Guest blogger: Doodie Machetto … 2013-14 Rangers report cards


By Doodie Machetto

Hello, my fellow Boneheads! What a great run, despite the tremendously disappointing finish. Those of you who are regulars and/or have been readers for a long time will know that if I love anything, it’s hearing the sound of my own voice (or reading my own words, in this case). I can hear the groans already: yes, it’s guest blogger time.  And even worse for many of you, I am writing one.  Bearing that in mind, I’m happy to present you with my player report cards.  Just so you understand the basis of my grades, each player has received two; one for the regular season and one for the playoffs.  Also, the grades were based upon expectations of the player, such as value in relation to cap hit, the team’s expected role of the player, and my own personal expectations.


Henrik Lundqvist (B+/A+) – After a very shaky start to the season, which actually had some professional pundits questioning whether Lundqvist was ever going to be the same goaltender due to the reduction in pad size, Lundqvist rebounded with a terrific second half of the season. His playoffs were otherworldly, to the point that if the Rangers had managed to extend the series to seven games, he would have been a lock to win the Conn Smythe regardless of the game’s outcome.  He certainly answered a lot of questions regarding his ability to raise his game in the playoffs.  If I had to have a complaint, is it me or does it seem like every breakaway ends up in the back of our net?Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers - Game Six

Cam Talbot (A+/C) – Where did this guy come from?  Instantly provided relief for Lundqvist after the beleaguered Martin Biron was forced into retirement singlehandedly by Tomas Hertl.  He was so good while Lundqvist was struggling that some idiots were even suggesting there was a goaltending controversy.  His two playoff appearances in relief of Lundqvist did not match his regular season play, especially that rotten period and a half against Montreal.

Martin Biron (F) – I just wanted to briefly mention Biron to say what a class act he was in handling his being waived and retiring.  Signing the stick from the Sharks game and giving it to Tomas Hertl is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


Ryan McDonagh (A+/A-) – What else can be said about McMonster? We watched him blossom into one of the top 10 best defensemen in the league.  Remember when that idiot reporter said he was a maybe for the American Olympic Team? He had a very slow start to the playoffs, which may have been injury-related, but starting with Game 5 in Pittsburgh, he rebounded into top form, not only defensively, but also leading our team in scoring from that point on, by a wide margin.  In the Final, his partner repeatedly let him down, and he flew the zone too quickly in Game 1, but otherwise was our best skater in the series.  By the time that contract is up it will be the biggest bargain in the league.

Dan Girardi (B+/D) – Was his usual consistent presence defensively, allowing McDonagh to join the rush more often and expand his offensive game.  He still snow angels too much, though. Had a pretty nondescript playoffs until the Final, which was just a total nightmare for him.  Hopefully he rebounds or that new contract will be an anchor.

Marc Staal (C+/B) – First the bad news. Staal will never be the player he was drafted to be, and it appeared he would develop into.  I don’t know if it was the concussion, the eye injury, both, or neither, but he just isn’t going to be that top pairing level defenseman that he appeared on track to becoming.  He did, however, prove to be an effective second pairing defenseman.  Some early struggles in the regular season were ironed out and he entered the playoffs in great form.  Through the first 11 games, he was a beast, but oddly enough, as the rest of the team took off starting in Game 5 against Pittsburgh, Staal started to decline and by the time the playoffs were over, he was being regularly outplayed by his partner, Anton Stralman.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

Anton Stralman (B+/A+) – Stralman has greatly changed his game over the past couple of seasons, going from a mediocre puck mover to a legitimate defensive defenseman.  In the playoffs, he was our most consistently good defenseman, and he even added big hits to his repertoire.  Unfortunately, he’s probably played himself off the team via larger UFA contract.  IF they can bring him back at the term and price suggested by Larry Brooks (4X4), I’d be pretty happy.

John Moore (C-/F) – I still have not seen anything from Moore that even resembles the promise he showed in the 2013 season after being acquired in the Gaborik trade.  His performance in the playoffs was poor, especially as they went deeper, culminating in his abject failure in the Final.

Kevin Klein (C+/B+) – Struggled a bit early after being acquired, but rounded into better defensive form the longer he was with the team. He also has a good read of when to join the play within the offensive zone, but has absolutely no finishing skills.

Raphael Diaz (A-/D-) – Was a breath of fresh air when he finally got his chance to play, helping provide a different look for a power play that desperately needed a spark. Played well enough during McDonagh’s absence to raise questions as to whether it should have been him playing over Moore.  When given the opportunity to do so in the playoffs, he was overwhelmed, particularly in Game 1 of the Final.


Rick Nash (B-/D-) – Led the team in regular-season goal scoring, but did not score nearly enough in doing so.  Rounded out his defensive game and became an effective penalty killer.  Just did not engage at all in the scoring areas.  His improved defensive play is the only reason his playoffs weren’t an F.  AV’s No. 1 assignment this summer is to figure out how to get Nash scoring again or his contract will be an albatross.

Derek Stepan (B/B) – A slow start to the season was turned around later in the year.  Had as many brilliant moments in the playoffs as he did invisible nights.  Showed tremendous heart in playing through the broken jaw, although he was clearly drained by the time the Final was over.  Overall, it was definitely a decline from his performance last year that actually made me wonder whether he could be a No. 1 center, although this time around he finally showed up a little bit in the playoffs.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

Chris Kreider (B/A) – Often lost in the France St. Louis story-line was THE Kreider’s return to the lineup.  He needs to work on his finishing skills, but is coming along as some player, especially as a retriever on the power play.  His burst on his first few strides have to be in the top five in the league in combined power and speed.

Martin St. Louis (F/B+) – During the regular season, the Callahan trade looked like an absolute disaster.  A decent start to the playoffs erased some of those concerns, but after the tragic passing of his mother, he became a leader, both on the scoreboard and in the dressing room.  Bonus points for leading the team in playoff goals, although the total was a bit low, and his overall point total was even less.

Brad Richards (B-/D+) – All season, he was a great player with the puck on his stick in the offensive zone, but was a pretty much a liability in any other scenario.  Wore down as the season went on, to the point where he was competing with John Moore for the distinction of being the worst skater on either team in the Final.  However, he did score some huge goals in the earlier rounds.  If he can swallow his pride, he can be a very effective role player for a serious Cup contender.

Carl Hagelin (B+/A+) – Very defensively responsible during the regular season, his offensive game took a hit as a result of having to cover for Richards and Callahan/St. Louis’ regular season struggles.  In the playoffs, Hagelin, Boyle, and Moore were our most consistently excellent forwards, in that order.

Mats Zuccarello (A+/B+) – Our best forward throughout the regular season, he even began adding an agitating element to his game.  He plays with onions as big as the building.  After leading the team in scoring in the regular season, he and his line were up and down during the playoffs.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game FiveDerick Brassard (A-/A-) – His play at center helped make his line the Rangers’ best throughout the season.  After a slow start to the playoffs, he rebounded to be very important for the long run, especially in the Pittsburgh series.

Benoit Pouliot (B/B-) – At the beginning of the season, I said how much I liked when he went to the front of the net, but he takes way too many offensive-zone penalties.  Well, allow me to repeat: I like when goes to the front of the net, but he takes way too many offensive-zone penalties.  If he could cut down on the stupidity, he would be a much more important player for the team.

Derek Dorsett (B/C) – Formed part of an effective fourth line, albeit the least important and most replaceable part.  I thought he was not very good in the playoffs, as his lack of finish ability caused a lot of work of his linemates to be wasted with plays dying on his stick.

Brian Boyle (B+/A+) – Provided his consistently solid fourth line play and penalty killing, and also provided his consistently elevated playoff performance.  He’s going to get grossly overpaid on the open market, but I’m thankful for the years of service he’s given us.

Dominic Moore (A/A+) – He only cost us a million dollars! His play in the playoffs allowed AV to have some flexibility with his lineup by moving Moore up and down the lineup.  And while in his chance at second line center demonstrated why he’s best suited as a fourth line center, he didn’t embarrass himself, either.  Hopefully he returns at a decent number.

Daniel Carcillo (B+/A) – I think he outplayed Dorsett from the moment he arrived.  He was absolutely huge in the Philadelphia series.  Sure, he can do dumb things, but I like the rest of his game way more than Dorsett’s. I’d look to trade Dorsett for a mid to late round pick and retain Carcillo for much less than Dorsett makes. The savings there could mean the difference between retaining and not retaining one of Stralman or Boyle.

J.T. Miller (C-) – Showed some flashes of potentially being a good third-liner in the future, but questions about attitude and conviction were raised by AV.  That’s a very bad sign for a player who is valued for his physical play over his talent.  Hopefully he continues to mature and develops into a solid contributor in the future.


Alain Vigneault (A/B+) – He is cool as a cucumber and stayed with line combinations to give them time to work and form chemistry.  Shuffled the lines when they needed to be shuffled to help get certain players going.  Couldn’t figure out the power play, especially in the playoffs.  Was also outcoached a bit in the Final when he could not make adjustments to match the adjustments made by Darryl Sutter.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Media Day

Glen Sather (B+) – Fired Torts and brought in AV.  That turned out to be a great move.  Had the Banff trip which was a needless disaster.  Traded Michael Del Zotto for Klein in a move that was successfully balanced out the defense, but it inhibited his ability to get Stralman under contract during the season because of salary structure.  Not doing so allowed Stralman to even further increase his value with his strong playoff performance.  He got Girardi resigned to a contract that is well below market value.  Handled the Callahan situation well, although overpaid a bit for St. Louis considering the Rangers were the only possible market for his services.  Still, the moves paid off with a trip to the Cup Final.  The drawback is that without making another trade, we will be without a first round pick for three consecutive seasons. That’s a tough obstacle for the franchise’s long-term prospects.  Also, despite my severe skepticism, he did the right thing in buying out Brad Richards.

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  1. Nice assessment, Doodie. Have a few quibbles on those grades, but I’m a tough grader…overall, well done!

  2. Nice article Doodie – generally agree with those grades.

    On another note Marian Gaborik, 7 yrs at an AAV of $4.875, yet another reason to look at Callahan and think WTF? Well done Lombardi (again!)

  3. bull dog line on

    the only grade I strongly disagree with is John Moore. he was not that bad in the playoffs. otherwise, I think you nailed it.

  4. bull dog line on

    I think a lot of us here share your view on Staal. starting to think more and more, that trading him may be the way to go.

  5. iDoodie Machetto on

    Bull dog, He’s still a very competent second pairing defenseman. We need those, too. I think a trade is short-sighted unless someone pays us like he’s a first-pairing guy, in which case he would be more valuable to us as a trade chip.

    Klein as your three isn’t going to work.

  6. iDoodie Machetto on

    From the cutting room floor:

    Justin Falk – I wanted to grade him but he was unavailable because his wife was thinking about getting pregnant sometime in the next decade. This was such a cash grab for not playing season that it made Devils-era Scott Clemmensen and Corey Schwab blush.

  7. Doodie don’t u watch this team. Nash gets an F . Lol good job buddy agree on most.

  8. Doodie (*B/B+*)
    Nice job! I actually agree with most of them give or take a + or a – here or there.

    Nice job on the Biron mention btw!

    Also, for everyone else from last thread…clearly whoever is in charge is already on summer vacation with no “new post” notification, so


    Fresh clean under the radar new post to keep everyone from BANJing!!

  9. Czechthemout!!! on


    Nice job! It looks exactly like the format I posted after the finals were over on the next day. So great minds and all that stuff……

    Agree with most of the grades. Only one I quibble a lot with is on Zucc. I thought he was brilliant in the playoffs. He was the teams most physical forward on most nights and created a ton of scoring chances both for himself and his linemates. I would have given him an A.

  10. iDoodie Machetto on

    Eric, Nash is a guy I went back and forth on, a lot. I tried really hard to view him objectively. I had him F/F to start.

  11. iDoodie Machetto on

    CTO, I thought his whole line got lost at times, and his point production compared to his regular season production was way down.

    After being our best forward all season, he was not our best forward in the playoffs. I also thought Brassard had the bigger individual moments.

    Hence the reduction.

  12. Czechthemout!!! on

    Also think we grossly overpaid for Girardi by at least 500k-1million per season.

    His contract will cost us Stralman and will be a huge albatross around the teams neck as early as next season.

  13. Czechthemout!!! on


    I thought their line was our best line in the playoffs and definitely in the finals. Quick robbed Zucc several times as did the post on several occasions. How about those two wrap arounds where Zucc had the entire top half of the net and shot just a little too high. Would have been huge goals.

  14. Don’t take that praise from Wicky to seriously, Doodie. He can barely read.

  15. Staal’s defense won’t be truly appreciated until he is gone. Not sure how AV was outcoached considering 3 of the losses were in OT

  16. Good job on the grades. I agree completely with you on Dorsett & Carcillo. I liked the job Carcillo did on the fouth line much better than Dorsett. I also thought J. Moore was overmatched in the Finals.

    Someone refresh my memory. What is WBM again?

  17. Great job Doodie! I agree on pretty much all of what you said. I definitely agree on Carcillo. After the whole ref pushing incident SO MANY people just rode him off, but completely forgot that if it was not for him, we could have possibly been out in the first round. Team guy, knows his role, played great when given the opportunity. He is a guy that can easily be put in and out of the lineup and won’t complain. My opinion of the guy has changed a lot from when we first picked him up.

  18. Scott Arniel brought our power play back from the dead.

    Somebody should bake him a pie because his *feelings* were hurt today. Poor guy.

  19. Admiral Akbar on

    Why is Marion Gaborik making less from the Kings money than Former “Captain” Ryan Callahan from the Bolts??

    Tells a lot about both men, to me.

  20. Carcillo is a guy, who if the opposing team forgets about him, has good enough hands that he can put a few in the back of the net.

  21. Well written Doodie. I don’t usually agree with your views but in this case I think you were pretty spot on. A team that goes to the Cup finals has to have mostly A’s & B’s on it.

    Funny about Gaborik’s contract. Carp always says that no one takes a hometown discount but this would certainly qualify. To me that’s a pretty massive discount although he definitely traded dollars for years/stability.

    I can’t say I’m surprised. A good friend who is Slovak just moved to Manhattan Beach last year – sees the Kings players all the time and has talked to Gaborik (in their native tongue) – who said he loved living/playing there.

  22. @Nasty I agree but he is also a guy who puts you in bad spots occasionally by doing the dumb

  23. #0 was a special spot reserved for Boyle. The only way he can be replaced is if there is another player that can do no right in the eyes of a majority of boneheads. Richards would be the closest example.

    Nash deserves most of the criticism he gets, so he’s not a #0. Boyle was *this close* to coming off when everyone saw his value starting around December.

  24. The WBM (c) is going to be tough with Richards and, potentially Boyle, Stralman, and Pouliot not coming back.

  25. Nice review and it’s pretty darn close to mine. I would have rated Nash slightly higher for the playoffs because I thought he was excellent on the PK and defensively and did have the most shots. Maybe a C+. And I like Dorsett better than Carcillo, mostly because I think Dorsett has some leadership skills. Otherwise they are similar players. I don’t know how you can give Car-bomb that high of a grade considering he played in about half the games in the playoffs. Otherwise, I’m in agreement with the rest.

  26. I don’t know Manny. I might just bow out. I don’t want to have to buy stock in Kleenex for all the other competitors who will cry like Mess at Celebrate the Captain night. OOOOOH. BURN!!!! ;)

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    Good job Doodie. I don’t have any major disagreements, though I think you gave out a few too many A+’s. This team still stinks, so A-/A should really have been the ceiling.

  28. Great Review. Agree with much of your assessment but think you missed a couple of important details…

    Stepan likely was pretty weakened by loss of weight in the last round due to liquid diet. I think it deserved a mention.

    Zucc was as good or better than Carcillo, Brassard, Pouilot and The Boiler in the playoffs, just below Hagelin I believe.

    Staal… the verdict is still out on how he will recover from his head injuries, I am sure he’s had to significantly adjust his game considering the eye injury on top of the other things. Another off-season working on this “handicap” might change things. Hate to see that happen if he’s playing for another team.

    Poor Nash takes a beating… every big name does while w/NYR at least since Mess. All the big name players in the NHL see much more defensive attention in Playoffs and they get more defensive attention as teams are eliminated. Their linemates have to take advantage of the more space and lesser quality defenders watching them.

    The amount of massive open net re-bounds left by Quick and his defenders was stunning and there were so many times the puck just sat there with no Ranger near at all.

  29. iDoodie Machetto on

    How about Nash’s that Voynov blocked? At least that was going to be on frame.

    At the end of the day, it’s gotta go in. He played well, but when you’re expected to score and you don’t actually score, it hurts your grade. That’s why a guy like Boyle can get an A+: I don’t expect many points.

    Re: Girardi, I think we got him in under market value. Is that value too high? Yeah, probably. But as a UFA he would have been paid more on the open market.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Wickster – yes on Belov

    Nash & Staal for Kane and Buff

    Top 4 D
    Buff – McD
    Girardi – Belov

  31. iDoodie Machetto on

    Bobby O, AV was outcoached because Sutter would make in game adjustments after the Rangers would start strong, and then his team would absolutely dominate the rest if the game. AV did not have an answer to stem the tide once the Kings got a foothold.

  32. Thanks for the post Doodie, really enjoyed it. Vibin’ on the A grades you assigned for Stral, Hags, Boyle, DMoops and Carbomb

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Doodie – need to reference Nash’s concussions for reg season grade, however he BJ game and Sochi play showed Ranger fans what he can do when he truly cares. That is what really hurts watching as a fan. If I hear about his great PK work one more time, my head may explode.

    thought Klein was an A in POs given his partner’s performance which wasnt an F, more like a D+

  34. I would downgrade Carcillo just for the stupidity of elbowing an official, regardless of what led up to it.

  35. iDoodie Machetto on


    Carcillo can’t control AV’s decision on whether to play him or Dorsett. AV liked Dorsett better. I disagree with that opinion. I thought that in the games Carcillo was afforded an opportunity to play, he (mostly) played really well, and certainly better than Dorsett.

    That’s why I have him an A, despite his low number of playoff appearances.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Hags should get an A++ for his PO work, especially considering he was playing ‘man-down’ D when at even strength with Mr Ed as his pivot

  37. ..on the Cally signing (hit send by accident) – what was Sather’s final offer again??

  38. iDoodie Machetto on

    Boiler, I did mention Stepan being worn out from the jaw. However , reading it now I can see it wasn’t as clear as I meant it to be. I meant to say he was drained as a result of the broken jaw.

  39. iDoodie
    Yeah I guess it was a bit too subtle a reference for me.

    I think Eric was told by Stepan’s dad that he had lost 13 pounds due to his diet. That’ll suck some energy out of a player

  40. Gravy – what’s tough about the WBM.

    If it’s a true “meter” it should reflect the comments in the blog.

  41. 1’st week back, and Step gets a new Ford to drive for the Summer thanks to the ford dealership in apple valley. Perks of the Job I guess :)

  42. Rob in Beantown on

    I hope Gravy feels really bad when Boyle lists the WBM as his chief reason for leaving the NYR this offseason.

  43. Doodie – well done sir. Grades are spot on.

    I think you were generous with Nash in the Finals.

    Good read all around.

  44. Rob – that would be hysterical if he even knows about the WBM :)

    I’m sure the $3M x 4 years won’t have anything to do with returning as a Ranger, or packing his bag for more, more, more.

  45. “Bonus points for leading the team in playoff goals, although the total was a bit low, and his overall point total was even less.”

    How can someone’s point total be even less than their goal total?

  46. Sioux, because negative comments are usually directed at a handful of players. When you take half of them away, you get into gray areas. Then people start *complaining* about your choices, even though it has nothing to do with *personal* opinion.

  47. Rob, I’d hope that Boyle would *understand* that it’s nothing I feel *personally*, just a reflection of how others *feel*. So, I won’t feel *bad*, but everyone else *should*.

  48. McKenzie says it’s believed that Kane and Toews initial ask has been $12M+ AAV. Both FAs next year, and he thinks they’ll both wind up with $10M+ AAV.

    I’d think they would prioritize Toews since he’s a C that can play in all situations. Kane has only scored 30+ G, 80+ P once, though he has a knack for clutch goals and playoff scoring.

  49. Doodie – You did fail on Biron’s grade. He was 10x better on MSG than Dugay.

    He got lit up in one game. Which can’t all be hung on him, since the whole team took that night off.

  50. I have a feeling Stralman is as good as gone.

    And come July 1’st. Dan Boyle is going to be our R hand defenseman next to Staal.

    He will get a $4M for 2 years. He will be brought in to run the power play from the blue line. Here’s hoping he has enough in the tank, and can rebound from an off year last year.

  51. 1 in 1,000,000 Toews does not re-sign as the Captain of the Blackhawks.

    ….. “So you’re saying there is a *chance*.”

  52. Ha ha VL permission to talk trade! Way to go Philly, now hopefully you have to eat half his salary!!

  53. So my question for the day.

    As a Ranger fan do you want Callahan at 6 x $5.8M?

    How about Gaborik at 7 x $4.8M?

    Nice AAV numbers, years not so much.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, he was literally beaten into retirement. The goal of the year was scored against him. That’s an F any way you slice it.

  55. Please no slewfoot Boyle!

    I’d rather have belov, boychuk, engelland, mcquaid, orpik, mcilrath…no no no to Dan Boyle

  56. I lost a lot of respect for Dustin brown during the finals, he looked like he belonged on the Honduran World Cup team with the number of dives he took.

  57. Gravy – right now there is no #0 on the WBM.

    The #0 means they have played so well, and are now off to another team to win the Stanley Cup. i.e. Gaborik, Rozival

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Wick, what I’m hearing from you, then, is that you just started watching Dustin Brown.

  59. I get people saying no the DeBoyle, but who is going to play the point opposite McD on the PP?

  60. Doodie – he didn’t get a chance to earn an F, with only 2 outings. I would give him an I – incomplete.

    Besides he should get an A for his time on MSG.

  61. Right now your options are:

    Girardi – most here think he’s useless on the PP
    Staal – neither Torts or AV have used him extensively
    J Moops – no thank you unless he flips a switch
    Stepan – hated it worse than Richards when Torts tried him

  62. I think you’re good, Nasty. CCCP refused to participate and he’s the only crier.

    You should know he refused because he thinks HIS BEARD WAS BETTER THAN YOURS AND HE SHOULD HAVE WON but didn’t because you have more friends. Typical crybaby stuff.

  63. Wicki – I’m just saying you better start to open your mind to Dan Boyle running the power play, next year. He fits everything Sather looks for. A top player past his prime, short term, might just have enough left in the tank to help this team. (i.e. MSL)

    If $4M x 2 years is on the table, he will be a Ranger next year.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, in 70 minutes of play he gave up 9 goals. It’s an F.

    *”F” I SAY!*

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, in an analogy of “better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it,” then yes.

    I think of how Biron played and say to myself “no way could LeNeveu be worse.” Of course, if he actually did get on the ice, he could prove me wrong.

  66. Yeah, I disagree with the Beer-On rating too.

    The whole team, Hank included, was pathetic that month. If Beer-On wasn’t waived and forced into retirement, he would have bounced back. I don’t think he’d be as good as Talbot, but good enough to warrant a better rating.

    F is way off, in my opinion!

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Biron had played in 6 professional games in over a year and a half. I have no reason to expect he would recover.

    The fact that he went unclaimed on waivers shows I’m not alone in that assessment.

  68. By the way, all the best to Ryan Callahan. He was a great Ranger, and did a lot for this team. I don’t blame him at all for trying to get maximum money he could. But I don’t think he wanted this for a second. Not sure he will regret it or not. But think about it this way. The way it looks now, considering the tax break, he will make close to $2M more on his Tampa contract than he’d make in NY, providing what Sather offered was true. Callahan is set to make well over $50M in his career. Do you think for a second he wouldn’t give up $2M to remain a captain in NY to be on his lifetime resume?

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    “Do you think for a second he wouldn’t give up $2M to remain a captain in NY to be on his lifetime resume?”

    That’s a great point when you put it all into context.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Then again, I’ve never been offered 2 million dollars, in any context, so there’s no way for me to say how I would react in a similar situation.

  71. I was actually a little conservative on Callahan’s lifetime earnings. He is already set to make $54M. If he stays healthy, he’ll earn well over $60M

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    Mine is working again, Manny. Give it a shot if you want the commentary, although listening to Taylor Twellman is like listening to Pepper Brooks from Dodgeball.

  73. I’m on Florida Comcast. No problems with ESPN here. Although, I think I may understand Spanish better than that thick British accent :-)

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I’m sure the television broadcast is fine. We are all suckers watching at work over the computer.

  75. I know Michael Bradley’s uncle, Jeff, a sportswriter …

    but I wouldn’t know Michael if I ran him over.

  76. Those of us providing for our families *while* supporting our country are just killing it as *Americans* today.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, he’s got a shaved head and looks like his dad, who looks like my friend Rich, which would make you think that he also looks like Rich, but not really.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    By my calculations, Ghana now needs to score 3 goals, assuming the US does not go down by two goals.

  79. Leetchhalloffame on

    If rumors of Evander Kane being available are true we need to find a way to get him.

  80. Yes evander Kane is clearly on market. Start the car now. Manny bring gas money. Get him.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    0-1 and 2-1 makes it so that both US and Ghana have a 0 goal differential, but Ghana would have us on goals scored at 5-4.

  82. Game is on in the cafeteria at work. Going to try to head back for the second half.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Then you were unaware of his reputation. That and knee on knee hits are his calling cards.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Ghana WILL score more goals as Portugal presses for more goals since they need to win by 4 or 5.

    US must tie this game.

  85. Rob in Beantown on

    The longer this goes on the more hopeless it gets for Portgual. Can’t rely on them to hold Ghana for 90+ minutes

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Need to press the attack. Bring on more attacking options to link up with Dempsey.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    Need to activate the fullbacks and attack out wide. Will not have any success up the middle against this German team.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    We must attack. Either bring on Wondolowski as the lone striker and drop Dempsey back into the midfield to help our possession and buildup play, or bring on Yedlin for Beckerman to help press our attack. We MUST score. Giving up another 1 doesn’t matter.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    First tiebreaker, as Eric said, which was goal differential. 0 for US, -3 for Portugal.

  90. I just bought a car so we could go pick him up, Eric.

    LETS GO!

    Carp: USA and GER had 4 points. Portugal and Ghana had 1. Portugal won. Giving them 4 points. Tied with USA. Thus, the goal differential came into play. Portugal had a horrendous goal differential as a result of getting annihilated by GER. Thus, USA advances.

  91. Doodie, Kings were a significant favorite….being beat by a better/deeper team is different than getting outcoached. Not that they would win cup but if a few bounces go our way this series goes 6 or 7 and AVs looks alot smarter

    June 26th, 2014 at 10:27 AM

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, you had it right. I was just explaining the overall function of how a loss doesn’t mean elimination.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, not quite. If Portugal won, it was a not get blown out game.

    Try not to get cross-eyed here, but if the US lost and Ghana had won while scoring at least 2 goals, they would have advanced.

    Alternatively, if US had lost by two or more, then all Ghana had to do was win.

  94. Doodie – I’m thinking the 75% chance of advancing……. is advancing.

    What happened to your Ghana team knocking us out?


  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Bobby, it’s not that the Kings won, it’s how they won. They erased three 2 goal deficits and absolutely dominated four third periods. They were making adjustments and AV could not come up with a response.

  96. Well done, Doodie. Only thing I can radically disagree with is equating Richie’s skating with JMoops. That one’s a whopper.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    If he was the coach Portugal he would have played without a goaltender the whole second half. Portugal had to win by 4 based upon the US-Germany score.

  98. I don’t think so, ORR. but then the players wouldn’t have any fun because they couldn’t roll around on the ground pretending to be hurt.

  99. Yedlin did some interesting things with his tiny bit of time. US had some real chances in the second half. Mistakes continue to be costly

  100. Betting line on Saurez biting someone in this world cup was 175-1. I think 20+ bettors won that this week.

  101. good review couple of noticeable things…..way too many A+. john Moore in the PO wasn’t that bad and I liked Torts buts AV was great…needed a A in the PO. overall Doodie gets a A. I don’t give A+ out like candy

  102. AV no response? The kings are better and bigger and won a cup before, they wore us out, wasn’t on AV

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, Boateng and Mutari lost their minds. We lucked out there, big time.

    coos, wasn’t equating their skating, just their effectiveness as players.

  104. I, like Doodie, picked GERmany and GHAna to advance. This was a miracle for USA

  105. Carp, I must admit that Richie was trying. Matter of fact, he is one of the most trying players I ever encountered. :)

  106. How do we know that this rooster guy is the REAL Carp, saying good morning to Sally?

  107. Call me crazy, but with the very limited minutes CarProblems gets, and with his 4th line responsibility to forecheck, punish in corners, contest center ice going back, and etc., he seems to have a bit of a nose for the net.

    That said, he’s no match for Dorsett’s skating speed.

  108. @rangersreport

    According to Renaud Lavoie, about 10 teams interested in Benoit Pouliot, who wants a long-term contract.

  109. For me it’s not really about the length. He needs to learn to STOP TAKING DUMB O-ZONE PENALTIES.

    If he can stop that then I wouldn’t mind him here for 4-5. He’s only 27 and he certainly has the size.

  110. All things considered, I think Pullout, who turns 28 in Sept., is entitled to three years.

  111. I consider it, Carp. But honestly, I think he’s good enough to always retain trade value. As long as you keep an NTC/NMC out of it then I don’t mind having him for 3+

  112. He’s been relegated to one year deals since 2009. I’m sure he’s sick of them.

  113. Ain’t found a way to kill me yet. Eyes burn with stinging sweat. Seemes every path leads me to nowhere.

  114. He has had similarly productive seasons in both Montreal and Boston. Even a pretty close one in Minnesota. So that is success under different styles.

  115. His career HAS been ‘woofish.’ AV gave him the opportunity to bark before being sent to the pound.

    PullOut: ‘Thanks, AV, see ya.’

  116. I would put Brian Boyle, Dominic Moore, and Anton Stralman all ahead of Pouliot in terms of who I think has to be signed. Of the four of them he is the one guy I don’t think the Rangers would regret letting go, especially if he wants more than 3 years/$2.5 million per. But I’ve been wrong before….

  117. Pouliot’s regular season was just about on par for his career average. He had a decent playoff performance. Coming off $1.3M, 3/$6M or 4/$7M may get it done.

  118. Even if it’s a good idea to sign Stralman to, say, 4 years/$18M, who is playing the PP point?

  119. Benny goes to highest bidder and term. Goodbye Benny.

    Go get me evander Kane and I will order jersey Saturday.

  120. Manny – note to self on the Jersey order from China.

    You may want to order a size larger than what you think, my Oshie Jersey’s came in a little small.

    And don’t even think about getting in less than 6 weeks.

  121. Thanks, Sioux.

    I am with eric. I don’t own a Sweater but if Kane comes here I might get one.

  122. Coos – _All things considered, I think Pullout, who turns 28 in Sept., is entitled to three years_

    …… if he’s not entitled, he has enough Frequent Flyer Minutes built up in the Delta sin bin.

    Just imagine how many minutes he could crank up with another 3 years :)

  123. My next sweater is McD with a C…..

    ……unless Kristo gets a number he can call his own. (NOT sure if #46 is the keeper)

  124. ThisYearsModel on

    Puoliot would be crazy to not get as many years and as much $ as he can. This is his one golden opportunity to set himself up for life. I do not expect him to be back with the Rangers. Hopefully he signs a 5 year, $30 million contract with the Devils.

  125. I don’t think I’ll like either the Stralman or Pouliot contracts and hope its another team signing them.

  126. bull dog line on

    I have been consistently inconsistent on Staal. there are days I want him signed long term, and days I want to trade him.
    Cally gave no thought to what it would mean to be the Captain of the Rangers for his career. if he had, he would have stayed. it was, as always, about the money.

  127. Eric – to Kane or not to Kane is the question.

    I wouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch on this one. I just don’t see that rooster coming home in Ranger Blue.

  128. I don’t see how they can re-sign all their FAs (excluding the Falk’s of the world), even if the cap is $71.1M, which it may not be.

    THE $2.0
    Pouliot $2.5
    Brassard $4.5
    MZA $3.5
    Boyle $3.0
    D Moore $1.5
    Stralman $4.5
    J Moore $1.0

    I may be off a few hundred thousand on a few players, but I think it’s going to be pretty close to that in total. That would put them almost $600k over.

  129. Well, the good news is with Richards, Pouliiot, Stralman and Boyle all leaving there will be plenty of cap space to extend out other guys AND bring in some of UNcle Glennie’s favorite shiny new toys.

  130. PullOut will NOT take 2 years unless it’s at 8 million per. Would you? He’s been playing on 1 year contracts for 5 consecutive years and signed last season for a half million dollar salary CUT and actually makes less than Dorsett.

  131. And before anyone says that’s too much for 4th line players, let’s remember where Halpern, Powe, and Asham got them.

  132. I love #15, but packaging him and signing CarProblems could save Slats $700,000 plus. Can #13 adequately replace #15?

  133. Thanks Doodie for the report card. Good reading! Agreed with most of your grades, but I do disagree with your playoff grade for Nash. I think Nash more then any other Ranger deserved a F for his playoff performance; most deservedly so in the finals. This is nothing against Nash as a person; he may have personal medical concerns why he does not consistently play the type of game we saw that night against Columbus or why he refuses to go hard to the net, (consistently, not occasionally ) to score the gritty goals needed in the playoffs to win. Those issues are for another discussion, & honestly without having privileged inside understanding of his health issues, anything & everything is mere speculation anyway. No this is not personal against him, just telling the truth as it is; he gave us zero offense against the Kings. In a 5 game series where the goal differential was so slim; 3 defeats were decided by 1 goal; Nash’s failure to score 0 goals in 5 games,(while Gabby netted 2) is one of the biggest reasons we lost the series.In 25 playoff games, he managed only 10 points-3 goals,7 assists. Similarly Jeff Carter in 26 games -10 goals,15 assists & his team skated off with the cup. I really believe, if Nash gives us anywhere near those numbers, the cup would be making it’s rounds right here in the nyc area this summer. Sadly, cause 3 of those 4 losses to the Kings were right there for the taking; all we needed was a big spot, big time goal from Nash, & we got zip, nada, zero. To me Nash is just another in a long line of big name hopefuls brought to NY at considerable expense & maneuvering that just lets us down in the crucial must win game. Honestly in my lifetime as a Ranger fan there is only 1 big guy who came to New York & delivered the goods, when everything was on the line to win us a Stanley Cup,& that’s Mark Messier. He alongside everyone of those great players on the 1994 cup, delivered the goods. Not to be unkind; but in my estimation Rick Nash is just the latest big guy brought here to do big things but instead turned out to be a big dud.

  134. bull dog line on

    I did not say Pouliot would take 2 years. I said it would be a mistake for the Rangers to give him anything more than 2 years. he has been a journeyman for a reason.

  135. Okay. In that case, he’s history. Who replaces him? Not criticizing, just askin’.

  136. bull dog line on

    don’t know the answer to that question coos. his size, and surprising physicality will be tough to find.

  137. That’s the key, right? Does 4 years really hurt them if his AAV is $2M? If he is terrible and they bury him, the cap hit is ~$1M. Is there anyone else worthwhile to sign in the $2-2.5M range? Is Fast the internal answer?

  138. PullOut listed as 6’3, 198. Wonder if they’ve weighed him in the last 5 years.

  139. bull dog line on

    Pouliot is going to get more than 2 mill. makes no sense for him to sign for only 2 mill, and long term. 2 mill and short term makes more sense. if he produces, than he would be inline for big money.

  140. Gravy I like your numbers, but only half of them will sign for that, how many years for each?

  141. Why would he sign for $2M for one year on the off chance that he has a career year? I think most players would prefer the security of a long term deal.

    He made $1.3M and put up virtually the same numbers he has his entire career. I don’t see him in line for a substansial raise.

  142. Or, I should say, $2M-$2.5M is a substansial raise. I don’t see why he’d be in line for more than that.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    I would not do Pouliot long term.

    Manny, those are decent looking knockoffs. I might get one.

  144. I’m excited for our youth to play. I seriously hope Sather doesn’t bring in any dead weight over the summer.

    Keep the cap space, and make a deal at the deadline.

    Sign our RFA, and DMoore stat!

  145. I don’t love Pouliot, but I think anything less than $10M for 4 years is pretty good value.

  146. Doodie, nice job on the report card. Thank you, I enjoyed it and agreed with your grades for the most part.

    Guest blogs may be the best part of the off season!

  147. I definitely would not sign pouliot long term. There is a reason Pouliot has been bounced around the league. Pouliot was playing for a contract. Who ever signs him long term will regret it.

  148. Wasn’t Pouliot also playing for a contract the year before, when he put up similar numbers and took a $500k pay cut?

  149. Sounds like the final cap number will be announced by tomorrow, and possibly tonight.

  150. Yes, Graves. 5 consecutive 1 year contracts, with a (healthy) pay cut last season, as I’ve noted before.

  151. That article about Kane is hilarious. The Jets are going to want a good package for kane and the flyers don’t have the pieces to land kane. The flyers farm system is worse than the rangers and the only good player they have is Giroux.

  152. yep, that’s right, pouliot took less because no one wanted him. That tells it all right there.

  153. Kane, at 22 years old, has only a $5 million Cap hit through 2018. If they’re shopping him, he’s a problem.

  154. cooscoos, I hope somehow the flyers do land kane because they can have him. I’m not a kane fan.

  155. He intimated that the Coach was a racist for making him a healthy scratch during a downturn in his play. No can do.

  156. Flyers pursuing Kane is latest. If so that would rip my freaking heart out. I crave this guy. I don’t want anyone else in off season that’s been rumored but Kane. Get it done slats.

  157. ‘Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
    Some call me the gangster of love.
    Some people call me MAURICE,
    Cause I speak of the pompitous of love.’

  158. Can someone please tell Wicky to stop texting me about how great Brassard is. Please.

  159. I never saw his comments on Maurice, but his treatment by some of the media up there (contrasted against Pavelec) certainly hints of some racial undertones.

  160. Eldridge Cleaver’s wife Kathleen used to come and speak to my Class at Conn College. She’s awesome. I used to ask her a lot of questions about _Soul on Ice_

  161. I would go straight to the freaking ledge if Kane is a flyer. Kane and THE on same line I crave

  162. Just remember Pouliot bashers, if NATW walks this season he will have played on as many teams as Pouliot has in his own woof-ish career

  163. Kane: “THE should have passed me that puck instead of taking the shot. If I were white, that play would have turned out different.”

  164. Manny says waaaaaaaaa!!!

    You brought it up, I just provided you stats as comparison to your balding man crush.

  165. Ranger Center who opposes Brad next season starts counting sugarplums and hat tricks.

  166. So who are we taking at the top spot of #59?

    Anyone have any links to our top pick prospects at 50-60?

    Or Someone out of the “40’s” that might drop?

  167. I really want Kane on this team as well, but man, I *REALLY* want Kane to *NOT* be on the Flyers.

  168. Much to do, much to do for Slats, but I think he’d best not discount some needed biceps next season.

  169. Coos – I don’t blame him, unless a good one falls into his lap. Here’s hoping Pavel Buchnevich can amount to something someday.

  170. Sioux running out of Dakota prospects, now promoting fellow beer league International Harvester workmates. :)

  171. Still time for Slats to trade that late second round pick. Then they can just show up with a list of names and a dart to make their picks.

  172. If I was Craig Button I would have my name all over my website and every time it said BUTTON I would make that an active link.

  173. Unless Korea scores two goals and Algeria beats Russia. Then we play Algeria.

  174. Manny – thanks bud, I got that. I wanted ALL THE BONEHEADS top 3 picks for #59.

    It’s always easy to look back and say we should have taken Parise over Jessiman. Or Fowler over McIlrath.

    I was looking for the “AVATAR Royalty” top 3 picks.

    *Carp* we should clean the slate, and have a pick 3 contest :)

  175. Korea doing nothing with Belgium at ten men. And as I write, Belgium scores. USA v Belgium.

  176. Bob McKenzie (TSN) says Toews and P. Kane want 12 mil each per year in extension talks, MIGHT be had for 10+ apiece. Holy moley. Wonder where the Cap will go.

  177. Top three picks for #59!? That’s going a little deep I think, Sioux. Just pick yours. Name any three guys from ND

  178. A little bowl of vinegar is great for getting smells out of your kitchen.

    I do it for the halibut.

  179. You have to be able to keep a shirt closed, get smells out of the kitchen and sound manly. ‘Lysol Buttonhook.’

  180. “Actually, they’re pretty simple. The forms are all standard boiler plate.”

    “Okay. Well, we’re all hungry. We’re gonna get to our hotplates soon enough, all right. Let’s talk about the contract here.”

  181. Your mom and dad aren’t at work. That’s probably why they lost the house. They’re probably at the track getting wasted.

  182. Now, let’s say you and I go toe-to-toe on bird law and see who comes out the victor?

  183. Stupid Russians! Can’t play hockey! Can’t play football! I’m giving up on them!

  184. I painted a snail and an S on my Vette so people would say ‘Look at that S Car Go.’

  185. Free agent frenzy trumps soccer. It’s a national holiday every year where I work from home technically

  186. Not sure whether or not I mentioned this today. But I certainly thought it.

    Nash still sucks.

    The sooner he’s gone, the better.

  187. Doodie Machetto on

    From Dreger:

    Dale Tallon is telling gm’s he has 1 really good offer for 1st pick overall. Not sure he’s going to take it. Other so-so offers as well.

    Sounds like it’s going to be an exciting first round.

  188. Kesler hates AV

    Flyers have more than just Ja-Rue. Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds, those are some solid players right there. They’re going to have to lose one of those, at least, if they want E.Kane.

  189. Couturier and a 1st probably gets it done…

    Better than anything we can offer…

  190. Totally, NYR_FAN…

    1C…problem solved
    Righty shot…problem solved
    PP point guy…problem solved

  191. Coos, what happens when the Couturier and the Sommlier have a kid?

    Seriously, I don’t know this one.

  192. Yeah, I don’t think we can afford to trade Stepan. Need to add a big center and keep our Cs.

  193. I wish Phil Jackson was doing the drafting for the Rangers…because our scouts don’t have a clue!!!

  194. We really need that fuggin kid to have a big summer. Get stronger, faster, better. Go to camp and prove everyone you’re worth the 10th overall pick! Can’t have another bust!

    Especially if Stralman is leaving. That could be his spot!

  195. We were on Kesler’s list. Not to mention he got us black listed at hop singhs. He named names..

  196. I’d rather have gazdic than carcillo and gazdic would probably make less than carcillo

  197. Agree re Tampa…just ridiculous

    Did anyone here know that the 1st round prospect schmaltz is going to the university of North Dakota?

  198. Rangers West on

    Is there any chance in heck that Nashville would want Nash? Rumor is they want a top six for their pick (11). Then sign their free agents and try to get Stastny, Raymond and Michalek?

  199. Kane to Filthy can’t happen unless Filthy sends back at least a 4 million contract which means Simmonds or Voracek. Would be spinning wheels.

  200. Thérè aren’t too many rangers I wouldn’t send to peg for Kane…brass, step, Staal, Hagar, j Moops, zucc

  201. anerin, I believe they will look to unload Vinny L…if they have to fit Kane under cap…they aren’t trading those two guys…

  202. I think Kessler probably doesn’t want to play somewhere where he’ll be expected to be the #1 Center or Wing.

  203. I just don’t see the allure of playing in Tampa. Ducks, Hawks, and Pens are teams that can win Championships. Colorado is seriously close with the young group they have, and he’ll be perfect there. Detroit, I think he was born in Michigan, so there’s that. But Tampa? It’s not a great hockey market. Not that deep of a team. Strange choice.

  204. For the same money and I’m not scaring the Hall of Fame, give me Florida over Detroit any day.

  205. By rights, ST Louis should be in Missouri, Boyle should be lanced, Nash should be in Nashville, and Sauer shouldn’t be pickled.

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