Rangers-Islanders in review


Islanders 3, Rangers 2 (OT).

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1) Tough one to watch, tough one to review.

2) You could see a lot of urgency from the bubble guys, for sure. Not sure any of them helped or hurt their causes, or how many might have gone one way or the other, but there was urgency.

3) Especially for a guy like Brady Skjei, whose spot on this season’s opening roster was supposed to be a slam dunk, but is anything but that with one preseason game to play.

4) Skjei looked like somebody put some pepper in his shorts in this one. Played with a bit of an edge. Drew a penalty to Casey Cizikas that was very “France in the Air.” Had a chance to win it in OT. Much better all-around game, IMO. But was it good enough after a mediocre camp, and two mediocre games? He’s going to get another shot, based on what Alain Vigneault said post-game.

miller-hit5) “I haven’t honestly seen him play with the same speed and decision-making that I saw him playing last year,” Vigneault said. “Obviously we’re early in the season. Guys are trying to – everybody’s trying to find their rhythm, young players and older players. Brady is, without a doubt, a skilled young defensemen that we have a lot of confidence in. But like some veteran players he needs to do a little bit more here and hopefully it will start next game.”

6) There will be some cuts today, but not the full cutdown until after Thursday’s game against NHLDPS’s favorite, Teflon Radko and the Flyers. Vigneault had said he wanted that game’s to be pretty much his opening roster, maybe minus Mats Zuccarello. But that plan has been altered because Vigneault needs to see more from his bubble guys.

7) The way I see it, if Nick Holden moves to the right side with Ryan McDonagh, then it’s Marc Staal and Kevin Klein, and Skjei could stick as the third pair with Dan Girardi or Dylan McIlrath. But it’s possible that Skjei misses, Holden stays on the left and Adam Clendening makes the team, meaning he or McIlrath would be the seventh D. Still molto intrigue.

8) So Max Lapierre was released, which to me was not surprising. I thought he had a tough time keeping up. I also know that, over any long stretch, he’s going to be a minor-penalty machine. Probably a tough call for AV, who had him in Vancouver and gave him the tryout chance. But that fourth-line center job is another one up for grabs, not to mention the wingers. With Oscar Lindberg and Josh Jooris hurt, it’s Nathan Gerbe and Marek Hrivik, I believe, for the third-line pivot. I imagine Michael Grabner and Jesper Fast have done enough to play the wings on that line. And it is still somewhat possible that Brandon Pirri – hardly a prototypical fourth-liner – plays some there if Pavel Buchnevich is in the top nine. Vigneault praised Buchnevich Tuesday – see the Go Time! thread for more.

9) Pirri popped some eyes with the play in the crease in front of Antti Raanta early. Kid wants it here. Had a couple more scoring chances, as did Robin Kovacs.

10) Which brings us to Tanner Glass, who wore an “A” again in Brooklyn and had a nice battle with Eric Boulton, desperate to get himself any NHL games he can. Not sure how Glass makes this team, but like you, won’t be shocked if he does.

11) So the refs were just making stuff up. Glass’s hit on Ryan Strome was clearly interference, or late, or whatever. The puck wasn’t there. Boulton charged over and clearly instigated the fight. What a clown show. Love it when tough guys do this: After the fight, Glass said, “Good job” to Boulton.

12) J.T. Miller was feisty, too. Had that takeaway and semi break and missed the net. Cannot. There.

New York Rangers v New York Islanders13) Clendening showed how players defended themselves in the olden days, from the Mark Messier school – deposit a couple of splinters to the mouth of the guy coming in high on you. A lesson for McDonagh, Derek Stepan and Jimmy Vesey to learn. And of course, Officer Joe Boulton negated the coming power play with a ridiculous retaliation.

14) The Brooklyn scoreboard had McIlrath with 21:32 of ice time through the first 25:49 of play. Which would be a lot.

15) I thought Raanta had another strong game. Robbed Josh Bailey in alone early third. Seemed, afterward, to enjoy the number of shots he got to face in an exhibition situation.

16) Hrivik was pretty strong on the forecheck again, dependable defensively, can skate. I really think he might be the fourth-line center opening night.

17) Rangers had several odd-man chances where they played fancy-boy passing and never got a puck to the net … remember when it looked like they were in a shoot-first mindset those first two preseason games? No more. That and shooting it wide helped keep the Rangers to 11 shots on goal through two periods.

18) My buddy Arthur Staple of Newsday asked new Islander Dennis Seidenberg if he’d ever worn his current No. 4 before. Seidenberg said, yes, he’d worn it at a couple of stops, but when he got to Boston it really wasn’t available.

19) The Islanders went with the leave-two-guys-open-in-front defense and Chris Kreider tipped Staal’s shot out of the air and past J-F Berube to break the 0-0 tie and give the Rangers the lead. I think Staal’s shot would have been on goal.

20) That lasted a few seconds. It didn’t feel like :41. Clutterbuck’s toss to the front, which was going way wide, hit the skate of McIlrath and ricocheted past Raanta. 1-1.

21) Of course Clutterbuck broke the tie – it would have been Jason Chimera if not Clutterbuck, right? – as Staal and McIlrath both ignored him in front on the power play.

22) Finally, a pass worked. I think it was a pass … we had the baseball game on the monitor, so didn’t see a decent replay. Anyway, Kreider cross-ice to Nicklas Jensen for a wrister top corner. 2-2. I don’t see how Jensen makes the team, but he’s a pretty good player.

New York Rangers v New York Islanders23) Mika Zibanejad created some stuff again. Not sure he hit the net nearly enough, though. He broke up an Islanders goal in the final minute. Then Skjei and Gerbe with chances to end it in OT.

24) AV was in the skybox. Hence, the Rangers used a timeout.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Antti Raanta.
3. Nathan Gerbe.

Photos by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images.

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  1. Hrivek may very well be the 4th line center, but of the candidates, he is the only one not to have played with Fas, and Grabner.

  2. Hrivik played with Fast and Lindberg in Hartford.

    “AV was in the skybox. Hence, the Rangers used a timeout.” good one, Carp.

    Carp, how was Gerbe a 3rd star? Because of 4 shots on net?

  3. Kreider looks to be our best forward at the moment, which bodes well i think. Nash will pop in 30+ with his eyes closed if he stays injury free, but will still get slated by fans.

    Glass has to go, down or out of the door – he’s just not NHL speed any more.

    D is going to be a real lottery outside of Mack on the first pair and Staal/Klein on pair 2 – who knows but i get the feeling McIlrath might get a few splinters in the early part of the season

  4. Jensen has gotten better with every game he has played. I don’t know if it’s enough,or if there is even room for him to make the team. What to about Gerbe.m

  5. With Skeji you have to take into account that maybe heading into camp knowing his spot should be a slam dunk is what’s attributed to his weak display. I know it isn’t fun around here unless some people get to shred apart as many players as possible, but this is still a very young kid who played respectable against the eventual Stanely Cup winners. There’s a need for improvement obviously but maybe he needed a wake up call that he shouldn’t have needed. ( kinda like the one no one has yet to forgive Hayes for needing last year?) He’s not a 27 year old call up from the AHL or some jounrney man 7th defenseman. There was a time when people understood the concept of developing a player.

  6. UK, ultimately it’s going to be the same as last year, yes,they’ll have more skill up front and they’ll have more speed but the defense that Gorton couldn’t find a way to fix this summer is going to be their Achilles heal. Not putting that on Gorton by saying it. Just a fact. And at least we’ll see (hopefully) some youth in the mix going through a learning process and not just old men running on empty who can only improve the team by leaving it

  7. Have a feeling Hrvik is AV’s man for the “traditional 4th line” he wants. At least until Lindberg is back with Jooris as the after thought/answer to an injury on the fourth line.
    As for Pirri, I think he’s probably going to be in and out of the lineup. He’s brought a ton of effort but he’s seemingly a nightmare away from the puck that no one else on the team wants to shoot.
    Going only by the coach’s comments I think they’d rather bring along Buchnevich.

  8. Bring on the games that count!!! Glass was hustling like he wants to stay, as noted….but we need youth. Too many start like a house afire, then burn out after a few weeks of the regular season. Not easy to determine which ones will bring sustainable effort. It’s a roll of the dice in some ways.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Gilmour is horrible in own end. Brock Nelson skating around him, not exactly Guy LaFleur.
    Like Don Clendenon’s game. Smart passes in own end. He should make team with PP abilities.
    Staal with shot on net and it scores (off great THE tip), hope he remembers that
    THE is absolutely beastly so far. Him and Zika are a formidable pairing. Wonder who plays on the other wing.
    Zika is best player on the ice every shift he plays. Very good away from puck and has serious handle.
    McDiesel with goal, too bad, Azzlanders goal. Thought he played OK still has problems with outside speed.
    Fast had trouble moving puck out of zone and lost most of 50/50 battles on the wall. Not impressed.
    Ribbit as 4C is a no-brainer at this point. Send Da Buke to Ho-ford for some seasoning or keep Pirri.
    Ein Kliener wearing the A. Me likey.
    Haze is not a top 6 pivot. 3C is good spot but will need at least 1 responsible defensive forward with him.
    John Giannone whispering play by play. Not his shtick. Nice guy, but no voice for the booth.
    Gerbe backs up and lets Bailey skate through neutral zone which leads to goal. NG

  10. I do not see the upside in having Marek Hrivek on the team. Year after year, season after season, we learn the same thing, skill wins. Yet he we are again disscussing keeping a player with very limited skill over a guy like Buchnevich, who is loaded with skill.

  11. Carp, thought Glass’ hit on Strome was fine, which is why I thought it was stupid Boulton went after him. Officer Boulton, love it! Should refer to every “enforcer” as Officer.

  12. BDL,

    It’s not always about skill now, it’s often about development. Its better for some young players to play top line or pairings in ahl every night, get power play time, pk time, more time and experience in different situations to develop their game. As opposed to getting 10 to 12 minutes a night in only few situations where they don’t get to develop all of the aspects of their game.

  13. So Staal blows his coverage after McIlrath had Bailey go wide for a bad angle shot and McIlrath is mentioned on that goal too? Slapping my head….Kid can do nothing right…ok then

  14. You find a reason to keep, and play skill. You don’t bury it in the minors so they can “develop”. This is not some kid coming form juniors where he dominated against a bunch of kids filling out rosters. Buchnevich has been playing against men in Russia.

  15. I saw the same thing Leatherneck. McIlrath kept him wide, and Staal snow angeled for no reason leaving his man alone in front.

  16. Hrivik v Buchnevich – Buchnevich should win out.
    But Hrivik could be a decent fourth liner … I mean as compared to some people we’ve seen over the past couple of years. Big question, does AV get to keep his favorite.

  17. Good morning, boneheads!
    Let’s hope Buchnevich and Skjei do not become victims of waiver rules. Even though I don’t think Skjei showed enough this preseason. Buchnevich, on the other hand, should win his spot over Pirri. He has improved with each game, and, given time, will get even better.
    I liked Staal-McIlrath pairing last night, I thought Staal was more involved in offense than usual while McIlrath stayed home.
    Clendening has improved defensively with each game, he’s going to be difficult to cut, considering his PP ability.

  18. I think one of the reasons they didn’t make any cuts last night is because Gorton is trying to make some trades instead of losing someone for nothing. It’ll be tough since GMs know they can get same guys on waivers.

  19. I was thinking about Eric and Carp mentioning too many pre-season games in the Go Time entry. IIRC, the NHL used to play a lot more pre-season games when I first started watching hockey circa 1971. In fact, I think there was a rule in place that limited the number of games a player could appear in during the pre-season – not sure if it was limited to veterans and rookies or just veterans. I tried to find some information on that, but the NHL’s website is useless since their redesign. Sometimes I think the NHL purposely screws with things just to see how much they can annoy their fans.
    I am glad to see/hear that I am not the only one who has problems with John Giannone’s muted play-by-play. I thought it was MSG or my TV until I heard the color analysts loud and clear. I am sure he’s a nice guy and does a good job with the interviews, but he is miscast as a play-by-play guy.
    Given Sam’s age and his football assignments – as well as Kenny Albert’s outside broadcasting interests, MSG should have a better backup plan. I am surprised they never hired his son Matt Rosen. I think he worked for the Coyotes (might still work for them). I heard him do some World Junior games and he wasn’t bad.
    Heck, they could let PA announcer Joe Tolleson fill in. I think he might have a done a Rangers game or two in the past and did some Wolf Pack games some time ago. I am sure they can get him out of his NYCFC gig with YES.

  20. They don’t have any easy decisions, ilb. Gerbe has been pretty good, but do they need him? Pirri has scored, they need that. But is us overall game top 9. Jensen has gotten better every game. They will lose him if they waive him. AV loves Glass, as do his teammates, but his game s not NHL worthy. And everybody’s new favorite, Hrivek, has been up and down. I do not believe he gets claimed, and if he did get claimed, so what. I do not think sending Buchnevich down helps him at all.

  21. “I do not see the upside in having Marek Hrivek on the team. Year after year, season after season, we learn the same thing, skill wins. Yet he we are again disscussing keeping a player with very limited skill over a guy like Buchnevich, who is loaded with skill.”

    no, skill itself is not enough, you need gritty 2 way players, you can’t just go with all soft one way players and expect to win. Buchnevich is not needed, and on top of that he hasn’t been able to display much skill on NHL level. The game is too fast for him and he shies away from physical contact.

  22. Asst. Captain Glass brings not just the jam but also 500 regular season and 60 playoff games worth of big boy pants experience. On a team with a lot of kids that may count in his favor. But not as much as the photos of AV….

  23. “Buchnevich has been playing against men in Russia.” and his offensive output wasn’t that impressive.

  24. Hrivek is gritty? That’s a laugh. Hrivek is a two way player? Another laugh. Buchnevich has more skill and offensive talent in his little finger, than Hrivek has in his whole body.

  25. Maybe they’re pumping up Glass’s value with that A? So when he hits waivers, other teams might grab him for all the leadership and whatnot?

  26. BDL who was talking about Hrvik over Buch? To offer suggestion to what Stranger was asking before I think Zibanejad and Kreider have a good thing going and that Buchnevich should stay on that line for the sake of speed and having someone defensively responsible with him. That being said I think JT could slide down to third line with Hayes and Vesey to give Hayes some stability and some defensive responsibility as well. Hrvik keeps Lindbergs spot warm and Pirri is the spare forward to start. I want Pirri’s scoring in the line up just as much as you do but after trading Brassard I’m not sure a forward with scoring capability who is shaky defensively is what they need FT in the top 9. Especially with two rookies in the mix already and a questionable defense. But if someone underwhelms (and they always do) He’ll be in.

  27. No matter what, Pirri isn’t going to be centering the 4th line. It was never going to happen. The coach has said what he wants as a fourth line center and Pirri is the farthest thing from it. Again if he could play a two way game it would be another situation

  28. “Hrivek is gritty? That’s a laugh. Hrivek is a two way player? Another laugh.” why the laugh, do you watch him play or what? He is a similar player to Lindberg.

    Glass will get sent down.

    I think Skjei and Buchnevich would benefit from 10-15 games in AHL and that will give Gorton time to maybe make a trade or 2 to make space for them, although I doubt that because historically Rangers never make trades to make space for rookies only make trades to take spots away from them.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Buchnevich has been playing against men in Russia… on a much bigger ice surface, in a completely different style of game. And those men aren’t as good at hockey as the men in the NHL.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Anthony, Tollefson does radio play by play sometimes and he is equally terrible as Giannone.

  31. “Buchnevich has been playing against men in Russia… on a much bigger ice surface, in a completely different style of game. And those men aren’t as good at hockey as the men in the NHL.” yep, and in the playoffs he only managed 3 points in 14 games which speaks a lot about his grit.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    “I think one of the reasons they didn’t make any cuts last night is because Gorton is trying to make some trades instead of losing someone for nothing”

    I absolutely agree, ilb. If you know off the top of your head, if only one team claims a player, the claiming team can send him down to the minors, but if more than one team claims a player, the player has to stay on the NHL roster or be waived again to be sent down to the minors, correct?

    If you don’t know it, I will look it up.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Pablo, it also speaks about his usage. He was traded midseason to a much better team than the one he had been on. He wasn’t getting nearly as much ice time after the trade.

  34. His usage speaks loud to me, if his coach thought he was very good he would have used him more.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    That’s my concern with Pirri, put him with Hazy Daze on 3rd line and Fast almost has to play with them to prevent odd man break outs every shift which lowers Ozone output. don’t think MillerTime can handle that yet.
    Zucc with THE/Zika is probably the call. Butch can go down for Oct/Nov and be first call up for injury. Like Da Buke a lot, not ready for 2-way NHL game in first 20 games.
    THE looks like man amongst boys there. Where’s the Pimp???
    Nashed Potato – Stepsoft – MillerTime
    THE – Zika – Zuccini
    VC – Haze – Grabber
    Gas – Ribbit – Yesssper

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Pablo, things are weird in the KHL. Kovalchuk was benched and healthy scratched on the same team. I don’t think Buchnevich is better than Kovalchuk.

    So try not to pay too much attention to why he was or was not used.

  37. trading McIlrath is a mistake in my opinion that is one player we should really treasure because our defense corp is so soft without him, they should be looking to trade one of the veterans.

  38. Who is going to take Pirri and for what? No one else in this league offered him a contract. He can play and he can score. I’d rather see them keep him around as depth for the year then get another 4th or 5th round pick in return

  39. Agreed, you hold onto Mcilrath. From the looks of Girardi, there’s no way AV can justify playing him even half the season over Mcilrath let along the whole year. Not to Gorton or anyone else. I’m curious what Winny would actually ask for from this team in a potential trade for Trouba

  40. When they trade McIlrath, I hope it’s out west, and he plays a lot. Because if he becomes a UFA, you know where he is ending up, Philly. And he will haunt the Rangers fr years.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    You’re right about Nieves. Not waiver eligible. What I mean to say is he can’t be sent down until he’s healthy.

  42. I think less of Pirri is better for Pirri. Once he becomes a top 9 player he becomes exposed. We will see why so many teams have given up on him. Of you use him on the 4th line, and as a PP specialist you get the most value out of him.

  43. That’s the point I was making in the discussion about Buchnevich. He was playing against men in Russia. Not in junior hockey where 3/4 of the team was roster fillers. He was playing better competition. You seemed to disagree.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I think if you put a player who dominates junior into the KHL, he would do just fine, perhaps even better than Buchnevich. Look at how Yakupov did for 22 KHL games on a bad KHL team after coming out of junior as an example.

  45. Stranger Nation on

    James – Grabber with Hazy Daze and VC. not sure if Haze can keep up
    Ironically, McDiesel is much better in Ozone than almost all the other returning Dmen cept McDonuts. Had a ripper of a pass over to THE who sent a laser pass to the Great Dane, who rifled it home.
    Don’t think that made the review…weird…

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    The only real difference I would expect for an elite young prospect coming out of junior vs coming out of the KHL is that I would expect the junior player to have gaudy stats and the KHL player’s stats to be solid, if unspectacular.

    I also think that the younger junior player will be more NHL ready than the young KHL player, albeit such readiness is more about the size of the rink and the style of play and has nothing to do with the actual tangible qualities of the player himself.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d certainly prefer that Mcllrath stay and play as our 6th defenseman. I just do not see it happening and I think they would rather cash out on him than keep him to be 7th again.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    If you’re asking me would I rather keep Buchnevich or Hrivik, I pick Buchnevich and it has nothing to do with him developing or not. Hrivik just isn’t a good player.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Buchnevich’s time in the KHL is irrelevant to that decision. He could have been playing for the Guadalajara Banderilleros and it wouldn’t make a difference to me provided that he’s the better player right now.

  50. Doodie, If Mcilrath and Jensen are what they’re trying to move I’m certainly not going to get excited about whatever is coming back this way.
    Also, I’m wondering if there’s such a thing as over-analyzing the Buchnevich situation. Pablo is either very negative or has been waiting to criticize the kid. Either way, nothing in this game can be figured out from looking at what’s on paper. NOTHING. so comparing stats from his last KHL season to decide how he will perform? might as well see how many goals you can score with him in NHL ’16 and use that as a measuring stick.

  51. Doodie, I believe any player picked up on waivers has to go through waivers again. The only exception is, if, at this point, he’s picked up again by his original team, he can be sent to minors without clearing waivers again.

  52. Hey that Guadalajara Banderilleros had 101 points last season and were 5th in the Tapas division. Sure a few guys struggled, but they had some looks…

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    James G, trading them will bring back more than the nothing they would get when those guys are claimed off of waivers. That’s the only reason those guys are being moved.

  54. I think Buchnevich is pretty much what he’s been advertised skill-wise. The only reason I see him being sent down is a glut of forwards and his waiver status. But nobody here who is trying to make a team as 9-12 compares to his skill set. Not even close.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry, BDL. I thought the discussion was about whether the KHL or junior makes a player more NHL ready. To that question, my response would be that the question is flawed. All that matters is the quality of the player.

    As for Buchnevich and Hrivik, Buchnevich and it’s not close. Hrivik is not an NHL player, and a couple of preseason games haven’t convinced me otherwise.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb pretty much summed up my feeling. I’d prefer Buchnevich, but I’ve been saying for a while now that he would start the season in the AHL, and it’s purely because of his status.

  57. For the record, I don’t think sending Buchnevich down is going to hurt his development. I just don’t believe it will help either.

  58. Grabber with Hazy Daze and VC. not sure if Haze can keep up
    4th line in that scenario is Fast with Hrvivk and Pirri?

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    “I believe any player picked up on waivers has to go through waivers again. The only exception is, if, at this point, he’s picked up again by his original team, he can be sent to minors without clearing waivers again.”

    ah, yes, that’s it. I knew there was some exception for when only one team claims a player, although I thought it was a bit broader than that.

    Also, I think there’s another rule similar to this regarding a restriction on trading a claimed player. It’s something like if more than one team put in for the player, that player can’t be traded until after the season unless the teams that previously tried to claim him are given a chance to claim him again? Something weird like that.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, provided what you mean by not helping or hurting his development is that his development will not accelerated or delayed by the AHL, then I agree. I think his development will be at the same rate whether he is playing in the AHL or the NHL.

  61. Jesus, stranger nation, you come up with some terrible nicknames here. You dont even keep it uniform. Butch one sentence and then Da Buke the next. McDiesel one minute, McDonuts the next.

  62. So wait, you’re telling me that Buchnevich is going to get sent down to start the season so they can “figure out” what to do with the spare forwad situtation? Sounds like an awful job of team management to me. Like ILB said, maybe it won’t hurt but it’s also not going to help. translation- he should play here and familiarize himself with his teammates.

  63. Exactly what I meant, Doodie. But if he is in Hartford, NY will be missing out on a skill set that they have been trying to add for some time.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I’m not sure that’s true. Primarily, he’s a playmaking winger. Is he better than Zuccarello? Certainly not at this point in his career.

    Is he better than the players they’re looking at at 9-12? Absolutely. And while they’ll be missing out on his skills, they will also be missing out on the hiccups of a young player’s early professional development.

  65. Been watching Staal. He seems to interpret the coach’s call for him to pick it up means to be more offensive and not spend so much time on defense, lol. The next time he gets a bit physical with an opponent in front of the net will be the first in a long, long time. All he does is play shuffleboard and block his goalie’s view.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s fair. And I don’t disagree. I’m just saying there’s two sides to the coin.

    By the way, by that same logic, I like Pirri to stay on the team as the 4th line center. I’ll take those defensive hiccups to get that shot on the PP.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t wait for BDL’s reaction when Buchnevich gets sent down, Hrivik is the 4th line center, and the 3rd line has Grabner and Fast on it.

  68. Speaking of PP. If I’m an opposition’s coach, every time I see Nash behind the net on a PP, I smile. It happened last year, and it’s still happening in preseason, albeit only for a couple of instances. Since when is Nash a puck distributor?

  69. All these roster spots up for discussion this late should not be interpreted as a plethora of riches, but rather a gaggle of mediocrity, IMO. Sorry, just an old truth-teller.

  70. Not sure about that coos. I think it’s a good problem when you have “too many” top nine guys AND more than three guys who can be a valuable fourth line. Maybe they don’t need a Jarret Stoll, Emerson Etem or Daniel Paille this season. Or Glass.

  71. Tanner Glass and 40 year-old Officer Boulton scrimmage reminded me of the old family backyard barbecues years back when your two overbeered uncles would briefly go at it, knocking over the Weber grill. :)

  72. James, teams in baseball and hockey send players down to the minors all the time while figuring out their rosters – especially when there is a decision between a player who has options (i.e. can go the AHL without having to go through waivers) and a player who must clear waivers before being assigned to the AHL.
    To be honest with you, I don’t which way the Rangers should go. I haven’t seen enough of the pre-season to make a definitive evaluation of Buchnevich. In terms of talent, he deserves to be on the team ahead of the conga line of veterans. In terms of what is best for the team, like I said, I haven’t seen enough of the pre-season.
    I am also concerned how a youngster like Buchnevich would respond to being sent to Hartford. I remember back in 1993-94 when Mike Keenan threatened to send Sergei Zubov to Binghamton and that threat was enough to get Zubov pointed in the right direction.

  73. My reaction will be the same as everybody else If that were to happen, Doodie. Disgust at all the losing.

  74. we're taking the armoire on

    Well, I’m sorry. There’s just no way that we could keep you on.

    I don’t even really work here!

    That’s what makes this so difficult.

  75. we're taking the armoire on

    Clowns are running wily nily around the streets ..and Girardi and Stall still have spots…some things never change

  76. Nick Jensen and Marek Hrivik on waivers today. They presumably will be among the cuts and sent to Hartford if they clear.
    Bodie, Hughes, Summers and Brown all cleared waivers. They will be assigned to Hartford.

  77. Gorton must be looking at Trouba. This D desperately needs a hard look into the near and distant future.

  78. Hartford compared to MSG reminds me of an old Met starting pitcher temporarily rehabbing in the Minors. He got off the bus and upstairs said to his roommate, ‘When do the bags come up?’ and his roommate said, ‘Down here, the bags DON’T come up. You better go down and get them before that bus pulls out.”

  79. When you bring in a glut of bottom six forwards tough decisions. I doubt rangers want lose hrivik. Jensen I don’t think they see future. I’d be surprised hrivik doesn’t get claimed. I did like his play as 4th line center.

    One thing I will say is vesey and buchnevich need play with big club.

  80. I have to think those two will clear. So many teams are bloated right now and in the heavy decision-making process. Is a GM who has been spending these few weeks evaluating his talent going to say “Hold the phone – Nick Jensen is available for a top-12 role” ? Nah.

    Hopefully if the injury bug hits, we see what Jensen can do later this year.

  81. Clearly all the hrivik talent evaluators are feeling a bit off today. 3G 4th line much to everyone’s dismay (including me)

    I almost get the feeling glass’ and mcilrath’s fate are a bit intertwined

  82. These guys probably pass waivers. Fans always overrate their own

    Have to think they’re looking at trading McIlrath next as I think he would get claimed.

  83. It’s a dangerous game of cat and mouse that Glass and McIlrath are playing against one another. A dangerous one indeed.

  84. I don’t see them trading McIlrath at all, Josh. Or if they want to, not pulling the trigger immediately. Skjei looks like he might benefit from a bit more seasoning. McIlrath and Clendening can rotate on the 3rd pair. Unfortunately no matter what (McIlrath trade, Skjei making team, any sort of combo of what we have), we have a problem where McDonagh’s partner is concerned.

  85. Hrivik and Jensen will clear, most likely. There are a lot of value on waivers. Glass will clear too, if he’s sent down. McIlrath gets claimed. I think they’ll send Skjei down and keep both McIlrath and Clendening for a time being. Until they figure out what they have in Girardi.

  86. Don’t be so sure Gerbe is the 4th line center. I suspect he will be the 13th forward, and Pirri the 4th line center. Lindberg will be back in Novemeber, so that buys time to figure some stuff out. Do they keep 14 forwards, and Glass is the question.

  87. Personally I think they keep 13 forwards, and Glass goes down. That way, they can bank as much pro-rated cap room as possible, and when they get to the deadline, they can add a big-time right shot defenseman rental and shut Girardi down “with an injury.”

    The plan HAS to be to tread water until they have enough in the bank to make a Shattenkirk-esque rental happen.

  88. BDL – I just think that every single team in the league has a Jensen (or 3). Nice prospect who has some skill, upside, maybe even a pedigree. But just doesn’t look like a top-12 guy at the moment. I just don’t see a team thinking that Nicklas Jensen is worth grabbing and sticking in their NHL lineup at this point. And if there is such a team out there…they’re in trouble.

  89. Strange Nations on

    Gerber at 4C is a joke. not sure where else you go unless Jay Tea slots down until Oscar, Oscar, Oscar returns and the Russian Rocket gets a look against NHL comp.
    Gas is a definite now. Wearing the A, “good in the room”, whatever…
    David Gilmour still up? By the way, which one’s Pink?

  90. Hrivik is most likely done in this organization. Wasn’t in favor of him being here just figured he was the likely candidate for 4th line. If he isn’t making it this year to keep the 4th line center spot warm for a bit I don’t see him having a role here. Jensen I was hopeful about but it doesn’t seem he’s going to be in the plans as of right now (which means they literally gave away Hagelin for nothing)
    In light of this, I wonder if Lindberg is coming back sooner than we think and there just hasnt been an official word on it yet.

  91. I believe this Gilmour kid could be a home run signing in a couple of years. He moves the puck well, and shoots well already. If he learns how to defend, he could be their offensive D-man in a few.

  92. Gerbe has taken about 30 face offs in the last two seasons. Now he’s assumed to be the answer for fourth line center to be trusted with defensive zone draws? If that’s true maybe the move we should be waiting for is the dismissal of this coaching staff. Lindberg must be ready to go by the end of the month.

  93. Or maybe they really are going to just go with the best 12 theory and stick Pirri there.

  94. ILB I agree. I have to admit that I laugh whenever I hear about a promising defenseman that “just has to learn to play defense” but really the position is about so many other things that can’t be taught these days you have to just go with it. The keys to his season will be consistency and progression

  95. Again all of this Gerbe Pirri 4th line third line top 9 talk and Girardi is still slated to be a top 6 dman this season. Worse yet, Clendening who also cannot defend may be in the mix as well.

  96. Eventually, (not too distant) teams will have six guys making 9 mil per and the other 17 will be distributed among the remaining 17.

  97. JamesG might actually be Blue Skjei’s agent as he suggested the kid who has less that 13 NHL games under his belt is a shoe-in for spot this year.. (all due to a decent showing last year VS the Pens)
    Hence he’s now dogging it in the pre-season matches !! Huh ? Really ?
    Skjei – Send to Hartford ASAP to re-build game conditioning and confidence and remove head from arse.
    That relieves some pressure on NHL roster for the moment.. he needs the work..
    Plays like he’s been keg partying all summer .. not crisp.. I would expect he’d be on fire not loli-gagging
    Glass – Like him, but not for our team anymore.. Waive ASAP in hopes he gets picked up .. obvious he still wants to play; For the record, many bloggers favorite whipping boy has earned aprox $8.5 M in 9 years in the NHL playing in 500 NHL games.. Had value last year as a “safe”, defensively responsible guy who couldn’t find the net too well.. also steps up for teammates and NYR has many who shouldn’t even try that on their own.
    Vesey – looked good enough to stick from Game One .. lotta spunk .. hope it rubs off on a few others of the regulars; Slim chance his “waiver Exempt” status will get him a short stint in Hartford .. but doubtful
    AV needs top talent in NY !! Live with a few inevitable rookie errors.. its all about the post season
    Buch – Only the crowding at forward (and his “waiver exempt” status) makes him a possible Wolf Packer .. at least for a month or so.. He could work on his “NHL” game (smaller ice, learn NYR system etc)
    Not a demotion if he goes.. He should follow orders and work his azz off and he’ll be better upon his return;
    Clendening – might get waived to Pack as less likely than Holden to get claimed
    Gerbe & Graebner were brought here to alleviate horrible PK (NYR 26th of 20 teams last year) They get some edge based on how they got here this pre-season…
    Carp – how far removed is Slats from influencing the team’s make-up decisions?
    You think Jimmy D. isn’t leaning on him to maintain a stable approach by the GM ? and to review proposed moves? (maybe not everyone one of them)
    What is his role if not part of the player management?

  98. Slats not even remotely involved Rock. And Glass went through waivers last season. No reason to even dream he might be claimed if he goes on waivers this season.

  99. agree Wick. Can’t have neither Glass or McIlrath. Got to have one of them, and playing somewhat regularly. I know which one I’d keep. I imagine you’d all pretty much agree with me.

  100. Winless since hairdo came back from the World Series of Hockey. What more do we need to analyze?

  101. As a fan of McIlrath who sees everything through McIlrath colored glasses, I do not think he has been as good this pre season than he was last. He wasn’t bad, made a few nice plays, but didn’t stand out to me. He was better than Skjei. Who all of us think is going to be a better pro than McIlrath.

  102. I agree that it should be McIlrath Carp, but who does he play instead. The obvious guy is GIrardi, but we all know that is not going to happen. Clendenning?

  103. I’m not high on how anyone has played or low on how anyone has played. I’ll leave the insight and close-up analysis to AV. I just like seeing intensity and engagement from everyone and anyone that is being given a fair, legit chance to make the squad.

  104. Does anyone know what the HELL this Rock guy is talking about? I’m pretty sure that I never said anything about Skeji being a shoe in. I said it was assumed that he was going to be on the team this year. Which it was by most fans and media. Some of our fan base apparently work like this:
    1- misinterpret
    2- insult
    4- if necessary, fly off the handle

  105. Bdl, it would keep things pretty simple if he went McDonagh-Klein, Staal-Girardi, Holden-McIlrath or some such combo of those six, three rights, three lefts, with Clendening on deck, until if and when Girardi slips … but, you know …

  106. and another thing … Is Clendening even better than McIlrath? I mean, he moves the puck a little better, and skates a little better. Does he defend? Does he move it well enough to live with his defense? I don’t know the answers to these questions.

    that doesn’t even address the physical presense, or lack thereof, and the knuckle-chucking department.

  107. On Mcilrath. Let’s break it down for a moment. You’ve got McD, Staal, Girardi, Holden, Klein. That’s 5 that will be here opening night. Assuming they carry 7 and Graves/Gilmour going back to Hartford,
    That means you’ve got Mcilrath, Skeii and Clendening fighting for 2 spots. Has Clendening shown he can be trusted on both sides of the puck? has he shown himself to be a better overall defenseman than Mcilrath? He does fit into the system they want to play…But can they sustain a formidable defense with Skeji and Clendening playing on a regular basis along with Girardi? I don’t see how those 3 guys can be FT defensemen and this team can be successful at the same time. Add to that, as it’s been said that Glass will be in the fold if Mcilrath isnt. Sounds to me like either a trade is coming, a new coach is coming or it’s going to be a very very long season.

  108. We can call you Chicken Parm…but Ray Ferraro may have something to say about it. You’re still the blogfather though.

  109. I really doubt that the Rangers will ever not have a playable knuckle-chucker somewhere on the roster for very long.

  110. I’m as big a Stepan fan as they come. But the highlight of his Ranger career thus far was clearly his first game, when we got to see his mom every time he scored a goal.

    Trish – we salute you.

  111. McDonagh-Klein, Staal-Girardi, Holden-McIlrath or some such combo of those six
    Best chance at competing. Biggest problem out of those 6= Danny G.

  112. The biggest problem there James is not giving Staal or Girardi any chance of climbing out of last season’s hole.

    Even though he hasn’t exactly earned it…maybe try starting McIlrath with McDonagh? Staal and Klein on the 2nd pair, and Holden/Girardi manning the 3rd? Klein is just a waste playing with McD…he’s as overmatched on the first pair as he is solid on the 2nd. Girardi just can’t log those minutes.

    Or if Holden slides to the right of McDonagh, then you have a righty party on the 3rd pair with Girardi, McIlrath, and Clendening. If Holden’s the guy, Skjei is almost a given as your 6/7, with Clendening likely going down.

  113. Despite what AV says, I see very little reason to look for a large year from either Girardi or Staal.

  114. Can’t have Girardi on the second pair and especially not with staal. Those two would never be able to get out of our own end

  115. Dave, the original post stated those guys in some form of 3 combinations. I actually like the sound of those combinations you’re suggesting. Klein has had some warts show through when he’s used on the first pairing.

  116. I agree, Pete. But both are going to start the season in the top six. And I don’t think McIlrath is moving up to second pair if he plays at all. so … you wait to see how bad it gets with 5 then make a different decision.

  117. Plumbers who clean the traps at the Garden showers root for more Stepans and fewer Zuccs.

  118. Not everyone thought Brady was a shoe in…and there are some here that realize there is a lot more to hockey than being able to skate fast

    There is a better chance of Brady getting sent down than clendening at this point

    I agree with carp and the l/r combos seem the most logical.

  119. Let’s face it – If Shay can’t break into at least a top 7 spot here, his total game is worse than anyone thought.

  120. I imagine this Skjei is the one the coaches saw last season, until forced to bring him up at the end. And yes he played well in the playoffs. But they didn’t feel he was ready for the NHL before that point, and he doesn’t look ready right now.

    But I think he will be a good one.

    McDonagh didnt make it to the NHL right away either.

  121. I’ve watched Pirri very closely. I’m not seeing him as some sort of holy terror away from the puck, but of course it’s the preseason. No way I’m sending him down though, he’s still youngish and gifted, give him a chance.

  122. Joe M: “Kreider is the same weight this year, but it is better distributed.” What?

    It’s time for THE K to shine. Go, boyo!

  123. Joe hanging around the showers. ‘Hayzie, I heard you lost 20 pounds. Turn around and let me get a better look at you.”

  124. Sam: “You’re right, Joe.”

    Joe: “About what?”

    Sam: “Oh, nothing specific, just everything in general.”

  125. Pirri is a pretty good backchecker, not great on the forecheck. He seems out of position quite a bit in the D zone (could be due to being in several systems over the past few years). Decent passer, obviously a very good shot, has no business playing as a centre.

  126. Dorsett’s dad’s best advice: “No matter how much or how little ice time you get, make sure each shift you get, let everyone know you’re out there.”

  127. Strangely Noticed on

    Pirri biggest weakness is along the wall something Pullout was an absolute beast at. Def not a pivot, may be double shifting Zika until Oscar, Oscar, Oscar returns.

  128. Does everybody realize that the guy that Glass is competing for a roster spot with is Fast?
    It’s enough to make Viggy schizoid.

  129. You may also have noticed that Staal and McUndertaker were paired on a number of shifts yesterday. Experimenting or foreshadowing?
    As someone mentioned, Staal took most of his offensive zone forays when that pairing was on.
    Coincidence or confidence?

  130. Miller can forecheck, kreider can too if he doesn’t let double bubble get in his head, same with oscar. Glass forechecks like a demon, be even better this year with his improved quickness (regardless which league he plays in).

    Problem with the rangers is the forecheck isn’t sustained on any line because of most of the other players (other than mentioned above) can’t or won’t throw hits.

  131. Will be interesting what age group Duguay is dating this season. We’ll be able to tell by the haircut and wardrobe.

  132. Duguay: “Really great play there by #11.”

    Laviolette; “Who is #11?”

    Duguay: “Uh…”

  133. Not just a fairly big game 7 goal, Carp. An OT series clinching one. After setting up the tying goal by Kreider late in game 6 along with setting up McD for HIS OT winner both in game 5 of the same series. Oh and the playoff run the year before that? Got his jaw broken by “everyone’s boy” Brandon Prust came back with it wired shut scored a goal and helped eliminate Montreal and get to the SCF while slurrping a liquid diet that left him emaciated by the end of the series against the Kings. Which I hear it was his fault they didn’t win..not fast enough. doesnt stick up for teammates etc.

  134. Actually that Kreider goal late third period was game 5 not game 6..It’s a typo. Probably Step’s fault.

  135. Wicky, I don’t think hits have as much to do with it as being smart in the offensive zone. I think if you cut down on the overpassing and have some guys that can actually get the puck on net through traffic instead of always shooting wide or having their shot blocked, their offense increases a respectable amount. Under AV they’ve been too inclined to try to score off the rush and rarely have someone there for a quality rebound. Nash should not be behind the net, he should be in the crease. so should Kreider. and someone should be on the left side ala OV. on the PP.

  136. Yep, Derek Gretzky stepan…all world hockey player. 1st ballot hall of famer, number to the rafters now!!!

    Let’s not get carried away, he is a good NHL player, middle 6 forward on most NHL teams. Overpaid a bit but good player.

  137. LOL I will, Wick. And we’ll never see eye to eye on Step but it’s all good. You could do worse. Just wait til the back end of those deals dished out to Nielsen, Ladd and Backes :)

  138. Carp – Skjei looks like he should start in Hartford, no reason to lose Clendenin or Mcilrath right now to waivers.
    Pirri has clearly made the team, this kid can score goals, and he can play on any line.
    I’m not sure how many games Buchnevich gets to prove himself NHL ready, but I’m guessing 10-20 to start the season, but clearly Vesey is ready to go on Day 1. I’m not sure Buchnevich would dominate the AHL right now.
    I’ll be surprised if Jensen makes it through, you would think he could start for a team like Carolina right now.

  139. Stranger Nation on

    Step is clutch. 7 even strength playoff goals in the last 3 seasons (48 games)
    Steve Austin – the $6M man

  140. CCCP,
    Where were during the Buchnevich argument. I needed help.


    Sorry BDL… was busy. What was the argument? I’m too lazy to go through all the yaping

  141. if Jensen gets claimed it will probably be the penguins and he will end up being a thorn in our side. Would be fitting, a perfect way to finish off the Hagelin debacle!

  142. Could see both getting claimed. Def Jensen.

    Essentially one forward spot to go after Lindberg IR and Fontaine Nieves jooris gone.

    Glass Pirri I think comes down to.

  143. Sioux, ultimately Buch has to be on the NHL roster an unspecified number of games or he can go back to the khl, whether or not he is ready. I’m fine with him getting some seasoning if they feel he isn’t quite ready, but as others have said already, he shouldn’t be sent down if otherwise ready or close just so they can figure out what they have in Pirri or anyone else because Buch’s development is more important and he has to be on the roster either way at some point

    I’d much rather see Dylan with staal than staal and Girardi

  144. Yes carp, Pirri won’t continue to score at a GAG pace, neither will anyone else on this team. He’s at least earned 10 games to start the season and we can see where it goes from there. In his career he’s a +9 in 166 games and has scored 49 goals which puts him on a circa 24 goals per full season pace — and that’s while getting limited ice time. He’s 25 …. I don’t see how he can be left off this team especially considering how cheap he is.

  145. Pete, agreed. He’s still adjusting and you can see that … you can also see there’s a bright future there. Given the language barrier, smaller rink size, etc. I think he’s done pretty well. There may be a few growing pains, but nothing that merits sending him down to play with inferior players.

    Agree on McIlrath/Staal as well.

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