NHL Entry Draft … It’s Go Time!


Barring a shocking trade up, ya boys won’t be participating in the draft until tomorrow, when they have four picks plus the third rounder they picked up from Vancouver today … ICYMI … in exchange for Derek Dorsett. That trade also shed Dorsett’s $1.633M cap hit on a day when the NHL announced the cap for 2014-15 will be $69M, or $2M less than expected.

Rangers GM Glen Sather is going to have a tough time retaining any of his unrestricted free agents, never mind most, and never mind adding free agents on or after July 1. This cap will decimate a lot of the big-market clubs — i.e. Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh, Chicago, in the very near future –and some are dead in the water already.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Practice SessionsWith only 11 players signed, including Jesper Fast, and $23M in cap space, the Rangers are probably going to lose Anton Stralman, Brian Boyle and Benoit Pouliot, and perhaps Dominic Moore too. There are reports that the Rangers haven’t spoken to Moore yet. They may have to re-sign Daniel Carcillo and greatly rebuild a fourth line that was so crucial to their success under Alain Vigneault this past season.

Free agency opens on Tuesday.

Maybe we can have another lockout in 2020 to fix it (sarcasm).

Also, ICYMI, the Canucks traded Ryan Kesler to Anaheim and now have two first-round picks tonight, and could move up. The first overall pick belonging to Florida is very much available.

In other news today, Arizona announced it will buy out Mike Ribeiro, who according to GM Don Maloney, is dealing with some behavioral issues.

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  1. Don’t want to go there RT @_alexgould @AGrossRecord would ribeiro be a solid Richards replacement? Perhaps even a number 1 center.

    No god no please no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. is trading your first overall suddenly a new trend? Is the kid going first overall that bad that he’s already on a shopping block not playing a single NHL game yet?

  3. All the ‘A’s on this team were sewn on the wrong sweaters.
    Worth repeating.

  4. Not draft go-time for the Rangers, maybe trade go-time as that’s the only possible reason Sather would be on the draft floor tonight.

  5. Reginald Dunlop on

    how did the revenues go up and the NHL enjoy the most successful season and be voted # 1 in all those buz category awards …………..YET THE CAP IS LOWER THAN PROJECTED???????? how does that work??

  6. With so many of the upper level teams in caphell, some ufas are either gonna be dissapointed this year or giving up on Stanley Cup aspirations.

  7. ILB

    He’s an rfa can he play on a one yr deal next yr if traded to Winnipeg then not sign extension and be a ufa.

  8. Reggie

    Ever see an accountant at work, I have. Man can they make money disappear in a hurry. Especially around March/April.

  9. aneirin

    i agree. good accountant is hard to find…IRS is still looking for mine since last December :)

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© East Champions on

    Ok sure , fine we don’t get a first round pick . We don’t really care do we? After all the Jessewomans and poor misfortunes of a Blackburn and a Cherapanov (Cherry). Our draft day is a result of a team that NEVER slips to last place in the NHL standings. Our team is never a bottom feeder.

    We play for the end and it sure aint the draft . The first round is for losers that hate thier team and want NEW blood. Well, we have our chance to get new blood today!!!
    It don’t matter what pick..the new kids a NYR!!! That’s exciting. Heck if we get just the 300 pick to land anutha Lunqvist , that would be super sweet. To put on a NEW YORK RANGERS JERSEY is a special thing because this team is awsome and is getting better!!

    Any pick , ANY PICK will be a player that will be in our system and will get a chance to be a star. We can’t get the top picks cuz we are buyers not sellers . We are contenders not scrub teams like the azzlanders.

    Teams like Philly,Chicago and Pittsburgh were in LAST place to get top guys like P Kane and Toews. Crosby and Malkin. these guys are there cuz the Penguins and Blackhawks sucked , really bad. Worse then we ever have. We have never had a first rounder because we are never bottom feeding draft losers. Sorry to say buy it is true.

    Today we will have another new Ranger , that my friends is always a surprise . Usually we rob our MCdonaugh from other teams so when you see a player drafted today , he just could be going our way… may the draft be with us , always.

  11. Sign me! I can skate better than Malik, I can shoot better than Boyle, and I’m almost as bald as Messier! I’ve got Stanley Cup written all over me, in dry erase marker.

  12. Thanks to Coos I now read UFA as ” oooofah” it makes it more enjoyable when you come across UFA.

    Give it a go.


  13. Hmmm..not sure. Is a 3rd rounder this year (or any year for that matter) a good trade for Dorsett? I think he filled his role adequately but no way to tell if this is equivalent to a 3rd rounder..figured he could have been packaged later for a proven NHLer?

  14. Ah yeah right….just saw the cap came in lower than expected…that probably doesn’t bode well for some of our UFAs or some other teams as well….Kesler to Ana is interesting – that’s not a bad 1-2 punch down the middle…NYR has nothing like that really but I digress

  15. Our coaching staff paying attention, or are all but AV still seeking greener pastures?

  16. I love DRAFT DAY!

    Except, I hate the fact that we have ZERO picks in Round 1.

    Good move to unload Dorsett for a pick. Needed to shed some salary to sign our other guys.

    WOW. Bob Murray trying to keep the streak alive as best GM in the NHL. Fantastic move for them. But, I don’t believe they are better than LA now just because of Kesler.

  17. Said it during the playoffs several times…..

    Love Dorsett’s heart

    Hate his size.

  18. Depends on the goaltending, NYR. Gibson & Andersen! If one of those guys are the real deal, then they’re definitely on LA’s level. They nearly beat them last year. The Kesler trade definitely improves them.

  19. iDoodie Machetto on

    I know Ribeiro is poison right now… But you know Sather loves him a reclamation project.

  20. Great point, Orr. Goaltending is certainly the key for them. Not sure if either of those guys are near Quick’s level yet, but both are clearly talented.

  21. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Doodie, nice review yesterday!! Still paying you dividends and accolades!

  22. iDoodie Machetto on

    I really liked Shinkaruk at last year’s draft. Thought Vancouver was very lucky to get him at 24. He had some injury trouble this year, but I still think he’s gonna be a really good player. Way better than whoever they would get at 24 this year with Anaheim’s pick, unless it’s Josh Ho Sang. But Ho Sang won’t go that high.

  23. HELL NO to Aladdin!

    Ribeiro = “…late for practices, missed meetings, missed buses and even engaged in a shouting match with Tippett in the locker room after a game in Colorado.
    ….. had some marital issues as well and he never seemed to click with any of his linemates, managing just 16 goals and 47 points in 80 games”

  24. iDoodie Machetto on

    Thanks, matty!

    And thanks to everyone for the kind words yesterday. I’m glad you enjoyed reading them. I enjoyed writing them, then reading them.

  25. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    It certainly is complicated being a GM in todays day and age. With the cap, FA’s, drafting, and such. Hard to keep up with the modern era.

    That’s why Dolan needs to petition for a ‘Sather Exemption’. A 3rd and 4th buyout. Only for GM’s over 68.

    Chance? Anyone?

  26. ThisYearsModel on

    Draft day Go Time? No Rangers pick until #58? Without the genius making a trade, seems like nothing will happen tonight.

    Maybe Sather will announce the signings of a few more college players that nobody else wanted or drafted tonight.

    $69MM cap means we will have some significant turnover again this offseason.

  27. iDoodie Machetto on

    If you still count Gibson as a prospect, he is the #1 goaltending prospect in the world. Vasilevski and Allen are 2 and 3 (assuming you count Allen as a prospect).

  28. iDoodie Machetto on

    Or if you believe Lloyd’s amazing Pierre impersonation and his avatar, Dustin Tokarski is #s 1, 2, and 3.

  29. I wonder if slats moves another member of the misfit line??

    He already bought out Richards

  30. Amazing that $2MM cost us 4 players. Is there a rule we have to be $15MM under the cap?

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thatcher Demko, if he slips into the middle of the second round is someone we should trade up to get as Hank’s eventual replacement. I watched him play for BC this season and he is the real deal. Hopefully he slips.

  32. NYRFAN: “Ribeiro = ”…late for practices, missed meetings, missed buses and even engaged in a shouting match with Tippett in the locker room after a game in Colorado.”

    Could be describing Ho Sang.

  33. iDoodie Machetto on

    The difference is Ho Sang is a kid and Ribeiro has problems that appear to require professional assistance (perhaps substance or alcohol abuse?).

    Ho Sang will be the steal of this draft.

  34. I once gave my seat to a woman who said she was pregnant. After she sat down, I asked her how long she was pregnant and she said “About an hour and a half.”

  35. At the very least, we know they can’t screw up the first round pick this year!

  36. iDoodie Machetto on

    I have Draisaitl’s tie. It’s from banana republic. Doodie jr. Threw up on it on Christmas and ruined it.

  37. If the NYR can move up to take Nick Schmaltz, that would be great. I know nothing about him but that name seems perfect for the WBM©

  38. Milano is a very good American player. But, his teammate, Jack Eichel, who is eligible for the 2015 draft is supposedly to be the best American prospect in years and could go #1 overall next year!

  39. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Next announcement Butthead says the draft will never take place in Philadelphia again.

  40. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    anyone that’s been with the Panthers for a long period of time should be fired.

  41. Did we trade Nash got NoNash yet?

    Nash still sucks.

    The sooner he goes, the better.

  42. Nash sucks…..

    Draft sucks……

    Panthers suck…….

    Every thing sucks……

  43. According to brooksie Dorset deal opens up 800k for carcillo. Haven’t we been preaching that for hours.

  44. Czechthemout!!! on

    Pipe dream wish list should these 3 slip out of round 1

    Josh Ho Sang

    Thatcher Demko

    Anthony DeAngelo

    If any of these guys are available, Sather needs to try and trade up to them.

  45. Czechthemout!!! on


    My brother knows his uncle AL and his dad. My nephew played with his cousin.

  46. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    “And with their first round pick, the New York Rangers select:
    6’3″, 205 pound, Hayden Fleury”

    …..oh….darn…just woke up….

  47. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    “And with the 332nd pick the New York Rangers announce a trade. The New York Rangers trade GM Glen Sather for a rubber ducky and will drop down to the 422nd pick”

  48. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Winnipeg Jets. Another great organization. Their best asset: “we always have a high draft pick”.

  49. ThisYearsModel on

    Hurray for captain Spaling
    The African explorer
    He’s heading for the Penguins
    Hurray hurray hurray!

  50. Neal has 4 yrs left at 5 mil

    Horny 4 yrs left at 4.25

    Spaling rfa.

    Barely any cap relief

  51. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Hey!! There’s a person up on the stage that’s shorter than Buttman and it’s not a kid!!!!

  52. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    5’11” and 160.

    Sather is now chomping on his cigar with jealousy.

  53. Dave America Lozo ?@DaveLozo 1m
    Really hate that deal for the Preds. Unless you’re getting Malkin later, you’re not getting a 40-goal guy.

    Totally agree. Bad deal for Nashville.

  54. ThisYearsModel on

    We have a trade. The Rangers trade the 58th pick in this draft to the Florida Panthers in exchange for Rob Niedermayer.

  55. I love this crap after July 4th we all could take vacation. Barely a signing a day.

  56. The 68million cap ceiling cost us Dorse, its gonna cost us another player as well.

    Honestly man, its hard not think the league tries to stick it to the Rangers

  57. Cracks me up how they pump the tires of all these kids and so few of them will even play in the NHL, let alone be stars.

  58. What does everyone think of this?

    Bruins are right up against the salary cap and Torey Krug is RFA. Sign Krug and either let J. Moore walk or keep both.

  59. they’ll match, Asmos.

    You guys probably saw this today, San Jose hired Niklas Sundstrom as European scout.

  60. I want JD to manage and run the NYR. It’s quite sad that he hasn’t had the chance yet.

  61. Columbus and Pittsburgh have already improved their team. We haven’t signed anyone yet.

  62. ‘Hmmm..not sure. Is a 3rd rounder this year (or any year for that matter) a good trade for Dorsett? I think he filled his role adequately but no way to tell if this is equivalent to a 3rd rounder..figured he could have been packaged later for a proven NHLer?’

    To malt o’meal

    You better believe the Rangers would have hung on to Dorse at least until training camp to see if they had a guy to replace him.

    They needed the cap space for July 1st and decided to take a pick they can use tomorrow instead of being forced to unload him after the draft for cents on the dollar.

    Just look at the twitter chronology. before the cap was announced someone tweeted at lower then expected cap would send a lot of teams scrambling. the cap was announced. Dorsett was traded.

  63. As boring as this is, it’s still more enjoyable than that NHL awards fiasco. Cuba Gooding? What’s up with that?

  64. Don Maloney still has hair? Can’t be genetics with Dave. Must be aggravation.

  65. If they are going to brand the kid a hopeless racist,
    they should at least tell us what he said.

  66. Good thing we didn’t pick Schmaltz, turns out he’s a fighting Sioux. Needless to say we don’t need any more prospects from UND.

  67. I heard he yelled “open your eyes” to an Asian Linesman who whistled him for off-sides.

  68. This event needs Milbury – “They just threw their pick away. This kid’s going nowhere. What were they thinking?”

  69. Czechthemout!!! on

    So it looks as if Marc Staal will be a Ranger for one more season. After which he will join his Brothers in Carolina and Sather will get zero for him.

  70. Did anyone pick up on this earlier on?
    “His dad was picked in the twelfth round, a round they don’t even have anymore.”

    “Uh, that was twelfth overall…”

    “Oh, right.”

  71. ‘He’s got Mad skills.” Translation: He likes to sit in the locker room and draw pictures of Alfred E. Neuman.

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    Islanders get our pick! When Buttman said “New York” for a split second I thought Sather traded to get it back

  73. Bolts, seeing nothing special anymore, realize two picks in a crapshoot are better than one. Who better to bamboozle than Snow?

  74. iDoodie Machetto on

    Makes me sick that they have our pick. Will make me sicker if they take junior high school.

  75. Rob in Beantown on

    Islanders took Ho Sang! With our pick! I missed it because I was watching track and field on NBC Sports.

  76. Rob in Beantown on

    Future Ranger Killer Josh Ho Sang, drafted with our pick. Can’t make this stuff up.

  77. All that Stanley Cup merchandise was supposed to Ranger flavored. It sur would make seeing all these ads a lot sweeter.

  78. “There’s a reaction of the females to our music. There really quite fearful. They see us on stage with tight trousers, and we’ve got, you know, armadillos in our trousers and it’s really quite frightening. And they, they run screaming.”

  79. I can’t decide whether William Nylander reminds me more of a young Leo DiCaprio or or just a pretty, young woman.

  80. So no draft picks no free agents and we can’t sign our own players..worst off season ever?

  81. Camp is only 3 months away…nice, short vacation when you play in the SCF. Not enough golf might keep their hockey skills sharp.

  82. Pine for the good old days, when Stan Mikita would backpack in the wilderness for a month (no golf for him,!)

  83. The Garden Faithful on

    Interestingly, we have heard alot abou tinterest in Pouliot and Stralman, nothing about interest in Boyle or Moore. My guess is those 2 are back. I wouldn’t pay a ton for Pouliot either – everyone looks better because of the little win streak they went on through the Pitts and Montreal series. Ask yourself if they’d gone down in 5 to Pittsburgh who would definitely not be getting these kinds of looks or money and whom in the room is the most responsible for what did actually happen? Richards was a big part of the latter but they were left with no choice.

    I also think Sather works over some of the RFAs to save cash this year. Wih Lundqvist’s clock ticking, its a very year-to-year thing for the Rangers and they are very much in win now mode. I think Sather has shown he is willing to play hardball with RFAs to get more guys in under the cap to win now and I cant say that’s not working. Heck, the guys he really played hardball with he ended up trading anyway.

  84. Yeah, makes a lot of sense to me to use your first pick on a goalie … because you don’t really have a very good one signed for the next seven years.

  85. see…if the plan was to pick a goalie from the get go, then they shoulda traded Hank for the first overall! I mean…keep up e new trend!

  86. From gross…

    Talking to Gordie Clark this week, he said his philosophy on picking Gs in draft is, only do it if kid projects to be a No. 1

    Trade hank now!!! (S)

  87. @rangersreport

    I don’t know a thing about the kid, or what else was available, but having a tough time wrapping my head around a goalie pick there.

  88. Assuming when you signed Henrik for 7 years you expected him to start all 7, you just draft a guy you can’t use until he’s 25.

  89. @Halvy31

    Cant even explain this feeling. So unbelievably thankful to be selected by the @NYRangers 59th overall. Thanks to everyone that got me here.


  90. come on guys, its not that crazy. carp your talking about how much of a crapshoot the draft is.

    Sounds like some people are very very high on him. Maybe they feel theres a higher percentage of chance he develops into what they trade him for then someone else they would go with at that spot.

    But it likely that they made it a point that they were going to take a goalie and that when this run on goalies started, it became, if your grabbing one, your grabbing one now. Otherwise you miss out on the depth of goaltending prospects in this draft and before you know its 3 years from now and you dont have a guy in the pipelines.

  91. sorry, jpp. I don’t see how it makes sense. That’s just me.

    Goalies are the most crap-shooty of all drafted players, and there are fewer than 30 legit No. 1s in the entire NHL. Most teams have one, though. They are overvalued, especially on a team that has one locked up for seven years.

  92. IMO, you don’t draft a backup with that pick when you have so many needs.

    and until he’s an NHL No. 1, he has very little trade value.

    You can always, always, always trade for or sign a backup goalie.

  93. Leaves acquire a defenseman with miserable possession numbers. Sun sets in the west.

  94. I know hank is signed for 7. but as an organization you really always need to have your next goalie ready or else you end up like the rangers did after Richter was injured.
    Look hank may end up being like Hasek and his small wiry frame allowing him to maintain his athleticism into his late 30s.

    But if not, the rangers may be in need of a goalie in 5 years not 7 years. as Hank ages, maybe he’ll only play 50-55 games a year.

    Believe me as i was waiting for the pick, I wasnt thinking about the sort of goalie we could add to the mix. Not at that point of the draft

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    Bummed that we chose a goalie. I figured we could have signed an undrafted one from a college. Seems like our most reliable way to add prospects given we trade so many draft picks away.

  96. JPP, you’re working a bunch of potential scenarios where this pick still remains a contingency. There are present needs.

    (Also, Vey getting traded for the 50th pick is a bit gross too. I thought everyone was really high on him.)

  97. Like the Toronto deal, gives them good grit on the back line…moved out vanilla guy and an ok pick

  98. Alright, I’m just going to switch the picks and pretend its fine. Center, solid size, good American kid.

  99. you should listen to the interviews with Gorton and Clark from yesterday. Their job is to work through all the scenarios and to make decisions which take the scenario into account.

    And look Ive said, I wasnt looking for a goalie with pick. We obviously all want the same thing. We want forwards with size, speed, and some skill who can play a puck possession game.

    But either way the chances of our present needs being met within the next 2 years from this second round pick, is slim

  100. Keegan Iverson to the Rangers!

    That the boy I picked that Wicki would like!

    A center that hits, and ask questions later :)

  101. Hey! Look what I found in blog archives! :P

    Read bellow…



    IMO, you don’t draft a backup with that pick when you have so many needs.

    and until he’s an NHL No. 1, he has very little trade value.

    You can always, always, always trade for or sign a backup goalie.

    *June 25th, 2000 at 11:06 AM*

  102. ThisYearsModel on

    In addition to Iverson’s size, the most impressive skill that he has in how well he sees the ice. His vision is better than his third line role would suggest. He is a blunt instrument with upside and character. Iverson is 85th on the NHL Central Scouting Rankings, so he’s expected to be selected on the second day of the draft. The team that selects him will get a physical force and a great person too.

  103. Hugh Jessiman had great size.

    Big deal.

    Hugh Jessiman = huge mistake.

    Gotta be able to play the game too.

  104. I just realized what the problem is with this draft coverage. Aside from the coverage.

    The NHL is too cheap to pay for video clips on all these players. So instead they just talk for 4 hours and have a ticker at the bottom.

  105. ThisYearsModel on

    Mantha has good bloodlines and impressive size. Handles the puck well and makes a strong breakout pass. Uses his reach and strength to defend. He needs to work on his transition and overall mobility as well as improve his physical play as he comes off as somewhat soft. (November 2013)

  106. JPP, Who’s giving you advice?

    Certainly not PB. You’re much to smart for me to give advice too.

    Much too smart. :)

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    I guess the cupboard was pretty bare in Hartford at G. But still seems excessive

  108. NYR have committed $60 Million to Henrik Lundqvist.

    Apparently, the biggest organizational need is a goalie. LOL! You can’t make this stuff up.

  109. Craig Button raving aboot Anthony Duclair. Compared him to Ho Sang and DeAngelo and said he was a steal for the Rangers in the 3rd round last year. Calls him a tremendous athlete.

  110. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    Mantha mantha bo bantha banana fanna mo mantha fee fi bo bantha Mantha

  111. the only thing holding me back is my Grammar. And you know how important grammar is. right PB :)

  112. leetchhalloffame on

    Maybe Halverson can teach Hank aboot handling the puck. Yeah, that must be why they wasted their first pick on a goalie.

  113. As an organization they are extremely thin at goalie. Talbot is unlikely to be with team past next year. Without talbot last year they would have had a big problem. If you are drafting a goalie you want a good one. Lundqvist was a fluke pick. In this sport you have to field farm teams too. Lack of goalies at hartford hurt development of all at that level.

  114. Marc Andre Fleury was picked #1 overall in 2003.

    Think the Pens want to do that one over?

  115. Corey Crawford 52nd overall in 2003.

    Jimmy Howard 64th overall

    Halak 271st overall

    Elliott 291st overall

    (rest of the goalies picked were BUSTS or lousy backups)

  116. Since Lundqvist, Rangers’ goalie picks:

    Dan Blackburn, Chris Holt, Al Montoya, Antoine Lafleur, Scott Stajcer, Mackenzie Skapski. Also took Brandon Snee before Lundqvist that year, and the immortal Johan Asplen the year before.

    just sayin.

  117. Exactly, Voice. You can start typing that comment now.

    So-and-so took X scorer after the Rangers picked those two minor-league goalies in 2014.

  118. And, 2003 is by no means a benchmark since it is considered the best draft in NHL history, at least in the modern era…

    The goalies picked that year do illustrate how much more of a crapshoot it is compared to drafting position players.

  119. You want Hank playing 70 games a year as he ages?

    Where do players come from if not the draft?

  120. @AGrossRecord

    Gordie Clark says Rangers wound up selecting best available talent, how they wound up with two goalies.


    Gordie Clark says two goalies 4-6 years away from playing in NHL. Adds probably same timetable for other picks.

  121. Goalies can be gotten anywhere but it make perfect sense to pay a goalie in a cap world $8.5?

  122. Seriously, would you rather have a forward who contributes for 82 games and David LeNeveu play 15?

    or a drafted backup who might not be as good as LeNeveu play 15?

  123. “Craig Button just broke Jamie McLennan’s NHL record for “unbelievables””

    He also just broke the record previously held by Pinocchio for “longest nose”……

  124. The draft is a lottery nobody “knows” what will turn out.

    But over the long term in total higher draft picks perform better than lower picks. If there is someone they covet they pick him.

  125. @AGrossRecord

    Rangers GM Glen Sather said all RFAs on team have received QOs


    Sather says $69 million salary cap caught teams a little bit by surprise, definitely squeezing Rangers.


    Sather repeats he would like to retain all Rangers FAs but that will be a difficult task.


    Sather looking for contribution next season from J.T. Miller. Says he would have played in playoffs except for separated shoulder.


    Specifically about Benoit Pouliot, Sather cautions player needs to consider being in good spot for success (individual and team).


    Regarding RFAs Zuccarello/Kreider, Sather notes Zuccarello has had 1 good year in NHL and Kreider started season in minors.


    Sather says picking Tyler Nanne was not a favor to Lou Nanne, remembers being at Nanne household, seeing Tyler shoot the puck.


    Sather didn’t have much to glean on Dom Moore’s situation. Did say while Zucc and Kreider are valuable they can’t expect crazy money

  126. @PLeonardNYDN

    Strange Sather cited Chris Kreider starting season in minors as not having ton of time as top-six guy. Check #NYR record when he was in AHL

  127. Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN 1m
    Strange Sather cited Chris Kreider starting season in minors as not having ton of time as top-six guy. Check #NYR record when he was in AHL

    Sather is a MORON.

  128. @rangersreport

    Congrats and good luck to Tom Webster, retiring as Calgary scout … former Rangers coach and great person.

    (FYI, an inner-ear issue which prevented him from flying cost him his job as Rangers coach after a brief tenure).

  129. JPP, Ain’t no need to worrie about you’re gramma hear, JPP.

    Its the message and in-site you BRUNGS to the blog that’s is important to me. It trand-sends all you grammathical erras. In fack, you prove ova and ova with evry postit, you no all thing hockey, you a regula hockey Maven, fa sure!!

  130. kern, :)

    All I can surmise is that they fear that Cam, a UFA after next season, looks at Hank’s loooong contract and wants a shot somewhere else.

    Seems like they MUST sign Brass, We’re very shallow at his position.

    It’s probably time for McIlrath to shine or die on the vine. It seems to be either he or Allen or the other kid. Someone will have a shot.

  131. By the way, the teams that drafted goalies in the second round are the Flames, Canucks, Hurricanes & Capitals.

    All teams that need starting goalies.

    NYR are not a part of that group. The pick could have waited for the later rounds.

  132. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sather is indeed a moron! He should keep drafting goalies!

    And lets pay a 38 year old defenseman $11,000,000 for two years! Thats just what we need to do!

  133. I agree with everything Slats said, but I don’t necessarily agree with Slats saying it.

  134. Must give mcilrath every opportunity to be the D man that makes it to the big club next season, if he doesn’t make it, you need to trade him ASAP

  135. Czechthemout!!! on

    Should also sign Vinny L to replace BR. Resurrect most of the Lightning.

  136. LOL


    “Once again the Blackhawks had a blast in the city of Philadelphia.” Fans get it and boo. Won Cup in this building in 2010.

  137. Sounds like at this point, slats is trying to resign the “first line” as a group, resign carcillo, use miller and Lindberg as “inexpensive) 3C and 4C, NATW, d Moops, and Boyle are probably gonzo, get 1 top 6 and a 7th D man (probably one from htfd and one UFA), maybe sign one nhl bottom 6 fwd and we are done.

    Don’t think I like this plan…

  138. Slats channels old-time, sports pre-agent GMs. Tells you to your face what your liabilities are. When few or no liabilities, tells you, as Branch Rickey did to Ralph Kiner, who hit 54 homers, 127 RBI, .310 BA, looking for a $5,000 raise, “We finished last with you and we can finish last without you.”

  139. Columbus drafted a goalie in the 3rd round, but I don’t consider BOB a true starter. He’s not winning that team, or any team a Cup. Overrated!

    But just aboot every team that drafted a goalie up until the 5th round does not have a true long term starter in net.

  140. So….

    Gnash step kreider
    “First line”
    Hagar miller msl
    Thornton (carps guy lol) Lindy carc

    Mcdonut girardi
    Staal Klein
    J Moops mcilrath

    Or add a righty (I’m guessing a righty due to AV liking l/r pairs) from free agency/or trade to fill NATW spot and leave Klein on 3rd pair.

    Again either way, I’m not really liking it. Maybe trader slats has something going on…I’m not a capologist like some of you but I just don’t see how the $$$ work.

  141. The hank and Nash contracts seem brutal right now. Add in msl and there is just under 1/3 of your cap space in a “3rd” liner, a very infuriating 1st liner, and a goalie.

    It is what it is, slats may wave his magic wand somehow.

  142. Other than McD and Hank, this team is just speed and lunchpail. If we forget or are unable to bring the Mike the Mechanic lunchpails, no sangwidges for you!

  143. How is Brodeur even considering being a backup/mentor to Bernier for Toronto? That’s the same exact role he has with the Devils.

    I’m getting the feeling he doesn’t like Deboer, and Elmer Fudd refuses to fire him, and that’s the reason why he’s leaving.

  144. My bad, from that slats interview, sounds like they have miller penciled in as 4th line centre

  145. In 94, after the Cup, didn’t Smith draft a goalie with his 1st pick?

    History (almost) repeats itself (except this year was an almost Cup)

  146. DelZ should have taken my advice and paid for the power skating lessons 2 years ago!

  147. @ PB HockeyInsider

    Rangers shopped Kevin Klein at draft in attempt to free up cap space for Stralman.

    No takers.

  148. Just when Del Z has learned to ride the mechanical plastic bull, he’s shopped. Cruel ironies of life.

  149. Shopping Klein? Guess we’ll have some rookie D-men learning the game on the fly at the word’s most famous arena.

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