Rangers-Devils in review


Devils 5, Rangers 4.

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1) The Rangers really had a lot of kids in the lineup, and by kids, I mean a lot of Wolf Pack players. And the lineup’s not going to be very impressive when the Rangers go with the minimum of veterans.

2) “We had a young lineup,” Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said, “and I thought the guys tried to implement what we were talking about structure-wise, but those turnovers in the second were very costly. … This is a game where they’ve got a pretty full lineup there and we’ve got to see what our guys can do against NHL competition. Again, if it wasn’t for that one stretch there, I like how our guys competed, executed.”

3) It says everything about the lineup when in the final minute, down by one, goalie pulled, you’ve got Michael Grabner, Max Lapierre, Nathan Gerbe, Jesper Fast, Brady Skjei and Mat Bodie on the ice.

4) Guessing some cuts coming. No need to have 48 players for three more games, especially when the last one is going to pretty much be the opening-night roster. Henrik Lundqvist is probably going to play half the game in Philly Monday, I’m guessing.

Rangers Devils Hockey5) Is it possible that there’s something about the pressbox that makes every game I see there seem just awful?

6) J.T. Miller struggled in his first preseason game, and not surprisingly. Unnecessary icing in first half minute – you know, there is a rule that somebody must ice the puck in the first :30 of every game, right? A few other misadventures with the puck. Miller took a lot of draws with Mika Zibanejad on the ice.

7) “Tell you what, I felt pretty good coming into the game,” Miller said. “Probably one of the worst first periods I’ve had in a while. I think I got better as the game went on. … My legs felt good. My passes didn’t get through; I probably had five or six that didn’t get through. Just a couple plays I felt a little rusty on, but I thought I got better and better as the game went on.”

8) “There was room for improvement,” Vigneault smiled. “That would be the polite way to put it for his first game.”

9) Then again, I thought the entire lineup was a bit pass-happy in this game compared to the shoot-shoot-shoot style in the first two games. Which seemed to work pretty well.

10) Some individuals were worse than Miller, and that might be cause for concern. You should be very, very worried about Dan Girardi. Because so far, I don’t see this bounce-back year for which the Rangers were hoping. I mean, his first passes weren’t bad. But around the net, a lot of the same. In both of his preseason games.

11) Second straight unimpressive game for Brady Skjei, this time away from Girardi. Used his wheels to do some good things without the puck. Wasn’t very good with it, IMO. I guess it’s possible he doesn’t have that automatic spot on the opening-night roster.

12) “A young defenseman going through the process,” Vigneault said. “There’s definitely a lot of upside there, but we’ve got to work with him to get his game at a better level than it is right now.”

13) Jimmy Vesey had a tougher time than his debut, too, with less established linemates. Played some point on the power plays. Had one of the coughups that led to Devils goals.

14) I’m kind of ambivalent about Maxim Lapierre’s game so far. Doesn’t appear to be a very good skater. Had two semi-breakaways and never got close to getting a scoring chance on either. Good on draws. Hasn’t been the rat I expected. Still takes too many minors. Not sure if there’s a place for him as a tryout, but he does have the history with Vigneault, so …

15) I don’t have a lot to say about Antti Raanta, or for that matter Magnus Hellberg, other than this wasn’t their fault.

Rangers Devils Hockey16) Chris Kreider wore an “A”. Had the penalty shot chance, went really wide, not with a lot of speed and tried a wrister. No dice.

17) Fast created a turnover, then went to the net and redirected Skjei’s pass/shot past Anders Lindback … Because Cory Schneider was a late scratch.

18) Lapierre took a penalty and on the PK – and with Miller and Zibanejad out there – Girardi got drilled by a shot, then he and Bodie allowed Beau Bennett to stand at the top of the crease to bury the rebound.

19) On the second Devils goal, Girardi needlessly chased behind the net, couldn’t get back to close the back door, Bodie went to a knee but couldn’t prevent Hall’s pass get to the far post for a Bennett dunk. No help from Fast in front, either. Uncontested. 2-1.

20) Gilmour scored his second goal, on drop from Ryan Gropp to tie the game. So who needs Trouba?

21) The Rangers’ PK leaked some oil, allowing two Devils PPGs. Fast and Michael Paliotta watched Taylor Hall walk in all alone from the right circle to beat Hellberg, who had just come off the bench. 3-2.

22) Vesey lost the puck to Mike Cammalleri in the circle, Cammalleri tapped it to Pavel Zacha, uncontested in the slot. 4-2.

23) The Rangers don’t have a single Moore this year, but the Devils do, and John Moore scored off a real gong-show shift in the Rangers end with mostly rookies on the ice. 5-2. Moops.

24) Grabner’s speed created the 5-3 goal after Zibanejad was elbowed in the face (penalty to Boucher) then sticked in the face (play on). Zibanejad made the pass back to Paliotta for the shot that went in off Grabner. Zibanejad went up under the crossbar for another PPG, from Miller, another laser.

25) The Rock no longer plays the “You Suck” song after Devils goals. So some of the real jackwagons, including one leather-lunged clown in the crowd, do their own version. Losers. Funny, when they try to do it during a stoppage, the Rock drowns them out with “Everybody clap your hands” or some such noisy thing.

26) But Dancin’ Earl is greater than Dancin’ Larry.

27) The NHL app has taken over and swallowed up all the team apps, which makes it even more difficult for fans to find info on their favorite teams. Not to mention the simplest things, such as a boxscore. Which, you know, is the most basic piece of information a fan needs. Right?

28) Taylor Hall is pretty good. What a Brinks job Ray Shero pulled on that one.

29)  Nine more periods. By the way, it’s pretty dumb to have the preseason end on Thursday and the regular season to begin the next Thursday. In a World Cup year, why not just start camps and preseason a few days later? What is that about? Adele at the Garden?Rangers Devils Hockey

30) Oct. 2. Is it really 38 years since Bucky Dent?

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mika Zibanejad.
2. John Gilmour.
3. Adam Clendening.

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  1. “The Rangers’ PK leaked some oil, allowing two Devils PPGs. Fast and Michael Paliotta watched Taylor Hall walk in all alone from the right circle to beat Hellberg, who had just come off the bench. 3-2.”

    Fast was covering the other forward, not much he could have done there.

    ” On the second Devils goal, Girardi needlessly chased behind the net, couldn’t get back to close the back door”
    good catch

  2. ” On the second Devils goal, Girardi needlessly chased behind the net, couldn’t get back to close the back door”

    Same ole song and dance….

  3. Great job Carp! Uncontested!
    Looking forward to seeing what this group looks like after a lot of cuts.
    As I said last night, the PK needs fixing immediately.
    If Girardi’s going to play, I don’t see where McIlrath fits. But from what I’ve been seeing I think McIlrath and Clendening are better than Girardi.
    McDonough Holden
    Staal Klein
    Skjei McIlrath

  4. didnt see the game but it’s obvious that if the defense is going to struggle it doesn’t really matter what improvements take place up front.
    If Holden is the second best dman on this team then they’re in serious trouble.
    We figured Skeji was an automatic in this year (shut up Wick) but if he takes a step back then what?
    The Girardi situation saddens and frightens me all at the same time.
    Also, I think it’s Bull excrement f Lapierre is as weak a skater as has been said and makes this roster when Mcilrath will get press boxed and have his skating cited as a reason. I’m over this “rat” thing. I suppose it will come down to faceoffs

  5. OHH, the Girardi situation is one of those that makes a coach’s comments in camp hypocritical. “Everyone’s battling for spots no one is guaranteed a spot”…but there’s guys that have been outplayed who will be on the roster regardless. That isn’t anything we didn’t know though.

  6. Thanks Carp. Drop from Troop classic. A completely off topic question I like reading the Ranger Pundit and his site is hinky lately any clues on it and his condition is he ok?

  7. Blueshirtfan77 on

    I haven’t commented directly here too much but after watching the first three games it’s too much to hold in. Dan Girardi the person is one hell of a dude, Dan Girardi the player has moved past being effective. He simply can’t keep pace with the action. He chases, takes too long to move the puck, and is constantly under pressure. His game started slipping in the 2014 final and has been on a free fall ever since. Last season the team and AV gave him shot after shot based on respect, and he deserved that. But if he’s not bouncing back or regressing even further the team needs should be put forward this year. McIlrath or Holden or Clendenning all deserve a shot. Yes Mc or Clendenning might make mistakes but they are young players who can be coached the right way and already bring more to the team dynamic than simple sandpaper. It’s a tough call, but if management is concerned with team results it’s a tough call they need to make…

  8. It’s tough to watch what is happening with Girardi. You can see it in his face, that he knows it’s happening and can’t fix it.

  9. So the question is, who will be the 4th line center. So far Hrivek, and Gerbe have been between Fast, and Grabner. I think I would put Pirri there, and have him be the 4th line center, and PP specialist. Have Gerbe as your 13 forward. This allows you to move Pirri to the wing of one of Buchnevich, or Vesey struggle at some point, and the Gerbe slides into the 4 line center spot.

  10. I actually like that the Devils are doing their “you suck” song still. Very reminiscent of “potvin sucks”, even after MSG stopped playing lets go band.

  11. This review was perfect as always you didn’t miss a thing. Girardi is done. I don’t know what they can do with him. Can they send him to Hartford?

  12. I don’t know James. They are either going to have to make a trade, or take the chance on losing people on waivers.

  13. I think Pirri is much better suited as a top 9 wing. They need someone who can take defensive zone draws on that fourth line and I don’t think he’s the answer.

  14. I don’t think they are going to waive Gerbe. He was a July one signing, and I’m guessing they have plans for him. I was hoping to see a lot out of Jensen (Yensen), but he has just been Okay. Cane Hrivek play 4th line center, and do you keep him and send down Buchnevich? Meaning Pirri plays top 9. Some sort of trade will happen with the glut of forwards.

  15. The more pieces fall into place the more sense it seems to attempt a Trouba deal w a forward

  16. Admiral Akbar on

    Wait, Girardi can’t be bought out during the season (a la A-Rod)?
    If not, this is going to be a long long year.

  17. People have been worried about Girardi for years. Advanced stat gurus (not me) were always skeptical. in 2014-2015 it became more obvious that he wasn’t a great D-man, but he still got first-pair minutes. Last year was worse – even to the non-Corsi people. And here we are.
    I wonder what they do about him. It’s a difficult situation. He was a good fit for the team with Dubinsky and Callahan – hard-working, not the most skilled, willing to sacrifice for the group.

  18. Don’t see them having the guts not to start Girardi in the lineup, but if it becomes obvious to even to Gorton and AV that he is done they have to just send him home. Need to be as absolutely sure as possible that he can be bought out in June. Does anybody know if he can be removed from the active roster (with his cap hit still counting) by any method beyond waiver, trade or litr? Who knows maybe if he is told he won’t be playing at all he would agree to let them explore a trade (fools errand) or waived to Hartford with his reporting being his choice. A man can dream!

    Gerbe being signed on July 1 isn’t going to guarantee him a roster spot at all. He was signed to the vet minimum so his contract wouldn’t count against the cap if waived. Has shown much at all out there and nor has lappierre but he may have gotten a stay of execution until jooris and Lindberg are ready. Is Glass apartment hunting in Hartford this weekend?

  19. So the best we can hope for is that Girardi is the 7th defenseman this year?
    Hopefully as Skjei improves, he can move from 3rd pair and climb to 1st with McDonough. Holden would only be a temporary 1st pair.
    Hard to judge what Clendening is from such a small sample.
    It’s been said a million times, but defensemenough (usually) take longer to figure it out. Case and point: Anton Stralman. How many nights was he a hot mess? He’d make a good play and then have a major screw up. Have to credit the Rangers and Torts for sticking with him. Maybe Clendening could eventually be that guy?

  20. Well sticking with him until they didn’t resign him. Not even sure if they made hIm an offer.

  21. Good morning, boneheads!
    Steve Cangialosi said it during the game, NJ had a roster that was very close to their opening night one, NY had around 8 players projected to start on October 13th. Including only 2 D-men, neither of whom looked to be at NHL level so far. So what you can take from last night is that unless Cory Schneider has a Vezina-like season, NJ won’t make the playoffs.
    I think it’s time to cut the roster and get into real competition going for 9-12 spots.

  22. The saving grace for Holden is that he showed he can handle the minutes in Colorado. I know most here loath his existence but they look to be without an option on the right side for the first pair. Klein may get another stab at it but didn’t look to be able to handle the bump up front 2nd pair last season

  23. Skjei was on the R side during one of the PPs, and couldn’t keep the puck in the zone. One thing is being comfortable playing opposite side, another thing is being effective. I think it’s too much to ask of someone who is just trying to become a regular.

  24. Don’t get me wrong Holden is a third pairing guy maybe a second. But if Girardi and Skeji struggle and Mcilrath isn’t going to play then what’s the alternative? Clendening? Signing Kris Russell to block shots til he breaks something?

  25. And that’s part of why I feel as though AV sacrifices defense for the sake of his system, ILB. He’s concerned about structure not defending if that makes any sense

  26. Clendening needs a lot of work in his own end. I think Gilmour has a better upside, but his defensive game is far from being at the NHL level. Clendening needs to clear waivers though.
    Girardi has $22M reasons not to retire. They may have to keep 8 D-men at some point after Lindbergh is back.

  27. It is going to take guts to do what is needed to be done on D. I’m not sure AV has the guts.
    Just to be clear, I do not want Gerbe on the Team, I just think he will be on the team. I would much prefer they keep Buchnevich, and Vesey, and make Pirri the 4th line center PP guy. Then you can have Hrivek, or Jensen ( Yensen) on the team.

  28. By the way, underestimated this Mathew thingy. Not much wind, but the streets of Cartagena were covered by 2-3 inches of flooding at 3 am. All receded this morning, but still raining hard.

  29. Stranger Nation on

    8 seasons, Gerbe has taken 67 faceoffs including 27 in the last 4. Not a 4th line center.
    He is part of the bottomless six of 4th line retread forwards that will not be on the team because of Grabber and Glass. Grabber is solid, Glass not so much. Like Ribbit on that line.
    Done Girardi. Going to get worse before it gets really ugly. LITR is best bet. Painful to watch, but it’s been painful to watch for many years, just not for those you see the person not the player.
    Miller will be fine when NHL talent is on the ice and physicality is required.
    Derbils had their starters and barely beat our AHLers…they stink

  30. Brady needs to show more for sure. I’d rather have Klein play a little over his head on the first pair on his natural side than elevate Holden two levels to play first pair on his offside.

  31. Oh we are worried about Danny G, Carp. But Danny boy couldn’t care less what people say. In his head, he’s playing great!

  32. I hear you bdl, I’m just saying i think it means very little that he was signed July 1 and to the vet minimum no less. Now if he had gotten the deal that grabner got or even a 1yr $1m deal I might feel a little different on that point

  33. I read Gerbe’s piece in the Player’s Tribune. Then I read it to my 11 year old daugher and my 8 year son. I couldn’t help root for him to make the team, but I’d agree he’s probably a 13th forward at best. The fact that he’s listed as a wing and a center doesn’t mean he’s a center. Doesn’t make sense for him to take a spot from someone younger with a lot more potential/upside.

  34. Here is what I would do on D to Start. I would send Skjei down for 20 or 30 games to exclusively play the right side. Girardi would be 7th Dman. I would have Klein. McIlrath, and Clendenning start the season the right, and McD, Staal, and Holden on the left. I know the right side is a little scary, but is it anymore scary that having Girardi in, or Skjei playing his off side?

  35. Shay looked disappointing. As for Girardi, as with most athletes, the legs are first to go, but his savvy and experience should at least afford him good positioning and judgement. None of those things are there, and they haven’t been for an extended period. Looks like we have adequate firepower, but the D, as constituted, is a serious albatross.

  36. Carp
    Breathtaking review!
    James G
    Shut up?!…you could not be in any way, shape, or form talking about me saying all along Brady beat wide skjel was overrated at this point in his career and very well may and should be in Hartford at the beginning of the season vs on the first pair off side like the Brady bunch it’s only about speed and I can’t understand anything else about playing D crowd…that’s not what the shut up was?? Was it?! ;)

    I kid everyone, I know most of you get excited about speed and your hockey sense disappears. Brady is going to be a good NHL d man in his career and a solid top six guy in the next couple of seasons!

  37. If Girardi has as bad a season as last…maybe he retires. He’s a good man, a proud man. He strikes me as the type of guy that would walk away early rather than hurt his team. And of course I’m sure the team would take care of him, give him some sort of player development “position.”
    Unfortunately I don’t think anything would be happening this year though.

  38. I think AV should try Holden on the R side for the next 3 preseason games. Unless he still “let’s hope for the best” on Girardi.

  39. Dave, Too much money left on the table for Girardi to retire now or anytime in the next few years. Now if the Rangers buy him out after the season maybe he would consider it then rather than signing for a small amount in a less than desirable location and maybe he would consider walking away when one year is left on his deal, but we can’t let it get that far. His body is surely telling him it’s past time and his mind is telling him it’s getting late early, but his heart/pride is saying he still has something left and his bank account (and family’s future) are demanding he play until his contract is up.

  40. Worst thing an athlete can do is to publicly embarrass himself on the way out. But with today’s huge dollars, we see more of it. Big Papi in Boston retiring at the top and leaving big future dollars on the table tells me he has much to hide and is announcing his retirement to avoid the inevitable disclosures, which will only remain speculation.

  41. Cross Check Charlie on

    A few observations:
    Vesey is going to be a good one. Maybe not this year. Maybe not even next. But eventually.
    Wasn’t Kreider known as a scorer in college? Shouldn’t a guy that’s supposed to be a scorer put it away on the breakaway every now and then? Jus’ askin’.
    Girardi….I feel sorry for him. I really do.
    Clendening is noticeable on offense. I didn’t realize he had such offensive ability. I didn’t notice what he did defensively though.
    I thought Skjei was supposed to be the savior for the defense. Now what?
    Zibanejad looks good so far. I hope he can play this well when the season starts.
    Nash was invisible again. It’s getting to be a common occurrence. ;)

  42. After this year Girardi will have $13M left on his contract. That includes $3M in signing bonuses. So his payout when he is bought out next June will be $9.67M

  43. Hanging around when you are burnt toast, and have made a ton of money – regardless of the forfeited dollars, seems to me to actually do little for your family, as the family, too, has to feel the brunt of the commiserative ignominy and only leads to a morose atmosphere around the dinner table and the (ahem) boudoir.

  44. If it wasn’t evident before, I’m reasonably sure girardi is bought out in June. Do they just pay him and sit him this season or use him as a 7?

  45. “Boo Nieves with 2nd group in non contact jersey.” (Zipay)
    Could he be the 4th line center until Lindberg returns?
    I really wonder about Lindberg. Penalty taking machine. Pretty fast and has a little edge to him. How much of last season was he playing hurt? Could he be on the verge of a breakout season or is he trade bait? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    Let’s see what Skjei looks like if he’s on the 3rd pair with an all NHL squad around him. Last night was kind of a mess. Wick i know you’re not writing him off-only talking about a temporary assignment in Hartford. I’m not saying he’s Larry Robinson. Just saying i think he’ll should he on the opening night roster .

  46. It was fairly evident before, Wicky. But you also had variables, like the cracked kneecap, the whole “they’ve played a lot of hockey by going deep every year,” etc etc. now, even if we knew it, management knew it, and he knew it – I think the player in question can also be succeptable to suggestion. So if countless sources are making excuses like that, even if Girardi knows in his heart that he’s finished, maybe he starts to buy into the excuses narrative and wAnts another year to prove them wrong. Maybe management is succeptable to it as well, and just wants to be sure before making a tough decision on a very popular and good guy.
    And I do know that a ton of money would be left on the table if he walked. But something about him…he just strikes me as a guy who would walk away if he thought he’d have to spend the next 3-4 years in street clothes or being booed.

  47. For $13 million dollars you can boo me any time you want! Man, you can even punch me once in a while too!

  48. Thing is Dave he wont have to spend 3-4 years in street clothes/being booed because as long as he isn’t hurt the Rangers will buy him out next offseason if he keeps this up and likely even if he improves somewhat. This current contract is his and his family’s one big payday, he isn’t walking away from this money. It would have hurt more from a cap perspective, but this offseason really was the time to buy him out, just made a bad situation worse by keeping him on the team and management will be doing the team (on the whole and as far as the younger players he is taking icetime away from), fans and Girardi’s legacy a disservice by keeping him out there if/when he isn’t up to even playing on the 3rd pair. Now maybe things get so bad this year that he agrees to let the Rangers talk to other teams and/or agrees to be waived provided that it’s his choice whether to report to Hartford, which would in effect be the same as retiring if he did not.

  49. Monday’s lineup in Phiadelphia:

    Vesey-Stepan-Nash Pirri-Hayes-Buchnevich Miller-Hrivik-Kovacs Glass-Lapierre-Stromwall
    McDonagh-Clendening Graves-McIlrath Summers-Holden Lundqvist Skapski

  50. Clendening on the first pair. I guess AV wants to make sure Hank gets his money’s worth since he is only playing half game.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    Interesting take on LITR, the obvious road for Done G. The D will need cheap contracts like McDiesel and Shea Butter.
    The more he plays, the less NYR brass will have a LITR argument. Very dicey situation.

  52. Very interesting read Stranger.

    So essentially, those LTIR contracts are great for bottom teams like Phoenix to get to the floor, and they don’t worry about ramifications to their deadline savings because they’re likely sellers anyway. But a team like the Rangers…if they want to make a run without having the ability to add at the deadline, it’s not worth it.

    But do you think that the ability to have the space to add a viable defender NOW would trump not being able to add someone (or two) at the deadline?

  53. LOL Wicky. That was great! I don’t think Gerbe has a spot unless there are injuries. Same goes for Jooris. His hamstring injury keeps the fourth line a question mark.

  54. On to the 4th line centre situation…I don’t think the rangers have a lot of options at this point. I know many of you think I want Lapierre because I like the way he plays (or played in the past, which I do/did) but unlike many of you (no disrespect intended) just because I like a player doesn’t mean Ithink he should be in the lineup (i like glass but do not think he should be in the top 13 fwds).

    Hrivik, gerbe, pirri, fast, etc may all be better all around players than Lapierre but none imho are better 4th line centres than Lapierre.

    It wouldn’t shock me if Lapierre does not make the roster and miller starts the season as 4th line centre until lindberg is healthy. Pirri then stays in lineup as a top 9 fwd and once lindberg is healthy, miller moves up into top nine, pirri goes to 13th fwd (basing this on AVs comments and best “roles” for players). I’m speculating the most of the season 4th line wingers in this scenario being grabner and jooris.

  55. The article is a little confusing though. It doesn’t paint the whole picture. The easiest way to understand is that LTIR counts against the cap. Until it’s used. It could only be used once the team is against the cap. So, if they put him on LTIR at any point, and still are $1.4M under the cap, that $1.4M keeps accumulating ( if $1.4M they have now doesn’t change, it will be $6.3M by the trade deadline). Except now, at the deadline, they can sign someone for that amount, plus whatever is “left” on Girardi’s contract.

  56. Pete, I just can’t see him ever agreeing to Hartford. If he gets to that point, I still think his preference would be to walk away. And think about Chris Drury – he popped us as some sort of player development muckity muck and is now working his way up the organization. I have no doubt that if Girardi walked three years early, without needing a buyout – he’d have some position in the organization immediately. He might even wind up making more eventually than the money he walked away from.
    As far as a buyout – honestly if that’s the only way to get out of it, we just have to.

  57. carp.. hypothetically…if girardi realized he can’t do it at an nhl level,can he retire and maybe become a coach on some level in hartford? if so,would his salary cap come off the books?what happens with LTIR? anybody?

  58. Lapierre in line up again…seems to me the rangers are trying to find a reason to not keep him by playing him every game so far. I get the feeling they want him to be 4th line centre. Don’t be surprised if he has a decent game against philly to see him get a contract offer.

  59. Well Jooris and Lindberg are out but I agree they’re giving him every opportunity to prove himself. The legs just don’t seem to be there though and as we saw w Dom Moore last year even when you can win draws it doesn’t mean much if you’re a liability otherwise.
    Pirri however will not be the fourth line center. The coach has an idea of what he wants this fourth line to be as we’ve been saying. Any update on Jooris?

  60. Problem with moops last season is he couldn’t win the important draws when needed (which is why brassard took a lot of D zone draws towards the end of the season). Lapierre (mind you through 3 preseason games only) has won the majority of those (for example the empty net Girardi goal because Lapierre won the shorthanded D zone draw cleanly).

  61. Possibility of Girardi to Hartford with the understanding that he’s a player/coach? Did they replace Buke in Hartford?
    This would seem to me to be the ideal situation for this season if he can’t cut it anymore. Sure, they don’t save much on the cap but it would be enough to keep Clendening on the team as the 7 d without sacrificing a forward and it would give Girardi a clear career path after the buyout next year.
    Just spitballing but seems like it would be a nice resolution all around.

  62. Lapierre may stick for a short time if Jooris can’t get healthy before camp breaks. Don’t think Lapierre has played all that well beyond faceoffs, so think as others have said he is being given more of a chance because of injuries. Don’t see Miller playing 4th line center, especially not if Jooris can play.

    Dave, I think the more likely scenario would be that he agrees to be waived to Hartford but does not report, which I think would allow him to still be paid in full, with the Rangers clearing a roster spot and a small amount against the cap. I agree I don’t see him agreeing to actually play in Hartford.

    Remember Drury was bought out by us and then retired, so he got his money. Naslund on the other hand actually walked away from the last year of his contract with us, which is very rare. It would take Girardi a very long time to make $13m from the Rangers in a non-playing capacity and if he were to retire and immediately get hired as a coach/advisor for big money you can bet the NHL would waste no time in bringing a cap circumvention charge against the Rangers.

  63. What happened with Marty Biron? He got sent down and didn’t report? Then he retired.
    Salary must have counted against cap right?

  64. Pete, if Girardi doesn’t report to Hartford they can terminate his contract. He doesn’t get paid a penny. And if they decide to still pay him – his full AAV is on the books. Minus $950K.

  65. ILB, they would have to agree that he doesn’t have to report and still gets paid, otherwise he would never agree to being placed on waivers in the first place. Girardi isn’t going to agree to anything that sees him losing a penny, make no mistake about that.

  66. I don’t think any of that if feasible, Pete. If gets paid, he’s on the books, still is a part of 50 player roster, not to mention that the NHL may question the team as to why his contract wasn’t terminated.

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Trade him to the Flyers and Mr Snyder’s boys will figure out a way to circumvent the cap.

  68. Carp, commentator said 4 irons, but I’d be more inclined to your 3 iron scenario. Either way, bazooom!

  69. Hire Trump’s accountants or Hillary’s Justice Dept! Girardi will go one way or another and the league will owe us money at the end. :)

  70. Don’t the coyotes excel in these types of big contracts with players that don’t play any more? Trade him to the yotes;)

  71. ILB, why wouldn’t it be feasible to have Girardi agree to be waived to Hartford and then never playing for that team? Not saying his contract wouldn’t count against our cap (minus the 950K deduction) or his overall contract isn’t against our 50 contract limit, but he shouldn’t be counted to our 23 man NHL roster. Similarly, the Rangers could tell Girardi he is never going to play a single NHL game so it’s up to him if he wants to practice with the team just for the sake of it. In neither scenario are the Rangers not counting his contract against the cap according to NHL rules, so not sure why the NHL would take issue. Why do they care if Girardi is playing or not? The Maple Leafs did something very similar last season with a couple of players who they claimed were hurt all year, the Leafs saw no cap relief but the players weren’t involved with the team in any real capacity

  72. The way the NHL handled Pronger was absolutely despicable. How they could give him a job, thus admitting he’s retired, but still allow the Flyers to get cap relief…absolute slap in the face to every other franchise.
    Either he had his nice NHL job and the Flyers (or whoever has his contract now) shoulder the hit, or his team gets cap relief due to his “injury” and he refrains from finding a desk job while he pretends to recuperate.

    Pete – if it comes to a point where Girardi just cannot safely and confidently be put in a lineup, and if Girardi won’t retire (I still think he’s that sort of throwback type of man) – they’ll figure something out. So yeah, maybe he waives his NMC, and is told he can “go home” and they take the $925k savings.

  73. Maybe Gorton could get Girardi interested in flying, get him a job as a Captain on Mongolia Airways , pay hm off in small bills in a suitcase, tell the League that he disappeared somewhere over Nepal, and get full cap relief.

  74. No, if they hit a four, I hit a four. Once you show you’re intimidated, you’re toast. :)

  75. Matter of fact, I might pull our a six just to let them know who they’re dealing with.

  76. “Monday’s lineup in Phiadelphia: Vesey-Stepan-Nash Pirri-Hayes-Buchnevich Miller-Hrivik-Kovacs Glass-Lapierre-Stromwall McDonagh-Clendening Graves-McIlrath Summers-Holden Lundqvist Skapski”

    Sorry, but Lapierre was an obvious cut after last game. To play him another game shows to me that Rangers’ management is clueless.

    Why aren’t Fogarty, Hughes, Andersson getting to play a game?

    We only have our GMs to blame for Girardi and Staal. They should not have given them ridiculous contracts. There were too many red flags that any intelligent GM would think twice about giving them so many years and on top of that a no trade and no movement clauses.

  77. L’Shana Tovah to all of my tribe brothers and sisterssisters who celebrate Rosh Hashanah! And everyone else! May you have the best year yet!

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