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(Editor’s note: Apologies in advance if any of the players mentioned in this story were signed between the time it was written and the time it appears in today’s blog post).

New York Rangers: Size Matters

By Michael Aker

Early in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings it became evident that while the Rangers had enough speed and skill to win the flawed Eastern (or Leastern as Carp likes to call it) Conference, they lacked the size accompanied with grit to compete with the powerhouses of the West including the champion Kings, Anaheim Ducks, or even St. Louis Blues. The $69 million salary cap limit led to the departures of Brian Boyle, Benoit Pouliot, and Anton Stralman to free agency, Brad Richards to buyout, and Derek Dorsett to trade.  These players allowed coach Alain Vigneault to roll four lines and six defensemen, and offered numerous options and combinations on special teams.

Replacing this personnel with veteran defenseman Dan Boyle, gritty sparkplug Tanner Glass, and having to sign restricted free agents Chris Kreider, Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello (all arbitration eligible) in addition to John Moore (not arbitration eligible) will change the makeup of this team, but how has this turnover impacted the roster?Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers

Dan Boyle will slide into Stralman’s spot and be paired with Marc Staal in hope that he can increase the offense at even strength and quarterback the Rangers inconsistent power play. Boyle who will be 38 when the season begins, has had a decline in production in recent years and battled injuries such as a concussion he suffered last season. He might offer more offense than Stralman, but he is not nearly as good a skater or defender this late in his career. Only possessing average size (5-foot-11) for an NHL defenseman, he will not present the Rangers with a large crease-clearing option to keep players like Boston’s Milan Lucic and newly-acquired Patric Hornqvist of Pittsburgh out of Henrik Lundqvist’s real estate.

Ultimately the question will be whether Dan Boyle’s defense at even strength combined with the power play will be greater than Stralman’s even-strength work, and Richards’ production on the man advantage. Based on his recent numbers and the fact that players at his age often rarely if ever improve, the Boyle for Stralman swap is a gamble at best. Also factor in that there is a decent chance Boyle will not play all 82 games this season because of various nagging injuries, rookies Connor Allen and perhaps Dylan McIlrath could see spot duty.

The forwards that departed will hurt the Rangers special teams and physicality. Dorsett and Brian Boyle helped create an effective fourth line that was physical and could control the puck in the opponent’s zone, with the later a primary penalty killer, while Richards was a streaky but at times clutch power play quarterback (scoring the series winning goal against Pittsburgh, for example). Glass will receive time with the man down and also help Dominic Moore create a new fourth line that might not be as good as last season’s, and with salary cap constraints and baring a major trade, the Rangers will have to rely on their young players such as J.T. Miller, Jesper Fast, Oscar Lindberg, and perhaps a dark horse such as one of the two Ryans (Haggerty or Bourque) or Marek Hrivik to become a fulltime NHL player.

Currently there is no proven third-line center on the roster to replace Richards’ moderate production, and to help win faceoffs and kill penalties. The versatile Miller can play center, but how much will coach Vigneault trust him with his defensive shortcomings and off-ice maturity issues? The Rangers desperately need Miller to grow up and take more responsibility. Lindberg, a faceoff specialist, put up solid numbers in the American Hockey League is his first season after coming over from Sweden, but is he ready to compete against NHLers only one year removed from his North American debut and can he be at least half as effective as Brian Boyle was on the penalty kill and winning faceoffs?

Fast, a player similar to Ryan Callahan (albeit more skilled and less physical) did not look out of place in his time with the varsity club, and proved to be a decent penalty killer who can block shots, but will he add enough muscle to be stronger on the puck, and will his offense warrant top nine minutes?

The problem with these neophytes and also water bug Bourque is that while they offer potential (and entry level contracts), only Miller is over 200 pounds and can provide at least some of the physicality and net presence that players like Brian Boyle, Dorsett, and Pouliot offered. Also, besides Dominic Moore, what center is going to win a faceoff and will the Rangers have to rely too much on their top nine including Nash, Martin St. Louis, and Zuccarello to not only work on the power play but to kill penalties?  Putting complete faith in rookies is admirable and something that would have been foreign to this franchise during the dark ages of 1997-2004, but it can backfire. An insurance plan is needed.

There are some bargain unrestricted free agents still available who can be brought in on cheap one-year contracts that will address size, grit, and faceoff concerns. Names like Lee Stempniak, Devon Setoguchi, and the troubled Mike Ribiero might seem like good ideas, but these are one dimensional scorers past their prime who will not address what the team lost.

Veteran winger Daniel Winnik had inflated numbers playing on the offensively superior Ducks but being 6-2 and weighing over 200 pounds, he offers an option on the penalty kill and has size and grit. The fact that he is still unsigned is shocking and someone the Rangers should look into immediately as he is also versatile enough to play either third or fourth line. Center and wing Steve Ott may only be 6 feet tall, but coming off a bad ending to his season after being acquired by St. Louis from Buffalo, he offers another affordable faceoff option, plays with sandpaper, and can center the third line if Miller or Lindberg or not ready for fulltime duty. There is always Dustin Penner who offers size, but his inconsistency has driven many coaches crazy and his “saving it all for the playoffs” mentality would make even post-1994 Esa Tikkanen blush.

With limited options because of the salary cap and prospects that can be good NHLers but offer limited size, the Rangers roster is not as strong as the one that finished 2013-14. There is time for more work to be done before the season begins and for the current roster to gel, but unfortunately as presently constructed the lack of size, grit, and a possible over reliance on the top nine to kill penalties make this a flawed group that will have a much harder time repeating their playoff success of the past season. Veteran bargain free agents on cheap deals can help to alleviate some of the concerns if the Rangers can somehow create cap room, but even if they can ultimately win the East, their chances of defeating a Western powerhouse in a seven-game series will need to be addressed at the trade deadline by adding players with not only size and grit, but substantial offensive production.

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  1. bull dog line on

    Boyle is the same size as Stralman. they will not sign a D minded center to center the 3rd line. Winnick scored all of 6 goals last season. he also does not appear to be a physical player for his size. Brian Boyle is a lot more physical, and people here complained he was not physical enough. and Steve Ott? I will just say, not a fit.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nicely written, Michael! Thanks for participating.

    There isn’t a single team in the East that gained any ground on NY at the moment. Most of the upper echelon signings went to the West. No reason to panic, the positions/players they are replacing are important, but not crucial. They are set on defense, and I think D. Boyle is at least as good a skater as Stralman.

    Up front? I’d say let the kids play. Time to find out what they got in Fast/Miller/Lindberg. Fast is a R winger who is a R handed shooter. Try him on the L with MZA/Brassard. He has speed, and plays physical. He is also very responsible defensively. JT. Miller could be another option, with Lindberg taking over the 3rd line center position. Or vise versa. None of the free agents available, imo, would make this team better than comparing to what they already have. Time to promote someone from Hartford. Leave $1.5M-$2M cap space in October that will turn into $6M-$8M by the trade deadline and see what they can add then.

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Winnik is a pretty good skater but is not overly physical and spent a fair number of games as a Black Ace in Anaheim. There has to be something better out there. Methinks Vigneault will have to show the same patience with JT Miller that he showed with Pouliot last year. If he does, I think JT can step in and step up. Of course, JT is an anglophone and we’ll see if the extra patience with Pouliot was due to that or not.

  4. Michael – nice article, thanks for taking the time.

    Ilb – i’m in the give the kids a chance camp too. Let Miller and Lindberg have a shot at 3rd line center and throw the doors open to anyone who wants a chance to play. The way AV rolls 4 lines a spot in the bottom 6 is still going to get a kid 10-14 minutes a night.

    Most of our younger players figure to be 2nd/3rd/4th liners anyway so lets use them and let them get experience. I’d love to see DuClair make the jump but it seems like Miller, Lindberg, Fast will be first in the queue. Hrivik has a nice combination of size and scoring to fill Pouliot’s place but he had 2 concussions last year and missed a chunk of time.

  5. Robby Bonfire on

    Dan Boyle, an old, smallish, career downside, over-priced D fits the Sather short-term patching – “Just make the playoffs Baby” mold to a T. You would think Sather would have learned something from the way the Rangers were physically manhandled in the Finals, but, frankly, a worm has a better chance of eating the early bird than Sather has of evolving beyond his short-sighted myopia.

  6. So we should build our team for the final 7 (or 4,5,6) games of the year and ignore the preceeding 82 regular season games and 3 rounds of playoffs??

    The whole point of the deadline is to add to the team to address any post-season potential shortfalls. We added scoring and some 4th line depth – both of which worked, if only the powerplay had been more lethal in the Final, but Slats hasn’t really addressed that this offseason has he…??? ;-)

  7. I agree with ILB2k1 and posted it the other day. Rangers need to play the young guys, see what they have and if need be at the deadline make a move.

  8. …when i say it worked, i mean up until Carmbomb blew himself up, but at least St.Louis scored a few eh?!!

  9. No signs of Guest Bloggers Stink yet? Strange that he’s missed this one so far?

  10. At the right (very low) number, I like Winnik too. There are worse players who play hockey.

  11. Can someone help answer this question? Is Dylan McIlrath a bust or is it too early to tell? Will he get every chance to make the team out of training camp?

    It seems with McD, Staal, Girardi Moore and Boyle, the Rangers have 5 spots filled. The you have Diaz. With the need for some snarl and size on the backend, wouldn’t it seem obvious that the kid gets the 6th spot? Or is he that bad a skater and a defensive liability?

    I’d like to ask that someone, who has seen him play, provide their analysis.

    Many thanks!

  12. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Winnik would be fine with me. He made almost $2M last year. If he’s looking for a raise then no thanks. I would have given his raise to BRIAN BOYLE

  13. Who’s Ryan Callahan? You mentioned this name in your article, but I can’t figure out who he is. Does he make auto parts and brake pads?

  14. Vogs: In principle, I think bust should be a retroactive term. Jessiman is a bust. McIlrath might be pacing to be a bust, but he’s not one until his career has basically ended.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Thank you for taking the time

    One potential wrinkle is AV’s philosophy around personnel deployment now that Richards is gone. Last season they had 5 centers with Big Rig playing wing. AV went with 3 lines of forwards and played an uptempo speed game that reflected the talent he had; nine mostly offensive forwards that would pressure thru possession from speed.

    With the top 6 (presuming rfa signings) some mix of THE, Step, Good, StL, Bros & Zucc, the question becomes whether AV reverts to a more traditional top6/bottom6 lineup which now only has Hags, D Moops and Glassjaw under contract.

    Whats missing is at least one Righty shot for PP wing, another grinder forward with size and a 2way center that can play pk.
    Youth is served?
    Fast – responsible, surprisingly physical but hasnt showed any NHL hands yet
    Miller – has size and some skill. Still young and needs to grow up.
    Lindberg – If defensively responsible and good on draws would give a long look

    Vrbata may have been a good fit as RW on 3rd line but too much $$

    Time will tell

  16. (I mean, if McIlrath is a bust already, what’s Kristo? That dude is 2 years older and still hasn’t made his debut, right?)

  17. Rob in Beantown on

    Hey boneheads. Checking in before the big day of my wedding tomorrow. And because I always do things for the degree of difficulty points, I have a phone interview for a job in half an hour. RTFU! Wish me luck. See you on the flip side.

  18. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Truth is, I make car parts for the American working man because I’m a hell of a salesman and he doesn’t know any better. Well, son, since you’re no longer a shareholder, this is where I leave you. Don’t feel bad. This chain of events was set in motion a long time ago, and you and bald-headed friend, you did what you could and that’s commendable. Marty, have Security see these boys out.

  19. I did forget about Klein. Seems then our defense is pretty much taken care of, unless there is a trade if McIlrath shows he can play in training camp.

  20. Anyone else thinking maybe the Toews extension was a sham and he’s coming to NY for McIlrath?

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    David Booth remains my preferred reclamation project, assuming he can be had at a reclamation project price.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s not about size, it’s how you use it.

    I used to double as an entendre.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s a pretty good write up, even if I dislike the suggestions, especially Ott. His contract is bad.

  24. MD, if you throw Kristo into that trade it will *literally* be the greatest thing that has happened in my. Ever.

  25. Jessica Summers on

    doodie todays guest post wuz better than anything you ever wrote. lolz

    hi gravy ; )

  26. I have a Capital idea for Mr. Snyder: Keep the Redskins name, but change the logo to a potato.

  27. _Anyone else thinking maybe the Toews extension was a sham and he’s coming to NY for McIlrath?_

    Yup…the deal will be announced any minute now.

  28. I say penner.

    I’d love to see duclair make the roster.

    I’d trade brass and Klein for jumbo shrimp.

    Gnash, jumbo, msl, step, kreider, hobbit, d Moops, glass, penner, Hagar, and 3 of miller, Lindberg, duclair, carcillo, or (gulp) Kristo.

    Staal, mcdonut, girardi, slewfoot Dan, j Moops, mcilrath, Costco (kostka)


  29. Doodie Machetto on

    “I’d trade brass and Klein for jumbo shrimp.”

    So would anyone who isn’t the San Jose Sharks.

  30. Or nix the Thornton idea, keep brass and Klein, skip penner…brass, kreider, msl, gnash, glass, d Moops, hobbit, Hagar, step, carcillo, and 3 of miller, Kristo, Lindberg, duclair.

    Same D as last season but with slewfoot instead of NATW and Costco as #7


  31. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on


    Ott deal with Blues, $2.6 M each year


    Too rich for my blood

  32. Hey! Neglected issue: What’s the story with the Rangers’ coaching staff? If we’re going with all these AHL kids, someone is going to have his hands full.

  33. I just think the second option is too small a roster.

    Fast is an option that I forgot, but I’m not a fan and I’m just spitballing here (I know it really bothers doodie…random speculation that is).

    I’d trade Staal before his contract is up…he could bring a pretty good winger but then need a 2nd pair lefty D.

    We need to do something though, this team is too small and fairly grit less

  34. I’d also use kreider on a wing with brass and hobbit (if we still have them both)

  35. I wouldn’t, but it has more to do with cap hit and the fact that Thornton’s value is insanely predicated on assisting and we tend to ruin those types.

  36. _I’d trade Staal before his contract is up…he could bring a pretty good winger but then need a 2nd pair lefty D._


  37. Nicely written, Michael! Thanks for taking the time and sharing with us.

    However, it wasn’t size that lost it for the Rangers in the Finals. Nash has plenty of size, but did not contribute to scoring goals. 3 overtime goals from ANYONE on the team could have won us the Cup.

    Kristo scores goals everywhere he has been! Duclair scored 49 goals in juniors last year with 99 points. We need kids that can SKATE & SCORE!

    These are 2 prospects, and Haggerty (he was a top NCAA goal scorer last year).

    These are the kids I want to see get a shot, because you never really know what you have until you give them an opportunity to play.

  38. Wicki my kid is in your town looking at college!

    I will have to bring your “Sioux” care package in the fall. He left without giving me a heads up.

  39. Wicki apparently your mountains are bigger in Montana than our bunny hills in ND. He’s a snowboarder, so he doesn’t want to be a Fighting Sioux.

    Talk about being the black sheep of the family!

  40. Yeah let’s trade a 25 year old for a 35 year old…that will solve all of our problems long term.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “Nash has plenty of size, but did not contribute to scoring goals. ”

    Ahem.. it’s not the size, it’s how you use it.

  42. _Kristo scores goals everywhere he has been!_

    I hope so, he’s a 24 year old in the AHL. Wink!

  43. _Ahem.. it’s not the size, it’s how you use it._

    Ahem…that’s what dudes with small size always say… :)

  44. Sioux
    Then yes, he wants to go to MSU!

    It is about the size and how you use it.

    If cally or zucc had Nash’s size…beast

    They don’t, not beast.

    You have to have the size to be a “beast”, without it you are “all heart” but not a beast.

  45. Colton Orr is not small

    Derek dorsett said it to John Scott…never mind, he is all heart

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, but if it’s NAsh for Pavelski straight up, I make that deal in a heartbeat, but that’s speaking more about Nash being a bust than Pavelski being great.

  47. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Pavelski isn’t overrated given that he signed an amazingly friendly contract.

  48. Since all my mancrushes (save for Zucc) are gone I’m forced to adopt from other teams.

    How you doing, Pavelski?

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t see how 6 MM is cap friendly for your fourth best forward, but sure.

  50. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    I think Pavelski is better than Stastny and he’s cheaper. So that was my real comparison.

  51. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Pavelski was tied for *8th* in Points in the entire NHL last year. Ahead of $10.5M boys Kane and Toews, Ahead of Malkin ($9.5M), ahead of his teammate Marleau ($6.7M), ahead of Kopitar ($6.8M), etc…

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Playing on Thornton’s wing for most of the season and as the QB for a PP with Thornton, Marleau, Burns, and Couture.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    And when he wasn’t Thornton’s wing, he was third line center on a team that had Thornton and Couture as centers 1 and 2. How much do you think defenses focused on the third line in that scenario?

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    31 PPP, including 16 PPG.

    Hey, it’s great that he’s lethal on the PP, but production can be fleeting when more than a third comes on the PP, especially when his help on our PP would be much, MUCH worse.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    The funny thing for us also would be that he scored most of his ES points last year as a wing and we would be playing him at center.

  56. Wicky – I’m sure he’ll go there in the fall. They are out there checking out the campus today. So we will have to hook up for a beer and a game when I get out there.

    Have you shot an ELK out there yet?

  57. This year could be our best year yet when it comes to scoring goals. A full year of MSL, a healthy Nash & Kreider, dead weight dropped, rookies that skate and score. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of our goal scorers are in the top 5 for the Calder.

    Only 90 Days Away!!!

  58. Heatley to the Ducks. 1 year $1M.

    Seems about right for a 33 year old that has scored 50 goals twice. Low risk high reward, you would have thought Sather would be interested in that kind of the deal.

  59. Will the 10.5M x2 Kane & Toews Contract hurt the Blackhawks cap space?

    How many more Stanley Cups do they win in the next 8 years?

    When they’ve won 2 out of the last 5.

  60. Eric :)

    One a Day. Like a Vitamin. I can live with that!

    If the Kid can score 1 a game, we will ALL be happy.

  61. Wicky
    The Salmon is done.
    Beers are cold.
    Bison – still eating grass in the pasture.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    I was hoping they could develop him like Prust into an effective penalty killer, but he just has no brains for the game.

  63. I wonder if we need Carcillo?

    Not one team has offered him anything.

    I wonder is Sather waits till all the RFA are done.

  64. I can hear it now:

    Daniel Kristo, born in Eden Prarie, Minnesota, with his 14th goal of the game. I bet when he spent those nights as a member of the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux, he dreamed of games like these. The Rangers need goal scorers, and they’ve got one.

  65. Yawn , another typical ranger fan cry out for tough slow lumbering players.

    I mean it’s not like we didn’t get to the finals based on speed or anything

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© Eastern Champions!!! on

    Speed , yeah man Chris you are so RIGHT!!!

    Boyle , big bad Brian Boyle was S-L-O-W . He could hit but was a little man in a big mans body. That my friends is a waist. Loved Boyle but glad the mollasis is gone.

    We need speeed , Pavelski sucks over here in NY. The guy wont score and youse guys will boo him Latana sylte on Nasheash.

    Our team will win over 25-30 games based on defense and goaltending alone. 6-10 wins on PP goals winning it for us. Our offense will win maybe 15 games so all in all we dont need Nash to put up numbers. Nash is a wash , anything he bring is BONUS . Lets face it Latona was right , Nash is a waist of money. ( Only because of his Concussmentaly head)

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© Eastern Champions!!! on

    I ment to say waist but I mean waste , Ive been calling waste , waist over the last few years and peeps on here can only indentify my waist meaning the real word waste. Ive been teased on my waist so instead of saying the correct way waste I just say how I always have and its waist.

  68. “Good player, don’t get me wrong, but not a great player.”

    I’ll take Pavelski’s “good” over Nash’s “good” any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© Eastern Champions!!! on

    I’ll take Nash’s “great” over Pavelski’s “great” any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  70. Or those big slow lumbering guys like penner with 2 rings, or Bickell with a ring, or chara, or Thornton, or lucic…

    Big guys suck.

  71. I personally think it takes a blend of size, speed, talent, desire, grit, and some puck luck to win the cup, but that’s just my opinion.

    If some of you think you can win the cup with a bunch of speedy midgets only, well you are in for a lot of disappointing seasons ahead IMHO.

  72. FACT: Gaborik had as much to with winning that Cup as anyone on that Kings team.

    I think put them over the top.

    Size alone does nothing. Size helps exponentially along with skill. But that elite scoring touch is what you need to win. Some of those guys are big, some are small…

    How big is Crosby? How big is Patty Kane?

  73. I wish someone would say, ‘and twice on Tuesday.’ Not only is it more original, it is also more alliterative. If you can’t do this, don’t waist my time. So their!

  74. You guys with your hard-on for the Kings…Kings needed every bounce, every excuse, every bad call (that went against the Rangers), every bump in the oldest book of hockey to go their way to beat us…and maybe that is what it takes to win…everything to go your way…and that’s what it took the “big bad kings” to beat us and not that we were worse than them.

    Just sayin’…

  75. And with all their (Kings) grit and size, they probably don’t even get outta first round w/o Gaborik.

  76. Oh and why do the Rangers fans always think that every player in the league wants to come and play here?

  77. I bet most of us said that they’d take Nash four times on Monday when he was in Columbus…always gunning for the new and shiny toy ;)

  78. Many times on Monday
    Thrice on Tuesday
    Wonderful times on Wednesday
    Thirsty times on Thursday (have a pretzel)
    Four times on Friday
    Some times on Saturday
    Sunday Times on Sunday

  79. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m, personally, alway shocked when people actually want to come and play here. I don’t understand why…

  80. @Real_ESPNLeBrun *Dubinsky* deal’s in Columbus: $5.85 M AAV per year and includes no-move, no-trade clauses

  81. I would rather have Dubinsky and his personality than all the guys on our team who make more than that!

  82. I miss Torts and Dubi and Cally and Prust and Arty and Boyle and Gabby and Sauer and Feds and Freddy Shoes and not Stralman and Torts again.

  83. Here is a list of players that I really miss:

    John Mitchell
    Rupp 3:48
    Bel Biv Deveaux

  84. Dubi got the same contract as callahan it looks like.

    thats a great contract for him.

    Im bummed I thought the Rangers would be in on him this summer. So thats it. Callahan and Dubinsky gone for good.

    What a terrible fking trade.

  85. Right, Manny. Easy bunch to root for.

    Good for Dubi, always liked him. Hated the stache, though.

  86. Waaaay too much money for Dubinsky, he’s a 40-50 point player and yet to crack more than 24 goals – his agent must be one hell of a negotiator!

    That Clarkson contract Toronto gave out is causing GM’s one hell of a headache now!!

  87. How good would Dubi look on the wing with Zucc and Brass?

    And you kids have a very bad habit of counting other people’s money. Stop it. Dubi pretty much carried that team all season and postseason, however short it was…he deserves the money more than some dude named Nash.

  88. Dubinsky would be eaten up alive in NY if he was making almost $6M per year and barely scoring 20 goals. Ditto Callahan. And imagine them both here eating up nearly $12M combined and scoring 40. Both are overpaid by a margin. Insane contract, surprised JD went for it.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    The thing is, I think Callahan can still pop over 25 a year given good ES linemates and PP opportunity. He didn’t get those here under AV.

  90. Eh honestly Dubinsky does have his upside, but he was on a wing with zucc and Brass. I can see a whole lot of Net being missed. Guy is a great assett, but is in no way close to Nash’s skill. Heart is another thing.

  91. I guess there is a price to pay if you want to keep a player in Columbus. I wonder if Dubinsky’s contract will make resigning Ryan Johansen more difficult. He is an RFA without arbitration rights, though.

  92. I guess JD saw how Dubinsky was a animal in the playoffs last year because before the season started last year there were rumors flying around that Columbus was shopping Dubinsky. Dubi was my favorite ranger player but 6 years @5.8m is shocking.

  93. Wasn’t Dubi playing for a contract as well. I noticed significant changes in his play under those conditions. Also he’s not the most built guy so gritty play will ware him down.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    An animal that helped them win a whole two games, doing no better than the tire fires from the year before?

  95. How can anyone laugh at the Dubi contract when we have Nash on the books for 4 more years at $7.8M?

  96. I think it is hilarious, however, that Dubi and Callahan have larger cap hits than Gaborik…

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    And even in his worst season, Nash still scored more goals than Dubinsky has in any season of his career.

  98. Nash isn’t a grinder obviously. So that’s comparing oranges and apples. Nash IS more skilled, and that’s why he’s paid more. A lot of times players get snuffed out in playoffs because teams focus on them. He wasn’t terrible in the playoffs though imo, and added another dimension to his game. He’s not a complete failure just because we didn’t win the cup.

  99. can’t compare last year Columbus/pitt series to the islander/pitt series the year before. Last year Columbus played pitt really tough and was in every game, islanders got smoked in some of the loses in there series with pitt and if it wasn’t for a 41 game schedule the islanders wouldn’t have even made the playoffs.

  100. Dubi making 5.85 is insane however with no media market in Columbus he will never hear about it if he scores 18-21 goals

  101. _I would rather have Dubinsky and his personality than all the guys on our team who make more than that!_

    Aside from the exclamation point, I’ve never agreed with a comment more. Assuming you mean skaters, not all players.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Any boneheads in Brooklyn know of a good appliance repair place? The freezer in my apartment broke.

  103. doodie, maybe to you it means nothing but the world doesn’t revolve around you, obviously Columbus management thinks so or they wouldn’t have resigned Dubi.

  104. _An animal that helped them win a whole two games, doing no better than the tire fires from the year before?_

    Well, by singular blame, that means he was infinitely better than Nash was in Columbus.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Great. And Washington management thought Brooks Orpik is worth his contract, Florida thought Dave Bolland is worth his contract, and Sather thought Redden, Drury, Gomez, and Rozsival were worth their contracts, but I guess we can never second guess any of them because the world doesn’t revolve around us.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, I’m just saying his playoff performance last season is being grossly overrated. Everyone is fellating him for his play against Crosby, but Crosby didn’t do squat against us either, and now he’s getting wrist surgery.

    Maybe it wasn’t Dubi being an animal so much as it was Crosby and the Penguins just not being that good.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Funny how everyone is talking about Dubi’s heart and how he’s so worth it, but none of these guys were around saying it for Callahan to be worth it.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Especially since not only is Callahan every bit as heart and soul as Dubinsky, if not more so, he is unquestionably the better hockey player.

  109. doodie, you keep posting about things I haven’t said. My original post said I thought the Dubi’s contract was shocking. That means I think it’s a crazy contract but your negativity towards Dubi is what I was referring to but I shouldn’t be surprised because you have a knack for posting negative comments about ex-rangers, present rangers and future rangers and the rangers team.

  110. _Mister D, I’m just saying his playoff performance last season is being grossly overrated_

    If nothing about Dubinsky’s series changed but you flipped two losses to wins, would you say he had a great series?

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    I have a knack for being honest. I just said some really positive stuff about Callahan and I brought up that even with Nash’s worst season since his rookie year, he still scored more goals than Dubi’s best, but feel free to ignore whatever doesn’t fit your narrative about me.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, probably, yes, because it would remove my point about Crosby’s 2nd round ineffectiveness and he probably would have had to have done more in order for those two losses to become wins.

    I’m not saying he didn’t have a good series, by the way. I’m just saying that his effect on Crosby is probably being overstated.

  113. Agree with those who believe Dubi way over-paid at 5.8 M per for 6 years. Yikes. He declined in NY and didn’t live up to his potential during his later years. I won’t try to speculate why. Long term, I don’t see a sustainable contract there. Yeah, would be nice on a line with Zuc and Brass, but not at that price. Sorry if that pokes a hole in your thesis, Michael, but the salaries being handed out this summer are way out of whack. This will come back to bite JD in the rear end.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    But the way people talk about how he is the guy that completely shut down Sidney Crosby and ZOMG he’s amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing; all I’m saying is slow down. There was probably a lot more at play than Dubinsky being a pest.

  115. *Gravy* is really funny.

    The salaries being handed out are radically inconsistent.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky can’t be used as a comparable for arbitration, for what that’s worth.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    I should say, Dubinsky’s new contract can’t be used. His current one could be.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Sign the contract, have a press conference or conference call or something like everybody else. Don’t have a stupid television special to announce where you are going. Don’t write an article for Sports Illustrated to announce where you are going. What a jerk.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    You want to write something? After you sign the contract to leave, take out a full page ad in the Miami Herald or something like that to thank the fans for their support.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    So, pending ilb’s statement of approval of this statement, now he can officially be signed by any other team to return to the NHL, but would require only the Devils’s approval?

  121. Going back to Cleveland is *so* weird after the town basically burned all their Lebron paraphernalia

  122. London Broil on

    I couldnt have any more respect than I do for LBJ today. And not Lyndon Baines Johnson. What a classy essay. He knew he made a mistake with his handling of things 4 yrs ago, so he did it differently this time. He says who is he to hold a grudge. Man, he has truly matured over the past 4 yrs. Im not a person to hope another city besides NYC wins a title, but I hope for his sake & those fans that he’s able to help them win. Bravo Lebron James, Long may he reign in CLE.

  123. London Broil on

    It’s not the mistakes that define who we are… it’s how we respond… learn from those mistakes & grow as people. Right ILB?!?!

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Please. This smacks of “please don’t hate me like you did when I left.” If it was just an apology it would have been that. Not a toot toot, look at what my foundation does in Ohio!

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, what is your level of Lebron hatred? how are we to know whether we are hated by you?

  126. I’m still scratching my head over some of these contracts.

    Toews and Kane at 10.5 each. Ok it get it, they’ve won 2 cups in 5 years. but that has to hurt the team down the road. They will have to play 3 entry level contracts every year to off set that.

    Pull out at $4M x 5 really for 30 points a year.

    Now Cally and Dubi are worth monster 5$5.85M contracts for 6 years for a 50pt season.

    Basically an NHL point is worth $100,000 dollars or More if you have a name like NASH.

  127. 1. Self included, there are plenty of arrogant people on this blog.

    2. Hate should be reserved for actual bad people, not people who did a very non-mandatory hour long television program that one time.

  128. Crazy contracts.

    The only teams that can win the cup, have to draft the right players, and keep them.

    Chicago, LA, Bruins, Pittsburgh all have that common thread. Yes they probably tanked a year to get that TOP Prospect. That is why the draft is SO Important, even if it takes 5 years to grow up.

  129. Doc – I agree. I’m not a fan of Basketball players in general, when you compare them to a hockey player.

    But I don’t hate LeBron, nor do I care what he does, or where he goes.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, hate is a relative term. People use it differently. I don’t have the raw, emotional reaction towards him that I would towards a baby murderer. But compared to most people that haven’t committed atrocities or other crimes, etc., I really hate him.

  131. Ok, I still kind of think that’s ridiculous, Doodie. For the life he’s had, which is basically non-stop fame since 14, I think he’s remarkably normal. When having an hour long free agency show (that raises a couple million for a charity) is on your list of awful crimes against others, you’re probably not a bad dude.

  132. Gotta tell you guys. Everything you see and read is strategized the same way Lebrons handlers used this opportunity to flip the publicity sentiment.

    Far more important things are being dressed up in sorts of ways to distort the truth.

    Not surprised they handled it this way.

    Happy the playing field is level again in the NBA.

  133. Jordan had all the same arrogance but in a less happy package, habitually punched teammates and actively tried to ruin a few of their careers. He might actually have been a bad person.

  134. Its fun if you picture the entire thing as pre-planned: Cleveland could never win with LeBron because they could never suck enough to get a young core around him. Leaves for four years, they pile on draft picks, he comes back with the core now in place, they win forever. Cleveland becomes a slightly less miserable town.

  135. Going to guess that Columbus as a city and team are high on Dubi because he’s got a grit side that Nash doesn’t. So it’s a type of self assurance/approval that Nash was the problem with the franchise. Which is false imo. I think Nash had a big part in the Rangers cup run and is a player any team would take. Trying to force him out because he was smothered on occasion is dumb. Kreider also played great but missed how many great opportunities in the finals. If Nash missed those I’m sure he would be whipped hard.

  136. I think Jordan could still walk on water…… in December :)

    World class Athletes TGO, Jordan, Ruth, Manning/Favre/Montana, Woods, …. do you consider LeBron in that class already?

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Glitch, Kreider is playing in his second full season. Nash is being paid 7.8MM to score goals. Oh, and Kreider still scored more goals than Nash in the playoffs, while playing 10 less games.

    So while yes, Kreider should have scored on at least one of those breakaways, he still did his job better than Nash.

  138. If you want to direct anger, do so at the media for the constant attention, articles, tweets, FB posts that have been polluting the air the last two weeks about James.

  139. _World class Athletes TGO, Jordan, Ruth, Manning/Favre/Montana, Woods_

    All UND alum, right?

  140. Glitch, THE has barely tree years of NHL experience, as opposed to The Good One who has been around for, what, 10 years?

    THE doesn’t make $7.8 a year. THE was actually good in the playoffs and was a big reason they got past Pissburgh & Montreal.

    “I think Nash had a big part in the Rangers cup run”

    No, he had *NOTHING*, I repeat +NOTHING+ to do with this run. He’s a useless piece of shyte and deserves no credit.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, that’s not fair. Nash did contribute. On the PK, which was very good following the Philadelphia series.

  142. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, there is no other Ranger I despise more than him. This past playoff run sealed the deal for me, unless by some miracle NYR makes it back to the SCF and he’s an absolute force throughout the playoffs, which wont be the case.

    The sooner he’s gone, the better. If there’s a deal to make that can improve NYR, you make it.

  143. London Broil on

    Nash is paid to score…. didnt do it. But ilb is right, still an important player, keep him, maybe he’ll produce next yr & if we make it to the playoffs, then too.

  144. London Broil on

    Nash definitely contributed.. just not in the way he was paid to. Maybe next yr he’ll be better fresh off the concussions.

  145. World Class Athletes from Siouxland in my opinion would be:

    Ralph Englestad, Virgil Hill, Phil Jackson, 16 have their name on the Stanley cup, but a few like Parise & Oshie don’t yet. I would have to put Toews on that list, Belfour, several coaches have gone to do wonderful things like Dean Blais, Dave Trippet, Phil Jackson, and so forth.

    Gravy that’s the best I can do on the top of my head.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Eaxctly. He was a contributor, but in no way was his contribution comparable to his salary. In a cap world, that’s a major problem. In a non-cap world, it’d be fine.

  147. Gravy he’s just a sprout, another name that could move mountains could be Grimaldi.

    He has a Lin type “Linsanity” character, trapped in a 5’6″ body. I could see him go on to move mountains, after hockey.

    But “World Class” to me is more about character, than fame or fortune. It’s what people do with their money, after the fame & fortune, and how they help others that win my vote :)

  148. I’m not jumping on the Nash hatewagon. I’m just saying yea Kreider had a better overall playoffs, but heal so had some pretty bad misses, and I think Nash had some big contributions. He was just watched like a hawk.

  149. Isn’t Nash’s cap hit 5 mill anyway. Whatevs I can understand people still being upset, but I still want him here until we get another high profile talent.

  150. All that being said, The Good One is not, in any way, the reason NYR made it to the playoffs OR went to the SCF. He’s just not. He deserves *ZERO* credit.

    As bad as Richards was late in the playoffs, he scored some big goals/made some big plays. He can get that credit. He wasn’t great, but deserves credit. The Good One doesn’t. Fugg him! That’s all!

  151. My vote for NYR going as far as they did is on MSL!

    With MSL, and his mother France, bonded this team to step it up to a whole new level.

    Had that trade not have been made, I’m not sure they get past Philly.

  152. Doodie Machetto on

    7.8 million for Nash. Makes him currently the 11th highest cap hit in the league. He will be at least 13th next season when Toews and Kane’s extensions kick in.

    As of right now, the only players above Nash in cap hit are Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby, Perry, Lundqvist, Giroux, Staal, Getzlaf, Kessel, and Weber.

    Bear in mind that the extensions for Perry, Lundqvist, Giroux, Getzlaf, and Kessel kicked in last season and prior to that, Nash was above all of them, making him 6th in cap hit when we traded for him.

    Did we trade for Nash before or after Weber signed his offer sheet. If it was before, he was the 5th highest cap hit in the league at the time we traded for him.

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    I think they get past Philly just fine without MSL. They probably lose to Pittsburgh.

  154. _If you want to direct anger, do so at the media for the constant attention, articles, tweets, FB posts that have been polluting the air the last two weeks about James._

    Yup. “Can you believe the nerve of this guy I’m devoting every waking minute to focusing on???”

  155. I guess it’s Nash’s contract then. Which I will admit he didn’t live up to in the playoffs. I still believe in the guy. If he fails next season then I’ll join in the whipping.

  156. Hey Glitch,

    There’s no room left on the Nash Hatewagon. I’ve been driving the wagon for 2 years, it’s completely full .

    If you weren’t smart to book a seat early, keep on walking.

  157. Bread and Circuses. Overpaid Owners and Players make all the bread; we pay through the nose for the circuses.

  158. Unfortunately, the loss of msl’s mum is the only reason IMHO they get by Pitt and mtl.

  159. If kreider buries those 2 breakaways we are up 3-2 in the series. That would have been nice.

  160. You guys should be happy, melrose says we are worse now than last year. Most of you say he is an idiot and doesn’t know squat, so we must be better.

  161. Melrose predictions are usually wrong but it doesn’t take much to state the obvious. Today the rangers are worse off than they were last year but hopefully some of the youth coming up from Hartford plays well and makes ranger fans forget about Boyle, Richards, stralman, highly unlikely but one can hope.

  162. If anyone on here even the most optimists can’t say rangers are worse today then June 13 game 5 there’s something wrong with you.

  163. bull dog line on

    wow on the Dubi contract. teams just continue to overpay. what are they going to have to pay Johanson? suspect Dubi will now be named captain. should have been the captain of the Rangers, chose Cally instead.
    count me as someone who would like Carcillo back.

  164. bull dog line on

    I think the fact that Kreider returned in game 4 against Pitt may have had something to do with the teams turn around.

  165. Eric – I think our team is better. The power play will win us more games with Boyle on the blue line. Than Boyle ever did on the 4th line.

    Richards was a point leader all year long, top 3 at least, so his numbers have to be picked up. But you can’t keep that contract for THAT long.

    Younger, faster, and a better power play. I’m happy where the Rangers are.

    Could you imagine this team with the Contracts of Cally, Dubi, Stralman, & Pullout. Yikes.

    I would love Boyle at $2M, but then I think everyone would agree to that.

  166. It’s not that Richards’s contract was so terrible so much as it was the cap recapture penalties. If that didn’t change under the new CBA, he could retire with no cap penalty or they could buy him out for a small cap hit (I think).

  167. I don’t get why any player would want to play for the Rangers – city yes, fans no. When the “fans” who seemingly know so little about the aspect of the game beat you up over everything. No wonder Dubi is thrilled to resign long term with the CBJ – their FANS appreciate ALL he brings. Nash will always suck in the small minds of most of the NYR “fans” (especially most boneheads),if he doesn’t score 35+ every season – might as well park himself in front of the net and never move, just whack away like an idiot till you pop in 30 or more. Don’t backcheck, forecheck or do anything else – just score 30+ and cash your check.
    I’d love to see most of you everyday on your job…”oh wait, you spend most of the time on a blog slamming someone else on their job performance.”
    Nash worked his butt off in the playoffs, if you think otherwise your an idiot. So the goals didn’t come, well news flash, it happens to a lot of goal scorers in the playoffs who play on teams with not a lot of offensive weapons. Besides was really 100% healthy from his head injury? probably not. After having you bell rung (and hearing it ring for days or weeks), most would be a little hesitant to jump back into the dirty areas anytime soon.
    Here’s hoping Nash scores 40+ next year, just to shut most of you up. Wholly crap some of you complain and whine more then a roomful at the retirement home on a hot day when the cable goes out before wheel of fortune!

    And congrats and best of luck Dubi. Should of kept him and traded Cally instead. But then you guys would slam him daily also – so glad he moved on for his sake.
    I might have to get a CBJ17 jersey to go with my NYR17!
    I’m done now.

  168. If Nash can’t score in the playoffs than nothing else he does matters. It’s that simple.

  169. When I was working, you’re right, I spent an inordinate amount of time trolling the interwebs but that was the nature of my job. IT. I ran a tight shop and things were copasetic 90% of the time and I didn’t have to do anything but routine maintenance. But when the pressure was on and the network went south for who knows what reason, I got on my Richards and got things fixed.

    Can Nash say the same when the pressure is on.

    Think not.

    You don’t have to be constantly ‘on the job’ but you do have to be able to ‘get the job done’.

  170. Oh and this is the second playoffs in a row that we’ve been hearing the ‘Nash MUST be injured’ excuse. Wonder what they said that year in Columbus?

  171. “…smelling farts could reduce the risk of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, and dementia by preserving the body’s mitochondria. Dr. Matt Whiteman, a University of Exeter professor who worked on the study, said in a statement that researchers are even replicating the natural gas to reap its health benefits.”

    Who knew?

  172. Who else was shut down in the playoffs?

    Crosby. Malkin to an extent.

    It’s obvious teams the Rangers played against game plan was to shut Nash down. Still doesn’t make him ineffective. You still need the your team, and you also need the Dubi types.

  173. Nash’s paucity of assists is troublesome. When he’s collapsed upon, someone must be open.

  174. London Broil on

    Vibin AK27!! Nasher worked hard!! The goals… which he’s paid for… didnt come. It happens, but the hope is he’ll be better a season removed from his concussions.

  175. Crosby had a rough two rounds, for sure. Malkin wasn’t that bad, he was still making things happen. He had 6 goals, 14 points in 13 games, that’s not bad. He sure as hell was a force against NYR, but he ran into a goalie that was on fire.

    Nash worked his ass off? That’s hysterical! Hank worked his ass off. Nash just floated around. Weak & pathetic. Get out of here! Two years in a row now.

  176. Nash STILL sucks.

    The sooner he’s gone, the better.

    He killed us in the playoffs.

    He killed us with his cap hit.

    He needs to disappear.

  177. Anyone who thinks Nash worked his butt off in the playoffs probably didn’t watch him too closely.

    Other than an occasional spurt here and there, Nash’s effort level was an absolute disgrace during the playoffs for any player, no less a player making $7.8M a year.

    Wake up Nash apologists. The guy is a turd.

  178. You need to bury that puck. Stepan set him up perfectly. Hollweg could have scored that!

  179. I’m not a Nash apologist but, no one would have scored on that shot from that spot because of voynov’s stick.

    However, if the shot angle was different, then many would have scored.

    Fwiw, if kreider would have scored on his ot breakaways we’d be up 3 games to 2. Nash didn’t score and he should have, but there are a lot of guys that had opportunities to score and didn’t. You can’t lay the blame all on Nash, just can’t (or shouldn’t). Nash is just the easy target because of his salary.

    I’ll be the first to agree with you guys that Nash needs to score more (it’s what he’s paid to do). But to say he didn’t work hard is a bit ridiculous, he didn’t score is a fact, he didn’t work hard is a bit of a irrational statement IMHO.

  180. Nash needs to play with more effort and heart.

    Not just score more.

    Play like it’s the NHL, not a non-checking men’s league pickup game.

    It’s about consistent effort, heart, compete, stamina, courage.

    It’s about leading and making his teammates better.

    Its a lot more than just scoring.

  181. Compare the game he played against Columbus to all 25 playoff games. Totally different player. Against Columbus he wanted to shut the fans up and show them what they’re missing, and he played his best game as a Ranger, and he didn’t even score a fuggin point.

    *THAT* is playing your ass off. Did he play like that in the playoffs? NO!

  182. The worst part of that Nash vid is that the fact that he’s floating on the outside. We saw him do this constantly.

    He takes just a few steps in and the puck is on his stick? Yeah, goal.

  183. I posted many times when the rumors were flying about the rangers trading for Nash and was against it. I said he was over rated and wasn’t worth 7.8. I wish I wasn’t right but on this one particular instant I was right on. I don’t say anything about Nash anymore because what’s the point, the rangers are stuck with him.

  184. Rangers West on

    Staal, Nash and a prospect for Kane and Wheeler? It replenishes the Ranges’ forwards and makes them better up front. If Allen is ready and/or they could get Skjei to go pro, they may be okay on D. Is that too much contract and uncertainty for the Jets to take on?

  185. Most people that rip apart others performances, under perform themselves.
    Most of you blog GMs are clueless about the game by most of your comments regarding players value and contributions. Just look back and see how many times the majority on here flip-flop on numerous players. Love them one month, they suck the next- love the signing/trade one year – should never have done it the next. Most think half the team sucks most of the time, yet act as if they are the biggest diehard fans out there. I’ve said it before – thank God none of you guys run the team. (OK there are a handful of you that are very bright, and you can easily tell by their fair assessment of players performances as a whole)
    Did Nash struggle in the playoffs? Doesn’t take a genius to see that. Does he suck as a player? You should take up watching another sport if you think so. Just go back and see how many of you guys ripped into Gaborik the season stretches and playoffs when he struggled. How about Lundqvist for that matter? I’m sure if this blog was around years ago – Richter, Graves and Leetch would have been butchered at times by half of you. If you say no, your lying. Because half of you rip the players on YOUR team more times then not.

    And for those few of you who think you are smarter then you really are. I’m not posting under any other name then adding AK in front of 27NYR94. I’ve read daily since before Carp took over, and only post when I get tired of the nonsense that’s mentioned(so you would think I’d be posting all the time)- so I’ve been around a lot longer then most of you have been posting.

  186. Rangers West on

    I hate the name calling and personal attacks of posters by posters. AK27NYR94, if you’re going to call others stupid please learn the difference between then and than. Thanks.

  187. Rangers West on

    Nash was great in “Breaking 4” He is looser. His pop and lock sequences were off the hook.

  188. Nash is in no way shape or form a loser, and wont be traded any time soon as far as i can see, and if Sather does get into i need to dump him mode. Rangers will get shafted and be a worse club. He had a rough playoffs. It’s not entirely his fault they lost.

  189. Remember when back in 2011 when we got knocked out by the Devils we said if we had Nash that would put us over the top?


  190. Rather have Crosby, Stills @ Young, even with that annoying voice.

    There’s something happening here
    But what it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a stick over there
    Telling me he can’t score and don’t care

  191. Two summers ago,I think most people here understood that the reason Nash was acquired was so that Gaborik wouldn’t be our sole scoring threat. Having two snipers was better than one. I don’t think anybody here was running Gaborik out of town after that brave playoff run in 2012 when he was playing in the hard areas with a torn labrum in his shoulder. And, he scored one of the most memorable OT goals in recent memory.

    Well, it turned out that all the Nash trade did was create big holes in the lineup. It was a “win now” trade that backfired and forced us to trade Gaby. And, I think those holes still remain. The trade was essentially Gaborik, Anisimov, and Dubinsky for Nash and Brassard. The jury is still out on John Moore, IMO.

    All this, despite the awesome playoff run that ended in the Final!

  192. Eh not buying it. A reason for us losing i can agree with, but if you blame Nash then you can blame a lot of players. St. Louis line got scored on and struggled a lot in the finals. It wasn’t just Nash, and in the finals i thought he did up his game. For the record im not saying he had a good playoffs. I just don’t think that renders him useless in the future.

  193. A lot of guys struggled in the SCF. The only difference is, those guys were pretty good in the previous series against Philly, Pissburgh, Montreal. Nash was the same garbage player in every round.

    That’s the problem! Players stepped up each series. The SCF could have been Nash’s chance to step up for the team, but he was a ghost.

  194. “AK27NYR94, if you’re going to call others stupid please learn the difference between then and than. Thanks.”
    Rangers West

    Wow, that’s what your going to pick on? Really? Sorry my point was overlooked by my lack of grammar and writing skills. You don’t have to agree at all with what I wrote, but go back and read older posts if you don’t recall what people comment about. Not hard to notice how one dimensional some posters are in how they rate a players performance, and how often they turn on most players. It seems like some people here are never happy. Honestly how often do the same people have to repeat themselves in slamming players over and over? We get it you don’t like certain players. Well Glen doesn’t care what you think and your repeated rantings ain’t gonna change the roster.
    And those that say they “hate”, actually hate a player. Did I miss something? Did they molest a child? Murder your sister? Rape your daughter?
    So you hate somebody based on a high salary cap, lack of goal scoring or because you think they don’t give it their all? Wow, I’d “hate” to see if you have kids and they don’t perform to your standards.

    How soon some forget the years without a sniff at the playoffs.

  195. I don’t get.

    Some here believe we should scream “yahoo” for a player who doesn’t put out?

    I am a fan of my team.

    Play your arse off for my team, and I’m okay with you.

    Play like a dog, get the eff out of town.

  196. Its not that i don’t want him to hustle. Its that i don’t think hustling=production. I think skilled players read the play and get in good spots. I see Nash reading plays but not necessarily producing as much as he could.

  197. Do you watch this team?

    Nash is a soloist.

    Reading plays is certainly not his forte.

  198. bull dog line on

    NYR full of crap again. nobody running Gaborik out of town after his “brave” performance in 2011 playoffs? you all were running him out of town because he did not score to your standard. you all were saying the same stuff about Gabby as you are now saying about Nash. now Gabby is brave. wish they had him back. laughable, all of you.

  199. Interesting that people want to base a players contribution solely on playoff performance vis-a-vis Nash. By that logic, Pittsburgh fans should want to run Crosby out of town what with his $8.7m cap hit and only 1 goal in 13 playoff games this year.

    You definitely wouldn’t want that choking loser on your team (sarcasm).

  200. Putting Nash and Crosby in same sentence is just stupid. Did Crosby win a cup in 2008.

  201. Crosby also doesn’t fall down on every shift. Nash looked like a mite out there for how many times he was on the ice

  202. Good morning, boneheads!

    All of you, bull dog?

    This Nash conversation is starting to get old. I’m done explaining why, he shouldn’t be traded at the moment. You can argue all you want whether he was bad or not during this playoffs. He didn’t score, that’s what he’s paid for. But he did a lot of different things, including attracting the best D-man on each team. That’s NOT the point. Trading him now is simply a bad business decision. You gave up two regular players, one prospect, and a first rounder to get him, and now you want to trade him after his worst offensive year, coming off the concussion, when his value is at its lowest? What do you think you’re getting back? And to just clear a cap space? To sign who exactly? Ott for $3M and Kulemin for $5? Because you’re back to looking for another first liner again. Why don’t wait and give him another year, see if he recovers to his better scoring level. And if not, you still have a better chance getting a better return from a desperate team at the deadline who will take a player who at his worst still scored 26 goals.

  203. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Non *METAL* question of the day: What’s you favorite *Genesis* album?

  204. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Hockey Players are ranked as such:


    (an entire universe of separation)


    (another universe of separation)

    40-50 guys

    (universe again)


  205. ILB,

    Without specific knowledge on the return, how can you say that trading Nash now is “simply a bad business decision” ? Wouldn’t you agree, as with all player transactions ( including Gretzky to LA) , there is risk involved, but the judgement that counts should be based on how the transaction plays out over time, not the one made by the “experts” writing the morning papers or posting on the blogs the following day?

    Regarding this particular situation, of all the regular posters here, I’ll bet you as much as anyone ( the resident Cap guru) , understand the value in recouping a $7.8M annual 4 year cap hit from an underperforming, perhaps washed up player?

    And what if, for arguments sake, there is a team out their looking to make a splash AND also willing (ignorant / stupid enough?) to give up a “McDonuogh” type prospect like the Canadiens were in the Gomez deal?

    And in hindsight, what if, moving Nash pre-deadline allowed the Blueshirts to retain some of the players they lost who DID perform during crunch time? Would it still have been a bad business decision?

    And finally, looking forward, what if this is the LAST OPPORTUNITY to move this overpriced player because next year he either 1) plays himself out of the league or 2) suffers a career ending concussion?

  206. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Abacab is an interesting call. Great album but is it Genesis without Peter Gabriel?

    Discuss amongst yourself.

    _Lamb Lies Down on Broadway_ is pretty amazing

  207. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Just to jump in: I recall people not “running Gabby out of town” but people saying, ‘he’s probably injured” and then praising him for playing with that shoulder injury. The guy *still* scored in those playoffs. Huge goals even.

    Vibin’ NYR

  208. Papa, step by step. Not going to convince you anyway, but I’ll give it a try. First, if there is somebody who is willing to do a McDonagh trade, by all means. Or anything else that can really improve the team, for that matter.But what has been thrown around on the blog so far is a pipe dream. And don’t you think that things are being constantly discussed amongst GMs? There are often talking, if such an opportunity was there, it would’ve been already explored.

    You have to give this organization a little credit. There is a reason they are not trading him, Carp has been saying it for awhile. They have medical experts and psychologists, team of trainers. Don’t you think they know, at least theoretically, the possibility of him returning back to his level of play when he was traded? We can speculate all we want, it’s done on a different level, considering how much is invested in that one player.

    Lastly, in terms of the Cap situation. What exactly are you gaining? There is no one out there that can be signed to replace a first liner, no matter how much money you have this year. Next year? MSL’s $5.625M is coming off the books, the Cap will go up probably by close to $7M because RDS money will start to be included in this year’s HRR. That’s a lot of money left, even if they decide to keep MSl for another year.

  209. And for your information, if it all doesn’t work at the end. There is an ordinary course buyout they can conduct after next year. They will save %5.23M for three years, and pay a price of Cap hit of $2.67M for three years thereafter. Not intimidating. Give him another year to show whether he can back to his better level of play. We can speculate all we want whether he can or can not. The truth is, we do not know. Trading him now for what they will most likely to get isn’t a good business. He is at his lowest value as a player.

  210. What PB said

    Also want to point out that 2013’s Nash, pre-concussion Nash was pretty much the same player with the exception that he would, occasionally and only occasionally, drive the net.

    Nash is not a team player, he’s an individualist who scores because his shot can fool a goalie and he takes a humongous amount of shots. He’s not a sniper, I doubt he could hit a corner trying if he had the puck on a tee. Not counting the playoffs, his shooting percentage during the season was pretty much on par with his shooting percentage for the last 4 years, so concussion cannot be blamed for his disappearance in the playoffs. The fact that he faced stiffer opposition and better goaltending is what put him underwater and that’s going to happen every year during the playoffs. Nash will never perform well during the playoffs because he doesn’t play the game well.

    When he gets two defenders on him, does he dish off. No, he tries to go around them. Doesn’t work in the playoffs.

    He might drive the net during the regular season because he had an open lane, that option’s pretty much closed off during the playoffs.

    He can’t protect the puck by stick strength or leg strength for whatever reason which is why you see so much of that rear end first move. If he’s challenged for the puck straight on, he loses it.

    He hasn’t got a one-timer worth a damn, he tries to one-time the puck and heaven knows where it goes.

    His situational awareness offensively is utter shinola, I doubt he’s aware of where his linemates are more than half the time which is partly why he has so many giveaways.

    Expecting Nash to score 30 goals next year is probably not a bad expectation, he takes 300+ shots, he’ll get his 30 goals but very few of them will be meaningful goals and come the playoffs it will be samo samo

  211. Nash was a major post-season disappointment. When I see him interviewed, I don’t see the pride and fire in his eyes, as I do see in MSL, McDonuts, Hank, the Moores, Zucc, and some others. That said, RANGERS is still on the front of his jersey and we all know (I think) that he has IT and if he reaches in and re-finds it, he can be formidable. Too soon to give up on him, IMO.

  212. ‘Presumptive, aneirin. How much playoff experience does Nash have?’

    More than Thekreider. More than Zucc. As much as Brassard. Who’d you rather have?

  213. I’m with ILB on this. Personally, if I can improve the team a bit without losing too much and also maybe get Nash pumped up to either get him on the right track or make him look more tradeable (if that is the route they want to take) next year, i do it.

  214. Thats a whole lot of spin on the comparison there ORR. Crosby was brought up because a superstar can be shut down in this league, and regardless of his overall stats on a much better team. He’s been shut down many times in the playoffs not just this year.

  215. Listen, I was personally against the Nash trade because I thought we were tearing up the team. I agreed with the price though and once the trade was done, I thought it was probably for the best but seeing Nash play game after game, pre-concussion – post concussion…. If he ever had it, he never showed it to me. I see a player who disappears for a month, will have a few ‘good’ games and will disappear again for the next month. We all look back at the previous year and think he did very well for a lockout shortened season but how many remember that he played like an euphemism for the first half of that season, had a scoring binge and then disappeared for good, including the playoffs. Last year was no different. There was a month and a half where he might have put up a single assist, that was his contribution. I remember discussing it with another fan, just as frustrated, that I’d be happy at that point if he would just make one play, one lousy play a game to contribute something.

    He is not a good hockey player. If the game were called Shootatthenet, he’d be excellent but it’s not.

  216. Oh and I don’t think his contract is tradeable as is. We’d have to eat 2 million at least for anyone to take it on. We’re stuck with him.

  217. The only genesis song I like is land of confusion. I do like heroes by Peter Gabriel and in the air tonight by Phil Collins though.

  218. ILB,

    I respect your opinion.

    I also appreciate the additional info on the buyout option after next year which is certainly a major variable which factors into the decision on how to move forward.

    But, let’s not kid ourselves, the Ranger brain trust 1) if they have eyes with which they can see and 2) are capable of objectively evaluating their own players and the value the register with the team in relation to the cap, would deal Nash in a heart beat if it weren’t for his NTC. And, With regards to all the “…..ologistics” the team may or may not employ, any “knowledge” they have on the “possibility” of Nash “returning back to his level of play” is speculative at best.

    And I not sure if you are implying this or not, so I’ll ask you directly. Do you believe the Ranger organization (and all of their …..ologistics) would have allowed Nash to comeback and play if he were suffering from post-concussion syndrome?

    Again, without being in the know or at the table for the discussions which may or may not have happened, I disagree with your assertion that trading Nash would “simply be a bad business decision”. IMO, that’s a strong assertion and I would always prefer to reserve such a judgment for post trade, when as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

    I thought at the time acquiring Nash was a good trade. 2 seasons and playoff years later, I know it was a bad trade.

  219. +Crosby+

    5 games – Tree goals, 5 points
    20 games – 6 goals, 27 points
    24 games – 15 goals, 31 points
    13 games – 6 goals, 19 points
    6 games – Tree goals, 8 points
    14 games – 7 goals, 15 points
    13 games – 1 goal, 9 points

    Pretty solid playoff numbers year by year, Glitch! Looks like one bad year to me.

  220. There is no way I would shell out $5M per for Brassard. No way. ESPECIALLY with THE Nash Cap hit on the books as well.

  221. ORR! your comparing somebody with 95 playoff games played to 41. Not to mention being on a consistently way better offensive team for a long while. As apposed to CBJ and the Rangers,

    Thats not my argument anyway. Ovechkin has been shut down in the playoffs on occasion as well. It happens to the best.

  222. Postconcussion symptoms? It has more to do with him being afraid of sustaining another one rather than actual symptoms.

  223. “Afraid”???

    On the NHL ice, there is no place for fear. If that’s the case, forget a trade, the player should retire.

  224. I wasn’t thrilled with Nash’s playoff performance but the knee-jerk ‘he sucks, trade him’ is just silly. If he were a free agent tomorrow he’d have a contract higher than Callahan or Dubinsky by the end of the day. Face the facts, he’s not a bad player. Marginally overpaid, probably – but the Lundqvist contract is worst from that perspective.

  225. “Knee jerk reaction”? You mean as in occurring quickly and without thought?

    Are you kidding? Are you new to the blog?

  226. Manny

    love The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway for Gabriel era
    And Then There Were Three during Collins era
    because it has a good mix of songs and instrumental expansiveness

    Abacab and Between the Lines are in the mix
    although i was ready to jump onstage and choke out Phil when he made “Turn It Again” into a Motown medley

  227. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Crosby is incomparable. He’s amazing. Nash doesn’t live in the same galactic universe as him.

  228. JJP- Paul Stastny’s contract, if not higher. In his worst year, still scored more goals than Stastny in less games.

  229. Good afternoon, Sally!

    In my absence, I imagine youse have updated Gravy’s WMB (c). The old WBM has been decimated. Looks like No. 61 is on top.

  230. Boyle couldn’t handle being on top of the WBM anymore and figured the only way to get off is to sign elsewhere. To hell with money!

  231. I will miss Boyle and I still believe for 2.7 he stays. Watch him still get 4th line min in Tampa.

  232. bull dog line on

    sorry ilb,
    not everybody.

    question. who do you think the Rangers will miss more, Boyle or Richards? I think it is Richards, but by a narrow margin. what Boyle does is a little easier to replace, but he is one of the best at what he does. finding a center to score 50 points is a little more difficult.

  233. i’m not basing my bashing (alliteration for coos) on a playoff run or even two, I’ve watched this guy closely for two years now and I just don’t like what I see. The man has plenty of talent, he’s probably a better stick handler than anyone on the team, he can make moves like no one else, he’s got speed, he’s got the quickest release on the Rangers, he’s got size when he wants to use it, he can definitely score goals but the one thing he doesn’t have, he doesn’t have a lick of hockey sense. He’s got no feel for the game, no feel for the flow, no idea how to use his linemates, bad anticipation and no Tkachukness (to coin a phrase from an earlier era).

    Hell, if Thekreider, who has been roundly criticized in places for lacking hockey sense, had Nash’ abilities, he’d be a superstar and if he had Nash’ hockey sense, he’s be an AHLer (barely). Thekreider will be a better hockey player than Nash while not being as talented. I hope youse guys understand my point.

  234. I dont disagree with any of those last few comments. Boyle should be more easily replaced, but must be replaced … & Slats has mucked up his fourth lines several times. Not sure how they replace Richards.

  235. Nash is a better defensive player than Kreider at this point, IMO. The thing about THE’s instincts is he knows where he needs work & understand when he Mucks up & i believe one day he will figure it out. When/if he does, watch out.

  236. ‘Postconcussion symptoms? It has more to do with him being afraid of sustaining another one rather than actual symptoms.’

    And this is why they can’t have him on the team in a prominent role at that cap hit.

    Simply Cant

  237. JJP-

    with the way Nash has played over the last year and half

    I dont think he would get a 6 year term at 6 million a year.

    You better believe the Rangers FO would like to move him. But in the meanwhile people will get paid to wave the nash pampams.

    I hear ya and your not wanting to trade someone at their lowest value as a player and bad business blah blah blah.

    Except his trade value becomes worse next year unless he decides to play a stiffer game.

    More often then not, that player who has been getting worse and worse, he continues to get worse. On top of it, and as you said, more importantly, Nash has injury concerns and a case of the jitters

    Its such a BS argument. You know name me one guy who’s bucked the trend. And Ill name you 10 who havent

    Yeah hang on to Nash and watch him become actually become an albatross and immovable.

  238. 2 time gold medalsit, and 628 points in 783 games. Five time all star and age 30. Yea he would get comparable numbers on any other team possibly even more.

  239. You shouldn’t even bring up those gold medals. It’s not like he had anything to do with Canada winning them, aside from just being on the team!

    I agree that he’d still get a big contract. GM”s are just dumb like that. The whole change of scenery BS. Nothing ever changes!

  240. 2010 olympics he had 5 points in 7 games. Thats not bad at all considering your also playing against the best players in the world. 2006 he only had 1 point so obviously struggled more. Doesn’t take away the fact that team Canada chose him to be a part of the club. Which means they believe him to be part of an elite.

  241. again i say we are comparing nash and hank?

    your trying to tell a story with numbers

    here is my story. Hank has carried the rangers to the playoffs for every year he’s been here except one year.

    Hank is the single biggest contributor on the team, by a large margin.

    End of story.

    You wanna tell your nash story now?

  242. you realize your trying to push your agenda on people who have watched every single game and every single shift Rick Nash has played for the last 2 years.

    And we have 9 years of watching Hank every single game.

  243. I didn’t say anything about hank. Not saying Nash is perfect. Or do i care to tell people how to think. I still think he’s valuable, and he will likely be with the Rangers for at least one more year but probably more.

  244. 2 assists in an 8-0 win against Norway
    1 assist in a 5-3 loss against USA
    1 goal in a 8-2 win against Germany
    1 goal in a 7-3 win against Russia

    You can give him credit for putting up points, but look at who they’re against.

  245. it sounds like your telling us we should ignore what we see with our eyes and listen to your numbers analysis.

    Thats what it sounds like..

    it comes across like your saying to everyone is: ‘what you guys think about Rick Nash is wrong, here are my numbers that tell why.’

    So if your intention is not to tell people how they should judge things, I misgauged the msg.

  246. Has no one said to themselves. Man it would have been nice if Nash scored one goal in the finals. I wonder how that might have changed things.

    Three OT games, decided by a goal. 1 goal could have helped.


    Are my expectations too high?

  247. Are you kidding jpp. I do it all the time with many plays. I completely understand the disappointment with Nash. I just don’t think it makes him useless in the future, and i don’t think he’s the type of player that would respond to being booed.

  248. i dont boo anyone. Ill talk about them honestly on a forum. But I never at games. That aint my style. I’ve yelled at a few players (Dubi, Zucc, amongst other) to get their Fking heads in the game. But I dont boo.

    Nash isn’t useless, but he’s a weight bringing this team down cap wise.

    And he’s gonna break our hearts in a big moment again.

    I dont need that on the team. Ill go forward with less talent, just not to have that dynamic on the team.

  249. Again, he’s not going to be traded whether we want him to or not. I say build around him, not without him.

  250. Yeah, build around him, sort of like you do in real estate when you have a property designated as an historical landmark right smack dab in the middle of your project. Can’t get rid of it and make that space a contributing part of your brand new, modern, multiuse facility, so just build around it. Maybe it’ll add an aura of class to attract people to make use of the actual functional part of your project.

    Or just cover him up like they’re doing with the old railyards on the West Side.

  251. jpg's sister on

    I agree wicky he is not going to be traded. I think he was a little wary because of the concussion. If he could play like he did against Columbus in Columbus half the season, everyone would be happy.

  252. bull dog line on

    this beloved Ranger scored a total of 9 pts in his first 27 playoff games as a Ranger. in his breakout playoff year, he scored 10 pts in 20 games. can you guess who this is? hint, he scored zero pts in last years playoffs.

  253. bull dog line on

    not MDZ. 2nd hint. some people here wanted to give him 7 million a year for 7 years, and a full NMC.

  254. Good afternoon, boneheads!

    Had to work today…
    Pretty interesting tidbit by LB about those long term, front loaded contracts that are now banned by NHL ( not to mention teams carrying them being punished) and, at the same time, teams benefiting from them. Considering what is being given out as new, ridiculous contracts under the current CBA, it doesn’t sound like the owners are interested in limiting what they are going to pay anyway. So why even implement that ridiculous benefit recapture rule? Simple, mr. Bettman wants to show who’s in charge. “I told you not do it, now you’re paying for it!”

  255. That was a nice goal. Argentina like rangers needed to attack more. Can’t defend your way to titles.

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