Dominic Moore’s Smashfest raises $140,000 for charities


From the NHLPA:

…Third annual charity Ping-Pong event included 23 current and former NHL players

TORONTO (July 25, 2014) – Dominic Moore, New York Rangers forward, is pleased to announce that last night’s Smashfest charity ping-pong event raised $140,000, which will benefit two important causes: concussions and traumatic brain injuries; and rare cancer research and advocacy. In three years of the annual Smashfest event being held, a total of $270,000 has been raised for charity.

Rangers Report logo“We had an amazing time at Smashfest again this year,” said Dominic Moore, New York Rangers forward and Smashfest host. “The support we received was impressive on all fronts, from the players and guests in attendance, to the NHLPA and all of our partners. I’m proud that $140,000 was raised to further help with research into concussions and rare cancers.”

Twenty-three current and former player NHL players attended the third annual Smashfest event this year: Dominic Moore (Host), Derick Brassard, Alex Burrows, Mike Cammalleri, David Clarkson, Logan Couture, Michael Del Zotto, T.J. Galiardi, Doug Gilmour, Mike Johnson, Kevin Klein, Nick Kypreos, Shawn Matthias, Jamie McLennan, Jeff O’Neill, Teddy Purcell, Zac Rinaldo, Tyler Seguin, Jeff Skinner, Cam Talbot, Chris Tanev, Stephane Veilleux and Kevin Weekes.

The guests in attendance had a chance to play ping-pong against NHL players, and were also able to bid on many unique items through the silent auction, while helping raise awareness and research funds for concussions and traumatic brain injuries and rare cancers.

Minnesota Wild forward Stephane Veilleux successfully defended his ping-pong singles tournament championship by defeating Alex Burrows, Vancouver Canucks forward, in the final. The pro-am tournament was won by Burrows’ team.

More than 650 people attended last night’s sold-out event at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto, Ontario.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    I think calling Veilleux an NHL forward is a bit generous at this point of his career. Really, it’s like he gets a handful of games every year just so he can win Smashfest.

  2. So I’m working for this luxury limousine service right now as a summer gig…driving Cindy Crawford all day all over the city. Eat your hearts out!

    P.S. I win.

  3. Forgive me, for its NOT a Ranger video. I just thought the quality of everything on it was 1’st class.

    Being a Toews fan helps :)

  4. Sioux

    I can’t take pics…I can scan the trip sheet later and share ;)


    Not yet…she thought that I was Vin Diesel when she got in my car. She said “and for a second i thought I was the only celebrity in this car” lol…yes, I look like him when I shave my head and face completely …don’t laugh.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© East Champs on

    Ya may look like deseil but back in the day anyone whom was BALD looked like KOJAK. HAHHAA!! WTG !!

  6. Greg

    don’t be jealous… you can take your self with right hand…close your eyes and…well, you get the idea :)

  7. The guy in the feathered hat (Simon Posford) who plays the guitar and mix board, is a founder of Psychedelic trance music.

  8. I know it means nothing to you, but he’s a legend… he is to psytrance as beatles to rock’n roll or however you call the genre :)

  9. Sounds like a fun gig, 3CP. Give Cindy our best regards.

    Cindy Crawford > Cindy Crosby

  10. Should be interesting see brassard numbers come in later what each side asking for.

  11. iManny-O-War on

    Do we know anything about Brassard? I want to know what was submitted to the Arb

  12. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Those numbers are not horrifying. Why not just go ahead and sign him for 5 years at $20M?

    We can’t end up in a situation where Stepan is primed to get $6.5M+ and we lose both Stepan *and* Brassard. That would be a disaster.

  13. leetchhalloffame on

    Brassard wants $5 mill? He does stugatz the entire season and plays OK during playoffs. Puleeeeezee.

  14. “The thing about playing in Chicago—if you do your job and get ice time, you know you’re going to be playing with talented players.”

    Wondering who said this? Guess in NY, he figured his linemates held him back.

  15. Richards requests that Jonathan Toews relinquish number 19, and ‘C.’ Just joshin’ Norm.

  16. Charles Barkley says that he and Tiger Woods are no longer friends. Guess that Barkley’s puke-enticing golf game makes Butch Harmon sleep easier knowing Tiger has no future competing with him as a golf instruction guru.

  17. How long until THE Kreider is named captain of this lost ship I like to call “MSS NYRangers”?

  18. “…too young and not very vocal,” chuckling out loud. Cally, MSL, and McDonuts have those penetrating, peregrine eyes that speak volumes. I’d fly second seat with either one of those three over enemy territory.

  19. “Every 10pts = one mil in the nhl right?”

    Not if you’re Nash. He gets a million for every five points.

  20. I said McDonagh would be the next captain last year……

    CArp and many regulars said he was too young…. no way… I heard Staal… Richards…..whatever….

    now they claim they predicted it all along…………

    some people know hockey, some people like to talk about it…….

    I am just talking smack on a Saturday night…. its all good. just bought plane tickets back to Alaska for a week or so… life is good.

    when I get back i will buy Rangers tickets….i dont think they come to Denver till February….

  21. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Read: Brad Richards and Marty St. Louis are going to Scotland to golf


    We’re not going to let this buyout ruin our friendship.

  22. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That was so awesome. Thank God Kreider decided to continue his pattern of annihilating goaltenders.

  23. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That would have been great. We should just have Kreider be our goaltender based enforcer.

  24. Only in the playoffs, though. We don’t need to face any more backup tenders in the regular season.

  25. Sather told me the Capt was between two players. I told him it should be McMonster, he agreed. True

  26. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Reports that Rangers and Derick Brassard have reached agreement on five year, $25 million deal. Good deal for both sides.

    Great deal IMO

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    Brad Richards @BRichards_1991
    Freddie Mo. 18 at North Berwick

  28. Brassard has…

    He has the most playoff points of any Ranger over the last two seasons.


  29. ThisYearsModel on

    $25 for 5 is a good deal for Brass, who would have commanded more as a UFA after next year. Moore gets locked up for $1 or less and they are set to go. This roster should be good enough to make the playoffs as long as nothing happens to Henrik.

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    Where’s E3? I would have thought he’d scoop us all on this news. I hear he gets his news from the source

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Great news on Bros-hard

    More pressing news about *Kristo* forthcoming????

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