Rangers & Chris Kreider avoid arbitration; agree on two-year contract


Kreider’s deal is two years at an annual cap hit of $2.475 million.

From the NYR:


NEW YORK, July 23, 2014 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the team has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Chris Kreider.

Kreider, 23, skated in 66 games with the Rangers this past season, registering 17 goals and 20 assists for 37 points, along with 72 penalty minutes and a plus-14 rating. He tied for second among NHL rookies in power play goals (six), ranked fifth in goals, tied for fifth in power play points (12), and finished sixth in points. Kreider led the Rangers in plus/minus rating and shooting percentage (12.5%), ranked third on the team in power play goals and tied for fifth in goals. He established a single-game career-high with three assists and posted a plus-two rating on November 2 vs. Carolina. He tallied his first career hat trick, established a single-game career-high with a plus-three rating, and tied a single-game career-high with six shots on goal on November 30 vs. Vancouver.

Rangers Report logoIn the 2014 Playoffs, the 6-3, 226-pounder recorded five goals and eight assists for 13 points, along with 14 penalty minutes in 15 games. Kreider established playoff career-highs in assists, points, power play goals (three), power play assists (two), power play points (five), and average ice time (16:48), and tied playoff career-highs in goals, shots on goal (29), and shooting percentage (17.2%). He led the team in power play goals and shooting percentage, tied for third in assists, and tied for fourth in goals, points, and power play points in the playoffs. After returning to the lineup for Game 4 of the Metropolitan Division Finals vs. Pittsburgh on May 7, Kreider ranked second on the team in points and tied for second in goals and assists. He established single-game playoff career-highs with three assists, four points, and six shots on goal in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals at Montreal on May 27, and became the first Ranger to record three points in one period of a playoff game since Jaromir Jagr in 2007.

Kreider has skated in 89 career NHL games, registering 19 goals and 21 assists for 40 points, along with 78 penalty minutes and a plus-13 rating. He skated in his first career NHL regular season game on January 19, 2013 at Boston and tallied his first career NHL regular season point with a goal on February 5, 2013 at New Jersey. Kreider has also skated in 41 career NHL playoff games, recording 11 goals and 11 assists for 22 points, along with 20 penalty minutes. Kreider made his NHL debut in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at Ottawa on April 16, 2012. During the 2012 Playoffs, he established an NHL record by recording five goals and seven points before skating in a regular season game.

Internationally, the Boxford, Massachusetts native has represented Team USA in numerous tournaments, including the World Junior Championship and the World Championship. During the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championship, he tied for the team lead with six goals in seven games to help Team USA win the gold medal.

Kreider was originally selected by the Rangers in the first round, 19th overall, of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. THE with 37 pts last year playing 66 games.

    He should be a 50+ pt player this year, if he is healthy and gets in 80 games.

  2. Now what is Brass’s contract going to look like. $5 x 4 or more.

    Or a 1 year deal for $4.5M out of Arbitration?

  3. Brassard’s negotiation was always going to be the most difficult one. Really hard to gague his value.

    Compared to similar players, $4.5-5.0M seems to be the range. He has scored some really clutch goals, but also still tends to disappear for two weeks.

  4. Yup. They’re 100% deciding now if Brassard is here for one year or here long term because if he gets to UFA, he’s goner than gone. The gonnest.

  5. I cannot believe every time I go to Capgeek now to forecast out a bit I have to see Tanner F’ing Glass carrying $1.45MM until 2017.

  6. The Glass signing makes less sense when you consider the impetus for moving Dorsett was to save cap space.

  7. Dorsett didn’t want be here and AV knew it.

    The glass signing should have been two yrs at most. 3 is insane

  8. I don’t like that its seeming like we could have signed Winnik and Carter for just a few ticks more than Glass. Every year, Sather has to find one guy he bids like a dummy for.

  9. Considering Tanner Glass “beat up” (won a weak fight) Dorsett, I don’t see how it doesn’t make sense. Glass also won a pretty good one against Golden Child Chris Neil

  10. Good find Manny! I agree. What’s not to like?

    He is a solid 4th line player. That can skate and score some when needed. His contract is an asset that can easily be moved/traded. Why would a 2yr or a 3yr matter?

  11. I would like to sign Brassard long term just as a backup so we don’t lose Brassard AND Stepan

  12. Its more that I think Glass’ 3 year deal is very similar to Rupp’s 3 year deal. An easily found player type usually existing on one year, sub-$1MM deals who Sather decides to overterm and overpay, seemingly in part for non-hockey reasons.

  13. _Should he get $5M for 4 years?_

    Bozak got 5 years at $4.2MM, but I’m guessing there was a good deal of “I really want to stay in Toronto” at play there. So 5 years at just shy of $5MM for Brassard?

  14. I’m sure you guys will be surprisingly happy with Glass. Or maybe everyone will just hate him and not appreciate him like they did with Boyle.

  15. If I were cute and undersized, with hands and talent, and playing on a one-year deal, I might (might) be inclined to emulate Richie Rich and look for numbers while assiduously avoiding any possibility of heavy contact in the neutral and D zones.

  16. Ahead of the Brassard deal, Eliotte Friedman posted and interesting stat that, right now, only eight NHL teams do not have a center making at least $5 million per season – and the only one who made the playoffs was the Rangers. Of course, the Rangers did have one but B-Rich is long gone.

    The other teams are: Arizona, Buffalo, Calgary, Nashville, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg.

  17. _I’m sure you guys will be surprisingly happy with Glass._

    I don’t see myself any more or less happy w/ Glass than I would have been with a similar player making about half that and with no future attachment. That’s the issue.

  18. #13 performed well in accordance with his assigned role, and was assuredly available at 800 thou, and at one year, which tells me that management was perturbed with the very real danger of one-ice officials’ likely targeting.

  19. Stranger Nation on

    If Glass signing from AV history, then let him make it work.

    this past season he made Chicken Salad out of Chicken Carcillo

  20. Stranger Nation on

    moving Nash to LW would make a ton of sense

    Nash – Step – Marty
    THE – Bros – Zucc
    Hags – Baby Lindberg/Miller – Shemp
    Glass – Moore – Miller/Fast

  21. When Ryan Carter (who isn’t a safe bet to be any gooder or badder than Tanner Glass) signs for 1 year at $900K, am I allowed to whine we should have just signed Carter and given the extra half-million to Boyle?

  22. Its called “misjudging the market”, something Sather has proven very good at in the past.

  23. Boyle didn’t want to play in NY anymore, so we should pretend it was a decision between him and Glass. Boyle was out.

    Same with Cally.

    I don’t blame Sather as much for them leaving but I do believe AV had a lot to do with it.

  24. please that THE signed today
    maybe he heard that Sather
    was going to play a loop of
    his numerous missed opportunity

  25. wonder if J Moore is sweating it out
    and hitting “refresh” on capgeek on a daily

  26. as far as Glass
    were other teams interested in him
    and due to that
    and AV’s interest
    that Sather paid him just a little over?

    no matter what it’s strange that Boyle went to Florida with barely a nudge more than what Sather was going to give him and seemingly in the same 4th line role

  27. _Boyle didn’t want to play in NY anymore, so we should pretend it was a decision between him and Glass. Boyle was out._

    _Same with Cally._



  28. Doc – Glass is a better fighter than Boyle. Boyle turned down MORE money in Toronto. Boyle didn’t want to be a Ranger, or he would have signed. You can’t blame Sather for bring in Glass. Glass is to replace Dorsett/Carcillo’s minutes.

  29. Stempniak replace Boyle production/responsibilities on the 4th line.

    Stemp – Moore – Glass

    Could be a solid 4th line, and even better than last year. They will have more of an offensive threat.

  30. No one replaces Boyle. I think. I assume Stempniak is the hopeful replacement for Pouliot.

  31. Manny, I was going to reference Philip Johnson, but thought no one would know the name. Kudos to you!

  32. Kreider – Step – Nash
    Hags – Lombardi/Miller – MSL
    Zucc – Brassard – Kristo/Fast
    Stemp – DMoore – Glass

    I’m thinking it cold look closer to this come the starting day. 3 Solid Lines with more speed & depth, and a 4th line that can play 10-12 minutes.

  33. bull dog line on

    any thoughts on pending UFA Kevin Hayes? does not sound like he is going to sign with Chicago. those who would know, how many contracts do the Rangers have room for?

  34. Stemp and Lom can both skate and finish, something Boyle can only dream of…to me this is upgrade over Boyle big time.

  35. You mean the guy that had to play in Sweden? He’s better than Boyle? Right…………..


  36. bull dog line on

    36 points got somebody close to 6 mill a year. of course he has a lot of intangibles.

  37. bull dog line on

    it might have been his zero pts in the playoffs that got him the contract.

  38. Kreider – Step – Nash
    Zucc – Brass – MSL
    Hags – Miller/Lombardi- Kristo/Fast
    Glass – Moore – Stemp

    That’s probably closer to what it will look like. Lombardi has great hands drawing on the dot, like 57%, his 50pt season was in Europe (league leader), when you consider Miller only scored 6pts in 30 NHL games last year, I’m not so sure he wins the 3rd line center.

  39. Manny

    263 career points say yes he is better than Boyle. Get off Boyles nub already.

  40. bull dog line on

    sioux, this is what it will look like.
    Kreider Stepan,Nash
    Miller, Brassard, Zucc
    Hagelin, Lombardi, MSL.
    Glass, Moore, Stempniak.
    Lindberg, and Fast could force there way onto the team in place of Lombardi, and Stempniak.

  41. I’m not sure how the lines shuffle out and play, but 2 of those players will be Prucha’d.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing if THE DUKE for 9 games to start the season. With his size, and 99pts last year, if he could steal a spot a few games, just to see if he has an NHL game.

  42. bull dog line on

    there are a few guys Sioux, who should get a long look. Duclair is certainly one of them. Haggerty another, and your guy with a good camp has a shot.

  43. I like the idea of moving Nash back to LW

    THE – Stepan – MSL
    Nash – Brassard – MZA
    Hagelin – Miller – Stempniak
    Glass – Moore – Fast

  44. bull dog line on

    I like your top 6. I don’t like line number 3. that is kind of why I keep Nash on the right. keep MSL, and Hagelin together. Nash and Kreider, and Brassard and zucc together.

  45. I think THE could be good with Brassard and MZA (since he’s a better Pouliot), but I think MSL might be wasted on that line. Maybe I just don’t like him with Lombardi.

  46. bull dog line on

    I really don’t like anybody with Lombardi at this point, but I think he opens the season as the number 3.

  47. Counting the RFA’s, we’re at 50 contracts with 2 sliding when they get sent back to juniors. Can’t sign Hayes unless they keep JMoops off the books until camp or they don’t even consider Graves in camp and I don’t see that happening.

  48. If any of those projected lines are true, we had better be super F A S T because we sure are soft.

  49. I think there is 2 spots open for Miller, Lombardi, Fast, Kristo, Lindberg, & THE DUKE.

    Duclair should get a few game right away if he dominates camp. 9 games tops then he could get sent down.

    Lindberg, Miller, Kristo, Fast, Haggerty don’t have to go through waivers so they will be the easiest to move up and down.

    Stemp & Lombardi will be Prucha’d if they don’t play.

  50. Not a lot left to do but sign Brass on Friday, and get JMoops to camp on time.

    MSL a full season, a Healthy Kreider, the speed and scoring potential of the youth, make this a better team this year.

  51. Soft. The entire league saw us as ‘soft’ LAST year. We are, as composed, even softer this year. Your definition of ‘soft’ is obviously somewhat different from mine. Doesn’t mean we can’t win; doesn’t mean we won’t be competitive. It just is what it is.

  52. Still need size at some point especially down the middle and faceoffs are always an issue. Better have step and brassard improve there.

  53. bull dog line on

    Miller is going to be on the team. he will either be the number 3 center, or the LW, on Brassard and Zucc’s line.

  54. If Miller doesn’t show up at camp enthused, in top shape, and eager to listen to coaching, he may well have finally worn out his welcome mat.

  55. “Package Brassard and J Moops for O’Reilly!”

    Sign me up!

    Then trade NASH for JVR!

  56. any truth to the rumor that the rangers signed center Hugh Janus?

    I saw a report by Phil Mahooters.

  57. Eric, I read your comment this morning, just reinforcing the idea from you!

    Makes a lot of sense from Rangers point of view…and guys on NHL network PowerPlay were talking earlier that something weird was definitely going in Denver with O’Reilly’s negotiations…

  58. Rangers West on

    If Allen has a strong camp and/or Skjei decides to turn pro, they should trade either Staal or Giradi for a young top 6 forward and maybe a pick or a prospect. I don’t think they can keep both and extend Stepan, Zucc, The (At the end of next season) etc.

  59. Rangers West on

    Brassard & J. Moore for O’Reilly sounds like a solid deal for the Rangers but does leave them with Stepan, Moore, Lombardi, Miller and Lindberg for centers. Not ideal.

  60. I really don’t get the glass hate at all.

    Dorsett had stated he wanted to go to western canada after next season anyhow, so slats gets something for him now instead of losing him for nothing at the end of the season.

    He then goes out and gets glass for a bit less per season. A bigger player who is better defencively and a better fighter. He gets a rugged player on a three year deal (it is still hockey you know), so what’s not to like?

    Considering the contract engelland got, it could have been much much worse.

  61. From what I’ve seen of miller and having seen nothing of Lindberg, I can say with absolute certainty that I would rather see Lindberg on the rangers than miller!

  62. Rangers West, O’Reilly is a center. COL may have played him as a wing last season because of their abundance of quality centers, though I’m not sure.

  63. I personally see the Glass as half full because (like Dorsett) he’s a good skater, but is also one of the better fighters in the league. Just wish it was the other Nystrom that was in this video…


  64. NOT going to arbitrations spares the Club from having to list and define (and often exaggerate) the player’s myriad weaknesses and deficiencies, an arbitration which inevitably creates a detente, but an unhealthy and hostile detante. If money differences can be concluded prior, only the Agent hears the heartache.

  65. ummm, arbitration is about numbers. teams dont go into arb & say Zook is small & cant fight yada yada yada. it’s a business, more often than not there isn’t hostility when it comes to arb. And if there is hostility, it’s over the money.

  66. Zucc and THE signings seem like good deals. Hope we can say the same about a Brassard deal shortly.
    Haven’t heard anything about J. Moore. Was he arbitration eligible too?

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