Rangers reshuffle early in free agency, but are they better?


Hey, everyone. You can stop sounding your alarms: I’m covering for Carp this week while he takes a few days off.

The Rangers were certainly busy on Tuesday, the first day of free agency. Their most important addition was veteran defenseman Dan Boyle. Despite him closing in on 38, they hope Boyle can help run the power play in place of Brad Richards. But what was just as notable was who they lost.

Carp had warned everyone that the Rangers simply wouldn’t have enough money to retain their unrestricted free agents and get under the cap, especially once it fell at $69 million. They brought back Dominic Moore for cheap, and I wonder if they view him as a potential third-line center after successful cameos as a top-nine forward when Derick Brassard and Derek Stepan were out with injuries. They also lost Brian Boyle, Anton Stralman and Benoit Pouliot, all of them key pieces of the run to the Cup final.

Though Stralman and Pouliot both reeled in five-year deals, the Rangers lost Boyle for about $2 million per season and just three years. They were relatively modest terms for a veteran; that the Rangers let Boyle walk indicates they had no intention of giving him the greater responsibility he sought.

Here’s what assistant GM Jeff Gorton said of the departed: “We’re trying to fit guys who were good players for us. We wanted to sign them, but once that one-week period hit, we started to get wind of what their numbers would be and their terms would be. Going forward, with some of the contracts we have to do and the players we have, it just became difficult.”

Assuming the Rangers bring back Mats Zuccarello, Brassard, Chris Kreider and John Moore, who are all restricted free agents, they will still be left with just three experienced centers (Stepan, Brassard, Moore). Alain Vigneault said J.T. Miller and Oscar Lindberg were among the young players who will have a chance to earn playing time. They also have Jesper Fast up front, and assistant GM Jeff Gorton indicated the club still seeks another forward, either through free agency or via a trade.

Basically, the Rangers seem fine on defense and on the wings (and pretty good in goal), but they still seem very thin at center, which was probably their weakest position last season as well. So are they actually better?

Your thoughts…

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  1. Stranger Nation on

    Are we better? time will tell

    Cally is getting the band back together in Tampa town and we are picking up the Bolts reunion class from ’04 sans Richie Rocket…

  2. duckbill platypus on

    “….In which, through which and …sandwich!”

    -Duckbill Platypus 2012-

  3. I know most people want Evander Kane, but what would it take to get Andrew Ladd out of the Peg? I have always liked that guy. Great leader and a very good, often underappreciated player.

  4. Well…we lost the cup because we were week down the middle. Now we are weaker. Stralman, Boyle, and Puliot all played great for us, but each one of those guys were pulled off the scrap heap. They can be replaced. Sather must do two things:

    1. Make a deal for a legit #1 Center. Brassard or Stepan are expendable.

    2. Take a chance on Dany Heatley (Pulliot Part Duex.

    Enjoy your summer.

  5. I agree with giving Heatley a shot to play with Zucc and Brass at a 1 year 1-1.5 mil deal. Those guys could make him a 20 goal guy.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Big Buff

    Take any of those 2 for either Step or Bros, Nash, and Staal

  7. Cant beleive we couldnt find a way to keep Boiler…

    Pouliot had his moments and he could be good or he can kill you…he was a fit with the Rangers..but difficult elsewhere…but if he doesnt succeed there–this contract numbers may make him difficult to move again…enjoy the winter (hint: starts in about 4 weeks there)

    Stralman…solid in the playoffs..but replacing him is not as difficult if Girardi returns from his collapse in the playoffs. Man–did my out of town friends dump on him for the entire playoffs–I kepT tell them–just wait…when the season is over we are going to find out he was playing with a broken leg and dislocated hip….apparently it was just his pinkie…wow!

  8. I’m sure Slats will pull in someone on a 1-yr deal to play with Zucc/Brass.

    I don’t think we have the pieces or the cap space to acquire a #1 center. It will be a training camp audition between Miller and Lindberg (and possibly a veteran tryout as i think there will be a few knocking around without contracts come training camp opening)

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Weaker down the middle? I think we are about the same, if not better. Not to diminish Richie Rocket’s performance, but he played more similar to a winger on offense and was horrible on defense.
    He did an somewhat adequate job on the PP pt, but had not shot and would often shoot to no effect.
    How many goals did you remember Richie set a winger up for? Exactly…

    His true market value was established this week with Chicago taking a harmless flyer on the guy.

  10. I have mixed feelings on this offseason. I love the D.boyle signing and the resigning d.moore. However I scratch my head with Tanner Glass especially for. 3 years and the fact that Boyle signed for only 2 million a year. This team is hurting up front. I think carcillo will be back and they will probsbly bring in a scorer. Who knows?? I think we take a step back this year but I hope I wrong!!

  11. I think basically everything that happened with Richie makes sense.

    We signed him because at the time he fit a need and we got him at market value.

    We bought him out because his play has eroded over the 3 years and his contract was albatross due to the new CBA

    Chicago signed him at his current market value.

    Richie is well worth 2 mill on a team with some good young leadership but could use a veteran voice (Since they let Havlat go)

    If the NYR could have had Richie at 2 mil we would have all been pretty happy about that resigning

  12. They DESPERATELY need a legit #1 center! If Brassard and Stepan could be slotted down they would be so much better! I love Stepan, but he is a #2 or 3 not a number 1 center.

    Fast, Lindberg and Kristo will have HUGE opportunities this year. I still think they will be a good team. The biggest loss is Stalman! At 27, he came into his own and is at his peak right now. He was superb in the playoffs!

  13. I never thought i’d say this but i’m going to miss Stralman’s hitting. Hope DBoyle can throw a few hipchecks without needing a replacement!

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Heatley is a terrible replacement for Pouliot. That line worked well because of speed. Heatley is very slow these days.

  15. Best post the other day was….Wasn’t Tanner Glass Jan Brady’s boyfriend? LMFAO couldn’t catch my breathe. For the record it was his brother George!

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Interesting take, Josh. I think the thinness of the Rangers at center stems from lacking a true #1 rather than from lacking depth. However, I would argue that we are actually thinnest at left wing, where we feature only Kreider, Hagelin, and not much else.

    Also, this sentence confuses me:

    “Carp had warned everyone that the Rangers simply wouldn’t have enough money to get under the cap, especially once it fell at $69 million. ”

    Did you mean that he warned us that we did not have the cap space to retain all of our free agents while staying under the salary cap?

  17. I’m good with Lindberg/Miller at #3 Center.

    Can always trade up at the deadline.

  18. How will the 12M be split for Zucc, Brassard, J Moore, & THE KREIDER?

    3 each across the board?

  19. Zucc only had ONE good year in the NHL…ONE. I like him but…

    What if Zucc – a fluke? :)

  20. Jason Missiaen Signed to a one-year, two-way contract.

    Lots of Hartford signings.

    Who’s this guy?

  21. Manny-O-War, Still the King of Metal on

    Jason Missiaen is a massive goaltender. I think he’s like 6’10”. I saw him play once and he looked positionally sound but he’s actually pretty horrendous.

  22. No but he will get 1.8 & 2.2 2year.

    Brass will get a little more.

    Not sure about ZUCC, what would he sign 4 x 3M. He’s all about the years.

  23. dan boyle signed a 2 year deal no way it is a redden signing..

    brian boyle thinks he is more then a 4th liner, good faceoff, and pk guy. we will see. I think he is a 4th liner.

    defense for the rangers is set, stralamn for boyle offensively rangers should be better off from the d, time will tell.

    need miller, kristo, lindberg, etc to show they can play in the nhl ..they should be fine…

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Josh has incapacitated Carp. Please note how he is telling us to stop sounding the alarm. Sounds guilty to me.


  25. Those of you screaming it’s time to get younger and let the kids play, well now you’ll get your opportunity. Maybe we’ll get something out of Lindberg. Miller just hasn’t impressed me. He seems to have hands of stone and gets out of position way too easily. Fast if given a chance, maybe. I think Stepan actually could be a number one. He’s still pretty young and don’t forget he missed training camp.

    I’d still like to trade Nash and see if we could talk him into going to Edmonton. It’s a natural trade with the young talent they have and a good vet forward who plays 2 ways and has been a captain.

  26. Manny-O-War, Still the King of Metal on

    I agree, Wicky. Zucc shouldn’t be looking for more than about $3.8M

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Steve, but I’m not crazy about the kids like Miller and Lindberg. I’m intrigued by them, particularly Lindberg, but not sold.

  28. I don’t see how trading Stepan or Brassard for any center short of Stamkos, Crosby, etc. makes them better. They need depth, and if they can’t add to the position, I don’t think it makes much sense.

  29. Doodie there’s always HOPE.

    I’m not sold on Miller, but he is so young, only 22 plenty of time to prove himself, but if AV doesn’t see growth I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade him at the deadline this year.

    Either he is going to “get it” or he will be a really good AHL player. That’s a coach calling him out.

    How does he respond this year?

  30. Brassard for Jumbo Joe?

    I could see that as an upgrade. There goes another 1’st round pick.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    That article is the worst piece of speculative BS rumor mongering since the halcion days of Eklund and Hockeybuzz.

  32. oh please, not Joe Thorton, another Rick Nash, birds with the same feathers like to flock together, no thank you.

  33. Thornton has been speculated for awhile. Just what we need another old and slow center. If it means giving up a couple of prospects fine. If it means giving up our NHL ready players, no.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    The answer is no! Dont like the D.Boyle and Tanner Glass signings at all. Boyle slowed down dramatically as the season wore on and he is not getting any younger. I also believe that MSL will be hard pressed to score more than 20 goals which is also not a given in my opinion anymore for him. Both of them will start well the first 25-40 games and than fall of the map as we head towards the home stretch. What we really need is a number one center and due to the franchises decades long inability to draft well, we never seem to be able to get one.

    That said, they have 14.7 million left in cap space,16.3 if you remove the three dregs that they signed which are counted in the cap. In my opinion they will spend about 11.3 million on the 4 rfa’s and still have around 5 million in cap space.

    It puts them in a decent position to add some pieces that are still out there.

    Steve Ott would be a nice fit if he takes about 1.5-1.75 over two years and Devin Setoguchi would be a very nice replacement for Poo Poo should he take 2-2.5 for 1-2 years. That still leaves them about 1.5 million in cap space, not so bad. They also may want Anthony Duclair or Haggarty to make the jump too so it can be a much better roster if they play their cards right. Bottom line is I think they need the kids to step up and be major factors if they want to have a sniff at the playoffs, otherwise we will be spectators come mid April and not have a first round pick in what is supposed to be the best draft potentially in NHL history.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, you’re talking about bad signing/trading for washed up guys but then suggest Ott and Setoguchi?

  36. Heatley is Pouliot part II in what way??? Pouliot is younger, faster and healthier. Other then being a name known around hockey for being talented players who didnt live up to their hype or perceived potential, they are not similar.

    If the rangers trade a center, I can definitely see them signing Steve Ott.

  37. I dont know why people say Ott is washed up. I think he is still in his prime.

    Been playing over his head in Buffalo. Had no time to yell in St. Louis. Always liked him, but the Rangers had Callahan, Dubinsky, Prust, so to me there wasnt a need.


  38. and ott getting at least 3 million a year. Just because players aren’t signed in the first couple days doesn’t mean they dont have offers or value.

  39. Ooo i dont like it at all (bc it means Nash is staying, and pansy id whip it out if i scored 4 goals Joe is coming)
    but it makes some hockey sense.

    i read that report someone recently posted full tilt hockey.

    Suggests brassard.

    With steve ott still available and definitely interested in the rangers and probably vice-versa (based on the way MSG has a history of covering opposing players the ranger organization are high on)


    that is a solid center ice depth.

    But please dont do it. I want to like the players who win with the rangers. PLEASE dont bring in Joe Thornton

  40. From what I see, what I know, and what I’ve read:

    I liked Brad Richards as a person, I like Rick Nash as a person

    From what I’ve seen, what I know, and what I’ve read:

    I dont like Joe Thornton and I won’t be able to look past the fact he is a Dushhhbag.

  41. Mueller was given a 1 way contract, which I think means he’s paid the same no matter where he plays. I’m guessing they think he has a pretty good shot to land a 4th line role.

  42. If by “better” you mean “worse”, then yes, the no-talents got better.

  43. Weaker down the middle indeed. As this roster stands today we are weaker at center and on the wing. I’m not sold on miller after all the tastes I’ve seen of him.

    And no john Moore for 3 mil. 1.3 tops

  44. Can someone tell me what is the big problem they have with Staal?

    I thought he was great all season

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Staal was not ‘great’ all season. He was horrendous in the first month, played better as the season progressed and then was inconsistent after Sochi break.
    In POS, played well against Filth, regressed against Pissburg and then took a dump on the ice against Habs and Kings (1pt, -6).
    Tough coming back from brain injury and eye scare. Love the guy, but his game regressed, let’s hope it was the injuries.
    Playing for his next contract this season with a summer to get in better shape.

  46. What’s worse?
    The tech on this site
    My phone
    The tech on this site while I’m on the site on my phone
    The tech on this site while I’m on the site on my phone while my phone is flying out my car window?

    I think we are a better regular season team next year. As we all know, anything can happen in the playoffs…but it sure would be nice to develop the kind of team that had the odds in their favor in the playoffs instead of hoping for anmiracle

  47. The saddest part about all these guys leaving is that we really could have won the Cup

  48. Tell me about it Guy.

    If i still feel the way I do about it, I can only imagine how hank and some of these guys feel.

    3 OT games.

    2 of which probably never should of gone to OT.

    The rangers have been winning playoffs series for years now, it’s not stopping next year. Each series will be a toss-up and the Rangers have an advantage in that, they know what it takes to win and they’ve been doing it.

    This won’t stop hurting until they hoist a cup and even then it won’t change the feeling that you get when you think about 3 OT games.

  49. _When’s ribiero signing_

    ….. Manny’s worst nightmare. Ribiero the Ranger!!!

    It could happen……

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I would get Manny a jersey that said “Aladdin” on the back and had Ribeiro’s number

  51. TBH.

    Id rather give a guy like Ribiero a chance after he overcomes his destructive habits, then bring in a dushhbag like Thornton.

    Rather bring in Ribiero Jan 1st. Then bring Thornton in now

  52. What you guys think of top 15 left on link above. Few names with rangers listed

  53. I would consider Derek Roy.

    Ribeiro/Heatley I would not sign. Maybe invite one to camp on a PTO.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    I need to take a vacation from hockey. The offseason is making me upset.

  55. I think Zucc’s numbers should be around $3.9M / 4 years. Zucc is only going to get better and probably is still the best forward on the team.

    I’m not holding my breath because Sather has traded or let go most of my favorite Rangers. I could definitely see him getting traded.

  56. A few in the back of the net at the crucial times and Nash is the toast of the town instead of just toast.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, that’s precisely the difference. He’s paid to get those goals and he didn’t.

  58. Slava voynov stick is still Nash fault. Needed bury that. Can’t wait boo him all year

  59. $5 mil? Everyone sure Zuccs agent isn’t looking for Norwegian Krones instead of dollars?

  60. Nash had chance after chance to become a hero, and he squandered them all. I’m over him, regardless of what he does this season.

  61. The cup finals loss has me down when I think about hockey. The player movement was expected.

    IMO, I think the returning players will be better and more productive then their first year in the new system. And they will fill in the holes left from the departing guys.

    Im concerned with Nash returning, and how that will impact the rangers ability to fill optimize their cap space and line-up openings, while bringing that same wack perimeter game.

    The only thing that will faze me this off-season is the Nash decision.

    Its either gonna be ‘alright lets go get this’ or its gonna be ‘damn, Slats, putting a weight on the team from the get-go, come on’

  62. Eric – I wouldn’t mind Ott. He would fit on the 4th line. Wins draws and is tough to play against.

    I’m sure Slats is offering the $1M 1 year contract if he wants to be a Rangers.

    So I guess you flip a coin with Lindberg/Miller or sign a veteran center for the 3rd/4th line. Not know where they want to play DMoore.

  63. Both players will want $3M+, and are getting older so I wouldn’t doubt they want extra years.

    Legwand for a year at $2M would fit on the 3rd line. At 33 he should have a few years left.

  64. Eric – all of these guys will be playing in the NHL. So they will ALL be available on the deadline.

    Why not play the youth now, and trade later, if needed.

    The only one I like is OTT, just because he hits like Cally- every game!!!

  65. That’s exactly how I feel, Latona. This past run in the playoffs might have been NYR’s only chance to win the Cup. I don’t care if he scores 50 goals next year. We needed him to be the best player he’s supposed to be and he did not do a goddamn fuggin thing. Fugg him! He’s forgiven when NYR wins the Cup, only if he’s a big reason why they do!

  66. The rangers will never make it back to cup in hank era. 8-9 yrs. poor hank. As big underdog we were we could have easily stolen a few of those games if that piece of crap Nash did something.

  67. Smart signing by the leafs.

    I would have been ok if Santorelli was a Ranger @ $1.5M

  68. Don’t forget that giveaway in the final seconds of the first period that led to the eventual game winner by Carter. NYR dominated that period. Who knows what could have happened.

    I’ve never disliked a Ranger as much as I dislike Nash. Worthless! I don’t want him on this fuggin team!

  69. Eric – we will be in the hunt next year!

    Youth will give this team a shot in the arm. It will be like playing 12 HaGOONalins.

  70. Nash only one gets booed around circle at center ice on opening night during team introductions. Book it.

  71. Sather should concentrate on the RFA’s.

    Get them done 1’st.

    I hope he is done bargain shopping the last thing we need is a 4th line Heatley type player.

  72. Because most of the kids are going to get a shot to play in NY and I think Bourque is needed for Wolfpack depth…2 way deal at $600k…who cares?

  73. I can truly say that I never wanted Nash on this team but now where stuck with him. I always thought he was over rated. Rangers should trade him to the sharks to join his buddy Thorton instead of the other way around.

  74. We’re only thinking of Lindberg, Fast, Miller & Kristo, but it sure would be nice if a couple of these other prospects from juniors or Europe come in a surprise us.

    This drafting needs to pick up. Besides Hank, when was the last superstar NYR drafted?

    This dope Gordie Clark and his scouts need to find some game breakers, cause that’s the only way this team improves. Can’t keep relying on free agents and big trades cause that doesn’t work out for us.

  75. NYR_FAN, I agree, looks like Sather is signing a bunch a guys to play in Hartford this year so guys who played in Hartford last year can play for the big club. Looks like the rangers are going to fill spots from within.

  76. ORR, the thing is, he didn’t even have to be at his best. The guy just needed to score one damn goal in the LA series and EVERYTHING could have turned out differently.

  77. ORR – what ev’s. Did work for us? Stanley Cup finals?

    3ot goals and they are champions.

    C’MON MAN!!!!

  78. Guys like Duclair and Kristo are intriguing to me. Both seem to be natural goal scorers with loads of talent.

  79. Eric-
    Thats a great example of the type of heat and negativity and pressure Nash is gonna be under. And I dont think he’s gonna be able to right it.

    If I were him, and the rangers presented a deal to him, I would take it.

    He’s a good player, he has a lot of skill, its fun to watch when he plays well. But he’s not prepared to play a way, that would ensure greater success. And that cost the rangers in the Finals this year, it will cost them when it hurts in the future.

    Rick Nash should be proud of himself, he’s a world-class hockey player, one of the best in the world. He shouldn’t take it personally. The type of hockey he is willing to play doesn’t determine the man he is.

    But it does determine whether his team can win a championship where the opposing teams are willing to go for it.

    Nash experienced it this spring man, and if it aint for him, if he aint willing to sacrifice his body for the prize. Then he should just be honest and let the rangers know ‘hey if you guys think you can find a better fit and want to move me, I’m agreeable to it and I understand why.’

    let him leave with grace and dignity. Allow the public perception to be that Nash came in and sured early what an impact he can be. But that he suffered two concussions in a year and he had to alter his game to protect himself. And you can’t play that way in the playoffs, so he was willing to be moved to allow the Rangers a better opportunity to go for it.

    Do it the right way. Both parties should see it now. it will be cleaner, it will be more positive, it will avert the months of uncomfortability. It makes so much sense. But both parties need to really think about it and have an open mind about it

  80. Sam, on opening night with Nash booed: “It sounds like booing, but they’re really hollering ‘Gooood.’

  81. NYR – I also think Duke is a year away. 99 pts, looks to have the size of an NHL already.

    Kristo was the goal leader for the pack, and the goal leader for the Sioux before that. Who ever the point leader was for the Sioux have gone on to have NHL success. He’s ready.

  82. Daddy Bourque to sons: ‘Compared to me, you both pretty much suck. I suppose you know that.’

  83. Joe: “Sam, it sounds like they’re hollering ‘Goooood’ every time Nash touches the puck. Fitting tribute from the faithful for realizing the effort.”

  84. At the very least, all Nash had to do was make the players around him better, and he couldn’t do that.

    Defense! That’s it! That’s all he was good for in the playoffs. He’s getting 7.8 for that. Pathetic!

    Carcillo – 2 goals in 8 games
    Nash – Tree goals in 25 games


  85. I like what they are doing with the Hartford signings. The wolf pack were pretty good when the waves of cally, dubi, artie, G, Korp, McD, Hags, Weise, Potter were in Hartford.

    The depth in Hartford the last two years has been pretty bad. And it definitely can effect the development of your key prospects.

    Kinda like in traverse city this year. No matter how good some of the guys were, the depth and goaltending were sub-par and they didnt fare well.

    The Bourques may just want to keep playing hockey, maybe they are cool playing in the AHL for awhile, before they move on to post-hockey life.

    They get to do it close to home.

    Just like the Red Wings have such a great farm system in Grand Rapids, and it has produced so many players. I think have a top-flight farm team, is a very important ingredient to building winners.

  86. Aaron Johnson to Ottawa.

    never going to be a Ranger anyway. He had a good year for the WolfPack last year.

  87. I remember as a kid. Ray Bourque struck me as ornery. Alittle like Mess. But mess was my guy.

  88. Whats the age you have to go through waivers, when you go down. Is it any player over 26?

  89. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    OFFICIAL: #NYR have agreed to terms with free agent forward Nick Tarnasky.

  90. Josh thanks for the *fresh* post.

    From the looks of the remaining ufas I’m thinking a trade is in our best interest. I for one would be willing to part w Rick Nash:)

  91. Doodie I think you’re right:

    Josh: “we had a problem with Carp”

    what do you mean?

    “you know what I mean. he’s gone. that’s that. and there isn’t a thing we can do about it”

  92. The Rangers don’t have to be better today than they were on June 13. They have to be better by Trade Deadline 2015 because that is the last chance Slats has to fix any holes.

    As for fixing the holes, Sather needs to follow the groundwork set forth by EDM, TB and ARI – a three-wayish deal where the Rangers can get a top six forward and have a team with cap space retain some of the salary.

    Sather has been around sooo long you have to figure there are a couple of GMs who owe him a favor or two….

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t see how he could score any goals for anyone since he didn’t go to NODAK.

  94. Manny-O-War, Still the King of Metal on

    I”m sure Haggerty already has his bachelor pad in Bridgeport, CT all picked out for the AHL season.

  95. Doodie your right. Kristo / Haggerty could be competing for the same spot in the NHL, or playing on the same line in the AHL.

  96. I forgot he was on the team with Grimaldi and Miller, when they won the gold medal in the U18 tournament.

    That was all.

  97. Hartford must be changing their vision.

    They’ve always played the prospects, now it seems they are drafting AHL players to win. Not necessary the players that will play for the Rangers in the future.

    Make you wonder if McIlrath will have an AHL job next year.

  98. Manny-O-War, Still the King of Metal on

    Sometimes I wake up in the morning and thank my lucky stars that I’m not named Darcy.

  99. Czechthemout!!! on


    Neither Ott nor Setaguchi is washed up.

    Santorelli would have been ok but now he is a Leaf.

    Winnik is slower than me. No thanks!

  100. bull dog line on

    I kept reading sign Steve Ott, sign Steve Ott, and I am thinking seriously? finally Doodie spoke some sense about Ott. thanks Doodie.

  101. We are good.

    No more players needed.

    Miller/Kristo/Lindberg/Fast – will out play anyone that is left out there.

    Now back to Del Zotto? Who picks up this Elite talent? How far as his stock dropped?

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, Ott is washed up. Was invisible on an actual good team in St. Louis.

    Setoguchi has been a has been (or is he a never was?) for the past 2 or 3 years.

  103. If you need hits in Manny’s fantasy hockey league. You draft Steve Ott. He has at least 6 to 8 hits per game, and a few faceoff wins. Not sure if he brings much more to the table.

    I would rather see Miller/Lindberg/Kristo play.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    vibin’, bull dog. Ott is done. In the past, he wouldn’t have made it out of the first day of free agency. Guy is done.

  105. bull dog line on

    MDZ needs to go to a bad team. yeah I know, that makes no sense. but if he goes to a good team there will be pressure. a bad team, not so much. he would get lots of ice time. it would be his best chance to get his confidence back.

  106. Rob in Beantown on

    I was thinking similarly about DZ landing in TB because of Stamkos and the rest of them

  107. Sometimes, you can’t teach certain breed of parrots more than a few words. No matter how long and hard is training experience. Their vocabulary is still limited to say: “fire sather” and/or “boo nash”. They look in vain at inner hockey teleprompter and it’s “tabula rasa”. Nothing else to say. They don’t really care about the team and clueless about very nature of sport, even seemingly enjoy team’s (or hated player’s) misfortune, bad brakes or ill luck, stupidly consider it as a proof of their empty “point” of blind personal hatred.
    Usually professional haters are also losers in life. Coda.

  108. Funny how Del Zotto still hasn’t been picked up.

    You would think someone would give him 1 year $2M.

  109. Rob in Beantown on

    $2M seems like too much for a guy who was a healthy scratch almost every game at the end of last season. I would think it would be a $1M Pouliot-type “prove it” contract

  110. 4ever, why do I have to waste my time typing the exact same thing eric, Latona, and ORR are saying. I am basically reading their comments and saying “Nash Sucks!”

    You think he had a “good” Final? You think this guy can win a Cup?

    He can score 50 and I wouldn’t care.

  111. Rob – I’m thinking he has several of those offers, but nothing better right now, how long does he hold out?

  112. bull dog line on

    Nash was only 3 wins away from winning the cup. I would say he got a lot closer than most.

  113. Rob in Beantown on

    Nash had zero to do with being 3 wins away from a Stanley Cup. The fact that we got so close with Nash being a non-contributor is one of those things that will make Rangers fans think for a long time about what could have been.

  114. bull dog line on

    if Nash has another non scoring playoff next year, I will be right there with you guys. it was only his 2nd playoff run. I think he figured out how to play in the playoffs after game 4 against Pitt. I know he is here to score, and there is no excuse for not scoring, but I happen to think other than not scoring he played well. he was rewarded for the way he played against Montreal, but not against LA. you guys ran Gabby out of town because he did score enough 2 years ago. now he figured out where he needed to go to score, and you all wish you had him back.

  115. Bulldog, why wouldn’t you trade Nash for a #1 center? We seem to have sufficient depth on the wing.

  116. …and whom this #1 center will serve an ammunition? Another word – who going to score this 30 – 35 goals?

  117. Nash goals in regular season IS a secure pass to POs at least Than, it is a different story as we all saw, where everything can happened.

  118. If you can entice San Jose to take Nash and get a guy who can Center the top line like Couture or Pavelski (either can score 30 or 40), why not?

  119. If Nash had actually been a player, he would have been a LOT closer than 3 games to the SC. He had a couple of games on his stick and what did he do with it?

    Hartford let go about half of last year’s team not even including the 2 or 3 who may take the next step, nothing to do with changing philosophy and everything to do with not enough prospects available to make the jump.

    And is no one else enjoying watching Lamoriello desperately trying to plug holes with ufa signings because he has absolutely nothing in the pipeline. Five years to Cammalleri after five years to Clowe, Martin Havlat, ancient Jagr their best forward! If Sather made those signings, even Dolan would have to fire him.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    I wasn’t one of those anti-Gaborik people. I loved and continue to love Gaborik. Torts had no idea how to use him, and that went double in his last season here when Torts refused to play Nash LW and Gaborik RW.

  121. We have no size on wing other than Nash and kreider now that Pouliot is gone.

    Also, if Nash is drawing first d pair from the other team, whether he is scoring or not (we all wish he was), he is contributing somewhat by making life easier on other lines with better match ups.

  122. bull dog line on

    2nd playoff run Doodie. Columbus was just passing by in this 1st playoff.
    and my comment about him being 3 wins away, was in response to this guy cant win the cup.

  123. I’m not against trading Nash for the right return, just not willing to dump him for the sake of dumping him.

    At least not yet.

  124. bull dog line on

    who is this number 1 center we are trading Nash for? who then becomes the number 1 RW.

  125. I also was with you Doodie. Never liked the Gaborik trade. Agree 100%.

    Except, give Torts a break. The whole thing fell on Richards. He was supposed to anchor the line. Torts HAD to break them up when it stopped working.

    Nash – Richards – Gaborik

  126. Yeah, let’s pay Nash 8 million so he can pk and draw the other team’s top pair. Next year, if Viggy puts MSL where he belongs, you won’t even be able to use the second part.

  127. Is tarnasky the guy that village people Gilles jumped during that big pens isles brawl a few seasons ago?

  128. If ott signs in jersey that will be rough. They are not going to be fun to play against with clowe, ott, ruutu…some nasty customers

  129. bull dog line on

    and then in 2015 16? who becomes the number 2 RW? dumping Nash right now would be very short sighted.

  130. bull dog line on

    and the solution to the center question can be answered in house. Chris Kreider.

  131. So who do you trade him for? Who do you sign to replace him?

    I hear a lot of whining, but no one really presenting a legitimate solution.

  132. Gabby was a wonderful stealth player, totally incompatible with Torts and his system (I was arguing with Carp about it).
    Nash just need a serious mental help in this summer, that’s it.

  133. quit asking for our solutions or trade scenarios. let the front office figure it out. Im sure there’s 25 different trade options.

    As said Id take any of four players from the Jets alone.

    Kane, Byfuglien, Ladd, or Wheeler. 5-6 million dollar players. save 2 million. another upgrade with the 2 million.

    and thats one team.

  134. ‘Nash only one gets booed around circle at center ice on opening night during team introductions. Book it.’


    Thats a great example of the type of heat and negativity and pressure Nash is gonna be under. And I dont think he’s gonna be able to right it.

    If I were him, and the rangers presented a deal to him, I would take it.

    He’s a good player, he has a lot of skill, its fun to watch when he plays well. But he’s not prepared to play a way, that would ensure greater success. And that cost the rangers in the Finals this year, it will cost them when it hurts in the future.

    Rick Nash should be proud of himself, he’s a world-class hockey player, one of the best in the world. He shouldn’t take it personally. The type of hockey he is willing to play doesn’t determine the man he is.

    But it does determine whether his team can win a championship where the opposing teams are willing to go for it.

    Nash experienced it this spring man, and if it aint for him, if he aint willing to sacrifice his body for the prize. Then he should just be honest and let the rangers know ‘hey if you guys think you can find a better fit and want to move me, I’m agreeable to it and I understand why.’

    let him leave with grace and dignity. Allow the public perception to be that Nash came in and sured early what an impact he can be. But that he suffered two concussions in a year and he had to alter his game to protect himself. And you can’t play that way in the playoffs, so he was willing to be moved to allow the Rangers a better opportunity to go for it.

    Do it the right way. Both parties should see it now. it will be cleaner, it will be more positive, it will avert the months of uncomfortability. It makes so much sense. But both parties need to really think about it and have an open mind about it

    —- ill copy and paste this every time some one lazily says why would the rangers move nash.

  135. comparing gaborik and nash is like trolling.

    i feel like the people who do are trolling

  136. we ran gaborik out of team? you mean the organization did. a lot of people hear never wanted to trade gabby. Gaborik and Nash are not comparable. gabby is slasher and striker. nash is supposed to be a power forward. Gaborik plays his game, Nash does not

  137. how about one of those players and a tweener prospect or a 3rd round pick?

    would you move on that?

  138. Beating preverbal horse here. With all seriousness – there are no available 1st line center on the market, even for crazy money (BTW, as I remember, majority here was totally against signing the best this year FA by experts consensus, Styastny). Can only try some 2nd line pretender C and unexpected,funny LW. AV will do the rest. They will freaken roll us the Cup in MSG buffet.

  139. how about eric staal with 2 years left @ 8million. Thats just off the top of my head. You dont think the rangers are exhausting every possibility. I hope they are.

    Ive heard people say E. Staal is washed up. I just think he’s in a losing situation. Unlike nash in columbus. Staal’s already won a cup and he doesn’t have the health concerns Nash does.

  140. Rangers West on

    Wheeler and Ladd for Nash? Can you make this trade without roofieing Kevin Cheveldayoff?

  141. Rangers West on

    Can the Rangers make a trade for Nash that would get a similar or better return than the Gabby trade? It’s a tough call. He helped them make the playoffs and it could be argued that the Brassard line was so good because Nash drew the 1st pair defenders. And Nash did play well in the playoffs (For the most part). He just didn’t play 7.8 million power forward/goal scorer good. If his salary was 4 million he would be a great guy to have on the team.

  142. Rangers West on

    Nash and a prospect for E. Staal? I don’t think I would do it if I were Ron Francis. But if I were Sather and could trade Nash for E, Staal, I would make that deal post haste.

  143. Czechthemout!!! on

    The Rangers are not trading Nash. Its a pipe dream. That said, I would gladly trade him for Ladd and Wheeler. Nash has proven one thing in the last two seasons, he is not a big game or money player. It hurts for me to admit it because I was one of those who really pushed for him.

  144. I with you on that deal, Bull Dog!

    I was hard on Gabby in his final year, just like I was with Jagr in his final year. I was disappointed when he got traded, especially since the return was so weak, as much as I like Bro. What can you do?

    I said “hard on”

  145. Nash will always be non-existent in the playoffs. He’s just not a playoff guy. You could give him the benefit of the doubt last year, but this year, no.

    AV deserves a little blame too. You have to find a way to push this loser. A guy that big, playing the way he plays.

    Avery said it best, Nash is afraid of his own shadow. He’s embarrassing to watch when you compare him to the way Zuc plays.

  146. Czechthemout!!! on


    I am not making myself clear. I am not pushing for Ott or Sateguchi per say. I would rather they give some of the kids from Hartford a chance but they wont in my opinion. Ott is a very good 4th line option and Setaguchi is a decent replacement for Poo Poo from what is left out there. Setaguchi is on 27 years old and has played well over several years in the past. Maybe he can get back to his best days playing with Zucc and Brassard, it certainly helped Poo Poo, who scored only 4 more goals playing with better players on a much better team.

    My first preference is to see Duclair make it out of camp onto the third line. And here is another thought that I dont even know if its possible. Bukenevich is dying to play for the Rangers. There have been several Russians that have skipped out on NHL deals, maybe its time a Russian player do the same on a KHL deal. He would be a great fit on that third line. He was extremely impressive in the WJC last season. He outplayed many players drafted ahead of him including Gregorienko of the Sabers. Why not?

  147. Nash killed our Cup run with his heartless lack of onions play.

    Nash is killing our off season with his ridiculuos $7.8 cap hit.

  148. A lot of guys here don’t like Eric Staal. Maybe they are right. I honestly don’t see him play much.

    What of he only needs a change of scenery?

    I’d risk it.

    He’s also playing for a new contract and Might have a monster year.

  149. Ditto to everything Doodie said at 546pm. I was never anti Gaborik. Much to the contrary I get told that the Gaborik trade needed to happen every time I bring it up. I go back and forth in my own head about it to be honest…

    And Bulldog, I think you’re just defending Nash for the sake of debating. You can’t tell me that no matter how well he played aside from not being able to buy a goal in the post season run that it makes financial sense to continue paying him 7.5 million dollars of a 69 million dollar limit so that he can go hot and cold and bless us with 10 more goals than Benoit “he’s gonna suck anywhere else” Pouliot scored for us last season. If you have a chance to free up that money you do it. Or was that just the rule for the goalie?

  150. Orr I’m going to break your fingers AND your keyboard if you don’t stop saying Ribiero is coming to NY

  151. I have already stated if do a deal with the jets including nash.

    I like the Erik Staal idea as well.

    If I could get burns or couture out of San Jose or landeskog out of Colorado, I’d do those deals as well.

  152. Agreed Wick. Although Eric Staal has a more obnoxious contract than Nash does.
    I think in the end we’d only be getting a prospect/pick package for him.

  153. Rangers West on

    Can the Rangers get a deal for Nash like the one Ottawa got for Spezza? Would San Jose want Nash for a Thorton/Nash bromance?

  154. Rangers West on

    If the Rangers can set up three decent 2nd lines with no real first line does that depth negate the damage done by the dearth of 1st line talent?

  155. The problem is Nash accepting a trade. If he still has that NMC, it’s a pain in the ass.

    The good thing is he’s not requesting a trade, so these teams don’t have any leverage like NYR did in 2012.

  156. Rangers west
    Yes, IMHO as long as there are guys that can actually put the puck in the net.

    I’ve said it forever, I’ll take a consistent 30 goal guy over a potential 40 or 50 goal guy any day of the week.

  157. bull dog line on

    I am not defending him for the sake of debate. I am not really defending him. he did not score, that what he was paid for. I am just saying I don’t think dumping him is wise. you want to trade him for good value, I am good with that. dumping him, not so much.

  158. bull dog line on

    as far as the Gabby trade goes. I believed he was going to get traded. Torts did not like him, and his contract was going to be up in a year. it made sense then. and I still think they did well in that trade.I did not want to trade him. I do remember Doodie being outraged by the trade, but there were many here who were just killing him, like there killing Nash now. ORR was honest and stood behind what he said. the rest are being very selective about what they are remembering.

  159. Ribeiro might turn his game around in NY. It’s harder to get drugs in NYC than in Arizona. (s)

  160. If memory serves me correct I liked both the gabby deal and the Nash deal.

    Don’t think I’ve waffled on either.

  161. Bull I hear what you’re saying about needing to get value for him. It’s my hope that he has a big year next year obviously

  162. If we made Nash a center and just kept him away from the boards, eliminated any defensive responsibilities, and let him wander wherever, all of which we did with Richie, he might net 60.

  163. Maynard was the inspiration for Shaggy Rogers in Scooby Doo. Little known useless factoid.

  164. Mike Emrick: ‘Good God, Marty is pouring syrup on his waffleboards and eating them!’

  165. Gillis – Menninger – Krebs

    What a line

    Everyone looking to add ufa’s to fill out the holes in the lineup, this is not the way it will work in the cap era. You absolutely have to play utes or you’re just churning your roster every year. The advantage is that even if only 1 makes a splash every year, you have a relatively low salary for 3 or 4 years, until you have to start buying ufa years. Every year you’re going to lose players ufa because their cap number’s just going to make it impossible to keep. If you’re real lucky, you keep your core together for 2 or 3 years before you have to retool.

    People pointing to how LA managed the cap so well. Take a look at the nightmare they’re going to go through next year. Otoh, next year we should be relatively stable as long as we don’t try to backfill with short term fixes that leave us in the same position we find ourselves in this year. The utes need to play to get the experience that they still won’t have next year if they don’t play this year.

    This is Bettman’s NHL, get used to it.

  166. If I couldn’t get ott or carter (cup winner with the ducks I think) thru free agency, I’d go with Lindberg.

    I really wouldn’t mind adding penner for a bit if size…Heatley sort of intrigues me (has some size as well). I really want to see duclair and want to see Kristo a bit.

    All this of course depends on rfa’s and trades (if any).

  167. Penner has 2 cup rings I think…he would be the one add if I could have only one.

  168. “You can’t tell me that no matter how well he played aside from not being able to buy a goal in the post season run that it makes financial sense to continue paying him 7.5 million dollars of a 69 million dollar limit so that he can go hot and cold and bless us with 10 more goals than Benoit “he’s gonna suck anywhere else” Pouliot scored for us last season. If you have a chance to free up that money you do it”

    Can we have this stickied somewhere?

    Yes we all would have made the trade and took Rick, any GM would have. You cant let this continue and expect to not be early round exits until hank can no longer play in 8 years.

  169. He’s out trying to get a jump start on Hilary Clinton’s 2016 bid.

    Jk Eddie x 3 ;)

  170. Coos, the problem I see with your “play Nash at Center to keep him away from the boards” suggestion………..

    He treats the slot and the front of the net like it’s littered with land mines and lepers.

  171. I don’t see us trading Nash, i think he’ll be given at least one more season to prove he’s still a 30-goal guy (and can score in the playoffs).

    More concerning to me is the cap situtation.
    Capgeek says we have $14m (but that include Hunwick, Fast and Mueller, so more like $16m).
    So i’m guessing Brass and Zuke get around $4m each, JMoops and Kreider a bridge deal each for $1.5m-$2m. So probably leaves us with $4m to find a 3rd line winger, 4th line winger and 3rd line center. Not much wiggle room!!

  172. Good morning, boneheads!

    Sounds just about right, UK. At least one of those 3 positions will have to filled by Miller/Fast//Lindberg. Unless they trade someone. And it’s not likely to be Nash. Again, I’m not defending his play, but is simply not a smart decision to trade him at his lowest value for just cap space when there isn’t anyone out there to replace his production. They’ll have enough issues replacing Richards’ points. They’ll give him another year to see if he resumes his form, IMO.

  173. Happy Fourth of July!

    It’s nice up here, where everything south of Glens Falls is downstate :)

  174. Anyone else find it alarming/impressive that coos knows Shaggys last name? I never even knew he had one

  175. I’m putting my money on Lindberg to take the center spot and Miller/Fast to compete for one of the winger spots. I’d also bet on Slats hoping to find a reclamation project winger to add (after the success/luck with Pouliot).

  176. Pouliot will be missed. He was a good find because he probably figured it was his last attempt to change from a journey man player to someone who can become a regular contributor. He also complemented this line perfectly with his speed, size, some skills and aggressiveness. I’m going on record and say that both he and the Rangers will not be able to replicate that fully.

  177. Happy 4th!

    I agree that Pouliot will be missed to an extent. Can’t replace that size and speed. Guy played in the offensive zone aggressively with reckless abandon. This was both a good and bad thing. Scored some big goals and had some nice chemistry with Brassard and Zucc. Almost always was a risk for a dumb penalty. I don’t think we’ll miss that. There is no way he is worth $4M per year for 5 years!!!!

    Thanks for the memories, Poo!

  178. Cough cough…might be a little late into work this morning…not feeling great…

    Vive le France!!!

  179. I Still like the thought of adding penner.

    I also would love to see duclair make it.

    Carcillo update?

  180. happy 4th of July to everyone.
    eat and drink and blow things up so you can briefly forget the offseason. Be careful!

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