UPDATED: It’s official, not personal … just business: Rangers buy out Brad Richards


By Rick Carpiniello

It wasn’t personal – or personnel. It was strictly business.

Rangers general manager Glen Sather had no choice in making the inevitable decision that was confirmed completed on Friday with the buyout of center and de facto captain Brad Richards.

After three years of a nine-year, $60 million contract front-loaded and designed to entice him to retire after the sixth season to reduce the annual salary cap hit to $6.67 million per over those first six years, Richards is the Rangers’ second and final amnesty buyout granted with the collective bargaining agreement reached in 2013.

The Rangers used their first buyout on Wade Redden after the lockout.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

Even if Richards had been seen as a player worthy of $6.67 million for each of the next three seasons the new CBA carried heavy penalties for contracts that circumvented the salary cap, called cap-advantage recapture penalties. If Richards were to retire after 2016-17 – his contract called for only $1 million per season for the last three – the Rangers faced a penalty of $5.67 million cap hit per year, for a player no longer on their roster.

Plus, with Richards at 34 and having tired at the end of the playoff run, albeit after playing in all 107 regular-season and playoff games, the hockey decision wasn’t a slam dunk.

The hockey decision didn’t need to be made, though. The recapture penalty made the decision for Sather, who took a risk by not buying out Richards last summer after his dreadful lockout-shortened season.

Make no mistake about Richards, though. He was a very good player (20 goals, 51 points during the season) and a very definitive team leader for the Stanley Cup finalists, and helped them to nine playoff series in his three seasons – an Eastern Conference regular-season title and a trip to the Eastern Final in 2012, and the run to the Stanley Cup Final that ended a week ago.

He was a key figure in so many of their important games – most recently scoring the game-winning goal in the 2-1 Game 7 victory in Pittsburgh (photo top).

Richards became the unofficial team leader after captain Ryan Callahan forced his way out of town in a trade deadline deal that brought Richards’ buddy and former teammate, Martin St. Louis from Tampa Bay.

Richards has already earned $33 million of his $60 million deal, and will additionally get $8 million in bonus money due, plus two-thirds of the remaining $19 million ($12.67 million) spread over the next 12 years. He will then become an unrestricted free agent who will undoubtedly get another, shorter-term contract, likely at more than $3 million or $4 million per.

Under the CBA rules, the Rangers are not eligible to re-sign him.

The buyout leaves the Rangers with just 12 players signed for 2014-15, at a total of $47.3 million, against a cap expected to come in between $69 million and $71 million. Sather has 11 free agents to try to re-sign (it’s unlikely he can sign all of them), plus will need to somehow replace Richards as a top-three center and a power-play point man.

The period to begin negotiating with other team’s free agents starts June 25. Players whose contracts expire become free agents and can be signed on or after July 1.


From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, June 20, 2014 – The following are statements from Brad Richards and Glen Sather:

Brad Richards:

“Tough last few days … I loved being a Ranger and living in New York and playing at MSG in front of great fans. I’ve met many new friends, excellent teammates and staff and I have memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Glen Sather, the management and owner, Mr. Dolan, are all class acts. I want to thank them for letting me be a part of New York life and the Rangers family. With this decision finalized, I can now look forward to starting the next chapter in my career.”

Glen Sather:

“We would like to thank Brad for everything he has done for our team on and off the ice during his time here.  This was an extremely difficult decision to make because of how much respect I have for him.  Brad’s leadership and guidance for our young players was invaluable to the organization. We are grateful to have had the professionalism and experience he brought as an example for our team to follow.  Brad has been a very good player for us and an even better person.  We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

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Photos by Getty Images.


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  1. Hmm, not even sure that they could sign Stastny. If he gets $8M per, that only leaves $1.3M per remaining roster spot.

  2. If we do that (I would), we could probably still sign Boyle and Stralman…Kane cap hit slightly over $5m.

  3. bull dog line on

    the Caps can’t make it work on there own as far interest goes. need a draw with the other team. already played the Pens in a winter classic. Chicago is a draw.

  4. If they then signed their RFA’s (Brassard $4M, and $6M between Kreider, J Moops, and MZA), that leaves $4-6M for 8 roster spots.

  5. How can anyone think it’s a good idea to Sign Stastny!? READ THE DAMN POST ABOVE. It’s not a good idea to sign UFA’s to those kinds of huge contracts.

  6. Rather not give up on Hags just yet. Had a heck of a post season. Play him with some guys that can keep up.

  7. Lock Staal up for 6 years, give him the C if he will take an extension now!

    Zucc – has to be signed, can’t let him get away after last year.

    Kreider – isn’t going anywhere. How many years do you sign him for?

    Brassard – not sure if he gets much of a raise, but he should get 3 year deal.

    DMoore – should get a nice raise and a 2-3 deal.

    JMoore – bridge/gap contract 2 years.

    Boyler & Stralman will get over paid, let the youth fill their spots. no 3 year $4M contracts in Rangertown.

  8. jpg's sister on

    I must admit, I feel kind of bad for Brad. sorry about the rhyme. If you look at the numbers wasn’t he third in scoring on the team?

    understand the business part, but it’s silly that you can’t renegotiate a contract, maybe he would have said yes to a pay cut.

  9. Save the space for the trade deadline, lots of UFA next year will be on the market.

  10. ORR McD I agree, BUT if you have Staal for 6 years, you might have to offer the C position now to keep him. When he is at the top of his game and healthy, having 4 top solid DMen get you to the finals. Like this year.

    It sure wasn’t Nash’s scoring.

  11. I don’t want to trade Hags or Stahl, but if we have a chance to get a 22 year old #1 center who can score 30+, I say we do it…

    Much better option than paying Stastny $8m+ and not being able to keep other key guys who are UFAs and RFAs….

  12. Who’s the best depth Center man out there right now, That won’t break the bank?

  13. jpg's sister on

    now that I have had a week to think about this since we lost in the third overtime, a week ago.

    This is my opinion. We shouldn’t be nor the team shouldn’t be talking about only player changes, but of an AV change. AV needs to change how he coaches third periods.

    They basically played Prevent Defense like the NFL does. I am not a fan of prevent defense. It is playing not to lose instead of playing to win. The SOG told the tale.

    Basically that is what happens. You Lose.

    Hank was basically left all alone. A Huge contrast to the previous defense system that would go down to block shots.

    Even jpg’s mom said why does Hank only have one guy in front of him and LA always has a lot of black shirts in front of their goalie?

    So I think AV needs to change. Yes he really turned the team around from the beginning of the season, but I think you should always continue to learn and to become better.

    Hopefully AV will see he needs to coach better in the third period, especially in situations like game 5 so they would not have gone to OT, but had another win.

  14. C to mcdonut

    I would absolutely include Hagar in that deal to get Kane if that is what it took. Kane>Hagar

    He isn’t on the team this World Cup, back injury.

  15. I love how so many of you discount Pouliot, it would be a mistake to not sign him to a new contract.

  16. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    First this was another bad signing by Sather , Drury, Gomez , Redden , Holik and maybe Nash .
    Ok Gomez trade brought Macdonough but ?
    If torts didnt self destruct and was NYR coach this year the team wouldnt reached the finals.. But Sather lives.
    He’s the ying and yang of Gm’s

  17. Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, now I have to find a new way to piss-off Norm. Reverse the Richie buyout!

  18. Pouliot and Zucc worked well together with Brassard, it really was the most consistent line for the Rangers.

    It will be interesting if pouliot will takes Sather’s offer, or if he will test what free agency has to offer.

  19. PETA wants the Bears and the Ducks to change their nicknames or donate 6 million dollars each to PETA along with an apology and they can keep their names. Otherwise, curtains.

  20. _Make no mistake about Richards, though. He was a very good player (20 goals, 51 points during the season)_

    Carp, I’d strongly argue with the _very_ in that statement.

  21. Eleven year old, Lucy Li just ended day two at the US Open at +16. This same score after one round has me fist pumping and allows me to collect upwards of six dollars from my cronies.

    She’s eleven.

  22. SeeDubb,

    I’m praying every night extra hard.

    God Bless Mommy,
    God Bless Daddy,
    God Bless my wife and children.
    God Bless my extended family.
    God Bless all Boneheads.
    God, please trade Nash to the Toronto Maple Leafs for JVR.

  23. coos, have faith — you’ll find a way. Me, I’ll be picking restorative posies all summer, ready to be pissed off by early-to-mid-September.

  24. Sioux, if giving Stahl the “C” is what makes him re-sign with NYR, take the “C” and stick it up his ass and let him walk to Carolina with it rammed up there.

    McDonut is the Captain of NYR. He deserves it over everyone.

  25. bull dog line on

    I would keep Pouliot, but I would not give him more than 2 years. I would prefer another I year deal, but would do 2 years if needed.

  26. All the best to Rich. I know his contract was lousy, but it’s not like the guy didn’t contribute even though he was slowing down.

  27. If trying to keep quest for SC next season, Sather can do a miracle and get(unpopular here)Joe Thornton (6 mil-?)somehow. If there is a guy who can make underperformed Nash go, with his exceptionally effective elite passing and previous, documented chemistry history with Nash, – it’s him. I can only imagine line of Kreider-Joe-Nash in their best, size wise, production wise and domination.

  28. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    congratulations to Sather for realizing Richards needed to be bought out. I will more than guarantee he will hold onto Nash.

  29. I don’t know, isn’t Jumbo Joe too hard for NYR. He doesn’t like soft teams.

    THE – Jumbo – The Good One

    That’s a very big line. Question is, how many of them will actually play hard? I’m thinking only one.

  30. The biggest thing that worries me about getting rid of Hagar in a trade is our pk.

    Especially if we lose him and Boyle

  31. I think he is actually the best fit of any of the mentioned available “top” centres. But he will cost assets to get and is a bit soft (we have plenty of that).

    Best fit…

    My preference…

  32. are we done taking about chris neil?
    since we’re playing
    Package Anyone to the Rangers
    why not neil and spezza or has neil and his nastiness gone past its expiration date?

  33. Spezza will sing Blues for sure.
    Kesler categorically against Big Devilish Apple.
    wich leaves us with hope of Stastny (last name means Happy or Luck), who probably will be happy and lucky to stay with his only (and real contender) team.
    So, we HAVE TO fish for Jumbo Shrimp.

  34. Not only that, but spezza is tired of being the “whipping boy” in Ottawa.

    Don’t think he’d be fond of his status in New York a lot of the time either.

  35. I think that guys like Thornton and Spezza are both too expensive for NYR, considering the cap hits and what we would have to give up. Do we want to gut the team again?

    We aren’t going to be able to sign all our guys if we trade for a $6.5M+ plus player. We also would have to give up a lot in terms of any deal.

    Just sayin’. If you are going to give up significant assets, I think a guy like E. Kane makes sense because he is so young and you can get him for a reasonable cap hit.

  36. Good evening all! I’m in Canada of all places….just want to say, thanks to Brad.. You did your best and I appreciate it all……

  37. I would ship Nash to San Jose for Pavelski (who is a 40 goal scorer).

    Then Nash can play out in Cali with his best buddy. NYR has their 1st liner center. Everyone’s happy :)

  38. Nash to SJ would make sense. Than he could underperform in the playoffs and no one would even notice.

  39. Brad Richards: Blah blah blah where is the nearest bank?

    Sather: You’re welcome.

  40. Evening all,

    You guys keep talking about E. Kane and Buff from WPG.

    I would try to pry Andrew Ladd out of there somehow and perhaps Tobias Enstrom.

    Ladd brings size, speed, skill and two Stanley Cup rings. And he’s their captain, so you get more leadership in the room. Enstrom is a slick skating D-man with offense in his game who could run the power play. He’s lefty, though. And AV likes D-pairs to be righty-lefty.

    Not sure who goes the other way. If they’d only take Nash…

  41. Bryan Murray said he doesn’t want to trade with a team from the East (although he didn’t say he wouldn’t).

    As for 3rd periods and AV’s coaching in them… The Rangers were in the top 3 in 3rd periods this season and were good up until the Kings pulled off a historical 3rd period SCF. Remember AV discussed how much he urged his men to push the pace and they just couldn’t. LA was that good.

    As for adding any significant names that weren’t already on the roster, they would need to do so via trade and not through free agency. Re-signs will be priority, a probable supportive FA signing and a possible promotion will be the path this summer.

    But never rule out a decent deal…

    I’d like to sit down with Winnepeg and discuss a few of their guys. Wheeler, Kane, …Byfuglien especially.


  42. Haha, talking about the Jets at same time!!

    I think Winnepeg was looking to pick prospects and picks… We don’t have a lot of pick cache… Thoughts are more like JT Miller and a package of others. But I think it’s a stretch.

    Ladd would be excellent for sure, I’d be all for it.


  43. I wonder if Talbot didn’t break his hand if he would be serious trade bate? His numbers were outstanding this season and he played in some tough buildings too.

    He is technically under the tutelage of Benoit Allaire and Henrik Lundqvist… Would be relatively cheap to sign and is an older ‘young’ player.


  44. Dustin Penner? Gives us some more size for pretty cheap. I don’t see many great young picks besides Stastny, and I wouldn’t want that salary added.

  45. People should wait and see what people like Hrivik, Fast and Lindberg can do.

    I’m more excited for Duclair in two years as long as we DONT DEAL HIM!


  46. With an a acknowledgement to SeeeDubbb:

    “She’ll tease you, she’ll unease you,
    All the better just to please you;
    She’s precocious
    And she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush
    She got #19’s standoff sighs, she’s got Micheletti thighs.”

  47. Top talent is a blessing, but teams more often win with a combo of sufficient talent, cohesiveness, spirit, (and defense.)

  48. I wouldn’t expect a superstar for Talbot by any means… But he would have made/could still make a good trade chip. He makes half a million next year and then is a FA. He wouldn’t be overpriced if they signed him off the bat.

    Look at his games last year… 12-6-1
    1.64 GAA/.941 SV%

    Gave up 1 goal to Blackhawks and won several big games on the road like the 1-0 game in Montreal and others down the stretch.

    Those numbers for 21 appearances is sick!

    Just sayin’…


  49. Oops… I didn’t mean to say he won that game in Montreal… Just meant he was awesome in it!


  50. Also re-reading ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ because Puck plays an integral part. ‘Whither wander you?’

  51. Thanks Carp, boneheads, AV, and especially all the players (except Nash) for an interesting season. It’s been fun.

  52. Honestly, all you can really get is a mid-draft pick or a prospect in need of a change of scenery.

    Talbot is good, but he was a backup goalie to a team that went to the SCF. I think there’s very little interest in a guy like Talbot. If he puts together a couple of seasons like this, then I can see it.

  53. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Cap stuff just makes my head hurt. It does make me think this year was a one and done though. Too many changes and unknowns for next year to say this is the beginning of something.
    Need THE to really step it up next year; also need a couple of the kids to show real improvement too. Don’t want to see the this team gutted to bring in another overpaid “savior”.

    Coos your 9:32 LMAO!

  54. There’s no point to it. If you trade Talbot you’re not getting anything back that improves the team in any way. I don’t think Talbot will be a starter on some team, but he was a reliable backup this year. Those are tough to find.

  55. Evander Kane has tons of talent but a real wildcard…Staal, hagelin, and a pick.. I would not do that no chance….

    Kane has won exactly nothing so far. sure he is young but I have heard some bad stuff about his off the ice stuff.


  56. Are people seriously advocating that we get Thornton on the basis of the two of them piling up points together in Switzerland. Cuomo hasn’t even signed the bill yet, so what in heck are you people ingesting.

    Thornton has been living off his assists the last couple of years. Put him together on the same line as Nash and I guarantee you that we see that number plummet because they’ll be playing in the NHL not the Swiss league and Nash will not have major success off of one timers, he hasn’t got the hand-eye coordination to make that work.

  57. Nash needs to go on

    I haven’t posted in a while, but this overdue move will probably lead to another inevitable, bad FA signing. Richards had a nice bounce back year, but 51 points is rather mediocre; but I guess almost everyone is going to praise him, even if he could only go up after last year’s disgrace.
    As good as St. Louis was in the playoffs, any good hockey and Ranger fan knows Sather got fleeced in that deal. Can’t he at least get one first-round pick back by trading Nash? Winning the Cup would have made the St. Louis deal much more manageable, but they didn’t. When are they going to start learning that you need your first-rounders to develop good, young, cheap talent like Boston, LA, and Chicago? I guess when Sather retires, so I hope.

  58. You live in some parallel universe, pal. Like thousands light’s years from any hockey reality. Fart in a puddle. Not even worth to discuss.

  59. Hard to progress for too long in this league without sub 1 million dollar kids stepping up.

  60. Nash needs to go on

    4everranger: What the heck are you talking about, ‘some parallel universe?’ You’re telling me it’s not realistic to at least get back a first-rounder in a package to trade away the no-show in the playoffs, soft Nash, whose not the same player before he got that mysterious UBI? Or do you just not pay attention to the trades and free agents the Rangers have made/signed since Sather has ‘ruled?’ :)

    ORR!! What Is It Good For!!??: All due respect to you, but that is a poor excuse that Rangers’ fans don’t want to hear unless you were being sarcastic. It is true for the most part about Clark’s drafting, but the key is to finally get a GM and staff/scouts who will take advantage of their first-rounders, and not treat them like an after-thought and toss them away. St. Louis is a heck of a player, but he’ll be 39 soon, and he wasn’t worth Callahan and 2 first-round picks. Yzerman wins even if they don’t resign Cally.
    With that said, I feel for the man, and hope he can grieve properly now, and I’m confident he’ll be very good next year.

  61. How does Yzerman win? Lets wait and see who they draft before we declare the winner of the trade. We wont know for a long time.

    “but the key is to finally get a GM and staff/scouts who will take advantage of their first-rounders, and not treat them like an after-thought and toss them away”

    It’s tree years (2013-2015). They haven’t thrown any away before that.

    Can’t blame Slats for the poor drafting. Only Clark and the rest of the scouts.

  62. Good morning, boneheads!

    Hello from sunny Naples, FL! And humid Naples, FL. Was hoping to play tennis at 8 for a few hours, but I might need IV fluids by 10, it seems. Oh, well. Yeah, I know, you are all struggling trying to put bread on your tables…Sorry.

    Anyway, they finally did what most of us expected and bought Richards out. Bash him and Sather all you want, but the truth is, it was a necessary signing at the time and his contract was well designed. Until Bettman decided to change the rules. Thank you, Brad for what you did for this franchise, helping them to play 9 playoff series in three years and joining the elite group of three teams ( LA and Chicago) to win 6 series during those years. Time to move on.

    So it sounds like his $8M bonuses over the next three years will have to be paid in full, and not be included in his buy ought number. Richards will eventually get paid over $53M out of his $60M contract. He was expecting to get $57M out of it since he was going to retire in 3 years anyway. He did more than OK.

  63. I meant to say to win at least 6 series since LA won 9.

    By the way, I don’t think they were even debating whether to buy him out, or waited to see what the market will feel like after June 25th. The decision, I believe, was made right away, and he was told so at breakup day. The did it on Friday, before the weekend, when media coverage isn’t that heavy.

    Now, I hope you aren’t serious on getting Jumbo Joe. I’m not so sure I would want him if he were an UFA and would cost just money. But giving up any assets to get him? That would be a step back. Nash doesn’t need him. If he is to get his game back, it won’t matter who is his center. He will score regardless. And they shouldn’t trade Nash just to get anything back. I think he deserves at least another season to see if he can get his game back. In fact, by the end of playoffs he started to go to dirty areas more, and was throwing his weight around more. Still didn’t score, but I think the team believes he will.

  64. BR was supposed to be the messiah that would finally enable us to hoist the cup…he was the missing piece that would allow Marian Gaborik to light up the league and score clutch goals. Somehow, did not work out entirely that way, and now the last piece of that strategy has disappeared. He did score some clutch goals (will anyone forget that goal with .1 sec left on the clock in Dallas?) but was not the day-in day-out dominating player that enabled us to win the SC. Boneheads can argue his ROI ad nauseum for the next year or two…on to the next chapter. Not sure I want to know what Glen has up his sleeve this year!;>((

  65. Oh, and for those boneheads who insisted we would never win the cup with this collection of non-stars…it was team speed and team character that brought us to the SCF in the end. For those who complained about lack of onions and lack of talent, I think this team proved you wrong in the playoffs.

  66. I’m glad Sather made the obvious decision. I always fear with him that he thinks he knows better than everyone else or that somehow he’ll screw it up.

  67. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Wild, I’ll grant you part of that. It was nice to see the Stralman hip checks. Nice to see some of our hits.

    The ‘onion’ thing I have to comment on.

    It’s great to see ‘onions’ from the tiny mites out there. You know. MSL, Zucc’s, Hags, Moore, etc.……but, really, what did their checks do to King, Richards, Williams, Kopitar, Dustin, Muzzin, etc., if not to, perhaps, slow them down? Certainly, the ‘pounding’ from our midgets doesn’t tire those guys out, does it?

    We sure had speed in the game 5 OT’s! Perhaps our strategy in the 3rd periods that we had the lead could have been different. It didn’t seem our guys were as tired as they were outplayed in some of them. Perhaps our team was not slowed like other teams had been? Conversely, the pounding (‘onions’) LA put on all other teams weakened them by the end of the individual games and by game 5-7 in each series.

    It is left to the imagination as to whether or not the size of LA won out against us in the end. Or, if it was a 6,7 game series, how our guys would have looked. Like Chicago did? Like Anaheim did? We’ll never know.

    My belief is that size, onions or not, does matter and our little smurfs would have been previously pasted so many times as to have been weakened, winded, and slowed. Regardless, onions or not, the bigger team won. Coincidence?

  68. Yup, he’s a dandy.

    How about that Lucy Li? Didn’t make the cut but She’s ELEVEN.

  69. The trick is to get the subject to a safe environment…so we can beat the hell out of him! :)

  70. All things being equal, (note, please the disclaimer), in most contact sports, the big man has the advantage over the smaller man. The exception might be the ability to crawl through small windows.

  71. I was lucky. We had bread and feet but no shoes, had to wear a loaf on each foot.

  72. You were lucky to have loafs. We had a lot of loafers in the family, but no shoes.

  73. Where does waywitka get his info?

    Rangers Management: “We’re working hard to sign Pouliot.” doubt that said.

    Pouliot: “They’re working hard to sign me.” doubt that said.

  74. Clarification: No doubt management would say: ‘We’re working hard.’ Doubt they would single out PullOut.

  75. Have the feeling AV depended beaucoup on his assistants and will miss them dearly unless artfully replaced.

  76. While some of us slave away trying to get feet and bread, a few of the “Haves” from the blog always seem to flaunt having strawberries and champagne at Wimbledon or some other hottie tottie tennis locale ;/

  77. We are overloaded with hordes of celebrities who simply flaunt. That’s it. Sup wit dat?

  78. It did seem the trio worked well together. I’m just going to assume that replacements are out there.

  79. We need Shonny, or someone who will call out these incompetent zebras as donut-eaters!

  80. Why does this headline make me think of this: “You’re taking this very personal. Tom, this is business and this man is taking it very, very personal.” ??

  81. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on


  82. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Netflix has a documentary called “The Last Gladiators” about the NHL enforcers. It’s on instant watch.

  83. IF they wanted to, could the Rangers arrange a sign and trade whereby Richards signs with say Nashville for 3 years at $3 million a year could Nashville then trade him to the Rangers for a prospect? Or can Richards not play for the Rangers in any capacity next year?

  84. I don’t know like two teams could sign each other’s compliance buyouts and then trade them back to each other for a lower cap hit

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hello all , Lying back in hawii …hauwiii ..hawieee , lying back in honalulu catch N sum rayyys . Sipping on a margeritta!! excuse me , honey can you pass me the grey poupon…..im back!!

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Seriously now , people are really upset and not just Latona . Nash has really upset alot of fickle Ranger fans and I really don’t know what the guy can do to repay us back for the awful playoffs. As fickle as we are this is a serious real problem .
    He is our super star gold medal winning franchise player and he sucks. I really don’t know what to say but the big guy really let us down.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    It’s like the stripper who wouldn’t strip

    The fat lady who would n’t sing

    Like Ali , slouching not floating

    Air jordan not slammin

    Wayne fricken Gretzy not passing!

    Its like a ship that wont sail

    A plane that wont fly

    Mario andreadi sunday driving !!!


  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    oh wait new post , dam youuuu Carpppppped!!!

  89. @orr what is it good for…wouldn’t blame the rangers scouts at all. 21 teams also could have had Claude giroux, not just the rangers. And the same rangers scouts you’re blaming are the ones who brought mcdonagh here and drafted Chris kreider. Not easy drafting in the 15-30 range every year either.. Or not even having a first or second round pick at all like last year.

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