Guest bloggers (sort of): Manny … and The Great Sam Weinman (founder of this crazy place)


First this from our founder and idol and long-lost friend who traded his skates for spikes, leaving this whole mess to me.

Sam Weinman of Golf Digest wrote this little diddy about the Los Angeles Kings and their celebration with Stanley at golf courses everywhere, written from a Rangers fan’s perspective.sam

Click here to read that story.

Great job, Sammy! We miss you, bud. Stop by any time at all.

And if any of youse want to volunteer to do a guest blog post, well, there’s still a whole bunch of time to kill here. If so, drop me a line at Thanks.


And our great friend, and somewhat zany Bonehead, Manny (or iManny, or Mannu, or Nannu, or whatever), sent along this message about the sometimes-annual playoff beard contest which (thankfully!) he took off my hands the last two seasons:

By Manny

This season The Fifth Sometimes-Annual, 2013-2014, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest was once again in full swing as the New York Rangers made the playoff for the fourth straight season. Unlike most of those other seasons, this one lasted a while. There was a very long, deep run that ended with a heartbreaking, but mostly expected, defeat at the hands of the mighty LA Kings.

c-dubsThis season saw a record number of contestants with 22 entries. While not everyone submitted an after picture, or followed through with the actual beard growing, there was a vicious competition for the overall title. Hundreds of votes were cast.
After all the votes were tallied, SeeeDubbb (photo, right) took home the crown with nearly 24 percent of the vote. He not only grew one of the best beards this competition has ever seen but he did so in a home filled with wooden Mallards. Further, he founded the gang, Mallards for Peace, during the playoff run.

Special mention must be giving to Tony from AZ who has persevered over the last few seasons, remained a loyal fan and a loyal contestant. Stay healthy, Tony. We’re all with you!

(Message from Carp: “Atta Boy, Anthony!!!!”).

Photos: Paul Mara from Getty Images; Sam Weinman from @samweinman on Twitter; SeeeDubbb courtesy of, well, SeeeDubbb (duh).


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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice to hear from Sam. I know he loves golf, but I’m sure he misses hockey.

    Månnu, great work! And congrats, CW!

  2. Awww isn’t manny so sweet ;)
    Great work on the contest!!

    Congrats seedub!!!

    Good article sam!

  3. Huh! Manny is soft…bends any way you want him to…I complained about the contest being *RIGGED* and vu-oh-lya, a new winner! Lol what happened? Nasty’s twatter went down? :)

  4. Doodie Machetto on


    Manny waited until my family stopped stuffing Doodie Jr.’s ballot box to declare a winner.

  5. “You can’t make all of the people happy all of the time and last night all those people were at my show.” – Mitch Hedberg

  6. Robby Bonfire on

    Losing the Stanley Cup Finals was a bitch. But the Commissioner not even mentioning the Rangers in his Cup presentation speech, was almost as bad, when you connect it with the crappiest, one-sided officiating of a Finals match-up, probably ever.

    Will the year ever arrive when Bettman and Sather are both gone, with a markedly better caliber man upgrading each position? Damn is is a long, long, long wait.

  7. I’ve golfed with Stanley, our foursome took a pic with it on the first hole. I can’t throw an old computer tower away, because I know that picture is still in that computer. Funny how we put some of our best memories on computer, or a jump stick, and if any of those are lost/misplaced they are gone forever.

  8. Thanks, Heads. For once uncontrollable hair growth worked in my favor.
    Thanks to Manny for doing a great job running the contest and thanks to any of you who may have cast a vote my way.

    Mallards For Peace!

  9. Coos that would require digging the tower out of the garage, powering the sucker up, and digging into old pics. Which doesn’t sounds like a lot to do. But much easier to delegate it to the kid, if you know what I mean.

    But it has been on my “rainy day TO DO list” for awhile.

    Perhaps a guest blog, if I can find them.

  10. Congrats SeeeDubbb!!!

    I couldn’t grow mine that good if I was lost in the woods the rest of my life.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, you can always just take out the hard drive, then toss the tower. If you don’t think you are up to the task of installing an internal hard drive on another tower and/or no longer use a tower, you can buy an enclosure for like 15-20 bucks that will let you plug the hard drive into a usb port.

  12. Manny, great job running this thing as always. S3EDu3B, great *actual* beard. Well earned victory.

  13. If you going into a fight, it’s best to have at least one Fighting Sioux on your team.

    It’s in the recipe for WINNING :)

  14. I’d think Whacking Day would be something you’d do in the privacy of your own home.

  15. Ms Daisy Fuentes just booked my car for the 13th of this month to drive her around the city…life’s good, I tell you.

  16. Forget Whacking Day. This is a hockey blog. I think Boxing Day was “invented just for that.” : )

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Have you all heard of what FXX is doing with the Simpsons? It’s literally my dream come true.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I say the same thing to Doggy Machetto when we play hockey, then he does, and I shoot it for him to retrieve. Then repeat.

  19. Doodie, the Common Eider would never be a party to war. It is also capable if desalinating sea water and may be the largest North American duck. Not a war monger though, not at all.

  20. As Eddie Izzard points out, the Noah’s Ark story is made implausible by ducks. They can just swim up there.

  21. Finally! The deal we have all been waiting for entire summer!

    New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the team has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Ryan Bourque.

  22. You mofos need some rangers hockey…someone plz, do some line combos or something stupid like that

  23. “I had the opportunity to talk for a while last month with Papa and Mama Bourque, Sam, and…”

    “SCORE! Sorry, Joe, you were saying….”

  24. Rangers West on

    Walter White and Chris Kreider:

    “I am the danger!”
    Kreider contemplates Walters declaration for a moment, then shakes his head as if in agreement. After a pause that, at first, seems more deferential than contemplative, Kreider looks at Walter and smiles.
    “I’m THE.”

  25. Is Butch Harmon a Svengali, or what? Phil looks like Phil again, at 44! Rickie Fowler is no longer just a sartorial comedy show.

  26. Looks like we have a bit of Sunday drama. Hope Rory hangs on but Lefty or Ricky would be fine.

  27. i also hate the idea that so many Rangers games end up with the opposing teams broadcasters, even if it’s a home game.
    there’s the problem i had years ago
    when my area polled and wanted Sportsnet Ohio
    yet mario kept any bluejackets games off the air

  28. Its Monday Carp, get that guest blog up….i’m in need of some sort of a hockey fix. I even watched a couple of episodes of 24/7 over the weekend (I miss Gaby and Dubi, but not Woywitka or Fedotenko)

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