1994 Rangers help one of their own, Matt Loughran, in auction


On a personal note, Matt Loughran is a friend I’ve known for decades, a terrific guy who handled all of the team’s operations, including their travel, and who was always happy to be of help to those who were not part of the team as well. That’s Matty to the right of the Stanley Cup with Mike Keenan in the photo above.

From Steiner Sports:


New York, June 19 – Though he never laced up the skates, scored a goal or made a kick-save, former executive Matt Loughran was an integral member of the 1994 Rangers Stanley Cup Championship team.

Just ask ANY Rangers player who hoisted the Cup. Loughran was recently dealt a bad hand, and the seriously-ill former Rangers Team Operations Manager is now being lent a big hand by the Stanley Cup champions by the likes of Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves and Mike Richter through Steiner Sports’ “Rangers Helping Rangers” online auction. The auction runs now through Sunday, June 22 (www.steinersports.com).

A bevy of classic Stanley Cup champion-autographed items are on the auction block, with proceeds helping to benefit Loughran’s treatment.

One lot includes a New York Rangers Multi-Signed ’94 Team Celebration Photo on Canvas. Other lots showcase pucks signed by various ’94 Rangers players, including the Core Four. There are also signed New York Rangers mini Stanley Cups available for bidding (http://auction.steinersports.com/Category/Rangers_Helping_Rangers-117.html).

“Matty managed all of us and invested a lot of time and energy, and was certainly a tremendous part of our success,” says Mike Keenan, ’94 Rangers coach. “He personally spent a lot of time with me, and I had the great opportunity to be with an individual who was completely committed to the New York Rangers … He brought to life the essence of our team … He connected all the dots for us.”

“Truly one of our key components of our 1994 Stanley Cup team,” says Adam Graves, ’94 Rangers winger. “Matt was a pillar in our family—our Rangers family … For Matty, at a time when he needs strength, it’s great to get the entire group back together again … He will continue to be a huge part of our team.”

Photo by Getty Images.


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  1. Is today a Day to say adieu,auf Wiedersehen,¡hasta luego, arrivederci, dosvidanija and big GOOD, byfuglien BYE to former no-future Ranger – Mr. BRrich?

  2. I need to boot my old computer up that is stuck in the dusty corner of the Garage. I have a few Stanley Cup pictures and some WSOP pics I have to save. It’s been three years, it’s time to get it done.

    Great Pic Carp!!!

  3. @TheHockeyChat BREAKING: Was just told that the Tampa Bay Lightning are making a huge push for Spezza. Official offer coming this afternoon!

    No idea how reliable that is.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Carp, I hope your friend gets better soon. There are some nice items listed, I’m sure the boneheads can get a few to help this guy.

    Travel day for me today. Talk to you from Florida later!

  5. Carp – thanks for sharing.

    Now, I KNOW I will get flack for bringing his name up, but he looks a lot like Danny.

  6. Anyone up for GOLF next FRIDAY 27?

    Last chance to mingle with some NHL pro’s, for the Cully Kids Children Foundation.

    We still have time to get a team in :)

  7. Blackhawks named caps opponent in winter classic. Schedule Sunday. One of my fav days for some reason.

  8. Mine to Eric. It’s a north vs south day, here for our hockey teams from termite all the way up to Bantams.

    With the Winter Classic on all the TV’s.

  9. Johnny Boychuk one yr 3.6 mil may be in market. Potential trade if stralman leaves. What asking price.

  10. Brassard may ask for Bryan little type money 4-5 yrs at 4.7 per season. Very similar career stats.

  11. I would take Boychuk. He’s a very solid Defenseman with the ability to punish people with big hits (so Wicky will be happy).

  12. A much less expensive D-Man?

    Honestly, I would trade Coach Klein and try to keep Stralman at this point.

  13. _Honestly, I would trade Coach Klein and try to keep Stralman at this point._

    Manny’s account has obviously been hijacked.

  14. I think you’ll reverse that thinking once you see Stralman’s contract, Manny. I bet its gonna be huge.

  15. Rob in Beantown on

    ILB is taking trips to Florida and the rest of us can’t even afford to buy commemorative hockey pucks from the NHL store

  16. I’m thinking Allen gets the spot out of camp, at 24 he is ready to play NHL minutes.

  17. Let Stralman walk, sign some dude from La Salle even though La Salle probably doesn’t even have an ice hockey team but who cares because that’s my school and objectivity couldn’t be any further in my rearview.

  18. Lol, manny loves stralman now. Stick to your guns bro.

    No way in a salary cap world do you take stralman over Klein. The drop off in play is minimal if at all and the $$$ difference is significant.

  19. I’ve said it before I’d rather have mcquaid than boychuk, but I’d take boychuk over a lot of guys that might be available.

  20. I keep seeing visions of sugarplums dance in my head of Stralman being easily beaten and turned inside out by speedy, rushing forwards. Maybe he’s turned the corner, but I still wonder.

  21. Rob in Beantown on

    Pierre LeBrun @Real_ESPNLeBrun
    Brad Richards has been bought out by the New York Rangers, source says

  22. If he has been bought out, it’s because slats feels there is an obtainable replacement out there via trade or free agency…

    Prepare yourselves!

  23. The Press will put him on Mount Rushmore, which is appropriate since he’s as slow as granite.

  24. Goodbye broadway brad… Def had his positives and the team had success with him but I never liked him throwing Callahan under the bus soon as he left the room and I thought him not talking on breakup day was amateur hour for a seasoned vet and the ‘de facto’ captain

  25. Rob in Beantown on

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Norms suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  26. No thanks to Greene. Anyone named Greene really. Matt or Mike.

    Sioux, stop trying to turn our team into the Fighting Sioux Seniors.

  27. Have to guide Sather credit again. He gambled and almost won a Cup. Now, he made the -only- right move.

  28. @capgeek

    Buyout for Richards is $12.6M plus $8M due to him in signing bonuses. That’s $20.6M total. Already earned $33M on deal.

  29. Give credit, not guide credit.

    It’s a point that’s slightly painful to make, but I want the team to succeed either way.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman out-muscled by Gabby on PP goal in game 5 is a pic worth a thousand no-thank you’s.

  31. Yikes, Richards may have been slow on the ice the past two years, but not slow on the finance side…53 Mil is not a bad return. One smart hockey player. How much of that ends up in his agent’s pocket? He had some memorable, game saving goals. His popularity with the player rep base intact. Agreed on his treatment of Cally. So long Brad. Never did find a wife in the NYC market.

  32. That buyout check (and the Redden buyout check) couldn’t have been a happy one for Dolan to write. Millions of dollars to NOT play. We all chose the wrong careers.

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    _So long Brad. Never did find a wife in the NYC market._

    I think Brad’s getting married, for whatever that’s worth.

  34. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Never underestimate Richards’ role in teaching a group of young, talented players how to win. Those dividends will be reaped for a long time

  35. ThisYearsModel on

    Good Luck to Brad Richards. This is a better outcome for him even if there was not a cap recapture penalty, as he seems to have lost his legs over the last 2 years. Had he stayed, we and everyone else would have continued killing him for cap hit vs. Production.

  36. I thought gabby worked out rather well.

    Holik and drury played decent, were just overpaid.

    Gomez ended up great…for no Gomez and mcdonut

    Richards believe it or not could have been worse

    Redden was the only true stinker.

  37. had to be done. of course big signings almost never work out especially if you get a guy over 28 years old..

  38. What a summer that was. Slats signs Redden for six years *AND* re-signs Roszival for faw years. Why would anyone do such a thing?

    Those were some rough years, until Torts came in and helped change everything for the better.

  39. I like Stastny, but if they bring him here at $8M per, we’re going to add him to that list above. He’s not going to produce to that level.

  40. He might not, Gravy, but he’s a major upgrade over Richards. Considering NYR made it to the SCF, any chance to improve that team without losing key guys is huge.

    You get Spezza or Thornton, you’re giving up important guys. It will be 2013 all over again.

  41. Somebody hands you 20 million and you can sign another multi-million dollar deal elsewhere to float around another couple years and you’re going to contemplate suicide?

  42. Richards is getting married and his fiancee is pregnant and he is about to be paid by two teams so not all is bad.

    Thanks for the past couple of years Brad. No hard feelings

  43. I don’t know if I’d go as far to say that Stastny would be a huge upgrade over Richards from an offensive standpoint. Maybe he’s a little better all around. I don’t think he plays the point on the PP (although Richards was obviously hit or miss there).

    He is six years younger, though, so there’s that.

  44. They really do workout well, ORR. i can’t wait to add Stastny to the list of absolute failures!

  45. I was being sarcastic, coos.

    Gravy, you can only hope that he and The Good One have great chemistry. I wont hold my breath though.

    I wont cry if they fail to sign Stastny though. I’m not on my hands and knees praying for it to happen.

  46. Part of Richie’s going away present is $8 million in deferred signing bonuses. Gooogamoooma!

  47. This needed to be done but he’s not that easily replaceable. Gotta move forward now

  48. Agree, ORR. If you can put him with Nash and THE, and they play like a first line, it would make the lineup much deeper.

    Then pair Stepan with MSL and Hags if they keep the Brassard line intact.

  49. If they do sign Stastny, then it’s imperative that they let Stralman go and replace him with someone that can play the PP point.

    None of the in-house candidates have had sustained success. Staal has been ok and has some instincts to head to the net, but I’m not sure if they view him in that role.

  50. That definitely looks like an improved team, Gravy. Step has set up Saint for a couple of goals in the playoffs. They’d play well together.

    I know Stastny most likely wont live up to the contract. He wont put up 90-100 point season. Probably not even 80. But if NYR win the Cup, that’s all that matters. They don’t have much depth at center right now. Does a prospect really improve the team? I don’t know.

  51. I don’t believe stastny big difference maker at 8 mil. Rather gave jumbo joe fir three years at least him and Nash have history. Depends on package though.

    Jt miller may be forced into Richie role as 3rd line center

  52. Can Nash learn to play the point? Really. It’ll keep him out of high traffic areas, and he has a good shot.

  53. bull dog line on

    Richards had to be bought out, but the bashing he takes from some here is off base. yes, year 2 he was awful, but years 1 an 3 he was good, not great but good. scored some big goals made some big plays, and was a good leader. he will be heard from again in the playoffs.

  54. I mentioned it the other day, the game tying goal in 2012, setting up Gabby in Tree-OT in 2012, the Winter Classic goal in Philly, a couple of goals in this years playoffs, like Game 7 against Pissburgh.

    He’d had great moments as a Ranger. I’m grateful for that. That’s why I wont kill him now that it’s over.

  55. Your right Orr. Hate Thornton stastny Spezza. I wish Thornton was ufa and not stastny.

  56. His $6.67 cap hit was reasonable for the production. Maybe closer to $6M, but not far off.

  57. I don’t believe we could kill richy. He did everything except get the key pp goal at right time. This isn’t like all the other disasters we mentioned earlier

  58. I’ve said it before, it wouldn’t have been the worst thing if Richards was signed for 3 more years at $20M.

  59. Oh man. Thornton would be even more nightmarish than Stastny who would be less nightmarish than Spezza.


  60. I have a sneaky feeling that JT Miller is one attitude faux pas away from see you later. Hopefully he’s matured.

  61. It takes AV one bad game from Miller to take him out of the lineup. Pullout could have two horrible months of hockey, doing nothing offensively or defensively and taking dumb penalties, and he still leaves him in the lineup.

    If you guys thought Torts was unfair with THE, then this is a whole other level.

    I just don’t see Miller having a future here. I wish we could find out what happened behind the scenes. Maybe Miller was caught with one of his daughters or something.

  62. Richie will make more money being bought out than if he played the 6 years. Considering he has been paid the bulk of his contract on the front end, he get’s 2/3 of the remainder over 12 years, PLUS what do you think the Devils or Flyers will pay him for the next 2 or 3 years.

    You would think he would still get $3M to $4M for the numbers he put up right?

  63. I really don’t see what Miller has done to earn staying in the lineup. He’s shown flashes, but nothing consistent. Same thing with THE last year. I’m sure if he earns it, he will play.

  64. Coos – JT has had that Rep about him even before he was drafted.

    JT – did one thing right. He scored 2 goals his first game. Which opened the door to 29 more, which he only scored 2 more.

    Step – scored 3 in his first game, and has never looked back.

  65. AV – on Miller, he needs to learn how to play like a pro, or he will be a really good AHL player.

    Is he coachable? Is he getting it? Is it his play away from the puck?

    Or did he come to camp late and out of shape?

  66. I’m not saying he deserves to be in every game, I’m just saying, he has played really well, but when he has a bad game, he’s out, as opposed to other guys who have bad stretches of hockey but continue to play. I use Pullout as an example because he was completely useless in the first 20+ games, but never had the same treatment.

  67. Trade Miller to the Peg, and send Kane to NY. Rumor has it he wants out of Winnipeg.

  68. Miller’s young, so I would cut him SOME slack.

    He has a lot of upside, I’m sure we would like to see more goals out of the kid. We can only have so “Nashs” in the line up.

  69. I think Pouliot was within a few games of getting waived had he continued to play like that after the benching.

  70. This isn’t like Gomez because Gomez was technically more productive and netted a major return.

    Gomez per 82 as Ranger: 16-49-66

    Richards per 82 as Ranger: 22-37-59

    If you want to give Richards, twice into the ECF, twice demoted, bonus points for being on better teams, so be it. His personal contributions weren’t much different if at all.

  71. cooscoos, once you’re through dancing on Richards’ figurative grave, he laughing all the way to your bank, who is your next target, or are you waiting for the new roster to be complete? In the meantime, well done, Mr. Richards, another 20+ Cup run under your belt. Not many players can claim that many. Hossa? Who else? Goodbye, winner,

  72. bull dog line on

    of course those STATS don’t say, game tying goal against the Caps, set up triple OT winner, scored game 7 winner, and set up game 4 winner, but yeah thats a fair comparison.

  73. We all could live with richy on this team. Not at that salary now and not on point of pp.

  74. Gomez smiled and people hate that but Gomez was never as awful as people wanted him to be. Invert their tenures and Gomez would be “leading the Rangers to the playoffs” and Richards would be the whipping boy on a disappointment.

  75. please no kane, another enigma. Sather should be patient and wait to see what happens in Colorado for oreilly. That’s the center to sign big bucks for, not kane or stastny.

  76. Pretty sure I’m reading between the lines and Tommy wants Kane but with him staying at wing.

  77. I agree with Orr re miller and stastny.

    Stastny becomes the best centre on this team instantly if he is signed.

    I don’t think miller has much of a shot, he’s got 3rd/4th potential in the nhl for sure, I’d move him.

  78. Kane is 22 and will develop big time. His size and speed with Kreider now were talking

  79. Kane definitely could be another Nash, or worse, but he’s also a major upside play. Younger, cheaper, ceiling to get better and, maybe most importantly, plays a physical game even when he’s not scoring.

  80. Just heard Larry brooks on with din la Greca. Stastny just won’t fit unless we really have no interest in our own ufas most of them.

    He believes we go into season Stepan brassard miller Dom Moore down middle and upgrade center ice at trade deadline if on cusp.

  81. rangers would have to trade for Kane and he won’t come cheap, jets are going to want Kreider at least and more.

  82. No to Stastny. Just like Richards, he stands to cash in not because he’s the best player, but because he’s “the best available.” He’ll never live up to any contract he gets.

  83. Jeff in South Dakota on

    No to trading for any more players that are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

  84. _rangers would have to trade for Kane and he won’t come cheap, jets are going to want Kreider at least and more_

    No. Kristo, McIlrath and the transcripts to three Brad Richards motivational speeches.

  85. Sather should wait and see what develops with the avalanche and oreilly. Oreilly is a RFA and Arbitration eligible. It’s possible, not probable, oreilly could become a free agent after next year.

  86. The Rangers can’t play their future around what Toews is doing next year, let alone O’Reilly.

  87. I’m not for waiting for a year or two for a player to become UFA. If the player will improve your team, go for it now. You never know what injuries or Bettman lockout may be around the corner in a year or two.

  88. goodbye Brad
    thanks for those good time.
    sorry that they didn’t last and weren’t
    a little more consistent.
    you can thank the CBA
    for this — poisoning a NHL-approved contract
    “It’s not personal its just business”

  89. I’d actually still like to see us try and add Chris Stewart regardless of any other moves.

  90. I’m not sure what you would have to trade to get Thornton, but he might be the best fit next to Nash.

    He scores a ton of points, and is a true #1 center.

    I would rather see Miller or Lindberg get a shot at the #3 slot, and grow into it.

    We have 15 prospects that can help this team, in time.

  91. Since the Capitals are hosting the Winter Classic they should TOTALLY set the ice up on the Mall and have the Washington Monument in the background.

  92. Stastny’s numbers over the last 3-4 years = very similar to Stepan’s numbers over that period. plus with all the raises everyone is due no way they can sign him anyway. Team goes to the finals because everyone plays great hockey, team can no longer afford to stay together.

  93. No #1 pick this year, so I’m sure they are taking the best athlete at 59. But they need to start stocking some Centers, Lindberg & Miller are the only top 2 prospects we have in the middle.

  94. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Those times I waited for you seem so long ago
    I wanted you far too much to ever let you go
    You know you never got by “I feel it too”
    And I guess I never could stand to lose
    It’s such a pity to say
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
    (Brad Richards)

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