally going somewhere……right to the bottom of the NHL East….Not enough offense,porous and snail like defense, several way over prime (McDonagh,Staal,Lundquist)….Gerardi one blocked puck from being DONE for good….out of it clearly by Christmas. ….

  35. The exciting news is that after recent comments Donald Trump is taking over comment moderation, do anything goes!! P*s*i*s!!!

  36. hey sioux & manny i’m in for the bonehead league this year… i’m going with the brandon pirri’s this year

    excited for blog news carp!

    as for the boys, i like the forward group, it’s an interesting mix this year, but that defense has me all sorts of worried. with girardi and stalled looking not very much improved in the preseason along with the 3rd pair question marks, it does not bode well for the long haul against skilled, offensive teams

  37. Speaking as someone with no Facebook or other social media accounts, and as someone who has been an avid reader and poster around here since the Weinman days, I really hope it isn’t Facebook.

  38. Of course Haiti was hit hardest by this hurricane Matthew. Close to 900 people are dead, and counting. WFP, one of the better run charities has already arranged for enough food to feed up to 300,000 people for a month. If you want to help, there many ways to do it. You can also click on my handle.

  39. Welcome back ilb.

    If the blog changes meaning I need access through something else it’s been nice knowing all of you.

    No Facebook or Twitter from me

  40. Girardi is the man of steel. I too think he will have an early season injury. McIlrath will get his games, eventually

  41. ilb…

    I clicked on the website, but when I click to donate, it says site cant’ be reached. Happened twice in a row. Maybe I should just donate to Hillary’s foundation, I heard it goes straight to Haiti then

  42. How “healthy” does Girardi need to be in order to be bought out next summer? If I’m not mistaken, they can’t buy him out if he’s injured. Who or what determines whether he’s healthy?
    We pretty much know he’s been playing hurt for a long time.

  43. I mean if Girardi breaks his leg in March or April, there’s no buyout. No? That’s enough reason right there to plan that he’s in the press box by the end of February.

  44. Help Haitians…great idea. Just don’t give your donations to the Clinton Foundation, they’ll never get there.

  45. Cozy little setup, this NHL. Even a Delicatessen would jettison a poor schnook who couldn’t slice the bologna.

  46. Carp…Pittsburg, Washington and the Islanders or Flyers. But of course, I hope I’m wrong on the last two.

  47. Can’t believe the NHL will allow another season with no Canadian teams playoff bound. Stay alert for shenanigans.

  48. Eric, I’m with you, don’t deal with facebook or twitter so I hope that’s not the direction this site is going, it would be a shame, been a blogger on this site from the beginning.

  49. News Media like to tell you how well things like employment are going in the Nation, then at the end of the week, they announce mass layoffs. It is to laugh.

  50. can Rangers send Staal or Girardi down to Hartford?

    Can they force Girardi to go down for conditioning?

  51. If you don’t have a facebook account you can create a fake account in order to keep posting. Or maybe they’ll go the reddit route which allows for anonymity

  52. Girardi and staal have to approve any trade or being placed on waivers. If there was a legitimate injury and need to rehab/condition in Hartford thereafter for a short period Staal and Girardi might approve such a move prior to rejoining the team. Neither are hurt now and can’t just fake a conditioning stint before the season even starts. Only way to get them off the roster at this point is trade (or somehow finding a basis to voiding their contracts, which i’d say is nearly impossible) and at the end of the year if they are healthy they can be bought out.

  53. Zika-Kreider-Buch showing tremendous chemistry. So I have to think they’ll play together for 2 games until being broken up because Nash is struggling. They’ll be back together in February though.

  54. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    We can now add Kevin Klein to the lengthy list of players Diablo wishes to trade. At last count that also included Buchnevich, Stepan, Hayes, Nash, Staal, & Girardi. This would the space we need for players like Hrivik (who Diablo thinks could be our 3C) and Jensen (“no way he clears waivers”).

  55. Very convenient knee injury to DelZotto who will go on LTIR and shave 3.9mil off Philly Cap. Hope Girardi doesn’t catch that flu?

  56. I’ve got to say, I’m a little nervous about this upcoming blog news. Would anyone like to join me on the ledge?

  57. Rod you have to look at the bright side for those who are hypercritical. For instance, those who say “Hayes is too slow”…then “Stepan is too slow” then “this one is too slow”…just assume if they all play on the same line they can keep up with each other!

  58. Is there any trade situation between NYC and Winnipeg for Trouba where one of the GM’s doesn’t have worry about being fired?

    Zucc, a depth player who can bolster their bottom six and/or their AHL team and the 2nd from Ottawa for Trouba?

  59. They will want a young lefty defenseman but sure they would take a good young righty d as part of the package or a stud young forward. So Zuc likely isn’t very appealing and given how Brady struggled in camp the rangers would have to add a couple of good pieces on top of Brady to have a chance (not even going into whether it makes sense for us to do that). Then we’d have to fit him under the cap. So seems unlikely there will be a fit

  60. The D pairs at practice today were interesting. Skjei with McIlrath, Holden with Clendennig. Don’t know who is 5,6 and who is 7,8.

  61. It’s doubtful Rangers West, ‘Peg will want a top prospect PLUS … in a funny way the Undertaker would be good for them, Trouba doesn’t want to play behind 2 guys on the right side, Mclwrath would be perfect in that slot … and he’s from Winnipeg … but it would take so much more (again read top prospect), at least at this stage. They hold most of the cards.

    I don’t know what their feelings are about our prospect goalies, but maybe a goalie (anyone BUT Shesterkin, the heir apparent to Hank, no way I trade him), McIlrath and a 1st rounder? Then again they have two pretty good goalie prospects of their own so I highly doubt we could deal from our only position of prospect depth.

  62. Rod Seiling’s Twilight Zone was very happy wen we locked up Girardi and Staal to long term contracts. He rejoiced on the street. He is very sad that Glass was cut. He was also the first one to kiss King Henrik’s ring thanking him for the home town discount that he gave us. Not only that, but he also screamed the Cup is ours when we traded 3 1st rounders and Callahan for St. Louis.

  63. “Yes, by all means, trade good players to make room for worse players.”

    I don’t want to trade Klein, I like Klein, Klein is a friend of mine, but if we are going to either lose 24 yearold McIlrath for nothing or trade 32 yearold Klein for draft picks then I choose to trade Klein. Of course we also can send Skjei down for now and see what happens or we can go with 8 defensemen and scratch Staal or Girardi every other game, but I doubt that will happen.

  64. I love the poorly educated and I love groping azz that’s amazing and fantastic. Make Americans grate again.

  65. Practice pairings:
    Mac Captain-Girardi

    I think they coul have a decent d. The problem is there is not a good partner for the captain. Someone will be forced to play more minutes than they can handle. It might be interesting to experiment with Clendening there. Sounds like he was shaky in his zone–but if he can move the puck well and help keep it the offensive zone maybe it could work? I’ve seen none of the pre-season games, so it’s hard to know.

  66. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    Diablo: I’m surprised an astute observer of hockey like yourself — one who would trade Buchnevich after his first pre-season game, have Hrivik as his 3C and would trade KK (only our second most dependable D-man right now) for picks just to be able to keep McIlrath as a 6D — wouldn’t know that Sather traded two 1st Round picks (not three) & Callahan in exchange for MSL (and a 2d Round pick).

  67. Have to love the compete in Buch, who is not the biggest guy. Goes to the dirty areas and I loved the wrap around power move to the net. Got two whacks at it. Good stuff.

  68. If you’re not going to play McIlrath, why worry about losing him? I mean, I get the asset management thing. But if they trade Klein, McIlrath still isn’t going to be in the top six.

  69. Did you guys see the goal Columbus scored against the Penguins today? Guy at the side of the net. His shot hit the side of the net, but it went through the twine, breaking it, and into the net. Nobody caught it. Pittsburgh TV had closeups of the broken twine. Yes, replay gets it right.

  70. DNC has one more bomb to drop on the Donald, fact……just sayin. They will use it as needed. IE bad news for Clinton. Infighting now weather to drop it tonight and try to finish him altogether. Back to pre season hockey, sorry

  71. Carp…you don’t like McIlrath…end of story right there
    Any comment you make will be null and void with me in regards to McIlrath. He had a very good camp…better than Staal, Girardi and Skeij….even Holden who was good
    Clendening was the onlyone who out played him

  72. If you feel the need to discuss politics please feel free to call a friend, post a rant to Facebook, talk to a neighbor, attend a Klan meeting, just don’t do it here!

  73. With a new GM (Gorton), it would seem that an inherited coach (AV) would have a smaller margin for error. A poor start will have many calling for a coaching change so the odds may be more favorable than we think.

  74. AV seems like a quality individual, but I see no effective methodology utilized here. The same on-ice mistakes over and over again with seemingly small, if any correction other than cosmetic and line variations.

  75. that’s just ignorant, Leatherneck.

    He did not have a good camp.

    and I like the kid. I would play him in the top six ahead of Clendening, probably ahead of Girardi if his game doesn’t pick up considerably. But go ahead on your misinformed rants.

  76. Mac-Girardi would be a disaster. I’d request a trade if I were Mac if I had to keep playing with Dan!

    That being said, hopefully we see the actual d-pairs and forward lines on Monday as not buying those pairs and not all the forwards were skating

  77. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    AV is one of the more successful coaches in the league. In his 3 season with NYR he’s taken the team to one SCF and one ECF. In a strict salary cap sport, a quality coach and organizational stability is extremely important. Gorton, who was at least involved in AV’s hiring, is too smart to judge his worth based on how AV treats a borderline NHL D-man like Dylan McIlrath.

    To those who would not be unhappy to see AV go…quick: who do you hire to replace him and on what basis do you think he’ll do a better job?


  78. if he was going to be fired, it would have been in June. He’s going to have to really have a horrid start to get fired now. and that’s not likely.

    Third in Metro.

  79. You keep Macilrath for depth

    U don’t jettison “spare” depth this early. Injuries are inevitable.

    Especially if his trade value is not very high
    Now if someone were willing to overpay, I’d listen. But what would that be defined as? Not sure.

  80. Sorry Joetex. My last was directed for everybody who, obviously, is speaking for……everybody.
    Hedberg : I’ve always enjoyed your perspective on most everything.

  81. Injuries and the need for depth are important factors as well. Good point cr-egg. Seems like McD, Staal,, Girardi, Klein and McIlrath have all missed significant time due to in season injuries. Maybe the extra two are kept in anticipation of same.

    Thanks Carp for the responses, just assumed that Gorton inherited AV.

  82. What am I going to complain about now that Glass is where he belongs in HFD?

    At this moment the Rangers don’t have any players on there roster who absolutely cannot play in the NHL

    Time will tell if Girardi is total toast or can play 3rd line minutes or not. we will see how many other players do and develop. I will try to hold my judgement for at least 10 games.

    The team is very young except for the King and Girardi and Nash. They seem to have maneuvered thru this period of giving up 1st rounders and not hollowed out the tea,. Getting lucky on the Hayes and Vesey signings did not hurt. basically they got 2 first rounders for nothing.

    obviously the blue line is the biggest concern… time will tell.

  83. Carp,
    I get what you I are saying, but, can you envision any scenario in which Skjei stays and does not play?

  84. Once Gudas is out of the league I’m thinking about hiring him to deliver headshots to the NHLDPS. I figure it’s a 2 week job. 8 hours a day with options for overtime. Bonus pay if he brings Matt Cooke with him.

  85. I don’t understand why anyone would bother offering an opinion one way or the other about the very ordinary McIlrath… Oops.

  86. Gudas looked super slimy getting behind an official before he dropped his gloves. And against Kreider, not exactly known as Rocky Marciano.

  87. And Haze just doesn’t light my fire despite me politely handing him matches for two years.

  88. Agree Carp-We’ve got to hope that Skjei gets back to where he was for the playoffs in a matter of weeks and then gradually continues to improve.
    Rod- agree about AV’s abilities as a coach and certainly not rooting against him. The preseason games aren’t that helpful for measuring how good this team will be, but the PK did look aweful. Between Step, Grabner, Zibinijad, Nash and Fast, (ducks), McDonough, Klein, Holden and Staal, they should be able to kill penalties. If not, they’re going to lose a lot of games and that has to fall on AV.

  89. Carp, I’m waiting for that additional trade you told us would be coming…Gorton’s not done? Right now, it looks like waivers…

  90. I thought a trade was coming if they didn’t get Vesey, wild. And I didn’t think they would get Vesey. (Also still don’t know why Vesey would come here rather than Chicago).

  91. Stranger Nation on

    Too many goalies – trade one as part of Trouba deal. Winny needs a tender.
    McDiesel, Goalie prospect, Zucca and #2

  92. STRANGER NATION I went through that a bit, they really don’t unfortunately. They have Comrie and Hellebuyck, both highly regarded. Otherwise a Mcilrath, goalie prospect (aside from Shesterkin) and draft choice might have been a good start.

  93. If we were to trade for Trouba expect some very good young talent to go the other way. Can’t start by saying this goalie or that player is a no go as far as a trade chip.

  94. Agree Alex. Likely takes Brady and one of Miller/Buch/vesey to get Winnipeg to even listen

    Carp, better long term security with us versus Chicago and he gets to live in NYC (where many of his classmates will be) instead of Chicago.

  95. PETE, Spot on! There are tons of Ivy League graduates in NYC. Long term this is the place to be for a kid like Vesey.

    ALEX, exactly. That’s why I’m doubtful. Most I can see is 1 top prospect/or current player and a draft choice unless the trade is expanded to include a forward from Winnipeg.

  96. Trade Shestyorkin while his value is high. Ludnqvist will be here for like another 5 years at least. We have too many goalie prospects (sadly most other teams do as well)

  97. This trade is on the table (hypothetically, of course):

    Stepan/McIlrath for Trouba… who hangs up first – Jets or Rangers?

    Stepan/McIlrath for Shattenkirk … who hangs up first – Blues or Rangers?

  98. Just to toot my horn a little bit, I had shesterkin as our third best prospect at the trade deadline.

  99. Blues would take that deal, Winnipeg wouldn’t and don’t think Rangers would make either as we’d lost our top center without any replacement forthcoming (not to mention the d coming back aren’t nice doubt first pair and would be expensive to lock up)

    Carp, hey the Hawks did as well as the Rangers last year in the playoffs and the west is seen as the harder division. Add to that the Hawks could move him after his initial contract is up if they need to pay him more and it could only be 2 years of having a better chance at the cup (which I do feel the hawks have a better shot at in a vacuum, but they definitely weakened their team to account for those 2 big deals)

  100. Here we go again with who’s the 1C. :) I think Zibinijad could be 1C especially as time goes on.
    Shattenkirk’s a rental so Gorton would probably laugh and then hang up. The Winnepeg trade would be more plausible, but as Pete said a few weeks ago about another scenario, it would be robbing Pete to pay Paul. It might be easier to replace Step at the deadline than to aquire a young top pair Right Dman. No guarentees though.
    Welcome home ILB!

  101. Would love for Zibanajad to emerge has the top center, but he has yet to play a regular season game as a Ranger.

  102. He may have a higher ceiling Josh and hope he reaches it, but thus far in his career he hasn’t put up better numbers than Stepan so not ready to anoint him as such. Also don’t think either will ever be that far apart unless one of them finds a whole other level offensively

  103. Getting back to that Stepan/McIlrath trade… I wouldn’t mind seeing Lindberg getting top nine minutes if Stepan is included in ANY trade that helps the team.

  104. Winnipeg doesn’t need Stepan and wouldn’t want to add him at that cap hit, which don’t think they can even afford without sending us a good amount of salary coming back as they are a cap budget team by all accounts

  105. It’s not that everyone starts this 1c vs 2c debate, it’s the constant inability of those irrrational stepan lovers (don’t get me wrong he is a good player) who just are not willingly my to admit he is 2c in the NHL, he just isn’t a 1c.

  106. He’s certainly not as good as most contenders’ No. 1 centers. Is he one of the best 30 centers in the NHL?

    I think if you gave him “All series, baby!” As a winger he might be as good as Backstrom, for example.

  107. I liked the way THE scored the other night with no smile or uber giddiness. Shades of Mark Bavaro.

  108. The fact that Stepan’s been picked for the Olympics and the WCH says something. He’s been called a poor man’s Patrice Bergeron.
    Step’s been tied to Kreider for a couple years and maybe he works better with Vesey and Zucc or Miller. But yeah, I don’t really see him as a 1C as much as he’s been our 1C. And some of that has been due to Brassard’s defensive deficiencies.

  109. OHH-BABY – Barely played in Olympics. Look at some of the others named to World Cup and look at projections for next go around when the 23 and unders can play for their own country

  110. Carp I guess taking a stickwhack on the chin might tend to dampen one’s celebratory instincts. :)

  111. False comparison wick, don’t see anyone saying Stepan is a true elite #1 center or would ever make that argument. But it’s irrelevant to the Rangers as we haven’t had a center like that since Stepan has been here and whether it was brass or now Zib, Stepan is a very comparable player to either. I’d say he and Zib are very good two way second line centers and 1b centers if need be, with brass less good on the two way front but not that good offensively to say he is an ideal #1 either

  112. Today is Stepan bashing day!!!!
    Lindberg can take his place! Hrivek could have taken his place if given the chance. And of course, LaPierre should be on the team!
    And nobody answered my question,
    Who was the 4th line center for 1980 USA Olympic team.

  113. Fair points Carp and Josh about Step’s limited. role on Olympic team and how poorly both of those teams performed. Safe to say, that guys like Step won’t get picked if the NHL goes to the Olympics in 2018.

  114. And his cap hit isn’t terrible. You may not like it, but if anything it’s below market based on what he would have gotten if he hit unrestricted free agency

  115. Stranger Nation on

    is Zucc back yet?
    Is Nash gone yet?
    Is Glass in harford yet?
    is Trouba here yet?
    is Oscar full go yet?
    Is Girardi LITR’d yet?

  116. Mark,Johnson, Neal Broten,,and Mak Pavelich were the top 3 centers. Who was 4? Never played in the NHL.

  117. You too Carp! Been going through some stuff the last while now, but I always check in and read your write ups.

  118. Carp, Stepan was 33rd in scoring last year by centers … he missed 10 games with injury and played injured for quite a number of games (lost 10 pounds after surgery, came back early from broken ribs). His defensive games is pretty darn close to elite among centers. Is he a number 1 center? You bet … elite? No, not elite.
    Good debut by Wall: http://www.sbncollegehockey.com/hockey-east/2016/10/8/13210200/tyler-wall-shines-in-debut-as-umass-lowell-minnesota-duluth-draw-even-new-york-rangers-prospect

  119. Wick you know I love smearing Stepan love all over this blog until the smell is so great you have to breathe through your mouth! :) But even I know he isn’t a true #1 Center. Didn’t think Brassard really was one other than last season and the post seasons he played well in (don’t hurt me, SN).
    Zibanejad has all the goods to be that guy for us. In fact I was just trying to figure out if we’ve had a center with his size at some point on the top 2 lines. I know Antropov came in for a run. And there was that brief E-train disaster. His ceiling is one that I’m really looking forward to seeing

  120. James, yes brass had 27 goals last year but still didn’t even hit 60 points and was at times a hot mess defensively. So sorry don’t see how last year he showed himself to be a great #1 center. If you are going to be mediocre defensively as a top center you need to be putting up big points, like 70, 80, 90 pts. Brass has hit 60 points once in his career

  121. ORR!! What Is It Good For!!?? on

    Step had a miserable season last year. Broken ribs from a cheap hit. Had to get wisdom tooth pulled and screws from from his jaw from that Prust head shot in 2014. On top of that, he had a damn baby. Hopefully he has a healthy year this year.
    I’ve always said this aboot him. His game really suffers when he plays with bad defensive players.
    And I think Mikachu might be the #1C

  122. Pete who used the word great? He put up points like a number one center. I wasn’t exactly heart broken when he was traded if you don’t remember.

  123. I guess we are finally getting close to the season since the discussion is about 1st line centers and not 4th liners and 6/7 D.
    Call him whatever you want, but Stepan is trusted by his coach to play against first line opposition, to center 1st/2nd line, and play not PK and PP. Elite? Not even close. But a very good 2-way center.

  124. I think I had about 1,000 posts that talked about “needing a change in the dynamic” and “swirly twirly pass happy forwards”

  125. Carp, is it my imagination, or does Buchnevich have a little rat in him? I think we’ll see it more once he gets more comfortable playing here and his language is better.

  126. I didnt think Stepan had an awful year last season. but like so many, very inconsistent.

    also interesting. If they keep Zika with Kreider, Buchnevich and Vesey with Hayes, guess it means Nash-Stepan-Zuccarello by default. And IMO, whatever line has Nash is the No. 1 line, since they really don’t have any other legit first-line wingers. But Zibanejad and Kreider and Buchnevich could be their best line perhaps?

  127. ILB, Glad your travels were safe. I’ve just resided to the fact that Step is one of those guys that plenty of fans would love to have on their team while the fans of the team he plays on want him gone. He’s never going to be elite and they had to pay him according to the going rate in the league. Those are the biggest knocks on him. And if you mention any great moments he’s had or self sacrificing he’s done to be a great teammate you’re comparing him to Gretzky. Let’s see how the coveted David Backes is doing @ 35 years old when the B’s are still paying him the same 6 million a year in a couple years.

  128. They definitely have the potential to be the best line, Carp. Just like the Brass/Zucc/Pouliot line was for them a few years ago. I have no problem with Nash playing full time with Stepan if that’s the case. They have been hot/cold when paired together at times though. Same old story: Consistency. Could probably put Miller on the other side too. Zucc may look good with Hayes and Vesey as linemates.

  129. Not really a fan of line combos, but they might want Miller with Hayes to take faceoffs. (Hayes 2 of 23 faceoff wins last two preseason games). Miller took some draws while playing with Zibanejad, too.

  130. He better keep eating cheese until he’s at least 180lbs before he tries to rat it up…

  131. St. Pete- Mark Pavelich: “the Ice Shark”
    Was that because he loved ice fishing? Routsaleinen? Espo? Chadwick? No idea actually.

  132. Agreed. I guess what I’m saying is that this is a pretty versatile lineup without many givens whereas in years past you knew you’d get Brass with Nash and/or Zucc etc. Hayes may wind up playing wing again this season. Still not going to know too much for a while.

  133. Good to see that Ratelle will presumably be honored at MSG some time in the not too distant future. Overdue.

  134. Stranger Nation on

    33rd in scoring, 18th in Cap hit amongst centers; don’t want to hear about injuries, he is getting paid either way. Making more than his production. Not the only one on the team or the league, but those are facts.
    Reality: the NYR not going to get a top center (top 5 pick) so need three solid B/B+ centers which they had with Step/Brass/Bucky and thought they had with Haze stepping in thought that is highly in doubt now.
    much bigger issue is the dynamic duo os playoffs past who are making WAY above their cap hits and are both shot.

  135. So how long until Radko Gudas ends someone’s career? Mark Savard type of a player who could make this game more attractive had he played longer. NHL is so asking for it.

  136. James, didn’t mean to put words in your mouth, just think it’s funny to say that Brass was putting up points like a 1st line center last year (58 pts in 80 games, good for .73 ppg), but Stepan was not (53 pts in 72 games, good for .74 ppg). Not to mention with Brass playing with Zuc all year and stepan having to play with guys like fast far too often. Don’t you think Stepan puts up at least 5 more points and Brass puts up less points if Zuc was with Stepan the entire season? It’s only the last two season where Brass has been able to put up a few more points in a season that Stepan has, but neither likely ever will be top offensive centers

  137. Stranger Nation on

    James G – like those pivots if Boo can handle the defensive responsibilities. I know AV ‘loves’ his skating, but can Boo mark a top 6 NHL center. Oscar is under-rated IMHO (and Haze is over-rated as a pivot). Like him at 3C with Haze/VC

  138. Stranger, i’ll readily admit Step had a bad start offensively (injuries didn’t help that, but everyone has to deal with so can’t get a free pass), but thought he turned it on around the all-star game if not slightly before and his second half numbers show that. I am still looking for more from him offensively and think he can get there if he has consistent linemates who also perform up to their abilities, which should be the case if he gets a full season with a productive Nash and Zuc.

    But it’s tough to say he performed below his contract by pointing to guys who entered into contracts in past years who put up more/similar points and got paid less because the market raises each year so those same guys would have been paid more if they had entered into deals the same year Stepan did and some of those guys (like Brass) took below market deals at that time.

  139. Part of the reason Hayes had his game suffer last year was who he played with. Who,could ever forget Piatt. Hayes will be better because his line mates will be better this year.

  140. I think NYR are good enough to finish 3rd in division behind Washington and Pitt. You just wonder if they are a move on D away from being able to challenge for the 1 or 2 spot in the Met. I think Wash finishes first again. After that, it really is up for grabs.

  141. SN, The thing is at the end of the day they’re going to realize that Jooris is just not a good PK guy. That leaves Hirvk who is a very limited player and probably nothing more than a last resort in the event of injury at this point. Boo may actually have to TRY to not win the 4C job at some point this year.

  142. Pete, I get it. And I don’t disagree about Stepan. With Stepan out of the equation though, Brass put up a career high in goals. It’s not a question of one vs. another.

  143. Great to see you, Nasty. Your point is a good one and exactly why I think Gorton will be all in on Trouba.

  144. Nasty – They did lose two of their weakest guys in their own zone (Boyle/Yandle). Rome wasn’t built in a day but I’m pretty sure they will buy out Girardi before the expansion draft. Every team has dead money on the books.

  145. Would you trade Miller, Skjei (or Graves) and a number 1 for Trouba who can play first pair for close to a decade. Remember back in the day the Rangers traded a ton for Barry Beck. DeBlois, Hickey, McEwen went the other way

  146. League just inching closer to another Bertuzzi incident. No one cares unless it’s Kane or Crosby getting hit

  147. As good as he’s looked in preseason, I’d be ok with throwing Pirri into a deal. He’s fool’s gold and will eventually disappoint. I hope I’m wrong if we keep him.
    Agree that Jooris is not a solution. Basing that in what I’ve read, not a preseason game coming off a groin pull.. When he eventually gets down, he’ll have to clear waivers and apparently could end up in Switzerland.
    Pulling for Nieves to earn the 4C spot.

  148. The problem for teams looking to make a deal with the ‘peg is that they’re going to have to give up something significant. Middle of the pack guys aren’t going to seal the deal for Trouba. And if Connor Hellebuyck proves to be NHL ready a goalie prospect isn’t going to do it either.

  149. As I said last night to get Winnipeg to even consider a Rangers offer it’s going to have to start with Brady and one of Miller/Buch/Vesey and I am honestly not sure they will see Brady (and Graves less so) as ready to step in to their top 4 defensively, so may not be a fit even if we threw in a draft pick (1st would be silly for the Rangers to even consider. And it’s possible they don’t rate any of those three forwards that highly based on their needs. Im not eager to trade Brady but would have to consider a straight up trade for Trouba (which Winnpeg wouldn’t see as enough), but don’t think I am ready to part with any of the three forwards I mentioned in addition and certainly not going to give up another 1st round pick. Think they have to get by with what is currently on the roster this season for the most part and see if any bargains pop up this year or in the offseason

    Gotcha James. Hope Step can hit 25 goals or so and Zib can get there or beyond this year as well. I think the guy who has the most to prove this year at center is Hayes as Lindberg is already a better pure centerman and not a sure thing Rangers will resign or even protect him in the expansion draft if he doesn’t show some real improvement across the board. I’d love to see Boo and Oscar on the 4th line together at some point this season and again won’t be surprised if at some point it is Oscar at third line center and Boo as 4th line center (with Hayes likely scratched or down on the 4th line) or maybe Miller becomes the 3rd line center

  150. OHH BABY I heard an interview once and I can’t remember where or when. But the player being interviewed said because he was so short he just seemed to pop up all over the place like an Ice Shark, something like that anyway.

  151. I like Lindberg, but you guys are overrating him at this point. Hayes is better than Lindberg. Maybe Lindberg passes him, but I don’t see as big an upside with Lindberg, as there is with Hayes. Nieves has played one pre season game. I liked what I saw, but again, getting ahead of yourselves with him.

  152. Pete, Other than Staal, Stepan may be one of the guys to benefit most from an early off season where he didn’t have to heal before training for a change (or work out a contract). I expect a better season from him and I expect Zibanejad to flourish as well. Have a feeling we’ll see Hayes on the wing with Oscar at center.

  153. BDL, it’s just chit chat at this point. Hayes needs to figure out a way to win faceoffs this season. I don’t remember but I think Oscar wasn’t much better at the dot.

  154. You have to remember with Lindberg, last year down the stretch, AV benched him in favor of Tanner Glass. Not sure AV is as big a fan of his as you guys.

  155. As a fan I hope Hayes blows everyone away this year. As a realist I know even if he has a come back season, faceoffs are going to be a real problem at times for this team. Hayes hasn’t looked too hot in the dot. Hoping Oscar is better but Don’t really care if it’s him, Jooris or whoever as long as they have guys that can perform as is needed

  156. I think MikaZ will eventually be the better center offensively … and his defensive game looks sound . I wouldn’t be surprised if Mika becomes the 1C, but right now he hasn’t consistently put up numbers or played defensive as well as Step.

    Re: Troubador, I think McWrath might have some trade value with the Peg, more so than with other teams. He’s from there and he would be quite content slotting in behind Myers and Buff as the 3rd pairing righty. So, depending on what they view as their BIG need (they wanted Trouba to play the left side, he doesn’t), you’re looking at a minimum of Skjei or a forward like Miller perhaps. Then throw in say a 2nd rounder, you might get a deal done — depending of course what other teams are offering. My point though, McWrath would have more value in this scenario than trying to move him anywhere else. That’s as far as I would go, 1 TOP prospect, Mcwrath and a draft choice … 2 Top prospects, well sorry Vesey and/or Buch to me are untouchable right now. We always have to be careful with filling one need and exposing another. Every time we trade for a savior, we always get a little less than what we thought and end up creating a new problem (think Nash trade and the loss of quality depth) .

  157. Plus BDL, I’m not so sure Lindberg wasn’t hurting and or playing with the adverse effects of the hip injury

  158. I would not trade Miller,,Vesey or Buchnevich. If I had to trade a forward for Troubadour, it would be Zucc. If they don’t want him, move on.

  159. BDL, I meant Lindberg is better from a faceoff/defensive standpoint than Hayes, not better offensively yet. Though Oscar didn’t seem out of place when playing with decent offensive players

    Hope you are right James re Step and Zib!

  160. Laine, Wheeler, Stafford down the right side, BDL. Don’t really see where Zucc fits on that team but I agree with you/ Miller Vesey and Buch are the closest thing to untouchable as this roster has right now along with Zibanejad

  161. All I know is that there really isn’t a defensive prospect in the Rangers system or a current dman not named McDonagh that I wouldn’t give up for Trouba. But the four forwards I mentioned above are potentially the core of this team moving forward and for the foreseeable future. Can’t give them up

  162. we're taking the armoire on

    MAn the Jets really s. V c k ….they couldn’t beat the team I hate the most in the National Felon League. ….

  163. we're taking the armoire on

    Halal Meat is a sieve just gave up a goal 5 hole in the first minute to the Craps…

  164. we're taking the armoire on

    Halak…just gave up a horrible goal 1st minute in vs Wash..I hope it’s a sign of things to come

  165. Stranger Nation on

    Shea, Haze and #2 for Tuba
    Oscar was playing hurt the second half which may have contributed to him not playing. AV playing Glass over anyone says more about AV than that player.
    Last year, Oscar; All zones, 48%; (D-zone 62%; 49% in Ozone)
    Haze; All zones -35%; Ozone 36%, Dzone 34%)

  166. we're taking the armoire on

    I would just love seeing Nash in someone else’s jersey..Jesus done nothing here of lasting value..when we’ve needed him the most he’s been awol…

  167. Hayes has a little trade value and certainly not enough to be the second piece in such a trade, not to mention we don’t have a second round pick until the 2018 draft which seemingly would be less attractive to Winnipeg also. No way Nash ever agrees to be traded to Winnipeg or that they would want to take on his contract and not sure they would even see a lot of value in him if we eat some money given he only has only 2 years left on his deal and poor showing last year

  168. Those who keep the best assets out of proposed Trouba deals simply don’t want to trade for a first pair and young defenseman. Winnipeg wants young quality not second rate guys or older guys.

  169. we're taking the armoire on

    Then for the love of God please find one of the teams that Nash agreed to go to and make a deal to get this Mr.Softee off our roster…

  170. Lol at the stepan apologists. While stepan and brassard are different players, please do not try and make it like stepan is Gretzky morphed with Toews and brassard is Christensen morphed with nedved. Neither is remotely accurate. Let’s not forget who this coach had taking “vital” D zone draws at the end of last season and in the playoffs…it wasn’t 4th liner and supposed faceoff guy moops nor was it all World pk gem and 2way standard bearer stepan…most of the time it was brassard. With the exception of most of last season, stepan always had the “better” wingers than brassard and stepan apologists always said didn’t matter centre makes his line mates better (funny now they complain brassard had better line mates last season and that’s why brassard was “better” offensively).

    Notice how the “best line” never has step as it’s centre regardless which line it is in name (I.e first section be third line). I mean it was brass pouliot zucc, last season the lines were jumbled a bit more but seems like it was brass and which ever wingers he had, now going into this season it’s z-pack kreider buchy.

    Ive said it before, stepan is a good NHL player, but overrated defencively. He is an intelligent player with a good set of offence instincts (he’s better offencively than defencively by a decent margin imho), but lacks speed, he’s not very good on draws, has a very limited physical presence, and doesn’t seem to make his line mates any better.

    Let’s take a quick comparison of brass and step for poops and laughs (now remember, I’m not biased at all and think the trade of brass for z pack was a good one)…
    Defence…edge stepan
    Speed…edge brass
    Face offs…edge brass
    Physicality…edge brassard (but not saying much, no offence to brass)
    Seems to me like they are pretty equal all things considered which brings me to one final thing…salary in a hard cap league. No way stepan is worth 1.5 mil more per season than brassard. Just because a player will make more on the open market does that mean the rangers should pay it? Isn’t that what many here complain about? Bringing in high priced free agent players? Isn’t that what stepan basically did (he might have held out, I don’t quite remember…pretty sure he signed late in a summer due to contract issues)sign a higher contract because he “could” have received more elsewhere?

    In the end, Stepan had the 17th highest cap hit for the 32nd (tie) most points among centres, while brassard had the 31st highest cap hit (tie) and 23rd most points among centres. Not only does the performance not equal the cap hit (i think his ppg in the lockout season were an aberration) but neither do the accolades stepan receives. He is not a selke candidate nor is he Gretzky, he’s a good nhl player that is not an upper echelon anything offencively or defencively and has a bit too high of a cap hit for what he is.

    Btw, any centre of a line that has zucc on it is going to have defencive issues, zucc is terrible at D.

  171. Not sure the rangers will trade Hayes anytime soon due to the vc factor. I would have traded him last season, but I think the rangers want to wait to see what they have in vc and what if any help Hayes provides to vc and his game.

    I don’t think the jets want any large salary coming back like Nash or stepan…zucc’s cap hit would be pushing it imho. Don’t think journeymen like pirri or gerbe are any more interesting to the jets than a bag of used pucks. They don’t want righty D.

    Deal probably starts with Brady (he hasn’t helped his “value” any) and then some combo of picks and young forward and/or prospect.

    Of course,this is all what might seem “logical” to a lot of us and then it will be a hall for larsson deal or Gomez for no Gomez/mcdonut deal ;)

  172. Stepan is not a selke forward or Gretzky, move on to how he is admittingly over rated. Nobody cares that you want to put him in the hall of fame on the first ballot.

  173. we're taking the armoire on

    No Nash is eminently greater than any Nash ..please Gorton find SOMEONE to take this piece of soft cheese off our hands

  174. Bdl
    Btw, apparently quite a few people care, sorry to break it to you my friend. As long as people keep over rating stepan here, others will point out how he shouldn’t be and the holes in all world stepan argument. I did not bring up the convo, just making some unbiased points about a player that he is good but not all World by any stretch.

  175. Exaggerate much Wick! :) Don’t think he is overrated at all as I rate him as a good second line center and 1b center if necessary. Please point to someone actually comparing him to Gretzky or any current elite first line center.

  176. Brassard was a very good Ranger. I still think that one of the big questions is can Zibanijad be as good as Brassard. I think the Rangers feel Zibanijad will be a better all around player than Brassard, able to match up against the bigger centers in the game. It’s his O that is worrisome.

  177. 23 goals last year and one hell of a shot that he’s willing to use, BDL. I’m not really worried about him not providing offense. 20-25 goals would be my guess this year barring some kind of injury. Right around what you could have expected from Brass who wouldn’t have put it on net as much.

  178. we're taking the armoire on

    Love to see 61 on another NHL roster. ..let them.enjoy a soft no passion post season ghost

  179. LOL wick I think the topic of those two players lost it’s luster even withOUT your typo :)

  180. Wick, readily admit i think more highly of Step than you, but even when doing so I have never said he was something he is not and haven’t seen anyone else say he is all world or gretzky, etc.

    Also will admit Brady has been disappointing thus far, thought he was farther along based on this cup of coffee at the end of last year Not ready to give up on him (and don’t think you are either) and would still rather have him out there then Girardi, offside or not.

  181. If we’re going trade Nash, do it when he’s overachieving which i believe he will do this season. Not now, when his value is down.
    Nash’s playing in the All Star game this year.
    Book it.

  182. Pete
    I think skjel is going to be a good NHL player. I’d rather see him than staal on the left right now. I also think he is better player than Girardi right now, but don’t think he’d be better on the right at this stage in his career if that makes sense.

    As far as stepan…I clearly exaggerated, but only because you read some of these posts about people that like him and you’d think he won 4 selke trophys in a row or was the second coming of Gretzky.

  183. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    Q: Which team finished 29th in the NHL in fighting majors during last year’s regular season?
    A: Pittsbugh Penguins

    Please tell me again why AV’s (and Gorton’s) decision whether to keep McIlrath, where to slot him, and how often to play him is:
    a. one of the more important decisions facing the NYR?
    b. a key in determining whether AV should remain the coach (if they struggle early)?

  184. C3 because if Carp doesn’t break the news by 730am I’m going to call Lohud yelling. : D

  185. I remember when Staal and Girardi were going to be good and Malik and Rozsival stunk…Then Staal and Girardi were good and Wade Redden and Bryan McCabe stunk…Now Staal and Girardi stink and Brady and Mcilrath are going to be good.

  186. So do they keep jerry Reese around for another year so he can spend another 240 million for an offensive line?

  187. BREAKING NEWS ABOUT THE BLOG……just kidding. Radko Gudas has a hearing with the NHL Department of Avoiding Punishment For All Head Shots (NHLDOAPFAHS).

  188. It wouldn’t be this place without Stepan getting bashed. A late second round homegrown pick whose performance has exceeded his draft position would normally be a player most fans would pull for. Never ceases to amaze me how easily replaceable some think he is. No one has ever claimed he’s an elite 1C. Don’t know where that talk comes from.

  189. You know who Step reminds me of? Wayne Gretzky.

    There. Somebody finally said it. Wicky was right all along.

  190. Rob in Beantown on

    Top of the Muffin, TO YOU!! I was led to believe there would be blog news. Well, Carp?

  191. In record time Olga!
    Lmao Booby. The Garden is Opie’s house. We shall now refer to MSG as “Mayberry”

  192. Maybe the new posts will be at the top of thread. These old ones with 300+ messages are a bear to scroll on the phone

  193. CR-EGG, there is a little trick you might not be aware of if you’re on mobile. When you want to refresh, click the time stamp of the latest post and then refresh. It will bring you right back to the comment you clicked on and the newer comments will be below. Scrolling through all the posts each time you refresh is brutal.

  194. Good morning all! I don’t know about you guys, but the wait for this news is making me very very thirsty.

  195. Yak traded for an ECHL player and a 3rd round pick?
    Makes you wonder if the Rangers even made an offer?

  196. Other than a mumps outbreak, Nail Yakupov is probably the last thing the Rangers need.

    Pretend you’re in your backyard being chased by a swarm of bees. That’s what Yak looks like on the ice.

  197. If your young career in a foreign country began in Edmonton, you’d be playing like you’re running from bees too.

  198. You Canadians and your wacky October thanksgivings. Enjoy Wicky! Make sure to remember to be thankful for Stepan :)

  199. Thanks!

    Always good to be thankful for good Nhl 2nd liners.

    On an interesting note, rumour out there that a 3 way deal with the ducks moving fowler to jets, jets moving trouba to team “x”, team “x” moving something to ducks…now what do we have that the ducks want?! ;)

  200. God I can’t wait to hear what Gudas gets. Good thing the DPS has been enabling him and essentially letting him know to “keep doing what you’re doing!”

    Sioux – Don’t worry, when Yakupov flames out with the Blues, and probably another team afterwards, we’ll grab him for $800k and resurrect that career. It’s what we do.

  201. Wicky, I think to make that trade happen, we need to be prepared to trade BOTH Girardi AND Staal. If that happens, we’ll have nobody left that’s good in the locker room, and we’ll need to bring back Glass. Not worth it.

  202. Did I miss the blog announcement or did I just fall victim to Carp’s click-bait headline all weekend?

  203. “If your young career in a foreign country began in Edmonton, you’d be playing like you’re running from bees too.”

    Leon Draisaitl disagrees with you. Yak plays the way he does because he possesses very little hockey sense. Million dollar talent. Two dollar head.

  204. Depending on the criteria you use, I guess you could say they haven’t had a true 1C since Messier.

  205. Stranger Nation on

    Ducks need LWs, we have Nash and he would look good next to Baldy and Psycho, I mean, Getslaughs and Adm Perry.
    Big Blog News? Avery coming back??

  206. Hayes – Starting his 3rd NHL Season; age : 24; Height 6′ 5″; Weight : 220 .. he gets most or all of this year to continue his development.. Please show us something more ASAP !! If he decides to use his size properly and adds some ire to his game, this kid could be something pretty special.. He seems kind of “too content” so far .. It is a good sign that he came into camp down some weight. Hopefully Vesey’s presence motivates Haze too … If somebody offers up too much, he could go.
    Step – solid player… Great defensively ??? Huh? ; over-paid for a once to 20G guy.. Keeper all the way though
    Brady – Utilize his ‘Waiver exempt” status for now … he needs mucho minutes at Hartford at even strength, on the PP and on the PK.. He can come back up when he shines brightly there… 5 solid/impressive games last post season and $1.00 gets you a small coffee at Quick Chek
    play Holden at FT minutes and alternate/try-out Dylan and Clendening.
    Carefully monitor G-man and others play early…
    This team will need 20-40 games, most likely, to hit their stride.. Hoping Vesey and Buch spark some offense …
    Mika Z. has already shown he is probably the most complete player on the team.
    Nash – expecting bounce back year
    AV played Tanner last year because Oscar L. was hurt .. it was not a benching …. they didn’t mention the injury situation right away.

  207. Oh so you’re saying one good year is enough of a sample for Draisaitl.
    Let’s see if Draisaitl can keep up with his own stats.

  208. 2005-06 Centers: Michael Nylander, Ryan Hollweg, Dominic Moore and Blair Betts. That team might not have even had a 2C, let alone a 1C.

  209. Stranger Nation on

    2005-06 Centers: Michael Nylander was a 1C
    81games 23-56-79 +31
    56 assists!; Step high for total pts is 57

  210. Somewhere in the world right now, Michael Nylander is skating around the o-zone about to complete a shootout attempt from 2006. Dude took forever to get his shot off and it often worked.

  211. Ooh Baby – You forgot Steve Rucchin. Or did you…?

    Nylander was an absolute STUD with us, btw. It was probably the first time in his career he was given a chance to put it all together for a full season.

  212. Looks like Larry Brooks is stealing his material from Elliotte Friedman today and not Carp, but he actually gives Friedman credit in the last graph. Maybe his next column will say, “this entire format has been presented to you by Rick Carpiniello, and I stoled it from him.”

  213. I’d agree with that that Gravy and messier first time around.
    Maybe the ducks want Nash at half price?!

  214. Steve Rucchin! Good call Dave. JJP- I forgot Straka played center. Yep we were stacked down the middle.

  215. Nylander put up 1C numbers because Jagr was otherworldly for two years (including the franchise record for goals in 05-06). I think he would go behind the net, leave the puck for Jagr and let him figure it out. If he had Stepan’s linemates, he’d be a 60 point player.

    But agreed, he was closest to a 1C for two seasons since Messier’s first go round.

  216. Ducks would probably want Kreider. And that would make sense…being that it actually looks like he might put it all together this year.

    For Trouba? It might go:

    To Ducks: Miller, Rangers R2
    To Jets: Fowler, McIlrath
    To Rangers: Trouba

    Jets get their left-shot dman of Trouba’s caliber (or so they think…don’t get me started on Cam Fowler) and a right-shot that will do wonders for their 3rd pair. Ducks clear out their logjam at D, get a gritty scoring winger who could actually see time on the top line, and a good asset pick. Rangers get their partner for McDonagh without giving up a R1.

  217. Yeah, you’re probably right. He’s been skating for a while but they probably want him to play some games first.

  218. Simeon Symonds on

    The breathtaking blog news is that Carp is leaving us to open a florist business in Newark,and Sam, who has given up on golf as a way of networking with shoe shine boys, is coming back to us as our host with direct ties to Gary Bettman’s NBA offices.

  219. Doodie Machetto on

    Everyone forgets that Gomez had 70 points and was almost a point per game in the playoffs in his first year in NY. Worth the contract? Not even remotely. But those are really good numbers- numbers we haven’t had from the center position since. Brassard has come closest.

    For comparison’s sake, 70 points would have tied him with Tavares and Backstrom last season for 7th in scoring among centers. However, in the year it actually happened, Gomez ranked 20th.

  220. Doodie Machetto on

    As someone who has been on board from day 1, let me say that I really liked Sam, but this blog has been exponentially better under Carp’s stewardship.

  221. Carp can’t be reached right now – he’s giving his wife the MSG 150. Last nooner of the offseason

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    Some really good names starting to go on waivers. I would have been happy if we had picked up Shea Theodore just so we could pare him with Brady Skjei.

    Today, Klas Dahlback and Teemu Pulkkinen are interesting that they’ve been waived. I thought they were bigger parts of their teams’ respective futures.

  223. Doodie Machetto on

    Believe it or not, Carp isn’t at home. Please leave a message at the beep. I must be out or I’d pick up the phone. Where could I be? Believe it or not, I’m not home!

  224. Carp is cruising down Prospect Parkway on a stolen Islanders zamboni, hoping to promote LoHud and the NHL opener. He hopes to make it to all five boroughs today, if he can find enough carpet change for the Verrazano toll

  225. Dave, think the ducks would need at least another quality piece coming back from us or Winnipeg and remember that can only be a 2018 Rangers second rounder so less appetizing

  226. Doodie
    I agree re waiver wire. I always thought this time of year was a good time to have a couple available contract slots just in case there was a player or two worth taking a chance on.

  227. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, that Shea Theodore cleared waivers makes me think Mcllrath would clear, too. Sure he’s got size that Theodore doesn’t and also is a coveted right handed defenseman (Theodore is left), but Theodore is a couple of years younger and looked pretty damn good for the Ducks last season.

  228. You’re right Pete. I thought the Ottawa R2 that came over with Zika was a 2017, but it’s ’18.

    I don’t think Winnipeg would be looking to jettison anything in addition to Trouba, so it would probably be a bit more coming from us. Skjei instead of McIlrath, or we’d probably have to pony up an R1 instead of the 2018 R2.

    Doodie is right…lots of interesting guys on waivers. Zak Dalpe, Pulkinen, Tom Tostitos (jk), Anton Lander. Duncan Siemens. I’d grab just about any good prospect coming out of the Detroit system, honestly.

  229. Don’t thin Anaheim would really want Brady so probably our first unfortunately. Not too eager to do that on my end and wouldn’t include Dylan as part of that package

  230. That doesn’t make ANY sense that Shea Theodore cleared waivers. I would’ve claimed him and taken the chance that Holden and Clendening wouldn’t clear.

  231. Dave I’m thinking Winnipeg wants Skjei and a 1’st round pick to get the deal done.
    You wonder what Gorton has offered? When they report that the Rangers don’t have the assests to get the deal done?
    The kid has skills, just not sure about the Rangers cap space if they can’t sign him to a contract. They would need more money to go Winnipeg’s way.

  232. I’m surprised as well that he cleared. I wonder if the rangers would try to claim Gregory Campbell? Not saying I would do it (I probably wouldn’t), but he used to be a very good faceoff guy, not sure about his game the last couple of seasons. I just wonder how happy the organization is with its current 4th line centre options. I’d give it to boo and let him grow in the role.

  233. Where you read Theodore on waivers and cleared. I haven’t seen one thing on general fanager and didn’t see in the last few days his name anywhere.

  234. Doodie Machetto on

    Reading the tea leaves a little bit, I’m guessing Skjei is sent to Hartford in order to not have to waive anyone.

  235. Doodie Machetto on

    My mistake, I don’t know what I was thinking earlier. He’s not waiver eligible. I actually had this literal discussion with someone else last week. I don’t know where my head is.

  236. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    Glad there’s a consensus here on McIlrath. Some think he’s so valuable that AV’s judgment is questioned for not playing him more; others think he could be a key piece in getting Trouba from Winnipeg. Some think he’d clear waivers.

  237. Doodie,
    More likely they would waive Clendenning, instead is sendeing Skjei down. I don’t know how they paired today, but Crygalis of the post seems to feel Skjei, and McIlrath are 5, 6.

  238. The thing is, the guys on waivers are more likely to be Glass and Gerbe than something’s useful.

  239. Skjei will go to Hartford, he’s hasn’t played THAT GOOD to lose an asset to waivers, unless he’s in a deal can get Trouba.
    That would be a HUGE win for Gorton if he can swing that deal.

  240. Doodie Machetto on

    BDL, I hope that’s true, but I doubt Holden is not in the starting 6. And given the practice pairings, and the PP practice today (where Clendening manned the point on the 2nd unit), I tend to think Skjei and Mac are the extras.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s amazing how many articles are written about what Friedman publishes in 30 thoughts where the whole article is based upon what Friedman published. That’s the single most important column in hockey, an absolute must-read every week.

  242. I am little late catching up on all things Blog and hockey, but from what i have read Shea Theodore wasn’t waived by Anaheim. The Ducks merely assigned him to their AHL team.
    Surprised at a couple of the big names that were placed on waivers: Pavelec in Winnipeg and the Fishsticks with Parenteau. So-so goalies always clear waivers, but I could see someone claiming Pavelec if they have cap space (Arizona or Buffalo come to mind).

  243. $3.9M is alot for a back up Goalie. He pretty much lost his starting role to both kids in Winnipeg.

  244. Doodie Machetto on

    He sucks. End of story. If any goaltender is being picked up on waivers it will be Condon. I suspect San Jose may make the move.

  245. New chair?! Finally! I couldn’t bare the stale fart smell from the old one anymore! This news is way better than supposed blog news!

  246. San Jose promoted Dell to the Backup Goalie. They needed some Fighting Sioux Championship Tradition on their team :)

  247. Doodie Machetto on

    Stale smell? It’s a present bouquet.

    Sioux, that’s precisely why I think San Jose is in on Condon.

  248. Rob in Beantown on

    Anybody else reloading more than usual waiting for blog news?
    Refresh refresh refresh

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