Rangers trim roster, including Hrivik and Jensen; preseason finale looms as last shot for some


The Rangers got closer to their opening-night roster Wednesday when they announced the assignment of nine players to Hartford of the AHL.

The Rangers first had to put forwards Marek Hrivik and Nicklas Jensen on waivers – they can be claimed until noon Thursday. Defensemen Mat Bodie and Chris Summers cleared waivers Wednesday and were assigned to Hartford, along with John Gilmour, Ryan Graves, and forwards Robin Kovacs, Malte Stromwall, and goalie Mackenzie Skapski.

The team also confirmed that forward Max Lapierre was released from his tryout on Tuesday.

That leaves the Rangers with 18 forwards —  including injured Oscar Lindberg, Josh Jooris, Boo Nieves and Gabriel Fontaine – plus eight defensemen and three goalies. Jooris and Nieves could play Thursday’s preseason finale against Philadelphia at the Garden.

Lindberg, who hopes to return from hip surgery in November, would start the season on injured reserve.

Goalie Magnus Hellberg will be assigned to Hartford following Thursday’s game.

The Rangers are expected to go into the season with 13 forwards, seven defensemen and two goalies, which would be one player short of the maximum 23-man roster due to salary-cap implications.

Of the eight defensemen, Brady Skjei, Dylan McIlrath and Adam Clendening are battling for the sixth and seventh spots.

Skjei, who was up and down last season, but impressed in the brief playoff loss to Pittsburgh, is the most interesting case since he was seen as a lock to make the team but had a difficult training camp and preseason.

“I haven’t honestly seen him play with the same speed and decision-making that I saw him playing last year,” Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said. “Obviously we’re early in the season. Guys are trying to – everybody’s trying to find their rhythm, young players and older players. Brady is, without a doubt, a skilled young defensemen that we have a lot of confidence in. But like some veteran players he needs to do a little bit more here and hopefully it will start next game.”

It would appear that Tanner Glass and Nathan Gerbe are dueling for the final forward spot, assuming the Rangers go with 13, though either could play on a fourth line on opening night at the expense of Brandon Pirri or Pavel Buchnevich. It remains possible that Buchnevich starts the season in Hartford, though.

All of those bubble players are expected to play Thursday, and the Rangers will have a week before their opener against the Islanders Oct. 13 at the Garden.

The remaining roster:

Forwards (18): Pavel Buchnevich, Jesper Fast, Gabriel Fontaine, Nathan Gerbe, Tanner Glass, Michael Grabner, Kevin Hayes, Josh Jooris, Chris Kreider, Oscar Lindberg, J.T. Miller, Rick Nash, Cristoval Nieves, Brandon Pirri, Derek Stepan, Jimmy Vesey, Mika Zibanejad, Mats Zuccarello

Defensemen (8): Adam Clendening, Dan Girardi, Nick Holden, Kevin Klein, Ryan McDonagh, Dylan McIlrath, Brady Skjei, Marc Staal

Goaltenders (3): Magnus Hellberg, Henrik Lundqvist, Antti Raanta

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Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images.



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  1. Man some of you are ridiculous. When you want to hate on a player none of their contributions matter. They’re just terrible no matter what because you said so. It’s like talking to a kindergarten class sometimes.

  2. Prust, with one predatory premeditated hit, managed to take himself from a forever fan favorite and put himself into the top tier of NY Pantheon of Dootchbags along with the once revered and respected Tikki Barber. Sad.

  3. His (and DMoops’) value decreased when we brought in V-easy to take over the crosswords.

  4. Carp, I thought they could easily afford to carry 23 on the roster given the low cost of signings like McIlrath, Gerbe, Pirri and Clendening … ELS contracts for Skjei, Buch and Vesey.

    Just send Nieves to Hartford (I mean if he isn’t injured, why bother playing him in the last game — can a rookie make a team just playing 1 game in the pre-season with AV as his coach?). Keep Jooris because someone might grab him, but I don’t know … again, is he going to get fairly judged on the basis of 1 pre-season game after coming off a groin injury? maybe he should be held out of the game as well.

  5. The Tiki Barber thing bothers me. I understand it but it bother me. My family used to go to Giants trying camp every year at Albany. After practice, Tiki would start at the bottom of the hill and sign for everybody. I noticed he never really picked his head, so I said to my son, make sure you thank Mr Barber. My son did as instructed, and upmcame Tikis head with a big smile and a you are welcome. Needless to say because of this, we have at least a half dozen Tiki Barber autographs.

  6. I wish I could spend 1 minute as AV just to comprehend what he sees in Glass. I’ll readily admit, he does look a little better (quicker) this year based on the pre-season, but if I’m the GM I’m sending him down and taking the risk he gets picked up off of waivers.

  7. At this point, I’m sure they would be relieved (also of 1.5 mil) if someone would claim him, but it won’t happen.

  8. The wrath is amazing. Fascinating and amazing. Believe me, the Wrath is amazing. He’s huge and tremendous. Trust me.

  9. Used to be that unless you were a superstar, if you didn’t finish checks, you sat until you decided to do it. With Glass gone, we have JT. One check finisher. (Kreider when it suits him)

  10. Hillary: Ranger Management is a vast right wing conspiracy to keep long eyelashed figure skaters out of the lineup.

  11. When I walk into these huge arenas filled with amazing tremendous people, totally amazing, I’m often asked why my face and hair are orange. Three words: Flyer Fan

  12. cooscoos, it’s ALT-right conspiracy program. Get with the program, you’re like 2 decades behind.

  13. lol coos… yeah i can bounce check better than most that’s for sure!

    btw, mama said that it’s your turn to do the laundry.

  14. Instead of just doing the laundry, I think I’ll jump in with it myself and save time from another shower.

  15. Korrect A. Mundo on

    It’s really touching, that Tiki Barber story. Did he give you autographs after he sold out his franchise’s future dual Super Bowl winner on national TV as well? How about after he left his wife–7 months pregnant at the time–for his personal assistant? Did he give autographs then?

  16. Tikki is the one and only former Giant to return to Giant Stadium and get booed. Quite an accomplishment.

  17. it’s a little more complicated than being able to fit 23 players under the cap, CJS. they can do it, but there’s an accumulating cap number for each day you are under. i think ilb explained it a fewvdays ago.

    politics on a hockey blog. the definition of nitwitia.

  18. Tiki Barber is someone I give a pass to because of interactions with him as well, BDL. Class act to my father as well as myself when I was ill as a kid

  19. Carp, I have a thorough understanding of the cap system. That doesn’t change the fact that they can easily, at the start of the year, fit 23 guys …. and given the issues surrounding our additional depth both at forward and defense, it behooves the organization to take advantage of that early in the season when we have a number of “decent” depth guys that would have to clear waivers. This year, more than any other recent year that I can remember, it makes sense to “buy some time”, it might mean an extra trade chip — I don’t lightly dismiss the possibility of getting a 5th, 6th or 7th rounder perhaps for someone that might otherwise get claimed on waivers for nothing at the end of training camp.

    PS: Just say NO to politics, on a sports blog.

    boxcareddiehospodar: Fast is a damn good depth player, one of the best defensive forwards we have. He may never be a 20 goal scorer, but neither was Jan Erixon. There should always be a place on an NHL roster for guy like Fast.

  20. CJS, then you understand it better than I do. But the people in the front office who are paid to understand the cap think it could be a problem to keep 23. That’s what I’m going on. Me? I lose interest in these matters very easily :)

    I also know that AV doesn’t like having three extra players around, and the only reason they did it last year, demoting Glass at the same time, was so McIlrath and Lindberg weren’t faced with waivers.

  21. Personally I think anyone that votes for either one of those two should have their head examined…but yes NO POLITICS!!!

    When people stop talking about 2nd line forwards and 2nd or 3rd pair young D men like they are Gretzky or Orr and never do anything wrong, then some might go a little easier on them. ;)

    Opie the victim needs to learn to keep his elbows and stick up.

  22. Carp, point taken … just seems we have never been less cap strapped than this year, carrying a 650k guy for a couple of weeks isn’t going to make much of a difference. AV will be AV, so I guess there’s no use fretting about it. ;)

  23. Bobby Valentine on

    Dont know who was more painful, the home plate ump missing pitches or the color guy talking nonsense.

  24. So typical and predictable, Rangers always do this:

    1. too lazy to trade a player like Jensen for a pick so they waive him

    2. waive the guy they should have kept (Hrivik)

    3. keep the players they should have waived (Glass, Gerbe)

    This organization never learns always makes same mistakes.

  25. I mean the only draft pick of value we have this year is our 1st rounder, so we shouldn’t be making any moves at the deadline besides moving nash if there is a good offer, so i don’t want them worrying about saving cap space for the deadline!

  26. “I mean the only draft pick of value we have this year is our 1st rounder, so we shouldn’t be making any moves at the deadline besides moving nash if there is a good offer, so i don’t want them worrying about saving cap space for the deadline!”

    you know they will do the opposite and trade picks/prospects for some rentals while not trading away any of our veterans. It is same story every year with this organization, they just can’t break away from this infinite loop.

  27. Pablo, as long as they have Hank in net they’ll keep on doing it. At least Gorton DIDN’T trade our 1st rounder last year, at least we have that. I think Hrvik will sneak through, Jensen I’m not so sure.

  28. it doesn’t matter if Hrivik will sneak through, the point is he was clearly better than some of the players still with the team, and it likely means they are keeping the tiny Gerbel and it means they don’t think too much of him that they dump him.

    Gorton traded away a high level prospect and 2 2nd rounders for garbage rental. That is pretty much equivalent or even more than a late 1st round pick.

  29. Call me crazy, but the glimpses that we get of these preseason games with mixed rosters of NHL, AHL and some junior players means a lot less than even the few games, (particularly playoff games) a guy like SkjeI played in. The fact that he doesn’t have to clear waivers will factor into the decision.
    I hope we get to see Jooris vs. Philly.

  30. Hrivek was waived because he stinks. Simple as that. Your imagination as to what kind of player you think he is, is pretty funny.

  31. Waiver status is going to play into the last round of cuts because these will be the guys who are fringe guys on our team but could easily crack the bottom 6 or bottom pair D on many other NHL rosters.
    That being said i’d be surprised if both Hrivik and Jensen get through unscathed.

    I’m thinking Skjei, Hellberg, Jooris, Gerbe, Glass, Nieves & Fontaine go down. Clendening will stay because of his power play skills and McIlrath will be #7 for the start of the season

  32. On Glass – If you thought this team was soft with him on the bench, just look at how incredibly soft and weak they would be without. Just looking up and own the roster, this team is stay puft marshmallow soft, it’s sad.

    Their best player, Kreider, is the their toughest. The rest of their forwards, Zucc, Step, Nash, Hayes, VC, Fast, Gerbe, Pirri, do not throw bodychecks or are just to young to handle themselves in a physical confrontation.

    Miller gives it the ol college try, I’ll give him that and respect that about him, but he’s no tough guy.

    On defense, whatever. Girardi is a shell of his former self and Staal, they’re not hitting anyone, nor would they confront anyone in a physical battle. I can’t remember the last time I saw either get in anyone’s face.

    So unless their PP scores at a 33% clip this year, to deter other teams from taking liberties with them, I’m certainly concerned with this team.

    So yeah, this team still needs Glass. And if McIilrath doesn’t go after that POS Gudas tonight, I won’t be happy. FLyers probably won;t dress him.

  33. Although this Fontaine kid is listed as a good 2-way center with developing offensive instincts – he’d be the better place holder for Lindberg as he could be sent down before 10 games and avoid waivers.
    I’ve not read a single word on him this pre-season yet. Carp, any take on the kid?

  34. OK, so after doing some more reading it comes down to:
    Gerbe v Glass for #13F
    Skjei v Clendening v McIlrath for 6 & 7D

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Vogs – don’t worry, according to the stats guys, the NHL is now a two-hand touch Tuesday Night Men’s League with no hitting and the focus on outlet passes (s)
    our D very, very soft without McDiesel

  36. I am just trying to figure out when Hrivik and Jensen became Toews and Kane. It is possible that there were no deals for them because GMs realize why give up a pick for a player that is going to be available on waivers anyway.
    Guys like Hrivik and Jensen are nice to have in the organization because they can probably come up from the AHL and give you a veteran presence at the NHL level. The problem is that the more they play, the more their shortcomings are exposed.
    I have to confess that I liked Jensen during his draft year, but in what limited viewings I have had he really didn’t do anything that made me think we HAD to keep him.
    What concerns me about Glass making the team is that having an almost $1.5 million cap hit sitting on the bench does not make salary cap sense;therefore, AV (and by extension Gorton) are going to give Glass regular ice time. The best case scenario would be to have Glass at half his salary and sitting around to play in games against teams likes the Flyers and Isles. No, he isn’t going to stop a goof like Gudas but he can retaliate and if he gets suspended fot it – so be it.

  37. Here is my opening night lineup.
    Miller, Stepan, Zucc
    Kreider, Zika, Buchnevich
    Vesey, Hayes, Nash
    Grabner, Pirri, Fast.
    They will keep both Gerbe and Glass as spares.
    McD, Clendenning
    Holden, Klein
    Staal, Girardi. McIlrath is the spare, Skjei sent down.

  38. I’d rather have glass than fast. I’m curious to see both line ups for tonight…waivers will have an effect on final cut decisions just like last season…z pack is our #1C and grabner will be on the 4th line and Brady just isn’t that good reason guy now…those are the only things I’m sure of.

  39. They should definitely put Hayes-MZA-THE together. It may not be a good combo, but they could call it the Pass Pass Gas line.

  40. Agree with BDL’s C-LW combos. Would put Nash with 1C, MZA with Zika (pass for one timers all series baby), and Buch with Hayes.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    Nash on 3rd line and Clendening on 1st pair? Lord hear our prayer…
    At least now we got something back for Hagelin…Anton Stralman Redux? 6th time a charm??
    Clendening Pro Travel History
    – 2011 NHL Entry Draft; selected 36th overall by the Chicago Blackhawks
    – 1/29/2015, the Blackhawks traded Clendening to Vancouver for Gustav Forsling
    – 7/28/2015, Clendening, (with Bonino and 2nd-rounder) traded from Canucks to Pittsburgh for Sutter and 3rd-rounder.
    – 1/16/2016. Included in a trade, alongside David Perron to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Carl Hagelin
    – 1/27/2016; Claimed by the Edmonton Oilers after being put on waivers by Ducks
    – 7/1/2016, Clendening signed as a free agent to a one-year, two-way contract with the New York Rangers.
    Has HoF written all over it!!

  42. Trying to balance it out stranger.
    Dora’s anybody really want to see ( other than the opposition), Vesey, Hayes, and Buchnevich together? Somebody has to slide down. As far as Clendennig goes, we have seen Girardi with McD, do we need to see it again. Now Klein would be the other option with McD, but I think we all agree, Klein is better suited for 2nd pair.

  43. Klein may be better for the 2nd pair, but that doesn’t mean we should put the worst option on the 1st.

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    I watched Clendening a lot when he played at BU. I always thought he was a strong skater and showed a lot of defensive poise at the college level. I always thought he would be a decent pro if not for his size. He’s listed at 6’0, but I think they must have measured him with skates on.

  45. Ok, so you want Klein top pair.
    McD, Klein
    Staal, Girardi
    Holden, Clendenning.
    So now Clendenning is with a lesser player, as is Holden. Obviously the D situation is not good, but you have to try to balance it out the best you can. You have to protect Clendenning ( I would play McIlrath), and give him a chance to suceed.

  46. You could waive Clendenning, play Skjei, and use Holden on his off side. You would have to think if Skjei is here, he is going to play.

  47. NHL is so diluted of real talent that except for great goal-tending, it’s becoming a bore. Now, bring don Vegas!

  48. So are we assuming that McIlrath has a spot in the lineup based on his omission from tonight’s lineup or do we assume he gets sent back and the 3 tonight fight for the final 2 spots?

  49. Are we still arguing about our #6/7 defensemen and #12/13 forwards? You know, the guys who will have the least impact on the total season outcome……

  50. I would like to see this opening night lineup.
    Miller, Stepan, Zucc
    Kreider, Zika, Buchnevich
    Vesey, Hayes, Nash
    Grabner, Pirri, Fast.
    Keep Gerbe as 13th F.
    McD, McIlrath
    Holden, Klein
    Staal, Clendenning Girardi is the spare,
    Skjei to Hartford, Please wave Shattered Glass

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    The Penguins pics at the White House just leave me thinking one thing:

    Man, Kessel is fat.

  52. That better mean trade and not demotion. Otherwise it’s time to start the new Coach movement

  53. Sioux, if Gorton can somehow make that happen, he will. Big D changes have to occur here for now and for the future.

  54. Wicky, Stepan is not some franchise player but he’s done right by the crest and his team. Everything I stated was the truth. you have to admit that much. Like I said I know you dislike him so it’s fine but if you prioritize the problems on this team he isn’t even top 10. Not to me anyhow.

  55. That is a very good thing Doodie, Jensen clearing, they will need guys from Hartford to come up when injuries hit.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    We have a glut of minor league goaltenders. I don’t think they want one of Hellberg, Halverson, or Skapski to spend a lot of time in the ECHL this year unless one struggles in the AHL. They might move one at some point this season, and I doubt it would be Halverson.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree, BDL. I’m glad he’s still in the fold. Even if they stash him in the AHL all year, getting another year of his development before next year would be a big plus.

  58. All in all having both Hrivik and Jensen clear is good rather have them available in case of injury during the year …
    Think with so many players on waivers and teams not even sure about there own decisions its pretty hard to claim someone

  59. Ogie Ogelthorpe on

    If they are indeed dealing The Undertaker I hope its in a package for a decent d-man, not for some 5th rounder that will be wasted at the deadline.

  60. Sometimes it’s about when you put players on waivers. Now probably makes sense as teams try sought through their crap and won’t be inclined to add another body.

    If this is reg season I bet Jensen claimed

  61. Eric – did you order your Sioux tickets yet?
    Mama bought the plane tickets yesterday, and she is asking where we are sitting :)
    Carp do you need a mini me in the press box?

  62. I’d take Kessel’s fat ass on this Rangers team all day, every day, twice on Sunday. Dude is a goal scorer. I’d drive Nash to the airport myself to make room for Kessel.

  63. There’s absolutely NO reason to send McIlrath’s 800k down to the minors to keep Glass’ 1.45m on the books. That would be just flat out stupid and I would have to add another nail in the coffin I’m building for AV. ;)

  64. Nash>Kessel.

    I don’t think McIlrath should be gone, Bdl, but somebody a lot smarter than I thinks they have to cut ties with him, that he’s regressed, and they should trade him.

    Now maybe that means Skjei goes down (because he doesn’t require waivers) until they trade McIlrath? Perhaps.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m a little surprised on Jensen. I thought some crap team would want to take a look before ultimately waiving him themselves.

    And I would also take Kessel in a heartbeat. Doesn’t mean he isn’t fat.

  66. How do we know they have decided to move Dylan? The proposed d lineup today is a complete mess if it holds up: two lefties on one pair, two righties on another pair and then saddling Brady either Girardi….woof

    Jjp, clearly it’s not just the 6/7 defenseman that is up in the air right now. Don’t think AV knows how any of his pairs are going to lineup yet

  67. Our PK was awful last year and thats why they signed Gerbe so think he stays over Glass. Think they will send Skjei down and hope they keep big Mac and Clendenning. If you think Gudas is an idiot now, wait till no Mac or Glass in lineup

  68. Regressed in the 3 pre season games he played? Good that the Rangers are giving Neives a game before sending him down. Reward for strong Travers City. Jooris is still in play. I think we all forgot about him. He was signed to be the 4th line center.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Pete, I think they’re trying the defense tonight to see how those guys would function as the 7th if someone on the wrong side got hurt.

  70. As ridiculous as it sounds, I think Kreider would inherit the job of punching if there is no pugilist in the lineup. I’m certainly not advocating that the Rangers have an enforcer, but there needs to be at least 1 person on the team that can step up. That person also needs to be able to actually play, so Glass is out. The lack of toughness is a bit of a concern.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Jooris is still definitely in the 4th line center conversation. No question. I’d say it’s between him, Gerbe, and Pirri, who may also make the roster as a top 9 winger at the expense of Buchnevich.

    I also like that they’re giving Nieves a game, but I think he’s still being considered for the 4th line center spot, too. He’s going to have to have a hell of a game to get it, but I don’t think they’re just giving him a cup of coffee here.

  72. Gudas will change …he’ll get worse…he has friends in high places including former Flyers working for the league

  73. Doodie,
    I thought the same about Neives playing tonight, but I didn’t want to say it out loud, he has a very outside chance of making the team.

  74. My disposition has changed for the worse. First I’m reading politics and then weather stuff here. Now talk about Dylan going. I don’t believe it although it’s possible. I can’t see how he isn’t an upgrade over Girardi at this point and I loved Danny Boy but he’s lost it.

  75. Big McilWrath can play a serviceable bottom six. Has a booming shot. And…changes the complexion of the game when he is in the lineup. I can’t believe they’d be ready to cut ties, when so much already invested and his unique skill set. He can be an enforcer, but he can also play, and will continue to grow and get better.
    Thought Beuk being here would mean something, as he was his project.

  76. Both Donuts and Kleiner can bring O and should be allowed to do so. They need each to be paired with guys who should not arbitrarily pinch and gamble, e.g. Girardi, Staal, and whoever.

  77. Under AV, Ulf, and now Beuk are allowed to say publicly very little of substance. How did the Press let Ulf away last season without answering some tough and repeated questions as to his methodology if this is not so?

  78. I would take Kessel over Nash, not because I think Kessel is the better all-round player (he’s not) … but because he’s a big-time proven playoff performer on the offensive side of the puck and that’s what this team really needs.

    McIlrath regressed? What do we say about Girardi then? Girardi hasn’t looked one lick better than the Undertaker (actually has looked much worse). I hoped the longer summer would help Girardi regain some of his game, but I haven’t really seen any evidence of that. Bag Glass, keep McIlrath and go with 8 D for now.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Bag O’Glass. Look, we put a label on every bag that says, “Kid! Be careful – broken glass!”

  80. I’m pretty confident that the D-coach’s main responsibilities are 1) to manage the changes in game (easy), 2) blow the whistle at practice (also easy), 3) cue up the Ipad/video to say ‘you missed your coverage here…you shouldn’t have pinched here….you need to make a quicker pass here’ That’s the extent of it.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    JJP, in an interview he gave for his new gig, Ulf took credit (blame?) for all play in the defensive zone last season. I’ve linked to the article a couple of times; I’m not finding it again.

  82. Maybe there was such a frantic rush for Jensen and Hrivik from the other 29 teams that they kept getting a busy signal from NHL HQ? Or maybe the servers crashed from all the heavy traffic?

  83. ORR!! What Is It Good For!!?? on

    Great coaching by Nice Guy AV. No Glass, no Undertaker. What a dummy.

  84. Rick Carp – Yup, Glass was waived and unclaimed last year but that was then and this is now .. he could get claimed because of circumstances elsewhere but his above-average CAP hit for what he offers probably means he’ll go unclaimed again if waived and I don’t care that much either way (if he gets claimed or not)
    I do think he can be of service as an NHL player
    Rick Carp – Last time and I’ll leave it be : What is Sather doing for the team and J Dolan in his role as President?
    any chance you can expand on your opinion that Slats has no input or bearing on players this year.
    JamesG – apparently you need to re-read your own words – here they are :
    JAMES G on OCTOBER 5, 2016 7:04 AM
    With Skeji you have to take into account that maybe heading into camp knowing his spot should be a slam dunk is what’s attributed to his weak display. I know it isn’t fun around here unless some people get to shred apart as many players as possible, but this is still a very young kid who played respectable against the eventual Stanely Cup winners. There’s a need for improvement obviously but maybe he needed a wake up call that he shouldn’t have needed. ( kinda like the one no one has yet to forgive Hayes for needing last year?) He’s not a 27 year old call up from the AHL or some jounrney man 7th defenseman. There was a time when people understood the concept of developing a player.
    man.. that first line is a baffler for me … This isn’t an MSL type here .. he’s a complete rookie !!
    yes, JamesG, I and most here would agree Skjei did play a “respectable” few playoff games .. but a slam-dunk? A slam-dunk based on 5 fairly well played post season games ? And only like 14 total NHL games TOTAL under his belt? Really ? Only you and apparently Carp now, had him penciled in as a sure-thing.. A slam dunk before he even stepped back on to NHL ice for his 14th EVER game …so apparently it makes perfect sense (to you) that he would just go through the motions in camp this year since he was so “respectable” last year in 5 PO games? But a returning multi-year NHL vet like Fast needs to prove it again ? OK Then … Must be me … How are things in right field ? Deep right field …
    Just a guess, but I’d have to think you don’t have much background competing for spots on a team …
    Playing soft during the evaluation period is not usually the way to impress the decision makers.
    luckily the NYR coaching staff ain’t awarding spots on the strength of a (very) few “respectable” post season games… AV has already foetold that he is likely to need to more time in Hartford as in AV’s eyes, he hasn’t looked as sharp as last year
    Maybe Skjei has a tape himself and it includes Joe and Sam proclaiming him a “can’t miss” prospect
    and JameG, I notice that if anybody disagrees with YOUR assessments or opinions, you immediately label them as a “Hater” .. “C’Mon Man !!” – Shannon Sharp
    Get real buddy !!
    so AV left Dylan Mac out of the line-up tonight? I get that it’s pre-season but did he see the cheap, dangerous hit the guy put on our prized rookie ? OK, so he doesn’t want his trade bait to get hurt or in trouble ? I guess Tanner may be visiting with Gudas. So now Gudas can laugh it up as NYR shows NO BALLS and he can do his thing with less threat of payback .. Maybe Step will straighten him out… Ummm… well, Maybe not!
    Uh Oh I guess that makes me a Step-Hater !!
    Ok … sorry JamesG … Lighten up bro …
    If D-mac isn’t the right Ranger to send a message to that thug .. then who ?

  85. Most of the predictions roster wise didn’t come true lol… goes to show that us on the outside (except of course Rod and Korecto mundo) know anything.

  86. In another two weeks, a leaf will fall on Manny’s terrace and he’ll call the Super to come up with a rake.

  87. Rock Ranger, the only thing that favors Glass getting picked up off waivers this year is the fact his salary is $1m and his cap hit is $1.45m. That said, pre-season waivers is more about looking for a decent young player who is the odd man out for some reason, not an older veteran player with a cap hit twice what he’s worth. We shall see.

    PS: Are you RR for ranger Rants? lol

  88. So the plan is to wait for Gudas to skate by the Ranger bench and Beukeboom will grab him by the beard. Then Beuk will show Gudas his 1994 Stanley Cup ring. Over and over again.

  89. The Post is reporting today that Joe Buck used butt plugs in the past. This, courtesy of his recent autobiography. It’s remiss of him, however, for failing to mention his love of ball gags.

  90. CJS – Good point about Glass and his contract ($1 million, with the $1.45 million cap hit). One other thing to consider is that Glass is on the final year of his deal. A team “might” bite because it is only a one year commitment and Glass will be playing for a contract for next year.
    FYI – Gudas and Simmonds are both in the lineup tonight.

  91. CJS – that’s pretty much what I said when I mentioned he (TG) won’t likely get claimed due to his getting paid more than he brings to the plate. I agree that Glass probably gets recycled to the Wolf Pack after clearing.
    I don’t see a spot on this year’s club for him despite the value I feel he has and it’s not a money issue here, it’s the mentality of, as AV put it last year at this time : “It’s a four line league now ..”
    I just hope AV has the nuts to employ that philosophy.. He’s gotta push that offense …
    The Pens 2nd half run and post season success, having been bolstered by young but talented and speedy players, brings me optimism in Ranger land for this season. The Pens won on execution of basics and hustle with solid goal tending… They did really well at avoiding turnovers in their end and forced a lot of them at the other end of the rink.
    I feel AV needs to get Vesey and Buch playing time early and all year so they can learn the NHL game and pace etc even if they mess up some. Even if it means steady Jesper Fast gets nudged out or dropped to the 4th line.
    I do think a couple of the new guys will get double secret consideration since they were brought in for a specific purpose (Gerbe and Graebner for PK) I think Nick Holden is gonna be handed a top 6 spot based on his resume’ as a FT player for the past 3 years at right around 20 minutes a game. Clendening may get waiver’d and sent to the Pack. Skeij, IMO, needs some Pack time as he has not looked ready so far this year.. It’s be different if Dan G. could be sent to the Pack.. Then Brady should get some on the job training.
    I know I’ll be super disappointed if they trade Dylan Mac for cheap … If they package him for a solid return.. OK. Still think he’s gonna be a solid defender with the extra advantage of his physical game… Losing him will be bad …especially with several known question marks on the defense. Historically, teams don’t like when a 1st rounder hangs around when they don’t make it to the big club.. like it leaves a lingering stink in the air… That’s how NYR scored McDonagh and several other “former 1st round picks”

  92. Rock, Sather is not involved in the day to day operation of the team or personnel decisions whatsoever. They might lean on him for tips on trade/contract negotiations because he excelled at those. Gorton is running the shot with Drury, Schoenfeld, et al, and AV has a ton of say.

  93. Doodie – I’d love to see that link if you can find it. But what does that tell you? Scenario 1, you do a horrible job, you admit it publicly and you get a head coaching job one level below the best league in the world. Scenario 2, you fall on your sword, protect your former players/coach, everyone knows there was nothing you could do about guys playing poorly, and you get a head coaching job one level below the best league in the world. I’m more in camp 2.

  94. The last pre season game is usually a checking game by the vets. No saying this one will be, but they usually are.

  95. curious lineup decisions by AV tonight since Gudas is dressing….while big Mac did not prevent last hit now no one will to a thing when Ranger is plowed into the wall

  96. Forget Gudas, and Simmonds for a second. McIlrath, and Glass are not playing because they are either getting cut, or traded? So not playing them is to protect them from injury? Why not show case? I am a little confused.

  97. McDonagh not playing. He’s toast. They’re sending him down, trading him, not in their future.

    McIlrath not playing. He made the team. They want to look at some guys who are on the bubble.

  98. AnthonyM — TRUE, with just 1 year left at $1m he’s a tad more interesting — and he does seem a bit quicker this year , not that it will change his offensive output and inability to hold onto the puck much.

    Rock, not sure I’m following here. I’m saying he’s only making $1m, still a bit more than one would want to spend for a 4th liner that does what he does, but it’s more tempting than him making $ 1.45m with another year left on his contract. Screw it though, AV will have to be dragged kicking and screaming before he waives his boy. ;)

  99. If Gudas and Simmons run wild on our ice and we dress no one who will do anything about it, guaranteed the leader of Jimmy and the Nut Shots will want to know from Slats what’s what.

  100. Good preview Carp. Complicated ia right. Would be a lot simpler if we had another top pair Dman.
    FWIW-Ive got a feeling the Rangers win this game tonight.

  101. Well Rock atleast you weren’t long winded in your response….
    Getting back to hockey, I don’t see how Mcilrath isn’t part of the plan other than AV not being a fan. If they play Skeji and Clendening they’re going to be losing/winning games 6-5 this season

  102. I have a feeling old Dylan will start the year the way he ended the last one, in the press box.
    I watched the video twice. I am really prepared now.

  103. We will eventually find out if McIlrath is a top 6 Dman in the NHL, or career minor leaguer. I just don’t think we we going to find that out while he is a Ranger.

  104. Deplorable Jeff in South Dakota on

    I watched the video Carp and I am now prepared…to ask, “Have you seen my roof rake?” Oh and I am deplorable.

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