Still more than a month away from opening night, the Rangers are 16-1 to win the Stanley Cup


Courtesy of Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Odds to win the 2015 Stanley Cup:

        Odds on 7/9/14 … Current Odds

Chicago Blackhawks 7/1   13/2rangers report logo
Los Angeles Kings 9/1   9/1
Boston Bruins 10/1   10/1
Anaheim Ducks 12/1   12/1
Pittsburgh Penguins 12/1   12/1
St. Louis Blues 12/1   12/1
San Jose Sharks 14/1   14/1
Minnesota Wild 18/1   16/1
New York Rangers 16/1   16/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 18/1   16/1
Colorado Avalanche 18/1   18/1
Montreal Canadiens 20/1   18/1
Dallas Stars 18/1   20/1
Detroit Red Wings 22/1   22/1
Philadelphia Flyers 28/1   28/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 33/1   33/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 33/1   40/1
Vancouver Canucks 28/1   40/1
Washington Capitals 40/1   40/1
Edmonton Oilers 50/1   50/1
New Jersey Devils 50/1   50/1
Carolina Hurricanes 66/1   66/1
New York Islanders 50/1   66/1
Ottawa Senators 50/1   66/1
Arizona Coyotes 50/1   66/1
Winnipeg Jets 50/1   66/1
Buffalo Sabres 75/1   75/1
Calgary Flames 75/1   75/1
Florida Panthers 75/1   75/1
Nashville Predators 66/1 75/1

Odds to win the 2015 Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins 3/1
Pittsburgh Penguins 5/1
New York Rangers 15/2
Tampa Bay Lightning 15/2
Montreal Canadiens 17/2
Detroit Red Wings 10/1
Philadelphia Flyers 14/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 16/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 20/1
Washington Capitals 20/1
New Jersey Devils 28/1
Carolina Hurricanes 33/1
New York Islanders 33/1
Ottawa Senators 33/1
Buffalo Sabres 40/1
Florida Panthers 40/1

Odds to win the 2015 Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks 7/2
Los Angeles Kings 5/1
Anaheim Ducks 6/1
St. Louis Blues 6/1
San Jose Sharks 15/2
Minnesota Wild 9/1
Colorado Avalanche 10/1
Dallas Stars 11/1
Vancouver Canucks 22/1
Edmonton Oilers 28/1
Arizona Coyotes 33/1
Winnipeg Jets 33/1
Calgary Flames 40/1
Nashville Predators 40/1

Odds to Win the 2014 Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins 7/4
Tampa Bay Lightning 4/1
Montreal Canadiens 9/2
Detroit Red Wings 6/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 8/1
Ottawa Senators 10/1
Buffalo Sabres 16/1
Florida Panthers 16/1

Odds to win the 2014 Metropolitan Division

Pittsburgh Penguins 9/4
New York Rangers 7/2
Philadelphia Flyers 11/2
Columbus Blue Jackets 13/2
Washington Capitals 7/1
New Jersey Devils 9/1
Carolina Hurricanes 12/1
New York Islanders 12/1

Odds to Win the 2014 Pacific Division

Los Angeles Kings 7/4
Anaheim Ducks 11/4
San Jose Sharks 9/2
Vancouver Canucks 15/2
Edmonton Oilers 9/1
Arizona Coyotes 10/1
Calgary Flames 14/1

Odds to Win the 2014 Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks 7/4
St. Louis Blues 3/1
Minnesota Wild 11/2
Colorado Avalanche 11/2
Dallas Stars 15/2
Nashville Predators 12/1
Winnipeg Jets 12/1

Photo by Carp.




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  1. it would be nice if the Blues and Sharks managed to win a round before they have better odds than the Rangers. and maybe Tampa could win a playoff game.

  2. Boston is going to fall off the cliff this year. they all got old at the same time. Pitt, they don’t scare me. glad they fired there coach, and GM.

  3. Cally’s agent might have overpriced him, but let’s not forget his intensity and unflagging effort.

  4. intangibles, right? Tax Free is going to have a blast in Tampa, especially when Stamkos leaves in 2 years.

  5. then the fans will run him out of town, gets traded, and scores 15 in the playoffs and wins the cup. all will deny running him out of town, and wish he was back.

  6. Richie was the missing piece for the Blackhawks. That’s why they are favored over LA to win it all. (s)

    PS: Nice photo of the Cup, Carp!

  7. Richie: de-facto Hawks’ captain. Leader of youth. To Toews – “Pick up your D and you could become a factor in this league.”

  8. ‘Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda
    Sending you this note and yada yada…
    Banff is wondrous, like the breezes
    Just a spit and jump from Lake Louise’s..’

  9. @rangersreport

    Labor Day’s gone, which means @NHL season is almost here. @NYRangers report Sept. 18, open camp Sept. 19, preseason Sept. 22.

  10. Of course the odds listed at Bovada, and every other sports book are ~depressed~, with the difference between the real odds and the public-offering odds representing the house rake.

    Tabulating the extent of the Bovada house rake, above a round book figure of 100, I determined that the round book figure is 117.26, which means that the house is taking a 17 per cent commission on the action they are attracting to this pool.

    Discounting the house rake revises the ~real~ odds against the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup this year to 19-1, with the favored Black Hawks adjusted from their currently listed house odds of 13/2 to their real/natural odds of 8-1.

  11. EA Sports under fire for sexist selfies in NHL 15

    Fun fact: The Entertainment Software Association recently revealed that more women over the age of 18 play video games than boys under the age of 18. They encompass 36 percent of all gamers in the U.S.

    So one assumes one or two women will pick up “NHL 15” from EA Sports when it’s released next week. One assumes EA Sports would know this. So why the game-maker would do anything that might alienate these fans is sort of baffling.

    Which brings us to selfies.

    One of the big innovations of “NHL 15” is in the game’s arena detail and the actions of fans. Hell, they’ve even mastered the art of the “enemy fan,” a.k.a. that knucklehead that invades your arena and cheers for the visiting team. (i.e. “me.”)

    Did you catch the stinger, with the fans taking selfies at the game? EA Sports has even designed a faux Instagram around them.

    The one on the left has a woman at a Toronto Maple Leafs game proclaiming that offsides is such a difficult concept to wrap her feminine head around, but oh well she still likes the Leafs because it’s Man Crush Monday!

    The one in the middle is “allstar_wifey01” who is at the “Kings Game with ma gurrllzz” and even has a commenter calling her a bandwagon fan!


  12. Stranger Nation on

    Agree with Hextall that El Zaster was very immature and couldn’t handle NYC or being a pro (or with pros…)
    Doesn’t get away from the fact he is not a great skater and if you are not physical either, it is tough to play a two-way game on the back line.

  13. In retrospect, Tortorella’s George Custer moment: “I’ve got my owner up here talking about a #%@&ing Stanley Cup.”

  14. Interesting seeing on top, every day all summer that Vinegar is a ‘fan’ of Brad Richards. When he says he’s a fan of Rick Nash, we’ll know that Nash, too, is truly done.

  15. “OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports former Senators enforcer Matt Kassian has received offers of two-way deals and training-camp tryouts four or five teams. He won’t be returning to the Senators.”

    You know slats is all over this ;)

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    Brad Richards retweeted

    Martin St Louis @mstlouis_26
    This is my official twitter account! #NYR

  17. As I always do this time of year…….

    I’m beginning to get excited with the anticipation of the pending season…….

    Unfortunately though, I also thought of Nash…….

    How quickly my excitemet turns into disdain and contempt.

  18. Papa, don’t let Nash ruin your preseason. Also it’s time for you to pick up a night shift or two. Poor Carp, the only way he can get on a course these days is if he’s carrying someone else’s bag.

  19. Carp searching all summer for a billionaire member of Winged Foot who has a 17 year-old right wing at Mamaroneck High School seeking some ink. :)

  20. Coos, actually did a story on a hockey player from Mamaroneck a few years ago and couldn’t accept his dad’s invite to the Foot. Honest to God.

  21. (I use a dreary set of 35 year-old Wilson clubs that have outlived three bags.) Just tryin’ to put an occasional xxx out on the dance floor close enough to not three putt.

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    When Nash scores 50 goals this year , Papa Bear will be eatting crow.

    You heard it here first!!

  23. Based on Nash’s shooting percentage in the playoffs this year, he will need to take about 2500 shots on goal to score 50. Totally doable.

  24. ORR!! What Is It Good For!!?? on

    Also credit Slats for taking a carseat backseat and letting Torts do what he wanted. I’m sure a few here will spin that into a negative, but just remember Redden, Rozsival, Gomez, and guys that Slats wanted to sign but they passed on to go with youth.

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