Rangers-Devils in review


Rangers 3, Devils 1.

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1) Jimmy “Rhymes with Easy” Vesey. Holy shishkebab. Kid has a breakaway from Kevin Hayes on his first shift in an NHL uniform, and draws a penalty. It’s not a big deal, but here’s a sample of his hockey awareness. He was on the bench when Andrew MacWilliam took a penalty. Vesey was the first Ranger to his feet waving goalie Antti Raanta to come to the bench for an extra skater. In the second, Andy Greene stepped up to hit Vesey and Vesey put him on his wallet. Then Vesey nearly got decapitated by the crossbar on his fearless rush to the net and crosscheck by MacWilliam. No big deal, he said, “just my chin on the crossbar.” Vesey, who played three games at MSG in college, said he was pretty nervous at the start. He was jittery on the breakaway.

2) So, as I wrote yesterday, I think it’s Brandon Pirri vs. Pavel Buchnevich for one spot, as a top-nine winger. I don’t think Pirri plays the fourth line … though maybe if he can be a power-play specialist …

vesey-hits-crossbar3) One more time, the supposed out-clause Buchnevich has – it’s been reported he can return to the KHL if the Rangers put him in Hartford – isn’t a black-and-white deal. It’s more along the lines of the agreement Raphael Diaz had last season. If Buchnevich starts the season in Hartford, it doesn’t mean he’s going to bolt to Russia. The Rangers aren’t going to let that happen.

4) Buchnevich had a couple of good chances on the power play. Pirri had a chance low left circle, fired and missed the net. Which you can’t really do there. Puck right out.

5) Then Nick Holden saved a goal when Raanta was caught behind the net, the Rangers went the other way, and Pirri drove to the net behind Ben Lovejoy to deposit Nathan Gerbe’s rebound. Assist by Buchnevich, who also had a creative goal-mouth pass for Hayes that just missed, and Wedgewood had to make a save on the pass. Holden was very, very solid and calm in his first Rangers action.

6) Pirri scored his third goal in two games on the power play in the third to finish a three-point night.

7) Pirri assisted on the first PPG by John Gilmour, after Nicklas Jensen drew a second penalty. So do the Rangers have a power play this season? You don’t draw conclusions off preseason games, but it sure looks like they’re determined to get more pucks to the net, a.k.a. shoot it. They did it vs. the Islanders, too. On the PP and at even strength. And with bodies in front. Gilmour’s shot went through the Vesey and Rick Nash screens. Pirri’s second was helped by Jensen causing trouble in front.

8) “We’re trying to make an impression right now, and the harder we push each other and the better we work together the bigger impression we’re going to make,” Pirri said of his line with Gerbe and Buchnevich. “There’s competition in the lockerroom, but at the same time, if we’re all doing well, we’re all going to get noticed.”

9) There is no better way to get noticed that to put pucks in the net (we saw Oscar Lindberg do it last season), and Pirri has not only done that with his shot, but he’s done it by going to the net to collect garbage, and he’s aided a power play that’s been sharp and thinking shot-first. “You take them when you can get them,” Pirri said of his goals. “I’m a shoot-first type player. It’s hard to score in this league. They’re not all going to be on the flank on the power play. Sometimes you’ve got to go to the net and get a grittier one.”

buchnevich10) As you probably know by now, Kevin Hayes dumped about 10-15 pounds or so this summer. Looks lean and a step quicker so far, and very motivated. AV said Hayes’ physical tests improved more than any player from last year to this year. You always like it when a young player makes a commitment like that. Maybe he has a big year? Even made some real hustle plays on the backcheck. Played a complete game. That line looks superb through camp.

11) Before the game, Hayes advised his long-time friend Vesey to just be himself and play his game. Hayes told the great Steve Zipay of Newsday that Vesey’s debut “can’t be worse than mine. I was minus-2 against the Devils on my first two shifts. Marty St. Louis said, ‘Don’t worry, it can’t get any worse from here.’ ”

12) So the Rangers got back their three American World Cuppers, Henrik Lundqvist will practice and play one and a half games next week, and Mats Zuccarello will be back soon after last night’s Team Europe loss to Canada. I think the Rangers will be energized each time one of these guys returns, especially since so much is going so well without them. Meanwhile, there are more chances for some fringe/bubble guys to play more minutes. And you get some of your important players back game-ready. As long as nobody gets hurt or beaten down in the World Cup, it’s win-win-win, really.

13) Maxim Lapierre was a bit of a rat. I say that in the most complimentary way possible. Hit the pipe short-handed at the end of the first. Not saying he’s the guy, but as you know, the Rangers sure need guys who can kill penalties. And as Steve Valiquette says, they could always use a rat.

14) I liked it that Dylan McIlrath went after Mike McLeod after a whistle, after McLeod took a shot at Nash, who was down in a pileup, not that McLeod would ever fight him. I liked it even more that no penalties were called. And good for Mahopac’s Steven Santini going in to get in McIlrath’s face.  I’m really rooting for Santini to make the NHL roster, and I’m hearing he has a very good chance to do so.

15) McIlrath looked steadier in this one than he did Tuesday. Had a nice hip check along the wall early, later went stride for stride with Vernon Fiddler, who tried to go wide on him, and pinned him against the wall hard. Squished Coleman in open ice. I thought it was his man, Miles Wood, who scored the only goal against Raanta. I repeat, these are important games for him and his chances of being a top-six this season. He has to be better than the guys in front of him. Not to mention guys who, theoretically, are behind him, i.e. Adam Clendening.

skapski16) “There’s no doubt that there’s an improvement,” Vigneault said about McIlrath. “You can tell Dylan’s more confident in his abilities.  He’s trying to make plays defensively. He’s using his long reach and strength and he has to continue that moving forward.”

17) AV also said that he will get a look at Brady Skjei and Nick Holden on the right side during this preseason. … so McIlrath’s path isn’t getting any easier. And some of you will interpret that as me saying I hate McIlrath.

18) Another thing I’m starting to notice these first two games: The Snow Angel is disappearing from the games of the Rangers’ defensemen. We’ll see if that lasts. I do know that Jeff Beukeboom didn’t spend a lot of time sliding on the ice when he played. I also know that some defensive coaches insist their D-men stay on their feet as much as possible. Larry Robinson taught the great Devils teams to do that, and I’m sure Scott Stevens is teaching that in St. Louis.

19) Great to see my friend and former and now current teammate Andrew Gross at the game. It also makes me happy to see somebody wearing a jersey that says “Graves” on the back. As you know. Ryan Graves got his money’s worth on the crosschecking penalty in the second. Played pretty well. And his number, 63, adds up to 9.

20) For the second game in a row, Mackenzie Skapski had a strong outing (a shutout over his 27 minutes), though he wasn’t tested as much as he was Tuesday. Hey, he’s not going to make the team, and the Rangers are deep prospect-wise in goal, but these are important games for him, and important games for the Rangers’ brass to see. If they need a callup, Skapski, now healthy, could be the guy.

21) So Carey Price goes 16-0-0 in his last 16 appearances with Team Canada, dating back to the 2007 World Junior championships. I’m sure the fans and media in Canada now think he’s the best goalie who ever lived. He’s a tremendous goalie, IMO, but honestly, they could put Garth Snow in goal and he would have won some of those 16 games behind those teams. The media up there certainly seemed to be celebrating the World Cup that this country pretty much ignored.

hayes22) Speaking of which, the NHL is going to come up with its list of top 100 players all-time as part of its 100th year celebration. I imagine it will go, like: Crosby, Ovechkin, Gretzky, Orr, Matthews …

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brandon Pirri.
2. Kevin Hayes.
3. Jimmy Vesey.

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  1. Hayes gets 2nd star for going off sides and forcing bad passes and not sticking for his buddy Vesey after his face was smashed into the crossbar. Good job, keep drinking that kool-aid that Hayes is now in great shape. He looks as slow as ever.

    Buchnevich is a risk because he can run back to KHL, so I rather trade him. And really he hasn’t impressed me one bit.

  2. The World Cup, engineered and implemented so Canada can have something to celebrate. Didn’t watch or care a bit about it. Heard that there were scores of empty seats in the 2 “finals” games. Pretty funny that the Canadians could not even fill the building for this. And Carey Price blah blah blah. BFD. Gilles Gratton could have won behind that team.

  3. I DVR’d the game, but only watched the 1st period. Thanks for your Review Carp!
    Lots of reasons for optimism. A lot of our questions about the opening night roster starting to unfold in front of our eyes. Some good options for call ups if guys get hurt.

  4. Ok-I am done with pre season hockey- lets go already! This team could go 82 -0 this season! And this is without Hank so far. Not missing Boyle and Yandle-the Defensive Lapse Brothers.

  5. Thanks for the review Carp awesome as usual! I will watch the replay on the NHL Network today. We sure have a log jam up front, which is stating the obvious, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. As far as the D goes I for one and rooting for Mcllrath to make the top six!

  6. Interesting to watch how players view there job security. I thought Holden played the game like he felt he was on the team, and top 6. Just played a simple game, get on the ice get off the ice, don’t get hurt. McIlrath (who Carped blamed for the Nash give away, that lead to the goal), played like he needs to prove some thing, every second he was on the ice.mand he does.
    Vesey is an NHLer. I think Buchnevich is too, just not as polished as Vesey yet. His vision, skill, and shot are all there. His awareness of certain things is not quite there. That will come with playing more games.

  7. Tried to watch. We supposedly get MSG out here in Oklahoma, but of course it was blacked out. Glad it’s hockey season again!

  8. not much sizzle at Gary’s money grab….Those Europeans must have woke up crushed today that their team lost

  9. Jon just dvr the replay, Msg will show the game a few times. At least you can see how the team played.

  10. Nice review Carp!
    Pirri makes this team, and he makes the power play better, nice to have 2 shoot first guys that can bury the puck on the PP.

  11. Undefeated without Hairdo. Off st some kind of international scrimmage and he still can’t win the big one. Spend his money on better parking at MSG

  12. Stranger Nation on

    One snow angel was McDiesel who broke up a 2 on 1 in 3rd. When he stretches out and gets horizontal, that’s a lot of ice being covered.
    Nash with set up on Derbils goal off unsettled play. McDiesel was marking man in crease, not his play. Gilmour lost board battle, Nash came over to help and passed it open Derbil in slot.
    VC is easy on the eyes. Saw that hit on boards, love the tenacity and drive to net. Wow!
    Da Buke has great vision. He will be a PP dream playing with high level talent.
    Not sure if Split Squad Azzlanders and depleted Derbils are a good barometer but we’ll take it.
    Graves is a big boy. Still green but you can see the potential.

  13. Carey Price’s girlfriend could have won behind that Canada team. Yeah…and this mentioned hip check McTruck performed, was at least 2 mississippis late. It really surprised me when it wasn’t called. I liked Holden in his first appearance – looked very solid and calm. Don’t know what was he catching in the rye, but pretty sure he caught some credits and attention from coaches. Team at whole looks very enthusiastic and a bit faster…Is it enough for optimism?

  14. Have to say it but the young defense looks perfect for AV’s game. Send Gerardo to Hartford and hope he retires and trade Staal, McD. and Nash for Truba, the right hander they need. Yes its drastic, but I like the speed that the young defense brings to the game.

  15. It’s only preseason- but man, I’m pysched on this team for this season! Especially considering the way last season ended, cap space/trades and what not in the offseason. The youth coming up keeps the future looking bright.

  16. Good morning, boneheads!
    Nice review, Carp!
    Yes, it’s a weak competition, but it’s also a different looking game plan for NY, and it’s a very likable one. Puck is out of their zone in a heartbeat. And they shoot. Pirri is going to be difficult not to keep, and Buchnevich didn’t do anything to believe he doesn’t belong. Good luck, AV
    McIlrath was much better. And I’m sure Wicky will comment on it later, but Big Mac doesn’t let anyone standing in front of their goalie for more than half second. Before or after the whistle.
    Was curious to see Gilmour. His goal notwithstanding, he is very raw in his own zone.

  17. One more thing before I go and explore Cartagena. I like Jensen’s game. I would not trade this guy. He may need another year in Hartford, but maybe a call up too..
    Intererestingly, both Hrivik’s and Fast’s games looked obsolete last night.

  18. Thanks for the review Carp. I missed the game due to a wake and I feel all caught up now. I did catch the end in time for the Three Stars. Caught a glimpse of John Gilmour. Geez, either these guys are getting younger or I am getting older. He looks like the next time he shaves will be the first time.
    By the way, does this mean the Rangers win the September Cup?!?
    As for #22, you need to crowbar in McDavid who seems to be the best thing since sliced bread. I am guessing you can squeeze him in between that Gretzky and Orr guy :-) Can’t wait to see which can’t miss forward the Oilers take this year.

  19. “Intererestingly, both Hrivik’s and Fast’s games looked obsolete last night.”

    what a dumb thing to say especially come playoffs.

  20. Re (10) We must have been watching different games. I was unimpressed by both Hayes and Nash. OK maybe Hayes did not do his patented pirouettes around the dot, but for all intents it looked just like last year with both of them. Pirri with the hot hand early but not drinking the koolaid quite yet. The situation at D is really troubling as there are clearly better players that will not be on the squad because of anchor contracts.

  21. Buch reminds me of when Kreider came into the league with his play away from the puck. His stick isn’t on the ice a lot, and he is kind of floating out there. I could see a rotation between him and Pirri for a Top 9 spot. Only his second game in North America so hard to be too critical. Vesey looks like a pro.

  22. Tough road to hoe, but do I exaggerate when I say McIlrath seems to be growing in confidence and discipline?

  23. Looks like Holden is in. Steady, not too many mistakes, good size. Clendening is going to have to be much better in his own zone before he’s even considered a spare, imho. Gilmour isn’t ready, neither is Graves. And I’m not convinced that playing someone on the wrong side is a long term solution. So the decision on defense is still as complicated as it was before the camp. Few games to go, let’s see how it all sorts itself out.

  24. Adding V-easy’s willingness to sacrifice himself by going to the front of the net (along with Nasher and THE, makes my heart pitty-pat. From Vickers through Adam Graves, this has been the mark of a serious team.

  25. And good riddance to Ulfie, whom I respected as a player. No one told the truth. We’re better without him.

  26. Carp how did Tambellini look?
    I didn’t get to see the whole game. The wife wanted to check out this John Edwards guy from New York, apparently he can talk to dead people :)

  27. Jeff Gorton's inner bonehead on

    Jets won’t get a better player than Zuccarello for Trouba. Maurice knows Zucc well and loves him from the lockout season. Zucc makes Laine a better, more dangerous player immediately. 3 yrs @ 4.5 million for the production Zucc will create for him and his linemates is dynamic. Will always love Zucc, but this is one trade I’d move him in.

  28. Tambellini very good hands and vision, protected the puck on the wall. Could be something in 1 or 2 years if he keeps getting stronger. 6’4″ 195 lbs could be 210 with 15 lbs of muscle; only 21 yo.
    Can never have enough centers
    Am not sold on hazy daze in the pivot. Fell into bad habits in second half of game, stick-handling with no purpose on the half wall.
    Nash still falling down easily at the slightest nudge. Needs to get skates wider in crease.

  29. TRADE for TROUBA start the campaign.
    Gorton needs to work his magic. This is one guy I would use the the 1’st round pick to bring in, he would fit perfect on the 2nd pair, and as a RH shot on the PP.

  30. Sean Avery's mom (CCCP) on

    Rangers fans always talk about having a rat on the roster. Always looking/wishing for one. Always…unless, of course, your name is Sean Avery. Then, they hate you and can’t wait to dump you :)

  31. Pirri deserves to be on the 3rd line, it wouldn’t bother me if he makes the team on the 4th line, and the PP. We need his “shoot first” mentality, and it shows getting the puck to the net will create more scoring chances….. and goals :)
    Lots of good young talent, you would think we would have something that Winnipeg could use.

  32. I think we have enough d-men to dump Staal, Girardi & Summers (if we can) Summers got hit behind play and never got back in time to defend. The prospects and signings are enough to start the season without Staal & Girardi. They are too slow to play anymore. Tough decisions to see 12 forwards to keep. Maybe go with 13 forwards and 5 d excluding Staal & Girardi

  33. So you’re putting Matthews ahead of McDavid Carp? Guy hasn’t played an NHL game yet whereas McDavid has already passed Messier on the EDM all-time lists. Kid can fly.

    Can’t remember a time where the Rangers had so many legit forwards in camp. And their awareness that it’s a competition appears to be working. Gotta credit Gorton. I usually have a pretty good idea of how the cuts are going to go down but I’m stumped this year. Gotta figure whoever makes it earned the hell out of it.

  34. Suddenly, Haze is praised for losing 15 lbs. off-season. Left out is that he must have played last year 15 lbs. overweight. To my mind, anyone who plays 80 NHL games a season plus everything else that goes into it, is in top shape to begin with. I once saw a young Ulf Nilsson on the street in Scarsdale years ago when he was out for an extended time with his injury and, though he played at about 175, he must have been 250.

  35. Hey Carp if you know anyone who covers the Giants (as I’m sure a man of your worldly stature does) you should see if they could convince Odell to come see the Rangers, especially their kids.

    Here is my reasoning. There is much more of a propensity for a young hockey player trying to make the team to loose his cool. Even older guys!! To me hockey is soooo much faster, and gives the player so many chances to over due it per se.

    Just a thought

  36. Can back up the Ulf in Scarsdale comment. My college girlfriend’s family lived next door to him there (late 80s early 90s). In other Ulf news, I bumped into his kid who owns a restaurant on Warren St in Hudson NY. Forget the restaurant’s name but it looked nice.

  37. Wicky … Sioux tickets just landed in my lap, jump in the truck and lets go watch the championship banner get raised tomorrow night :)
    Holy Smokes check out the championship rings for the college boys.
    A little over the top, but I guess Ralph left some funds to pick up the tab!

  38. Well if someone doesn’t take that kid under their wing he’s in deep poopoo!!!! Just think these kids for the Rangers are all saying and doing the right things. Not that Odell doesn’t but they sure are in line as far as the TEAM concept goes!!!

  39. Don’t mean to turn this into the Giants blog, but just the comparison of the youth the Rangers have brought here and the young man who has the skills of Sid, but apparently is somewhat brain dead.

  40. Hockey players are the most humble people out off all pro sports.
    Odell could learn alot from them.
    Perhaps how to fight with the net :)

  41. I missed most of the game last night. I only saw the second half of the 2nd period. Hard to form any real impressions. I agree with you, carp, that Mcllrath’s man scored the Devils’ goal. Loved it when Vesey put Greene down. How far the Devils’ captaincy has fallen. If that was Scott Stevens who had lined up a Rangers rookie like that in a preseason game they would still be scraping what was left of him off the ice.

  42. If anything, I’d say Vesey learned from Beckham how to rebound from taking one in the mush from the crossbar.

  43. Well humble yes, but it also makes you think about the coach? No?? These kids and even veterans are all saying n doing what they can, and appear to have bought into their coaches!!! Not so much with Odell. I don’t think Coughlin would have let his players take all those penalties last weekend!!! Discipline was his thing.

    At this point with the Rangers I just love the youth and what theyve said n done so far, in this short couple of games. Just a comparison to football, that I thought everyone would enjoy.

  44. Competition for a spot on the ice, always brings out the best in a player.
    As they say in the Land of the Sioux………
    Believe it, Earn it, Raise it!

  45. One of the very best sobriquets in college sports buried by the infantile PC crowd. Go Fighting Sioux!

  46. CYNAR – Hope Alot ….. we are tied for 1’st right now :)
    Lots of young talented players coming up, and the draft picks are all in the drawer.

  47. Just a completely different feel with this team. I would imagine it’s the youth, and some of it the coaches, but it’s a good feeling. At least in my humble opinion.

  48. I had to actually check who the number 13 was this morning!!!! He doesn’t look ANYTHING like last year!!!!!!

  49. Let’s tell the truth, difficult as it may be to state it: Haze has been over-rated since he got here. Shy on the ice as well as other shortcomings. Long as he’s here, I still root for him. Pick it up, boyo.

  50. here is my best guess on the opening night roster.
    Forwards (13)
    Stepan, Hayes, Zika, Kreider, Nash, Zucc, Miller, Vesey, Grabner, Pirri, Buchnevich, Gerbe, Jooris. Fast gets traded.

    D (7)
    McD, Girardi, Staal, Klein, Holden, McIlrath, Clendenning. Skjei starts the season in Hartford, but is up by November.
    Hank, and Auntie.

  51. Really fun to see the youth we have out here. I am really psyched about the team. ILB, I thought you were done for the day. Waiting for a tour bus to take you down to the Plaza Bolivar? :-)

  52. Blueshirt in TO on

    TYM….”The World Cup, engineered and implemented so Canada can have something to celebrate…..Pretty funny that the Canadians could not even fill the building for this.”

    Sour grapes my friend. Bet you would have tuned in if Team USA had lived up to its advanced billing and actually made the final that most of us were hoping for. If attendance in the finals was off a little it was due ticket prices and no natural rivalry. It is unfortunate that your team was composed more of “grit” than real talent and that your top brass selected a coach who still has no clue as to how the game has evolved in the last five years.

    As for support of this tourney….. Toronto was a perfect host and did the hockey community proud. I was at the Sweden vs Young Guns game played at 3PM on a weekday. Completely sold out and one of the most enjoyable games I have been to in years. This was mostly about on ice entertainment and should be appreciated as such.

  53. I give you 22 guys, and the only one you comment on is Fast? Not that I have Gerbe on the team, or all of Vesey, Buchnevich, and Pirri. Plus no Skjei, but both McIlrath, and Clendenning.
    Speaking of Fast. For a guy who is supposed to be a fast skater, he really seemed to lag behind in the speed department. And he was knocked down 30 seconds into his first shift.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    BDL, did Fast hold the laces in when you were trying to kick the superbowl winning kick in 1984?

  55. Stranger Nation on

    PK is a forechecking machine. One Derbils PP, it seemed the puck was in their end for the first minute of it.
    David Gilmour looks 12 yo. but can shred the solos
    The Great Santini should make the big club or at least be called up early
    Ryder Cup smackdown let’s out a collective yawn from the sporting public

  56. Oh Boy … AV comments on D_Mac smells of another “missed it by that much” year for Dylan…
    Coach AV said : “There’s no doubt that there’s an improvement,” “You can tell Dylan’s more confident in his abilities. He’s trying to make plays defensively. He’s using his long reach and strength and he has to continue that moving forward.”
    Interpretations :
    “No doubt there’s improvement” = but an incredibly long way to go
    “more confident in his abilities” = getting somewhat better… not the bumbler he (AV) saw last year
    “Trying to make plays defensively” = well, he’s “trying to” .. not “he’s making”
    “has to continue using reach & strength… moving forward” = way too slow .. must use other coping mechanisms…
    add it all up and he’s back to a solid # 7 or higher.. GM’s will be calling about him though expect low-ball offers.
    I’m thinking/ wondering if that at the start of the reg season, NYR will carry many extras until things get sorted out…
    Do the CAP & Roster limit rules prevent that ? Roster limit ? 25 guys?
    I’m also not real clear on who can go to the Wolf Pack without passing through waivers.. I know D-Mac can’t ..
    but what about all the extra forwards? Pretty sure anybody who’s been an NHL player for a year or more will need to go through waiver exposure …
    any of you guys up for listing the “Maybe’s” who has to go through waivers if sent down ..?
    Pablo Diablo – The always angry, the glass is NEVER close to half full, Ranger-Hating Ranger fan!!
    at least he’s not short sighted or quick to judge a player… like based on one or two plays!!
    but I think he was close on his review of Baby Huey Hayes .. I was wondering what the heck Hayes was thinking when 3 times on the PP he tried to pass the puck all the way through the longest part of the Dev’s PK defensive zone box… through at least two layers of defenders
    Give him pts for sticking to it .. I think his 4th attempt made it through un-touched but at such an angle that his teammate receiving the pass had to corral the thing and was immediately forced to get rid of it…
    and his short back passes to his same-side point man who was all ready to one-time it (almost all of Hayser’s passes) had to be stopped and re-tee’d.

  57. Doodie,
    I don’t believe for a second that you think Fast is an important Ranger (I know AV does), or that what he does cannot be replaced by any one of a number of guys currently in camp.

  58. Regardless of AV’s historical “dislike” for Dylan McIlrath (maybe mistrust is a better word?), you also can’t ignore AV’s history of tough love with certain players. JT Miller comes to mind, and I think that wound up working out fairly well. And I happen to think that McIlrath, at this stage, seems a bit more mature than JT was when he was a bubble player. McIlrath gets it, but AV seems to think that a fire needs to be lit.

    Or maybe he just has no use for him at all :)

    BDL – I’d comment on Fast too, just because the assumption of a trade is pretty specific. I’m with you – if other guys outperform Fast and you could get a decent pick for him, go for it. Otherwise, at least he doesn’t hurt you.

  59. Haze’s advice to his buddy V-easy to “just relax and play,” reminds me of my uncle, a former Tour golfer who, when I asked for tips, told me basically the same thing. Useless. And my golf game proves it.

  60. Rock Ranger – Roster limit is 23 players plus anyone on Injured reserve or Long-Term Injured Reserve. Odds are the Rangers keep 23 skaters (salary cap permitting) given there are a few players who have to clear waivers to go to the AHL. Off the top of my head, the ones I can think of are Hrivik, Jensen and McIlrath. I know there are more, but is Friday afternoon and my mind is already in weekend mode :-)
    BTW, you can figure Lindberg starts on IR – not sure if he would even be out long enough to qualify for LTIR. I would prefer the Rangers go with 22 players and save whatever cap space they can – plus it keeps a roster spot open if there is an emergency without having to juggle the roster. That is one benefit in having your AHL affiliate so close. No problem going to 23 when they head out west for extended road trips.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    If Hrivik doesn’t legitimately make the team, he will be waived. I believe that if Mcllrath and Jensen cannot make the team, they will be kept around until they are traded.

  62. tomorrow’s lineup (J.T. Miller playing):

  63. What Hurricane, Carp? I’m on the path of every single ice cream shop in Cartagena, it appears. Luckily, they are all air conditioned, and have free wifi

  64. Most of the newcomers ( Jooris, Gerbe, Pirri, Holden, Clendening) have to clear waivers. On top of Hrivik, Jensen, and McIlrath. So 23 man roster is most likely than not.

  65. Thanks for the info lads …
    last year or maybe two back, on the Rants blog, several claimed AV “doesn’t like” JT. That was nonsense!!
    I couldn’t agree more to what DaveB mentioned .. that has worked out pretty well ..
    I remember AV said something like : “It’s up to JT if he wants to be a career AHL’er and a good one or if he wants to elevate his game ….blah blah blah.”
    So last year I was thinking that JT has arrived and that he’d probably be happy to purchase a new car or truck for AV in thanks for the coach getting his head screwed on straight… dis-like? Nah .. good coaching … YES!
    I just hope AV has enough respect for D-Mac to not push him outta the picture… he’d be way more expendable if
    G-man and Staal weren’t health/ability question marks and the season hasn’t even started yet…
    it would be sickening to see Dylan in Flyer orange black and white crushing Broadway Blue Shirts.. or if he went to Devs or Isles !! That kid would be a regular blue liner on MANY NHL clubs right.. and getting better with additional NHL level play
    One thing about AV – he will give players more than one chance even when they maybe screw up initially…
    I personally think J Fast is a solid (and safe) NHL’er but he is certainly threatened by all the talent up front this year.. some other team will snap him up if he is made available.. him being a safe two-way player who can find the net and will back check hard are valuable traits .. and he’s a nice low-ender on the CAP @ 950K .. RFA next year .. every team will need guys like him.. in a CAP world.
    a lot will depend on AV’s willingness to truly embrace his own words from lat year at this time : “It’s a four-line league now …”
    the current NHL evolution towards top speed up front and four offensively threatening lines drops FAST down just a bit in value… a tiny bit. Many coaches would be thrilled to have him.
    BTW – I checked out the web site CAP FRIENDLY and it shows only Charlie<VC<Vesey and Blue Skjei as "Waiver Exempt" on the Roster list… and most of the Non-Roster players though not all …
    here's a link to CAP FRIENDLY NYR page : https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/rangers
    one of the icons (down arrow in green circle) indicates waiver exempt status…
    Stepan – wow, was forgetting about him and his HIGH 6.5 cap hit this year + 4 more … hey, maybe he'll break through to 25 goals soon … Not convinced caving in to him was the right move .. Yes, he a good player, talented etc potential up the kazoo (many say).. but to me 6.5 per is 25-30+ goals a year territory..
    he had career high 22G last year and first year potted 21G … 18G in the 48-game Lockout year…
    which brings me back to Trouba.. OK, Yeah, solid young defenseman.. righty, hard to find .. pretty big, he's got offense in his game… check check check .. got it … yup, a blue chipper, an up & comer for sure.
    Ok so he's pretty good now.. tons of potential … But, why can't he "settle" for a nice raise and bide his time to UFA status in a few years and go ex-large then .. It looks like in just four years, counting this year, he'll have 7 yrs of NHL play and be UFA eligible.. he'd be 26 yrs old then.. a year ahead of the 27 yrs old automatic UFA kick in…
    He could probably earn 2.8 – 3.5 this year or two, (was salary 894,000 plus some nice bonus $$ last 3 or so years; he'll be Arbitration eligible after this season .. if he plays)
    and then get another nice raise for his last deal before UFA… He's not Paul Coffey or Guy La Pointe' or even …
    His offensive numbers have dropped a bit since his best year … why does he feel the NHLPA rules/guidelines shouldn't apply to him…
    Sure, I'd love to get him… within reason.. put him in the player's stall right next to $tepan

  66. Folks forget how solid a kreider/stepan/fast line was in the 14-15 playoffs. fast had 2 goals in an important game 4 against the bolts.

  67. Its Speculation. but this happens a lot and sometimes the guys leaking know people in these offices.
    http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?p=122532915&highlight=#post122532915 and Post #94

    The talk about ice time, wanting to play the right side…all of it, is just plain hogwash. In the end, it’s been just a bad PR ploy that, if it hasn’t already begun, will backfire.

    “Someone” in Overhardt’s agency told me way back at the beginning of September that Trouba has pretty much played his last game in Winnipeg. I believe that has always been the case. For whatever reason, Trouba does not want to play in Winnipeg, but not for the reasons being stated, no matter who is saying it.

    I think the kid is getting some bad advice on how to handle the situation and I don’t think Overhardt is handling it very well at all. Go back and listen to the interview with him I posted in the previous thread. He was unprepared, a major screw up.

    There’s a reason he has the nickname Overcharge around the league.
    and then http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?p=122566171&highlight=#post122566171 and post #203

    I did say both.

    Word I got is that for the “right team” he would sign a “show me” contract which to me, further solidifies my belief(?) that this is all about not wanting to play for Winnipeg at any cost.

    Overhardt has a nickname in some hockey circles and it is Overcharge.

  68. Rangers have been fishing on Trouba for a couple years and it sounds like Trouba and his camp have wanted the NY organization/market as well.

  69. haha. your telling me. Been more right than wrong on most things Rangers. Want to put some hot dogs on it carpster.

  70. 7 goals in the first 40 games. 3 in last 40 games. 1 in the last 16. 14 minutes a night on the ice. Part of the lousy PK unit, and part of the group who gave up countless late game goals while protecting a lead. Very valuable I would say.

  71. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    Unless Trouba and/or his agent has pictures of Chevy with a live boy or a dead girl (or whatever the current equivalent is) and demands a trade to the NYR, he ain’t coming here. Many other teams have far more to offer.

  72. Good coaches hand out tough love when needed, not just sometimes. I don’t think AV hates Dylan, but don’t think he is eager to play him either. Last year Girardi was practically begging to be played less based on his performance (and possibly injuries) and it would have been the perfect time to get Dylan out there more both for his development, the good of the team and to allow Girardi time to rest/heal. Did AV do that?

  73. I am just really nervous and concerned that Rangers and especially AV will make wrong moves and waive good players and keep the lesser ones; and trade players that we should keep while keeping those we should trade. Also I hate the idea of losing good players for nothing on waivers.

    I think we need to look to trade Stepan, Hayes, Buchnevich, Nash, Staal, Girardi. (I think Stepan gets us Trouba)

    Not really sure yet about Jooris, Clendening, Holden, Jensen and Lindberg,.

    Gerbe needs to be gone I shudder just thinking about going into playoffs with him on the roster. And same goes for Bodie.

    Lapierre is probably not worth the risk of potentially lots of bad penalties.

    McIlrath has to be at least a top 7, I don’t even remember last time we had a big physical defenseman before him.

    Pirri and Hrivik should be on the team.

  74. Stu was mostly just a good fighter, could barely produce points in AHL, never drafted for a good reason. Dylan is on totally different level.

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