Guest blogger: Yergs … what Captain Callahan might be thinking now


By Yergs

Dear Grandma,

It’s your favorite grandson, Ryan. How are you? Greetings from sunny Tampa Bay, Florida … you know, that place you probably should’ve retired to about 20 years ago but didn’t because you’d miss the cheeriness of Rochester too much? Yeah, that Tampa. It’s like Orlando, but without all the fun.

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve just been really busy with contract negotiations, pottery class and … well, that’s pretty much it. However, summer came early for me this year, which is great because now I can devote more time to writing you letters. Plus, I got this super cool new upside-down pen, like the ones the astronauts use. Astronauts really do it the “write” way haha! You know they have astronauts in Florida, right? I feel like Tom Hanks! Sometimes I wonder if I could go to space. It’s like you always used to tell me, “Reach for the moon, because if you miss, you’ll at least land at the bottom of the Atlantic Division.” Then again, I probably wouldn’t want to lead a good solid team of crew members to an ultimate goal like that. There would just be too much pressure involved.Rangers Report logo

It’s weird to think that I haven’t played hockey since April. It seems like so long ago I was huffing and puffing on the third line of a mediocre hockey team. I can’t even remember the last time I put on a pair of skates, or heard the sound of thousands of real, passionate hockey fans cheering you on. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a hockey fan at all since March. April seems like a distant memory. I have to keep reminding myself that, yes, I really was in the playoffs this year … for four whole games. In fact, I have to constantly remind my teammates I was there too, because they keep telling me I never showed up.

Could you imagine how different my life would be if I’d stayed in New York? I would’ve played a lot more hockey this year … like, SO much more hockey; competitive, spirited hockey; hockey done “the right way”. I could’ve made so much more money too. Yet, you always told me that life isn’t always about money, which is why I held out for less than I could’ve made in New York. Money doesn’t make me happy; YOU make me happy, Grandma. All I really wanted was a no-trade clause so I could stay as close as possible to you. Along with first-line caliber money, was that so much to ask? Instead, I ended up with a 1,500-mile buffer zone from you.

Whatever. I don’t need to be the captain of a team anymore. I know it’s every little boy’s dream to one day grow up, play in the NHL for an Original Six team under the bright lights of New York City at Madison Square Garden, be a hero and lead that team on and off the ice to the Stanley Cup, but that stuff doesn’t interest me. To be honest, it sounds like a lot of work. Why do all of that when you can spend the rest of your once-promising career lounging under the hot Florida sun while drifting into oblivion?

New York was getting too tough for me. Don’t those people appreciate leadership? You’d think they would after all the great leaders they had in Ranger history, like Chris Drury or Mike York. Hell, they wouldn’t know leadership if it hit them like an ugly Ron Duguay suit. The last thing I need is some jerk face like Brad Richards telling me what it means to be a vocal leader. I can’t help it that I get stage fright when trying to address the team, Brad! Get off my back for once and worry about the Tortorella-shaped piano on yours. Gosh golly, that Richards was so mean, Grandma. One time he made fun of my Christmas sweater you knitted for me. He kept saying it was an “ugly” Christmas sweater and said that I won the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest. Pssh… like he has any sense of style!

Anyway, you remember my friends Brian Boyle and Anton Stralman right? Well, they’re coming to play with me in Tampa next year! It seems they’re not really into good, solid hockey either. Here’s the thing, though: I kiiinda promised you’d bake them your famous “Grandma Cally Cookies” if they joined the team. Could you do that for me? In the meantime, I can’t wait to take them to the local Crumbs Cupcake shop … it’d be just like old times! I hope it’s still there. I haven’t gotten a cupcake in a week, but I’m sure the shop’s there. I mean, it’s not like they could simply disappear, right? They’re not Rick Nash.

Love and kisses … the right way,


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  1. Great piece…who is this Cally fella? Must be fictional…who gives up more money…and his captaincy to play in Tampa? One thing I can tell ya….he musta been rooting real hard for his friends to win the cup..and since they did…he was able to sprend his summer answerng the “what if” question! Also, you would need to carry a sidearm in them parts..after all…it is a stand your ground state…oh right…he only stands his ground in NY…never mind!

  2. As much as I got a chuckle out of this blog I do believe Cally’s plan was to stay with the NY Rangers and when he wanted the no trade clause added in at the 11th hour that might have been what ended any chance for him to remain a NY Ranger.I respected him and his passion that he brought to the team but this has become a business and lets not forget that. I believe his heart is still on 34st.

  3. Yergs!!! That was great. Tons of fun, love the references. Speaking of which, I heard that Cally was holding two condo units for Boyler and Stralsie at his place in Del Boca Vista.

  4. bull dog line on

    when I saw the title, I thought a Cally defender. then I read this masterpiece! great stuff. Callahan is a fool!

  5. Cally was a great captain! He could have stayed a Ranger if he WANTED to. I still think MSL took this team farther than Cally would have.

    Cally team has a lot of young talent that can score. With a healthly Bishop, and the Rangers JV players they could have a better team overall right now!

  6. Mr. Crowley Mr. Charming Mr. Alarming on

    Cally is also thinking:
    1. I just hurt my old team by luring away two of their lead sled dogs
    2. I’ll never have tan lines on my glutes again
    3. I’m shtupping so many dumb Florida blondes that my pp hurts

  7. Marc Weissman on

    Only part that actually rang true is the last thing he needed was Richie telling him what it means to be a vocal leader. The rest Cally could care less about, especially since 8 years of NY futility was quite enough for one of the most respected captains in Ranger history.

    Couldn’t be happier for Ryan, not to mention it says boatloads that 2 of his former teammates took deals to be in the room as him. Expect more of that to come.

    Oh yeah, and you forgot Grandma’s homemade chicken parmigiana. Oh marone!

  8. 8 years of futility in NY? During that span, the Rangers made playoffs 7 out of 8 times, and won 8 playoff series, while advancing to ECF and SCF. Meantime, during the same span, the storied franchise he went to missed the playoffs 5 out of 8 times, and won only 2 playoff series. I respected, and liked Callahan as a player, as well as the captain in NY. I do not blame him for doing what he did, but let’s not pretend he went to a better team.

  9. leetchhalloffame on

    Actually I was wondering what Cally was feeling as he sat on the beach in Fla. as the Rangers were on their great playoff run. One thing is certain. He did have a better tan than his ex-‘mates had in May and early June.

  10. well said lib. On paper, TB might look better than the Rangers, but that’s today, on paper. I think we all like Cally because he was one of the young guns, brought up on the system (the same way we liked guys like Dubinsky and AA, and so forth). But, we also tend to overrate guys like that, because they are “our own”. Cally was a very good power forward, but in the last few years he was hurt a lot and really didn’t fit AV’s scheme as it did Torts. He may have been a case of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. That said, if the money was right, he’d still be here, but he wanted more than was his value to what the Rangers are now, and Sather, with his cap issues couldn’t afford him. It’s as simple as that. If I was in Cally’s shoes, I’m taking the best money I’m offered. You never know when your career will end.

  11. as someone who always liked cally i guess i would explain my personal cally ‘hate’ as the following…

    we found out he was a coach killer, of a coach who pretty much put him in position to be a no doubt olympian, and who played a style who completely accentuated every positive aspect of his game.

    then, when it came time for a new contract, it certainly seemed like he overplayed his hand and painted himself into a corner and then suddenly found himself in tampa.

    i still think he’s a nice player and i think we’ll miss him the next two years, but his style didn’t quite fit with what av is looking to do and i think his contract, like pretty much all long term ones will be a nightmare the last few years. after living through chris drury, i can’t imagine watching another captain like that at the end of his career again.

  12. TB looks better than NY on paper? Anton Stralman may get paired with Hedman as their number one pair, while Matt Carle ( who’s signed for another 4 years at $5.5M ) may play with Radko Gudas. After they lost MSl, besides Stamkos, there aren’t too many goalscorers. I don’t think they are making playoffs this year.

  13. TB looks better than NY on paper? Anton Stralman may get paired with Hedman as their number one pair, while Matt Carle ( who’s signed for another 4 years at $5.5M ) may play with Gudas. After they lost MSl, besides Stamkos, there aren’t too many goalscorers. I don’t think they are making playoffs this year.

  14. If I would be him, I’d do 2 things: 1. Beat up agent into the pulp. 2. Devise and bequeath own brain to the “Institute of the Dumb Syndrome diseases”.

  15. There is no hate towards Cally, I think. Just great deal of sadness and annoyance, which always accompanies when you faced, observe or deal with unexplainable stupidity.
    It’s particular true when it comes to someone you really liked and feels almost like betrayal of your virtual relationship(if not in reality).

  16. London Broil on

    We dont know which is the better team. acting like we’re the better team is akin to acting like the rangers season is over before enter August. Cally gave everything he had, on & off the ice, for us for many yrs. But in the end, he wasnt willing to give NY a hometown discount. Like so many before him. And he wont be the last. Unfortunately.

  17. First of all, there are two Ryan Callahans: A.) Ryan Callahan the player; and 2.) Ryan Callahan the person.

    I assume we all love the heart and soul on ice leader that plays as gritty as anyone.

    I assume we all have issues with Ryan Callahan the person who just made some VERY questionable decisions and seems to have lured Mr. Boyle to Tampa as well.

  18. Kreider numbers in

    Kreider asking for 2.8 per year

    Rangers submitted two offers for two years 1.9 per or 2.2 per

  19. ILB

    Agree on all your pts except one. Tampa makes playoffs in top 3 in that division.

    Montreal wings aren’t locks. Ottawa on decline. Florida buff not ready yet.


    My top 3.

  20. Cody franson avoids arbitration.. Was suppose to go first today.

    One yr 3.3 mil

    He requested 4.2 leafs countered 2 mil. Basically met in middle

  21. O Reilly

    Avs offere 5.5

    He requests 6.75

    He made 6.5 last year.

    Avs want 1 mil decrease. No shot that happens

  22. “Reach for the moon, because if you miss, you’ll at least land at the bottom of the Atlantic Division.”

    Solid post, Yergs!

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “we found out he was a coach killer, of a coach who pretty much put him in position to be a no doubt olympian, and who played a style who completely accentuated every positive aspect of his game.”

    Did we find that out, at all? No names were ever named in terms of who complained about Torts. Frankly, I doubt it was Callahan among them, since after he was fired, Torts said nothing but great things about him.

    Frankly, I think Brad Richards’ situation was much more of a factor in having Tortorella removed.

    I’m not saying Callahan should still be on the team. I’m just saying I don’t understand all of the revisionist history about his time here. OK, so he didn’t get his extension worked out. They seemed pretty damn close at the deadline, close enough that if Sather didn’t move him and two first round picks for St. Louis, they probably get the deal done during the offseason. And sure, we probably bow out in the 2nd round against the Penguins if we don’t make that trade, but we probably bow out in the 2nd round all the same if France St. Louis didn’t die. Do any of you remember game 4 against the Penguins? It was literally the team’s worst game of the season since the opening road trip.

    Is it crappy that Callahan overplayed his hand? Yeah, sure. But that doesn’t diminish his time here one bit. He is the symbol of our franchise turning a corner. He is our first and only home grown captain since Brian Leetch. He was the embodiment of one of my all time favorite Rangers squads (11-12).

    I’m always going to be proud to think of him as a Ranger, unless we play Tampa in the playoffs. Then he can just go hartnell himself.

  24. Doodie Machetto on


    Probably not a full million decrease, but I’m not surprised at all if O’Reilly is one of the rare cases where the salary goes down. He was overpaid last two years as a result of the offer sheet. I mean, look at what he’s requested. It’s not even that much of a raise.

    The Kreider numbers are close enough that they should be able to easily get a deal done. They’re literally arguing over a couple hundred thousand in terms of a negotiated deal.

  25. This Callahan stuff is the dumbest group-take this blog has had in a pretty long while.

  26. Rangers at 2.2 per two years Kreider 2.8

    2.5 Kreider gets 1.5 mil dollar raise from his cap hit of 800k plus bonuses

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    I put Montreal and Detroit over Toronto. I think Toronto is just a total tire fire of a squad. Carlyle should have been fired. They play like a pick up team. Detroit isn’t getting any younger, but if they even have 1/3 less injuries than they did last year, they’re easily a wild card team.



    That’s how I see it playing out right now, at this crazy early juncture. Honestly, with the exception of Pittsburgh, I just picked the teams with the teams I felt had good coaching, good goaltending, or both. Pittsburgh might have the coaching, but it’s too early to tell.

    In the case of the Devils, I think they have good coaching and good goaltending, but I just think that’s about all they have, unless you consider the 1998 Czech Olympic team something worth having.

  28. Good job, Yergs!

    I appreciate the satire, though I think I’m in the minority in that I disagree with the sentiment.

    I don’t begrudge a player for taking the most money. As NY fans, we’re generally accustomed to being the highest bidder before caps came into play. Players have a short time to make as much as possible.

  29. Say what you want about Cally, I think he landed on his feet in Tampa. They have to be the youngest team in the leagued, 13 players 24 or younger on their roster. With 1’st rounds picks in hand, they could be tough for years.

    The Rangers could be one of the oldest teams, when you factor in the signings this year, with Boyle & MSL leading the way in the tooth department, now that Wilbur is gone.

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    Awesome guest blog, Yergs. You rock.

    Assuming that we could not have Callahan AND MSL though, there’s no way this team makes the SCF with Callahan. They would have lost to Pittsburgh in five or six games. Callahan was a great Ranger and a good captain, but if you look what trading him got us (a SCF berth and a good chance at the Cup) it was the right move.

    Hope Cally is happy in Tampa.

  31. If you look at those things while ignoring the 1st round picks and long term presumptive goal of a Stanley Cup, that is.

  32. “Frankly, I think Brad Richards’ situation was much more of a factor in having Tortorella removed.”


  33. On the plus side, the Rangers core is still entering or in their prime years. So, they should have a good team for 4-5 years.

    The negative is that they haven’t really had 1st round picks the last few (I know they are trying to offset that a bit with the unsigned college players). And, being a likely playoff team, they’d be lucky to draft one or two impact players over those four or five years.

  34. If you ignore that certain markets (NY included) tend to have natural lower odds, they are the same. If you factor that in …

  35. Doodie Machetto on


    Do you think they win that Pittsburgh series if St. Louis’ mom doesn’t die? Seriously. Do you remember losing game 4 at home in one of the most pathetic team efforts I have ever seen? That game was a total disgrace. It’s not like St. Louis’ consistent play carried us through the 2nd round. It was the off the rink stuff that galvanized the team to get us past Pittsburgh.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not so sure about this team’s young core. We need a lot of players to take a big step. Aside from McDonagh, our young core is still just all potential. Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin, J.Moore, Miller, even Brassard and MZA need to take big steps forward if we expect to continue as a contender in two years when Boyle and St. Louis are presumably gone by retirement, diminished play, or some other circumstance. That goes double because we don’t have any other top end talent coming through our pipeline (no 1st round pick for 3 years in a row).

    We also really need Nash to be Nash, or his contract will remain an absolute anchor on this franchise.

  37. _Do you think they win that Pittsburgh series if St. Louis’ mom doesn’t die? Seriously._

    I believe very little in this sort of thing and I’d bet my family’s life they lose that series without MSL’s mother passing away.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, And that’s all I’m saying. St. Louis’ play isn’t what made this team a Cup finalist.

  39. For what it’s worth, my main issue with the Callahan situation is that we always just assumed he would be a Ranger for life, but with a player/guy like him, it’s easy to forget that the NHL is a business. I was a huge Cally fan, but if he really wanted to stay in NY he could have. Instead, he foolishly overplayed his hand and we had no choice but to say sayonara. He wasn’t the true blue Ranger I thought he was… which I know sounds incredibly stupid, but I always thought he’d carry the torch from some of those guys whose numbers are up in the rafters. Instead of being a captain in NY, he’s now just some dime-a-dozen player on an “okay” team in Florida. It’s sad.

  40. Game 4 was some of the worst hockey ever played on Garden ice. I think that’s fair to say.

    Saint led the way. He’s never played as bad as he did that night. I don’t know if he knew his mother was sick or not. I never stopped believing they’d come back, but Mrs.Saint’s death is definitely the reason they got past the Pens.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “I was a huge Cally fan, but if he really wanted to stay in NY he could have. Instead, he foolishly overplayed his hand and we had no choice but to say sayonara”

    We had the choice of keeping him and trying to work on an extension in the summer. If St. Louis wasn’t the shiny toy available to Sather, I have no doubt he would still be here. Sather was never going to be a seller at the deadline. He only knows how to buy. Callahan stays if there wasn’t a player to be bought. St. Louis just happened to be the available player to buy.

  42. _Mister D, And that’s all I’m saying. St. Louis’ play isn’t what made this team a Cup finalist._

    Right. And I think the seeming belief that we were a true finals team rather than a team that got (I hate to use this term given the driving event) really lucky probably hurt us even worse going forward. There’s basically no longer any consideration for anything beyond “next season” despite having a roster that was at one time prepped for a very long window. In essence, there are two separate teams taking pieces of our former core and building rosters better positioned than our own.

  43. _I don’t hate him, but he’s still an idiot for overplaying his hand._

    This “overplaying his hand” refrain only makes sense if you believe the winning hand is “he gets to continue to play for my most favorite hockey team”.

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    _Do you think they win that Pittsburgh series if St. Louis’ mom doesn’t die?_

    No. That doesn’t change the point I was making, though. For all the talk about Richards as the de facto captain, it was St Louis’ team and they rallied around him. Coupled with his play, his value was way higher than what Callahan would have brought to that playoff run.

  45. I STILL don’t think Cally is worth $6M per year for 6 years. Good for him, but still if he was a 60-70 pt player yes. But he’s 40-50, with injuries.

    $5M x 5 All Day Long. But $6M x 6yr you have to be playing 4-5 entry level contracts to make it work. In Tampa it works, because they have 8 contracts under $1M.

    Crazy to have that many. Ranger have 2 that will play, with Talbot being 1 of them.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Lundqvist is s “true blue” Ranger because he took a discount? The guy took the largest goaltending AAV contract in NHL history by a wide margin, a contract that was so above what market price was for goaltenders that no goaltender before or since has come close to hitting it. That’s true even if you cut out the bogus years for Quick (who signed his deal after having just wont the Conn Smythe) and Louongo. Sure, he’s an elite, ELITE goaltender. But give me a break about hometown discounts. The guy got every single dollar he wanted.

    So now because Callahan wanted to do the same thing, he’s a villain. When Staal bolts next year, I guess he won’t have been “true blue,” either.

  47. Just imagine if Lundqvist asked for his number, Sather didn’t agree and traded him. Exact same demand would be what makes him a hand-overplaying traitor rather than a true blue Ranger.

  48. Do you guys remember the standoff few years ago when Jeter had to re-sign with the Yankees and his outrageous demands and the stuff fans were saying about how he isn’t worth it at his age and his body will breakdown?

    At the end of the day, he got overpaid because he is Jeter.

    With how much Cally meant to the Rangers, I expected the Rangers to overpay him. After all, look at all the other schleps they overpaid.

  49. The winning hand would be being Captain of the Rangers, making more than enough money (more than he truly deserves), living in a great city like NY.

    That’s a winning hand, whether you’re a Rangers fan or a Coyotes fan, you can’t say that’s not the winning hand.

  50. _After all, look at all the other schleps they overpaid._

    That sentence is exactly why no one should take issue with Callahan. With all of the horrific contracts he watched them hand out, he’d be an idiot to volunteer to take a discount. This wasn’t about a lack of cap room or anything understandable, it was Sather drawing his first ever line in the sand.

  51. Lundqvist is the best player on the team. And at $8.5 M, he is worth it. I don’t think many teams could have paid more for a goalie.

    The King in NEW YORK, will make more in endorsements, than he would playing anywhere else. He would still scoop ALL of Sweden’s endorsements.

  52. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t begrudge Callahan for taking every dollar he could get. But I think there is _some_ non-monetary value in being the Captain of an Original Six franchise. I guess we found out how much value Callahan thought that was when he nickel and dimed (or demanded a NMC) his way to sunny Florida. Like I said, I hope he’s happy, but I’m not really losing sleep over it.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, but that’s such crap to say St. Louis deserves credit for that. It’s a total fluke. If Callahan had stayed and his grandmother died and they go on the same run, then we are all saying “oh man, we were so lucky to have Callahan here!”

    Come on. You cannot seriously give St. Louis credit for his mom dying.

    And don’t give me “his play.” His play was rotten until his mother died. And even then, his play wasn’t worth nearly what we paid to get him.

  54. “Fair point, but Henrik deserved that contract. Callahan just thought he deserved it”


    You take Cally off NYR, they’re still a playoff team.

    Take Hank off the team, they’re not a playoff team.

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t think you can compare a strict cap league like the NHL to MLB, especially the Yankees

  56. Just imagine if the Rangers had $6M of less cap space now. Who walks off that isn’t signed?

    And Sather HAS to extend Staal next year.

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    St. Louis’ mom dying didn’t get the Rangers to the SCF. Everything HE DID afterwards and how he got the team to rally around him did. It could easily have played out differently where is mom dies and, deflated, they lose game 5. You have to give the guy’s character some credit for what actually happened.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, but Callahan wasn’t trying to get 8.5. And he wasn’t trying to get the years into such a late age.

    And furthermore, you can say that about most playoff teams’ starting goaltender and none of them are getting paid 8.5.

    “If you take Carey Price out of Montreal, they aren’t a playoff team.”

    “If you take Ben Bishop out of Tampa, they aren’t a playoff team.”

    “If you take Sergei Bobrovsky out of Columbus, they aren’t a playoff team.”

    etc. etc. etc.

  59. Which isn’t to say Lundqvist isn’t worth a huge contract, but any idea of him taking a discount or settling in the middle has to be thrown into the closest garbage can.

  60. Doodie Machetto on


    OK, but if she doesn’t die, everyone talks about what a loser the guy is for having done absolutely nothing as a Ranger, pining for Captain Cally who wouldn’t have let the team go out with such a whimper. Assuming they lost game 5, St. Louis’ stat line would have been 2-4-6 in 12 gp in the playoffs, after posting 1-7-8 in 19 regular season games.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Exactly Mister D. But he’s true blue since Sather was willing to accede to his demands.

  62. These comparisons are just poor.

    Hank & Cally

    Hank & Price, Bishop, BOB.

    I get what you’re saying, but Hank is a superstar, those guys are not. Price is the closest, but Hank is one of the best in the league, if not *the* best.

    You want to bring up names to compare Hank and his contract to, it has to be a superstar player.

  63. You can’t even really compare the elite goalies because most (Rask, Bobrovskywere going to be RFA’s at the end of their deals. Bobrovsky is likely to get at least $8M AAV, assuming he performs again this year.

    Rinne was the last top UFA goalie and got $7M AAV two years ago, so 10% inflation over the last two years would put that at right about $8.5M.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Add Varlamov to the list, and between him, Bobrovsky, and Bishop, you’ll have half of the nominees for the Vezina for the past two seasons, including one winner.

    It’s funny, the one guy you said is “maybe” a star is the only guy I named that hasn’t been nominated for the Vezina. If your argument is that he’s the only “star” goaltender, then that’s equally ridiculous. He’s not heads and tails better than every goaltender in the league.

    The point is, his contract compared to other goaltenders is so massively excessive that every other goaltender in the league is being paid much less. And depending on Bobrovsky’s next contract, they will all continue to be paid much less for at least the next 3 or 4 years. Carey price in 2017 might be the next guy to approach Lundqvist’s number if not Bobrovsky next year. Bishop would have to have an epic season this year to justify anything close to Lundqvist.

  65. So Bishop would have to play like an elite goalie for more than one season to get paid like an elite goalie?

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, 10 and 10 inflation for Rinne is incorrect because the Cap was rolled back in between signing of his deal and Lundqvist’s.

    What about Jonathan Quick? He signed his deal as a pending UFA, after having just own the Conn Smthe. If you cut off the bogus years at the end, he’s still got a much lower cap hit than Lundqvist. Even if you add all of the value of his 10 year contract and divide it by Lundqvist’s term, it’s STILL less than Lundqvist’s. And this is days after the guy literally carried his team into the playoffs and then to the Stanley Cup. And before the cap was rolled back coming out of the lockout.

    I’m sorry, Lundqvist is being overpaid relative to the rest of the goaltending marketplace.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    I think so. He’s only done it for 60 games at this point. There’s still a lot of risk there.

    Look at Varlamov. He just got 5.9 million in the middle of his Vezina nomination season. But since that’s literally the only time he’s played that well (outside of that playoff series against us), there’s still a lot of risk.

  68. Again, the only comparable is Rinne, and he got $7M AAV two years ago. Since the cap stayed the same the following year, then went up 9% last year, you could argue that Hank should be making $7.6M AAV.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    I shouldn’t say it was rolled back. It was basically maintained at the status quo for two seasons.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, last year’s cap was the exact same as it was in 11-12. There was literally no inflation of the cap in between Rinne’s contract and Lundqvist.

    Also, Quick remains a comparable with a lower cap hit, even factoring out cap circumvention.

  71. If Hank is being overpaid, it’s by about $900k, or 1.3% of the cap, and that number decreases every year (assuming he still plays at a top level). Is that a $900k gamble you want to make?

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, I fail to see the issue as far as Quick being paid 1.8 the year before. In fact, I would imagine that coming off of low contracts for his career, Quick would want to go into the open market and make every last penny that he could.

    Lundqvist, by contrast, was coming off of one of the highest goaltending contracts in the league. I can’t recall for sure, but at the time of signing it, I believe he was the highest paid goaltender in the league (cap wise). I think his old cap hit would still be third highest in the entire league, behind Rinne and Rask.

    So enough with the discount garbage. There’s no discount. If anything, there’s an overpayment.

  73. Doodie, I’m agreeing with you regarding the cap staying the same. Hank’s adjusted salary, using Rinne (who BTW was only their clear #1 for two seasons at the time) as a base, would be about $7.6M.

  74. What ever Hen-rik is getting over paid *this year* Talbot is getting under paid. *in my opinion*

  75. I have often thought, and still think, that the cap should be adjusted for each city’s cost of living. Thus, the Rangers/Islanders should have a higher cap (and higher floor) than the Lightning. The current system allows the players to take advantage of tax structures while handicapping the teams.

  76. I never said he gave them a discount. My *opinion* is that he’s not vastly overpaid.

  77. It has to be noted that there are three goalies (Rask, Bob, Schneider) who have had a better save percentage in each of the last two seasons. Pretty tough to give him his own tier rather than saying he’s a no-brainer top 5.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s an 11.8% overpayment. If Callahan were 11.8% overpaid on his 5.5 number (which I think is a fair number), then he would be getting 6.15. If Callahan had signed for 6.15, everyone here is saying how terribly overpaid he is.

    Manny, I hear you on cost of living adjustments, but I think it would be too advantageous for big market teams.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    For instance, imagine Montreal with an extra 10% on their cap because there are so many taxes there.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, that’s what I’m saying. Even if you think Lundqvist is the best, and I happen to think he is, he’s not so vastly superior so as to be paid over 20% more than the next guys.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    But he’s true blue because Sather met his asking price, while Cally isn’t because Sather traded him and two first round picks for St. Louis.

  82. Rob in Beantown on

    Maybe not cost of living, but adjusted for taxes instead? That way you’re normalizing the take home pay. Cost of living could be unfair because it’s possible to live within or below your means and save money for retirement, when you’re living somewhere else. Take home pay after taxes are a sore spot, though.

  83. We all just have to admit that, *in my opinion*, these players are out for the money. If a player really is going to sign in Florida because he nets more money after taxes then the NHL needs to adjust the cap so that players will be able to make the same money, after taxes, everywhere. So they don’t choose Florida because Montreal doesn’t provide tax incentives.

    It’s stupid.

    How can a team take advantage of the extra money? The whole point is that, after taxes, in the end, it’s all the same NET money.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    And the captaincy of an original six team applies just the same to Lundqvist. He doesn’t wear the C since he’s not allowed, but there’s no question he is the true leader of this team and the face of the franchise, regardless of whose worn it the past 5 years and who is wearing it the next 5 years.

    so all of that “original six” malarkey applies to him as well.

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    But how do you even objectively quantify what those amounts should be? Just seems like the deck would be stacked in big market team’s favor.

  86. Mr. Crowley Mr. Charming Mr. Alarming on

    The moment Tampa starts fading and Cooper’s name gets mentioned in the papers, Cally starts pushing for Torts

  87. I don’t know how to calculate it. I’m just suggesting a system in which teams in NY, California and Canada are not penalized for the higher tax rates that their states employ.

  88. _If Callahan had signed for 6.15, everyone here is saying how terribly overpaid he is._

    Yes, but Callahan was not as important to the team as Lundqvist is.

  89. I thought the NHL was doing the most to combat climate change because they play on *ice*.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, and then we’re back to the beginning where the goaltender is almost always the most important player, and even among his peers, Lundqvist is still vastly the highest paid player.

  91. Mr. Crowley Mr. Charming Mr. Alarming on

    The NHL has leaked out the main points of their plan to adapt to climate change:
    1. Zambonis become Priuses
    2. Arenas replace ice with frozen GMO soy
    3. John Amirante’s rug is switched to Astroturf, which requires less upkeep and watering
    4. Ushers to carry ghostbuster-esque vacuums to capture the methane released by all fata$$es in the blue seats
    5. Bettman bans Crosby’s silicone lip injections in favor of saline

  92. Rob in Beantown on

    I think it’s really cool that the NHL is doing this and trying to make a difference. Lots of businesses won’t even acknowledge the impact that climate change will have on their long term operations.

  93. Again, you really only have one or two goalies in comparable situations.

    If a 23 roster where everyone make exactly $3M going to be better than one where you have some top-end talent paid (maybe even overpaid)? I’d venture to say the latter is going to win 90% of the time.

  94. _Again, you really only have one or two goalies in comparable situations._

    Jaroslav Halak is obviously not a direct comp, but he’s a top 15 goalie who “only” got 4 years at $4.5MM on a team that needs to severely overpay to entice UFAs.

    So sure, Henrik’s raw number might look ok because a guy like Semin is getting $7MM, but Semin is a skater/scorer. Henrik, simply by being a goalie, top 1 or top 5 or whatever, is further off-scale than a 50 point scorer getting $6MM would be. That’s the overall point here.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    LA aren’t really overpaying anyone right now other than Mike Richards and Dustin Brown, and even then, Brown isn’t overpaid by much currently (although he will be very overpaid by the time his contract runs out).

    In fact, most of their players are bargains (Kopitar, Quick, Doughty, Gaborik, Carter).

    Likewise Chicago before those Toews and Kane deals kick in, unless you count Crawford as overpaid, which he probably slightly is.

    It’s tough to tie up so much money in one player and still be successful. Pittsburgh has two of the top 3 forwards on the planet but can’t build a winner because of how much they get paid. Expect Chicago to take a big step backwards in 2015 when Toews and Kane’s contract kick in and they have to sell Patrick Sharp for nothing just to get under the cap.

    Meanwhile, LA is going to be awesome for at least the next two years because they don’t have a single major FA coming up and all of their players are locked into good contract. Aside from Kopitar in two years, they don’t have a single player on their roster who will see his salary increase by more than two million dollars except possibly Martinez. Dean Lombardi is a wizard and just making every other GM look bad.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    I disagree Halak is a top 15 guy. I think 15-20 is probably more accurate, if not a bit generous as it approaches 15.

    I think worse for him contract-wise is the league-wide perception among management that he’s even less so, a stigma furthered by his having been traded for Ryan Miller, then traded again for a draft pick, then traded again for a draft pick by the team that had traded the draft pick for him.

  97. Or Chicago will sell Sharp for prospects and picks which will allow them to _gasp_ offset some of the Toews and Kane money with cheap top 9 / top 6 talent.

    (Crawford is a very bad contract.)

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, but what they sell Sharp for won’t be an immediate help. That first year is going to be a big step backwards.

    Also, whatever help they obtain won’t be equal to what Sharp brings to the table. He’s been a top 4 leading scorer for a while now. The only exception to that is the lockout season, when he missed 20 out of the 48 games with injuries. He was scoring at a pace that would have put him in the top 4 if he had played in only another 12 of those 20 games.

    Frankly, I’m shocked they played Teravainen last season. I figured they needed to defer his ELC money as long as possible to help them transition to the next phase of Toews and Kane’s contracts.

  99. Yes, but LA is an outlier in the NHL, and there’s a reason they’ve won the last two Cups. How often were Richards and Carter referred to as “ten-foot pole” acquisitions? Those gambles have paid off.

    Doughty at $7M isn’t a bargain, but fairly paid. I mean, we could have a similar argument about him and McD that we were just having about goaltenders.

    And I agree with your point of locking up the younger players. I hope that they can somehow get a multiyear deal in the $2.5-3.0M range for THE.

  100. _I disagree Halak is a top 15 guy. I think 15-20 is probably more accurate, if not a bit generous as it approaches 15._

    He’s 5 or 6 points above league average over the last 5 seasons. Are we giving the nod to a guy like Anderson who seems to dip every time he’s asked to play a full half of a season?

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    2 out of the last 3 for the Kings, but I knew what you meant.

    And I didn’t think Richards or Carter were ten foot players, especially Carter. Goals are hard to find, and Carter scores them in spades. Even in his disastrous time in Columbus, he was on a 30+ pace.

    We pay a guy a lot more than Carter to do the same thing and he does a lot less.

    Fair about Doughty not being a “bargain” at 7, although I think he is a bit underpaid since I consider him among the top 5 players at the position, but I will readily admit that McDonagh’s contract is one of the 3-5 best values in the league. Tavares is probably #1.

  102. Also, playoff Carter strongly resembles the lead singer of Manny’s favorite band *The National*.

  103. Yergs, while your post was humorous and interesting I could not disagree more. Now this past year, things did not work out for Callahan, but after what transpired in the offseason he has to be pleased.

    1) Rangers were offering $36 for 6. He took 34.8 for 6. Florida has no state income tax so it’s almost a wash.

    2) TB had a much better offseason than NYR. Signing Boyle, Strahlman, Nabokov and B. Morrow and trading for D-Man Jason Garrison. Most analysts agree this team is a comer under Jon Cooper and Yzerman and will content for the EC title for the next few years.

    3) Granted he will play not be in NYC. TB has a very small hockey fan base, but if they win it not be an issue. On the other hand, Rangers might take a step back this year. Also, TB will have a healthy Stamkos for a full year and Drouin ready to move up from juniors.

    We shall see.

  104. Attributing MSL’s mom’s passing as a factor in any success or failure on ice is distasteful and sophomoric amateur psychology at work. So, so long as we’re doing amateur psychology:

    Everyone loved Cally until his agent’s hard-nosed approach made us feel that he didn’t love us as much as we thought he did.

    Brad Richards and his paltry Chicago contract says that he’s happy to hide somewhere within a talented, winning team where he can continue to loaf around and wait for the puck to hit his stick, whip an occasional shot, then glide like molasses to the bench waiting for his next O opportunity until there are no more shifts assigned and he can badmouth Quenneville on his exit interview.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    No, not counting Anderson.

    Just off the top of my head, Lundqvist, Rask, Quick, Schneider, Bishop, Varlamov, Price, Louongo, Lehtonen, Harding (although his health obviously hurts his value), Smith, Bernier, Rinne, Bobrovsky.

    That’s without looking at a list of teams. I’m sure I can come up with 2 or 3 more if I do that. Maybe you quibble with a couple, but I think saying Halak is squarely in the top 15 is a bit generous.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, discounting the effect of St. Louis’ mother passing on the team’s success in the playoffs is sticking your head in the sand.

    I originally posted that with a typo in discounting (the c and the o were swapped), and the comment went to moderation.

  107. Halak benefitted greatly from playing on one of the best defensive teams in the league. He’s average to above-average, so right around 15.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, Elliot was playing a comparable number of games (albeit less), and had better save percentages every year. So if we’re going by save percentage alone, Halak wasn’t even the best guy on his own team.

    I don’t like going by save percentage alone. Jonathan Bernier had a .922, which is very, very good, but I have never seen a goaltender more under siege night in and night out than he was. If he played behind even a halfway decent team defensively, his save percentage would have been at least 5 or 6 points higher. He was something else.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Manny, I heard you have a sweet autographed The National poster in your office. Can you take a picture?

  110. Last two full NHL seasons, Halak has been top 10 (really top 7) in save percentage. When he plays, he’s usually very good.

  111. The National is horrible. How anyone can listen to that god awful drone of a singing voice for more than 10 seconds is beyond me.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Elliot was higher than him in both seasons playing a very comparable workload (31 to 40, 38 to 46). I won’t sit here and try and say Elliott is better than Halak because he isn’t, even if save percentage suggests otherwise.

  113. While it’s a better indicator than GAA, SV% doesn’t really tell the full story. In theory, he’s facing less quality chances on a strong defensive team.

  114. _Halak benefitted greatly from playing on one of the best defensive teams in the league. He’s average to above-average, so right around 15._

    Halak played better post-trade. Miller played worse.

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, is the reason you have a hard time listening for more than 10 seconds is that you’re compelled to sing along before 10 seconds can elapse?

  116. _While it’s a better indicator than GAA, SV% doesn’t really tell the full story. In theory, he’s facing less quality chances on a strong defensive team._

    That would take us full circle and undermine Lundqvist’s contract completely.

  117. It’s more like his lyrics and voice are so horrible that it begins to burn my brain

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Miller was god awful. Which is why, you’ll note, I did not include him on my list. Miller was pretty rancid in St. Louis.

  119. _Halak played better post-trade. Miller played worse._

    Yeah, but that’s 12 games versus 150 prior to that.

  120. Aside from 11-12, the Rangers really haven’t had an elite defensive team. Admittedly, there’s a bit of chicken and egg with defense and goaltending.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    I think from an observational standpoint, we certainly were not a possession club under Torts. Whether our defensive posture led to less quality opportunities for our opponents can be debated.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, you think so? I’m not certain, especially outside of 11-12. Think of when guys like Del Zaster and Roszival were getting big chunks of ice time. Hell, most of the Redden years were under Torts, especially the second, incredibly terrible one.

  123. Re: Torts – Despite his tough rep, Tortorella was incredibly loyal to many who deserved (by play) no loyalty.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    No, it would be effect in the context I used it. It affected the team, but it had an effect on the team.

    and I don’t see how mentioning McIlroy is relevant, at all.

  125. Girls who seek shelter traveling through Transylvania on dark and stormy nights meet Ovechkins when they knock on a two-foot thick wooden, decrepit castle doors.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    oh, yeah, Manny should have used affect.

    and I’ll agree with you on Torts’ loyalty. Which is kind of why I was baffled when everyone was praising how Richards took his demotion in the playoffs this year. This is the same guy who won’t even talk to a guy who was one of his closest friends, despite Torts’ loyalty in repeatedly sending Richards out there for a regular shift when his play was even worse two years ago, until Torts was finally left with no choice but to drop Richards to the 4th line and finally healthy scratch him.

    If anything, Richards should have been thanking Torts for giving him as many chances as he did. Instead he complained, loudly, and still doesn’t talk to Torts, despite AV having done literally the exact same thing next year (although, no healthy scratch).

  127. Mr. Crowley Mr. Charming Mr. Alarming on

    Slats has a whole different definition of “healthy scratch”

  128. Putting Richards on the fourth line totally defeats the purpose of a fourth line. It’s representative of not having the gonads to scratch him healthily.

  129. Slats could have had AV scratch Richards & Nash in the playoffs. But dried up the last two years.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes and no. I think having the extra center in the lineup provides you roster flexibility in the event of injury. Also importantly, even with how bad our PP was, he was still the most qualified guy on the team to run it from the point.

    But I agree at even strength, the guy was a disaster, and made the fourth line’s checking role nonexistent since they are no longer capable of defending well. with Richards at center.

  131. How is richy going to skate 5 on 5 in west. If he plays with Kane how will keep up.

  132. I’ll go out on a limb and speculate that all the BS accolades for Richie’s play from AV probably hampered Miller’s development. Miller has the O sensibilities, but should have imprinted on DMoops defensively. #19’s play in the neutral and D zones is nothing to emulate.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, by playing less than 10 minutes a night at ES, with a very favorable zone start percentage.

  134. Richie should still get a nice ovation when he returns to msg in March.

    Too bad I prob won’t be there after I lose my season tix privileges for assaulting Nash.

  135. Graves, I don’t necessarily blame Richards so much, but rather those in management and coaching, the Press (and Ranger broadcasters) who not only would never tell the truth about his glaring laziness and defensive incompetence, but actually heaped praise upon him, going so far as to call him the “unofficial” Captain, which was ludicrous.

  136. July 1st 2015

    Rangers sign Cody franson 4 yrs 16.8 mil 4.2 per after we lose staal. Just watch

  137. Still confused about Glass getting 3 years. Can only figure Slats knew that Dorsett was getting more and more expensive and that Carcillo would be an ongoing zebra target.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve heard that Glass was someone AV liked in Vancouver. I don’t know the veracity of that opinion, just saying what I’ve heard.

    Even still, I don’t understand that contract. I don’t understand how we couldn’t kick in a little bit more to keep Boyle around. 3X2.2 wouldn’t have been so bad.

  139. Zebra, zebra, black and white
    Early game, or dark of night,
    Beware the mighty Carbomb bite,
    Skate, skate with all your might
    Away, away, get out of sight.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, Slats won’t let Staal walk for nothing. The precedent has been set with Callahan that if he thinks he can deal a guy instead of losing him as a UFA then he will. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), we don’t have a first round pick this year for him to trade away in a package with Staal.

  141. Doodie

    2.5 for Boyle an 800k raise would haven just fine for a guy who does all the little things. He made 1.7

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree. If nothing else, he sets an example to the younger players of working hard and smart defensive play.

  143. I think Franson would have been a cool d-man to have back before the Klein trade.

  144. _Still confused about Glass getting 3 years. Can only figure Slats knew that Dorsett was getting more and more expensive and that Carcillo would be an ongoing zebra target._

    Or … Slats hit on Pouliot and D. Moore last year, decided he’s magic and doesn’t want someone else bidding him up when Glass naturally hits as well.

  145. Boyler sees the large bucks being handed out and still thinks he can pot 20 on a stronger O line and collect gonzo checks somewhere at 32. Guessing.

  146. I can’t wait until all the people who wanted to hold the line with Boyle whine about our diminished 4th line but in the context of “Sather just didn’t go out and get another Boyle at half the price because that’s what a Boyle should cost because I said so”.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    But Boyle has already acknowledged he’s playing 4th line and PK in Tampa.

    I think what it boiled (no pun intended) down to was the Rangers lowballed him, and when his two best offers were Tampa and Toronto, he went to Tampa for his wife instead of taking more money in Toronto.

    I’m convinced that if the Rangers had offered him more money he would have stayed.

  148. Our 4th line was exemplary season long in fulfilling its role and it won’t be all that easy to duplicate that, IMO.

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, I don’t think there are many people, outside of those who just always hate Boyle, who didn’t think he was worth at least what he got from Tampa.

  150. If Boyler, last year, big and strong as he is, had invested $2500 in off-season ice boxing lessons, he might have pocketed himself another 500 grand somewhere. :)

  151. If capgeek is correct, Boyle, at 2 mil per, picked himself up only 200 grand on his deal and signed for 3 years at that number.

  152. And if NY couldn’t beat that number, he’s been promised a chance at moving up a line in Fla or his wife, indeed, called the shots.

  153. Glass contract is tradable, so don’t worry about the years or the cap hit. I liked how he played with the Jets. Stempniak – Moore – Glass, could be a better 4th line than what we had last year.

    IT can kill the same penalties, and still score a game winning goal. *in my opinion*

  154. If the youth can’t out skate a 32 year old vet, then they deserve to stay in the AHL.

    Even my guy!

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, that was my impression as well.

    Is his nickname Stemp, Stemper, Stempy, or Stempsy?

  156. Anyone with an old, moth-eaten Stemkowski sweater can just magic marker out the kowski and save himself a couple hundred.

  157. I’m hoping one of the rookies replace Pullout. One with speed and scoring skills :)

  158. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over MDZ being a week younger than Kristo. One’s career is all but over (s) and one’s HoF career is just about to begin (also (s)).

  159. Rangers and Kreider about 750k apart on deal yearly

    1.9 yr 1 2.2 year 2 aav 2.05

    Kreider asks 2.8

  160. bull dog line on

    Ryan Callahan was a beloved captain of the New York Rangers, an original 6 team. Ryan Callahan did not understand what that meant. its like being the QB, of the Giants, Cowboys,Packers or Steelers. or the center fielder of the Yankees. you don’t force yourself away from that. so yes, Ryan Callahan was a good Ranger, but that does not make him any less a fool for forcing his way out. being the captain of the Rangers gets you on the olympic team. it gets you playing in the winter classic, or at Yankee Stadium.

  161. _Ryan Callahan did not understand what that meant._


  162. bull dog line on

    I would also argue that Kreider coming back from injury was a bigger reason the Rangers turned there playoffs around after game 4. they certainly became closer after MSL’s mom passed, but there play on the ice changed when Kreider returned.

  163. But seriously, I’ve always thought Saku Koivu was a moronic piece of garbage for walking away from the Montreal captaincy.

  164. “No way Cally stays with Tampa. He’s going to get every last dime he can in July on the open market.”


  165. bull dog line on

    some players get it. some don’t. my guess is Cally Boyle and Stralman will get it when they are playing to a bunch of empty seats come December, and January. or when there big rival ( the Panthers) comes to town.

  166. Doodie Machetto on

    Or Brian Gionta in Montreal.

    Jonathan Toews just took 10.5 Million. what a discount! He bleeds red and black!

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    They lost 1 in their worst effort of the playoffs, then St. Louis’ mom died and they won 7 of 9.

  168. _some players get it. some don’t. my guess is Cally Boyle and Stralman will get it when they are playing to a bunch of empty seats come December, and January. or when there big rival ( the Panthers) comes to town._

    So would going to a team that’s won in the last 20 years be an example of super getting it? Like Richards. Man does he GET IT now, huh?

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    Ray Bourque sure got it. That’s why he asked to be traded to win a Cup somewhere else.

  170. I think we should name Kreider captain and if he doesn’t immediately sign at the Rangers number for 8 years, go to arbitration. If he wins, release him. Loser.

  171. Doodie Machetto on

    Gionta wanted to stay except Montreal didn’t pony up enough money. Ditto Callahan.

    And Toews is a good comparison when you factor in he and Kane just signed the most expensive contracts in NHL history. I guess all of the history of being an original six captain kept it from being 12 million instead?

  172. bull dog line on

    yeah Richards does get it. he did not want to leave, and he went to a hockey market. if Cally had signed with Chicago, or Boston, I would not have the same problem I have with him signing in Tampa.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, playing in front of 10,000 actual fans and some empty seats sure sucks compared to playing in front of 10,00 actual fans and 8,000 suits/empty corporate seats.

  174. bull dog line on

    Bourque played 20 years with Boston. Toews and Kane did not leave, and are much, much better players than Cally.

  175. bull dog line on

    I have not called Cally a loser, or a bad player. I called him a fool for leaving.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate to burst your fantasy about Tampa being an empty arena, but for 6 of the 9 seasons since the lost season, they’ve drawn more fans per game than the Rangers.

  177. Doodie Machetto on

    Are they much better players than Sidney Crosby? How about Geno Malkin? Because they’re getting paid almost 2 million more a season than those guys.

    Some discount. Callahan would’ve stayed too if they overpaid him by 2 million a year.

  178. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, almost 2 million more than Crosby. Only a million more than Malkin. And a million more than Ovechkin. Between those 3 guys, you have 5 of the last 8 scoring champions, and 6 of the last 8 MVPs. But Toews and Kane are worth more.

    Good thing they took those discounts to stay Blackhawks.

  179. bull dog line on

    nobody cares about the Tampa Bay Lightning. you know that. Towes and Kane, 2 cups. Crosby, and Malkin, 1 cup. if Cally had been one of the 10 best player in the NHL, and had won a cup, he could name his price.

  180. bull dog line on

    and I have never said Callahan should take a discount. which is what he did with Tampa.

  181. Its very easy to say …

    _and I have never said Callahan should take a discount_

    … when you’re the one setting the bar.

    “I never said Jessica Alba should date out of her league. Because I’m a solid 9.5.”

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    Cally didn’t leave. He was traded. Sather could have chosen to keep working on the extension and keep Callahan, but instead chose to move him, along with two first round draft picks, to acquire St. Louis.

    You know what that reminds me of? Trading Brad Park and Jean Rattelle. Now, I’m not saying Callahan is anywhere near as good as Park or Rattelle, but it’s not like the Rangers didn’t have another choice. Instead, they wanted the shiny toy in Esposito/St. Louis.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    So he shouldn’t have taken a discount, but he’s a fool for asking for more money and then being traded when he didn’t get it?

    I’m having a hard time following what you’re suggesting Callahan should have done.

  184. “I hate to burst your fantasy about Tampa being an empty arena, but for 6 of the 9 seasons since the lost season, they’ve drawn more fans per game than the Rangers.”

    TBTF has over 2,000 more seats than MSG. If you compare average attendance percentages according to ESPN, NYR have had a higher percentage seven of eight seasons (percentages for 05-06 weren’t available and I didn’t feel like doing the math), and the season TBL outpercentaged NYR, NYR still had 100% capacity.

  185. bull dog line on

    what would you have payed him MrD?

    not that it matters, but, the Rattelle, Park trade was about Francis feeling that team had gone as far as it was going.

  186. bull dog line on

    Callahan over played his hand. me personally, I think he wanted out. I think that is why he asked for 7×7. knowing he was not going to get it.

  187. Boston College is looking at a 17 year old named Scampi. Get him! Sign Thornton and we can have a line Zuccarello/Shrimp/Scampi

  188. bull dog line on

    what Callahan should have done was take fair market value. like Girardi did.

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, and instead of trading for younger players, we traded for older ones. Just like we did with Callahan. Instead of trading our 29 year old captain for picks and prospects, we packaged him with two first round draft picks for the aging scoring champion.

    Just like we did with 27 year old Brad Park for aging scoring champ Esposito.

    That trade cost Francis his job.

  190. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, that’s swell. I understand the St. Pete Times Forum has a larger capacity. My overall point is that they can consistently draw more than 18k fans to their games, so it’s not like they’re playing to an empty house.

  191. Cally’s agent said “It’s your last big contract and it behooves us to play hardball and get the best buck we can get.”
    Cally said, “Go for it.”

    Simple as that. Why all the conspiracy theories?

  192. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, I’d say Girardi took a pretty big discount as a minute eating right handed defenseman. Look at what Andrew MacDonald got. Girardi could have gotten another million.

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    Exactly, coos. He wanted as much money as possible, and there is absolutely no reason to blame him for it.

    Then he goes to Tampa, notices how much further the money in his check goes without taxes, and takes a little less than he would have taken in NY because it’s still the same amount of overall dollars, while helping his team with a lower cap hit.

  194. I might go so far as to say that anyone who plays with McDonuts looks better than he really is, especially plus/minus.

  195. Doodie Machetto on

    And as I said before about “original six” BS: Lundqvist, more than anyone on this team since Messier and Leetch, is the face of this franchise. And he didn’t exactly take a discount to stay here.

    But Callahan is the greedy one simply because Sather, for once, played hardball.

  196. bull dog line on

    maybe Girardi could have gotten another Million on the open market, but then he would not be playing for the Rangers. HE WANTED TO BE A RANGER!

  197. That tax thing in Fla might be worth 3/4 of a mil to Cally times four or six years when you consider NYS AND NYC taxes, plus an enormous cost of living discount and whatever he got for his snowblower.

  198. bull dog line on

    did not call him greedy. I called him foolish. which in my opinion he was.

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, that is obviously true, but the point is on the open market, Girardi would have been over 6, easily. You think Detroit, with all of their need on defense, doesn’t offer Girardi a blank check? Look what they gave Kyle Quincey!

    Look at what Nikitin and Fayne got in Edmonton. Look at what Brooks Orpik got. Hell, Meszaros even found someone willing to give him over four million for this upcoming season.

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know how foolish he is. Yzerman has drafted really well, and Garrison/Purcell trades aside, has done well in retooling his team this offseason. He extracted a HUGE return for St. Louis when there was a one team market.

    Sather has been at the helm of our team for 14 years and we’ve got a 7th round goaltending draft pick to thank for not finishing last or near last in every single one of those seasons.

  201. Doodie Machetto on

    In other words, who is more likely to build a championship team in the next 5 years? I’m looking at Tampa before I’m looking at NY.

  202. Doodie Machetto on

    And good for Girardi for wanting to stay. I certainly appreciate that he did. But I would have had absolutely no ill will towards him if he went to the market and chased the money. None whatsoever. And frankly, I think given the way he plays, he was foolish not to.

  203. Doodie Machetto on

    From SNY, which is taking the interview from somewhere else:

    “In terms of fans, Nash said that with so many people in the city he hardly gets recognized which he says is “totally my style.””

    I agree. Being invisible is totally his style.

  204. Makes sense, Doodie. Giradi, for his side, got 33 mil, lifetime security, and 3 of his six years full no move. He is hard-nosed and eats minutes, but maybe a few too many minutes. He seems to tire late when over-iced. ??

  205. bull dog line on

    I don’t agree with that Doodie, but if Tampa does make a run, who is going to care? the Rangers offered 5×6, which is was more than fair. he took less to play for a team in a market that nobody gives a care about. to me that is foolish.

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    I see 18k fans in their arena every night. Seems like they care to me.

    And most importantly, I think the 23 guys on the ice will care a lot. In the end, they’re the only ones who matter to themselves.

    You think Teemu Selanne gives a damn he won his Cup in Anaheim instead of Winnipeg? Likewise for Pronger compared to St. Louis, Edmonton, or Philly?

  207. bull dog line on

    all things considered. like the market he is going to play in? like how often he will be on national TV? like Florida, and Carolina being your big rivals. instead of NYI, NJD, Boston Pitt, or Philly? he is giving up a lot of exposure. exposure that had him be a 2 time olympian. I have no doubt that Cally is going to be Cally in Tampa. he is a good hockey player. just not as many people are going to care.

  208. Even for a Carcillo -like contract with three years guaranteed, 95% of bloggers would pack their snowsuit and move to Kazakhstan.

  209. Doodie Machetto on

    But he wasn’t going to be an Olympian in 2018 anyway. So what the hell does he care about exposure. All he cares about now is money and winning. And I think he’s set himself up better for both in Tampa.

    Let’s put the playoffs aside for a moment. In our division, we have Pittsburgh, Philly and Columbus, plus maybe another year of Devils relevance, a what has to be improved Islanders squad (because it can’t be worse), an improved Capitals squad. Only the Canes look like total pushovers.

    Tampa has Buffalo, Florida, and a deteriorating Wings squad. A lot easier to make the playoffs in their Division than ours.

  210. _Even for a Carcillo -like contract with three years guaranteed, 95% of bloggers would pack their snowsuit and move to Kazakhstan._

    I bet Bull Dog still lives in his birth town and works for the first company that ever hired him. Best town and best company ever.

  211. bull dog line on

    why get personal? does it make you feel smart? I have been nothing but respectful in every comment I have made today. you seem unable to do that. this will be my last response to anything you have to say. you make this place worse every time you are here.

  212. Just dancin’, dog, nothin’ personal from this corner. I’m sure everyone else feels the same.

  213. C’mon, man. Sarcasm directed at an opinion is not the same as sarcasm (or insults) directed at a person. Also …

    _why get personal? … you make this place worse every time you are here._

  214. (Either way. The bad of “trial hanging over his head” or the real, real bad of you-know-what.)

  215. Cally’s line of reasoning:

    1) It’s too damn cold in Buffalo.

    2) If I play in Buffalo, I still have to pay those ridiculous taxes at the state level. I should move out of NY like any other high earner that has the option.

    3) Mr. Vinnick is everything that Dolan is not.

    4) Steve Yzerman is an understudy of Ken Holland. Management knows they are doing.

  216. I think you’re giving Yzerman a little too much credit at the moment. Look at the list of goaltenders they went through since he took over in Tampa. Also, look at their defense during the last few seasons. It’s still their weakest part. Jason Garrison didn’t improve it, and they overpaid for Stralman. Who is replacing MSL’s production? I think Bishop will have to play at Vezina level next year for them to make it.

  217. What if Yzerman’s strategy was run through cheaper goalies on short deals until one clicked? I’d be cool with that.

  218. ilb, you make some good points. This kid Druin is supposed to be the real deal. Hedman is coming into his own. Stamkos is top 5 in the League. Bishop is a solid goalie.

    Nobody can replace MSL though. And, they are unproven on defense. That’s where Brian “Beast mode” Boyle should help…

  219. I wouldn’t call it unproven. Brewer and Ohlund are both veterans and they looked done. Their tough guy Gudas has been exposed too many times. And during the season there were ramblings that Yzerman might buy out Matt Carle. He ended up buying out Malone. No wonder they had to overpay for Stralman.

  220. London Broil on

    ilb, good points… dont know how anyone can make the determination that Tampa will be better than us.

  221. Really? I didn’t hear that about Carle. Guy can still play and wears an “A”.

    Yeah, I think Ohlund is done. I believe they put him on long-term injured reserve

  222. Yergs
    Great work!!!

    Convo about not over paying goalies…now where have I heard that before ;)

  223. Morning ILB and all,
    Kreider should get signed at a reasonable deal for both sides prior to arb!

  224. Funny,… what started as a serious thoughts in humorous form about Cally character, quickly morphed to the strange pseudo-analytic discussion with indefinite and undeterminable incomings. Like we are destine to play them in SCF next year. My 2 cents – if both teams not going to face another 28, my unsafe bet would be on Rangers. LOL.

  225. So I’m going to see *Sun Kil Moon* on Thursday night at _Town Hall_ in NYC. Anyone in?

  226. wasn’t around much yesterday but for doodie… i believe it was our best pal carp who has insinuated that cally was behind a good portion of the push to get torts out of dodge.

    i was surprised at that, thinking that it would have been hank

  227. also wow, what a day over here yesterday in the middle of the summer! the callahan discussion really got the juices flowing

  228. Will you think of Dubinsky and cry during “Carry Me Ohio”?

    (But seriously, the guy who wrote “How anyone can listen to that god awful drone of a singing voice for more than 10 seconds is beyond me …” being a Kozelek fan does not compute in my tiny doctor brain.)

  229. One of the biggest “ranger killers” this season is going to be hornqvist IMHO.

  230. The National = Horrible (except their drummer is insanely good)

    Mark Kozelek = Genius who can sing on key

  231. …”cally was behind a good portion of the push to get Torts out…”
    Objective reality – Whoever was behind that, triggering or catalyzing, did a great deal of favor to the Rangers team, that’s for sure. Hope everyone agree now.

  232. Bull Dog – Cally doesn’t care as long as he’s getting paid! Seriously, $6M to play with Stamkos, and not have to shovel the snow in the sunshine state.

    That’s the last thing he has to worry about, it how much TV time he will get.

  233. He might do better without all the reports looking for the “Captain’s” response EVERY game.

  234. _Hope everyone agree now._

    Yup. Didn’t like it then, would be an idiot to not acknowledge it was the right move now.

  235. Checking in every few days to see if The Coos has let go of Richards yet. Man crushes die hard, though, apparently — just can’t stop talking about him :)

    coos, do you really know more about hockey and the Rangers locker room than the untruthful “management and coaching, the Press (and Ranger broadcasters)”. You sure write as though you do. Who are your sources, or are you protecting them?

  236. And to Yergs. It was very well written and witty. But this a rangers beat blog and carp allowed Callahan to be mocked. Its not a big deal, but its kinda HS like

  237. Rob in Beantown on

    Not a lot of hockey being played in July. I’m sure Carp would post your hockey-related blog if you wrote one, though.

  238. Two comments:

    1) Some boneheads undervalue the team and overvalue other teams. No team in the East has improved appreciably enough at this point.

    2) Some boneheads overvalue the importance of the Rangers “history”, being an Original Six, or being located in NY. Just because it’s your favorite team doesn’t mean that players should see it the same way.

  239. I agree with you on the national though manny. I knew the guitarist without knowing he was the guitarist for the national. I was managing a co-op development and he had purchased early. He kept stopping in to see the progress. And then i was at a festival in jersey. And his face pops up on the big screen.

    I did think it was really cool that he didnt have to identity himself as a guitarist for a mainstream band, he was a normal joe

  240. i feel you many. I’m messing with you. Im messing with carp over his summer reading materials for us.

    Jerry Perm Poodle

  241. Rob in Beantown on

    I had a thought – not sure if anybody would agree with me – but it’s possible coos might be good at this game.

  242. Do you guys know who “Coos” is? He posts here sometimes. Maybe, if you guys know who I’m talking about, you might agree that he would be pretty decent at this game…

  243. I’m going to take this moment to *complain* about the *size* or more accurately the *lack of size* on this Rangers roster. It’s pretty pathetic. Especially after the sizable Kings steamrolled this roster. I don’t understand how getting *smaller* will help. At all.

  244. Next to “steamroll” in the dictionary, you do not find this example:

    3-2 (OT)
    5-4 (2OT)
    3-2 (2OT)

    Short memories?

  245. I know we didn’t get swept. And I know that, if you add the OT periods, we actually went 7 games (one short) worth of Periods.

    But the Kings were bigger and it showed and they only LOST one game.

  246. Hard to beat the ‘juicy phle(g)m’ thing for definitive, (though misspelled) stringy mucous membrane repulsion.

  247. "King" Has No Ring on

    I explained following the Stanley Cup Finals that nobody would remember that the Rangers had the opportunity to win four of the five games.

    Manny-O-War was the first to declare that he would forever remember the Rangers of 2013-2014.

    Forever does not mean what it used to.

  248. Cally’s Lament

    ‘And how’s your new team?
    Well, I hope that you’re doin’ fine
    And I heard you told them
    That you’d love them till the end of time

    Now that’s the same thing that you told us
    And it seems like only yesterday
    Gee, ain’t it funny how time slips away?’

  249. Stranger Nation on

    JJ Peterman

    Jumpin Jack Plaid

    Jumbo Joe Pthorton (silent p…)

    JP Parise????

    wait..which one is it? JJP or JPP? or even PJP or JPJ??

  250. Stranger Nation on

    For my 2 cents, Cally was symbolic of the Torts’ era success, a player who wore the laundry proudly and busted his rear end every time on the ice. He was not the most talented player, but got the most out of his talent. Played with reckless abandon, above his body type and was injured frequently as a result.

    He also benefitted greatly from playing in NY, i.e. US Olympic stature and National Spotlight (albeit on a second tier sport in this town)

    Two #1’s and Cally is still a lot of resources to send over for Marty. You can blather all you want about the NYR success rate on the draft board, but you need to have those picks to have a chance at below market wages at above market performance (see Kreider, THE)

    That all said, Game 6 at MSG v. Pissburg was a lifetime memory and Marty has a big part of that.

  251. Speaking of Judge, James Franco posted his 25 Minute test film for _Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West_ on Vice. The guy playing the *Judge* is all wrong.

  252. Win, lose, or draw, I loved watching the likes of Cally, Dorsett, and McD just for pure, entertaining moxie. Kreider is joining that list.

  253. _Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West_ is, *in my opinion*, the greatest American novel ever written.

  254. Doodie Machetto on

    TV Guide.

    I’m a big proponent of the three Rs. Reading TV Guide, Riting to TV Guide, and Resubscribing to TV Guide.

  255. Doodie Machetto on

    The Da Vinci Code novel based upon the movie version of The Da Vinci Code.

  256. “Rangers will play on NBC Sports 14 times next season. Islanders 0.”

    A veritable plethora of waffleboarded, ladeled, squibbed, pitchforked shoveled, sashayed, elevatored, swishing and swirling pucks, fire-wagon line changes and, of course, have fun out theres.

    Then again, we have Micheletti discussing the Staal family cookouts during odd man rushes.

  257. Sun Also Rises is excellent. But is it an American Novel? It takes place in *EUROPE*

  258. “I hope we can play Montreal and Tokarski can be in goal.”

    Nash might even score!

  259. Doodie Machetto on

    Mr. Skin, the novel based on the website containing celebrity sex scenes and tapes.

  260. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s an interesting thing: Go to any article on Wikipedia. If you click the first linked article in that article that is 1) not in the parentheses; and 2) not an article that you’ve already looked at, and repeat the process over and over, you will eventually end up at the article for Philosophy.

  261. I am glad that he has outdoor fooseball right on his premises. It’s so hard to find that in this city.

  262. Why would Sather let Kreider go to arbitration?

    Are they going to be that tight up to the cap, that he will have to split the 50’s between Kreider, Brassard, and Zucc to get them all signed?


  263. bull dog line on

    2.8 for Kreider is a bit high in my opinion. if you start there at the next contract, you may end up around 6. that is providing Kreider becomes what we think he will.

  264. bull dog line on

    I would too Gravy. problem is, it is only going to be for 2 years. after 2 years it is probably going to be a lot more.

  265. Sather is keeping everyone as cheap as possible, to have cap space left after signing THE, Brass, & Zucc.

    Do they all get done at $10M?

    Kreider 2.5M
    Zucc 3.5M
    Brassard 4M

  266. Sioux, last week I said it would take $10M to sign all three. I got in debate over that, specifically Brassard needing at least $4.5M to sign. Every day that goes by, I get worried that it’s going to take even more than $10M.

    I think Kreider is the easiest at 2 years, $5M before it gets to arbitration. They are close enough. Though I’d be fine with Manny’s 8 for $32M, I think they need to manage the cap this year. They could try to go one year with THE, then work on the multiyear contract next year.

  267. I’m guessing Sather is hesitant on Brassard, and a 1 year deal this year, before signing him long term, over $4M per year. Unless he is going to flip him somewhere else.

  268. bull dog line on

    MDZ would be smart to sign with a bad team. Buffalo maybe. why you ask? ice time. he needs to play a lot, without the pressure of playing for a good team.

  269. I’m thinking what ever these guys get over 10M, comes out of JMoops $2M.

    Sather didn’t leave a whole lot of cap space to maneuver with.

  270. On another note, I hope Boyle keeps his number 22 so the BB fans won’t have to get new jerseys.

  271. From now on, after looking at Hanks stupidly amazing penthouse, I officially, will never ever feel bad for him.

  272. Miami Pimp!!!!

    WTB is with THE?!?!!?
    talk some sense into him.

    Slats is going to go into that meeting and just show all of THE’s SC Final breakaways on a loop

  273. Was that the arbitration award or did they settle?

    One year, not sure how I feel about that.

  274. I like this deal. Yeah, I wanted more years but now Zucc should be motivated to prove last year was not a fluke. He might play even better and could be had at 4M perhaps going forward. Play the same or a little less, sign him for 3M per.

  275. @NYP_Brooksie

    Rangers and Zuccarello have reached agreement on one-year deal for $3.5M, will continue to work on long-term that cannot be signed until 1/1

  276. Robby Bonfire on

    ilb2001 and anyone else who thinks making the playoffs seven out of eight years is some kind of accomplishment in the NHL – it ain’t. Winning the Stanley Cup seven out of eight years would be a start.

    How LOW a bar can you comfort zone, anyway? All puking Sather does is mortgage future Stanley Cup championships to construct fringe post-season qualifier teams, season after season.

    This is NOT commendable, this is being in default. After this off-season’s annual sell out with the glut of middling ability, over-30, career downside mercenary temps coming in here to make sure a minimum of kids from the farm system get promoted, I would think you would be sick to you gut about the frosting with no cake perpetual philosophy around here?

  277. Yea. I love this contract. It’s not excessively high or long and it allows him to prove he’s worth it or sign for a reasonable long term number.

  278. Great bargain for Zucc…glad he will be on the team for another year at least…

    Just hope he doesn’t become a superstar that we can’t afford next summer…

    The wiser move would have been to lock the guy up. But this is Sather we are talking aboot…

  279. Just saw zucc signing. Better lock him up starting in January. Like it as I dint believe rangers were going 3-4 years right now on a long term deal.

  280. Amazing that Zucc saved the Rangers around $500K by not going to arbitration…what a guy!


  281. I don’t know that I would want to go much higher than $3.8M for Zuccarello given his size. I’m actually glad that they didn’t overpay him for 6+ years.

  282. As much as I love him, his size freaks me out.

    All Praise the Hobbit Wizard for He is Lord of the Rink

  283. I think’s $3.5M is about right for one year.

    When Zucc looks in the mirror he sees a 6’9″ 268 Lb Norwegian giant.

  284. MZA made a very team friendly move, for those of you that think that’s important.

    _Winning the Stanley Cup seven out of eight years would be a start._

    Robby, you win something for that comment. I just don’t know what.

  285. The Rangers are in a bit of a cap bind and, intentionally or not, he did the team a solid. He can sign an extension in January that impacts next year’s cap.

  286. The only way he could be more adorable is if, the next time he gets cut, cotton stuffing comes out.

  287. London Broil on

    I wouldnt call Zook adorable… He looks exactly & I mean exactly like my hated Uncle Jim used to look 20 yrs ago… quite a few Rangers fans including Blogmama agree.

  288. now
    hopefully Slats has Zuc
    calling up THE and Brassard
    and telling them to quit
    jerking around
    and sign on the dotted line

  289. $6,500,000.00 for Henrik’s crib.

    Equal value: 40 JT Miller Hartford salaries, plus 40 McUndertaker Hartford salaries and a big team Carcillo.
    Seems about right.

  290. Finally, with Boyler and Carcillo gone, Garden plumbers can track down the shower drain stoppages to Topo or Hags just by color forensics.

  291. Litte Zucc, Superstar
    Do you think you are what they say you are?

    Tell me what you think about your friends at the top
    Who’d you think besides yourself’s the pick of the crop?

  292. An old girlfriend, though, is a descendant of Eugene Skinner, founder of Eugene, Oregon.

  293. Just saw the news. Gravy nailed it. That’s exactly how I see it. If MZA went to arbitration, his award would be upwards of $4M. All his agent had to say that he was their leading scorer during the season. He saved them probably close to $1M, perhaps there is even an understanding that his long term contract they are working on would take that into consideration. Whatever he signs in January will count into next year’s cap. Except MZA took a chance in case he gets injured. Hard not to love the guy.

  294. Robby Bonfire, I wholeheartedly agree with you! Wining the Stanley Cup seven out of eight times *should* be a start. Last (and only) time it was accomplished by Montreal Shamrocks from 1895 to 1903. Heck, if those guys could do it back then, why can’t the Rangers? Sather needs to get his stuff together.

  295. I’d really like to have a Kreider surprise LT deal done this time tomorrow. That would be “cool”.

  296. Nothing wrong with wining the Stanley Cup as long as you’re also dining the Prince of Wales Trophy.

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