2014-15 home openers for all 30 teams


From the NHL:

NEW YORK (June 21, 2014) — The NHL today announced the home openers for all 30 clubs for the 2014-15 regular season. The League’s complete 1,230-game schedule will be released tomorrow, Sunday, June 22 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Anaheim Ducks: Friday, Oct. 17 vs. Minnesotarangers report logo
* Arizona Coyotes: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Winnipeg
Boston Bruins: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. Philadelphia
Buffalo Sabres: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Columbus
Calgary Flames: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. Vancouver
Carolina Hurricanes: Friday, Oct. 10 vs. NY Islanders
Chicago Blackhawks: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Buffalo
Colorado Avalanche: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Minnesota
Columbus Blue Jackets: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. NY Rangers
Dallas Stars: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Chicago
Detroit Red Wings: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Boston
Edmonton Oilers: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Calgary
Florida Panthers: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. New Jersey
Los Angeles Kings: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. San Jose
Minnesota Wild: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Colorado
Montreal Canadiens: Thursday, Oct. 16 vs. Boston
Nashville Predators: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Ottawa
New Jersey Devils: Saturday, Oct. 18 vs. San Jose
New York Islanders: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Carolina
New York Rangers: Sunday, Oct. 12 vs. Toronto
Ottawa Senators: Thursday, Oct. 16 vs. Colorado
Philadelphia Flyers: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. New Jersey
Pittsburgh Penguins: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Anaheim
San Jose Sharks: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Winnipeg
St. Louis Blues: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. NY Rangers
Tampa Bay Lightning: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Florida
Toronto Maple Leafs: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. Montreal
Vancouver Canucks: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Edmonton
Washington Capitals: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Montreal
Winnipeg Jets: Friday, Oct. 17 vs. Nashville


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    4 more months baby!!!!

    WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    People are really upset with Nash and not just Latona . Nash has really upset alot of fickle Ranger fans and I really don’t know what the guy can do to repay us back for the awful playoffs. As fickle as we are this is a serious real problem .
    He is our super star gold medal winning franchise player and he sucks. I really don’t know what to say but the big guy really let us down.

    It’s like the stripper who wouldn’t strip

    The fat lady who would n’t sing

    Like Ali , slouching not floating

    Air jordan not slammin

    Wayne fricken Gretzy not passing!

    Its like a ship that wont sail

    A plane that wont fly

    Mario andreadi sunday driving !!!


  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Eastern cup banner is actually perty sweet. We shoulda touched that trophy. Beating Wash , Pissy and the habs plus watching Boston falter …winning that Eastern cup was kinda sweeeet!! We the best man in the EAST!! Eat that!!! West smest , so they got the big one . We got top status in the east…that my friend is goood.

  4. Who could afford a loaf of bread for each foot, we had to glue two english muffins on each foot with used up bazooka gum and we had to sell the baseball cards from the bazooka gum to afford the english muffins.

  5. And today’s World Cup match is the al Qaeda mud holes vs the Netherlands….and manny’s post

    “Woo hoo go mud holes, those guys are awesome! How can you not love al Qaeda!? The Netherlands suck!”


  6. 100,000 signatures of atheists who demand Martin St Louis change his name to Martin Agnostic Louis.

  7. I was told years ago by an employee of UNICEF that they were offered millions of dollars less in rent to move to a lower floor in 3 UN Plaza, but refused because the execs liked the views. Dismayed that, as a kid, I carried around those UNICEF coin boxes, begging on Halloween.

  8. Coos, right now I’m on the 33rd floor of One UN Plaza. The view of the river is so *breathtaking*…wait…I just saw a torso float by. Sweet!

  9. Pretty interesting, here is a list of scouting reports from that draft:


    Reinforces the fact the Jessiman was a terrible mistake, we had the 12th overall pick and chose a guy ranked 20th by central scouting:

    “…ranked 20th among North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting. He’s got plenty of size and a hard, accurate shot. Came out of nowhere to draw the attention of scouts after playing high school hockey at the Brunswick School in Connecticut. Scouts consider him a project but likes his raw talent and hockey sense.”

  10. So you guys want an old slow joe Thornton for the same price as am old slow brad richards… Got it…

  11. NYR have traded for or signed the following guys from the 2003 draft

    Nik Zherdev
    MA Pullout
    Brian Boyle
    kevin Klein
    Dan Fritsche
    Dave Liffiton
    Dan Carcillo
    Corey Locke
    Greg Moore
    John Mitchell
    Jeremy Williams
    Matt Zaba

    On top of that, they drafted Jessiman, Baranka, Roche, Potter, Dawes, Dornic, Furrer, Holt, Reese & Marek.

  12. 2010 might be 2003 all over again. McIlrath wasn’t supposed to go until the late 1st round, supposedly. Took him 10th overall. Not looking good so far.

    NYR desperately needs a true PP QB, right handed shot. Could have had Weber, Subban, Karlsson, off the top of my head.

    Weak drafting! I wish I saved my post from a month or two ago when I went through each draft to see the players they could have drafted.

  13. The guy picked after Jessiman was Dustin Brown and the guy after Baranka was Shea Weber!!!

  14. Brown > Jessiman, but he’s not the best offensive player. I’m more upset over passing on Getzlaf, Parise, Perry & Weber. Could have had those guys in the first round.

    If you can do it all over again, who do you take?

    Ducks scouts hit a major home run drafting Perry & Getzlaf. Two picks, two home runs.

  15. Ground out to second not so bad if you can advance the runner to 3rd with less than 2 outs.

  16. The thing is, luck plays a part, but there are teams that consistently draft well…NYR not one of them!!

  17. I agree aboot luck. NYR have only been lucky with Hank. A lot of the other guys on this team or that were on the team, solid picks, but still NYR have to go into the summer spending on the best because they don’t have it.

    Jury is still out on guys like Step & THE, etc. It would be nice to draft a superstar.

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    These days I’m usually good for about 3 or 4 Nash playoff performances per day.

  19. If I read Brooks right, Rangers trying to use BR Buyout to purchase all departing FA longterm except F**k.

  20. If I read Brooks right, Rangers trying to use BR Buyout to purchase all departing FA longterm except F**k. Caffeine, please…

  21. Nash had 10 POINTS in 25 playoff games. Richie had 12 TOTAL and spent a ton of time on the PP. Nash is vilified, Richie is deified. Go figure. They both stunk.

  22. Both make me want to puke, good bye Bucky u disingenuous slacker. Nash may be the biggest floater in the league n believe it or not he has some trade value….. So move him ASAP

  23. Ok more Nash bashing not the future nor banter I was looking for but it’s better than Baseball.

  24. 5 games vs isles next year 2 at garden 3 at coliseum last year

    10/14 tues msg
    1/13 tues msg
    1/27 tues coliseum
    2/16 Monday pres day coliseum
    3/10 tues coliseum

  25. Seriously doubt Zucc goes from 1 mil to 4 as a RFA with Slats running the show. Is Brooks cookoo?

  26. San Jose has three guys that can be the #1 center on almost all other teams in the NHL save a few. However, they do lack production on the wing. And, their bottom six isn’t close to the Kings or the Rangers of 2013-14. Their best winger is Marleau, with Burns (previously a d-man) next. To get over the hump, they need more goal scoring on the wing and bottom 6 depth. They can afford to trade one of their centers (Jumbo, Pavelski, Couture) to address their needs and holes in the lineup.

    Jumbo is the captain and has a NMC. How many years does he have left? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to go anywhere at this point in his career. But, how much would he love Nash on his wing? How much would that rejuvenate him?

    If I’m Slats, I would be working the phones in San Jose to see if there is any interest in Nash. I would push hard for Pavelski or Couture to come here (both are signed at $6m per through 2018-19 and represent big $ savings over Nash). Pipe dream? Maybe, but worth a shot.

  27. I think we are in for a very unpleasant surprise is we leave this roster “as is” and just resign all of our ufa/rfa players.

    We will sneak up on no one next season and we have no size to combat the taking away of time and space that teams will do to us.

  28. bull dog line on

    Columbus will come back to earth next year. not worried about them. Pittt, foolishly fired there GM, and coach. going to struggle. Mason is an every other year goalie, and even when he is on, he is just OK. Philly struggles. Rangers are going to be at the top of the conference. best built, and best balanced team.

  29. bull dog line on

    I get a laugh out of Callahan’s agent pretending to be talking to Tampa about a new contract. he is doing the same thing again! talking with Tampa, and not having any plans to resign there. he is using Tampa, so the team ( Buffalo) he really wants to sign with thinks there not negotiating against themselves. in reality they are. he just want to get every last penny he can get from them. very captainy.

  30. I’m not crazy aboot the roster either, Wick. Prospect goes in Neigh’s spot, but can they seriously win a Cup with this roster? I don’t know.

    Need some youngin’s to step up their game. Need The Good One to be who we thought he’d be, and not just for 82 games.

  31. bull dog line on

    what Brooks is saying makes a lot of sense. give Miller or Lindberg the 1st crack at the number 3 center spot. if you have to make a move later in the season, then go for it. need to find out what Miller has.

  32. Only problem with that is, there’s a lot of teams that wont be willing to wait and will jump at the chance to get a Thornton, a Marleau, a Kesler, a Spezza, or any type that might be available.

    Before Slats knows it, the guys he was interested in are all gone, and there’s not much else out there to improve the team.

  33. @rangersreport

    Rangers’ 1st three games: 10/9 at STL; 10/11 at CBJ; 10/12 vs. TOR. Full sked at 4 p.m. rangers.lohudblogs.com

  34. You guys are a riot. The te goes to the Finals, puts up a valiant fight, plans on bringing back largely the same team next year and people think they won’t make the playoffs. I don’t get you guys at all. Kreider, zook, hags, brassard, stepan, St. Louis and Nash all have more than what we saw in the last regular season. I think they’ll be a top team in the east again ( yes I said again ).

  35. ‘Only problem with that is, there’s a lot of teams that wont be willing to wait and will jump at the chance to get a Thornton, a Marleau, a Kesler, a Spezza, or any type that might be available.’

    Fine with me, let the other gm’s make the bad trades/signings for once. Best move Sather usually makes is when he doesn’t.

    Let’s recap some of his outstanding trades.

    Tyutin for Zherdev
    Malhotra for the kid who killed himself
    York for Poti
    Johnsson as a ‘throw in’ for Lindros which led to the hole that necessitated the previous trade.
    Korpikoski for Lisin
    Dupuis for Bourret
    DMoops for Hall
    Zidlicky as a ‘throw in’ for Dunham

    What’s the common theme in most of these trades, the players we traded had/have solid if unspectacular careers, the players we got burned out quicker then an old Dell laptop battery. (Insider tech support issue).
    Most of the rest of his trade history is nothing for nothing with the McDonagh for noGomez trade the one blind pig acorn mostly because it was Gainey doing the throwing in for once.

  36. Peter, they’ll be a top team in the East because the East is weak. We’ll have to wait and see what Pissburgh/Boston, etc does to improve their team.

    This team, good as they were, couldn’t win the Cup. How do they do it next year with the same lineup?

    If they’re not going to add anyone, then you have to hope all the young guys become better players. You have to hope Nash can actually be the superstar that he’s paid to be. You have to hope 40 year old Saint has enough gas in the tank. Who knows!

  37. He’s made some bad trades, but he’s made some good ones too.

    Gomez for McDonut
    DJ Cah-Tah for Jagr
    Higgins for Prust
    3rd round pick for Boyle
    Aaron Ward for Paul Mara
    Jason Ward/picks for Sean Avery

    All I remember…

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