NHL Awards show … It’s Go Time!


From the NHL:

A full list of finalists for the 2014 NHL Awards:

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy: Jaromir Jagr (NJ), Manny Malhotra (CAR), Dominic Moore (NYR)

Calder Memorial Trophy: Tyler Johnson (TB), Nathan MacKinnon (COL), Ondrej Palat (TB)

Frank J. Selke Trophy: Patrice Bergeron (BOS), Anze Kopitar (LA), Jonathan Toews (CHI)

Hart Memorial Trophy: Sidney Crosby (PIT), Ryan Getzlaf (ANA), Claude Giroux (PHI)

Jack Adams Award: Mike Babcock (DET), Jon Cooper (TB), Patrick Roy (COL)rangers report logo

James Norris Memorial Trophy: Zdeno Chara (BOS), Duncan Keith (CHI), Shea Weber (NSH)

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: Patrick Marleau (SJ), Ryan O’Reilly (COL), Martin St. Louis (NYR)

Ted Lindsay Award: Sidney Crosby (PIT), Ryan Getzlaf (ANA), Claude Giroux (PHI)

Vezina Trophy: Ben Bishop (TB), Tuukka Rask (BOS), Semyon Varlamov (COL)

NHL General Manager of the Year Award: Marc Bergevin (MTL), Dean Lombardi (LA), Bob Murray (ANA)

Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award presented by Bridgestone: Dustin Brown (LA), Ryan Getzlaf (ANA), Jonathan Toews (CHI)

NHL Foundation Player Award: Patrice Bergeron (BOS), Brent Burns (SJ), Duncan Keith (CHI)

Already announced winners of 2014 NHL Awards:

Art Ross Trophy: Sidney Crosby (PIT)

King Clancy Memorial Trophy: Andrew Ference (EDM)

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy: Alex Ovechkin (WSH)

William M. Jennings Trophy: Jonathan Quick (LA)

Conn Smythe Trophy: Justin Williams (LA)

Presidents’ Trophy: Boston Bruins

Prince of Wales Trophy: New York Rangers

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl: Los Angeles Kings

Stanley Cup: Los Angeles Kings


The scheduled order of award presentations is as follows (subject to change):

Ted Lindsay Award (most outstanding player as voted by the players)
Presenters: Ted Lindsay and Eric Stonestreet

Selke Trophy (forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game)
Presenters: Michael Peca and David Walton

Masterton Trophy (perseverance and dedication to hockey)
Presenters: Rich Peverley and George Stroumboulopoulos

Calder Trophy (top rookie)
Presenters: Retta and Luc Robitaille

Art Ross Trophy (scoring champion)
Presenter: George Stroumboulopoulos

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy (goal-scoring leader)
Presenter: George Stroumboulopoulos

King Clancy Memorial Trophy (for leadership on and off the ice and noteworthy humanitarian contribution to community)
Presenters: Adam Graves and Cuba Gooding Jr.

NHL Foundation Player Award (community service)
Presenters: Adam Graves and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award presented by Bridgestone
Presenters: Cuba Gooding Jr., Mark Messier and George Stroumboulopoulos

Norris Trophy (top defenseman)
Presenters: Chris Pronger and David Boreanaz

Jack Adams Award (top head coach)
Presenters: Danny DeKeyser, Tyler Johnson and Semyon Varlamov

Special recognition of the 2014 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings featuring Luc Robitaille, Dean Lombardi, Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar
Introduction: Pia Toscano
Performer: Matisyahu

William M. Jennings Trophy (goaltender who plays at least 25 games for the club allowing the fewest goals)
Presenter: George Stroumboulopoulos

Lady Byng Trophy (player best combining sportsmanship and ability)
Presenter: Michael Vartan

General Manager of the Year
Presenters: PK Subban, Dustin Brown and Ryan Getzlaf

Vezina Trophy (top goaltender)
Presenter: Colin Hanks

Hart Trophy (most valuable player to his team)
Presenter: Mark Messier

Photo by Getty Images.


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  1. It seems they have gone out of their way to make the show extra lame this year.

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    Adam Graves is looking completely awkward having to endure the goofiness of Cuba Gooding.

  3. CraigWeather on

    I seriously thought mess was going to throw one of his patented elbows to the side of Cuba Gooding Jr’s melon…

  4. Congrats to Dom who won the Masterton…deserving recipient and strong character player for the Blueshirts this past year. I always believe that a strong fourth line makes the difference between a first tier and second tier club in the playoffs…will see what the 2014-2015 season brings.

  5. @FenwickMatt: Every coach of a playoff team got Jack Adams votes except… Darryl Sutter & Alain Vigneault.

    I know they vote before the playoffs but still, c’mon.

  6. So long as boneheads like us tune in, and they can make money doing it and squeeze out some extra TV ratings, they will do it.

  7. McD was 8th in Norris votes:

    1. Duncan Keith, CHI 1033 (68-35-17-7-2)
    2. Zdeno Chara, BOS 667 (21-39-22-19-17)
    3. Shea Weber, NSH 638 (26-23-29-19-15)
    4. Ryan Suter, MIN 351 (9-12-20-22-11)
    5. Alex Pietrangelo, STL 304 (3-13-18-25-18)
    6. Drew Doughty, LA 284 (8-6-17-18-23)
    7. Erik Karlsson, OTT 70 (0-5-3-4-8)
    8. Ryan McDonagh, NYR 53 (0-1-4-5-11)
    9. Victor Hedman, TB 42 (1-1-0-5-10)
    10. Mark Giordano, CGY 36 (1-0-2-3-7)

  8. jpg's sister on

    carp or anyone, was watching the NHL Awards, just wondering why would the players vote for Sidney for player of the year?

    don’t understand it.

  9. London Broil on

    because he was the player of the year. he outscored all other players by 17 pts.

  10. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    LMGO at anyone who thinks that Sidney Crosby shouldn’t be the MVP. Seriously guys. He’s unreal. That guy is simply unreal.

  11. Good evening all! Sorry for my absence …. Been with a friend in Maple Leaves land…..holy hartnell ! Good night Hartnelll, but you will always be a hartnell, though a lesser one now. I guess…..TA for now…..catch you all on the back nine….

  12. How on earth is Cally signing with Tampa for 5 years and der $30 million. Didn’t he want like $49 million from us? I just don’t get it.

  13. Peter
    maybe someone can do the math and find out how much he saves by not having to paying
    state income tax.
    still what a truckload of horse manure

  14. I turned it off after I saw that Angel Dust geek start rubbing Messier’s head. Mess should have knocked him on his azz and walked off along with Graves. Plebian.

  15. jpg's sister on

    thanks london broil, even with scoring more than other players could still can’t understand why he won Hart and Ted Lindsay, just me

  16. I can’t believe Callahan is actually going to re-sign with Tampa. What ever the contract is, I’m sure he could have signed it with NYR.

    Whatever! Tampa sends us their 2015 2nd round pick. We send them our 2015 7th round pick. Two 2nd round picks in what some have called a deep draft.

    Here’s a list of some NYR 2nd round picks the last few years.

    2012 – Boo Nieves
    2010 – Christian Thomas (traded)
    2009 – Ethan Werek (traded)
    2008 – *Derek Step-On*

  17. Just remember the tax differential between Florida and NY, i’d imagine that’s why Callahan is willing to accept a figure less than he was reportedly offered by Slats.

    With State income tax at 6.85% in NY. $6m = $5.589m after tax

  18. Tampa sends us a second round pick, nice. Not that we’ll still have it on draft day next year but it will be nice to throw in when we sign our next overpaid oooofah.

  19. I’m totally over Callahan now. Taking a lesser money contract in TB while your former team has just competed in the Stanley Cup Final just shows it was never about being a Ranger for life or chasing a cup, he just wants to get paid.

    My only complaint about that deal would have been a greater clawback should TB re-sign him (ie. return one of the 1st rounders). Having said that, if St.Louis extends his contract a further year or two and remains close to or at this level of play till he retires we are getting a 25-30 goalscorer for about David Clarkson money, under a rising cap and someone who can mentor guys like Kreider, Hagelin, Stepan etc..

  20. Admiral Akbar on


    +1, mate!

    You just hit the proverbial nail on the head, regarding the former “captain”.

  21. iDoodie Machetto on

    State income tax for his salary would be 8.82%. Not to mention NYC sales tax is 8.875, and Tampa’s is 7, so his money can buy more there. Even Westchester is higher than NYC if he wants to do his shopping out of the City.

  22. iDoodie Machetto on

    Seems like he is signing for more money than the rangers were offering him when you factor in the taxes.

  23. iManny-O-War on

    Yea. Taxes. I get that. But come on. How absolutely nickel and dime can you be!?

    I’m 100% with Uk on this. Callahan is dead to me

  24. No state income tax he’s making more money at 5.5 per then the 5 yr 30 6 per mil he turned down at deadline.

  25. iDoodie Machetto on

    Easy to call him a third liner after how AV was using him. He was a solid 2nd liner under Torts. He set the tone.

    Very short memories.

  26. Intangibles not withstanding, and I just don’t see that 6 million dollar player in Callahan. Is that what 20 goals and 50 pts is worth these days?

    As much as I loved him as a Ranger when he was here this smells of a bad signing for whoever gives him 6 years 6 million per.

  27. iDoodie Machetto on

    Frankly, if you gave him Nash’s early season ice time/role, I bet he puts up more goals and points.

  28. I’ve always felt Cally is a good 2nd line player on a good team and a great 3rd line player on a great team

  29. It’s amazing how some of you pull a 180 on a guy depending on where he plays. Callahan wasn’t coming back here. Sather tried to keep him and ultimately the money was what sent him out of here and took the Captaincy from his chest.
    Like they said in Goodfellas “and that’s that.”

    They were smart enough to buy out Richards and now they have a chance to really make some smart moves. giving Callahan 5.5 mill of the 6+ they just saved on Richards is NOT a smart move.

  30. iDoodie Machetto on

    James, I’m not saying it would be, based on our roster. But if I had the choice between Callahan at 6 and Nash at 7.8, it’s a pretty damn easy decision to take Callahan instead.

  31. iDoodie Machetto on

    6 x 5.8. So he’s making more after taxes over our last offer (about 2 million over the life of the contract), plus it comes with a partial NTC, which Sather was allegedly not willing to offer.

  32. When it comes down to it, Callahan and The Good One are not great playoff performers, offensively. Both are good defensively and on the PK. Cally is more physical.

    The Good One is better trade bait though, in my opinion.

  33. Screw taxes. Callahan and his partial NTC can get moved up to Canada a la Jose Reyes and the taxes will destroy his stupid nickel and dime salary.

    Callahan = Jackwagon

  34. Doodie I was just talking about people being angry that there isn’t going to be a happy reunion with Cally and NY so now he sucks.

    I agree with you 1000% on Cally> Nash. The biggest reason I think they need to be smart is because they have Nash and his ridiculous contract to work around. And I know some people will say “he’s still capable of scoring more than any other Ranger” That’s not good enough anymore. His capability and production are two very different things. And thus he’s probably unmovable.

  35. @Aportzline #Oilers have signed D Nikita Nikitin. #CBJ will get a 5th-round draft pick.

  36. so after you factor in the Picks going each way how does everyone feel about the Cally/St Louis trade now?

  37. Al Semen is capable of scoring more than any other Ranger and I’m not looking to inherit his remaining 4 years at $7MM either.

  38. Don’t forget this was a discussion pre trade deadline. If Callahan was resigned for around 6 million it was going to totally negate the Richards buyout and not leave any room to try to acquire top end talent or even plug holes depending on who leaves via free agency. I don’t see why it’s suddenly okay to do that just because Richards is already bought out. Find a way to get rid of Nash and we can talk about signing another player for 5.5 million for the next 5-6 years.

  39. I don’t think anybody thought there would be a reunion. He wasn’t going to come crawling back to Slats like Avery did.

    I expected him to stick to his guns, go to UFA and see if he can get that insane contract he wanted. Honestly I thought he was a lock for the Baby Buffaloes!

  40. Don’t believe cally would do any better then that with no
    State income tax. Patiala no trade. Glad to
    See the second round pick
    Coming back. Our luck
    The 7th rounder going back to
    Tampa turns into the next lundquist. Lol

  41. Stepan for Sharp makes all the sense in the world if you want to open up a bigger hole at center while making the roster older and even more top-end expensive. And, as a bonus, you’d get to see yet another iteration of “top scorer scores less in NY”.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, maybe he and his wife really likes Tampa. You never know.

    Manny, such a short memory. Callahan was a great, GREAT Ranger. I was never more excited and proud to see a player become captain than I was when Callahan did.

  43. I absolutely love(d) Callahan, Doodie. That’s why this is so much more painful. He’s completely not the person he was presented to be. Always compared to Dustin Brown and he’s turned out to be less of a person and less of a hockey player.

  44. Doodie: I feel like you’re defending Callahan just because it’s the unpopular opinion and you want to be a contrarian.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, the first of those two first rounders is 28th overall. That’s barely even a first. With how wildly variant the rankings on players outside of the top 15 of this year’s draft, the guy taken at 28 could just as easily be taken at 20 or even 40.

    So this year’s first doesn’t bother me all that much, especially since we got a Cup run out of it. It’s next year’s first that drives me crazy.

  46. Yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me. Hockey wives control everything. Just like Mrs. Pronger forcing Chris Pronger to request a trade from Edmonton.

    But I wouldn’t call Cally a “great” Ranger. He was good. I loved his effort, but great is *not* the word that should be used.

  47. Re sharp
    SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos believes Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp is a possible trade chip as the club seeks a second-line center

    And I said step or brass…not just step.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Or because I loved Callahan and his contract squabble isn’t going to erase from my mind everything he did for our team. The minute he got traded I went on NHL.com and bought a bunch of Callahan shirts (once they were on a steep discount) because I will never be ashamed to wear his name on my back, provided he never ends up with the Tire Fires, Flyers, etc.

    Tampa? Sure, no problem.

  49. While step is a good player, I fail to see the “golden child” that many of you apparently do.

    I also “literally” don’t understand how some of you slam Nash about lack of playoff point production (rightfully so), but consistently rave about Stepan who isn’t close to the playoff performer brassard is.

    So if I understand all of your uneven and illogical comparisons…
    For the golden child it’s all about regular season, for Nash it’s all about post season, and for brassard it’s all about “defencive” play.

    Nice to see logical and across the board fair and constant player critiques here (s)

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, he was a great Ranger. Easily the best captain of the 2000s. Yes, that includes Messier 2.0, who was just awful in every way imaginable.

    And more importantly, he was the symbol of the franchise having turned a corner of developing its own players and making them the core of the team.

  51. Agree Doodie. I don’t blame Cally, he isn’t going to win any championships in Buffalo. Better weather in Florida, no taxes, plays with Stamkos, when Bishop is healthy he makes this a very tough team to beat. Plus their rookies SCORE GOALS!!!

    Good move. Rangers pick up a 2nd rounder, in a deep draft next year. That’s a win.

  52. I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear Cally shirts/jerseys, but I’m just saying, you think of the great Rangers, he doesn’t compare to any of them. Messier, Graves, Leetch, the guys before my time. Hell, Jagr is a great Ranger. Hank is another.

    I like Cally, but his name will never pop into my head when I think of great Rangers. Not at all!

  53. Manny, do you flip out if one of your coworkers switches jobs to get a higher salary?

  54. Rangers have to keep Step, yes he could shoot more, but he is always in the top 3 for scoring.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Stepan had better numbers than Brassard in playoffs this year. Also is younger, also is our only right handed forward in the entire lineup, also is 10X better defensively.

    And I slam Nash for lack of regular season point production, as well. Stepan had more points this season than Brassard ever has. Likewise in last full NHL season. He almost even did it during last year’s lockout shortened season.

    Stepan is a better player with more upside. End of story.

  56. ORR – _Tampa hasn’t drafted that well in the first round. Not many notable players_

    …. yet they have 2 rookies this year up for the Calder???

    C’MON MAN!

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr is way below Callahan, to me, in terms of the Rangers’ pantheon. Jagr had two great seasons, one mediocre one (by his standards), and since then, has played for the Flyers and Devils. And guess what? He left for the money, too.

    Callahan embodied everything from the black and blueshirts of 11-12, one of my all time favorite Rangers teams. To me, he is a great Ranger.

  58. They’re not first rounders, Sioux!

    Doodie, from what I remember, Jagr wanted to come back, but Slats wanted to go in a different direction. You know, the Gomez/Drury direction.

    I know he’s played for those garbage teams, but the guy put up good numbers and showed up for the playoffs each year, even in his mediocre year.

    Agree to disagree, I guess!

  59. It is evident that Doodie Machetto is an average person.

    What did Callahan do for the Rangers?

    The answer is nothing.

  60. ORR – They have 14 players 24 years or younger.

    Rangers have 7. With Lindberg & Haggerty, who haven’t played an NHL game.

    So I would say the Lighting have drafted about as good as anyone in the draft, when rebuilding their playoff team.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, in the first round, he said. Palat was a 7th rounder and Johnson was undrafted.

    But I actually disagree with that suggestion, anyway. I think Namestnikov is a very solid prospect, I love Slater Koekkoek (even if some other drafted players were/are more NHL ready), and Vasilievski is one of the top goaltending prospects, maybe even #1 if you factor in that Gibson is going to be in the NHL full time next season.

    To me, the only real miss under Yzerman was Connolly.

  62. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    The downside to Step is his lack of speed and less than big size. He showed great heart these playoffs. He is somewhat creative and if someone can get him to think ‘shot’ once in a while, he’ll be a second line center for a while.

  63. I guess it isn’t all that surprising that people can discredit Callahan now that he’s going to stay in Tampa. I mean people criticized him while he was Rangers captain and threw the glorified third liner stuff around on a pretty regular basis. What I can’t believe is how Prust is STILL so beloved and HE left for the money too. He was a great Ranger and will always be near and dear to die hard fans’ hearts. but not Callahan. He sucks. third liner!

  64. ORR my point is this, it’s the draft. If you get Hank in the 7th round or the 1’st round, and he plays 200+ games on your team, is the draft a success or a failure.

  65. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Lloyd Benson: ” I know Dustin Johnson. Dustin Johnson is a friend of mine. And, you, Ryan Callahan, are NO Dustin Johnson.”

    I, too thought Cally might be THAT good. But he is not. Not even close.

    He was a good Ranger. A good captain. Gave his heart and soul. However, he is making close to first line $$$ as a second liner. Tampa can make that work because they have some good young players (i.e., they know how to draft and use the young talent). It works with their cap. It doesn’t with ours.

    I need a new Jersey, too.

  66. _While step is a good player, I fail to see the “golden child” that many of you apparently do_

    You don’t have to, you just need to look at the economics of it. A B+ making $3MM is a far more valuable player than an A- making $6MM.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, it was a one year contract vs a two year contract. It was all about money. And he went for the tax free rubles of the KHL instead of signing on for one more year.

  68. The scouts say if you can average 2.5 players per draft that will play 200+ NHL games, that’s a success.

    85% of the drafted players will fall below that.

    The top 3 or 4 are special players for sure, and have a chance to jump right in for the teams on the bottom of the NHL. But it takes 4 to 5 years for a drafted player to become an NHL player.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Close to first line money. So you mean second line money? As a second liner? Seems about right to me.

  70. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    In a few weeks we will be saying that about Boyle, too. He will become ‘the most beloved’ ex-Ranger. Gee, remember that goal in game 5? Backhanded roofer while shorthanded, with a man in his face?

    Role players don’t generate stats. His stats suck. Yet, he was part of the core of this team for a while and while not a ‘big’ big player, his height was an asset. Replace him with Pyatt, Haley, Mitchell-types and you are losing some quality that stats don’t show.

    Montreal? Boston? Detroit?

    I actually feel worse to see him going than I do Callahan. I feel badly about Callahan, too.

  71. Just wait til Callahan is flourishing on a line with Stamkos while St. Louis is sitting out with old man pains next December. The blog server may have another melt down. *instigates*

  72. Step plays his first game back with a broken jaw, and gets…. 2 GOALS.

    Step did more than Nash, while eating through a straw :)

  73. _What I can’t believe is how Prust is STILL so beloved and HE left for the money too_

    I can’t understand anyone ever begrudging a player for leaving for more money. Like that doesn’t make even the slightest bit of logical sense to me.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Callahan’s first four years of his contract contain a full no move. In those first four years, he’s slated to earn 25.4 million of the total 35.8. Those last two years at 4.7 also come with a partial no trade. So Manny, to your earlier point about being traded somewhere which might hurt his bottom line, he insulated himself pretty well from that possibility.

  75. Sather offer Callahan the same money.

    Don’t forget it was Callahan the Captain, that turned it down and walked away.

    Cally overplayed his hand. He did. 6x6M +1M was the offer, but Sather wanted the right to trade him, and the end. Which Tampa will have that right the last 2 or 3 years.

  76. Matty it’ll be the same thing with Boyle. The people that pick him apart as a terrible 4th liner that can’t skate will freak out about how he was a lousy Ranger and it’s addition by subtraction.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, if the amount of money were *relatively* negligable, I’d get upset. But when you’re talking millions of dollars over the life of a contract, I’m with you. Can’t hate someone for going after the money.

    You can admire someone extra for staying and not chasing it, but you can’t hate someone for doing the opposite.

  78. Call was a great blue collar guy we all love. I loved him just as much as anyone wearing his jersey proud. He was a great leader by his work ethic a good hockey player not great

  79. Doodie for that kind of deal I’d send Callahan to Tampa with a big red bow around his chest.

  80. Looks like it was a Win/Win trade for both teams. Sather got MSL and a Cup run, and no long term contract. Gave up a 1’st, but will get a 2nd rounder back.

    I still like to watch Cally play the game. He is 100% heart, when he is on the ice.

  81. Tampa is going to regret that contract sooner instead of later.

    Callahan will play less games next season than St. Louis.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s the part of the trade that kills me. Three years without a first rounder is a long, LONG time.

  83. Stepan rules. I don’t really get why you hate him, Wicky. I think you dislike him because he doesn’t play physically enough. That’s the one position where I don’t demand physical play. I think Stepan is very responsible defensively and I think he can dish a hit, and certainly take one, when he needs to.

    His point production is bordering on 1st line production and, as I have said in the past, I don’t think there are 30 legitimate first line centers in the NHL and the Penguins have 2. I don’t think it’s embarrassing or out of turn to have Stepan as our 1st line guy.

  84. But Doodie, we have some bad 1st round picks in our history thus we negate all potential value in 1st rounders!

  85. A “great” Ranger that never advanced beyond the Conference Finals in his lengthy time with the team.

  86. (Seriously, that’s like 20 years of cheap to under-market control of young assets we’ve handed off. That’s a killer, long term.)

  87. No Stepan for sharp and I am talking as someone who doesn’t love step as much as others. We need to slot our centers in correct spots. Step 2 brassard 3. We need a freaking number one center and unless stastny for 7.5 8 mil is not the answer.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, so I guess James Patrick and John Vanbiesbrouck weren’t great Rangers, either.

    Ditto for Harry Howell.


  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, they look like that background that was on here after that redesign.

  90. So could Ryan Haggerty be our version of Tampa’s Tyler Johnson?

    He plays center that scores a lot of goals.

    It could happen.

  91. Callahan played six full seasons with all-time greats like Henrik Lundqvist, Brendan Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr, and he never advanced beyond the CF.

    The majority of his contributions to the team is comprised of his sacrificing of the body and his off-ice deeds.

    Adam Graves was then and is now a great Ranger.

    Ryan Callahan was not.

  92. Mcdonagh new deal 4.7 per nikitin gets 4.5 on deal today. Unreal 4.5 for nikitin or unreal Mac at 4.7

  93. First of all, I was not comparing Stepan and Nash head to head, I was comparing the skewed criteria most seem to use in evaluating rangers players.

    If you are going to slam Nash for playoff point production (or lack there of) then there is no reasonable way anyone should favor step over brassard due to playoff point production.

  94. _MSL out scores Cally for the next 3 years_

    Good chance Wisniewski outscores McDonagh too.

  95. Need advice look at page 2 of 3 for models sales manny posted.

    My wife bought me the mcdonagh jersey for $50 for Father’s Day. Is it worth keeping. I can’t decide for a practice replica jersey or should I return

  96. _Mcdonagh new deal 4.7 per nikitin gets 4.5 on deal today. Unreal 4.5 for nikitin or unreal Mac at 4.7_

    Neither. Non-comp b/w RFA and UFA.

  97. I think those Jerseys look like T Shirts or something, Eric. I will try to swing over to Modells near my job and get you a pic.

  98. Yea I will just do your shopping, Sioux. Should I have it shipped to you or attention The Mrs.?

  99. “Hello, I’m looking for an XL Jonathan Toews Rangers jersey? No? What about TJ Oshie?”

  100. The two first rounder 2014 and 2015 for St. Louis and 2015 2nd rounder. I exclude cally cause he wasn’t going to be here because of the no trade sather wasn’t going to give him. We took our shot and got us to game 5 of cup final. I believe we win cup if we win game 5.

  101. I don’t hate step at all, I just don’t see the golden child moniker some have given him.

    He is a 2C, which is also what I think brassard is. Is steps game overly physical, absolutely not. I think (and it always seems to come back to this) that brassard and step are fairly equal players…different players but when I look at every aspect of both their games, they are fairly even with different strong points and weaknesses.

    I would also like to point out that at every point I say trade “step or brassard”, not just one.

    If we can dump one of our 2Cs to strengthen our roster elsewhere, then we should do it.

    Beside, we have all world jt miller to replace one of them ;)

  102. Enough with jt miller sick of him like I am with kristo already. If kristo doesn’t tear it up in traverse city tournament I want him moved ASAP so I don’t have listen to mr Sioux.

  103. _I would also like to point out that at every point I say trade “step or brassard”, not just one_

    So then just say “step or brassard or mcdonagh” if you don’t really mean you’d trade Step for Sharp or whoever.

  104. No manny I have the jersey at home already bought do I return it. Have receipt and tags still on. Take a look

  105. Manny, I’m in the market for a smoker but the mid-sized Weber one never seems to go on sale. Mind searching around for a deal for me?

  106. bull dog line on

    Cally not a great Ranger, but a good one. He Dubi, and Torts lead the change in Ranger culture. I never have a problem with a pro taking the most money he can get. there careers do not last long. my problem with Callahan is he was the captain of the New York Rangers, and he has no clue as to what that means. now he will play where nobody gives a crap about hockey. do you think he would have been an olympian if he played for Tampa, and not the Rangers. I say no friggin way.

  107. Sure, Doc. Would you like New or Used? I can find you a great deal on a used one with minimal wear.

  108. We better keep Ulfie. He’s the only good looking guy on the team aside from Hank

  109. Oh, I’m sorry, Manny. Is Talbot not coming back next year? Did we trade Hagelin? Are we passing on Brassard’s RFA option?

    (Remember when that was a thing for some people, just walking on that option? God gosh.)

    And new. I don’t want some former human body disposal smoker cooking my family’s brisket.

  110. They should not be trading centers for wings. Center is the weakest overall position on the team.

  111. Number one center two solid dman top notch goalie recipe for a cup. Good down the middle just like baseball. Wingers can be found not centers

  112. I am surprised that Callahan re-signed with TB, but I’m happy they got a 2nd since he wasn’t coming back. As deep as next year’s draft is supposed to be, it may turn into a decent player.

  113. ThisYearsModel on

    I truly hope Cally is happy in Tampa. His contract is too rich for the Rangers, and my prediction is that his body breaks down due to his style of play, or he has to modify it and will be less effective. At the end of the day, he got the net dollars he wanted and also the NTC. Just as CARP predicted he would. After his Penguins in 5 prediction, he can’t always be wrong, I guess.

  114. I love how angry Doc got about me not recalling all those super male hotties.

    I actually *QUIT* twitter. I will go back on when hockey starts again.

    I’m so *BORING*

  115. Wicky

    Step was tied for second on the team for playoff scoring while playing with useless every game. Brassard played with players who could both score and set up scores. A setup center like Step is very dependant on his wingers to put up points. With Richards gone, I have every hope that Viggy will put MSL where he belongs, on the top line, replacing useless. If this happens, I expect Step to put up the #1 center numbers that no one believes he can reach.

    He’s not a guy that can do it on his own like some but he’s still the best the Rangers have or will likely have.

  116. If you don’t forget the super male hotties, I don’t get angry. This is _your_ fault, Manny. 100%.

  117. Today’s the first day that clubs can contact potential UFA’s I believe. Expect to see a bunch of re-enlistments over the next couple of days.

  118. Mr D
    Please refer to my 9:32 post in this thread.

    You might want to avoid basing some of your comments about my post on other peoples responses and instead get “accurate” info yourself.

    Just trying to help you out.

  119. Can’t stop twitter, gotta follow my boys at the WSOP.

    New Sioux news, 6 recruits coming in, Schmaltz will go in the 1’st round this year, 2 others to follow, 1 player already drafted by the Jets. Future is looking bright on the college front.

  120. So here is how I would rank our UFA’s by importance:

    Dom. Moore
    Brian Boyle
    Benoit Pouliot
    Rafael Diaz
    Daniel Carcillo

  121. Here is how I would rank our RFA’s in importance:

    John Moore

  122. Yea, Carp. I think he’s long gone for the money he wants. I would completely forget about him at this point.

  123. Sather is going with the shop every where else first, then we’ll talk if “I’m” interested.

  124. Can we make it a rule that Sioux is not allowed to talk about North Dakota or else he’s banned?

  125. Lots of (perhaps) legitimate complaints, but leaving those aside –

    Cally was missed. All our heart and grit was on our fourth line. And, discounting contract negotiations, he was our bona fide leader, played with fire, and despite management’s and the Press’s lame cheer that those qualities were adequately replaced by Richie is ludicrous.

    Give Nash PP time and get him off the PK. We don’t need 8 million dollar penalty killers.

  126. Manny. “I guess I could try to get banned instead of just quitting…”

    Bib Gibson to manager when told to throw four wide and intentionally walk next batter: “If I have to put him on first base, let me hit him so at least he remembers me his next at bat.” :)

  127. Bob Gibson is the best baseball pitcher ever. I love that guy.


    Well I’m gonna to go then! And I don’t need any of this. I don’t need this stuff, and I don’t need *you*. I don’t need anything. Except this. And that’s the only thing I need is *this*. I don’t need this or this. Just this ashtray… And this paddle game. – The ashtray and the paddle game and that’s all I need… And this remote control. – The ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control, and that’s all I need… And these matches. – The ashtray, and these matches, and the remote control, and the paddle ball… And this lamp. – The ashtray, this paddle game, and the remote control, and the lamp, and that’s all *I* need. And that’s *all* I need too. I don’t need one other thing, not one… I need this. – The paddle game and the chair, and the remote control, and the matches for sure. Well what are you looking at? What do you think I’m some kind of a jerk or something! – And this. That’s all I need. The ashtray, the remote control, the paddle game, and this magazine, and the chair. And I don’t need one other thing, except my dog. I don’t need my dog.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t come up with a scenario where we are able to keep Stralman without really hurting our forwards.

    Manny, I would swap Zuccarello with Brassard on your RFA list.

    Anyone else interested in Grabovski (assuming reasonable contract)?

  129. Coos – nothing wrong with chin music from a pitcher, back him off a little, set up the fast ball on the outside corner.

  130. Wicky, your 9:32 was exactly the one I was referring to. You said “or” which means either. I only took issue with Step because Brassard for Sharp makes a lot more sense.

  131. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey, you got a bad peach? That’s an act of God. He makes the peaches. I don’t make the peaches, I sell the peaches. You have a problem? You talk to him.

  132. I actually had them the other way, Doodie. But then I flipped it. I just think that Brassard being a Center is slightly more important

  133. If they are going to allow biting in soccer, I might start watching it. The Real Meal Holyfield.

  134. Right silicone breast to left silicone breast, “I’ll be back, have to take a leak.”

  135. Eh, Doodie, at a certain gap you still have to make a deal and worry about the followup deal afterwards. You wouldn’t hold Brassard out of a Kane deal, right?

  136. I agree with Manny’s RFA ordering and I don’t put any UFAs until after 3rd place.

  137. Fwiw, I thought sharp was a C/W and played with a bit more grit and can score…maybe I’m thinking of a different Patrick sharp.

  138. Is the one you’re thinking of dreamy or not dreamy? If he’s dreamy, you’re thinking of the Chicago version.

  139. Dear god. “Rangers sign Boyle” is either going to be my best or worst headline of this offseason.

  140. How does brassard make more “or less” since than step?

    2 similar players…as long as one gets the deal accomplished.

    I mean I would trade step or brassard in a deal for E Kane.

    Step and brassard are interchangeable 2Cs IMHO.

  141. 10ft pole slew foot Dan dirtball Boyle.

    I’d rather have belov…or big buff…or NATW

  142. Wick Boyle could help the Power Play, he still has an accurate shot from the blue line. But not $5M worth.

  143. Booby I read that like they are “kicking the tires” on Boyle.

    I can’t see Sather driving that one off the lot.

  144. I wonder what Vanek will sign for?

    Is he only going to the Wild?

    Or would he play Rangers?

  145. bull dog line on

    I would not touch Vanek. I like the idea of Dan Boyle running the power play the next 2 seasons.

  146. Wicky, age, contract status, cap hit, etc. make Brassard the player they should want to trade more.

    I could probably live with Dan Boyle on a one year deal for $2M, but that’s not happening.

  147. I like that Toronto is interested in D. Boyle because then they could trade Kadri and Franson for Nash.

  148. In the short term recent past Cally looks like a great Ranger. Other than being captain 20 years from now he will be barely remembered.

    Jagr will be remembered as having the greatest offensive year any Ranger ever had.

  149. Any player should be tradable in the right context. The only players I would consider the closest to untouchable are McD and THE. But, I’d trade either in the right deal.

  150. What Gravy said. If you ignore age, cap hit and defensive zone play, they’re interchangeable. And you know I’m a huge Brassard guy.

  151. *LOL*

    @lakingsinsider Kings, Gaborik agree on a seven-year contract extension.

  152. Guess the trade off is cap flexibility now, and you gamble that the cap goes up about $4-5M per year.

  153. It’s a kick the can deal. They’ll worry about the cap hit in 4 or 5 years, but have about $2M more to work with under the cap until then.

  154. Guess I would, but our D might be looking shaky especially if Stralman goes and Staal next year balks on dollars and flees.

  155. I think the confidence McDonuts has found could make him a superstar O and D man. Of course, thinking does not make it so.

  156. Gabby 7 years $5M nice reward for scoring 14 goals in the Playoffs, when it counts.

    I have to admit Gabby & Kopitar looked pretty good together.

    The Kings are a better team with him, that’s for sure. And they have 2 talented rookies that can score. The Kings are going to be tuff to beat in the WEST.

  157. That is so many years. Will Gaborik have more goals or surgeries over those seven seasons?

  158. You could make an argument not to trade McD for Crosby based on his cap hit and injury history.

    Then again, Stamkos is only signed for two more years at $7.5M, so his next contract is what, $10M?

  159. Big Rangers mistake jettisoning Gabby and hanging Richie’s hat on the hatrack.

  160. The Kings are good enough to have Gaborik sit out the regular season and then stick him back in the lineup for the playoffs.

  161. bull dog line on

    all the guys looking to run Nash out of town are the same guys that were killing Gabby about his playoff performances. now those same guys are wishing Gabby were here. same thing will happen if they trade Nash.

  162. TYM

    _Run out of town by the Rangers, Gabby cashes in in LA_

    …. plus has his name engraved on the Stanley Cup!!!

    Gabby is laughing all the way to the bank!!!

  163. What are the odds Gaborik finishes off that deal? Less than 0%? Its almost like the Tim Wakefield “$4MM until you decide to stop playing” contract.

  164. Mr D
    Ok, when brass is making 4 mil per and step is making 5 plus per. The cap hit is no longer valid (will happen with in a year).

    Wow, they are a whopping 2 years apart in age…unacceptable!!

    Yes, step is better defencively, but brass is a better skater (unless skating doesn’t matter when we are evaluating the golden child Stepan) more physical, a better playmaker.

    We will have to agree to disagree, with step more than likely making 5 mil plus after next season, I’ll take brass at 4 mil any day.

  165. bull dog line on

    keep him Manny. I know he did not score in the playoffs. I get that that is what he is paid for, but this was only his 2nd playoff run. sometimes it takes 2 or 3 playoffs before you figure out your supposed to play at playoff time. I think Nash figured it out this year after game 4 against Pitt. he just did not get rewarded on the scoreboard for it.

  166. @rangersreport

    IMO, $4.9M per for Gaborik is a great deal for Kings; IMO, seven years is a terrible deal for Kings.

  167. Gabby fits the Kings better, he doesn’t have to be “THE” GUY every game. Like he had to be in New York, and he can still score 40 a year, plus 14 more in the playoffs helps win the Cup.

    Gabby wins.

  168. Carp put it correctly on Twitter:


    IMO, $4.9M per for Gaborik is a great deal for Kings; IMO, seven years is a terrible deal for Kings.

  169. Slats, ten years after his first social security check is surely not considering a 5 year plan. He will try to keep as much core as possible from a finalist team and tweak for another push.

  170. I think there’s a pretty decent population here who understands Gaborik wouldn’t have done for NY what he did for LA because of very different roster composition.

  171. If Gabby had been allowed to float like Richie, and not denigrated for his minimal D (which was still a lot more than #19’s) and not blocking shots, and with the right line, he would have given us 40. Only room for so many floaters, and Rich had the inner-tube.

  172. bull dog line on

    flip McDonagh and Stamkos. which team is more likely to get out of the east? my answer would be the team McDonagh is on. you need that one stud Dman to win the cup. Doughty, Keith, Seabrook, Chara. I would not trade McDonagh for Stamkos.

  173. Wicky, I don’t share your confidence that Brassard would go long term at $4MM.

  174. Mr D
    Really? Rosters and linemates and team philosophies make a difference???



  175. bull dog line on

    its no coincidence that the final 4 teams were the Rangers, (McDonagh), the Habs (Subban), the Hawks (Keith), and Kings ( Doughty).

  176. Rob in Beantown on

    I would *NOT* trade 5 years of McD at $4.7M for 2 years of Stamkos at $7.5M leading to a monster UFA contract. No way

  177. I really hope that Nash turns it around, Bull Dog. We really need him to play his size and enter beast mode a bit more often. I’m just really, really worried about his brain.

  178. Brass is making 3.7 NOW. Why, in the wildest imagination, would he even consider long term at 4?

  179. Mr D
    You might be right, it’s pure speculation on my part. Same with the Stepan $$$ guesstimation after next season by me.

  180. Kings are a deeper team. They are older, but they also had Toffoli & Pearson step up and play key minutes. Both rookies out performed Nash in the playoffs.

    Our rookies not so much.

  181. its no coincidence that the final 4 teams were the Rangers, (Lundqvist), the Habs (Price), the Hawks (Crawford, OK maybe you got me there), and Kings (Quick).

  182. For multiple reasons, surmising that Slats would deal either McD or Nash is not even worth discussing.

  183. Wasn’t Crawford like NUTS good at home? I mean, he’s terrible, but still.

  184. As a GM I would take Gabby deal over Cally’s.

    At least you can win a CUP with Gaborik :)

  185. bull dog line on

    I could go back further Gravy. Coffey, Potvin, Orr, Robinson, McIinnis, Leetch, Stevens, Neidermeyer. you need that stud back there.

  186. It stands to reason that Stepan and Brassard will be making the same $4.5-5M per year since they will be in virtually identical situations going into their RFA arbitration contract years (Brass $3.7M this year, Step $3.85M next year).

  187. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe they’re hoping for another amnesty buyout after the next lockout.

  188. Rob in Beantown on

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie
    Will have to see yr-by-yr breakdown of Gaborik deal but IF he decides to walk away from any remaining yrs, there are no cap hits/penalties.

  189. _Really? Rosters and linemates and team philosophies make a difference???_

    Sometimes here it feels necessary to state the seeming obvious. I still not sure if there are really people pining for Gaborik or if its just a strawman. In hindsight, I’m still quite fine with that trade.

  190. Rob in Beantown on

    How could it be less if there would be no cap penalty? I thought no cap penalty implied a yearly salary equal to the AAV, but maybe I’m not understanding something.

  191. bull dog line on

    yes Letang. cant think of who was on the Carolina team. would you trade McDonagh, for Stamkos, Doodie? would the Rangers be better for it? would Tampa be better for it?

  192. But Doodie, the rules regarding fluctuations between the mix and max salary and year to year changes would mitigate against that being significantly lower than the AAV.

  193. bull dog line on

    just looked at the Carolina roster from there cup year. probably the worst roster to ever win cup.

  194. Doodie Machetto on

    Worry about the defenseman later. There’s only 1 or 2 50 goal centers.

  195. But Stamkos is so fragile. He barely touched that goalpost when he broke his leg so horrifically


  196. Based on contract structure rules, this is the best I could come up with:

    Year 1 6.0
    Year 2 6.0
    Year 3 6.0
    Year 4 6.0
    Year 5 4.0
    Year 6 3.2
    Year 7 3.1

    So there would be a recapture penalty of $1.8M if he retires in year 7 (or $4.9 minus whatever salary for that year), assuming I undersand that part correctly.

  197. So, I still don’t think he walks away from over $3M to just show up.

    And, if the salaries are closer to the AAV of $4.9, where there is little or no recapture, then there’s even less incentive for him to retire early.

  198. I googled around and I think he lives back home during the offseason. That was a big part of my guesswork. I imagine his name could earn him a solid salary there in his later 30s.

  199. Jessica Summers on

    ew you guys. it still sucks that we lost and i’m making like NO tips now. at least its summer.

  200. Ahh, recapture only applies to contracts prior to the CBA. So they reverse-grandfathered the rule.

  201. Rob in Beantown on

    Wait, so they only penalized contracts signed BEFORE the CBA when it was LEGAL, but they didn’t penalize new contracts after the CBA?

    L O L

  202. Then, basically it could be a wink-wink agreement where they maximize the amount of money they pay in the first 4-5 years. And they circumvent the cap.

    Though, I guess it could be a harder salary to walk away from.

  203. Gravey: “Ahh, recapture only applies to contracts prior to the CBA. So they reverse-grandfathered the rule.”

    I had a reverse grandfather when my grandmother divorced him. He also played Santaat the Rotary Club, so he was a Reverse Grandfather Claus(e).

  204. “Hegel is arguing that the reality is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics, Kant via the categorical imperative is holding that ontologically it exists only in the imagination, and Marx is claiming it was offside.”

  205. “Heraclitus a little flick, here he comes on the far post, Socrates is there, Socrates heads it in! Socrates has scored! The Greeks are going mad, the Greeks are going mad. Socrates scores, got a beautiful cross from Archimedes.”

  206. Aristophanes was for The Birds. And also The Frogs. Everything he wrote is Greek to me.

  207. Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
    Who was very rarely stable.
    Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
    Who could think you under the table.
    David Hume could out-consume
    Schopenhauer and Hegel,
    And Wittgenstein was a beery swine
    Who was just as schloshed as Schlegel

  208. What coulda or shoulda been time at the RR blog today as both Callahan and Gaborik get new contracts from their new teams.

    {Tears running down my face cheeks}

  209. Ezra Pound was most profound
    And in ‘Personae” does abound
    Original, inspired work –
    But the poet entertained a quirk.

    Cantos One through eighty-four
    Baffled critics even more,
    And ever since the last world war,
    They don’t teach this dude no more.

    (that’s an original, folks)

    Pound was finally considered a mentally-aberrent anti-Semite and he backed Hitler, effectively ending his position in the litarary academic canon.

  210. Why no news on the Ranger front?

    Are all the UFA going to go to July 1’st? and the RFA going to go until fall camps start?

  211. coos: If only they’d kept Cally, the Rangers would have won the Cup. The missing heart and grit!

    Richie is gone, coos, gone, and try as you might you can’t take the deep run (his third) away from him. Rangers desperately need to sign a new scapegoat for you, or it’s going to be a lo-ong summer.

    For now, you need to move on to Suarez, I think, whom his coach forgot to feed before the game. Them’s REAL teeth.

  212. Real time during the summer is always a real drag so I’ve decided to live in Imaginary time for awhile so I’ll be able to simultaneously watch the 2104 cup series’ and the 2015 cup series’ and everything will be fresh.

    To live in Imaginary time, you just need to make a right turn in space/time. You can find the gps in Vonnegut.

  213. Norm singing ‘June is Busting Out All Over’ backed by the New Hampshire Rotary Club Chorus, Saturday, June 28. Be there or be square.

    Special Guest appearance by Susyn Waldman.

  214. They have to PROVE those teeth marks were caused by Suarez. This is still the USA. Dental forensics or drop the case.

  215. Chiellini on tape whispering, “Bite me,” to Suarez earlier on. The plot thickens.

  216. Not serious, alas. Tough to imagine a better Cup run with Cally, but I’m happy with the unexpected one we saw. (Crazy thought, I know, but I think MSL is a better hockey player than Callahan.)

    And neither of us knows a thing about who was a better captain between Callahan and Richards. Something only the players and coaches know.

  217. Woo hoo my modells order already shipped thanks to diligent work by my personal shopper manny!!

  218. But at least we were playing to the very LAST game of the season. (all possible games, last game included). Only one other team can say it about themselves. So, we are tied (1st place) in this achievements’ department.

  219. I loved Cally while a Ranger, but he’s not the type of player I like regardless of where he plays. Gaborik is, Jagger is players that are fun to watch and it’s easy to see how much they love the sport.

    Cally is tough as nails, but only fun to watch while he’s bleeding for your team.

  220. I don’t remember EVER a player for so long appreciated and admired, then quickly vilified unmercifully as our old Captain.

  221. cooscoos, you are projecting. You’re the one with the Richie fetish. I’m the one with the anti-scapegoating fetish. You can’t let go of yours even now that he’s gone. And neither can I. God, we’re boring.

  222. I agree it was kind of ludicrous … I mean, I understand being angry over his greed and overplaying his hand, and that he’s going to be paid too much money for too long, and I understand that the Rangers did well to get MSL for him … but I don’t understand how he became this scrub third-liner all of a sudden.

  223. Enjoyed the poetry earlier, Coos,
    Aneirin as well.
    Heard a soccer broadcaster say yesterday about a teams lackluster play, ” a lot of prose but not much poetry” I loved it.

  224. Re: MSL, I think we got lucky. Timing was he wanted out and NY was where he wanted in. Tough little steel-eyed monkey. I think we’ll get a nice season out him if not more.

  225. do any of you CBA specialists have an explanation why Gaborik can retire during his contract with no cap hit or penalty?

  226. Cally was my favorite Ranger in the last fifteen years maybe since the cup team. I’m over him( I think) but I just really liked cheering for him and the teams he captained. Naming McD captain would make me miss him even less.

  227. Good for Gaborik, $5M will get a nice place on Manhattan or Heramosa Beach next to all his teammates.

  228. Manny has Archimedes on left wing. God didn’t intend for hockey to be discussed like this!

  229. Of course by the time the pony express gets it delivered, the wicksters will have outgrown it all

  230. Avery to little coed at intimate restaurant in the center of Rome: “They loved me in New York. LOVED me! What are you majoring in?”

  231. Carp, recapture doesn’t apply to post-CBA contracts and LA followed the new 35% / 50% rules.

  232. *NO* to Bolland and No? to Ott. Both will command too much money. Way too much.

    I don’t think everyone was calling Callahan a third liner. He’s a hard working player that has proven that he can play top six. He’s also a heck of a leader and one heck of a warrior. He’s injury prone. That’s his knock.

    The anger, at least from me, is that he was always billed as a hometown boy from Buffalo that just loves NY and loves his role. Compared to Dustin Brown. Callahan has proven that he’s NO Dustin Brown.

  233. I have no hard feelings for Cally. None at all.

    He’s not the 1st athlete to misread his value in the market. That’s as much the fault of his agent as it is him.

    He wore the Ranger sweater with honor and pride. He was a solid citizen while here.

    Only the best to Ryan Callahan.

  234. Brown’s contract was signed PRE CBA so the sky was the limit. He took a few hits (as their Capt.) in order to make it great for the team. Had no agent. Etc.

  235. Considering over 4 mil in non-taxes and his 4 year No Move, Cally did get more from Tampa that Slat’s final offer.

  236. Here is some good news:

    @NYP_Brooksie Informed source reports that Rangers have NOT inquired about impending UFA Stastny. Don’t have the cap space to be bidder in auction. #NYR

  237. Paying stastny 7.5 mil is insane. I don’t value him as a number one. We had our shot last year. The jt miller era has arrived

  238. _Brown’s contract was signed PRE CBA so the sky was the limit. He took a few hits (as their Capt.) in order to make it great for the team. Had no agent. Etc_

    The sky was the limit and LA gave him almost $6MM over 8 years. NY could have signed Callahan then as well. Or they could have signed him for several years less at slightly more. They did neither.

  239. bull dog line on

    I like the idea of starting the season with Miller as the 3rd center. they can protect him with Hagelin in the D zone, and MSL on offence. good spot for him. Dan Boyle also makes sense if Stralman leaves. Boyle can run the power play, and play 3rd pair minutes.

  240. Hey has Richards been bought out by the Kings yet?

    He could be a nice upgrade at center?

  241. So down the middle we’ll go Stepan, Brass, Miller, Moore. Not much depth or size there but hopefully Step can come back strong after a full training camp and putting back on some weight post jaw injury. He looked like he was about 150lbs by the end of the Finals.

  242. Yeah Boyle is history. how bout Gaby cashing in with LA? Good for him. Guy goes from impending ufa plagued by injuries playing for Columbus back to being a deadly sniper out in LA wins a Cup and then gets a 7 year deal that’ll finish see him finish his career with LA (though probably in less than 7 years) Good for him. His deal is similar to Dan Girardi’s.

  243. And Manny, speaking of Girardi, Per Mrs G- don’t leave him out of the good looking Ranger category. I think she would make out with him. and for that matter his wife

  244. Boyler will be retired from the WBM before we know it.

    How long before Nash replaces him?

  245. 7.8 – Nash.

    78 points 100,000 a point, but you don’t get any points in the post season…. that will be extra.

  246. Maybe Lamoriello will add him to center Jaromir Jagr…they would have the Senior Line

  247. Yeah, I feel like a dummy. Girardi has a perfect jaw and eyes combo. Bad work by me.

  248. How can you guys blame Callahan for signing with Tampa? Take of your Rangers cap and put yourself in his shoes.

    It’s clear that the trade for NYR was more about getting MARTY than signing RYAN for too much. It’s clear that Callahan was more of a leader than Dubinsky or any of the other guys that held out for money on this team. Many of the circumstances surrounding the trade were dramatized by NYC media at the time, such as the no trade clause and the “sixth year”. If we signed Ryan for the same price and term, a lot of you people would be complaining that overpaid and we didn’t trade for MARTY. Stop blaming Ryan Callahan for Sather’s lust for trading homegrown talent for super stars…

    And, I think it’s safe to say Stevie Yzerman won that trade , unless the Rangers win the Cup next year or Marty plays for like 5 more years…

    (Disclaimer: I like the trade because we acquired a Hall of Famer who is amazing offensively, who help us get to the Finals, and it was entertaining. Fantastic mentor to MZA)

  249. Brilliance from coos today deserves a repost:

    “If Gabby had been allowed to float like Richie, and not denigrated for his minimal D (which was still a lot more than #19’s) and not blocking shots, and with the right line, he would have given us 40. Only room for so many floaters, and Rich had the inner-tube.”

  250. Callahan probably could have got $6.5M in Buff. But, would have only been marginally better after taxes compared to Tampa.

  251. Tampa doesn’t win that trade unless they draft a superstar or two and/or win the Cup.

    “Stop blaming Ryan Callahan for Sather’s lust for trading homegrown talent for super stars…”

    Cally put himself in that position. Sather was fair! More than fair! It wasn’t a case of Slats feeling the need to bring in a superstar. It was aboot doing what’s right. NYR has a damn good player and another 2nd round pick, as opposed to having nothing.

  252. Not surprising:


    Talks between Rangers and Anton Stralman are not going as expected. We’ll see if it’s gona change in the next few days.

  253. Orr, fair enough! I just think what Cally was asking for IS what he is worth! He didn’t even have to become a UFA to get it!

    I think two 1st round picks and Cally at a cap hit under 6 is a tremendous deal if I am a Lightning fan…

  254. It’s a great deal, if they draft at least one solid hockey player. Cally wont be the reason they win the Cup. He’s not that kind of player. The true success of that deal is the two first round picks. They just have to take advantage of that.

  255. Totally agree. I would like to us keep Boyle though and I hope I can hold back the tears when he signs with Babcock in Detroit. (s)

    I expect both guys to be making double digit millions over 4 or so years.

  256. “Talks between Rangers and Anton Stralman are not going as expected. We’ll see if it’s gona change in the next few days…”

    Ya mean he’s not asking for a ton of money and long years? That was what was expected. :)

  257. Tampa would have had to honor MSL’s demand to be traded (to NY) or they could have just dissed him, refused to accommodate, and gambled that he wouldn’t be a team distraction and a disgruntled, angry, and less than interested performer. Slats was taken by giving up those picks, especially the #1.

    That said, I like MSL and I think he’ll help us with talent and leadership for however it all lasts.

  258. iManny-O-War on

    Rangers offered Stralman 3 years at north of $3M per before playoffs. He wants more. Which he definitely does not deserve. Let him walk.

  259. I bet he wants at least McDonagh money and years. 28 yrs old in August and if extended, this could be his last contract.

  260. Hey Carp have you been hanging around some other forum where Sather is commonly hailed as a Super Genius and hence the Wile E. Coyote icon?

  261. I’m never good at looking for old post Carp, but I did say sign Stralman ASAP before playoffs. Best guess is Slats could have got him for 3.7 per for 4yrs.

  262. If u don’t think Stralman is worth under 4 mil in this market your nuts. He elevated his physical game in PO and does enough right to be. #5 n that’s today’s prices. He will get 4 plus on open market…. Book it

  263. Going for hat trick….. Headed to Banff in a couple weeks maybe me n Uncle Glen will sit down n talk. Hear it’s real nice pumped!!

  264. Might get to see Bobby Knight and Ted Williams’ disembodied head in one of those Banff fishing boats.

  265. Olga Folkyerself on

    Loved Callahan but the ship has sailed on that one. In two years Callahan’s contract and two first round prospects is going to look a lot better than a 40 year old over the hill overpaid St Louis.

    FIRE SATHER! He’s gonna screw up this SC finalist team.

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  267. “Why’d ya do it? Why’d ya waste Cyrus?”

    “No reason. I just like doing things like that.”

  268. Funny how Manny hates on guys who actually contribute / contributed to this team (Cally, Stralman) but absolutely loves guys who contribute / contributed nothing (Prust) and almost killed one of our good guys (Stepan)…funny.

  269. Sather has to wait on the RFAs until he sees what happens with the UFAs. It was part of the reason he had to play hardball with Stepan last year.

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