Reports: Rangers sign free-agent center/winger Kevin Hayes, 22


According to several reports, the Rangers signed 22-year-old unrestricted free agent Kevin Hayes, a left-shooting right-winger who can also play center, Wednesday.

Hayes, Chicago’s first-round pick in 2010 (24th overall), became an unrestricted free agent when the Blackhawks failed/declined to sign him by the Aug. 15 deadline.

rangers report logoThree teams went down to the wire for Hayes — Boston, Colorado and the Rangers — with the Bruins dropping out the last day or so.

Hayes, a 6-2, 201-pounder, was second in the nation in scoring  with 67 points (28-39) in 39 games for Boston College last season. He is a former teammate of the Rangers’ Chris Kreider, and his brother Jimmy, another former Blackhawk, plays for the Florida Panthers.

More on this story later.

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  1. Let’s pretend we didn’t trade our 1st rd pick in St. Louis deal and just say we drafted Hayes.

  2. Carp – but with HOPE, brings FAITH, and the addition of signing the top PROSPECT out there TODAY!

    Is always a good thing.

  3. Carp, I bet you he scores 60, brokers a peace deal with Israel and Palestine, gets Putin to put a shirt on and wins a hot dog eating contest in his rookie year.

  4. Manny I like the part that he scores 65 points in 40 games. A point per game player in the NCAA, is the real deal in the NCAA.

    Granted he was playing with Johnny Hockey.

    He may get a chance to play next to THE Kreider. They could be a winning tandem for a long time.

  5. Usually preseason hockey is awful but the ranger 6 games there will be spots for grabs. Lot of guys in mix.

    Kristo for a conditional 4th rounder

  6. Rangers need a guy that can score, 28 goals in 39 games. He could make a serious run at the Calder.

    Put him on Zucc’s line. They could by dynamite!

    Another year where the 3rd line is the Rangers BEST line.

  7. What makes a team better, is when there is REAL competition to earn the spots.

    Hayes can play center as well, so he is very versatile.

    They person he puts the MOST pressure on is MILLER.

    He could easily jump over him, because he SCORES with the puck.

  8. I know this about HAYES:

    He’s better than Kentucky Fried POULET.

    Does anything else need to be said?

  9. Talent Analysis

    The younger of the two Hayes brothers, Kevin has the potential to develop into a solid two-way forward at the pro level. Like his older brother Jimmy, Kevin has a decent frame at 6’2″ but plays more of a finesse style. His offensive awareness and playmaking ability allow him to create chances and open up space for his teammates. His skating could use some improvement if he wants to take his game to another level.

  10. That must have been Hockey’s Future initial analysis because they also have him listed at 6’4″ now.

  11. _Kevin has a decent frame at 6’2” but plays more of a finesse style_

    That doesn’t sound promising.


  12. They say that 2/3 of your points in the NCAA will gauge how the player will score in the NHL.

    So he could score 40-45 points, in a full season, in his FIRST year. I’ll take that.

    Pouliot was 15-21 for 36 pts. I could see that as a reachable goal for Hayes. A 20-20 season on Zucc’s line. All day long in the shade.

  13. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Fresh off my summer hiatus, coming to you live from the great state of North Carolina! Repping our boys in blue in this state of red, with visions of lord stanley dancing in my head!

  14. To all haters, wimps and whiners – no matter how you slice and dice it, but so far, Slats is doing pretty good job this off season.

  15. 1st rounder with size that can score and potentially make team this year… good day for Rangers

  16. Word of caution if you decide to Google “Kevin Hayes” at work…there’s apparently a photographer by that name that takes photos of women at various stages of undress.

  17. Goodness goodness can you imagine the narrative on this kid had he refused to sign with NY and went elsewhere? Would make the Dubinsky “holdout” dumbfest look like nothing.

  18. Gift of GAB-orik on

    He can shoot righty while left handed, and skate forwards while going backwards… he is… the most interesting hockey player in the world!

  19. I have to agree with The Doctor. It really worries me when a kid holds out. I don’t like the attitude. Just think about how Sioux reacted to Tambelini.

  20. Gift of GAB-orik on

    His ego once led the league in scoring, and his college hockey jersey graduated with honors….

  21. I didn’t think we would get him. I just hope and pray he makes the team, and gets the full shot. “ready or not.” He will grow into handling his role with the team, quickly and impressively.

    Look, if Hayes AND DuClair make the team and are given major minutes responsibility, this will become a foundational season for good seasons to come, as we get beyond the awful treadmill season promise we have been facing, leading up to this possibly historic signing for our franchise.

    How nice to awake in the morning now and feel genuine optimism about the future, instead of despair, for a change!

  22. So we traded all of our picks and now we signed a former first rounder…so is this how you replenish the system after you traid alk of your picks?

    Anybody? Eric?

  23. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Maybe we should just pass out coconut water to Hartford. That should replenish the system in no time!

  24. _I just hope and pray he makes the team, and gets the full shot._

    You have to assume he has a guarantee, right?

  25. Well he would be wasted on the 4th line, right? So the Rangers are telling him he has to compete with JT Miller and Duclair for a roster spot?

  26. I Googled “Kevin Hayes at work,” but instead of catching up with some scantily-clad girls, I got: “Kevin Hayes dies at 49ers game.”

    Not exactly what I wanted to hear, given the hopes I had for him for this coming season, for about three minutes.

  27. Sather will package Hayes at deadline day in march to
    Ottawa for impending free agent bobby Ryan.

  28. THE DUKE will be a Ranger next year. He will go to juniors after camp/pre season games.

    I think the real test will be Hayes, Miller, Haggerty, Kristo, Fast, & Lindberg. Add Duclair to the list next year.

    That is a SOLID prospect pool to choose from. Hartford could be really good this year.

  29. _So we traded all of our picks and now we signed a former first rounder…so is this how you replenish the system after you traid alk of your picks?_

    Totally. This completely, fully wipes out one of the lost 1st rounders if not 1.5 (given his probability). If that was Sather’s foolproof plan all along, amazing work. If it was some bailout luck … so be it. Still a great end result.

  30. Manny he has better size and scores as many goals as Kristo. Kristo had 26 goals as a senior, Kevin had 28.

    Kevin had a better line than Kristo did. Kristo-Knight- fill in the blank.

    Now Kristo lead the pack in goals last year with 26.

    So that’s what you want a top prospect to do. Lead the AHL team in goals.

    Hard not to like them both, but I could see Hayes getting the shot out of camp. (This had to be in the deal, right)

  31. I’m happy my boy is in the Ranger system for a full year. Now it’s up to him.

    Nobody said it was going to be easy to play for the Rangers…..and it shouldn’t be.

    Clean slate …… earn it!

  32. So Mr D you’re saying after we traided our picks, signing former first rounders is the way to go? Replenishing our system? :)

  33. So he grew an inch and 15 pounds since the Rangers signed him? The PR department sure knows how to tout their prospects.

  34. _So that’s what you want a top prospect to do. Lead the AHL team in goals._

    Actually, you want a top prospect to be well-rounded enough to graduate midseason rather than hang around the AHL all year.

  35. The 6-5, 225-pounder tallied a career-high…..

    Yikes the kid is on the GROW …. pretty soon he will be as BIG as THE KREIDER :)

  36. Doc – you get a chance …. when you get a chance.

    Fast had better speed, Miller used his body better with the puck, Kristo got 2 preseason games.

    Word was he had to be a better 2 way player, if he’s going to play on the 3rd / 4th line.

    It is what it is. He will play in the NHL somewhere if not the Rangers. You just need a shot!

  37. Love how the NYR BU site has him at 6’5″ 225. Dude keeps getting bigger with every tweet.

  38. 6’1 201 or 6’5 225.

    What are the real numbers?

    It shouldn’t be that difficult ….. should it?

    In 30 days we will know.

  39. This is the first year in the last 3 that THE KREIDER can’t win the Calder.

    Here’s hoping Hayes makes a run for it!

    I guess you have to add THE to the deep prospect list, he is only a year older than Hayes. Hayes is 22, THE is 23, Kristo 24, DUKE 18, Bucknevich 19, Lindberg 22, Fast 22, Haggerty 21, Miller 21, Stepan is 24.

    The future’s so bright….. we got to wear shades :)

  40. Happy summer everyone! just popped in to gauge the excitement level of this deal. I’m pretty stoked.

  41. Makes you wonder where Stempniak, Lombardi, Glass will play.

    You would have to assume Fast, Haggerty, Kristo, Miller, Lindberg, Hayes will all start in Hartford.

    Who gets the RW on the 3rd line to replace Pouliot?

    Who gets the “2nd” line Center to replace Richards?

    Glass replaces Boyle. Does Dom Moore move up, and put Lombardi as the 4th line center?

  42. Hayes gets added to the Travers City Team for sure. So Haggerty, Hayes, Duclair should steal the show.

  43. AV has all kinds of speed to use this year.

    Stemp, Lombardi, Fast all have great speed.

    Big jump from Richards / Boyle.

  44. I can’t think of a known player I’ve been more apathetic about joining NYR than Lee Stempniak. Everything about that dude bores me.

  45. Hayes size looks good, what ever the true numbers are.

    Nash 6’4 213
    Kreider 6’3 226
    Hayes 6’5 225 —> at 22 lets just go with he will grow into this size. Still a nice add :)

  46. This is a huge signing for the Rangers. We have arguably the worst farm system in the NHL right now and he instantly becomes the Rangers best prospect and our best in-house replacement for Richards.

    Well done.

  47. Bobby Hull used to keep in shape by stacking bales of Hayes on his ranch in Alberta…

    Actually, I’m excited by this deal. The 2014 draft was thin, and we signed a first rounder from a pretty good year.
    Liked that thought Mister D…Hayes for Richards…just waiting to hear what the cap hit will be.

    Yikes, agree that the stable of youngsters is shaping up…

  48. Stemp has wheels Doc. He is anything but boring. Trouble is who really watches Calgary Play? He was a rental for Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

    They put him on Crosby’s line.

    At 31, he has A LOT of hockey left in him. And AV can use him ANYWHERE in the line up. He looks to be a solid 38 pt player, 52 for the Blues but that was in his 2nd year as a pro.

    At first I put him with Dom Moore so that line has a scoring threat, with Glass for the Grit.

  49. AV will keep Brassard & Zucc together. So who ever wins that WING really wins the BRASS ring as the “new” ranger. So you have to put someone that can score there. Hayes would fit perfect there, but then so would another guy :)

  50. Lombardi is the unknown. He had a 50 pt season for the swiss and was the player of the year in that league.

    What is that worth? But he had great faceoff win %, and the Rangers really lacked in that area last year.

    He was a 53pt centerman for Yotes not that long ago. Not sure if he had an injury or what, but he still has a lot of speed.

  51. _He was a rental for Pittsburgh in the playoffs._

    And he was boring there too. You can be fast and boring.

  52. Robby Bonfire on

    Bobby Hull grew up hoisting hay bales on farmland adjacent to the Bay Of Quinte, in northern Ontario, Belleville area.

  53. BTW, Steve Moore’s brother Mark says there is no deal between Steve and Todd Bertuzzi.

  54. Czechthemout!!! on

    The New York Rangers have signed 6′ 11″ 348lbs RW Kevin Hayes from Boston College.

  55. Martin St Louis, coming out of the University of Vermont, listed himself as 6’7, 255.

  56. I don’t no anything about this kid Hayes but he was drafted by the Hawks who seem to draft well and was a 1st rounder, low 1st rounder but still a first rounder. I’m confident in saying this kid Hayes can’t be any worse than any of the rangers first round picks under the Sather regime.

  57. Carp I think sometimes you have covered Rangers hockey for so long, you are beginning to think the polar opposite of Uncle Glenney. So, when Uncle Glenny says yes, you so no, and vice versa. Playing in NY can be a career killer (anyone remember a ‘Rosy’ on the blue line? Most thought his career over he was so awful in his last games here on Broadway. Now I belive that he holds a couple of rings on his fingers. …

    This kid MAY pan out, but lets give it some time and seasoning. Like we are affording the NASH! for the past 2 seasons.

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