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Hi Kids. With the dog days of summer here, Lohud and I are looking for ways to improve the blog, and for things we can offer on different digital platforms in the upcoming season.

Along those lines, we’re attempting to get an idea of the demographics of the denizens of the blog (though in some cases we might want to cover our eyes … LOL).

Please take a moment to complete the survey below. Much appreciated.




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  1. iDoodie Machetto on

    Why isn’t polyamorous an option? Or homeless? Why is there an age option other than 26? Why can’t I own my own home and rent one at the same time?

  2. iDoodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’ve been having problems accessing the blog through google chrome. I get a “page stopped responding” notice and an option to kill the page. Get those slackers in IT on it.

  3. Rob in Beantown on

    Why does the blog assume I have a vehicle? If I don’t have one am I not allowed to post?

  4. Something tells me once arbitration is settled with Kreider zucc brassard and we see what they get jumbo joe Thornton will be here in mid August.

  5. Rolf Endresen on

    Maybe a question about what country your from could help u out for the service!? Think it might be usefull….

  6. improve this blog for the advertisers


    expecting some hockey related questions and its instead data mining.


    haha ill boo this

  7. ha Nashville signed Ribiero.

    Lavelette’s talk with Ribiero is gonna go like this.

    “I’m gonna keep you off drugs and out of trouble, by making you close the bars with me every night, Im gonna sauce you straight”


    “You know I’m new to the town too, know anyone?”

  8. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    Carp please tell the reporter dispatch /journal news or whatever no thanks !!

  9. What if you pay $7000 per month in rent and employ a chauffeur who provides his own Bentley? Answering that you don’t own a home and have no car can very easily make you look like a lame schmuck.

  10. After the Rangers sign all of their RFAs, I wonder if it would be worth taking a look at Mueller – Peter Mueller as a possible signing. He plays for Kloten in Switzerland and I would have to guess has an out to come back to the NHL.

    I know he hasn’t been healthy for years (post-concussion) and hasn’t come close to his rookie numbers (81-22-32-54), but he is only 26 and is 6-2/210. He last played in the NHL during the shortened 2012-13 and scored 17 points in 43 games with Florida.

    He might be worth a non-guaranteed minimum deal (or just above it) with incentives. He could turn out to be another (cheap) reclamation project like Pouliot.

  11. happy to help carp!

    how about nashville picking up all of the on the cheap center men? They’ve got that market cornered niw

  12. How much fun would THAT be? Seriously!

    The highlight of the trip was meeting you, Manny, & Eric. The last trip!

    I even got to dance with Mrs. Manny!!

    Color me happy :)

  13. Mike Richards ruined that kids career with that viscous head shot that laid him out. He had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher.

    Then I think Rob Blake hit him from behind giving him another concussion, right before the playoffs. He was playing great for the Avs after they acquired him. He missed the next season because of that hit and has never recovered.

    I’d take a chance on him if he’s healthy.

  14. You guys freakin rule!

    Yergs, no, it’s not an IQ test.

    Door? Why use the door when the window’s right there?

  15. Just a reminder that you have A LOT of readers who do not live in NY. That would have been a good question to ask. Rangers Fans are EVERYWHERE, even here in Las Vegas!

  16. Carp is just trying to weed out all the 28 year old women from Northern NJ for me.

  17. “Door? Why use the door when the window’s right there?”

    For all you aspiring novelists/playwrights: Never open with your protagonist coming in the front door. If he comes in the window, you’re on your way…

  18. Who reads papers?


    Do they still print them?

    Does anyone get them at the door anymore?

  19. They work well under the seat of your car :)

    You never know when or if you will need one.

  20. Here, at Rao’s Restaurant in East Harlem, when you order a Magnum, you have to be more specific.

  21. Zucker signs in MN for a 2 year deal. First year two-way, second year one way.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

    Any word what Kristo’s new contract looks like?

  22. Here at Smokey’,s you order the 52oz steak, they might give you a t-shirt if you finish it :)

  23. Nice survey. I think a couple of questions could have been multiple choice.

    How many days until training camps open? Nice part about the season going so long for us is that training camp is much closer :)

  24. You already used your 1 allotted Kristo comment for today, Sioux. Cease and desist letter is on the way my dude.

  25. since i said i posted Daily
    (or did i???)
    there’s this.

    see youse tomorrow
    (or will i be back today?)

  26. It was a legit question? I haven’t read anything about Ranger contracts yet.

    That was all.

  27. Booby – or I could use my over and under. Believe it or not, I won a shotgun in a poker tournament :)

  28. My #2 pencil isn’t filling in the bubbles…what the hell is going on?

    Is there a time limit on this?

  29. If I never hear another sanctimonious, obligatory Derek Jeter testimonial, I wouldn’t complain too loudly.

  30. 162 game nationwide farewell tours. The new, coming thing. Games, now 3 and a half hours become 4+. Bawl for.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m surprised it didn’t ask us if we owned guns and where we lived, or did TJN already publish all of that information ;)

  32. Done..your forgot to ask my weight…I am down 15 lbs and no one here even noticed! Now I am just statistically…obese! Amen to the age limit…why not 45+?

  33. We should have questions like the US Senate and Congress:

    How Much Are You Worth?

    A. Between zero and five million?

    B. More than 5 million, but less than 50 million?

    C. Between 50 million and 100 million?

    D. Hard drive explosion. Information irretrievable.

  34. Always interested in comments that repeat comments three inches above their own, completely oblivious to comments other than their own. Oh, and when will the winner be posted?

  35. Here are some Carp survey questions that didn’t make the cut:

    1) How often during the year is ILB blogging from his Yacht while it’s cruising to the Caribbean or Mediterranean ?

    2) Do(es?) spelling and grammar _REALLY_ count when posting on the blog?

    3) Would anyone be interested in organizing a Rick Nash fan club?

    4) Why does size matter so much to Wicky?

    5) how manny different 3 letter names can be formed using the letters j & p?

    6) when Doc Joe from Long Island described so elequently here that coffee is a diuretic which is harmful to the human kidney does he realize this is a Ranger Hockey Blog and not WebMD?

    7) does your wife (or significant other) think your effing crazy posting all day and night on a silly Ranger blog. And do the think you should be institutionalized when you post on said blog during the middle of July?

    8) Would this place be as fun to. Come to without Johnson, Wang, Dahmer, Christie and Eddie 3xs?

  36. US Navy E-3 states that this blog is the most fun you can have with no crows on.

  37. If rangers offer 1.5 to 1.7 mil to ribiero he comes. No state tax in Nashville Tennessee.

  38. Thank God Ribeiro isn’t here. Guy was paid to leave Phoenix. Last thing we need is Aladdin’s trouble off the ice.

    Dave Poile gets my vote for worst GM of the summer.

  39. but just think NYR

    Alladin in rehab
    could have been the thing
    that the team would rally around
    during the playoffs

    that’s if we make the playoffs

  40. If the Garden contracted for timeout and inter-period dancing girls, would you be willing to pay a $1.85 upcharge for a .025 oz. horseradish packet?

  41. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Test? I didn’t know there was going to be a stinkin’ test!

    Can this test be open notes, at least?

  42. Kristo was last seen barefoot and heading north, six pack of St Pauli Girl tucked under his right arm, open beer in left hand, singing “oh Suzanna, I don’t you cry for me”.

  43. Jeff in South Dakota on

    When I win a contest I expect first class air service to the most improved arena in the world.

  44. We got our center via free agency

    According to kevin weekes on snyrangersblog

    Rangers sign Matthew Lombardi 2 yrs for 1.6 mil 800 k per. Was in Swiss league last played in nhl 2013 Phoenix/Calgary.

  45. Coos, I believe he accepted his qualifying offer. So that either means six more weeks of winter or 12 more months of Kristo updates from Sioux. :)

  46. Eric – you mean ‘Yotes/Ducks in 2013.

    Jury’s out on this guy given his injury history and lack of NHL playing time recently, but i’d say he’s going to be the veteran competition for Lindberg/Miller to try and beat out for that 3rd line center spot.

  47. Matthew Lombardi 2yr deal.

    Looks like they want some insurance or a trade is coming.

  48. Good morning, boneheads!

    Insurance move, indeed. Lombardi is known for his speed, so he should fit this team’s profile well. He had a couple of concussions though, one of those courtesy of Derian Hatcher’s elbow. Let’s hope JT Miller/Lindberg beat him out for the 3rd line center spot.

  49. I also suspect that may be an indication things aren’t going too well with Brassard negotiations and they are preparing just in case they have to walk away from his arbitration award.

  50. Where is Simon Gagné? That would be an insurance for Brass departure. LW. (if we started to take guys from Swiss, why not from the thin air?)

  51. UK- I hope so too. But you never know with arbitration. Brassard’s numbers do not substantiate an incredible raise, but it’s a risk. I do believe that he will be the only one going to arbitration. I think Kreider and MZA will settle before. And if Brassard signs prior to his arbitration date, it will on very reasonable terms.

  52. Big Joe would be a good addition, but what we would have to give up would possibly decimate the roster – we already have gaps on all but 1 line, and i’ll bet we’d have to give a combination of players, prospects and picks in return.

    Kreider – Step – Nash
    ?? Brass – Zucc
    Hagelin – Miller/Lindberg/Lombardi/?? – St.Louis
    Glass – Moore – ??

  53. So in regards to improving the blog I think we should have a Josh Thompson (26) button.
    I’m not sure what purpose it should serve but I know we need one

  54. Hartford has to be stocked full by now. They were awful last year, so hopefully the competition for open spots will increase the level of play all around.

  55. Lombardi is 32, hasn’t done much since 2010. I’m thinking he replaces Lindberg in the AHL, and signed for depth at center if Miller/Lindberg graduate to the NHL.

  56. Speaking as a Yankee fan I’m so sick of this team and their hullabaloo. Maybe instead of taking a whole season of fans’ time to celebrate someone they can try to bring in some players that aren’t guys that they were trying to get back in 2001? It’s a NY thing. “We wanted him when he was 24. He’s 41 now but we were finally able to meet the asking price.”

  57. bull dog line on

    Lombardi is insurance in case Miller or Lindberg do not grab the 3rd line center job. I do not believe it has anything to do with Brassard. if they walk away from Brassard you may as well pack it in. they wont.

  58. Everytime I hear the name Lindbergh I can’t help but think of the chant “buy a Porsche hextall buy a Porsche!”

  59. We should have a “Like” button so that I can “Like” all posts about *KRISTO*.

  60. He could be signed for depth, in case they flip a younger Brassard/Miller center for Jumbo Soft Shell. It could happen, after all the RFA are signed.

  61. What if THE DUKE makes the team out of camp.

    If he has the size and the skills, they can still give him 9 games before they send him back to juniors right?

  62. bull dog line on

    walking away from Brassard is small market thinking. the Rangers are not a small market team, and have never thought like one.

  63. bull dog line on

    the interest in Ryan Carter was just incase they lost both Boyle and Moore. they only lost Boyle, so there is no need for another 4th line center like Carter.

  64. Gnash jumbo msl
    Kreider step zucc
    Kristo(fast) miller(Lindby)penner
    Glass d moops carcillo



    Meh, got tired of typing

  65. I’d like to see duclair make it.

    I’m just saying as far as dollars go, brass (if he makes what the speculated amount is) and Klein match up $$$$ to Thornton or close to it. I’d add Hagar or fast if necessary to get it done (if this whole scenario is even possible).

  66. They’re not deep enough as it is…how can they trade two additional players from their lineup?

  67. bull dog line on

    not true at all Gravy. you have the big market teams that spend to the max, and small market who spend to the floor. I think the Rangers walked away from Zherdev, and that was not small market thinking, that was the player is not worth it. Brassard is a good player, and his role is going to expand this year. walking away would be plain stupid. it would be small market thinking.

  68. bull dog, they have other players to sign. If they budget $4-4.5M for him, and he gets $5.5M in arbitration, it would not be crazy to think they have to walk away from that. Not saying they would, but it wouldn’t be an easy decision.

  69. bull dog line on

    it would be crazy to walk away from Brassard. 1 year? and you think they would think about walking away? over thinking it.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Would be crazy to walk away from any arbitration award. Worst case scenario is you have him for a year and then he walks. Better than him just walking now. It’s not like we would need that extra million to keep ourselves under the cap.

  71. They have almost exactly $14M left to sign 5 forwards and John Moore.

    Let’s assume one of the D-men they signed gets sent to the minors, Moore signs for $1.1M, and they work out a deal with Kreider for $2.5M per. That leaves $11M for 4 forwards.

    If Brassard and MZA do not work out team freindly deals, they could get about $10M combined in arbitration. That leaves $1M for two players and includes having Chris Mueller as one of your forwards. You could go with 12 forwards for a bit, but that still includes Mueller. Plus, they’d be right up against the cap.

  72. If, big IF, you traded brass for Thornton, you are not really losing depth at centre or forward. It slots Stepan in his actual 2C, moves jumbo to 1C, you still have Moops at 4C and you still have your problem/hole at 3C.

    You would lose Klein as your 3rd Pair RD.

    Hagar, fast, Kristo, duclair are all about the same size and and I think are pretty interchangeable. I know some are better defencively or offencively than others but all have some wheels.

    I’m not too worried about replacing Hagar as much as I like him.

  73. bull dog line on

    here are the 13 forwards who are going to be on opening night roster.

    Nash, Stepan, Kreider, MSL, Brassard, Zucc, Hagelin, Miller, Lindberg, Glass, Moore, Fast, and probably Kristo. Lombardi also a possibility.

  74. I agree with gravy, brass and zucc could get 5 mil plus each (I’d not a fan of either at that price). You have to move one of them, in that case, to have a reasonable shot at reasonable forward depth going into the season. Even if a couple of young guys impress.

  75. Wicky, Hagelin is far and away better than any of those other guys right now until proven otherwise.

    bull dog, your lineup does not address cap concerns. Kristo is coming off a $1.3M AAV contract, and Lindberg is making $675k. Unless Kristo is at about $900k, you couldn’t have both in my scenario above.

  76. Thornton is an elite center. Just look at his points 76,77,76,89,96,114 points.

    If Sather can swing Brass or Miller for him I would do it, after they are sign as RFA. Brass $’s would have to go in the deal. Not sure what prospects go.

    But it would be an upgrade to EVERY center we have, and puts Stepan as a solid #2, (if he doesn’t go in a deal).

  77. Kristo had a two way contract, so he was paid 65K in the AHL, with no NHL game. I would think his deal would be a two contract for 2 years the same money. 100K AHL/1.3 NHL. Best guess.

  78. Sioux, the numbers to focus on are 76,77,70 which are his point totals in the last three 82 game seasons. While he’d be their best center, he’s on the decline. His playoff numbers are less than stellar over his career, too.

    That being said, I wouldn’t have hated keeping Richards at 3 years, $6.67M per (if that were is real contract), and Thornton is 3 years at $6.75M.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, your analysis is off. MZA and Brass at 5 million each (and no way does Brassard ever get 5 mil in arbitration), call up Miller, Fast, and Mueller, Pay John Moore 1.1 and Kreider 2.5, leaves 750k under the cap to be used on recalled forwards and defensemen as needed.

  80. Gravy
    Not disagree with you about Hagar. At this point he is better.

    I look at things in a cap world with a two part evaluation….if a player is moved for $$$$ reasons is the replacing player only a marginal drop off and does the $$$$ difference allow for an improvement or filling a roster hole somewhere else?

    In the case of moving Hagar to get a 1C for instance, the money you save by playing a similar sized guy from within the org at a 3rd line fwd position is worth the drop in play to use the Hagar savings to address the 1C dearth.

    Again, just the way I look at it, doesn’t mean it is correct.

  81. bull dog line on

    how much do you think Zucc is going to get? 1 full year in the NHL, and he is going to get 5 mill? I don’t think so.

  82. Wicky – I think that lineup will score 3 or more a game. With Hank in the net, they win 2 out of 3 games ALL year long.

    No long road trip to start the year this year, so they won’t have to dig their way out of the hole.

    Linberg/Kisto/DUKE can all score.

  83. Not sure how the contracts will come down for Zucc Kreider Brass.

    But we will have them all for next year.

    I don’t see a trade for Thornton until the trade deadline, if it happens at all.

  84. Zucc only made 1.1 last year. Sather will offer 2.5ish, and the Arb will split the difference.

  85. Bryan Little is a perfect comparable for Brassard, and his AAV if $4.7M. $5M is far from out of the question.

    They have $14M, add $0.6M for demoting Hunwick, subtract $1.1M for Moore. So, Goalie and D are good, and they need 5 forwards with $14.1M.

    Sign Kreider for $2.5M, Brassard/MZA for $10M, and Miller for $0.9M. They have $100k for the 13th forward unless I’m missing something.

  86. Bull Dog – if Thornton could wake up Nash, and they both score 70-80 points. It could be worth it.

  87. bull dog line on

    how much do you think Zucc is going to get? 5 mill? that is a bit of a high estimate.

  88. Wicky, it’s all opinions here. None of us are more right when it comes to that. I think Hagelin is a valuable player, and was one of their best in the playoffs.

    But, you would need to move salary and find lower cost wings in order to bring Thornton in. So, we can agree on that point.

  89. Zucc wants years. He would sign a $3M for 4 years.

    Brass would get $4M for 3 years.

    Kreider gets a bridge deal for $2.25

    Kristo/Lindberg/DUKE move up if needed.

    Leaving $2M to work with.

  90. bull dog line on

    the window would be very short with that move. you are much better off in the long run seeing if Miller, and Lindberg are players.

  91. bull dog line on

    I would not trade Hagelin. Hagelin is just finding out how good he can be. he was very good in the playoffs. young and fast. fits AV’s system perfectly.

  92. The biggest unknown for me is – MILLER.

    This is the year he HAS to contribute. He has to score 30pts this year as a 3rd line center. He’s had 30+ games for 2 years now.

    Hopefully he learn what AV is trying to teach him.

  93. I think Brassard is making no less than $4.5M either way next year.

    To be frank, I’m not sure what the arbitrators look at. Do they consider MZA was making $1.1M last year, or do they look at the previous season in a vacuum?

    That being said, Bleacher Report used Jason Pominville’s 08-09 season as a comparable, and he signed a 5 year, $5.3M AAV contract.

  94. I think we have the youth that can make this a better team than we had last year. I really do.

    I’m looking forward to a young 3rd line, that can skate 12-14 minutes a game, AND score.

  95. bull dog line on

    when Miller played it was mostly as a 4th liner. did not get much in the way of good ice time. my gut tells me Miller is going to be a 40 to 50 pt player in the league. he is going to be able to play multiple roles, PK, PP, late game D forward. he just needs time and ice.

  96. I agree Bull Dog. It’s a big year for him to make it, the door is wide open.

    If he comes to camp late, out of shape, not ready, and can’t learn to play defense away from the puck. AV will give Lindberg the shot.

  97. They aren’t likely to walk away from Brassard, I agree. Just that you never know when it comes to arbitration. What if he is awarded $6M+They need to settle with MZA before his arbitration date in order to sign him to a reasonable number.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I think MZA has a ceiling of 5 million in arbitration. Sure, only 1 year in NHL, but he happened to score almost 60 points and lead the team in scoring during it. I don’t think he gets 5, but if he did, I wouldn’t be shocked.

    I think Brassard is getting 4.5 max, and that’s only if he signs a long term deal. I can’t see him getting more than 4.25 in arbitration. Never scored 50+ points, never scored 20 goals, third highest scoring center on the team last season. I just don’t see a world where he makes more than 4.5.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I hope you’re right about Miller, because my gut tells me his ceiling is more Gregory Campbell.

  100. Yes, Doodie. That’ why it isn’t in team’s interest to take MZA to arbitration. And Brassard at $4.5M long term is a good deal for NY. He’s been a good soldier, and, the worst case scenario, at this cap hit could be a very trade able commodity if things do not go well

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    There is no way that this team is better than it was last year without Nash playing like a 7.8MM player. If Nash plays the same game he played last year, we will be worse, almost by definition.

    Say what you will about Richards, he was undoubtedly a better player than whomever will replace him. Likewise for Boyle and Pouliot.

    Stralman/Boyle is probably going to be the closest comparison in terms of drop off, but a lot of that depends on Boyle’s play. Stralman was really good last year. If Boyle gives us something approaching what he was a couple of years ago, then that won’t be a problem. But if he’s like he was last year, that’s going to hurt us defensively.

    Sure, some guys who are still on the team are going to be improved but other guys are going to be declining. I think in the end, they all wash out. So really it just is a matter of our free agents playing as well as the ones that departed.

    I think, long term, the young guys that come in could make this team better, but in the short term, this team is going to be worse. The only thing that is going to buoy us for a playoff spot is that last year we made it despite that horrendous start. If we start out the season with a better record, it will give us a better cushion to play lesser hockey down the stretch.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, Brassard doesn;t warrant a 4.5 million arbitration award. He simply doesn’t. 4.25 is his absolute ceiling there, and frankly, I think a number of 4 or less is most likely. Never scored 50 points, never scored 20 goals, bad at faceoffs, doesn’t kill penalties.

    Honestly, there isn’t a single comparable guy who is making that much money.

  103. Ha, I wish miller was more like Ryan carter or Greg Campbell. So far he has played like a not very defencively responsible Blair betts…meaning he has showed me exactly squadooosh.

    Doesn’t play with an edge, isn’t good defencively, limited offencive prowess…not impressed in the least (to this point, I hope that changes). I want him to play like McGinn in Colorado or like morrow (younger of course).

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, exactly. Although, I tried to specifically look for players who were size comparables (even though Jeff Carter is much taller). What I had originally wrote was a “shorter but physically stronger Brian Boyle.”

  105. Gravy nice link. It will be interesting too see if all 3 players make it to Arbitration.

    Sather always goes for the lowball number in this situation.

    $5M for Zucc is a ridiculous number, coming off a 1.1M year.

  106. I don’t think brass should get paid over 4 mil personally, and I don’t think zucc is worth more than 3 mil.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    MSL was very bad when they got him and they still won a bunch of hockey games. Assuming he contributes more next season than he did during the stretch run, his improvement will at best level out how they played with a more complete roster.

    Besides, you need to remember, this is a player on the decline. Even before the Rangers got him, his point and goal totals were drying up.

  108. Bryan Little had a 30 goal, 51 point season 5 years before he agreed to his contract. Since then, his numbers are really close to what Brassard has produced. He is the same age. He got a 5 year, $23.5M contract. That is, at minimum, the starting point for Brassard’s agent.

    I doubt he comes in lower than $4M, but I hope you’re right.

  109. I just think that between D.Boyle and MSL, the points produced by B.Richards will be replaced easily. Boyle also replaces Richards on PP. MSL can kill penalties, although AV has to be careful with his minutes.

  110. I think Kreider and MZA will agree to deals. I’m not sure about Brassard, but a majority of players don’t go to arbitration.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    The Bleacher Report suggestion that Pominville is a comparable for MZA is a joke. Pominville’s season before arbitration was close to MZA’s, sure, but he also had two great seasons before that one. MZA has one good season which was not as good as any of the three Pominville seasons.

    I do like the Matt Read comparison for Brassard, though. I think that actually hurts Brassard even more because Read had only played his rookie year at that point, so with less of a track record for being a 40-45 point player, he still had room to grow, whereas with Brassard we know what he is and will be.

  112. If Lombardi doesn’t make the Rangers out of camp, he could be picked up off of waivers correct?

    He might be the extra forward all year. With Miller & Lindberg bouncing up and down.

  113. Brassard will sign if Sather offers him a fair deal. I get the feeling he wants to BE a RANGER!

  114. Yeah, I would give Brassard, MZA, and Kreider 5 years deals if they would sign for $4M, $3M, and $2M, respectively. I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

  115. I also agree sign them and see what remains.

    I’d still like to see them add penner.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    At the time he had signed his contract, Little had two seasons of 20+ goals, including a 30+, had a 50 point season and another season which was higher total than Brassard’s highest. He was also younger than Brassard when he signed his deal, so the contract factored in room to grow, which he has, after posting a 64 point season last year. Again, no way does Brassard get 4.5 except if he signs a multiyear deal.

  117. I could see kreider getting a bridge deal contract very similar in term and dollars to stepan

  118. But what are little’s Corsica numbers?? What about his Fenwick?

    I’m kidding, I could give a crap less about those things!

  119. Probably, Wicky. Kreider is eligible for a 2 year arbitration award if the Rangers want to choose that. Either way, it will be a bridge deal, he’ll still remain a RFA after.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    So what do we think of the Lombardi signing? Guess that adds a little insurance in the event that Miller and Lindberg can’t win the 3C job.

  121. bull dog line on

    this is make or break for Miller. so him being up and down again this year would be a bad thing.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I agree to a point. He’s on what I’m going to call the Jarkko Immonen point. Great AHL player, but it’s make or break time to show he can take his game to the next level.

    Unlike Immonen, who basically said “eff it” and went back to Finland when he couldn’t stick around with the big club, Miller really doesn’t have much of a choice but to work hard here.

  123. bull dog line on

    Miller needs to be a 13 to 15 minute player this year Doodie. contribute on O, be physical, and have a clue on D. I think he will, but if he doesn’t, there will be a trade to find somebody who can do those things. Miller will be part of that trade.

  124. Lombardi is a fast skater that had a 20-30 50pt year in Swiss cheese land. He still has wheels to play in an AV system as a 4th liner.

    So if Miller can’t make the jump, and Lindberg isn’t ready, he could play in a back up role.

    For 800K it’s a reasonable depth center, with 500+ NHL games.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s important about the cap hit is that it’s under 900k, so if we can send him down, we don’t have any excess money on the cap.

    bull dog, vibin’ on everything except the minutes. I think he won’t play enough special teams to get to 13-15. I think 11-13 is more realistic. I think they will try to get him involved on the PK, but that won’t come until later in the season.

  126. My conspiracy theory on Miller.

    He will get the start at 3C, hopefully his stock is high enough to keep, Sather will package Brass in a deal for Jumbo Soft Shell at the trade deadline.

    Jumbo wakes up Nash, the new rejuvenated top line, takes the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Finals again! MSL scores all the OT goals. Rangers bring home the cup.

  127. Good Point Doodie. He could lead the Pack from the start, but would he have to go through waivers if they pull him up mid season?

    You would think it would be a save call, since he didn’t play at all in the NHL last year.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Jumbo isn’t going anywhere. Forget about trading for him, even if we could make a package that San Jose would take, Jumbo has repeatedly said he isn’t waiving his clause. So drop it.

  129. I can see Lombardi being Prucha’d at the start to see if Miller can handle the job. Then take it from there.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, he will start with the big club for sure. Miller or Lindberg will get first crack. If they falter, Lombardi steps in. If one of them grabs the clean slate, Lombardi goes down or is traded.

  131. Doodie I read that if traded he wanted the Rangers, because of Nash. He would play in the New York.

    If the Rangers are a playoff team at the deadline, and Sather needs a top line Center – I see a deal there. But not at the start of the season.

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, whoever said that “of he is traded he would want” is speculating. Thornton has no intentions of allowing himself to be traded.

  133. Why would SJ trade an affordable 40 *goal* scorer *and* a defenseman for an impending FA and a guy who barely scores 40 *points*?

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    Besides, the whole thing SJ is trying to do is turn the team over to guys like Couture and Pavelski, not trade them.

  135. Zucc won’t get an exorbitant arb award, IMO.

    Lesser note, but why Glass at 1.5, 3 years when Carcillo could be had for $850, 1 year?

  136. Former UND All-American Danny Kristo and former Minnesota Mr. Hockey winner Aaron Ness both accepted qualifying offers from their NHL teams, agent Neil Sheehy posted on Twitter on Friday. That means Kristo will remain with the New York Rangers and Ness, a former Gopher, will remain with the New York Islanders

    So the offer has to be 1.1 of last year to qualify them. So a 2 way deal for 1.4 ish on the NHL, 85K AHL?

    I was curious if it was 1 yr or 2 yr?

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, Kristo’s QO was like 850k. And as I understand it, if you accept your QO, it’s a 1 year contract for the QO amount.

    It’s also a 1 way contract if you meet certain gp thresholds, which, having never played an NHL game, he did not.

  138. Sioux, Me don’t necessarily lust after Carcillo, but why Glass to effectively replace him at about twice the price and for extra years?

  139. bull dog line on

    I want Carcillo back as well, but the answer to your question is, Glass is more versatile. he kills penalties, and can take a regular shift. me, I would prefer Carcillo.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    If we are talking Boyle replacement, I’d rather Glass (not that he’s a good replacement). If we’re talking Dorsett replacement, I’d rather Carcillo, who would be an adequate replacment.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, the Boyle thing bothers me. He’s clearly going to be a 4th line player in Tampa. Disappointing that we couldn’t retain him to be the same for us. I think his wife had a lot to do with it since apparently he spurned more money from Toronto. But there’s simply no reason the Rangers couldn’t match or even slightly exceed Tampa’s offer.

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, Boyle has given interviews where he’s acknowledged he will be playing a 4th line role for Tampa. It’s not a usage thing.

  143. Maybe we all assumed that Boyler would like to stay close to his large family when he actually was trying to get farther away. :)

  144. bull dog line on

    you are probably not going to agree with me, but, I think the Rangers feel that Fast is Boyle’s replacement.

    I read the article, and I felt Boyle wanted to leave. it seems to me, his wife had a lot of say. just my opinion.

  145. bull dog line on

    I am sort of disappointed that Boyle went to Tampa. not really much of a hockey market. I thought he would be more like Richards, and go to a big hockey market. Richards gets it. I thought Boyle did. I know that Cally didn’t.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I think his wife definitely had some say. Absolutely. But I think if the Rangers had made him a proper offer, he would have stayed. Reading between the lines, the Rangers’ offer was, at best, equal to Tampa’s. And since Tampa has no state tax, it’s less in terms of actual dollars.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, my IT issues from yesterday are cleared. I don’t know if you did anything, but whatever it was seems to be gone.

  148. My read on Boyle if he wanted to be a Ranger he would have stayed. Tampa’s money is a little more without the tax, the weather’s a little nicer, and the wife is from there.

    But he could have stayed IF he WANTED to. But He didn’t.

  149. Boyle’s numbers weren’t great, but they are twice what GLASS are so far. 54 pts vs 100 pts. both played 7 years.

    Not a lot last year 13 vx 18.

    Boyle was a huge penalty killer. He will be missed.

  150. I see Hags picking up more PK minutes. With a few extra shorties coming his way this year.

  151. I tend to think AV rubbed Callahan and Boyle the wrong way and that’s why they both left. AV also didn’t seem to value them in the same respect as Torts did. Both guys seemed to have diminished roles. Just an observation, not saying anything else.

  152. I still think we missed having a Captain late last playoff run, even if it were MSL pro-tem.

  153. bull dog line on

    I sort of agree with that NYR. Cally had been taken off the PP, and Boyle’s role was more defined under AV. 4th line PKer. where as Torts used Boyle as a 3rd liner. both players were short sighted in leaving.

  154. bull dog line on

    I know you hat him, but the Rangers did have a captain for there playoff run. it was Brad Richards.

  155. Henirk rooted from 200 feet for Richie to do something on the O end, then cringed when all the odd man rushes engulfed him.

  156. Can anyone in his wildest dreams imagine #19 firing up a locker room? Post game, he made himself available to any swinging peter with a microphone and bored even them to death.

  157. Rob in Beantown on

    I’d have a hard time being fired up by anybody in untucked casual menswear

  158. NYR – I think Cally over played his hand, so Sather made a deal at the last minute. It worked out MSL got them to the finals.

    Boyle – I thought he was going to get Big money, but not so much. Sather plays low ball, and Boyle walked for Tax Money. But his production numbers could be replaced with a faster rookie. Glass not so much, but provides the same penalty killing duties.

  159. Glass doesn’t take faceoffs, so he’s not a complete replacement for Boyle on the PK.

  160. Glass replaces Dorsett/Carcillo, Lombardi replaces Boyle.

    The way I’m currently looking at it.

    Miller/Lindberg replace Richards 5v5

    DBoyle replaces Richards 5v4

    UND/Fast replace Pouliot

    Lombardi = safety net for Richards replacement.

    13th forward for emergency use only, some random pickup. 13th real player if needed, someone on the Hartford shuttle iow whichever of the /’s doesn’t make it out of camp.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    _Former UND All-American Danny Kristo and former Minnesota Mr. Hockey winner Aaron Ness both accepted qualifying offers from their NHL teams, agent Neil Sheehy posted on Twitter on Friday. That means Kristo will remain with the New York Rangers and Ness, a former Gopher, will remain with the New York Islanders_


  162. Robby Bonfire on

    So far this off-season, The Fat Slob has signed a 32-year old journeyman (today), a 33-year old, a 34-year old, and a 38-year old. Now the problem with the team’s deep run this past playoff season comes home to roost – a permanent license for this tin cup beggar to play it one year at a time, so that the team has no real core or base, and is just a revolving door for mercenaries who don’t give a sh**t about the fortunes of the NY Rangers, or the morale of their fan base.

    And with this latest completely unnecessary signing – yet ANOTHER prospect from the farm system will languish another year at the minor league level where he has nothing left to prove.

    All this old guy signing stuff just ensures that when Rangers rookies do come in, most of them will be of the 24-25-26 year-old vintage variety – the stuff of which the Lou Angotti’s of the world are made. (Angotti was a 27-year old rookie with the club, way back things were really desperate, not “pretend desperate,” as things are today.

    Damn, this moron must lose sleep at night wondering where the next 30+, downside, fringe player is going to come from? So that today he had he to go to SWITZERLAND, for Christ sake, to find yet another career flat tire.

    LOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG season ahead for this team, my friends. There will be no terrible officiating to complain about, after 82 practice games have been played during the six-month NHL “official” training camp. “Break Up Day” starts on September 1st, this year. Bank it.

  163. Lombardi and Muller both have 1 way deals. WTF is Slats wasting cap space on these guys if they are going to play in the AHL?

  164. New York Rangers

    @NYRangers Mats Zuccarello will be staying with Rangers. 5 years 27 million.

  165. ‘The move to abolish RIA Novosti and create a news agency to be known as Rossiya Segodnya is the second in two weeks strengthening Putin’s hold on the media as he tries to reassert his authority after protests against his rule.’

    Is this where CCCP is getting his news bulletins?

  166. Mueller and Lombardi are both making less than $900k, meaning they can be sent to the minors without a residual cap hit.

  167. From my memory, Jesper Fast had nary a scoring chance or a shot on goal in the big leagues last year.

    Slow down on Jespar Fast.

    (See what I did there?)

  168. Just learned that Lombardi led the Swiss League in assists last year. Well, being able to pass is always a good thing! I actually like the signing. I tend to agree that this means the Brassard negotiations are taking a turn…

  169. Much worse on paper today then June 13th.

    At best we a wild card. No top 3 in division finish guaranteeing a spot.

  170. Many times I agree with comments, and would like to have the ability to “like” someone’s comment rather than say same thing in other words. Techs would have to determine how to count “likes” so they would also count in the number of comments for you records.

  171. Lombardi, btw, will be one of the fastest skaters on this team. Don’t discount that signing. Low risk, high reward, he could be used as a wing if need to. If not, he’ll play in Hartford without a penny counting against the Cap. All they did, is burned another contract, but I believe they are at 47 at the moment.

  172. I want carcillo and glass both. Need some backbone on the ice on a nightly basis.

  173. London Broil on

    ilb nailed it. No risk, high reward. Guy has speeed, fits the system. Could be very worthwhile when all is said & done, or could be just a zero.

  174. London Broil on

    shouldnt you be partaking in the bedroom olympics with your supermodel wife instead of posting on here, 3C? :)

  175. If you start posting during the ‘event’, it’s probably time for a some ‘strange’.

  176. With the following guys on the ROSTER:


    Wouldn’t they all have to be waived to go to Hartford?

  177. jpg's sister on

    Is anyone watching the Espy’s? I think they’re pretty boring. Dom Moore lost his category I thought since Hank was giving it out maybe he would win it

  178. Nyr
    If everyone is polite they will wave when they go to Hartford.

    A common courtesy when you are leaving.

  179. Not that I took the ESPY’s seriously to begin with, but how can Dom Moore not win that award? Russell Westbrook? Barely missed half a season.

    And he wore pajamas to the show.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s voted on by the public. So of course hockey doesn’t win anything except the hockey player only awards.

  181. Doodie Machetto on

    That Myers contract completely negates everything I said yesterday about arbitration awards. If that guy just got 4.7 million, all bets are off.

  182. The Rangers are still in the process of negotiating a long-term deal with Mats Zuccarello that would see him stay with the team through his first few years of potential unrestricted free agency. (NY Post)

    The process of locking up Zuccarello and preventing him from becoming a free agent could result in a higher cap hit for the player because of what he could potentially get on the open market next summer. A one-year deal through arbitration would result in a lower cap hit for the Rangers but possibly preclude them from a potential long-term deal with Zuccarello. (NY Post)

    Zuccarello is seeking a multi-year deal, he wants 3-4 years, with a cap hit of $4.5 million. (NY Post)

    If the Rangers and Zuccarello do go to arbitration, it’s likely that his cap hit next season would be $3.7 million to $4 million. (NY Post)

    Last year the Rangers and Zuccarello were on the verge of arbitration when they came to terms on a one-year deal.


    Didn’t he say that it is not about money? I guess it’s never about money until you smell money…

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m tired of all of these articles about Brodeur still looking for “the right fit.” Can’t somebody just point him towards a Casual Male XL and be done with it already?

  184. Doodie Machetto on

    I was a big fan of Caron coming into the draft. I actually had Kreider third behind Caron and Ashton, but that was because Kreider was listed as a center coming into the draft and I would have preferred the size on the wing. If I knew Kreider would be transitioned to the wing instead, I think his skating ability would have put him over the other two for me.

    Either way, Caron and Ashton have underwhelmed, while Kreider has flourished.

  185. Zucc already said it’s about TERM.

    $3.9 for 4 or 5 years ought to do it! That’s a bargain!

    Don’t muck it up, Slats.

  186. Doodie Machetto on

    Lots of Devils fans suggesting Marty should retire and do color commentary. I think he should go work for NHL Network, then leave NHL Network for NBC Sports, its sister in law station.

  187. Robby Bonfire on

    Oxymoron of the day: “Top Rangers prospects.” They are so “top” our crusty helmsman feels compelled to bring in the old folks home dregs from other organizations.

  188. “Lombardi has recorded three goals and 13 assists in 40 NHL playoff games.”

    Another -superstar- Nash?

  189. I don’t know…just sayin’

    Depends on if he really is viewed as the #2 center. Even so, how many #2 centers are making $5M? Is Brassard really in that conversation?

    The irony is that his awarded cap hit may be higher than or match Gaborik’s ($4.8M) …

  190. Rangers West on

    Dubi is a crime fighter off the ice. That contract includes the municipal duties of Dubi.

  191. Forwards whose cap hits are between $4.7M and $5M

    Kesler, Ryan » $5,000,000
    Moulson, Matt » $5,000,000
    Plekanec, Tomas » $5,000,000
    Neal, James » $5,000,000
    Cammalleri, Mike » $5,000,000
    Grabovski, Mikhail » $5,000,000
    Filppula, Valtteri » $5,000,000
    Weiss, Stephen » $4,900,000
    Gaborik, Marian » $4,875,000
    Clowe, Ryane » $4,850,000
    Hartnell, Scott » $4,750,000

  192. Decent list. Mostly good players. Important players to their respective teams. None available.

  193. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – thanks for the *Kristo Update* this afternoon.

    Lindberg will be 3C this season, at least to start

  194. SN
    You got it ;)

    I’d be ok with Lindberg as our 3C or 4C.

    I think things pick up a bit after the arbitration hearings next week

  195. If the bruins are really going to move Caron, I’d be making a phone call.

    How soon before slats signs bissonette? lol

  196. You don’t walk away from brassard even at 5 to 5.5 mil for one year.. At this stage it leaves a bigger void then we already have at center. And I highly doubt arbitrator would go as high as 5.5.

    What you could do is maybe package brassard after his arbitration is settled to sharks for jumbo joe as you know the rangers want get bigger at center.


  197. Good morning, boneheads!

    Brassard will most likely go to arbitration. And it’s not in his best interest. If there is a mutual desire for Brassard to play in NY, they can work on a deal after January 1st

    Kreider, most likely, is getting the same 2 year bridge deal regardless whether it’s via arbitration or him signing a deal prior.

    Again, I believe all attempts should be made to sign MZA prior to his arbitration date. His award will be huge, and he is going to become an UFA next year. They can’t lose one of their better players like that.

  198. “Where else do you get your Rangers news from?” I just put Miami Pimp about 20x”


  199. Just saw this final exam. Good thing I got the answers from someone last week. Otherwise I would have just answered C for everything. I think Carp would learn more about us by giving a Horshack test. Yes I know what it’s called, but I call it a Horshack test. Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, Mr. Kotter

  200. ilb – Kreider will get the 2 year bridge around the $2.3m mark i think (which is a bargain)

    I keep reading how Brassard wants $5.5m and Zucc $4.5m on multi year deals but they would only get around $3.7m and $4.7m from arbitration respectively.
    Whats worrying to me is that Slats may see that as a way to save some cap money this year and then try and sign them long term after January.

  201. Stranger Nation on

    MZA at $4.5 per after only one full season? great hands and motor but not a great finisher and undersized. Maybe Marty will show him the way to finish.. Absolute bargain this year, but next….

  202. Stranger – thats the starting point for his agent, i’d expect the end point to be at $4m per or just under for 3-4 years for MZA.
    Given his production he’s worth $3.5m, which is about what the arbitrator would give him, but for a multi-year deal Slats will have to “buy” some UFA years off him (and we’ve all seen the stupid UFA contracts given out to players in recent years)

  203. Rob in Beantown on

    Roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of summer
    Those days of Kristo, and pretzels, and beer

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    Remember when we won almost double the playoff rounds than any other team in the East over the past three seasons? That was awesome.

  205. Dat Guy Fat Guy on

    Is Stepan eating solid food yet, or still limited to apple sauce and chopped liver?

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    Can you guys help me come up with some examples of goaltenders that burst on to the scene only to fizzle in a couple of years? I’m thinking of Jim Carey, Steve Mason types, but with just a tad bit more longevity.

  207. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll also take the alternative; someone who was lousy through their first 2 or 3 seasons, but then was a late bloomer into a great goaltender.

  208. Doodie Machetto on

    Cechmanek is a good example, but he never fell too far as a player. He was just a lunatic.

  209. Doodie Eddie Belfour?

    Would he qualify what you are looking for? Started slow in the pro’s after college, 2 years in IHL world, first year as a Blackhawk he goes 4-12, then the next year he has a 43-19 year, just to win the cup in Dallas and play 18 years in the NHL?

    That type of player :)

  210. He turned pro in after 1 year of college, just to play in the IHL Saginaw Hawks in ’88 & “89, and had below avg years with a 3.19 & 3.10 save %. First year as a Blackhawk was worse 3.87% and a 4-12 year.

    Then his 4th year pro, he took over and had a great year with the blackhawks, then the next year he takes them to the finals just to lose to Mario Lemieux’s team.

    He didn’t win a Stanley Cup till ’99, on his 3rd team.

  211. “Rob – We don’t have ENOUGH of those good ol days :)”

    Guys like us, we had it made;
    Them was the days.

  212. I play my best in tall meadow grass, deep pot bunkers, and gorse. Just couldn’t fit the British Open into my schedule.

  213. coos – my new game is Kubb.

    Can’t imagine playing with skulls and femurs, from the Viking days :)

  214. Dat Guy Fat Guy on

    next quiz question :

    if Derek Stepan was skating out of his own end at 10 mph
    and Brandon Prust was galloping from center ice at top speed at 4 mph
    then how late would his hit be and how short is his suspension?

  215. Doodie he fits the Goalie you are looking for to a T.

    And he was only a Sioux my freshman year of college :)

    He played one year in college, won a national championship, and took the money and ran.

    He did pour me a drink :) So that makes him a good guy right?

  216. “Ah, love, let us be true
    To one another! for the world, which seems
    To lie before us like a land of dreams,
    So various, so beautiful, so new,
    Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
    Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night.”

    Matthew Arnold (1867)

  217. Kim Kardashian looks to me a bit like Van Morrison. From the front, she looks like a Morrison, from the back, she looks like a van.

  218. I like Zucc’s pluck, but let’s understand, too, that he has a total of 30 goals and 63 assists in 144 NHL games, almost all of which came last season. Maybe he has arrived. Maybe.

  219. While were at it, let’s sign all the rest of the Oompa Loompas for cheap.

    I’ve got a n

  220. I’ve got another puzzle for you

    Quiz question 25:
    In how many ways does the tech on this blog suck?

    Answer – three…
    So bad
    So big
    So hard

  221. hopefully ilb
    or a cap genius
    can explain this…

    if Zuc goes to arbitration
    and gets a 1 year deal
    then he’s UFA after this season
    can Slats still sign him to a multi-year deal
    at some point before July 1, 2015
    same w/ Brassard??

  222. If anyone says “prust saying” one more time I will throw a dirty shoe at that person.

    Just sayin’…

  223. Sign Fetchit from Sweden and put him on Stepan’s line. Then we would have Step and Fetchit.

  224. Del Zaster to Zucc: “I don’t understand. When we went on vacation, I was feeling sorry for YOU.”

  225. Please Answer Some Questions

    ‘I’d like to get to know you (Yes I would)
    Yes, I’d like to get to know you (If I could)

    Well I can’t promise that I’ll spend a day with you
    I can’t promise that I’ll find a way with you
    I can’t promise
    No, I can’t promise that I’ll love you

    But I’d like to get to know you (Yes I would)

  226. ‘I want you,
    I need you,
    But there ain’t no way
    I’m ever gonna love you.
    Now don’t be sad
    (Two out of three ain’t bad)’

  227. I’m not so sure that brass and Pouliot didn’t benefit from Zucc. The hobbit did have forty assists.

    I would say they all benefitted from each other and their bank accounts will reap the rewards.

  228. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger
    Lee Stempniak is closing in on a 1 yr agreement with the NY Rangers

    Pouliot replacement?

  229. Kreider – Stepan – Nash

    MZA – Brassard – MSL

    Hagelin – Lombardi – Stempniak

    Fast/Mueller – Moore – Glass

  230. Orr, he isn’t a fourth liner though. He played over 15 minutes a night for the Penguins…and nearly 20 min a night for Calgary last year

  231. Need to stop putting msl on a line with zucc and brass…that line did not work last season and av did not like it.

  232. I think on pk, he will take some Boyle minutes, even strength, he will be on the brass line or 3rd line…if we keep brass and or zucc

  233. Have the feeling he’ll replace PullOut, and get some second line right hand PP, not 4th line. Who knows?

  234. Good morning, boneheads!

    Interesting signing. Another player with speed and some skills to fit this team’s strength.

    Cooscoos said it well. There is no doubt they will try to use him on the L with MZA/Brassard, but more importantly, he adds another R handed shot on PP. Last year their first unit PP had one R handed shot upfront, and the second unit had none, essentially eliminating one-timers.

  235. Would love to see dollar figures here. He made 2.5 last split time btwn Calgary and Pitt.

    Had 11 goals in 21 games with pens and played with skid and Kunitz.

    Hopefully 1.5 or less cap hit but doubt it

  236. Give sather credit here one yr 900k for stepniak. Another low risk high reward. Veteran player more important right handed shot. More bodies in case the miller fast lindberg aren’t ready full time duty.

  237. Lombardi stepniak. Would you rather see them or just let the kids play

    Rangers will never be a team let kids play consistently.

  238. ThisYearsModel on

    Lee Stempniak. Retreads-R-Us. Of course, it is early, but we have the smallest, softest roster in the league right now.

  239. London Broil on

    Definitely. Had our shot at the cup.. things dont happen for us like they do for other teams. There wont be 2 finals in 4 years & within 1 game of another for us like for the Blackhawks or 2 in 3 yrs like for the br**ns.

  240. London Broil on

    also now that the league & referees have seen what an AV coached Rangers team is capable of, be certain they wont allow us to make it back to the finals, much in the same way that they stole away games 2 & 5 in the finals this yr. poor Henrik is right

  241. 4everanger

    I think Eric is a bot…bot that just copy and pastes the same predictions every time.

  242. “Lombardi and stepniak played together in Phoenix under ulfie.”

    Yup. Stemp also played hockey at Dartmouth with Tanner Glass.

    In addition, Stemp is from West Seneca, NY as is Chris Mueller that was just signed.

  243. I think these moves means either Brassard or JT Miller is “the odd man out”.

    Based on AV’s comments aboot Miller, I’m guessing it’s him. Unless they think they can’t afford Brassard’s arb award…

  244. Stempniak is a winger though. Also it’ll have to be close or over $6M for them to walk away from Brassard. He isn’t getting that. Out of 3 arbitration eligible RFAs on the team he will get the lowest raise over his current salary, I think

  245. These are good depth signings. While you can say ‘let the kids play’ you know AV won’t have too many of them in the lineup at the same time, nor should he. They need to play around some vets. The Rangers had a fairly healthy season and run through the playoffs with limited injuries; when those injuries pile up you need these depth guys to plug in. Good low cost moves, creates competition and adds to speed. We have lost some size but it seems after the Rangers run you don’t need slow tough guys at all anymore in the NHL, just have your token scrapper to answer the bell now and then in the regular season.

  246. Old Ranger Fan on

    Went to see Dartmouth play BC after they drafted Jessiman. B. Boyle was on BC and it was obvious both Boyle and Stepniak were better than Jessiman. They are a few years late on this one but what goes around comes around. Didn’t realize that Tanner Glass was there too although that is a great Ivy League name.

  247. Yeah, those are good points, ilb. But, I am very curious to see where Lombardi fits in. With his speed and skill, I think they want him on the big club and I could see him as the third line center. And, I’m not sure Miller can beat him out for that spot.

  248. I was hoping we would get to see the kids play!

    They will have to score to stay up! If Miller doesn’t produce he will be in the AHL most of the year!

  249. Both of these players are cheap enough to Prucha.

    The kids don’t have to go through waivers. So they will get their 9 or 10 game opportunity.

    It will be harder for Miller, Lindberg, & Danny Boy to get a shot. But competition is a good thing!

    Then these players could add depth if Sather has to trade a top 6 player at the deadline!

    Good moves, low risk.

  250. There is very little risk
    here, NYR_FAN. It’s much more difficult to scramble in October/November in case some of those young kids can’t make it, or start having tough time playing on the big club. Any of those recent signings can go to AHL without having a penny against the Cap. As long as any of those one way contracts is less or equal $925K.

  251. Old Ranger Fan on

    If the kids make it Hartford may have an expensive roster. As long as there is no cap hit these signings are at worst harmless. They seem to have looked at the arbitration cases and decided they have no more money to spend on high priced UFAs.

  252. Agree, no risks. Just trying to figure out what the opening night lineup will be. And, there is some ambiguity as to what is going to happen with Brassard. The Rangers may simply not want to give him more than one year because of some of the contracts that will have to be renewed in 2015…such as Hagelin, Stepan, St Louis, and Staal.

  253. Also, do those players making $925K or less on 1 way deals have to pass through waivers to be sent to Hartford?

  254. Old Ranger Fan on

    Being willing to pay NHL money for a guy to play in the AHL is one advantage they have as a big market franchise. These guys are not Wade Redden. They should also buy the best scouts and spend money in other non cap restricted ways to ice a good team. Not sure if they do.

  255. I find it interesting here that everyone talks about brassard being the potential arbitration issue and may not be retained.

    To me it’s hands down zucc.

  256. Last I heard wick, NYR and Zucc were working on a contract…

    Haven’t heard the same thing about Brassard, all indications are that he is going to arbitration…Apparently he wants $5.5M on a long term deal…

  257. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m personally really happy that we signed Stempniak. The Rangers are doing a really nice thing trying to prove that people under 5’10” are capable of playing in the NHL.

  258. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Although one of my brothers and I are both over 6’0″, our other brother, the eldest, is roughly 5’6″ and I know he would be happy to know that he has a place in this world of manly competition just like the rest of us.


  259. Low risk signing for a guy that averages a bit over a point every two games. Stempniak is this year’s Pouliot. Nothing wrong with it, especially since there’s no cap implications if he doesn’t make the team.

  260. Nyr
    I just think brass is harder to replace than zucc simply because of the position he plays.

    I think both might get more than I am personally comfortable with.

    If brass gets 5.2 and zucc gets 4.2, I think both are overpaid by a mil per and it would be easier to replace zucc than brass.

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