NHL free-agency day … It’s Go Time!


Here’s my column from The Journal News and lohud.com:

By Rick Carpiniello

In pretty much any other year, the Rangers would probably be overpaying, or attempting to overpay Paul Stastny or some other free agent when the market opens Tuesday at noon.

But this isn’t any other year. This is a year when the salary cap went up, but by about $2 million less than anticipated, and a year in which several of the Rangers’ own free agents’ price tags went skyward due to the team’s run to the Stanley Cup final.

So not only are the Rangers extremely unlikely to be making any big splash in today’s annual silly-money free-for-all, but they are very likely to come out of today with more holes to fill.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

Having already bought out Brad Richards and gotten out from under his $6.67 million cap hit, and having traded Derek Dorsett and his $1.67 million salary last week, the Rangers are, right now, a worse team than the one that left the ice while Los Angeles celebrated its Stanley Cup win in the wee hours of June 14.

They have a chance to be much worse today, with the likelihood of at least two, if not all four, of their main unrestricted free agents departing.

Those would be defenseman Anton Stralman, who could get more than $4 million per from another team; Brian Boyle, who would have been a stretch at $3 million per and probably will command more as a free agent; Benoit Pouliot, who has worked on five straight one-year deals and now is in line for a multi-year contract and a big raise; and Dominic Moore, who came out of retirement on a bargain one-year contract last summer. Daniel Carcillo and Raphael Diaz are also unrestricted.

With Dorsett gone, and Boyle and Moore possibly leaving, the Rangers could lose their entire fourth line, which had been so effective from December through the end of the regular season, and even more so in the playoffs. The Rangers are interested in, and will attempt to keep Moore at the right price.

Pouliot played the best hockey of his enigmatic career on  the team’s most productive and consistent line with Mats Zuccarello and Derick Brassard, and has received a lot of interest since the “talking period” between other teams and free agents opened on June 25. Pittsburgh is reportedly ready to make him an offer Tuesday.

But they also have to find a replacement for Richards, a top-three center at worst, and a power-play point man.

Rangers general manager Glen Sather has made qualifying offers to his important restricted free agents: Zuccarello, Brassard, Chris Kreider and John Moore, meaning they won’t be going anywhere. However, the salary cap crunch increases the likelihood that in each case those negotiations could be drawn out.

The Rangers have 12 players under contract, counting J.T. Miller and Jesper Fast, and less than $23 million left to fill out their roster. The possibility remains that they can trade a big contract – for example, no matter how unlikely, Rick Nash’s $7.8 million

Some of the top free agents, including the 28-year-old Stastny, Thomas Vanek, Jarome Iginla, Dan Boyle, Dany Heatley and Mike Cammalleri all figure to be well outside the Rangers’ budget.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© East Champions on





    GO TIME!!!

    LETS gog go go gogog ogoggo!!!


  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© East Champions on

    we need Pouliot , Moore and Boyle.

    Thats it , oh yeah Paul Stastney too.

  3. If we could sign 2 of our own for a decent price tag of the 4 ufas call today a success.

    This team by 6:00 tonight will look flat out ugly.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice, Carp.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the whole thing unfolds. Just remember something. Last year, when this team was assembled, adding Pouliot, D. Moore and Co., we all thought they had so many weak spots and holes that some of us didn’t think they’d be competitive, let alone making it to the SCF. Let’s see what Sather got this year.

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….Hockey Drawinism at its finest hour…here’s to survival of our core team!

  6. Go Time!

    LGR !!!

    Nice article, Carp.

    We’re going to miss Boyle. I hope we can find a way to keep his hands of stone around.

    Also, Lets Go USA!

    Apple Pie > Waffles

  7. Also if any of these rumors are true, 14/15 WBM will look like this.


    Dan Boyle, that is.

    Apologies to Gravy, I know it’s trademarked.

  8. Hi everyone, happy “Mister D flips out because we let Brian Boyle go” day. Let’s hope it’s a heartbreaker!

  9. If anything from today, I remind you in the middle of winter next season:

    PB strongly suggests:

    1) trade Klein and use his money to re-sign Stralman.


    2) trade Klein to help acquire a legit top 4 RH DMAN.

  10. Gnash to the Habs for a 3rd rounder and a 1st round prospect. Actually, I think he’ll rebound next year, as long as he stays away from Lucic

  11. Nice article, Carp, but too depressing for this time of the day. Maybe I’ll check back here in the PM.

  12. Comiung soon to an arena near you….The 3 Musketeers Line…Kristo, Lindberg, Fasth. Youth, energy, *defense*

  13. Admiral Akbar on

    ….and overhead swarm the vultures ready to pick apart the helpless carcass of the Stanley Cup Finalist New York Rangers…

    Thank you, Gary Bettman!

    Is anyone here as sick as I am over this???

  14. I am so not ready to say goodbye to Boyle.

    C’mon *Hodor* sign back up at 3 for 4.

  15. So, I’ve taken to thinking of June 30th and then July 1st as the best and worst Non-Hockey playing days of the year:

    June 30th for me is now Bob Gainey day in remembrance of him trading us Ryan McMonster

    July 1st is annual “how dumb can Glen Sather be” appreciation day

    OH THE Roller coaster of emotions!

  16. July 1: “I Want Boyle Back”

    November 29: “^$^&&$# Boyle Can’t finish!”

  17. Anybody figure out what happened to Girardi this post-season? Any trade value in him with his shiny new contract?

  18. my guess RE: Girardi is he just wore out and was fighting a couple nagging injuries.

    I don’t want to trade him, he is a legit 1st pair D and a great compliment for McDonagh as McD begins to explore his offensiality

  19. Who you gonna put on the ice for PK and opposing top line in dzone? Not concerned he can’t finish. More concerned Nash can’t finish.

  20. Admiral Akbar on


    “…c’mon NHL GM’s, come’n get your Eastern Conf Champions!”

    –gleeful Gary Bettman 7/1/14

  21. Admiral Akbar on

    A line of Miller, Fast, Kristo, etc is not exactly comforting.

    It ain’t like we’ve got Stepan, Kreider, etc coming up.

  22. to be fair we didn’t know what we had with Stepan coming in as a rook either and were sort of dissapointed in Kreider’s first regular season sprint with the team.

  23. Admiral Akbar on


    Boyle –> Boston
    Pull-out –> Pittsburgh
    Stralman –> ??
    Wilbur –> Fishsticks/Tire Fires
    DMoops –> NYR

  24. All i’m seeing here is guys wanting to get paid….is the NHL the new NBA?
    What happened to hometown discounts and keeping the band together? Is this attitude change a side-effect from the owners lockout/money grab ?

  25. Time to hit the gym…my being called a fat-cat has nothing to do with money. Looking forward to Sather performing some roster magic. ..he is more dangerous with money to spend…and the cap years have been better of late for us than the recent non-cap years.

  26. London Broil on

    Im not sick over this. the NHL like every other sport is a business. If we didnt have salary caps designed to hamper big market – mainly NY – teams, we wouldnt lose our players & could keep Richards add the Stastnys of the world.

  27. Predictions:

    Boyle—> Boston (4yrs @ $3m+)
    Pull-out—> Ottawa (3 yrs @ $3m)
    Stralman—> Lightning (5yrs @ $4.5m)
    Richards—> Islanders (2yrs @ $2.5m)
    DMoops—> NYR (2yrs @ $1.5m )

  28. London Broil on

    Owners of small market teams like the Avalanche and many others have more money than Jimmy D but choose to not spend it because theyre cheapskates. So the cheapskate owners employ the salary cap to hamper the big spenders.

  29. The first day of NHL free agency and National Ice Cream day…what’s the scoop?

  30. Manny we got em. He’s at camp!!!

    Admiral that line might surprise you!!!

    I would love that to be our 4th line. Lots of speed & skill. Maybe they start with 10 minutes per game, and come December it could be the energy line that is getting extra shifts for producing (A lot like Zucc’s line last year)

  31. leetchhalloffame on

    Sather is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his a$$ to get out of this mess he created. Fire Sather.

  32. Can someone explain to me why Boyle is presumably worth $3m and D Moore only $1.7m? To me they’re essentially the same player and the stats bear it out – similar faceoff wins, goals, assists, minutes, pk minutes, etc. though Boyle does have the edge in hits. Is it solely because Boyle is a sometimes 3rd line player vs Moore being squarely viewed as a 4th liner?

  33. Prediction

    By 6:00 pm tonight this roster will look awful on paper. I expect very little today after we lose our 4 ufas. Boyle pouliot stralman moore

  34. _All i’m seeing here is guys wanting to get paid….is the NHL the new NBA?_

    Like how the Miami guys all took less to win?

    _What happened to hometown discounts and keeping the band together?_

    They’re for dummies and/or guys already financially secure for a couple generations.

  35. _Pouliot scores 30 goals playing with skid._

    True, but I probably score 23 and I’ve never ice skated.

  36. Probably Sioux but he met with the Sens yesterday and the Pens are looking for cheap wingers, he could price himself out of a slot on Skid’s wing

  37. Lol Mr D. I’ll say it again- we’ll miss Pouliot. He brings certain things that are rare for this Rangers organization.

  38. Manny-O-War on

    How have you never ice skated if you played so many years in Junior(s), Doc?

  39. I’ll certainly miss his offensive zone penalties, i love those lazy hooks behind the icing line!!

  40. Manny-O-War on

    If I was Pouliot I would take half as much money as the Rangers offered to go play on the Penguins.

  41. James, I think what Pouliot brought (size and a little toughness, tertiary scoring) was rare for us, but I don’t fully trust him to bring it again. I’m not sure how you’d value last year’s Pouliot, but whatever that value is, you’d probably be paying full or more to retain him. Basically, I don’t trust 2014-15 Pouliot to be a comp for 2013-14 Pouliot because we’ve seen, both last year and in year’s prior, just how bad he can be.

  42. Manny-O-War on

    The Senators play a pretty disciplined, tight game. I can’t imagine Pouliot’s penalty history would be appealing to them.

  43. Fact: Chris Neil has been in the bottom 20 each of the last three seasons in penalty plus/minus. Which, unlike scoring plus/minus, is pretty much a straight individual measure.

  44. 2 hours to go!!
    Who’ll be the first to announce their move? Stastny? Boyle? Pouliot? Vanek?

    I’m hoping Darth Slats has at least SOME news for us today!!

  45. Could the Capitals be a destination for Stastny? He would be the Center that Ovechkin needs. His defensive play alone would really help.

    They have $12M in cap space and are reportedly letting Penner and Grabovski walk.

    They need Defense badly though.

  46. Volchenkov is a lefty i think – i’m presuming we’ll be going after another soon-to-be-ex-Devil – Mark Fayne, when Stralman signs elsewhere

  47. Sather has had some pretty successful season recently

    {ducks behind trashcan}

  48. He is a lefty. Good call, UK. He just hits pretty well and is a good stay at home guy.

  49. Every year, I’m amazed at the speed of contract negotiations. How guys can get specific terms at 12:00 and have a contract drawn up and signed at 12:05 is astonishing.

  50. @NYP_Brooksie

    Pouliot, Stralman, BBoyle appear gone, Dom Moore may be going, DBoyle, Fayne, Carter, maybe Heatley on NYR radar http://nyp.st/1r8IGb8


    Told you guys. Ryan Carter on his way.

  51. Manny – last year it was DMoops, Pouliot (and not buying out Richards, which proved to be a good, if lucky move)

  52. We should start a pool of which legitimate reporter retweets a fake account first.

  53. We’ll be in the market for a righty, pref with some offensive skills – if not we’ll be in the market for a forward who can play the PP point

  54. Fayne would be a good addition, he’s played on the Devils top pair so should be able to handle duties with Staal and he should come in at $3m or less, which i’ll wager will be $1.5-2m less than Stralman

  55. I’m totally fine with Fayne.

    I think Stastny and Stralman could end up landing in Washington. They have just about enough Cap space.

  56. Always work from home on trade deadline and free agent frenzy day lol. The a sick day each year

  57. Meanwhile, with all this whining chorus on a background, unanimously despised and hated Carsillo shows the most adorable loyalty to the Rangers organization, begging its brass just to let him stay here for the very reasonable paycheck and promise to spill his guts.

  58. Final predictions …

    *Boyle*: Leaves (Extreme unhappiness)

    *Carcillo*: Stays (Pointless)

    *Diaz*: Stays (Happy, I like him as a 6th D)

    *Moore*: Stays (Very happy … my only projected time of happiness)

    *Pouliot*: Surprisingly stays (He’s not going to be worth it)

    *Stralman*: Leaves (I don’t think he’ll be worth his deal either, but he also leaves a far bigger hole than Pouliot and has a higher floor)

  59. Fayne has really great possession numbers, he’s not going to fly under the radar.

  60. The only one who stays is D. Moore. Post mentioned possible replacements as Mason Raymond of Toronto and Mark Fayne and Ryan Carter of the Debbies.

    Carp or Boneheads thoughts on these guys??

  61. I do, Wicky, because just a bit ago I was thinking there weren’t going to be any and all of our biggest deals are when I feel like that. Unless acknowledging I feel like that invalidates the feeling.

  62. Rob in Beantown on

    My prediction is Dom Moore stays, all of the other important UFAs are gone.

  63. The Kings just won the Cup, have 21 players signed with $2.8M cap space remaining, and only Dwight King as an RFA.

    The Hawks made it to the WCF, and have 21 players signed with $700k cap space (granted they will be in a much tougher spot next year).

  64. Great article as always Carp, although not sure how you are worse off by losing Richards. As far as I see it, it’s addition by subtraction. We forget how painful it was to watch him, especially for most of every power play. Good riddance.

  65. Two coaches kept putting Richards on the PP point because they didn’t believe they had any other better internal options. I’m not sure who else is going to play there, as it seems the potential FAs are out of their price range.

  66. I’m going to love hearing a bunch of you moaning and groaning today about this roster and upcoming season and how bad it’s going to suck, just like last year!


  67. I’m excited for today. I could care less if all the UFA are gone.

    If they don’t want to *BE A RANGER*…. Let the door hit them in the A$$ on the way out.

    I won’t loss 1 New York Minute of sleep over any of them.

  68. Sports net coverage Rogers on nhl network not the Tsn crew. With new tv package Tsn being pushed aside for us viewers now

  69. I wanted Dom and Brian to stay. But I get it, they want a bigger raise, they are entitled to it. I don’t blame them for seeking it.

    I could see Boyle signing with Boston, that would make for a Great STORY, so could DOM. LIVE at home in the house that his wife just finished. Boston is a great city.

  70. Man. So glad we didn’t have to suffer through Spezza.

    Less happy we are in full rebuild mode.

  71. I can’t remember the last time the Rangers lost 4 significant players to free agency???

  72. Seems to me that in this League, you either need a lot of talent, a lot of fire, or be operating on ice anticipating an UFA contract.

  73. ‘Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I’ve tasted of desire,
    I side with those who favor fire.
    But, for destruction, ice is nice
    And would suffice.’


  74. That’s funny. I seem to remember carter breaking dubi’s nose and scoring two huge goals against us.

    Havent liked the guy bc of those things. but he plays a game the rangers can use.

  75. I much prefer Tsn coverage then Rogers but under new tv contract I see why we get them on nhl network.

  76. I’m hoping Gordy can talk Skjei into signing after camp. If he thinks he ready, he’s ready. How do you not make the jump?

    He could start for the Pack, like McD did and work his way into the 3rd pair if the when the opportunity arises.

  77. it would be nice if we could dump that big lump of uselessness who wears number 61!

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    Decent return for Spezza considering only 1 year left on deal, but would have been better if he could have squeezed out a 1st instead of those two middling prospects. In other words, Chiasson and a 1st would have been a better return.

  79. Adam Rotter, bless his heart it seems like he works hard, but his thing of just repeating everyone else’s info, on this particular day, is just so effin annoying. Plus he takes up valuable real estate in the widget.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Sportsnet will improve over the course of their deal. Even NBC Sports has come a long way since the days of OLN.

  81. Agree doodie. Will take time get used to Rogers.

    Ottawa did ok but yeah a 1st rounder and 2nd rounder 2015 be better

  82. TBH. Im hoping the cap crunch actually pushes Sather to look to move Nash. His hands are tied.

    The rangers are better off with 3 middle tier players that they can give an extra 1-1.5 million (too, to, 2, II)

    Then they are with nash and 3 league min contracts.

    Get creative front office.

  83. _how about Nash for Jordan Staal?_

    I don’t have a long list of “no” players, but Jordan Staal is on it.

  84. Hawks are smart they are working on Toews & Kane’s extensions, before doing anything else.

    Perhaps the Rangers should do the same with Staal, before breaking the bank in the market today.

  85. Nash/JT miller for Staal.

    Values there. tough to do though when Miller may be a low-cost center option for the next 4 years.

    But I wouldn’t have minded having the staal brothers in that LA series.

  86. J. Staal just scored 15 goals on a $6MM per year deal. That deal ends just short of Ryan McDonagh’s 35th birthday. He’s the no-iest no.

  87. Jumbo Shrimp still in San Jose, he didn’t want to be a star.

    Would Sather bring him over to wake up Nash?

  88. You may be right.

    In my opinion. I think Pittsburgh depth took a hit after their cup victory and that now in Carolina he’s not playing with very good line mates.

    Either I just threw Staal’s name out.

    I do think the rangers should trade Nash to make cap room though.

    There is no doubt we would get more bang for the buck in FA then we will from Nash.

  89. I think Staal for Nash works as a great challenge trade if Staal had Nash’s term left. He’s unmoveable with 9 years remaining on his deal.

  90. nash 2.0????

    hes 25
    won a cup
    lost a cup

    73 playoff games: 23g, 13a, 36pts

    Sorry guys we would have won the cup if Nash shows up in the playoffs the way Jordan Staal has in his career

  91. Stranger Nation on

    Nash for FLA’s 2015 #1 – clear space, sign Grabovsky and Belov

    Staal to Carolina for Riley Nash

  92. wow, I won’t lie. I didnt think he was on a 10 year deal. I must have gotten the term and money mixed up. thought he was on a 6 year deal.

  93. if nash would waive his NMC and sather could get the right combo of players/ cap space. No doubt Sather does it. We all how this is ending with Nash. in business, life, everything, sometimes making that decision early leads to a big payoff

    i mean really what is the reason we wouldn’t trade nash if we could???

  94. We would have beaten LA if we hadn’t traded “One Cup” Mike Rupp. He won a Cup even more than Jordan Staal because he scored the winner.

  95. Jpp
    Nash 2.0 meaning a higher salary player and people here saying “he’s good defencively but for that money he should have more goals and points”

  96. give me the space over kadri and franson.

    Honestly Id rather have alex buriminstrov at 3.5 million and that additional 4.3 cap space then Nash.

    Come on people. the rangers are about to lose 4 guys who really contributed last year to a finals run, they total production dwarfed Nash’s.

    Why wouldn’t Sather be unloading Nash right now if he COULD

  97. ThisYearsModel on

    I would be interested in Mathieu Perrault to replace Richards. He is a nice player, great skater, puck possesser and could thrive with AV. Good on faceoffs too.

  98. Do any of the 26 skating at the Prospect Camp have a shot at making the Blueshirts?

    Pavel Buchnevich

  99. haha add a pick to Nash/Miller for JVR

    Get Me JVR and maybe Ill buy my first jersey since my Alex Kovalev jersey

  100. Before SCF: Pullouy, Boyle, Strawlmahn, DMoore – useless losers, can’t wait for them to be gone.



  101. Everyone seems to feel that a pathetic, no-contact, no defense Richards was a hero and de-facto Captain and ‘locker room leader’ after Cally left and that it’s too bad he had to be jettisoned. Yet those same people want Nash out. Riddle me all of that.

  102. Wicky, Franson can play the point on the PP, would probably sign for about $3M as an RFA, and he hits.

  103. Stranger Nation on

    _Why wouldn’t Sather be unloading Nash right now if he COULD_

    The Keep Nash crowd:
    – hard to replace his regular season goal production
    – big body
    – will return to pre-concussion form with a summer off
    – marquee name
    – great on PK

    The Trade Nash Crowd:
    – choker
    – too much $$ for production
    – Soft as a Nashed Potato Sandwich
    – can get a PKer for $1.7, not $7.8

  104. The only way you can consider Staal’s ring a nod over Nash is if you honestly believe Nash would have prevented Crosby and Malkin from winning. Otherwise, its just good draft fortune, right?

  105. Mister D. I watched those two playoffs runs Pittsburgh losing and then winning. In watching, I saw Staal be a player Nash will never be for us.

    Im not basing it off any talk, any reps. anything

    I watched. I remember

    Staal was a monster in those playoff runs.

    Do you remember it clearly? cuz if you did, I think you’d have a different take

  106. Poof….. they just disappeared from the roster page.

    No worries Haggerty, Miller, & Fast are still on there :)

  107. Stranger Nation on

    Agree his goal production will be hard to replace if he recovers to 2013 form, but his cap hit using this year’s reg season form and especially POs is just too much.

    Concussion is the grey area (with the grey matter), but he seemed willing to engage in Lumbus and Sochi.

    Would trade him if we could for picks or decent return

  108. Carbomb is still in the hunt to be a Ranger.

    Gritty 4th liner under $1M, I’m guessing it fits as a Sather Supervalu signing.

  109. very MSG, jp morgan like. Make things disappear.

    And like that, Poof, he’s gone.

    they’ve done it in the past.

    Heck during the playoff run they never mentioned Callahan by name, Sam Rosen did it once and he had this look like the cat who ate the cannery.

  110. _Do you remember it clearly? cuz if you did, I think you’d have a different take_

    He was playing 3C for Pittsburgh. He’s very much better than a 3C.

  111. Eric – I’m thinking with all the UFA gone, I may get to watch a game with you next year :)

  112. Can’t understand how again you let what works, walk away.
    You buyout Richards, you have to let Stralman walk because you can’t afford to keep him, Trade DD to free up space.
    The rest should be able to be resigned to keep some consistansy in tact. Now Sather needs to fill holes on 3 lines and the 2nd D pair. And needs to hope the one line thats untouched, can improve (61).
    Makes no sense. Major changes don’t work, tweeking does – see BOS, LA, CHI, etc…
    Now instead of finding a way with 2-3 spots, he needs to revamp with 6-7 new players.

  113. My gut feeling was right.

    Brooks is reporting that the Rangers want D Boyle, more than Brian Boyle.

    I’m ok with that.

  114. If we “can’t afford” our guys and throw $5MM annually at Dan Boyle, I am going to literally explode to death.

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    And we’re off! Time for us to wait for news that will make us want to quit following this team!

  116. With you on that, MD. That’s the ultimate nightmare scenario…and the most likely it seems.

  117. Will the zebras slyly and surreptitiously try to run Carcillo out of the league?

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, Carcillo successfully appealed his suspension. He was eligible as of Game 4 of the Final.

  119. Stranger I think you meant ‘jpp’. Our monikers are close and totally confusing. I will claim precedent since I’ve been posting here since 2008….

  120. Doc he slots next to Staal, he can still score on the Power Play, and is short term.

    It’s not like he is going to be playing a ton of minutes.

  121. Mister

    Boyle for 2 yrs stralman 4-5 yrs that’s why sather going after him. I don’t agree either.

  122. Let me just ask.

    What would each of your reactions be if we see a post in the twitter feed announcing the rangers trade Nash today.

  123. Sign, seal, and deliver Boyle to the Blue Line!!!!

    Rangers won’t have any cap space left, they will have to play Kristo :)


  124. In addition to RFA names previously mentioned, #NYR extended qualifying offers to *&Danny Kristo* , Jason Missiaen and Ryan Bourque

  125. space, picks, young roster player, or a player of mention with some sort of wart, (be it contract, uncertainty of level of play, age)

    any combination of it

  126. Slats not interested in future draft picks for Nash. At his age, he needs to win now.

  127. @PLeonardNYDN

    Stralman will not be returning to Rangers, per source. Rangers are out

  128. If you’re not going to change screen names, it would probably help if you guys had avatars.

  129. Rob in Beantown on

    _What would each of your reactions be if we see a post in the twitter feed announcing the rangers trade Nash today._


  130. P Leonard says Stralman officially gone. Won’t sign with the NYR.

    Rejoice, Manny.

  131. Will be delighted to see Hags and The K go around Stralman like he was a stone pylon.

  132. The only problem with Stralman is that he can’t play on the PP, or, at least, the staff didn’t/doesn’t think he can.

  133. I’m not sure how it benefits Stralman for his agent to announce a team is eliminated from the bidding.

  134. Best case scenario is Stralman and Pouliot clear out fast and we double back on our Boyle.

  135. I’d like to have McIlrath stand outside Sather’s office ready to beat the crap out of him if he contacts D Boyle even one more time.

  136. Rob in Beantown on

    Tom Gulitti @TGfireandice
    Mark Fayne probably not coming back to Devils, but told Rangers are not in on him or Ryan Carter.

  137. I raise this every year because I’m always amazed no else brings it up but once again Lundqvist’s contract is handicapping the Ranger’s ability to sign players.

    This isn’t a knock on performance – Lundqvist is awesome, generationally good no doubt.

    I just still don’t think he’s 20% better than then next closest goalie contract nor twice as good as the average starting goalie – though he’s paid like he is. If Lundqvist were making $7.5m, maybe the Rangers have the ability keep a Boyle or Stralman…..

  138. wow Pitt got Erhoff for a year at 4 million. Thats a great deal for them. Allows him to have career year and cash in when hopefully teams will have more cap-room. (of course, thats his ideal play out)

    Not ours.

  139. Rob in Beantown on

    Pouliot to the OILERS for FIVE YEARS.


    See ya Pouliot. Thanks for everything.

  140. Lost all respect for Pouliot. Edmonton? Seriously? Saved his career this year. Formed a bond in and out of hockey with MZA and Brass. AV saved his butt.

  141. And people wonder why Edmonton can’t be successful with all those 1st round picks.

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    Lev, because it’s twenty million dollars. It’s not like the Rangers came anywhere near that. They balked at 9 million over 3. He just got 20 million over 5. Can’t blame him, at all.

  143. How can you lose respect for a guy that basically had everything thrown at him except three virgins?

  144. haha at least Puoliot knew not to go to Pittsburgh, he’s not the type who would like being heckled. He went as far from NY as possible.

  145. How many NRY castaways/walkaways are Habs now? I think all of them…ugh, curse of the former Ranger lighting it up in MSG vs NYR will be in full effect this season…Malhotra will score 35 goals….33 of them vs Hank

  146. Seriously, I’m happy for Pouliot. The only thing that would have been better for the Rangers would be if the Penguins gave him that contract.

  147. yeah I would have heckled Puoliot if he turned that deal down and returned to the rangers. for him and what his career has been.

    Nobody would let him not take that deal

  148. @NYP_Brooksie

    Brian Boyle also has at least one five-year offer, we’re told…

  149. If Edmonton gave him 4 mil long, they must have been in competition with someone, no? If not, they’re being run by head cases. I think they’re being run by head cases regardless.

  150. remember guys. the oilers are a cap floor team… they dont have to worry about overpaying a guy and being squeezed with the cap.

    They have a ton of talent, and not size. they signed him to bring what he brought to the brass and zucc line.

    It could pay off for their other players.

  151. Edmonton stinks year and year out because they make silly moves. really pouliot for 5 years at $4 mill per… Laughable….

  152. I’m sure there was competition for Puoliot. The oilers probably either added a year, or added a million per year.

  153. Yeah, seriously. Great for Pouliot, that’s lifetime security coming off falling 1 year offers.

  154. Good for PullOUT!

    Sather has to be laughing at that one. AV deserves a cut of that, for saving his career.

  155. @JPP they also don’t kill the o-zone penalties he will take as well as the rangers did

  156. ThisYearsModel on

    So Edmonton now has all their key players locked up for long term……….Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins, Hall and BENOIT POULIOT!

  157. wow puoliot gets a better deal then a former 30 goal scorer in Michalek.

    So you guys, GMs around the league must see what Puoliot did this season as turning the page and becoming a pro.

    Wow what a year for him. Comes to ny, his first child is born. Has an incredibly fun season, goes to the Finals. scores a contact worth 20x his last year.

    BOOM. What a year

  158. I think the $4 mil per season is about right for Pouliot. It’s the 5 year commitment for a classic underachiever is what surprises me.

  159. Agreed, Steve. $4MM over 3 years would seem big but expected on the open market. 5 is mindblowing.

  160. Are the Oilers actually going to be good? I just can’t see it happening if they don’t get a *starting* goaltender.

  161. @Panger40 @washcaps shore up goaltending position as they have agreed to deal with Justin Peters for 2 years. #SNSigningSeason


  162. Does Malholtra have anything left? To me he sounded like a cheap 4th line option for the Rangers if they couldn’t bring back D. Moops. I know he was always good on the PK and on faceoffs, something we still need.

  163. @FriedgeHNIC In english, that *Gorges to BUF* for a 2016 second-rounder


    Good thing he refused the Maple Leafs!

  164. *STASTNY* to St. Louis


    BREAKING NEWS: The Blues have signed free agent center Paul Stastny to a four-year deal. #stlblues pic.twitter.com/vqcG7RlTer

  165. Thanks freaking GOD we didn’t sign Stastny. I can’t wait to see those numbers.

  166. Let’s go cheap – defense and smashmouth. Carcillo, Haley, Asham, McUndertaker, Bickel, McGratten.

  167. How did Stastny sign for 4 years? I assumed he would be MAX of 7 years.

    4 Years at $7M per.

  168. Rob in Beantown on

    Stastny contract was not as much as I was expecting. I thought NYR would be in the hunt at that price.

  169. that contract says to me he wants to win because he had to have left money/term on the table and St. Louis is loaded for bear.

  170. @NHLonTSN

    Jussi Jokinen signs a four-year deal with the Florida Panthers. $4 million/year. #TSN #FAF #FreeAgentFrenzy


    So Stastny is only worth 40% more than Jussi Jokinen?

  171. Maybe Stastny can play with TJ Oshie and they can be the slowest top line in hockey?

  172. @NYP_Brooksie

    Post has learned Rangers have signed *Dan Boyle* to two year deal worth $9M


    It’s not awful.

  173. It’s cool that everyone is happy with guys we’re not signing, but we can’t dress 10 players every game.

  174. Stastny obviously choose that deal. that wasnt the best offer.

    Cup contender.
    Acouple guys from the USA olympic team.
    Some swedes on the team
    Gets to play with Tarasenko
    will be free agent again when cap is potentially higher.

  175. @NYP_Brooksie

    Told that Boyle left a significant amount of $ on table to sign with Rangers. Always encouraging sign.

  176. Stranger Nation on

    Pulled-out of MSG: Thanks for the memories. see you in the box next Fall

  177. Sather did it huh.

    dont like it from here on July 1st.

    will be singing different tune if our PP is in the top 10 and we are still a top 5 GA team.

  178. If we were fully back in 2000s mode, they would have signed him for 5 years. I don’t completely hate the 2 year deal at about what Stralman will get paid over 5 or 6 years. Fills two holes.

  179. it’s all downhill folks. Sather and company have been slowly building to win the stanely cup and that has come and gone, it’s all down hill from here and the dark days are coming back in rangerland. That’s the way I see it.

  180. “Not only have we given Dan Boyle a no movement clause, but we’ve given him the ability to trade any teammates he decides he doesn’t like. And, let me tell you, he really doesn’t seem to like Ryan McDonagh.”

  181. No cares at all that a very good team didn’t want to retain Dan Boyle, right?

  182. Does Kostka mean we are not signing Diaz? Does it mean we are letting Klein go? Does it mean we have insurance for McLlrath?

  183. @GeorgeRichards

    Have been told #FlaPanthers have signed C *Dave Bolland* … do not know the term.

  184. Kostka, Wick. He’s 6’1, 200lbs, Right handed Defenseman that has been up and down for a few seasons (Tampa Bay, Chicago and Toronto).

  185. @TSNBobMcKenzie

    *Bolland* gets 5 years at $5.5M per in FLA. #TSN


    Jeez louise.

  186. ThisYearsModel on

    Pierre LeBrun ?@Real_ESPNLeBrun 1m
    Dan Boyle left a lot of money on the table elsewhere, really wanted to be with Rangers

  187. I think the 2 year term here makes this deal very Palatable. We all liked Stralman but he’s likely going to command a 5-6 year deal and more money than Boyle.

  188. Yea, Wick. With Boyle coming in for PP Diaz is expendable. Falk was already gone. We got our 7th D-Man.

  189. Honestly so far the Dan Boyle deal looks the best out of all. Except for Stasny’s who is close.

  190. Stranger Nation on

    Dan Boyle wanted to get out of Bestern and join Marty for Rangers in retirement

  191. “No cares at all that a very good team didn’t want to retain Dan Boyle, right?”

    What happens if a very good team doesn’t want to retain a player you like?

  192. Bran Bole most have a lot of offers.

    Or, he’s thinking of taking less to re-sign with NYR PLEASE.

  193. Steange, I say, Stranger, Sportsnet suggested STL may move Backes to wing. Share your sentiments, though. Wow, that is.

  194. Pierre LeBrun ?@Real_ESPNLeBrun · 9m
    Dan Boyle left a lot of money on the table elsewhere, really wanted to be with Rangers.

    Say what you want. But this is the Character I want in a Ranger player. Someone that WANTS to be a RANGER!

  195. Manny-O-War on

    Honestly: at the years and price I would rather take Dan Boyle than a lot of the garbage Defenseman that are UFA’s right now.

  196. We are set in goal and def

    Hank talbot

    Mcdonagh Girardi
    Staal Boyle
    Klein Moore
    Kostka number (7)

  197. Leetchhalloffame on

    Dan Boyle & Kostka – as if we needed any more proof that McIlrath is a BUST. Fire Sather!!!!

  198. I still don’t like signing a 38 year old defenseman who was -8 on a good team for 2 years. This move just reminds me of the old Rangers, singing everyone else’s has beens a year or two after their prime. I would have much rather they find a few younger guys to build with. And yet ANOTHER fix for the Power Play. How many times over the last few years have we heard that?

  199. Manny-O-War on

    We could really put together a 4th line of Veterans that is grittier, tougher and more experienced than the kids. Carcillo-Newbury-Haley

  200. My other thought, which isn’t going to happen, is that Edmonton would be the perfect trade partner considering what they’ve been doing. Why not see if we could trade them Nash for one of their underachieving young studs and a draft pick or two? Eberle or Yakopov and a #2 for Nash. They have the money to pay Nash, we get a younger kid with speed who can play AV’s style, and then we have more money to spend under the cap. Obviously it’s too late for that move, but one I would have made and one that could work for both teams.

  201. That’s all fine and dandy but we still desparately need a center. not worried as much about replacing Pouliot because Miller could easily be the guy there. Also think they need to re-sign Dom Moore.

  202. Boyle, a defenseman, had only about 10 less assists than Super Richie last season. He’s good on the PP. And he will play effective defense. 2 years. What’s not to like?

  203. Brian Boyle on his honeymoon calls his agent “in ok on the $$$ and going back to the rangers, but you killed me on term”

    Agent..”wrong Boyle you idiot”

  204. Plus, Dan Boyle can shoot the puck off the pass, which has been a complaint the last few years.

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    Can he skate? Not so much.

    Expect a huge regression from Marc Staal this year without Stralman helping him out.

  206. Now they need to sign Moore, Moore, and Boyle so they can have Moore, Moore, Boyle, and Boyle.

    I wonder if the Rangers are thinking of matching the five years in the low $2M range.

  207. Manny-O-War on

    @FriedgeHNIC Shawn Thornton to FL, 2 yrs, $1.2 AAV


    Lost out on another great (sometimes dirty) 4th line player.

  208. All reports I’ve seen on Boyle indicate that he still skates well.

    If Orpik got that much, then Stralman should be getting 7 years for a bagillion dollars.

  209. Elliotte Friedman ? @FriedgeHNIC

    Shawn Thornton to FL, 2 yrs, $1.2 AAV

    good, would rather Carcillo for a few hundred thousand less

  210. Stralman is gone. No way he would sign here. Good riddance. Time to move on.

  211. Rangers need to get D. Moore signed. If Boyle is leaving, a strong 4th line center who can kill penalties and munch minutes is necessary.

  212. Five effective hip checks over 100 games, and suddenly Stralman is the best thing since pastrami on rye?

  213. By the way Tsn coverage blows Rogers away. This Canadian tv package is a del zaster

  214. Dreadful! Must keep DMoops. He won’t cost that much. Fiery, versatile, faceoffs, checking, class.

  215. I feel like something big is in the works. With Richards gone, the Rangers will need to replace his goal scoring. Hemsky I thought might have been the guy, but with him off the market, god only knows.

  216. Richie was disastrous and often invisible 5 on 5. Never got back on D, never picked up his check, when puck left O zone, he got deflated and was the very last man up the ice. And much rather see Boyle on PP point.

  217. Somehow someway one of Vanek, Moulson, Niskanen, Iginla will be a Ranger by day’s end

  218. No Heatley setogucci havlat signings yet…no ott…you know one or two if them are coming our way

  219. Larry Brooks @NYP_Brooksie

    Boyle agent George Bazos tells Post: “We told teams that if Rangers made offer, decision wasn’t going to be about money.”

    one of the few remaining players that dont go for the money

  220. I quit with you in that instance, Manny. Another big money no-touch forward sounds like #hell.

  221. Mister D

    I quit with you in that instance, Manny. Another big money no-touch forward sounds like #hell.
    July 1st, 2014 at 1:41 PM

    Gaborik 2 years ago

  222. Manny-O-War on


    As per @GMillerTSN, Thomas Vanek’s three-year deal with MIN has an AAV of $6.5M. #TSN

    Where do they get the cap space?

  223. if we get Ribeiro im taking however long his contract will be for off from hockey.

    wouldnt mind Ott for 4th line. Just like Boyle not for 3rd line

  224. Manny-O-War on

    @AGrossRecord Remember when the Isles offered Thomas Vanek a seven-year, $50 million deal – and he rejected it? He gets 3 years from Wild at $6.5M per



  225. Doodie Machetto on

    He wanted MN and that’s what they could pay him.

    Don’t blame him one bit for turning down Isles. He wants to play meaningful hockey away from a tire fire franchise and in a place he likes.

  226. Larry Brooks @NYP_Brooksie

    Dominic Moore re-enlists with Rangers, Post has learned


  227. Malt O'Meal on

    Have the comments about how we should be benching Dan Boyle in favor on an unproven 14 yr old prospect started yet? Can’t wait for the “must be under 20 to play for NYR” factions comes alive.

    It’s a good signing…low commit…actually does QB PP decently and if he sh*ts the bed, well then he’s gone in 2…i didn’t want him but at these terms i would not have walked away.

    Now, back to how NYR gets younger…I really wish they’d lower the age for pro to at least under 12 yrs old…everyone knows you build stanley cups with unproven, unseasoned talent….No veterans!!!

  228. Manny-O-War on


    *Visors are for soft guys and Europeans*

  229. I’m fine with the Dan Boyle signing. Wonder if we were ever in the hunt for Ehrhoff. Anyway it will be fun to watch McDonagh-Boyle as a righty-lefty combo on the first powerplay unit. Kostka will be a fringe 6-7 dman. Assuming Brady Skjei will spend one more year in college before coming to Hartford. We can only hope McIlrath can stay healthy next year. Maybe MDZ ends up with Isles for cheap? Crazy day overall!!

  230. Manny-O-War on

    I’m so happy we signed D. Moore. That’s a huge move for us. I guess they think a kid is going to come up and play 3rd or 4th line Center (assuming they have the option to play D. Moore on the 3rd line).

  231. Glass in the Carcillo role I can live with. Glass in the Boyle role is *terrible*.

  232. Manny-O-War on

    I will go on record as saying that I *LOVE* the Glass signing. IF he plays the fourth line with Carcillo. Wow. Talk about Grit!

  233. Someone from the panthers just called my cell and offered me a 5 year deal??

  234. We still need a center.

    Hagelin/?/St Louis

  235. Lets keep in mind that the Penguins bottom 6 was a garbage-fire last year and we just signed a prime offender off it for 3 years.

  236. Manny-O-War on

    Who cares about the Glass money? It’s barely more than you would play a rookie! He can get sent down whenever we want. Big whoop. At least he’s tough.

  237. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t like the Glass signing. Kind of a waste of Dorsett’s money. If they think Glass can replace Boyle, they’re crazy.

  238. Kreider Stepan Nash
    Brassard zucc
    Hagelin miller St. Louis
    Carcillo Moore glass

  239. Manny-O-War on

    Doodie: I have to think Dorsett asked to go West. Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.

  240. I would get Glass for Dorsett to get *bigger*. I would not get Carcillo for Dorsett and Glass for Boyle unless the goal was to get *worse*.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t care why they moved Dorsett. Once he was gone we had an opportunity to bring in a cheaper replacement, and it just seems we’ve squandered it.

  242. I wouldn’t pencil in miller just yet on the wing, especially with some “project vets” like Heatley out there.

  243. Glass replaces both carcillo and dorsett…good signing he is fast, tough and has good size and will play well defensively…Pitt doesnt have a defensive system…he will work well with this group…

  244. Malt O'Meal on

    D Moore…really happy we found a way to keep him. I think Boyler is going to be missed (esp from his detractors here) but it was time for him to sign a huge contract that will come back to bite that team so we had to part with him…besides it sounds like his comments about a bigger role did not sit well with Slats.

    Now, Glass…hmmm…not sure i like it but he’s a big boy and i know he stepped in when pitt needed a tough guy eventhough he doesn’t really fit the bill. More worried about his D skils and the PK….does he play either well? Otherwise we just tied up cap space in a guy that seems to have hands made of the same stone that B. Boyle has…jury still out

  245. Glass has established himself as primarily a third- or fourth-line forward in the NHL.[3][18] His speed and work ethic make him effective on the forecheck and responsible defensively.[3] A physical and aggressive player, he is also known to be a fighter.[3] He has also been identified as a leader on his teams, serving as an alternate captain Rochester in the AHL,[6] as well as a captain with Dartmouth during his college career.[3]

  246. Moulson has a good head on him, but gets bottled up and is always brewing for a fight. Fits well with a Glass.

  247. Former Ranger Al Montoya signs a two-year/$2.1 million to backup Roberto Luongo in Florida. Dale Tallon and cap space equals nirvana to the NHLPA.

  248. Katie Strang ? @KatieStrangESPN

    Made a strong impression on Moulson, who really enjoyed his time in BUF. Always considered that as option to return even after trade to MIN

    i guess chronic losing can be appealing to some. First with Islanders then with Buffalo

  249. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m going to be sad when I see where Boyle ends up. I really liked him.

  250. Glass doesn’t fill Boyle role he does for Dorset and carcillo.

    Boyle missed big time

  251. Doodie Machetto on

    Was it confirmed that Boyle will keep WBM Emeritus status or will someone replace him atop the ranking?

  252. Manny-O-War on

    Brian Boyle is my favorite Ranger. He leaves. Prust was my favorite Ranger. He left.

    I guess Rick Nash will be my favorite Ranger now so he leaves.

  253. I think Brassard might get bumped to the 2nd line if Slats doesn’t bring someone in.

    Another thing to remember about Glass, he played under AV for two years in Vancouver (09/10 and 10/11).

  254. Manny-O-War on

    Ranger Killer *alert*

    @FriedgeHNIC Foligno re-signs in BUF — 2 yrs, 1.5/2.25

  255. Pouliot slot should be a kid. 4th line should be Boyle. 2nd line center should be Toews.

  256. Manny-O-War on

    Stralman will end up signing with the Rangers. 5 years at $1M/Per. Tail between legs.

  257. Manny-O-War on


    Leo Komarov is on his way back to the #Leafs on a four-year deal.

  258. Manny-O-War on


    As per @TSNBobMcKenzie, Jarome Iginla signs with Colorado

  259. I, for one, wouldn’t go long and high with Stralman, who has not proven a whole lot over his career.

  260. Manny-O-War on

    Maybe we can re-sign Bran Bole and just play with 5 defenseman to make up the money.


  261. Manny-O-War on

    @FriedgeHNIC VAN signs D Bobby Sanguinetti $600,000 if in NHL

    For laughs….

  262. In fact, I may go as far as renaming it the BBMWBM (c) or Brian Boyle Memorial WBM.

  263. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, with signing Dan Boyle, don’t worry about Stralman. No wsy, no how does he come back.

  264. Stranger Nation on

    Why is MStL projected on 3rd line in some of these line-ups?
    In what parallel universe does he not play top 6?

    Zucc – Step – Nash
    THE – Bros – Marty
    Hags – UFA – Miller/Fast
    Glass – Moops – UFA

    McD – DanG
    Staal – Boyle
    Klein – J Moops

  265. Manny-O-War on

    Last years roster really bummed me out too, ORR. And it did pretty darn well!

  266. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman owes Ulfie 20% of his salary. Really helped his countryman take his game to the next level.

  267. Stranger Nation on

    Whoever they sign up front must be a righty – still missing a righty forward to play on PP wing.

  268. They’ll have to pay Alfredsson in cash. He abhors direct deposit. Trusts no one.

  269. sign me up ORR. 1 yr insurance policy in case neither Miller or Lindberg take that 3rd center position

  270. I don’t understand Stralman getting the same deal as Pouliot. And a lesser deal than Orpik.

  271. Manny-O-War on



    Stralman to the Lightning for five years, $20 million

  272. WTF

    there has to be a NMC in stralmans deal.

    the rangers would have given him that contract without a NMC

  273. _I would liked stralman for 4 as well. Didn’t rangers offer 4 yrs 16 mil._

    Perhaps the state income tax in play here and we’d have to go higher?

  274. Manny-O-War on

    Five years for Stralman is crazy talk. 4 years at $4M would have been my max.

    Although it’s less than I expected.

  275. Manny-O-War on

    @AGrossRecord Anton Stralman can now afford a few more guitars. Just needs to figure out where the speed metal scene is in Tampa.



  276. Alfredsson taking a slap shot at Niedermayer? in the ’07 Finals remains one of my favorite hockey moments. That was hilarious!

  277. Manny-O-War on

    Actually, I might have given Stralman 4 years at about Klein money.

    He’s not that good. He should send Marc Staal a nice fat commission for getting him that contract.

  278. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I think you are going to see it was the opposite. I think Stralman was the better half of that pairing this year.

  279. Manny-O-War on

    Well. You’re wrong, Doodie! How does that feel!

    Yea. I guess we will see.

  280. Doodie Machetto on

    See, I think it’s a pretty damn good defense. Hedman is becoming a star. Stralman solid 2nd pairing. Gudas is a monster. Garrison can bring it on the PP. They’re missing a first pairing guy, sure, but 2-6 are pretty solid.

  281. Doodie Machetto on

    And if Hedman becomes the guy he’s supposed to be, they’ll have 1, need a 2, and be set 3-6.

  282. Glass gets about 600 grand more than CarBasher? Why? Was #13 holding out for large?

  283. Manny-O-War on


    As per @Real_ESPNLeBrun, Stralman deal is *$22.5M* over 5 years, not $20M.

  284. Personally I wasn’t a fan of either D man in the NATW/Staal pair…

    Guess we will see which one carried the other one now

  285. Looks like the only way we get a center now is to make a deal for one. Maybe with the Blues?

  286. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, I think that’s probably right. Can’t blame Stralman for chasing the money.

  287. Doodie Machetto on

    Crazy day. I’m impressed with the relative amount of restraint Sather has shown.

  288. Rangers sign Chris Mueller, new #1 center. Isn’t he on the German national soccer team?

  289. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually really like the move. You need your AHL team to be competitive so that the guys you actually are developing play in meaningful games. This guy seems like a Krog, although not as prolific at the AHL level.

  290. Rob in Beantown on

    Car bomb – Mueller – Glass

    Who said our fourth line was going to get worse?

  291. Hi guys!

    I don’t begrudge any of our former players for taking more money elsewhere. They have a limited window to make that kind of dough.

    Nothing is guaranteed except the money… so just because played in the SC Final last year doesn’t mean the same team will contend this year.

    I agree with other folks assessments – we need an upgrade at center. not sure who is really left out there to sign.

  292. If Glass is replacing CarBomb at 600 grand more, there should be a Glass Guzzler Tax.

  293. Wondering why we would choose Boyle over Stralman for same cap hit?

    Stralman is MUCH better defensively.

  294. Manny-O-War on

    Theoretically we have about $15M free (I think) but we have to sign our RFA’s with that.

  295. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    so 2 years @9mill@ 38 years of age is a deal?
    Well the rest of the NHL has one less team to be worried about.

  296. I prefer the bar. And also not signing guys I imagine I’d hate in real life.

  297. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 5m
    To be clear, Engelland’s AAV is $2.9M. That’s per year.

  298. Manny-O-War on

    Here Wick:


    Rangers have approx $15M in cap space to sign Kreider, Brassard, Zuccarello, JMoore and add a couple of forwards plus seventh D.

  299. I wonder if you can get ott and penner or setogucci for about 4 mil per total?

  300. I thought it was 2.9 over 3 yrs not 2.9 per year…terrible deal for Calgary (good for engelland I guess)

  301. Isn’t kostka our 7th def Connor Allen 8th once john Moore is signed. Don’t know why brooks thinks we need another def

  302. Manny-O-War on


    Not 100 percent certain but sounds like Rangers are done for the day.

    *NAP TIME*

  303. Once brassard Kreider zucc miller count towards cap we have 11 forwards need 2 more still. That 11 would include fast according to cap geek.

  304. @NYP_Brooksie

    Rangers have approx $15M in cap space to sign Kreider, Brassard, Zuccarello, JMoore and add a couple of forwards plus seventh D.

    Well… wouldn’t signing JMoore would put us at 7 D

  305. Wow, Gross working the smokescreen to allow us to swoop in and grab Kampfer.

  306. Stranger Nation on

    _$15M in cap space to sign Kreider, Brassard, Zuccarello, JMoore_

    THE – $3.0
    Bros – $4.5
    Zucc – $4.0
    J Moops – $2.0


  307. So Boyle wanted to run the Power Play for the Rangers, we expected that. Our Power Play should be better than what it was last year.

  308. Manny-O-War on

    _Wow, Gross working the smokescreen to allow us to swoop in and grab Kampfer._


  309. How Canadian tv package kicked aside Tsn for this Rogers package is a joke. These guys are awful compared to Mckenzie dreger.

  310. Rangers should be done for the day. No UFAs out there that make sense. Time to see what may happen via trade.

  311. Lloyd Braun on

    how many of you are pretending you always hated Pouliot, Stralman and Brian Boyle and are now waxing rhapsodic about Tanner Glass and Dan Boyle

  312. Hank talbot

    Mcdonagh Girardi
    Staal Boyle
    Klein Moore


    You would think all other moves are forwards once brassard zucc Kreider miller get added to mix.

  313. Doodie Machetto on

    stranger, I think J.Moops comes in much lower, MZA a bit higher, and THE Kreider a bit lower.

  314. I feel like a trade has to be coming. I can’t see us going into the season with Step-Brass-Moore as our top 3 centers

  315. The Pouliot, orpik, engelland, and Stralman deals are just ridiculous

    The stastny and d Moops deals were good

  316. Doodie Machetto on

    By my count, depending on what they do with JT Miller, we need either a center or a wing to fill out our lineup.

    MFF= Miller/Fast/FA


  317. Lloyd Braun on

    Anton Stralman was good for the Rangers

    But you don’t give $4.5 million per for 5 years to a defenseman with 1 goal ever

  318. Doodie Machetto on

    Stralman not on crazy level with the others you mentioned. I think it’s just a bit high. Would have done 5X4, even though it’s pushing it a bit. 4X4 would have been fair.

  319. Doodie exactly how I see roster up front. It all depends where jt miller is slotted.

  320. Lol

    Are we figuring the carcillo contract in?

    Still not sold on miller and not impressed at all with fast

  321. I prefer miller on wing. But that 3rd line center will be a problem with no money unless lindberg is ready. If so I think we struggle next year. Too many growing pains with kids

  322. Lloyd Braun on

    Pouliot and Stalman are both overrated and grossly overvalued so whatever, let them walk. Good move bringing D. Moore back. The Tanner Glass signing, given the terms, makes zero sense.

  323. Whoa…are you serious?

    @Herman_NYRBlog: Sigh… RT @ERWerenskjold TV2 just revealed on the news that Zuccarello’s representatives wanted a 4 yr deal worth $20 mill

  324. Doodie Machetto on

    carcillo has no contract and nothing is imminent. Unless and until he signs, cannot count him.

    I would prefer Miller play either in Pouliot’s spot or on 4th line.

    Would love to get a deal on a guy like Grabovski. Obviously not happening, but I think he would go well with MSL.

  325. Doodie Machetto on

    Not surprising that’s what he’s asking for. Like I said, expect him to get 4 million in arbitration and for him to be playing somewhere else next season.

  326. Ha, good for Zucc’s reps. About as meaningful as me asking my bosses for the same.

  327. Lloyd Braun on

    and I assume there is zero interest in Nash from anybody that isn’t a member of the Nash family

  328. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    Sather loves his job he dangles a carrot in front of Dolan’s puss and says “look boss ,we’re a player away from da cup ”
    and on goes the same old story

  329. Oops sorry, wrong day.

    Wholly Belgian Afros

    I think Bradley should get a head tattoo of a soccer ball and confuse everyone on the pitch.

  330. Doodie Machetto on

    Wish we had made that Gagner trade. Slot him in as our 3C at 3.2 million per. Adds another right handed shot, too.

  331. Dan Boyle will help things for a couple of years. He’s better than Stralman imo.

  332. _So you want to throw Zuc under the bus just for asking?_

    I think its more that you laugh and wonder if his agents are aware how RFA works.

  333. Lloyd Braun on

    Matt Huntwick

    Steve Kampfer

    Mike Kostka

    Chris Mueller

    vintage Ranger signings

  334. so i’m guessing that Stralman wanted more years than Sather was willing to give him?
    didn’t sound like it was money
    but then again
    there’s the new Florida discount
    that Cally’s agent has brought up to fool his client

  335. bull dog line on

    Boyle and Glass are good signings. liked the Ducks signing of Stoner. wanted him for the Rangers. 2/3 of a 4th line signed. everybody happy now?

  336. Lloyd Braun on

    I can’t really complain too much about Dan Boyle because even if he’s got nothing left, that Glen Sather didn’t bury the franchise with a horrific contract makes that signing a major victory.

  337. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I don’t like Glass. As an upgrade over Dorsett? Maybe. But we could have spent less money on a similar quality player like Carcillo.

  338. Nothing monumentally stupid was done today and I guess we needed Dan Boyle. Not a disaster!

  339. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, my feelings on Boyle, exactly. Sather did well not to sign any franchise crushing deals.

  340. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers will still need to sign Carcillo since Tanner Glass, superstar though he is, can only handle one roster spot at a time.

  341. bull dog line on

    Glass kills penalties, and plays a rugged game. plus can skate a bit. nothing not to like.

  342. Rangers must always sign one former borderline bruin d man…this year we signed 2

  343. bull dog line on

    good for Richards. staying in a good hockey market. nobody has signed Brian Boyle yet?

  344. happyto find ex-Rangers going to the west. too bad Stralman couldn’t have done that, too.

  345. Lloyd Braun on

    1 year, $2 mil for Brad Richards to Chicago.

    how the not-so-mighty have fallen

  346. Lloyd Braun on

    actually, I take that back since the guy is now basically the highest paid player in the sport

  347. (It really is. If we could sign a Brad Richards for 1 year at $2MM to center our 3rd line, that would be great.)

  348. Olga Folkyerself on

    1 year, $2 mil for Brad Richards to Chicago.

    UGH! There goes the Power Play in Chicago…

  349. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, unfortunately, we had it at 6.67 and with cap recapture issues.

  350. Richards lands on his feet in Chicago. Looks like he wants to be the next Ranger that goes on the Stanley Cup.

    I would say he is the leading horse in that race :)

  351. Boyle for 2 years > Stralman for 5 years

    The need a RH defenseman (according to their preference) that could play the PP point. Boyle is fine on the 2nd/3rd pairing and on the PP. Klein can pick up Stralman’s PK minutes.

  352. Lloyd Braun on

    Brad Richards is finished. This move is solely for experience in the locker room and he gives them nothing on the ice. For a very deep team, it makes sense. For the New York Rangers, it’s impossibly stupid.

  353. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers sign goalie Cedrick Desjardins

    They could just be making these names up

  354. I guess Richards and Sather have a wink, wink agreement so he can sign a 5 year contract next year.

  355. bull dog line on

    the Kostka signing is an interesting one. coming out of the lockout, he was playing about 22 minutes a game for the Leafs. I liked him when I saw him. probably just a depth signing, but interesting anyway.

  356. Doodie Machetto on

    Told Niskanen has already turned down 7 yrs in ballpark of 35m by one #NHL club. Safe to say he’ll eventually sign the richest deal this yr


  357. Our ‘leader, unofficial Captain, PP force’, loved and admired by NY Press and all those who wanted him to stay for another $8,500,000 in 14-15, gets 2 mil for 1 year? Ahem.

  358. Nothing announced afaics, but Rangers have signed rh Dman Calle Andersson to el deal so he’ll start year in Hartford. My opinion – Boyle does not slot in with Staal, doubt he can eat up those minutes, look for Klein to step up a slot and JM00ps-Boyle pairing to start season. Could be a disaster and I think that if Allen shows well in camp, JM00ps could be gone sooner than later.

  359. So Boyle and DMoore are back, good enough?

    The rest are AHL contracts for depth.

    Did you expect more out of Sather today?

  360. Brian MacLOLlan spent $67.75M on Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen.

    This dude is worse than Slats Revere!

  361. Only question on richy is how is he going to keep up 5 on 5 in west with those centers.

  362. Dan Boyle > Stralman

    Glass > Dorsett

    D Moore – I’m happy that he is coming back.

    Kristo > Pouliot

  363. Lloyd Braun on

    so now we’ve entered the portion of the day where people just make tweets up

  364. Lloyd Braun on

    making $10.5 million next year and has about as much hockey left in him as Sal Messina. yeah, luckiest man in the world is an apt description.

  365. Listening to the USA game on ESPN Radio…does it not sound like Jim Gordon and Chico Resch?

  366. Doodie Machetto on

    Or maybe he thinks “I can take only 2 million for a serious crack at a Cup and it’s not a big deal since I’m still making a ton of money.”

  367. Lloyd Braun on

    coos, I know thinking isn’t your strong suit but when you’re already guaranteed money from another team you can basically accept whatever crappy deal you’d like

  368. Obviously of all the crappy deals he likes, 2 mil was the least crappy, einstein.

  369. Is anyone following the hockey rodent Staal Thornton hypothetical trade thread?

  370. Lloyd Braun on

    I’m not sure you really understand anything, coos. I know you like to talk a lot but I don’t get the sense anything really sticks.

  371. Danny Boyle on PP = Mcmonster offensive breakout year. The fact he left money on the table to come here- so did Richards as I recall (I think he left here with the money AND the table).

  372. Lloyd Braun on

    be happy to see the US go out today if it means the people who barely even know soccer exists once every four years will also go away

  373. Watching the US Belgium game it is very clear to me I am far more emotionally invested in the French team than the US one…oh well

  374. This is the same Matt(y) Niskanen that is 27 and has had one good offensive season on a highly charged offensive team, right?

  375. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m fairly certain the Islanders offered Richards more and he declined.

  376. Since words on a phone can’t quite give me a feel for a 0-0 match, can I assume that this is one of those 0-0 matches where there US has virtually no possession time?

  377. Lloyd Braun on

    51-49 now

    of course that completely overlooks the 20(14)-3(2) shot advantage for Belgium

  378. So, with that possession time, I presume that the US does not think that safe is death.

  379. What the hell

    Boyle to Tampa 3 yrs 2.3 per that’s all rangers messed that up big time . That’s a freaking joke.

  380. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 44s

    Brian Boyle to TB. Three years, $2.3M AAV.

    That’s it?????

  381. If the Rangers didn’t at least match that offer, but gave Glass $1.4M plus, I’m going to be upset.

  382. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Boyle kinda has that swashbuckler beard thing going on; maybe he bought himself a pirate ship.

  383. Lloyd Braun on

    I mean I don’t even really like Brian Boyle but why would you sign Tanner Glass and let a guy who more or less single-handedly carried your team offensively in the SCF walk for what? $800k more?

    is it possible Glen Sather is just a complete moron

  384. I want to believe that it was Boyle’s choice to go, and that the Rangers offered at least $2.5M AAV.

  385. Boyler must have been adamant about moving up to a top line. That’s all I can figure.

  386. “is it possible Glen Sather is just a complete moron”

    Possible? There’s only 15 years or so of evidence to suggest that he is.

  387. Lloyd Braun on

    perhaps Sather was baited by some talk of Boyle getting/demanding a lot more money elsewhere, pulled out and then signed the immortal Tanner Glass. none of the big money offers to Boyle were legit and he ended up taking only slightly more money in Tampa.

  388. NHL must be loaded with Republicans who do not want to pay their “fair” share. :) More power to them.

  389. So Cally, two 1st rounders, 7th rounder, rights to convince Stralman and Boyle to play there for MSL and 2nd round pick.

    Pretty good haul for Stevie Y with a player who is gave him 1 team to negotiate with,

  390. Slats spoke about Boyler wanting a larger role and chided him for not “understanding his role.” There it is in a nutshell.

  391. Jeff in South Dakota on

    No snow-blowin’ out the driveway before you leave for practice.

  392. Doodie Machetto on

    AAV is only 2!!!!!! ljksadhflkjsdfhg;kljsdhg;lkjsdfhg;lksdfhag;lkhsdfg;l

  393. Based on our signings you already knew he was gone, but this is just ridiculous. He is worth more than that to this team

  394. Lloyd Braun on

    if it turns out Brian Boyle was trying to leverage whatever he thinks he has to leverage into being something other than a 4th-liner, screw him.

  395. This a freaking disgrace I don’t want hear he wanted bigger role pay him a little more then 2 mil he stay

  396. Lloyd Braun on

    Sather gets a pass if Boyle was trying to dictate that he be used in a larger role rather than the only roles he’s physically capable of filling no matter the dollar difference. You don’t sign a guy who doesn’t want to be here.

  397. Boyler must be listening to the wife?

    It’s warmer, my parents can watch the kids, you can still wear a “blueshirt”.

    Tampa is going to be a solid team for years to come. All those 1’st round pick, the young talent that is already there, a healthy Stamkos & Bishop, and now Cally, Boyle, & Stralman.

    Did Tampa win the best moves of the day?

    What teams are the winners/losers for the day?

  398. Lloyd Braun on

    who wants to place bets as to whether we ever hear the name Anton Stralman again

  399. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I tell ya, its the taxes, the new pirate ship and the Po’ Boy sammiches!

  400. How much is boyle’s salary in tax free Tampa in comparison to what it would need to be in taxing New York?

  401. So, it was really NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, stupid…
    What kind of indicative signs and prof was/is needed?

  402. Doodie Machetto on

    Does he think he will get PP time there? He won’t. Does he think he isn’t going to kill penalties there? He will. So the only difference is he gets 3rd line 5 on 5 time compared to 4th line.

    A little more money gets that deal done.

  403. Jeff in South Dakota on

    according to salary.com, the cost of living in Tampa is 49.5% less than NYC.

  404. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow. Wondolowski sucks. Who cares if it wouldn’t count. He blew it. How do you have confidence in that player?

  405. Matty'SicktoMyStomach'Boy on

    I am sick Sather let’s Boyle go for that minimal raise. We will see how much he meant to us.

    He has made a lot of mistakes since he has been in NY, you know, the place that ‘if he could spend all that money he’d win every year’. This was the type of power move by a huge ego GM that makes little sense.

    Watch our PK be less effective. Watch our 4th line be less effective. Watch this be less of a ‘team’. Boyle, like him or not, was a heart and soul guy. You don’t lose him for a small raise.


  406. Doodie Machetto on

    The Dan Boyle more money on the table? a 3 year offer from Detroit for an extra 3.5 million. I think he knows he can come back for a third year on a 1 year deal somewhere for about that much.

  407. Boyle’s wife is from Tampa, report is rangers matched offer and Boyle chose tampa

  408. Ny State taxes on a million dollar income are about 9%, plus about an additional 4% New York City.

  409. Matty'SicktoMyStomach'Boy on

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, the New York Rangers have changed their name to the New York 5 Foot 11 Inch, 185 Pounders”

  410. Matty'SicktoMyStomach'Boy on

    Sather: “I don’t need no stinkin’ centers that can win faceoffs. They’re overrated.”

  411. Doodie Machetto on

    Fortunately, Bradley’s terrible World Cup is almost over. I’m done defending him. He’s been nothing but lousy for four games.

  412. Manny-O-War on

    The Penguins are bringing back Marcel Goc for $1.2 million next season.


    Goc > Glass

  413. USA is down by a goal…if only they had Boyle…he coulda blocked ALL of the shots on goal!

  414. I want Boyle come out and say I chose Tampa even with rangers offering more if that was case.

  415. Admiral Albar on

    I hate Tampa.

    I despise Callahan

    I bid adieu to Stralman

    But I’m heartbroken over losing Boyler!!!

    This is worse than Stanley Cup game 5.

  416. Manny-O-War on

    Don’t worry guys. We got *Hunwick*


    OFFICIAL: #NYR have agreed to terms with free agent defenseman Matt Hunwick.

  417. Manny-O-War on

    I can’t believe I lost *Boyle* and *Bickel* in the same day. What a JOKE

  418. God Egg-head sure had a nightmare World Cup. He misses his dad. Prob meant no difference but Kyle Beckerman prob could of helped esp filling in on the endless Belgium rushes.

  419. Boyler so obviously had openly claimed, irreconcilable differences with AV about his role in that team, which was articulated and emphasized by his agent(didn’t even want to start negotiation),that all this can be primitively interpreted and surprise only clueless idiots..

  420. I haven’t seen so much undeserved money get thrown at so many non-stars since we boneheads got our last paychecks.

    Can only lead to a lot of disappointment around the league in a few years

    P.S. I am sick of having to scroll all the way down to make a comment

  421. It still amazes me how long time cruelly mocked whipping boy can almost overnight turn to irreplaceable savior…

  422. Admiral Akbar on

    Nabokov to Tampa

    1.55 million per year cap hit

    What are they giving to get these guys if it aint money????

  423. Rangers get Tampa’s has-beens wile Tampa gets rangers’ what-coulda-beens (i just made that up, can you tell?)

  424. Admiral Akbar on

    Now I cant watch any games from last season, knowing so many of our players have been poached.

    This just taints the whole playoff run of ’13-14 team.

  425. Cruel twist of fate if Yzerman hires back Torts to coach the TB Rangers to a pennant

  426. MN is going to be a tough team in the west. Vanek added at a reasonable term 3 years.

    I’m thinking the Blues will be even better with Stastny, 4 years at 7M. Sounds about right.

  427. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    The truth is all these signings and cash turn a lot of these players into what if’s and has been’s .

  428. Without that postseason, we may be right here right now saying Slats had a good day

  429. We couldn’t afford Boyle at $2m per season because of the genius GM and his team concept.

    We let Brian Boyle go to sign Tanner Glass?

    What the hell is wrong with this team’s management? Fuggin embarrassment!!!!!

    If I told you two years ago that the Rangers would part ways with Torts, Cally, Gaborik, and Boyle you would have thought it was a dumb joke…Now that dumb joke is a reality

  430. ThisYearsModel on

    Tim Howard=Henrik, and Wondolowski=Rick Nash. Outcome…they are out.

  431. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    if you don’t win it’s all BS unless you’re a ranger fan then close or almost is great.

  432. Richards to the Blackhawks as a 3rd line Center, good for Richards. That’s probably the deal of the day. It’s not like Blackhawks had holes to fill.

  433. It’s all AV’s fault. He hates Torterella and all ranger forwards associated with him. Hags gets a pass because torts hated Hags.

  434. Yeah, despite what Lloyd says, Neigh is still a valuable player. Less pressure, playing on a deep team, fair contract. He’s still good for 15-20 goals, 40-50 points, especially on the Hawks. Good signing!

  435. Pretty sure Sather made his offer to Boyle take it or leave it. Boyle’s camp SAID they have 5 yr deal on table…Sather said forget it I’m moving on and made his signings….

    Sather wasnt waiting to have a bidding war on Boyle he probably told him to beat it. Go learn how to skate….and fight….

  436. The King is Dead on

    Tim Howard playing the role of Hank. He did just enough to lose while still looking good.

    Wave goodbye to Boyle, the most overrated fourth line player since Brandon Prust.

  437. Honestly, SeeDubb, AV is a big reason why Callahan and Boyle aren’t on the Rangers anymore. Their styles just don’t fit. Apparently, we need more guys like Tanner Glass.

  438. Eric
    @NYRSourceCentrl: So Sather offered the money to boyle but boyle wanted bigger role. Tampa said he will get that. I Doubt That he will. #nhl #nyr

  439. The Boyle situation seems pretty straight forward – D Moore can do his job for $500k less and no bitching about his role. 4th lines don’t win or lose seasons for the team.

  440. Robby Bonfire on

    I said that this team would collapse in 2014-2015, and so many disagreed, discounting our not promoting prospects to the big club in timely fashion; discounting our not having a first round draft pick for three straight years; discounting our trading younger players for older players; discounting the fact that he routinely wrecks the confidence-level of young players by putting them on the NY-Hartford yo yo train, no matter how well they play in their brief tenure here; and discounting The Fat Man being chopped liver in the FA market, year after year.

    And now he brings in a 5-11 D-man, albeit just 29 years old; plus a 33-year old and a 34-year old, both of whom look more shopworn than Richards, on their good days.

    He will be here and mucking up this franchise for at least another decade, friends – our G.M., indisputably the WORST G.M. in the National Hockey League, this side of Mr. Gainey’s ghost.

    Any one still think this team even makes the playoffs next season? I say they do not, plus I say that abysmal failure with NEVER cost this moron from Hell his job.

    Market players can sell short, now, the crash is looming up fast.

  441. I can believe that AV wasn’t as big a Callahan fan as Torts was, but if AV didn’t want to keep Boyle around after this postseason, then he’s just a fool. If the tweet wicky posted is true, nothing NYR could have done about it.

  442. You guys really need to get more info before you post…

    Re Boyle

    According to the several different tweets…

    Boyle’s wife is from Tampa, there are no taxes in Tampa unlike New York, the rangers matched tampa’s offer, Boyle was promised a third line role in Tampa

    Boyle chose to leave.

    You guys would be screaming fire the coach if Boyle was playing third line here.

    You guys are as ridiculous as orpik’s new contract!!

  443. I just don’t see how the Rangers are a better team today than they were yesterday. In fact, quite the opposite.

  444. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    You got the most from Stralman is he worth mega bucks .. NO
    Most wanted Boyle out of town during the season he had a great cup run and ..let him go.
    sather did pay Hank too much in my opinion and with gerardi’s poor cup performance maybe he needs less ice time
    Stephan is not a 1st line center .. too slow undersized
    good trade bait.
    the new Boyle ? too much cash for an older player . time will tell

  445. The rangers aren’t a better team. There kids fast miller lindberg will have grow up fast and take off the diapers

  446. And here you go

    “@TBTimes_JSmith: Boyle’s agent said there were other suitors but TBL best fit. Plus wife is from Tampa” TOR was finalist. Offered more.

    He wanted to be in Tampa, so chill out jackwagons.

  447. We miss the playoffs book it.

    Pitt Phil Columbus all better regular season teams. More consistent scoring.

  448. Latona,

    Brian Boyle was our 3rd line center for 3 years with Torts. AV started using him on the 4th line. AV thinks Boyle is not type of player for a 3rd line. Yet, Brian felt he has the ability play more minutes and score more in a 3rd line role (as he has shown under Torts). AV said no. As a result, Boyle wanted out and took a discount in Tampa.

    We could have fired AV in December :)

  449. Where’s all the crap for Boyle now about his wife wanting him to go to Tampa and he went?

    Remember all the crap you guys gave semenov because of his wife wanting to go back to Russia?

  450. Brian Boyle was a nice 4th liner. that is all he is. if you are whining about losing 4th liners you need to get a clue.

    pouliot got seriously overpaid and if anyone thinks differently you are delusiona.

    boyle on D helps the defense from the back line. the great stralman had 1 goal and 12 assists.

    under the limitations I think the Rangers did well today…

  451. yes boyle can be worse then Miller on the 3rd line since Boyle cannot skate. Bit of a problem in hockey…

  452. NYR, if AV got fired in December, your buddy Zucc might be playing in the KHL!

  453. ThisYearsModel on

    Boyle was in the perfect role this year. I am sure he was leaving as soon as AV made the comments about his role with the Rangers. Too bad. Sorry to see him go but I sure would have been screaming if he was the Rangers 3rd line center next year. They have to do better than that.

  454. “they have to do better than that”

    I don’t understand why people feel this way. Boyle was the 3rd line center for a team that had the BEST record in the Conference just 2 seasons ago in 2011-12.

  455. bull dog line on

    a team that was taken to 7 games by the 8, and 7 seeds, and beaten by the 6 seed. if Boyle is your 3, you are not good enough. he is a top tier 4th liner.

  456. How much discussion goes on between a coach and a GM during days like today?

  457. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I have to assume that Callahan was somehow involved in this.

  458. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    It looks like we are going to war with children this year. Hope these kids enjoy a nice summer because AV better be ready to push the hell out of them.

  459. Evening all,

    So now the lamenting about Boyle begins. And this is from many of you who felt he was a “dime a dozen” player just a couple of seasons ago.

    Turns out he was quite the opposite.

    NYR are now paying the price for their unexpected success.

    And by the way, the Pouliot contract was beyond ridiculous. Have to wonder about what’s going on in Edmonton.

  460. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Ben said it well. Nice to have you back. Nice to see *C-Dubs* back as well (Shout out to *Mallards for Peace*)

    Boyle was always written off because he doesn’t do the big flashy, thing and score 50 goals. He has been called names and called out for not putting the puck in the net enough.

    Well, everyone will soon learn how great his contribution in the way of keeping pucks OUT of our net was. The guy is irreplaceable.

  461. NYR_FAN on