Rangers’ free agents all want to stay, but is that possible?


Here are Josh Thomson’s stories from break-up day:

By Josh Thomson

GREENBURGH – With a top goaltender and a young core of talent, the Rangers seem destined to build on their run to the Stanley Cup Final. First, it will require Glen Sather and his staff to sift through the possibilities for a team with several key role players set to hit free agency.

Two of the most important unrestricted free agents, forward Brian Boyle and defenseman Anton Stralman, were integral to the Rangers’ success and could prove difficult to replace. On Monday, both expressed a desire to return to New York. But Boyle, a fourth-liner and ace penalty-killer, covets more responsibility, while Stralman seeks stability after spending his seven NHL seasons with three organizations.boyle, fbjr

Boyle met with coach Alain Vigneault Monday and was told his future role with the Rangers would be largely unchanged. He saw the value in it during the postseason, but hopes it can expand if he re-signs here.

“That would be my role. That’s what we did, and I think we did a pretty good job with it,” Boyle said. “Hopefully, we could squeeze a little bit more juice out of the fruit next year with the same role, the same minutes, the same expectations.”

Fellow fourth-liner Dominic Moore will also hit free agency this summer and said he will seek a return to the Rangers.

In addition to his clear chemistry with Boyle, Moore may have another impetus to stay. He returned to the Rangers after sitting out the previous season to grieve over the loss of his wife, Katie.

“I’m grateful to the team and to my teammates for helping me get through that,” Moore said. “It took a few months before I thought I was playing even decent hockey.”

Negotiations could prove trickiest with Stralman, who at 27 recorded just 13 points in the regular season but provided improved defensive value in a steady pairing with Marc Staal.

Stralman’s play in the playoffs was widely praised, and he is expected to enter the offseason with multiple suitors because of it.

“The only thing in my mind, really, is security for me and my family,” Stralman said. “We’ve been moving a lot. We’ve been on four teams in seven years now. All we’re really looking for is stability. We want to stay in one place. This is obviously where we’d like to stay. I hope it’s going to happen. We’ll see.”

Forwards Benoit Pouliot and Daniel Carcillo and defenseman Raphael Diaz will also enter the offseason as unrestricted free agents.



By Josh Thomson

GREENBURGH – Nearly three days had passed since the Rangers lost the Stanley Cup Final to the Kings, and Henrik Lundqvist still felt the hurt.

The articulate goaltender spoke mostly in a monotone on Monday, calling the result “a big disappointment” when the team met the media at its training facility.

Lundqvist said the team’s success will fuel him and the Rangers in their future quests for the Cup.

“A lot of times it starts with what you expect of each other, not only as players but an entire organization,” Lundqvist said. “To be close, to get closer, I think it raises our expectations for next year. I think that’s important. You want to be there, and you really have to challenge yourself to get there.”

No player meant more in the Rangers’ first trip to a Cup Final in 20 years than Lundqvist.

His 2.14 goals-against average and .927 save percentage this postseason ranked second in the league, and he shut down the Flyers and Penguins to win his fourth and fifth straight Game 7s.

Still, the former Vezina Trophy winner said coming closer than ever to winning the Cup was not satisfying enough.

“I guess when you’re that close, there’s a lot of inspiration and motivation,” Lundqvist said. “That’s where you want to be. You just have to make sure you make it all the way next time.”

Captain Mac? Ryan McDonagh just turned 25 last Friday, but he blossomed into one of the NHL’s top defensemen this season under coach Alain Vigneault.

With the Rangers’ captaincy vacant after the deadline deal of Ryan Callahan and acting captain Brad Richards a likely buyout candidate, McDonagh was asked if he’d be ready to wear the “C” next season.

“Absolutely,” he said. “This year, with the way my play was escalating, I felt more confident as the year went on. When you’ve been given a lot more responsibility and are able to step up and help our team win a lot of games, I think that helps guys believe and rally around you. When you say something in the room, guys follow behind and want to do better.”

After a slow start to the postseason, McDonagh led the Rangers with 17 points, recording a team-best 13 assists.

Broken hand for Talbot: The mystery surrounding backup goalie Cam Talbot has been solved. Talbot suffered a broken hand during warmups for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference final against the Canadiens, leaving him unable to practice or dress against the Kings.

Talbot said he reached back to bat down a puck and was hit, breaking a bone in his right hand. The injury did not require surgery. He said he would’ve skated Sunday to test his availability had the Rangers advanced to a Game 6.

Journeyman David LeNeveu, who had never played for the Rangers, dressed as Lundqvist’s backup in Talbot’s absence.

“It was a terrible situation,” Talbot said. “I just wish I could’ve been a part of it.”

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Photos: Stralman by the Associated Press; Boyle by Frank Becerra Jr./The Journal News.


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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t know if anyone’s brought it up, but I caught Zipay on Somers last night while walking the dog. He suggested Nash was out of shape. First time I’ve heard that , or anything like that. Carp, what do you think?

  2. never heard a whisper of that, Doodie. When he came back from the concussion, yes. But not before or since.

  3. Nash out of shape, he looked like an ALL STAR next to Richards.

    Perhaps out of confidence.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Byfuglien was also LEFT OFF the Men’s Olympic team

    Is this the criteria to sign/trade for players? Well Nash made the team and played great Defense so maybe we should hold on to him for the next four years for some solid PK and reg season scoring for $$$7.8MM

    Need to trade risk for other risk. Staal is signed for only one more season, Buff for two. We have NO offensive Dman save for McD who cannot play every second of game and an inconsistent J Moops.
    We get a PP QB, a physical presence and a guy who won a cup. Heck, I would move him to forward.

    If 2 yrs of a 6.5” 265 lbs PP QB is what it took to get Kane and you got rid of Nash, you wouldn’t do that??

  5. I agree Carp. He should be out, but nothing this GM does surprises me. Sly like a monkey. Throw some sh*t see what sticks.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Aside from Nash most likely vetoing a trade to Winnipeg, Winnipeg probably doesn’t make that deal.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    If Nash was out of shape, that would be some rationale for the extremely short shifts, the inability to stay on his skates and also trouble winning board battles.

    Wouldn’t doubt it, speaks to his lack of commitment and desire to be ‘the guy’

  8. Manny, from the previous thread…

    I totally agree that the NYR should -kill- trade Kristo. : )

  9. @TSNBobMcKenzie

    BUF puts Ville Leino on unconditional waivers for purpose of buyout.

  10. Easy boys…. easy….unless you trade him to Winnipeg in a Kane deal.

    At least I could drive up and watch him *PLAY*

  11. @TSNBobMcKenzie VAN puts David Booth on unconditional waivers for purpose of buyout.


    Your move Sather.

  12. remember, even the terrible Jets made Byfuglien a forward this season. I’d take him for his size and shot, but he might be a detriment on D.

  13. I can’t wait until we get Byfuglien, he becomes our highest paid D-Man to take shots from the point, one gets blocked and he can’t chase anyone down. It will be exactly like having Richards on the point!

    Byfuglien = garbage

  14. Garbage that scores 56 points, 20 goals from the blue line. I’ll pick that garbage up. Everyday, and twice on Sunday.

  15. Kristo needs to get out of this organization so I can stop hearing about him being the savior.

  16. I’m not sure where you play him, but you can’t move him in front of the net. He was a Stanley Cup just standing in front of the goalie.

  17. Absolutely NO WAY to Byfuglien! How can you guys actually think that he has, in any way, the ability to play on the Rangers with the system that they play!? He would fit better on Boston or another team that slows the game down. He can’t keep up with anyone on the Rangers. He isn’t a good puck mover.

    He has a shot. He has weight problems. He has conditioning problems. He’s been moved to Forward. Come on People.

  18. In Torts system I might, probaby not, but might consider Buff.

    In AV’s system I think it’s insanity to bring this guy in.

    Plus, once he finds Shake Shack, 265 become 295.

  19. Byfuglien is also the only person I have ever heard of who *gained* weight during an NHL season. He would be like having Brodeur play defense.

  20. Lol, Draxen. I love how all everyone wants is fat slow players and tiny players.

    It’s like Nintendo NHL all over again.

  21. Manny – You need “cheap” talent, to go along with the overpriced Nash.

    Zucc, DMoore, Kreider will all get raises.

    I would keep him. No risk. High reward.

  22. Send McIlrath & Kristo to the Jets for either Big Buff or Kane.

    Win/Win deal for the Jets.

  23. Please trade kristo so I don’t have to listen to Sioux anymore. Lol. If he’s any good wouldn’t he be in jt miller conversation and be brought up.

  24. Because we don’t have a bomb of a shot on the blue line, we don’t have any toughness on the blue line.

    Big Buff can play in the NHL, McIlrath never will.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, that was kinda what Zipay said. He said he was taking the incredibly short shifts and even then he was struggling to make his way to the bench.

  26. Personally I’m a fan of Skjei over Big Buff. It will take a couple of years, that kid can skate! If he jumped over the summer, and started for the Wolfpack, he could play a half a season and play like McD did when he came up.

    At least you would have the skill set AV is looking for.

  27. Every day that passes without Richards being placed on waivers will get me more nervous. I mean, what could the holdup be unless there was some sort of debate? Plus, wouldn’t the organization also want to give the player as much time as possible to prepare for FA?

  28. Thanks for showing up Guys. I appreciate it. It’s hard to be the only one angry about Byfuglien (who would be an epic mistake).

  29. Yeah, now that Buff and Van got the buyout ball rolling, the nerves relating to Richards got way more reals.

  30. With the June 25 date that teams can start to interview prospective UFAs, I imagine NYR will exercise buyout by then … unless they fear he will go to Philly or NJ or another rival and want to make it difficult.

  31. Wouldn’t Paulina Gretzky be the one getting motor-boated and not the one doing the motor-boating?

  32. Crazy how the Kings have a Championship team, and $10M to spend for next year.

    Make you wonder if they sign Gabby for a few years.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Agree Big Buff is not the ‘perfect’ candidate.

    What are back line needs..

    – PP Blast/Offense: tied for 2nd in goals/Dman

    – Physical crease presence/Hits: 9th in HIts/Dman

    And get Kane and get rid of Nash/contract??

  34. Manny, yes, but I still wonder if she likes it and would like to go motorboating with her one day.

  35. “Wouldn’t Paulina Gretzky be the one getting motor-boated and not the one doing the motor-boating?”

    Not if she’s getting with someone like Byfuglien :)

  36. Richards the overtime winner in game 82 for the devils that knocks the rangers out of the wild card spot.

    If that happened shoot me

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Not to mention that have to do everything they can under the sun to make the playoffs this season, all other future seasons be damned.

  38. Paulina would be helpful boating if you fell overboard and needed an artificial floatation device.

  39. In all fairness, Byfuglien is a pretty good skater in general, let alone for someone of his weight. He is a rover, is all over the place, and is out of defensive position because of that. Not suggesting we should get him, not for that price, but just stating the fact.

  40. I’m not worried at all about Richards. There is no single explanation they can come up with if they don’t do it. Not to mention, it benefits both sides.

  41. Rob in Beantown on

    Somebody (Carp?) said yesterday Richards would be bought out on a Friday afternoon during a slow news cycle. That makes sense.

  42. Rob in Beantown on

    “Henrik Lundqvist @HLundqvist30
    Thanks to all you people out there supporting us! Lets get it next time!

    What do you mean “you people?”

  43. Faith in Sather? He has to be totally out of his mind not to buy him out. And he would be laughed at by every single GM in the league.

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    Richards needs to be bought out if only because of all the UFAs that need re-signing. If you play around with that armchair GM thing on capgeek.com for even two minutes you realize really quickly. I assume Sather has spent two minutes or more thinking about it and realizes too.

  45. Rob in Beantown on

    Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger
    Hurricanes seek permission from NYR to interview Ulf Samuelson for coaching vacancy. Oklahoma’s Todd Nelson also still a Canes candidate.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    I repeat, I find your faith in Sather disturbing.

    Unless and until we receive a press release from the team itself that he is being bought out, be afraid. Be very afraid.

  47. Artie Goodman on

    Back in the summer of ’08 or so a cigar smoking farmer added two studs to his herd. He named them #19 and #23. He had to give them different names although they both wanted to be called #23. The new #23 was appointed as the “captain” of the herd. He was moderately successful particularly with a young stud named #24. They both went on a journey to far away Vancouver and helped their national herd provide a silver lining to the adventure.

    #23 got too old and had to retire while #19 became tired and slow. So the farmer sent #19 to the French farmer for a young stud he named #27. To this day everyone around said that the farmer swindled the French farmer.

    As time went on the farmer had to replenish his herd. So he added a very expensive stud to replace both #19 and #23 and gave him the name #19 too. Meanwhile #24 became so important to the herd that he became the new “captain” of the herd.

    The farmer was still not achieving his goals and decided to send a few young members of his herd off to Ohio for a guy he called #61. So now the famer had #19, captain #24 and an even more expensive #61. It was a poor year for the herd and they were not as good as the year before. Bad weather and lack of agreement made the year shorter than expected and the outcome was disappointing. The shepherd was dismissed and a new one came in to replace him.

    A new year began. While their barn was under repair the herd went out west to get ready for a very long winter. Captain #24 became unhappy and was sent packing to Florida. Still the herd prospered and as summer approached they almost won the top prize in the land. A few cowhands with stripped shirts got in the way and their decisions were very costly to the herd.

    Now that old cigar smoking farmer has to decide how to handle the summer of ’14. Does he send #19 out to pasture? He had stepped in the lead the herd after #24 left town. What does he do with #61 who has disappointed all the neighbors with his lack of intensity and drive. He has not produced as expected. The neighbors make noises and yell at #61 all the time. They feel he has become as useless as old #19 before he was sent to Canada.

    The farmer has to pay his other studs (#6, #16, #22, #28, and #67) or lose them to his neighbors willing to pay them more. What can he do? Will one of his competitor’s take #61 from him for a young stud who can step in and contribute to the old famer’s herd like #27 has done? Will someone be willing to be swindled like the French farmer was years ago?

    Time will tell.

  48. Last year Slats might not have had the nerve to ask Dolan for 18 to 20 million to jettison a Cap mistake. This year he has cover thanks to the deep run.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Via SNY, via HC at Noon:

    [Richards’ agent Pat Morris] adds, “I have spoken to Glen and Glen is very positive about Brad’s season and most of the playoffs, saying that his Final was not at the level of the previous three seasons but no one besides Lundqvist was perfect in that round. He was pleased with his season. From a hockey point of view he isn’t against moving forward with him but it’s a business decision that may be out of of Glen’s hand.”

    Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not a big fan of Beuk as a coach. Hasn’t really done much with the defensemen in Hartford.

  51. I had never paid much attention to Banff beffore the NYR made the trek there.

    But man, affter seeing pics on the *internet* and then doing some research, Banff National Park is a top 5 destination ffor me now. So ffreakin beautifful out there.

  52. Honestly, last year’s decision on Richards had only one major, massive risk: Injury.

    Other than that, they had the cap space for him, knew he would rebound, would be paying him that money regardless, and figured he could be an important player this season … knowing he’d have to be bought out in June ’14.

    Now they have no other option, and they need the cap space to re-sign some of their other important players. He has to do it.

  53. Ranger management has created the smooth water slide for #19 out of the aircraft, with a band on the tarmac.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    No, he doesn’t. He should, but he can make do without it.

    He wants to win now. Buying out Richards does not bring us closer to that goal.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    I should clarify: to Sather, buying out Richards does not bring us closer to that goal.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying I don’t think he gets bought out, just that everyone should stop acting like it’s a fait accompli. This is GLEN SATHER we are talking about.

  57. But, Doodie, if not … it’s $6.67M per for the next three years, then he retires and it’s $5.67M for three years for a player no longer here. I would think, based on what Richards looked like at the end of this year, that just the first three of those six years would be frightening enough. The last three would be an apocalypse.

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    _it’s a business decision that may be out of of Glen’s hand._

    A decision that’s out of the hands of the President and General Manager? Whose hands is it in???

  59. What happens if Richards gets hurt during the offseason on non-hockey related activities?

  60. Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I HATE Bufyglien or however it’s spelt.

    From Nash’s twitter: “you about done with that cake?” #ask Bufyglien (or however it’s spelt)

    Can we get Granatos sister to coach? :-)

  62. Carcillo had to be removed while playing for the NYR from the Bonehead vernacular.

    That is Byfuglien’s only true value here. Too much to lose. Can’t bring him in.

  63. sorry, got dragged into meetings.

    RE: Byfuglien, no thank you. While I agree that he isn’t necessarily slow, he does not have a quick first step and as was stated before suffers from kreider level bouts of not knowing where to be on the ice.

    Besides, not every PP needs a big bomb from the point, what we need is a guy who knows how to get a shot through big or small.

    Random Question: RE Stralman, are we going to be able to, for the cost of resigning him (say 5mill for 4 years) be able to replace him even with a combination of people?

  64. Nice to be outta shape and still score over 50 points. Byfuglien easily becomes our best forward / dman if he joins the team. Guy is a BEAST!


  65. Another ten pounds and the Devils can put Byfuglien in goal to replace mini-fatso.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d be all for Spezza for Nash. Problem is, that’s not what Ottawa is looking for, at all.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    “The last three would be an apocalypse.”

    No, they would be an improvement.

  68. Admiral Akbar on

    The trade-off for all the uncertainty and difficulty retaining Boyle, Stralman, Moore, Pouliot (all of whom we would probably like to keep next season), et al. is at least we have hockey in Florida, Carolina, California, Texas, Phoenix, Nashville, and that the Fishsticks are able to stay in NY.

    (Just puked my lunch)

  69. Admiral Akbar on

    Let’s all thank Gary Bettman for that.

    And the Tire Fires and Oilers stockpile talent….

  70. Byfuglien’s play is like the girl you see across the bar after six beers. Good from far. Far from good.

  71. Background: Pullout went from 1.8 mil in ’13 to 1.3 mil in ’14. His star was on the descendant. AV gave him the opportunity to revive his career. We can’t afford to lose size. He’s been a UFA four consecutive years and has received only one year contracts each time.

  72. I like the way everyone talks about Boyle and Stralman, they seem to be everyone’s talking points about resigning, when in reality there is a “first line winger” who could be resigned for 2-3 mil per and everyone is talking about a 3+ mil per 3rd/4th line fwd or a 4-5mil 2nd pair d man in a salary cap world…

    Don’t underestimate the importance of THE Pouliot.

  73. As far as Nash being out of shape, he has never been in shape, he’s always been a bit less than svelt, much like the physical appearance of Drew “doughboy” doughty.

  74. Nasher should be a penalty-drawing machine. All I can figure is that he falls down on his own too much for his size and the zebras can’t tell the difference.

  75. On Canadian radio they were speculating Hawks a good place for Richards. They’ve been looking for a second line center and have the personnel to cover for his defensive shortcomings.

  76. Could be worse, Orr. Falk won’t leave his wife’s side if she’s even thinking of having a baby.

  77. how would a $5.67M per cap hit for three seasons without a player be an improvement? That’s in essence just reducing the cap by $5.67M for the Rangers for three years.

  78. McD’s marriage doesn’t seem to hurt him, but it seems to have hurt Step once Mac moved out.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    How about Richards to be the 2nd line center on the Hawks (at a big discount)?

  80. Carp, you’ve been explaining that for over two years and it’s still not getting through. Riddle me that.

  81. So un-Carl Farbman-like.

    I think they’d be happy to overpay Pouliot, except that they fear the old Pouliot comes back.

  82. I do think Pouliot deserves 3 years and can get that on the open market, but maybe he could had for 2.

    Sell him on comfort, a little stability, the relationship with the coach, familiar linemates (hopefully).

  83. NATW should walk

    Step or brass should be traded

    If brass is traded, I let zucc walk

    I’d trade Staal

    I’d rather keep Boyle than d Moops

    Re sign Pouliot regardless

    Secretariat is a no brainer, buy out

    For now, I’d keep Nash (unless he can be dealt in a hockey trade and another top line fwd comes back)

  84. Mid season I thought Staal should be the next Captain, assuming he signs.

    With the way McD has raised his game since, he’s my choice now and it’s not even close anymore.

  85. Thanks seedub and everyone else for the happy 26th wishes, you guys rock!!

    LGB (Lets Go Boneheads)!!!

  86. Wick, you realize you need 18 skaters for a game, right?

    and let their best forward walk? And go into next season with one No. 2 center, without a No. 1 and a No. 3? And with just two top-four defensemen?

    I know, you’re thinking you replace those guys in trades, but … maybe you’re into the birthday bubbly a little early? :)

  87. The only way zucc takes a discount is if they base contracts on physical stature!

  88. imo, janet > paulina … though paulina’s godfather is the captain and her fiance hits the ball 350 yards.

  89. Thanks rob!!

    Correct, I am basing that on several “if” factors, my opinion changes “if” certain players sign with other/current teams…

    IE…stastny goes to free agency, we sign him, I trade Staal at draft if I can, depending on where I trade him and what I get would determine where and what I trade brass or step for. I think there are enough 2nd pair lefty Dmen out there (even in free agency) to replace Staal with minimal if any overall drop off. Klein can play 2nd pair rd in place of NATW.

    I only let zucc walk if brass is traded, personally I keep all of the “first line” and trade step.

  90. don’t think you’re finding a replacement for Staal in FA, and I don’t think Kevin Klein can play second pair … and I think Paulina’s face looks too much like TGO.

  91. Thanks cccp, I’ll see what I can do about another concussion!

    You are probably, right, that is just how I would do it ;)

    All I know is size > speed in the nhl, even the new nhl (size with speed trumps all).

  92. Herb Brooks: “We’ll remember this for the rest of our lives.”

    Commentator: “Tell us about your reminiscences of the Miracle on Ice.”

    “I don’t remember.”

  93. I also like igor’s daughters much better than the greatest offencive player in history daughter

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    “and I think Paulina’s face looks too much like TGO”

    Oh my god yes. I thought I was the only one who thought so.

  95. Pretty sure Zucc opted out of a pretty lucrative contract in Russia to play here for a pro-rated $700k last year….but no one ever takes a discount, right?

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR, that’s not a discount from one NHL team to another. It’s from a KHL team to an NHL team.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    If you’ve read some of the articles written by players who came back from playing in Russia, you’ll understand there’s a lot more to it than money.

    Not to mention as a league, NHL>>>>>>>>>>KHL.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, remember when Richards took a discount to come to NY over Calgary!? (s)

  99. Keenan said his KHL team would be a playoff contender over here. Blowing Chernobyl smoke?

  100. Let me guess: Wicky wants to keep Carcillo and Dorsett. Both on the first line.

  101. Wicky is going to put up Kreider, McD, and Hank against any team that wants to play them.

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Rick Nash was the beast we aquired to propel us to the promise land. Nash at the start was in his usually beast modes when we got ’em . He was scoring and dominating them BOOM!! Nash is out with an concussion and we never see that same player again . Pat Lafontaine , Eric and brent Lindros . Players that were never the same and had to retire because of it. Our player Nash was not the same guy in our PROMISE LAND run .The salaries reflect the disappointment in sat payers and Nash was the only one whom did n’t play HIS role. He played his new ” concussed role” during team Canada’s medal and continues to do the same here. This time Jeff Carter was on the other side and he could not do anything. Nash was playing like a start defenseman in a franchise power forward role . That can NOT cut it . He was signed on to be the man and when he had his time to fix everything , he continue to put up no goals. He caould n’t even pass properly to Kreider whhen all Kreider needs is a good pass. Rick Nash was so rapped up in his own personal problems he hurt the club offensively. Defensively he was awsome but that is NOT his role. Nash to me was a major let down and the cup was lost because of him letting us down. It cost us alot to get him and he could not , and would not carry any load . MSL did it all in such a short time. In all Rick Nash is concussed and he should retire . I can’t bear to be so disappointed in a player that cost so much that wont get us the goals we deperately need. I really don’t think he can do anything to make up for this.

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    oh btw , Happy 26th Wickster!!!

  104. Sounds painless, Manny, but I don’t want to take any uranium 235 away from our nuclear weapons program.

  105. Nash was dominating when we got him? Man, that weed in Sasquatchewan is pretty good after all.

  106. ZzZz- strangely enough the other day some guy who had been watching me do my job for awhile (but had never done it and had absolutely no idea how to) came up to me and told me I’d never be the same worker again- that I was overpaid and should retire. Guess how that conversation turned out. I did feel bad disappointing him, though.

  107. And, I know points don’t always tell the whole story, but he still wound up with 42 in 44 games last year.

  108. Do you think Nash can bounce back to his old self?

    or is he trending down for good.

  109. To tell you the truth, even if he does puts up Conn Smythe worthy numbers next year and NYR fails to reach the SCF, I’ll still feel the same way.

    We needed him *THIS* year, and he was horrible. NYR might not make it back to the SCF. The Good One on his game *would* have been the difference maker.

  110. London Broil on

    ya still need guys to score in the reg. season to help them get into the playoffs. so Nasher can still help the team.

  111. Thanks zzzz


    You know better than that and there was a time when you and I were constantly vibin’…you have drifted to the dark side

  112. If he’s not scoring goals, he needs to make the players around him better. Can’t even do that. He plays like such a wimp. He should be using that big body to drive to the net every shift, drawing penalties. He always takes that wimpy wrister which has never worked. The less contact for The Good One, the happier he is. Fugg him!

    Then you have a little halfling like Zucc all over the ice taking hits, doing anything he can to help.

  113. Ive held back on this but what the heck. Someone I know, very successful, runs in a fabulous, partying crowd, has become friendly with Nash. Friends of mine have seen Nash and his wife at parties at this guy’s apartment. To be clear, no one has said they have seen Nash do anything other than enjoy the socializing, and by all accounts he is a gentleman. But I have to say given the change in Nash it has made me wonder.

  114. remember back in 2012 when we lost to the Devils in CF we said we wish we had Nash that year? Well…wish we had him this year too.

  115. Sioux, I actually don’t know that James Patrick went to Dallas with Ruff … if he did, then yes, scratch him.

    I’d love to see Granato here, but they might need a D-man coach.

  116. Little did we know, we needed Gaborik to WIN the Cup!

    14 goals, in the playoffs, name on the Cup!

  117. wick, not to disagree with you all day on your 26th, but I disagree that size trumps speed. Speed trumped size all playoffs long … Kings had both. Montreal, NYR, Chicago, all in final four, not much bulk, tons of zoom. Bruins and Flyers … out early.

    also been meaning to bring this up for a few weeks. That final four? No goons. You could say Prust, but he’s not a true goon even though his limited skills are eroding.

    Goons and staged fights are going to be extinct in the near future.

  118. _Goons and staged fights are going to be extinct in the near future._

    Good! I love hockey for the skill it takes to play the game and not for the knuckles throwing goons.

  119. Carp
    I dont disagree with you at all (and my 26th is just another day so no worries). I think it takes a mix to win, kings proved that. I thought the blue jackets were a bad match up for us because they had speed with size.

    I also think the regular season and the post season are two different games entirely…in the regular season (which is called in a more pansification way) speed will get you places, but in the post season the game is called more like the clutching and grabbing era and as time and space become less and less you need size to overcome that. You have to have a proper mix if both throughout since you cannot just switch full rosters at the start of the post season. The kings have a good mix and as they have shown, your D does not have to be 6 or 7 guys that skate like j Moops or mcdonut, but at least 2 guys that are bigger that clear the crease and can have only avg speed.

  120. As far as goons go, I’ve never said we needed a pure goon, and I also think pure goons will be gone at some point, but guys like lucic, Neil, Simmonds, etc. will always be there and you need a counter. Since those guys don’t grow on trees (and I like rolling 4 lines).

    That’s why IMHO a big tough guy that can play, gadzic and bordeleau come to mind, or a 210+ pounder or so like engelland, boll, etc (light heavyweights) that can play on a lower line/3rd d pair regularly and still step in if necessary is pretty important.

    I do think that those players need to be able to play a regular shift before they should be added to the team.

  121. I like engelland a lot for that role. I like mcilrath a lot for that also (even if mcgratton actually did “take it easy on him”). Gazdic can skate really well for a 240lb’er, but I think bordeleau has better hockey skills.

    Maybe I’m just too old school as far as physicality goes tho.

  122. Mike brown just got a two year deal, guys like him are a good example, a bit over 200 lbs can fight, but can play a regular shift

  123. 1.byfuglien Byfuglien. Forget it and don’t call next
    2.Boyle definitely outgrow “dime a dozen” and I’m afraid
    will looking for his next “quarter” somewhere else…
    3.MSL probably will be upset by BRich disposal and
    throws tantrums, demanding a trade to Montreal or
    4.Stralman will retire and buy a little house in
    the Prairies.

  124. I love fights, staged or otherwise. I don’t think fighting will go away, but staged fights between “goons” may die off due to pure goons going away.

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    CCCP , Nash was great when we got him . Hey just because im canadian and all of us are high on weed doesn’t make me a stoner. Plus how many stoner’s run 40 miles a week and just ran a marathon ; )

    ABIndy , was there something I missed? you saying I was being too hard on him?

    ORR , gets it. Nash had his BIG CHAB+NEC this year and BLEW IT. WE may never go to the cup again . The reason we got him was for this moment. Zucco should be Captain not MCD.

  126. Btw, Greg zZzZ hit the nail on the head re: Nash today!!!

    Two post seasons in a row now for Nash (thats 37 playoff games as a Ranger)!

    He was “good”. Good and terrible.

  127. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    NYR_FAN , I hated to do it but the truth is the truth . Winning the cup next year is the only way he can redeem himself . Anything eles is just not good enough.

    Todayyyy is wickyyyy ies birrthhhdayyyyy!!! Today is yer day bro , mine was fathers day!!!! yours too but I scoooped mine already!!

  128. I enjoy the real fights. And the line brawls … as stupid as they are.

    Stu Bickel, still 100 percent faceoffs for his NHL career. God love him.

  129. Czechthemout!!! on

    Buff and McD at the point would give the Rangers a lethal PP.

    I find it hilarious that people are commenting about Buff’s skating being slow. He is faster than any Rangers defenseman not named MCD and is probably just as fast or a half a step slower than Moore.

    He is very physical and is usually in the top 10-15 in hits among dmen in the league. He also is not afraid to drop the gloves unlike our vastly overpaid Dan Girardi who by the way was out of position most of the playoffs. He was also a turnover machine.

    He also has scored over 50pts a season in his last for years and is still pretty young at 29.

    Buff has some warts but so do many players. His biggest one being weight. I think that is one thing that leads to a lack of concentration which probably causes him to be out of position sometimes. The good far out weighs the bad with him and he was a huge reason why the Hawks won their first cup. In the right deal, he makes a ton of sense, and he fills a huge need, one of our biggest need in my opinion.

  130. Nash was just -two slices of tomato, some provelone, hard salami and capicolla- two posts and an errant stick from being a hero.

  131. Not to keep beating a dead horse (btw was Richards bought out yet) but there is no difference in pre-concussion and post-concussion Nash’ production. For the last 4 years his shooting percentage has hovered between 10 and 11 percent. He scored more goals than any other Ranger last year because he took so many more shots. The only top nine Rangers with lower shooting percentages were the dead horse and Stepan (St Louis also but he had so few shots as a Ranger as to be statistically null) and Stepan’s was aberrational considering prior years and will undoubtedly correct itself next year, and probably explains his reluctance to take shots.

    If Nash was capable of making a pass, the likelihood would be that he would have fewer goals but the team as a whole would have more.

    Also, the definition of tone-deafness. A cable company advertising as a benefit a service that doesn’t require packaging things you don’t want or need.

  132. Greg, yup. I know. But, even if he does win with NYR down the road, we won’t ever forget how he played this year. The Cup was on the line. That’s why I agree with you, he has already worn out his welcome. Rangers are far from Cup favorites next season.

  133. aneirin, Rick Nash’s career playoff shooting percentage is 3.6%. That is absolutely atrocious for a goal scorer.

    To echo ORR:

    “Doesn’t matter what The Good One can do in the regular season. If he can’t elevate his game in the playoffs, he’s useless.”

  134. I think concussions definitely had an impact on his play. I don’t think it tells the whole story though…

    He just doesn’t go the high traffic areas enough in the playoffs. And, of course, it’s tougher game to play in those areas of the ice in the postseason than it is in the regular season.

  135. “Sioux
    Personally I’m a fan of Skjei over Big Buff. It will take a couple of years, that kid can skate! If he jumped over the summer, and started for the Wolfpack, he could play a half a season and play like McD did when he came up.

    At least you would have the skill set AV is looking for.

    June 17th, 2014 at 12:27 PM”

    I couldn’t agree with Sioux more. I was so impressed with Brady during the frozen four. That kid can SKATE!! Our most effective weapon this year was our speed and Brady fits the bill big time. He also has a good shot from the point. As an 18 year old freshman, I was VERY impressed with his game..

  136. Would have been exciting to see what we could get as Richie’s replacement, but we have run face first into a FA tsunami.

  137. Wonder if a few of our kids know what a grand opportunity they have if they can grab it. Slats would do a jig if a couple few of them could play well at this level for under a mil a year.

  138. If he were tradeable to ANYONE, he would have been history long, long ago. Dolan has to reach into his (rather his stockholders’) pocket for a ton of money for Richie to go away.

  139. did you see the one about the old guy playing on some ladies tour after his op? Was a Jimmy Roberts special on Golf Channel last night.

  140. Carp – funny you should mention. I didn’t see that, but a friend belonged in the ’70s to a Golf Club where the women were not happy to have ‘Renee’ competing for the Club Championship.

  141. From Spector

    ‘Josh Cooper reports the asking price for the Nashville Predators’ first-round pick (11th overall) is a top-six forward.’

    We’ll even eat salary.

  142. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    “Doesn’t matter what The Good One can do in the regular season. If he can’t elevate his game in the playoffs, he’s useless.”

  143. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Hey, guys. Just wanna say I was out all day. Spent the last 20 reading this blog. Just awesome!! Funny as heck. Informative, too. Thanks!!

  144. If you add in hornqvist and nystrom for gnash…I might listen

    Also, that might be a destined match for #61, have you guys seen their mascot’s name?

  145. iManny-O-War on

    Can we please hire PP genius Tony Granato in place of one of these guys?

    Or Torts of course.

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