Four highlight games from the Rangers’ run to the Cup Final to be replayed this weekend


If you miss your Rangers and their playoff games, MSG Network is going to show four of them Saturday, and again on Sunday. Hint: The Rangers are probably going to go 4-0.

Also, tonight we’ll have an “It’s Go Time!” post for the NHL Draft, at which ya boys are going to be spectators until tomorrow barring a major trade.

From MSG Network:rangers report logo


New York, NY (June 26, 2014) – MSG Network announced today that a special Rangers postseason marathon, titled “Rangers 2014 Playoffs: A Run to Remember,” will telecast on Saturday, June 28 beginning at 10:30 a.m. with the Rangers Game 7 win of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series against the Philadelphia Flyers. The marathon – hosted by Bill Pidto, Sam Rosen, Dave Maloney, and John Giannone – will feature four of the best Rangers wins of the postseason. “Rangers 2014 Playoffs: A Run to Remember” will encore on Sunday, June 29.


10:30 a.m. – vs. Philadelphia, Game 7 (4/30/14)
12:30 p.m. – vs. Pittsburgh, Game 7 (5/13/14)
2:30 p.m. – vs. Montreal, Game 6 (5/29/14)
4:30 p.m. – vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 (6/11/14)


11:00 a.m. – vs. Philadelphia, Game 7 (4/30/14)
1:00 p.m. – vs. Pittsburgh, Game 7 (5/13/14)
5:00 p.m. – vs. Montreal, Game 6 (5/29/14)
7:00 p.m. – vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 (6/11/14)

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  1. Maybe they’ll show the CBC broadcast of the Habs game. That would be swell.
    Either way, there will be handshakes this weekend!

  2. How bout Nash straight up to Garth Snows Islanders for the 5th overall pick? Then sign Stastny (s)

  3. Admiral Akbar on

    No way, James

    Then have Nash play like a man possessed for the Fish Sticks the way he played against Columbus?

    Nice idea though! :)

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    So, it doesn’t sound like NHL and NHLPA are on the same page in terms of what the salary Cap should be next year. Hopefully we’ll get it today. Also, I wonder if that rule of being able to talk to potential FAs starting June 25th will artificially escalate FA prices. Good for NHLPA and the players, not so great for the teams.

  5. Agree ilb. I don’t like courting free agent period. Rather July 1st start talking.

  6. London Broil on

    if anyone is friends with ilb on facebook, go check out his precious princess of a daughter posing for the camera.

    manny, what happened to you on twitter, suspended, name change?

  7. I hope you all can pardon me for my annual plug for my NHL Draft articles. If you are interested, please visit Ranger Ramblings ( where all four can be accessed by using this one link. In order there are the 2014 NHL 1st Round Mock Draft, the 2014 NHL 2nd Round Mock Draft, the Rangers 2nd/3rd Round Draft Preview, and the Rangers 4th/5th Round Draft Preview.

    I just hoped that I don’t get Carped :-)

    Have a great day/weekend everyone and thanks again!

  8. It may inflate prices if we are led to believe that no players talked to teams before 7/1 in the past with “I won’t say anything if you don’t” terms.

  9. _…it is believed that Pouliot, who has worked on five consecutive one year contracts for five different teams after his initial three-year entry level deal, will receive multiple offers for at least $9 million over three years — if not more._

  10. I blocked you on Twitter.

    JK. I deleted my account. I could reactivate it I guess but…what’s the point?

  11. They’re in a tough spot even if the cap is over $70M. I have a bad feeling that we’re going to wind up with Heatley when the cost of our FAs is too much. Heatley would probably take a deal similar to Pouliot’s last year.

  12. Nicely done, AnthonyM. Looks like you really worked hard and came up with a deep, extensive, and thoughtful review.

    If Pouliot wants $3×3, he is as good as gone. As much as the Rangers want to preserve that line, they simply can’t afford to spend that much on Pouliot. Brassard and MZA will cost them between $8M-$9M. Same goes with Boyle. If he wants $3M or more, as important as he was during the playoffs, they should let him walk.

  13. Gravy, at this point a couple of millions makes a big difference. You pay for a successful run by losing some players to FA, you need to find a way to replace them. Preserve the core, find replacements.

  14. ilb, this team wasn’t perfect, but it had a good run. It would be nice to keep as many pieces as possible, but it’s just not the way things are now.

    They would be able to re-sign most of the their FAs to reasonable contracts if they could rely on Miller and Fast as their 12th and 13th forwards. But, that would still leave them without a replacement for Richards’ production on offense and the PP point. As frustrating as he was back there at times, he’s still better than any option they have now.

  15. If MSG is really interested in classics, they should replay in its entirety one of the Charps from the playoff run

  16. Transition year next year. Fast miller poss duclair will prob see regular spots as with cap close to 70 we will need ever dollar to sign just our RFA and perhaps Dom Moore.

    Stralman pouliot Boyle all gone on open market. Maybe Dan Boyle signs for 2 yrs which I wouldn’t be thrilled about or perhaps Klein takes 2nd pairing and mcilrath time comes.

    I don’t get sense we add any. UFA with price tag.

  17. Got a feeling the rangers let BBoyle and Benoit Pouliot walk, and sign Stralman and Dom Moore.

    Will miss the reliability of having Boyle on the team. I know it won’t happen, but I’d love to see him get to sign in Boston. It would be like me getting to play for the rangers.

  18. Eric I agree.

    $3M for Pouliot is $83K a point, that was Kristo’s salary all year last year in the AHL. 36 points over 82 games, is not worth $9M. I’m just making a point, it’s not about the UND kid, buy I damn certain he can replace him and his points for ALOT less.

    But when you factor in Nash’s production. $7.8M for 39 points you get $200,000 per point.

    When does this game start to make sense???????

  19. I get this feeling AV loves Stralman, loves him. The Rangers brass knows their strength is Goalie, Defense, and then young talented forwards. The Defense could take a major hit losing Stralman. I dont think they take that chance.

    I think they take the chance they can replace Pouliot and that the drop off from Boyle to whoever fills that 4th line and PK isn’t a weak link.

  20. The Bruins are tough either way, Gregory Campbell is a great 4th line center. Boyle is better for sure but they are tough anyway.

    Would love to see the guy end up playing for his team.

  21. Stralman talks have broken down, he is gone! Someone will sign him for $4M x 4 Years.

    Just think he was cut by the Devils after training camp not that long ago. Hmmmmm

    Seriously, Connor Allen is ready for the 6th spot. I wouldn’t be surprise if he wins the spot out of camp.

  22. Campbell’s numbers were horrific last year, but I like him too. And its possible he got anchored by the perpetually terrible Shawn Thornton.

  23. Stralman fits AVs system to the T. I think the Rangers really want Stralman. I think talks are talks. breaking down, picking back up.
    The dude is 27.
    5 year deal takes him to 32, and I think he is going to become better and better. A 4.25.-4.5 salary will be a bargain in a couple years.

    If a kid really pushes, you can always move the kid or Klein.

    I dont think the money will be the key issue. I think its gonna be no-movement clause. Rangers I think would give him a 5 yr. 4.5 contract but Im not sure they will give him the no-movement clause. That may be the kicker.

    So might say how do you put all that money into the back-end. Well a team has to decide what their strengths are. Sometimes the way things play out with roster development forces a team to lean in one direction. Chicago is about to spend 20 million on two players. The rangers can have their top-4 defense for 20 million. I think the impact the rangers top 4 dmen have on a game and more importantly a full season is comparable to the impact Toews and Kane make.

  24. If Pouliot goes, prepare for Dustin Penner. He’s coming off two one-year deals and his production is similar to Pouliot.


  25. Penner is going to remind people of Taylor Pyatt at this point. More then likely I think the Rangers try to replace Benny with Mason Raymond if Raymond is amendable to another 1 or 2 year deal.

    Played for AV, has the wheels the Rangers like, had a nice season in Toronto.

  26. I can’t imagine an up-tempo team would even glance at Dustin Penner.

    Flyers friend said there’s rumors they would add a 2nd round pick to get out of Lecavalier’s contract and take back Scottie Upshall. The old gang is getting back together.

  27. Dustin Penner is a very funny tweeter. Not on the level of Luongo. But still pretty good.

  28. Richards’ production can be replaced by having MSL for the entire year, plus you have to assume Kreider will add more goals. In terms of PP quarterback position. As much as many of us ( myself included) are/were against D. Boyle, at this point it may make sense for two reasons. One, he is still capable of running the PP from the back, not as efficiently as he used to, but coupled with McD on his left, he could be very good. Secondly, he may be a good fit financially. His contract is going to be 35+ laden with significant bonuses that can be deferred against 2015-2017 Cap.

  29. ThisYearsModel on

    THE clearly intimidated Germany with his pre-game tweet yesterday, resulting in the USA moving on.

    I sure hate draft day when the Rangers don’t have a pick.

  30. No to Raymond, too smallish. Penner is funny on twitter. Only guy funnier on twitter than penner is manny.

  31. I hope they resign Pouliot, I’d go 3 years at 2 mil per, but not sure at 3 mil per.

    I’d move dorsett at his salary if you got a bigger guy back that could skate ie gazdic or bordeleau.

  32. I bet all you Richards enthusiast would love to see him on the Islanders. Good theater if you ask me.

  33. I’m thinking Boyle goes to Boston, and he is the next Ranger to put his name on the Stanley Cup!

  34. I would guess Boyle wanting a 3rd line role would rule out Boston and a lot of other well run teams.

  35. Sioux- nobody. We aren’t rebuilding. One thing is to have your own first round pick, another is to give up significant players for #1. By the time Ekblad is making any impact, Lundqvist will be changing his grandkids diapers.

  36. Boyle should sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then he’d instantly become their new helmet logo with his playoff Three Musketeers moustache and beard

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, how the hell does Newsday afford to send Zipay all over the way they do? I get it for the Post and DN, but Newsday?

  38. Carp would get a lot more respect from LoHud if he opened his own MMA center like Jay Glazer did

  39. Is Dave Maloney big-timing us? He can’t get together with Carp to do a Charp during the offseason because it’s not as convenient for him to get to the Garden?

  40. Luv to see a good old fashioned Battle Royale with Carp and the beat writers from all the other EC teams. No holds barred and only way to be eliminate is to get thrown over the top rope. No eating the turnbuckle, Carp!

  41. McD will score the Cup winning OT goal next year while flying parallel to the ice thru the crease….will be immortalized in posters forever…only to have Toronto waive it off for phantom goalie interference

  42. I kind of agree with Sioux. I liked what I saw of Connor Allen earlier this season. Yet, almost nobody is mentioning him as possibly being ready this year. I think he might be ready before McIlrath.

  43. Allen made my 3rd pair Left side D of my CapGeek Armchair GM roster. Get with the program

  44. ilb, you can probably explain better than me, but doesn’t the league and NHLPA have to agree on the HRR number, as well as make a decision on the escrow?

  45. You know the sticking point has to be Bettman. Man doesn’t do much well but he sure is good at sticking points.

  46. Yes, Gravy, they do have to agree. I suspect the sticking point is RDS TV contract that will start paying NHL next year. The HRR is calculated based on the previous year’s league total income. The CBA, however, has a provision that any projected next year’s income of over $20M should be included into next year’s CBA calculation. Plus, the 5% escalator, plus escrow. Who knows what Battman is trying to pull off.

  47. I really hope the Pens trade James Neal to the WC. He’s such a dirty piece of shyte.

    Better be some trades today! The draft is so dull without them. Pierre McPenis, Fatboy McKenzie and Cyborg Dreger get all hot and bothered during these drafts. Uncomfortable to watch!

  48. Bettman pulled a knife on me once, it was yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa long. Actually, it was an assegai.

  49. VAN accepting that for Kesler makes me think they have something else in the works. Maybe flipping one of those assets for something grander?

  50. Vancouver is going for the major fan and media bump. Have a feeling they are gonna be trading for the #1 overall. Trades kesler, will trade garrison, gives them the assets to actually make that trade for the pick Florida likes what they have in hubreau and barkov, would prefer 3-4 assets to another number 1 center.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Ducks win that trade pretty handily if they can get legit Ryan Kesler. If they get injured Ryan Kesler, it’s still a win for them, but not as large.

  52. plus florida and vancouver just completed the luongo deal. And it has always seemed that once a team makes a deal with another club, it paves the way for more deals between the clubs. each front office knows the other teams players and who the team is willing to move, the communication is flowing etc etc.

  53. @DarrenDreger

    Told the Coyotes are strongly considering buying out Mike Ribeiro. The veteran forward is under contract through 2016-2017. Not official.

    Your next New York Ranger! AV loves his French Fries!

  54. NO WAY ribeiro is a substance user. its written all over his face. that guy is train wreck.

  55. Think about how bad the situation has to be for Phoenix to be willing and able to buyout a contract like that.

  56. You should pretty much *never* trust what ORR says when it’s in bold and has an arrow to Waseka

  57. To be clear, I’m not saying NYR should sign him. I’m just saying, Ribeiro seems like the kind of guy AV wants, and I don’t know for sure, but I think he played for AV when he was with Montreal.

    It’s a match made in French Canadian heaven!

  58. Kesler is a good get, but it’s essentially as if the Rangers traded Stepan, J Moops, and a 1st for him. They’d be getting killed here.

  59. I like Kesler, but it’s decent haul for Vancouver. I wouldn’t say it’s a steal.

  60. By rights, ST Louis should be in Missouri, Boyle should be lanced, Nash should be in Nashville, and Sauer shouldn’t be pickled.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m with Orr, Gravy. Stepan is a much more valuable asset than Bonino.

    I’d even argue that J. Moops is more valuable than Sbisa. That guy has just not panned out, at all.

    It would be like if we traded NYR-era Anisimov, McIlrath and a 1st. For Kesler? Steal for NYR.

  62. Bonino could be more like Boyle. One big offensive season, 20 goals. Lets see what he does in Vancouver. This is a major steal right now, unless Vancouver drafts a superstar with that pick. It wont matter if the Ducks win the Cup though.

    It’s tough to compete with these West teams. Too tough!

  63. When Kesler held the cards and only said Anaheim Chicago or Tampa Canucks had no leverage

  64. If that’s not a steal, its only because Kesler handcuffed the Canucks by only allowing two teams to bid. So they had no leverage. Only way they could have less leverage is if Kesler had only allowed one team. Like Nash. And like St. Louis. Freakin’ Sather.

  65. You consummate a contract with a player, you either honor it or you find someone else who will honor it. And so it goes.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, the other option is you don’t trade him and make him stay in Vancouver. So not ALL the leverage.

  67. To even mention Stepan (or even Anisimov, who is a month younger), you have to really buy into Bonino being a late blossoming 6th rounder and not an anomaly 22 goal scorer benefiting from playing for the highest scoring team in the league.

  68. Pat Leonard: “Boyle expects a larger role, if not more money.” If not more money? You shouldn’t be allowed to cover a major NY team until you’re at least thirty.

  69. Glenn Healy saying Canucks looking to move to number one.

    Also we better hope cap is 70.5 mil not 68 mil. It was anticipated 71.1 mil

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    What I’ve heard about Vancouver is they desperately want Sam Reinhart. And since Buffalo isn’t interested in moving its pick, Florida is their best bet to move up to a place where they can get him

    They want Reinhart because he’s a local boy and they’re trying to sell season tickets, just like bringing in Trevor Linden was designed to do.

  71. So the Ducks traded Poo Poo, John Moore and a late first to the Canucks for Ryan Kessler. And yes, Kessler made it a bit tough on Vancouver but so did MSL, a 39 year old forward who only wanted to go to one team and Sather traded two firsts for him. Wow!

    It was funny reading the blogosphere when Kessler was made available and what the arm chair “experts” thought it would take to get him. And yes I know he did not want to come here. Just remember, we fans always overvalued other teams players and way under value our own. Keep that in mind the next time you debate a possible trade.

  72. If Reinhardt goes one there may be trades galore. Buffalo not high on ekblad at 2. Want a center

  73. Ducks win that Deal. Good thing Kessler stays in the West. For some reason he didn’t want to play for AV in New York.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, two firsts and Callahan. Don’t forget that.

    Although, let’s be fair: MSL>Kesler, so he was always going to cost more. But your overall point is well taken that we really overpaid.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Josh Ho Sang is going to be the steal of this draft. People are going to look back and wonder how he ever fell out of the top 10.

  76. Doodie, is there a legit reason for his expected drop or is it as bad as it sounds?

  77. And you guys are way wrong about carp in the ring, he’d toss everyone else out until it was him and Katie, but he wouldn’t jump out, he’d want to wrestle ;)

  78. Remember the name sonny Milano. Hearing good things about him. My dad is friends with one of his ex coaches

  79. If the Rangers grab Josh Ho Sang, they’ll have to keep Dorsett, Carcillo, and add John Scott.

  80. @NYP_Brooksie

    Rangers have traded winger *Derek Dorsett* to Vancouver for a third-round pick

  81. You all remember me telling you he wanted to go home after speaking with his brother at the flying puck. Well he’s going back west canada.

  82. This seems like we are clearing space, right? So we are either making another move or we are being told the cap is going to be LOW

  83. I like Dorsett trade, frees up cap space, adds a pick in a deep draft in which we don’t have a lot of picks…was least consistent/most oft injured player on that fourth line.

  84. Pouliot $$$?

    NATW $$$?

    Boyle $$&?

    Other Boyle $$$?

    Cap not as high as initially thought?

  85. This may be a cap move. I like this. Dorset getting paid too much. Fizzled late in playoffs. Sign carcillo for 600k save mil bucks or just give Boyle Dorset money now.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    LOVE the Dorsett trade. It’s an even better return than I thought we could get. I thought 5th, maybe 4th rounder.

  87. I wish they had a channel in North America that showed under 17 European hockey so some of you would just watch that since that seems to be the rand of hockey you guys like.

  88. Any yet another heart and soul guy says sayonara. But, he has a healthy contract and probably had to be done.

  89. Not bad, third rounder. They’d better add some muscles now, even if they retain Carcillo ( didn’t sound it when AV spoke about him), it’s not going to be enough.

  90. London Broil on

    great deal to free up cap space… got a 3rd rounder for a fairly useless player. maybe intended to keep Boyle & Moore & possibly Pouliout too. Carcillo may be back…. even better.

  91. ‘fairly useless player?” If Dors and Boyle gone, who’s the new energy, forecheck, muscle on that great 4th line that admirably carried us through some long stretches?

  92. Good trade! Should have happened at the deadline. Late 3rd round pick, not bad. Clear the salary and re-sign Carcillo!

    I kind of hopes Dorsett would be like Prust when he came over. He was more like half Prust, half Voros.

    Poor guy is getting married tomorrow.

  93. Let’s not assume means carcillo. This 1.6 could be used now help bring Boyle back.

  94. Breaking

    Reason ribiero bought out don Maloney said he had behavior issues couldn’t get past.

  95. Without Dors and Carcillo, who at least physically protests the next Step lockjaw cheap shot? Richards’ ghost?

  96. @azc_mclellan

    Maloney said this move was purely about behavioral issues and not cost-saving move. Ribeiro has been seeking help this summer, Maloney said.

  97. London Broil on

    i’d like boyle & Moore back. i know most people expect Boyle to be overpaid by another club, but id like him back on a prust type deal.

    want no part of that goon thornton.

  98. Was just on hockey night in Canada radio.

    Asked about what would it take bring in evander Kane. Also mentioned carcillo at reduced rate or Boyle with Dorset money.

  99. They retaliated, too. Got a minor penalty and a suspension out of it … and Stepan still had a broken jaw.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, something I have been predicting since he was told he would not be resigned.

  101. London Broil on

    have any of you received botox for the forehead? i have a question about after treatment. would really appreciate it.

  102. Carcillo’s making $850. Think we can humiliate him down to $150 thousand? (s)

  103. Shawn Thornton is an old knucklehead … but he’s a decent player who can play on an effective fourth line and deliver hits.

    not endorsing that move. But he’s better than some of the other goonies they’ve brought in over the years.

  104. Not saying Thornton is out of the question, but it wouldn’t make much sense since he was only $500k cheaper this year.

    Thornton has played 101 playoff games and has 1 goal. That’s pretty amazing. Not often that a guy with one goal plays that many games.

  105. Elliot Friedman says Kreider going back. Can’t do that pair him with Kane. He said Kane needs go to place where big media but can get lost in city with other sports.

  106. Team gave The Undertaker the hat after he challenged McGratten. Tells me something.

  107. bull dog line on

    while I like the idea of keeping Carcillo, I doubt the reason they traded Dorsett was to create space to sign him. they have bigger guys to take care of.

  108. Don’t care about penalty/suspension. Imagine the team shame and disgust if no one challenged Prust after that hit?

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    “but he’s a decent player who can play on an effective fourth line and deliver hits.”

    Correction: he WAS all of that. No longer. Last season he was absolutely terrible.

    coos, all it says to me is they wanted to make the kid feel better after getting tuned up by McGrattan in his first NHL fight.

    The Rangers sent him back to the AHL the next game. What does that tell you?

  110. I want guys on my team that are doing the jaw breaking, not getting jaws broken or retaliating!

  111. I understand that coos. everybody wants vengeance. just don’t hide it under “prevention” because it’s not.

    I said all year last season (and the year before) this team is too soft. But you can’t just have a bunch of idiots to react to stuff that happens in a game. There’s not a soul on the planet that would have prevented Stepan’s broken jaw by being in uniform that night.

  112. bull dog line on

    maybe the Rangers don’t value 4th liners as much as some here do. you have to take care of the top of the roster 1st, then worry about your 4th liners.

  113. “Idiots reacting to stuff” is pretty much the team motto of the Phlyers. I think they have that sign hanging over their urinals.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    If Carcillo and Dorsett aren’t out there, someone else would have stepped to Prust. But because they are out there, it was them.

    Honestly, enforcers are useless. They have to be able to play hockey. Dorsett can’t play hockey. And he was getting 1.6 million. That’s almost what Boyle was getting and he can play hockey.

  115. _you have to take care of the top of the roster 1st, then worry about your 4th liners._

    Halpern and Powe and Asham. Oh my.

  116. London Broil on

    Thornton would def lay some people out w/ some head crunching hits…. instigatory or retaliatory.

  117. agree, bull dog. Good fourth-liners aren’t dime-a-dozen, and you can surely go wrong (proof: every season until last season) trying to build a good fourth line. Of course everybody wants Boyle and D. Moops back and Slats will have work to do if he loses another guy off that line. Bue he needs to have priorities too.

  118. London Broil on

    ?@DarrenDreger: Salary cap for 2014-2015. Cap is at $69. Lower Limit is $51 million.

  119. Hearing 69 mil for cap not as high as 71.1 like anticipated. Makes Dorset move even better

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Lots of guys can get retribution and still play. Dorsett is not one of them. Frankly, he isn’t good at the retribution part, either.

  121. Dorsett gets us to $69M from the originally thought $71M. And they still have to fill his roster spot.

  122. Dors was getting 1.4 last year. His 2 mil this coming year made him expendable. Someone else would have stepped up to Prust? Who? Schoenfeld in civvies?

  123. The fast miller lindberg mcilrath era begins. See you in 2016. Transition year 2015-16 year.

  124. It’s only $2M, guys. It’s not earth shattering. Relax. Without Dorsett we are almost there.

  125. Carp

    I asked Elliot what rangers would have to give up fior Kane he believes a top 6 forward and said Kreider. I said no way I want to pair them both for yrs to come.

    Also Winnipeg would never trade for Kreider if he could leave as a ufa in 2 years.

  126. Yes, but the cost of our FAs essentially are doubling. And they have to replace Richards and whoever else they don’t sign.

    If you played around with the capgeek roster builder, 469M is a disaster unless they get a bargain on MZA or Brassard.

  127. Carp, you’ve said that over and over and I never disagreed with it. However, you need (overused term) ‘playable toughness.’ This group was universally rated league-wide as ‘soft’ even with #!3 and #15. And ALL players appreciate protection and retaliation in the face of abuse.

  128. bull dog line on

    would not trade Kreider for Kane. kreider is just starting to scratch the surface.

  129. I wouldn’t trade Kreider for Kane. The Rangers have more control over him at less money, and he may turn out to be a better player.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, what exactly did Dorsett do? He took a boarding minor. You’re telling me Pouliot couldn’t take a boarding minor? Staal couldn’t cross-check him?

    If you want to give retribution, you need to target their star guys, not Prust. Prust takes out Stepan so we take out Prust? How does that make sense?

  131. Kreider for Kane wouldn’t be a good trade for us based on age and cap hit. But I am not entirely opposed to the trade of skills.

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, in a vacuum, it’s tough. I’d lean towards yes.

    But based on cap situation, it’s a no.

    You guys realize that Evander Kane is actually YOUNGER than THE Kreider, right? And he’s already scored 30 goals in the NHL.

  133. I agree, coos.

    playable toughness. a difficult commodity to find. … and BTW, two of the final four teams didn’t have much of it at all. And none had a goon.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    It seems like Kane has been around forever because he started playing right out of the draft while THE Kreider spent three years in college and then a year in the AHL. But Kane is younger by a few months.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    no, but my point is saying that Kreider has a lot potential to improve ignores that Kane also still has a lot of potential to improve.

  136. Doodie grasping at straws. So is Stepan. Glad we had Dors and Carillo on ice. At least we didn’t look like a bunch of mutts.

  137. Gravy: I shouldn’t have said “age” I should have said “contract type” because Kreider was considered a “rookie” longer and is still on EL contract (which I think Kane is too) but Kreider hasn’t signed his big deal yet.

  138. I want Kreider with Kane. Oh well.

    Rangers bruins hawks flyers among many cap teams unhappy

  139. Johnny"we arent built for this" boy on

    Kane would’ve sniped that game winner….

    See ya Dorsett, got to go back over a decade to see one of our 3rd round picks actually suit up.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, seems like you’ve done nothing but said “I’m glad they were out there” and completely ignored what they actually did in response and whether anyone could have repsonded similarly.

    In the end, they really did next to nothing to respond. Dorsett had the chance on that play to send Prust into the third row, but actually let up before hitting him.

  141. As you should be, Gravy. I have a tendancy to speak without thinking. Both in real life and on this blog.

  142. Playable toughness = The K. He’s developing a charged, stinging competitiveness. Team likes him. Tough, humble, and talented. Home grown. He and McD and Hank the real core.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    But then you say I’m grasping at straws, even though I’m the only one talking about what actually happened, and you’re just kinda doing the old “good thing we had our tough guy out there to get his back!” without seeing that he really didn’t do anything to get Stepan’s back.

    That’s like saying Gaustad had Miller’s back when Lucic ran him over by getting his face punched in the next time they played Boston. He really showed Lucic’s fists who was boss!

  144. Cheeses, Doodie, you’re unfocused argument only effectively re-states my opinion on our softness.

  145. When Dorsett or Carcillo or Boyler delivered a big hit on an appropriate nut-shot opponent, notice the ENTIRE bench stand, holler, and salute.

  146. bull dog line on

    the only way to get the other teams attention after a cheap shot like Prust’s, is to give one of your own. like John Moore did. dropping the gloves doesn’t do it anymore. and John Moore wasn’t a coward who targeted a player who does not play that type of game. he went after Weiss, another cheap shot artist.

  147. hilarious, kreider straight up for E. Kane. Thank god you guys aren’t the rangers GM.

  148. Oh god.

    Obviously number one pick ekblad to Phil. What else then. Vinny l going to Florida.

  149. Lol at Staal cross checking someone!!

    All he does is stick check!

    Staal makes Nash look like lucic

  150. _Flyers panthers discussing blockbuster_


  151. I wouldn’t trade Kreider for Kane, folks. We haven’t seen real Kreider yet.

    $69M Cap is disappointing, $2M makes a difference. Many teams, not only NY, will have to scramble

  152. I wouldn’t trade Kreider for Kane either. Take anyone else. I do want pair both of them. No mcdonagh

  153. ILB

    What I meant is say sather was willing to part with Kreider in a deal for Kane like (Elliot Friedman suggested when I asked him what he thinks rangers would have to give up) why would Winnipeg make that move on there end with chance Kreider leaves there in a year. They wouldn’t so I don’t believe he would be part of a package. They prob want Stepan but our glaring needs is centers so were not a match unfortunately.

  154. You think we’re in bad shape with the cap, check out the Bruins and Flyers both already over the cap though the Flyers will get under by about 3 million with Pronger. And Pittsburgh, they have 13 million left and only 13 players signed. Going to be a lot of cap trades tonight.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, I don’t see what’s unfocused about my argument. I’m looking at the actual events that occurred on the ice. You’re just saying “SEE! TOUGHNESS!”

  156. Czechthemout!!! on

    Our team may look dramatically different next season. With Richards and Dorsett already gone, it is probable that B.Boyle,A.Stralman, PooPoo and maybe even D.Moore maybe gone. Yet another season of a major overhaul on the Rangers, all precipitated by their inability to draft well and develop young talent.

    We are paying for the, korpikoskis,Montoyas,Saguinettis,MciLraths,Jessimans, and MDZs of the draft.

  157. Hello from Israel. Following the tweets —> closely. Like the Dorsett trade. Guy didnt want to be here so at least get some potential value for him.

  158. When Bernie Nicholls took a shower at the Garden, would that have constituted money laundering?

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