Rangers-Islanders in review


Rangers 5, Islanders 2.

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1) Saw a lot of good things. Some not great things. But, man, this team is quicker and this team is potentially more skilled. I will say this many times in the coming weeks: I think this could be among the top teams in the East … but that depends on the returning guys having better years. And you know the list. If they don’t it won’t matter how much new skill and speed they brought in.

2) One of those is Chris Kreider, who sounds determined, looks determined, has had a strong camp and a really superb first game. My first star.

3) Kreider’s goal was a ricochet shot, but another indicator of what can happen when you fire it and when you have somebody in front. How many times last year did they refuse to shoot that puck, looking for fancy-boy passes instead?

Magnus Hellberg4) “I think the play leading up to that where I tried to kick it out of the corner and take it to the net, it’s something I’m definitely focusing on, something that I need to do more of,” Kreider said. “It’s not just taking it to the net off of the rush, it’s out of the corners. It’s just getting to that point. I think everything kind of develops because we do a good job of working it down low and taking pucks to the net and they crash and everything just opens up from there.  It was a great play by the D too, Bodes (Bodie) and Clendening both moved the puck really well.”

5) Early second, Marc Staal went for the long change and Bernier would have been in alone, but Kreider used his third gear to chase him down and break up the play. I thought Kreider was pretty fabulous throughout. It was his screen on the Dylan McIlrath goal.

6) McIlrath scored a goal on another booming shot, and these games are really important for him. I thought he was pretty good overall, but he had some bad moments. He wandered out of position on the uncontested goal by Jason Chimera early. Also took a minor penalty. And fell down to create a 2-on-1. And, yeah, I’m going to be accused of hating the kid or only pointing out his shortcomings. When the real point is, he’s got to be a lot better if he’s going to earn a top-six spot.

7) Uncontested goal. Where have we heard that before? On the other hand, Chimera might as well wear No. 99 when he plays the Rangers.

8) Kreider, Mika Zibanejad and Pavel Buchnevich made the power play look good. Brandon Pirri and Adam Clendening, too.

9) Zibanejad buried an absolute rocket of a one-timer from Alex Ovechkin’s office, and that, kids, is why you need a right-handed shooter on the power play. Last year that need was so deep that for a while they had Dan Boyle playing the Ovechkin spot on the PP. And for a while it actually worked.

Dan Girardi, Marc Staal10) Asked if it was nice to score a goal in his first game, Zibanejad had a simple answer: “Who doesn’t want to score?  I think everyone you ask wants to get a good start, especially with a new team.  It’s still the first game so you don’t want to think that highly about it, but it’s obviously nice to get a good start.”

11) The kid’s been electric throughout camp, and while it’s only camp, the sessions have been played at a high pace. He’s shown a ton of skill and speed and a great shot … and he fancies himself a two-way center. He also said he didn’t think he got everything on the shot on which he scored.

12) Max Lapierre, the rat, is wearing Stu Bickel’s number. And how about Tanner Glass wearing an ‘A’? Played 19:43 last night. Team high among forwards. Didn’t take any dumb penalties. 11-9 on draws.

13) Mid-first, Brady Skjei is caught up near the top of the circle, Dan Girardi slides across to help, nobody covers for Girardi and Eric Boulton walks in for a wrister all alone in the slot. Eric. Boulton. How does that happen? I mean, the guy won’t play five NHL games this season and is an extinct dinosaur as a fighter. And Magnus Hellberg had to bail them out. Not a stellar game for that D-pair. Skjei and Girardi each took a pair of penalties. I didn’t mind Girardi’s too much because they were aggressive penalties.

14) Girardi went a whole period without being dinged up. Then early second he took one off the kneecap. The right kneecap. The one he cracked last season. Girardi said he had a moment of fear, then realized he was OK. Then he scored from 7th Avenue, Dustin Johnson territory.

15) Mat Bodie showed some wheels. Not sure if he’s strong enough yet. Maybe he is. And Clendening (two assists) showed a pretty decent shot and some calmness on the power-play point. “I think my job is to come here and move the puck, create some offense and shoot the puck,” Clendening, a righty, said. “I think I did a pretty good job of that tonight.”

16) I did think the Rangers were tying up men in front to a greater degree than they did most of last season. The Jeff Beukeboom influence?

17) Marek Hrivik had a 2-on-none with Jensen. Shot it and was stopped by J.F. Berube. Not sure he knew it was 2-on-none, because that’s one case where you go wide and look to pass through the slot for the dunk.

tank18) I thought Pirri displayed a lot of why the Rangers signed him. Good offensive instincts, willingness to shoot, willingness to go to net. The Rangers need shooters. (Have we mentioned that before?). Terrific shot on his power-play goal. Question with him is, and will be, can he do anything positive away from the puck? Or at least, not too much negative? Or can he provide enough offense to off-set what deficiency he might have? Or can AV and the coaches teach him to be better away from the puck?

19) Speaking of which, AV said this about Buchnevich: “The skill set we’ve all talked about since the start of camp, you saw it tonight. He’s a young player going through the process and hopefully he’ll continue to improve.” I mentioned that because some of you guys constantly misinterpret every time he uses the word “process.”

20) Not a good Game 7 for the Islanders.

21) There was some serious security outside the Garden last night. (photo above right) Or maybe it was the Islanders’ new mascot: Tank.

22) Preseason games are great for watching newcomers and rookies and such. But, man, they are awful hockey games. I started checking out with 47 minutes left.

23) A kid in camp, Philip McRae, is the son of Basil McRae, the ex-St. Louis tough guy now working for Columbus, I believe. Philip survived the first cut. I remember Basil cleverly getting Adam Graves tossed out of a game in the opening minutes by punching Mark Messier. Graves jumped in. Instant ejection.

24) Hartford could be pretty good this year once the Rangers finish making their cuts. Gonna be some skilled players going down.

25) A girl behind me in the train on the way home set a world record for “likes” in a sentence, then broke her own record several times. She literally said, “I literally died.” Millenials. Ninety-nine percent of them give the rest a bad name. Relax, youngsters. It’s a joke.

Chris Kreider**********************************************
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Mika Zibanejad.
3. Adam Clendening.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mika Zibanejad.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Brandon Pirri.
Photos by the Associated Press.

Tank photo by Rick Carpiniello/The Journal News.

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    Heyyyy yoo!!! I’m backs! We’s all back! I thought the game was kinda boring. To be honest. I’m still a fan. Big fan! Huge! I love these guys. But the game stunk.

  2. I guess I can go to bed now.
    Good review Carp. I agree, it was great to see the team firing shots on net instead of endless passing.
    I thought Skjei had a rough game, He needs playing time.
    Mcilrath had a rough start too. i remember him making some weak chips up the boards right to the Islanders. Nice goal.
    Don’t want to overanalyze the first preseason game. It was fun to watch, and evaluate the new talent.
    Welcome back Rangers.

  3. Almost there…almost! Puck’s been dropped on the pre-season and it was good to see an actual effort and not just a leg stretching exercise. Really not much to say. I loved the Brass trade (easier to spell) even more watching Mika (still easier) play a two way, energized game. i think Kreids will benefit from this as well. Best part of last nights game is the Game Review…simply the best!

  4. The first goal, that you put on McIlrath for chasing, was actually on Hrivek. McIlrath went with his man, Bodie had his, and for some reason (‘ new to the center ice position) Hrivek went with Bodie. After that play, I thought Hrivek was pretty good. I still not a fan of Hrivek, but you have to call them like you see them.

  5. Kreider looks like he is ready for a breakout year. I really like what I saw out of Clendening, looked good in his own zone and can shoot the puck and really like that Gorton trade for Zibanejad, kid can shoot, good weapon on the power play and is a 2 way center and younger.

  6. Thanks for the great write up, Carp. as someone else from this neck of the woods noted earlier, MSG aired the Baby Buffalo game, then delayed broadcasting the Ranger game until after my bedtime….grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have whispered into the ears of the bears and coyotes up here what to do when Dolan’s band visits for a jam.

  7. It’s not a joke to me. These young idiots being unable to articulate one complete sentence without bombing the rest of us with like and literally – it marks the end of times. Dumba$$es. 25 is the new 12. And yet these morons hit two buttons, create an App and sell it to Google for $30 million…then celebrate at the Delano

  8. Zibanejad looked good, as did Kreider… nothing better than waking up, grabbing a cup of java & reading a Carp game review. (even if its only preseason) And I knew where I was, with the gratuitous shots at Staal & Girardi (its the 1st preseason game & they aren’t rookies…give me a break)

  9. Stranger Nation on

    sounded like a good crowd for a pre-season game, guess the Azzlanders bring some juice
    Boulton had about 4 scoring chances, might be transitioning to a new role in the league
    Agree with BDL that McIlrath was marking his man on the puck side on the goal. He had plenty of other gaffs however, not very impressed with his lateral movement. He does look better than DanG.
    Staal looked fine, DanG is slow and slower. This is not going to go well this season I am afraid.
    That first PP was a work of art. The passing to/from point was impressive.
    Who doesn’t want to score?

  10. I understand why they gave Girardi a ridiculous contract at the time, but I will never understand why they gave Staal an even more ridiculous one.

    Both kind of suck at this point. To be honest I always thought that Staal even before all the injuries kind of sucked and was overhyped.

  11. Hey Unk,

    Glad to see hockey season back and my favorite game reviews! I have some reading material in the morning while I eat my bacon,egg & cheese!

  12. Poor Skjei had to work for himself and the other G guy. And the same as Pirri had to work for himself and for another G guy

  13. Zika may be the match up center they have been looking for. I always liked Stepan with Kreider, but the speed in which Zika plays at fits Kreider. I had no problem with Buchnevich and his game last night. Made a few plays in tight spaces, and the first PP goal he really moved the puck well. He said he very nervous. I think we will see a better Buchnevich going forward. I liked him.

  14. In reference to #24 – I was thinking the same thing last night – especially if the guys who have to clear waivers get through.
    Interestingly enough, it could be the last year in Hartford. Ottawa is moving their AHL affiliate from Binghamton to Belleville. Binghamton ownership said they have a replacement set, but won’t comment on who it is. While Las Vegas’s affiliate will add a team to the AHL, if they were going to Binghamton I imagine they would say so.
    The Rangers agreement with Hartford was extended only through this coming season. attendance has not been good so i wonder if the rangers would look to return to the Southern Tier?

  15. On #3: The reason why they weren’t looking for fancy boy passes is because Brass ardent and Zucchini weren’t playing last night lol

  16. Do you think this was too early for isles to start tanking? (Being game 1 of the preseason and all). Or was this just good strategy?

  17. Rangers are clear favorites to be the September Cup Champs. Dylan McIlrath, come get the Mayors Trophy!

  18. Ogie Ogelthorpe on

    First exhibition, not going to get overly excited, brings to mind a line by the Wolf in Pulp Fiction, you figure it out but the Z man can play and Girardi can’t, sad. The power play and offense look like they could be much improved but the team D still looks lousy.

  19. Good morning, boneheads!
    Game review! Didn’t realize how much I missed it.
    Too early to judge any individual players, but I liked what I saw in Mika, Kreider, and Buchnevich. Was very impressed by Hrivik. After the Chimera goal ( was his man, I agree), he looked very well. He may make AV’s decision on 4th line center even more difficult.
    I didn’t know Clendening had these PP puck moving skills in him, but I thought he struggled in his own zone under pressure.
    How about a couple of impressive saves by two young goalies last night?
    We are going to love the new shoot first mentality this year.
    Gosh, the Fishsticks are going to miss Frans this year. Big time!

  20. I’ve literally been waiting months for a Carpy review!
    The elimination of the fancy boy over passing and lackadaisical defensive effort from forwards is enough to make this team better up front
    The D may wind up a log jam of mediocrity

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I tried to focus on the defensemen. I think it’s hard to learn about forwards when they’re playing this level of competition, but you can learn a decent amount about defensemen.

    Clendening was pretty good on the power play and not so good everywhere else. He was like a poor man’s Yandle.

    Mat Bodie reminds me a lot of Torey Krug, but his shot isn’t as good as Krug’s. I was most excited about his prospects of the defensemen from the game tonight. Loved when he joined a rush and had good enough wheels to get back afterwards.

    Skjei had a pretty brutal game. Girardi didn’t do him any favors at some points, but there were other times where Skjei was just bad. That first penalty he took was just an atrocious sequence of events. In the third period, a saucer pass from Barzal (who was fantastic, what a player he’s going to be) from the left corner towards the middle, Skjei tries to block it but instead just ends up settling it a bit for the Islanders forward in the middle (I forget who) and Skapski made a great save. Just overall a very bad night for him.

    Mcllrath was up and down. I could see that he tried to make quick plays with the puck, especially in his own zone, but too frequently went with a backhanded pass behind the goal that was intercepted because it did not have enough force on it and/or was too predictable. The goal was another example of that great shot he has, plus good on him to take the time to bring it to the middle and wait for a screen.

    Staal and Girardi were Staal and Girardi. Not much to say about them. They looked like they were picking up where they left off last season.

    Of the forwards, Carp hit a lot of the ones who had good games, but I thought Nick Jensen really struggled, especially on defense. Stromwall had a nice hit on Brock Nelson but was otherwise mostly invisible. Kovacs showed some good burst but was largely ineffective.

    An interesting note on Pirri- after his PP goal, the camera showed him on the bench seemingly being instructed by Arniel as if he had done something wrong. Pirri’s reaction was one of frustration with himself. I think he knows that he’s not getting many more chances at the NHL.

  22. Impressed with The K and his peripatetic energy and net presence. Shay and Danny G had presence, too, but spelled ‘presents.’

    Did I notice Beuk’s boys a bit more adept at tying up opponents in front of the net, or was it just first game happenstance?

  23. Carp,
    I was not referring to the bottom 6. I think they should consider moving Zucc, or Miller for a Dman. Preferably Zucc.
    I noticed the same thing with Pirri, and Arneil. It did not look like Pirri agreed with what he was being told. Also agree with you on McIlrath, up and down. I felt most of the down was early. Got better as the game went.

  24. I don’t agree that Jensen struggled, but I was looking for more from him. Did not see the speed in him I thought he had.

  25. I hope they don’t discourage Buchnevich from playing to his strengths. After their first shift on the bench Mika was already telling him to go N-S. it may be true in the middle zone, but it looks like his game rests on good ice vision and puck distribution. Once they’re in the O-zone, let him play his game. Going to the corners and fighting big bodies aren’t his strengths.

  26. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    Absent getting a top-flight shut-down D-man, which as Carp points out is going to be very difficult to do (unless we start trading draft picks again), what I hope Gorton can pull off is the kind of trade that brought us Kevin Klein. I thought getting KK (for MDZ) was one of the keys to the success the 2013-14 team had after New Years. His addition solidified all 3 pairs. A stud in the back would be nice but all we may need is a solid pro who’s strong in our end. While we may not be able to get one of those for the low, low price of a MDZ, we should have enough talent to dangle (McIlrath?)

  27. Doodie,

    It’s one preseason game. Relax. You would think your breaking down game 60 of regular season with that post.

  28. When you are new and have survived the first cut, your natural tendency in your initial NHL real-speed, real-pressure game (even if pre-season) is to try to do too much. So… way too early to make any definitive pronouncements one way or the other.

  29. Doodie I caught the Arniel/Pirri bit as well, Pirri had the look like ” I just scored a PP goal” and you’re telling me I did something wrong?
    Make you wonder what he was telling him?
    It’s going to be a fun year with this shoot first mentality.
    Zibby, Kreids, Pirri all ready to shoot last night.
    Buchnevich could stick if they keep the Zibanijad Kreider line together. Lots of speed and skill on that line.

  30. Too bad Bodie is so small. He seems to have the goods on the offensive side of the puck, just not strong enough in his own end.

  31. Trading for a Trouba, right now I would trade Skjei and Mcilrath for him, through in the 2nd round pick if you have to.
    He will be top 4 RD right away, and top 2 in a couple of years.
    Clendening and Bodie jumped over Mcilrath on the depth chart last night. It’s only 1 game so nothing go get excited about. I just don’t see Mcilrath making the team, with how he skates, and trips over the blue line.

  32. Cool video Carp! Gives a little insight into the team chemistry, one thing i loved about 24/7 was you get to see how the players are with each other.
    I’d say from that, Buke is going to get a hazing!!

  33. I know it is only the first scrimmage of the year, but was it my imagination that they generally seemed to get the puck out of their own end more crisply that we remember from last year? No matter who was on the ice. Beuk’s instruction? Or just addition by subtraction on the blue line?

  34. Rangers are deep in LD, and could really use a Top Tier RD in Trouba.
    LD – are Skjei, Holden, Klein, Bodie
    So it is very possible, with the talent that is here that a win/win deal could be done.

  35. Pirri has scored goals in this league and it hasn’t earned him anything but a lot of different teams to play for. Maybe a coaching staff that wants more from him is exactly what he needs.

  36. Carp, with all due respect, wasn’t that Bodie who wandered out of position on the Chimera goal? I saw McI on his man…and then Bodie left the back door totally unguarded. And I’m not really sure why.

  37. Buchnevich…here we go already. It’s one preseason game. 60 minutes of NHL game time and people already want to start in on the kid about how he’s soft and overhyped.
    Talk about personal agendas. How about having a little patience for once?
    With that said, agreed with ILB. He’s got to play to his strengths while learning how to play in the NHL. Not an easy task

  38. James I agree, but the Ranger were missing a guy that will stand in front of the goalie ALOT last year, and Pirri makes a living deflecting goals, and he has a pretty good shot. I see him making this team, and being a 15-15 type guy on the 3rd/4th line. The guy is only 25.

  39. Rick, the problem I have with you on McIlrath is, that you are quick to point out his shortcomings yet nothing on Skeij being brutal out there. You do pick on McIlrath. You give him 5 minutes air time for bad stuff and 15 seconds when he does good stuff.
    I unlike you see him as a steady defenseman who will only get better by PLAYING given the same opportunity ice time wise that was given Del Zotto and McDonagh. I am rooting for the kid to be a big part of this team.
    He was bad in the first but after that he was good. On his stumble to me it looked like he knew he had to do something, so he dove to do a poke check and failed. These are things he will learn from. That play does not make him a bad player because every player on both sides made plays that were risky from which they will learn from.

  40. I don’t disagree one bit, Sioux. I’ve said more than once that I like the idea of him on this team. Just don’t think it’s overly critical to coach a guy up a bit after a goal.
    The only concerns I have tend to be on the blueline

  41. Not a good injury to get for Jooris, if he can’t skate he won’t be making this team.
    He will pass waivers and land in Hartford.

  42. Bodie had a man, the Center (Ribbit), didn’t cover down low. Chimera looked ever bigger is that is possible.
    Arniel ‘coaching up’ Pirri after his goal was painful to watch. The guy should be encouraging to keep shooting. Save the redirection for another time. Guy is a tool. No mistake Brass is gone. Love the deal, but he was on borrowed time.
    Bodie ahead of McIlrath, Sue is in mid-season form…
    Nash was invisible last night

  43. Also Sioux, I’ve been thinking about the Trouba scenario and what his price tag may be as well. It looks great on paper. What can they realistically offer? Mcilrath? Miller? Zucc?

  44. I don’t like coaches like Arniel angrily chatting-up players in-game with their grease pencils. Plenty of time with the telestrators after the dance.

  45. Rangers need a better RD.

    RD – Giradi, Clendening, Mcilrath
    That’s our weakest link on this team.
    Trade for Trouba!

  46. Nice review Carp !! Pretty much agree .. people here making full judgments on players’ capabilities based on one / first pre-season game is … um… I’ll say : Surprising..
    Below is a youtube of Zibanejad’s scores from last year… This kid loves a nice low shot on the corner/s.. he goes to the right places for rebounds, tips and returned passes. he doesn’t just blast it and hope …
    Zib had a nice one last night on a rocket..
    Dylan Mac looked good back skating into position w/ the biscuit then firing it home to score his nice goal ..
    You can’t blame Dylan on that first goal when Hellburg had it underneath him .. and then he allowed it to come out in the open right when everybody thought the whistle would stop play.. Merry Christmas J Chimera.
    BTW – a couple of real quick ads at the front end of the following Zibanejad clip …painless and quick.
    impressive efforts by Zib!!

  47. Actually IMHO, Skjei was actually good (probably 2 mistakes duting the game) and Girardi was really bad and Skjei was mostly able to work for 2 guys :)

  48. James – Winnipeg needs a top 4 LD to play next to Big Buff.
    If they want youth Skjei would have to be a part of it. IF they want top 4 Klein would fit that role to a T, and his salary would be needed for Trouba gap contract.
    Boston is rumored to be in on him as well. So it will be interesting who gives Chevy in Winnipeg the best deal.

  49. All I’m saying is that Trouba fills a big hole on this team right now, and with the “extra” talent that is on this team puts Gorton in a very good position to trade for him.
    Now what it would take to get it done, is another question?
    As a solid, young, RD he could be top pair when you look who he has to beat out …… Girardi?

  50. Trouba is stuck in Winnipeg behind Big Buff & Tyler Myers, he gets 22 minutes a game playing the left side, he just wants to play top 4 from the right side.
    He would be all over coming to New York and playing at MSG, than stuck in Winnipeg.
    He won’t sign as a RFA, but he would have to be traded before Dec 1 if he is going to play this year.

  51. you would think Gorton may have an idea of what may be available .. there seems to be too many players for not enough spots

  52. Tony it’s going to boil down to who give the Winnipeg GM the best trade package. And he isn’t in any hurry, to get the very best deal. Like he did with Kane. Winnipeg has alot of young talent coming in, they will be really good in a couple of years.

  53. Cross Check Charlie on

    JMO, but anybody stuck behind Tyler Myers isn’t a guy that you should mortgage the future over.

  54. I agree on Trouba SIOUX I was not talking about him specifically I just think the Gorton has some plain to move a few of the players .. it just seems to me that there are more NHL ready players then spots and they would require waivers to be sent down

  55. Carp
    Allow me for the first time the s season to say… breathtaking review!!!

    I love ya bro but Klein is a righty and your D evaluations are just terrible ;)

    Eugene seems to be a member of the Brady bunch apologists squad…no disrespect intended.

    Our D (staal and girardi no move issues aside) isn’t going to be as problematic as some think…aside from moving Brady and insert forward here for trouba and then moving Klein (not what I want to do in the least) in a subsequent deal, it would not shock me in the least to see the top 6 to start the season as Holden. Mcdonut, opg, trs, ein kleiner, and diesel with clendening as #7 (rotating some with diesel). Brady starts in Hartford (which I said prior to preseason and I’m sticking with it. Best asset management at this point imho.

  56. If things really don’t improve from last year you’re gonna have Girardi as a liability playing top 4 minutes and probably Clendening playing with Holden and Mcilrath scratched. So in other words, they’re going to need a defenseman.
    As for Trouba, It’s one thing to deal top talent for a ufa to be in their late 20s or early 30s. It’s a whole other when you deal youth for youth to fill a hole, when you can get a young Dman, a permanent top pairing Dman for Mcdonagh (on the correct side) and balance the talent on the team out, Hard to say there’s a better fit.

  57. Gorton is between a rock and a stony place. An aging Girardi consistently makes as many errors as the young, still promising, McIlrath, but Girardi gets the big bucks and Mac can’t go down without being claimed. Solution?

  58. Didn’t get to watch the game unfortunately, as I live out-of-market.

    “In the third period, a saucer pass from Barzal (who was fantastic, what a player he’s going to be)” – Doodie, at 9:52

    Barzal’s a BEAST, Doodie. He’ll definitely soften the blow over there when Tavares bolts for Toronto. But think about this:
    There were two well-substantiated reports that came out after the 2015 draft. One was that San Jose was smoking hot for Cam Talbot. The other was that a team was dangling a first rounder. Well, we all know how that trade turned out, but it isn’t too far a stretch to imagine that San Jose was offering up their first rounder, #9 overall, for Cam Talbot (in some sort of iteration…I’m sure other assets were in play). #9 turned out to be Timo Meier, an absolute beast of a power forward. Miko Rantanen, a giant center with skill, went #10. Lawson Crouse went at #11. Barzal went #15. All these guys project as Buchnevich-level at the very least. All top prospects. Imagine what we could’ve had, instead of Ryan Gropp and Nicklas Jensen.


  59. Coos, the right one to make would be to swallow the tough pill and the dollars and demote Girardi. We’ve seen it happen on other team. If they’re serious about winning than it’s a no brainer.

  60. I don’t think we COULD demote Girardi. NMC – he’d have to okay it. And barring Gorton calling him into his office and saying “You will never ever see the ice again unless you go down,” he’s probably not going to okay it. And as shot as the man still (apparently) looks – I don’t think it would be smart to humiliate the man just to free up $925K in cap space that we don’t really have a use for right now. If he goes a few more games and doesn’t show that last season was an injury-riddled outlier, they’ll do him a solid and sit him out with a “lower body injury” until the sun engulfs the earth.

  61. Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone on

    It is a stretch of bungee jumping off the Empire State Building proportions to accuse Sather of turning down a trade of Cam Talbot for the #9 pick of the 2015 draft.

  62. I like graves’ upside more than Brady’s….by a considerable amount. He looked better than Brady did last preseason imho.

  63. For anyone who says the game has irreversibly changed and everything is speed and finesse, would you not welcome a young Adam Graves to the lineup?

  64. Granted Skeij didn’t look so great last night, but he is a chosen one and will get all of camp and more to “come around”; If I recall, he can go to Wolf Pack without waivers? That could happen early while the rest of the mess (on D) is sorted out.
    Last year told the story : ” Nice work Dylan, and do continue to practice hard and stay ready… Oh, and move your stuff over there..
    Hey Brady .. Hey … yeah, as soon as Dylan gets his stuff out of your new locker stall, you can move in here..
    the training staff already moved the nameplates..
    and Dylan .. you have mandatory skating lessons all next week after practice .. keep working hard Dylan.”
    Brady – come with me to have a chat with Slats.. Here’s a nice cigar to present to him … “

  65. Rick, McIlrath did struggle, in the first 15 minutes of the game, after that he was good. Better than Skjei, Staal and Girardi. Clendening was by far the star on D and Bodie and McIlrath had very good moments. Skeij looked lost, Staal had some poor decisions and Girardi looks hurt still.
    There is nothing predictable, you do knock McIlrath and often. I don’t post but I do read your blog everyday. Some of your remarks towards McIlrath even are condescending. Give him the same due you give Staal and Girardi. I have seen you rightfully defend these two.
    It is my observation of you, not good or bad. I do feel there is bias by reading your comments in regards to McIlrath, and you have made comments even when he was not playing suggesting if McIlrath was in_____, fill in the blank
    Let’s hope McIlrath gets a fair shot to prove himself worthy of a spot, I feel he has done everything asked of him. Just to be clear I am not anointing him as anything, I want him to have a fair shot like everyone else to earn his spot and frankly I don’t think he has had that fair shot for various reasons.

  66. I agree, his struggles were not worse than those other three. … But he has to be a lot better than that to make the team as a top-six. That’s all I’m saying. I like the kid a lot. I thought what he did vs. Simmonds was the highlight of last season. I think he’s better than most of us thought he could be.

    But I point out stuff about him because he can’t have games like that and expect to play every night under this coach. It won’t happen.

    Not condescending. I totally disagree with that. When I mock his greatness, I’m mocking those who think he should be playing on the first pair and first PP point. Not mocking the kid.

  67. I noticed it too, pirri’s reaction. I took it as disgust for Arniel.
    Thanks for the review, Carp. Looking forward to ” like” 115 more.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    BTW – Girardi got hit in the same knee on the shot from the pt on the pk. On the replay, it looks like it hits him flush, meaning on the shinguard. Realize these are bombs coming from the pt, but if he can’t take a shot of the shin guards in that area without looking like he was shot by a sniper, does not bode well for his knee’s condition.
    LITR? Too soon??

  69. Love the hockey banter,and the review Carp.
    It was a long off season.
    I’m looking forward to Vesey with Nash tomorrow, and to check out how Gropp looks as a Ranger, I know he won’t make the team, but he is a top 5 prospect for the Rangers at 20. He is old enough to play for Hartford this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he leads them in goals this year.

  70. Skjei took some bad penalties, those can be fixed. He has the wheels to get back to the puck faster than anyone on D.
    He’s young, and has plenty of time to go though the PROcess. Not alot to worry about right now.
    Clendening is only 23. He looked good last night, I can see him making the 3rd pair out of camp.

  71. I think we have the space (for once) to carry 8 defensemen this season. On the left you have McDonagh, Staal, Skjei, Holden. On the right you have Klein, Girardi, McIlrath, Clendening. Two lefties (Skjei and Holden) can go to the right side if you need flexibility. Even a 3rd in McDonagh if absolutely necessary (and we should hope it doesn’t come to that).

    Theoretically, if McIlrath makes the team but not the top 6, you could have two righties as your 7th and 8th, because your 5/6 of Skjei-Holden are both switch-hitters.

    I want McIlrath to make the top-6 badly, and I think he could/should. But at least we’re not in a cap-hell situation where there’s very little margin-of-error for Dylan between making the team and being jettisoned for a 4th rounder out of fear of losing him for nothing.

  72. BDL – all day long. 30pts from a 4th liner, perhaps with Grabner.
    They could be the best 4th line since……..

  73. Wicky – Chop Chop Pork Chop.
    Unless your watching the game from the Pub across the street. However last year, I did get a ticket for $75 2nd row off the glass.
    I sent my 2 nephews down with the Fighting Sioux flag during warm ups, they were pretty pumped with the stick tap from Parise.
    My daughter was holding the Rangertown blanket on the Ranger side, and Kreider slap shot a puck right at it, and made her jump about 5′ in the air, when she was texting a friend :)

  74. Bob McKenzie, on Insider Trading, listed the Rangers as one of four teams with “a really significant interest” in Trouba but don’t have the assets to make a deal. (TSN)
    What assets gets the deal done?

  75. Well if the price is as high as the Larsson-hall trade we don’t have one single asset that gets the deal done, especially if they are looking for a defenseman in return. We could put up a pretty good package, but it would be pretty painful and arguably not worth it. I mean the Jets would have to at least consider a Brady plus one of Miller, Vesey or Buch and possibly a pick, but the Rangers should not make that deal under any circumstances.

  76. Mckenzie also said Vesey to Chicago was a done deal. As John Davidson once told me it’s all about what you’re willing to give up to get a trade done.
    I think they have the assets to get a deal done I think that if they’re smart they should wait and see what they have in this new group here. If anyone knows anything about Cheveldayoff, Winnipeg isn’t in any rush to get a deal done.

  77. Bodie
    1st rounder in ’17 and or 18
    …You’re telling me out of the ten assets I just listed they couldn’t get this kid for 2 of three of these (within reason of course)

  78. Unless it’s the right deal :)
    I guess we are stuck with our own first round draft picks in Skjei and Mcilrath.

  79. ‘I also wonder if those who think I hate McIlrath can conceivably come up with a reason why I might hate him. Because I can’t.’

    C’mon Carp. We all know it goes back to the Scottish invasion of Sardinia in the 9th century. You guys can never give up those vendettas.

  80. Speaking of addition by subtraction :
    Was so hoping that Arniel was going to be colorado’s
    He probably was ripping Pirri because he shot instead of
    What an ahole

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Bodie is listed, for what it’s worth, as 6′ and 175 lbs. That is a pretty skinny kid, and chances are those numbers are inflated.

    Eric, the in-depth review from me was for the new players. We won’t get a lot of time to look at a lot of these guys and so I want to write my impressions down for myself as much as it is for me to share them with anyone else.

    Mcllrath paired with Gilmour tomorrow. Yeesh, that’s a tough assignment for him. I’m excited to see Tambellini. I figure he’s an AHL lifer, but I am hopeful for more. Does anyone know if Graves and Summers were a pairing in Hartford last year? Holden-Klein might be something that AV is seriously considering as well.

  82. I’d have to think that for Trouba, they’d want any of these deals:

    1) Miller, Skjei, R1
    2) Kreider + McIlrath
    3) Buchnevich, Fast, R1, R2

    Last I heard, they were hoping to go 1-for-1 and get a player of equal value/potential. If that’s the case…honestly, if they wanted Kreider for Trouba straight up, I’d think long and hard about it. Especially if we had a clear plan on making Girardi’s cap hit disappear (we don’t).

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Tambellini somewhat under radar. Hopefully put on some muscle. Kids has good vision and hands. Curious to see him and Graves.
    McDiesel paired with the worst defender every night (only because Girardi is also a righty… I keed, I keed) Uneven playing field, much??

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    2) Kreider + McIlrath

    Jets have no interest in this. Very deep on the wing, especially left side with additions of Laine and Connor.

    Also, Mcllrath has very limited trade value. He isn’t a full time player here and is subject to waivers. Teams know we don’t need him and will pay us like that.

  85. Wow, I toured Medellin for a couple of hours and the blog is exploding. You guys have more time working than I do on vacation. :-).
    I want McIlrath to be a full time player in NY as much as anyone, and, admittedly, I do close my eyes on some of the mistakes he makes. Having said that, if his play doesn’t improve significantly going forward, he won’t make this team. But neither will Skjei if he plays like last night. Too early. Glad to see McIlrath playing again tomorrow.
    And, please, slow down with Clendening. He was good moving the puck during PP, but had real hard time in his own zone under pressure. I thought Bodie was better, and he is skating better this year too.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Going into last night, I had Bodie and Mcllrath both ahead of Clendening on my internal depth chart. I thought they balanced it out pretty well between the kids and vets. They put the best rated kid (Skjei) with the worst vet (Girardi), the worst kid (Clendening) with the best vet (Staal), and the two middle guys with each other.

    Now, I know that’s not how AV & co see it, but that’s how I took it. Tomorrow night, though, no doubt about it that he’s got the worst partner. I would have liked to see them split Holden and Klein to pair with Mcllrath and Gilmour, respectively.

  87. Papa, very good observation. I noticed it too. I think looking at who Gorton signed this offseason. They will try to move the puck out of their zone ASAP, move through the middle zone with speed and try to keep in O-zone as long as possible. They’re still not used to covering the boards as they need to with this new shoot first mentality. That will be something Beuk will have to work with. Speaking of Beuk, doesn’t he look great? He looks like he can still play.

  88. Sioux, they probably would take Brady, Miller and a 1st for Trouba, but why would we do that? I’d want more of a sure thing than trouba and who is cost controlled (which Trouba is not) for that kind of package.

  89. Stranger Nation on

    Ilb – make sure to pack your own luggage on the way back and don’t carry anything from strangers.

  90. SN- going to Cartagena tomorrow. It’s as safe here as one can imagine.
    Let’s hope the internet speed in Cartagena is as good as it’s in Medellin. Can’t miss tomorrow’s game. Any game against the Devils is a game 7 in my book.

  91. Holden Klein sounds like a love child conceived during a protest at a lib arts college in the 70’s.

    Good point Doodie. If Winnipeg is deep at wing…we really don’t have much to give. It would have to start with Miller and Skjei plus picks. And like Pete said…that’s QUITE a haul. But if you ask me, it’s worth it.

    I really like JT Miller. Especially being that he’s possibly the only Ranger that didn’t plateau or have a down year last season. At his peak, I think he’s Steve Thomas-lite, but burlier. However…with guys like Vesey (who, I admit, isn’t a known quantity), Buchnevich, Kovacs, and even Kevin Hayes (who has yet to bust into the top-6 like he eventually should), we have a surplus. I’d hate to see Miller go, but he might be expendable in the near future.
    Brady Skjei, our top-D prospect. Jury is out on how he projects, but from what I’ve seen, I see him as a very good 2nd pairing guy. Not super offensive in terms of production, but he’ll get his points. A smart guy with raw skill that plays like a modern-defensive defenseman. But if we’re talking about a chance to replace him with a righty-shot 1st pairing guy who can play next to our captain for the next decade? I’m fine with that.
    And I’d hate to lose a 1st rounder, especially after the past 4 years of not being able to dance. But at least we wouldn’t be putting it towards someone on the downside.

    So a really good 2-way 2nd liner, a 2nd pairing dman, and a 1st for a guy I honestly think is a #1-caliber defenseman? I’m in. Even if we have to eat Girardi’s dead cap space for another 4 years afterwards.

  92. LOL, aneirin … I love coincidences, and here’s one. I spoke with a kid who works for the Rangers last night and she just got back from a vacation in Sardinia. Not sure it was an invation, but …

  93. All this Truba deal doesn’t have sense if we don’t move Staal and/or Girardi, the boy asks for around 7 mil, and we right now hope to have 3. They need left handed def, give them Staal + 1st + 2nd +Lindberg + give them 1.5 mill, anyway they don’t have anything would match even Staal

    And again, Skjei didn’t have that bad game, Girardi had both for them, babysitting is a tough job

  94. they’re not likely to carry eight D because of the cap savings of keeping seven, Dave.

    I don’t completely understand it, but it’s a factor in the decision. ilb can tell you all about it :)

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Eugene, Skjei’s game was plenty bad on his own. I know it’s fun to blame everything on Girardi, but Skjei was bad. That penalty he took in the first period was just a series of unforced errors.

  96. Speaking of cap savings. Because this season is shorter than usual ( 180 days vs usual 186), the formula to calculate what they can afford to add at deadline is to take what they have on opening night in cap space and to multiply it by 4.5 ( it’s 4.65 if it’s 186 day season). That’s, of course, not taking into consideration call ups for injury replacement, etc.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone here a UFC fan? The Rangers just e-mailed me a promo code for presale tickets for UFC 205 at MSG: UFCRANGERS. Enjoy.

  98. Joe Mich says that Kreider comes into camp in better shape than last year. ‘Same weight. but better distributed.’ Sometimes I think Joe just yaks to hear himself yak.

  99. Just once I’d like to hear Joe (or Sam) say: “Mr. Dolan has to do something here. The toilets are filthy!”

  100. The precursor to the kiss of death, IMO: “I have my owner up here talking about a Stanley Cup. That’s bull….”

  101. Jeff in South Dakota on

    New York teaches you to live life the way it should be lived. Moment to moment. Yes, because every moment in New York could be your last. Oh yeah. You could be walking down the street tomorrow, feeling good about yourself, drink free, drug free, looking forward to the future and somebody accidentally nudges their poodle off of a 75th floor ledge. And he’s headed for the ground at a hundred-and-seventy-five thousand miles per hour. And curchunk he’s imbedded in your head! You’re dead on contact. The headline in the Post the next day reads, Man killed by best friend.
    -D. Leary

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Played the video twice, Carp. You keep them out of these posts and I’ll keep watching them.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Out of curiosity, when do you get credit for a view? Is it when I click or when it finishes?

  104. Do we have an over/under yet on how many games (preseason included) before opie the victim gets rocked?

  105. Carp
    Just for craps and giggs you should have your intern (I’m sure you have one) create an opening night roster the day after every preseason game based on everyone’s posts about who stunk up the joint and who is a first ballot HOF’er.

  106. Doodie Machetto, I especially watched pair Skjei and Girardi yesterday, Skjei was doing job for 2 people, Girardi was nowhere found to help, when 2nd Isles goal was scored, he was sleeping behind the net, and it was common picture, he was out of position almost all the time, Skjei was playing on the right, on the left, you can not cover all your zone.

    I had some hope Girardi is trade-able, but he is not, he is done.

  107. part of the deal bargained with the NHLPA to have a World Cup was each team gets a five-day break during the season (incorrectly called a “bye” week thanks to the incorrect labeling of the “bye” week by the National Felons League).

    It’s not a G.D. “bye.”

    Hence, I would guess, the 180 day season for cap purposes and such, Doodie.

  108. we're taking the armoire on

    Who goes to South America?

    People go to South America.

    Yeah, and they come back with things taped to they’re large intestine.

    So, because of a few bad apples you’re gonna impugn an
    entire continent?

    Yes, I’m impugning a continent.

  109. Sergio Garcia says: “You don’t win the Ryder Cup with your mouth.” Brilliant comment days before he tees it up in Minny. Stop by Modell’s and pick up some earplugs, Sergie baby.

  110. duckbillplatypus on

    OH, man…so good to be reading Carp’s recaps!! Great time of year!

    Kindly regarding,
    your pal and mine,


  111. I imagine that, after Mickelson sprays them all over the lot this weekend, he’ll blame Davis Love.

    Some day Phil will be a Ryder Cup captain. That will be the year it’s the players’ fault.

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