Happy Independence Day!!


Happy Fourth of July!

Hope you all enjoy the holiday and the fireworks and the barbecues, etc. Please be careful and don’t even dream about driving if you’re drinking.

Rangers Report logoApologies for not being around much lately. Did I miss anything significant on free-agency day (s)?

Should be back at full steam soon. That’s all I’ve got.

I have at least one guest blog in the hopper and allegedly a few others coming. If anybody wants to volunteer to write one, just drop me an email at rcarpini@lohud.com. Thanks.

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  1. Everyone who was born on the 4th of July thinks they throw a cookout every year in his honor.

  2. Lone Ranger on

    Happy Fourth of July to Carp and all the great bonehead bloggers. Real great day for golf

  3. The frog legs are outta the world cup…some one should check in on wicky see if he’s ok…

    HAPPY 4TH!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© East Champions!!! on

    Happy fireworks day Carp and all my fellow blogomaniacs!!!

    Today we get rid of Brad Richards…his twiderr dee thingy is buggin me being all Blackhawk happy in all.

    Ok now , what happened to Brian Boyle? Is he gone or what and where? I can’t find anything . Is our hobbit signed and Captainized yet?

  5. With Cammalleri signing and despite of many “used to be’s…” (Elias,Jagr, Clowe and now Havlat) Debbies look pretty deep in offence next season. Me don’t like it.

  6. I just wonder with all the D man depth we added, if…

    They expect our 7th d man to be from htfd


    They expect to trade one (or both) of our bottom pair D men and use one (or both) D men from htfd as our new 3rd pair

  7. It makes the most sense to me to trade Klein (if you are trading one of them) for a top 9 fwd and use mcilrath as your 3rd pair right D.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© East Champions!!! on

    Don’t worry Wicky the Devils will have the offence but now the goaltending is a weakness.. Nice to see Jagr getting some help.

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    Hope everyone had a great July 4th!

    It’s been a little quiet in the league after that explosive July 1st.

    Today at 5pm is the deadline for player-elected arbitration ( MZA, Brassard are eligible), tomorrow is the deadline for team-elected arbitration ( only Brassard can be on that list since MZA’s combined salary/bonuses income was less than $1.7M). Let’s see if anyone files for it.

  10. I still don’t understand something.

    Brian Boyle signs in TB for 3 years at 2 mil per year.
    Tanner Glass signs in NY for 3 years at 1.45 mil per year.

    I understand Boyle wanted a bigger role and his new wife is from there and yada yada yada, but for someone that important to this team, that’s a really rough exchange because Boyle is certainly more than 550K better than Glass.

  11. A bit surprised that so many here are bemoaning the apparent switch from Boyle to Glass. Glass’s whole game is hitting — top ten statistically — and Boyle barely knows how to hit. Not my cup of tea, but I thought hitting was the missing ingredient as far as others were concerned.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    Boyle was a goner as soon as AV made his comments about his role on the Rangers. He was not going to get a bigger role, so he went to a team that agreed to give him a bigger role. Clearly the Rangers could have afforded him and he chose to leave. Disappointing as he seemed to bleed Blue until now. I am not negative towards Tanner Glass. He can skate….better than Boyle. He hits. And the Rangers don’t need Boyle for the PK anymore. Boyle’s role can be filled by Nash. Now if only someone could fill Nash’s former scoring role.

  13. Whew – for a second, I thought we lost Carp to free agency. Headed to Candlewood Lake today – if you see a boat towing something huge behind it, don’t call the troopers or the guy from River Monsters. It’s just me doing some tubing.

  14. Brian Boyle was 11th overall in the NHL hitting in 2010-11

    Tied for 14th in 2011-12

    15th overall in 2013

    Don’t say Boyle doesn’t know how to hit.

  15. Wholly crap it’s carp!!! ;)

    I don’t honestly see how anyone here can blame sather or AV for the Boyle departure. Short of them paying him 4.5 mil per season and 2nd line minutes, Boyle was going to Tampa.

    I also do not think glass is boyle’s replacement, to me he is dorsett’s.

  16. Instead of hitting hybrids from the rough in Banff, how about this late summer we bring in someone to teach our boys how to win faceoffs?

  17. Fourth liners, no matter how excellent and how much laudatory lip service they’re afforded, realize (a la Boyler) that they are “shabbily” payed and always seen as replaceable.

  18. Brassard zucc kreider have filed for arbitration per brooks. I don’t think they will all be back.

  19. I’ve been thinking (be afraid), I think I’d trade for jumbo joe…I’d trade brass, Hagar, and Klein for him.

  20. Wow, Kreider filed for arbitration too. I didn’t think he was eligible. LB was reporting for some time that he wasn’t eligible either. Except everyone forgot that he was 21 when he signed his first NHL contract. Therefore he only needs 3 years of NHL experience to be eligible. That, actually, could be good news because now nobody can sign him to an offer sheet.

  21. So if they all three get 4-5 mil per arbitration awards, it could get interesting.

  22. Wicky, I agree that Glass signed to replace Dorsett, not Boyle.

    In terms of Kreider, Brassard, and MZA- I actually think, unless traded, all three will be back. Arbitration means that they will return back for at least one year. More likely than not, all three will sign before their arbitration dates.

  23. Zucc and Kreider should be signed to bridge deals before any arbitration hearing. They each deserve significant raises over their QO’s (Slats should know this) and should get locked up for 3 or 4 years.

    Brassard, on the other hand, has a QO of $3.7 M and he rejected it. I’m not sure what he’s looking for, but that’s fair, IMO. Things will get interesting.

  24. Kreider’s numbers ( 37 points/regular season)aren’t going to get him a raise to $4M from his base salary of $875K. Brassard, unless he settles for around $4M for a few years, should be taken to arbitration, IMO. MZA, on the other hand, should be signed long term. From so reports it sounds like he would settle for less money, longer years. It isn’t in Rangers’ best interest to arbitrate with him. He was their scoring leader during the regular season, he’ll get well over $4M arbitration award for 1 year, and they will lose him to UFA one season after.

  25. Basically, by going to arbitration he is looking for more than a 1 year deal for $3.7M. Or am I misunderstanding?

  26. Nyr
    I forget the ins and outs of arbitration…seems to me that the player gets run through the mud and it usually doesn’t end well.

  27. NYR_FAN- in Brassard’s case, as well as in Zucc’s, they will actually be getting a 1-year arbitration award.
    QO’s are refused more often than not, we just don’t officially hear about it. The fact that they filed for arbitration means they all refused their QOs otherwise they’d be already signed.

  28. iDoodie Machetto on

    I didn’t realize Kreider had arbitration rights. Isn’t he just coming off his ELC?

  29. steve downie my As.

    that guy is one punch away from being scrambled eggs. ITs laughable and negligent that the Steve Downie is being looked at to be a pugilist when he has taken as many head shots as he has.

    What are him and Marc gonna thumb wrestle. Neither one of these guys should be fighting.

    And this continued story that Staal went after Crosby’s head. He meant to hit him above the numbers, hit him in his name and Crosby bent his knees which made him about 3 inches shorter, and Staal caught him where he did.

  30. JPP- Downie went through horrible times after getting punched by Volpatti. He had serious problems with his hearing. I don’t think they signed him to be their tough guy.

  31. No, he has to be either 27 or played for 7 NHL seasons. Kreider may file for 2 year arbitration award, he will still be an RFA after that.

  32. Interesting rule, actually. Kreider signed his contract on April 10th 2012. He turned 21 on April 30th. So officially he was still 20. However, the rule is that the signing age counts as player’s age on September 15th of a calendar year he signed his contract. So for signing purposes, he was 21. For waiver purposes, he was still 20.

  33. 3 players other than rangers on the arbitration list that I’d like to have on the rangers (in not counting subban’s due to the $$$ I’m sure he will get)

  34. ThisYearsModel on

    Loser Penguin fans. They have not had anyone that headhunts (Orpik, Neal) or slewfoots (Malkin, Crosby). Bunch of crybabies.

  35. Assuming everyone gets signed, do you think Nash would work well on RW with Zucc and Brass?

  36. Zuccarello is a RW, not a LW. He’s not really a fan of playing on the left…

  37. ‘Every team in the NHL has done their homework on due diligence on Del Zotto and has passed, and many even before checking the sticker price.’


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  39. iDoodie Machetto on

    Gonna be a transition year for sure. Only things that could save it are Nash being what he’s supposed to be and Boyle fixing the PP.

  40. Absolute transition year with some kids being pressed into action. Even if Nash gets 40 instead of 26 goals won’t change much as we will still be in a battle till end of regular season final week to clinch.

  41. iDoodie Machetto on

    If Nash scores 40 and the PP goes up to 20%, that’s a lot of extra goals. Nash needs to have more assists, too.

    Still going to be transitionary, but less embarrassing.

  42. bull dog line on

    this past year was a transition year as well. the East is still wide open. nobody scares me. and eric, not only will this team be in the playoffs, they will be fighting for the presidents trophy the last week of the season.

  43. Bull dog

    Not a chance in hell pres trophy. Love your optimism but let’s get realistic.

  44. bull dog line on

    really what have they lost? a 4th line LW, a journeyman LW, and a top 4 dman who had a career year. sad to loose them? sure. but that is just being sentimental. all replaceable, or even improved upon. heck they already upgraded Stralman. they will pick up a LW, or center before the season starts. this is still a good team. I am not worried about the playoffs, just how to get back to the finals.

  45. I near your sentiment but this a team that is so inconsistent in regular season. If they make playoffs I could see a run again.

    Better chance struggle reg season then pres trophy no doubt about it.

  46. Tanner Glass is better than Brian Boyle?

    Let’s see if that’s the case by this time next year.

    I doubt it.

  47. Last year’s inconsistency was the team learning a new system and a coach figuring out where he had to modify his system to accomodate the team’s talents. Next year the system is already in place, the players know it, the coach knows his players. All they have to do is get the new guys fit in, not get everyone fit in. What surprised me last year was how quickly it got turned around, I was expecting a lot more October hockey and maybe even a missed playoff.

    If they played the same hockey they were playing the last half of the season all year, they would have challenged Pitt for first in division. Next year, I expect that to be a reality.

  48. Rob in Beantown on

    This team was nowhere near the President’s Trophy this past season, so unless you think they are much better now than they were last season I don’t know where you’re getting President’s Trophy from

  49. Tanner glass *IS NOT* IMHO seen as a bran bole replacement by the organization, he
    Is however viewed as a dorsett replacement.

  50. Hearing all kinds of Thornton rumors today, maybe involving Staal headed west.

  51. Norm Merton on

    Hard to see how Glass replaces Dorsett rather than Boyle. Glass and Boyle are serious penalty killers, Dorsett not so much.

  52. Liked Boyler, PullOut, Stralman (one-year flash in the pan, or legitimately improved??) Rather see a young, promising, energetic, two way player than Richie. The new Boyle an improvement on the PP. Dorsett, though valuable in his spot, getting 2 mil this coming season, then a UFA. Glass locked up for 3 years at less. With Topo, The K, Brass returning, and Hank in net, we should be just about good to go.

  53. And speaking about team unity, who would have believed that Cally and Boyler, of all people, would be the problematic ones for AV? And PullOut should kiss his keister in Macy’s window.

  54. ‘Why is your dog snarling at me?’

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  55. Eric nothing too legit just friends who hear stuff that usually ends up being nothing but I always bring what I hear over to youse because it makes for good discussion

  56. If the Blackhawks had signed DelZ for one year, 1 mil, his agent would say he turned down multiple bids because DelZaster loved Chicago.

  57. Back in the 70’s during the OPEC initiated gas shortage, I had a mechanic who told me the price of gas would hit $4.00 per gallon. I laughed at him. Little did I know he’d be right 35 years later.

    His last name was Kreskin.

  58. We’ve surpassed Saudi Arabia in oil production. Yet, as Papa says… Methinks we are being led by cyclopian troglodytes.

  59. Been digesting the moves, holding off on judgment, but I kinda think if this is where we end up we are nowhere near as good as last year. Fact is Boyle, Stralman and Pouliot were key parts to this team and they have not been replaced.

    Not arguing the business decision on Pouliot but we are not as good without him.

    Stralman was at times as good as any of our D. I just don’t get why they didn’t give Klein away and sign Stralman instead, just 1.5m more. And still sign DBoyle.

    BBoyle has a lot more talent than Glass. BB gave us a strong option in all game situations. Glass replaced Dorsett. BBoyle loss is still a hole.

    BRich is addition by subtraction. A rookie will be a better 3rd line center.

    Overall i am hoping there is a another move coming. Hoping for Nash to lead the way is a prayer not a plan.

  60. Norm
    Glass is a bit of a pugilist and per AV quote “plays with edge to his game”.

    Don’t really see how that is replacing Boyle. Sounds like dorsett to me.

  61. Eric
    The one Staal for Thornton rumour I saw (yesterday I think) was jumbo for Eric Staal, not our Staal.

    Also saw one yesterday that said slewfoot Dan was trying to talk jumbo joe into accepting a trade to the rangers…no idea how legit that is/was.

  62. Papa
    You have to accept the prices at the pump to go up considerably if you are willing to let the oil producing region destabilize and do nothing about it :/

  63. Buchy has another year contracted with KHL. Rangers could break it, but likely won’t, in the interest of ‘glasnost.’

  64. Hello Fadda, hello Gramp
    Here I am at
    Camp Ranger Banff.
    I don’t know if
    I will make it,
    But I’ll do my very best
    To try to fake it.

  65. If J T Miller comes into Camp an ounce over 190 lbs., he’s toast. And if he keeps shooting wide on rushes, allowing quick breakouts, he’s Melba Toast.

  66. Orr

    Do they have freaking offers. I would take Roy 3rd line center 1 yr 1.3 mil

  67. JMoore possesses a lot of upside. He may never develop it, but must be given that chance.

  68. Rangers West on

    I thought Heatly signed some with a club guess not. Not sure they could sign him to a contract that would be worth it.

  69. Coos
    Where did you see the Heatley interest? After penner, he is my 2nd free agent winger choice.

  70. Regarding jt miller, if he is going to play centre, I want him to play like ott.

    If he is going to be a winger, I want him to play like McGinn in Colorado.

    If he can’t do that, I’d rather just trade him now.

    He has to play with an overt edge or he is useless IMHO!

  71. Saw it on one of the blogs, Wick. Sorry can’t remember which one. It didn’t say they were talking, but did say there was interest.

  72. It’s beaucoup unusual for a head coach to publicly denigrate a young player for “on-ice and off-ice” immaturity as AV did with Miller when he could simply proffer his demands and advice privately. Also couldn’t help his trade value. Very strange.

  73. Heatley slow as tar blob, no PP, but could easily replace Richie’s numbers 5 on 5.

  74. Is it even a possibility that we could sign Heatley for Richie’s new numbers? Unlikely. but he’s still out there.

  75. The thing about penner is he fits the location preference that Pouliot had.

    He doesn’t have the speed Pouliot does, but he hits and like the front of the net.

    I think he could score 20 with zucc and brass if they keep them both.

  76. Coos, you could replace Richards five on five. Boyle is an upgrade to the PP and it will be interesting to see if he can actually play some D as well. They need someone to play between hagelin and St. Louis. Don’t know if that is Roy or Miller or Lindberg or someone else entirely but the Rangers’ depth is what got them as far as they went and that is largely what they lost.

  77. I think penner can work with them, he won’t have the speed like we discussed, but getting his body to the net is the key.

  78. Norm Merton on

    iWicky — no doubt Glass will fight or otherwise bite and maim, but AV clearly intends to replace Boyle’s PK minutes with Glass as well. When he’s not in the box, that is. Maybe a little of both guys.

  79. I always like Thorne and clement on espn, they are probably my favorite duo all time, but I actually like doc, so I’m ok with it

  80. Hope all you ‘heads had a nice long patriotic weekend.
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  81. ERIC – I had the game in in the garage on the 4th as well. Lots of names on that team. It was nice to see Kristo play on the same line as Stepan. They looked good together. So here’s hoping they get a chance to play in the Red, White,& Blue again.

  82. Wicky – Miller as an Ott type Center that can have a 20-20 year would be ideal.

    He has to use his size and play as a power forward, regardless of what position he plays in.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    One last week of World Cup action, and only two days at that. Then we will officially be in the dog days of summer.

  84. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Does anyone know about Lindberg’s season in the AHL? I could look it up but maybe someone has some *insight*

  85. Buchnevich may surpass all of these prospects, albeit won’t be until 2015-16.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, if Tambellini isgood, do you claim him as your own, or have you officially disclaimed him?

    If you are anti-Tambo, then he is officially my favorite prospect. In fact, I hope next year he plays and they say specifically”well, we were choosing between Tambellini and Kristo and decided to go with Tambellini instead.”

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s a double-edged sword, Doodie. If Tambellini is good, we will still hear about all of national championships North Dakota _would_ have won if he stayed in school.

    See: Miller, JT

  88. Rob :)

    Doodie – Not a fan of Tambellini, he’s all yours. He has great hands that for sure, just not the upper body strength. He has plenty of time to fill out before he will be a Ranger, he was just to small for the NCAA players last year. He won’t be playing in the AHL, that’s for sure, maybe in a couple of years.

  89. Players to watch this year will be Nelson, after his 1’st full year in the NHL, he will take over the #2 Center for the Islanders. Frattin is back with the Leafs, I could see him having a 20-20 year. Chorney got picked up by the Penguins, he could take over one of the bottom six spots on D. Brad Malone will get a starting role in Carolina.

    So the next on the bubble to break through the NHL bubble will be Kristo, Knight, & Grimaldi.

  90. Doodie – We sould go double or nothing.

    You get Tambellini, I’ll keep Kristo, for best AHL/NHL numbers next year.

    I forgot he falls under Miller, he can play AHL next year, since he wasn’t drafted.

  91. Interesting point to note about Tambellini comes via Jess Rubenstein over at Blueshirt Bulletin. Tambellini is the only North American draft pick from 2013 not be signed to a contract. Buchnevich isn’t either, but he does have a KHL deal in place.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    No, Kristo is 24 and fully developed physically. Also, I don’t think much of Tambellini as a prospect. I’ll pass.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    So… he’s 1 of 4 guys and part of 2 of 5 that aren’t signed? Not much to see there.

  94. How long do they have to sign a drafted player 3 or 4 years?

    Before they go back into the draft?

  95. No need to sign a draft pick right away? Let them develop and own there rights for longer on an entry level deal.

  96. Should Sather offer him a 1 yr $1M deal.

    Does he have any upside left as a Ranger?

  97. Tambellini is a tough case because he started out as a collegian and is now in Major Junior. College players have, I believe, until their class graduates. Junior players have two years so if Tambellini is classified as a Junior player, he would have to sign before the Draft.

    In terms of being eligible to play in the AHL, Tambellini can play in the AHL because he wasn’t in Juniors when drafted. I just don’t know how he would be placed in terms of re-entering the draft.

  98. I’m guessing he would have to sign after he is done playing in juniors this year.

  99. I thought I found information that made Tambellini ineligible to be re-drafted, but it turns out he just misses the deadline. Since he has such a late birth date (Nov 1, 1994), he would still be age-eligible to re-drafted in 2015. The cutoff deadline is Sept. 15.

    Truth be told I will be pissed if he doesn’t sign with the Rangers. Not because of any allegiance to Tambo or the Sioux, but it means Glen Sather would have wasted yet another draft pick on a player he never ever signed.

  100. Michael Del Zotto last minute cancellation on @TopShelfWSMN today but told me not because any signing imminent.

    It doesn’t look good for Del Zotto, but you would think Buffalo would have a bottom 6 spot for him.

    Or does Stamkos stump for him in Tampa?

  101. I don’t know how hard Tambellini works on getting bigger and stronger. I’m sure being at prospect camp, he should play on the Traverse City team, and get a chance to attend the New York Rangers camp.

    He’ll get signed and have a chance to make the AHL team, after his season is over this year.

  102. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Dan Boyle, on conference call, says it’s not that he didn’t want to play for Islanders or other teams, it’s that he wanted to play for #NYR

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Dan Boyle said he talked to ex-Lightning teammate Brad Richards (now with ‘Hawks) and Richards only had glowing things to say about #NYR

  103. nice to hear that from D Boyle

    (every time i say that it reminds me of
    d. boon of the minutemen)

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