Who will stay? Who will go? Busy weeks ahead for the Rangers


Josh Thomson, 26, and I are headed to breakup day today. We’ll have tweets (@rangersreport; @jthomson22) and audio and video and news and later on blog posts from there.

FYI, The buyout period began today and runs through June 30.

Also, Larry Brooks is reporting that Cam Talbot suffered a broken hand during warmups prior to Game 6 of the ECF.

My column from The Journal News and Lohud.com:

By Rick Carpiniello

Decisions, decisions.

Rangers general manager Glen Sather, his staff, and coach Alain Vigneault are going to have plenty of them to make coming off a run to the Stanley Cup Final.

It will be impossible to keep the entire team together under a $71 million salary cap next season. The Rangers have approximately $17 million in cap space and 13 players signed for 2014-15.

They also very likely will lose assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson, believed headed to Carolina as head coach under his buddy, new Hurricanes GM Ron Francis.

So trades aside, here is what looms in the next 15 days:

Brad Richards: The amnesty buyout clock is ticking, until June 30. The cap-advantage recapture penalty looms if the Rangers don’t use their final compliance buyout on the 34-year-old who assumed the captaincy in an unofficial capacity, played all 107 games, ran out of gas in the Final and was demoted to the fourth line. His nine-year, $60 million contract was designed to encourage him to retire before the final three years (at $1 million per) to bring down the annual average salary and cap hit.

In short, if he is not bought out and does retire, the Rangers will eat a cap hit of about $5.67 million per, for a player not on the roster in 2017-18, ’18-19 and ’19-20.nash, becerra

He will get a contract from another team for less money, and he will not be easily replaced.

Rick Nash: People are complaining about his playoff performance again — now four goals in 37 playoff games as a Ranger, with no points in the Final. But it makes no sense to buy him out. He has a no-trade clause, he could be persuaded to waive it, and there would be a market for an in-his-prime, big, skilled forward and good team guy, despite his $7.8 million cap hit. It’s questionable, if not doubtful, that the Rangers want to make that move at this point. Prediction: Nash stays.

Restricted free agents: Chris Kreider, Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello, John Moore and Justin Falk. The rare and long-shot chance of an offer sheet from another team aside, Sather has some work to do here. He has the leverage, but needs to tie up Brassard and Zuccarello long-term to avoid either potentially going unrestricted after next season. Kreider is entering a situation similar to Derek Stepan’s last summer. Stepan missed all of training camp and the preseason in a contract squabble. Prediction: All but Falk sign, though none will be easy or quick.

Unrestricted free agents: Anton Stralman, Brian Boyle, Dominic Moore, Benoit Pouliot, Daniel Carcillo and Raphael Diaz. It’s probably going to be impossible to keep all of them, even with the Richards savings.

The UFA market has gone nuts in recent years, and Stralman made a huge impression this season. He will probably get the same kind of money Ryan McDonagh makes ($4.7 million per) from another team if he gets to July 1. And with Marc Staal ($3.975 million) due to be unrestricted next season, the Rangers might not be able to keep Stralman.

Boyle, Moore and Pouliot all increased their values this season, and Boyle and Moore — two-thirds of a very effective fourth line since December, and terrific in the playoffs — are players Vigneault would love to keep.

But if Boyle wants $3 million or more per, that might be too expensive, and he will be coveted. Moore might come in for less than that. The Rangers can’t afford to lose both. Pouliot is going to be a tough sign, too, having played on the team’s most productive line all season. He’s got a journeyman rep, so his value may not be as high as it could be. If the Rangers are able to keep two of those three, they’d be doing well.

Carcillo is probably a goner, especially after his undisciplined suspension in the Eastern final, though he played very well in spots. Diaz would be a keeper, but only at a bargain price.

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Photo by Frank Becerra Jr./The Journal News.


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  1. FIRST!

    Keep Boyle, Keep Moore! I think Pouliot is more replaceable. Finally, a solid effective 4th line. That is key!

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    *Offseason* talk, Carp. And a well written one, Carp!

    The actual Cap should be announced within a few days, and the number seems to be varied, if you look at different sources, fom just over $69M to over $71M. Richards buyout is a no brainer, and I think it will be announced in a couple of days, even thought they have up to 5pm on June 30th.

    I believe both Boyle and Stralman will be gone. Unless Boyle is willing to take a home discount and settle for less money and more years. I doubt it, he is 29 and his career earnings are just over $7M. He’ll go for as much as he can get. The Rangers simply can’t afford to spend between $8M and $9M in order to keep both Boyle and Stralman, especially if they plan on replacing Richards with Stastny. And I think they should go after him. But even without signing Boyle and Stralman, it won’t be easy financially. Sather has a lot of work to do.

  3. I’d love to keep them all! But we will be losing at least 2, possibly 3 of them.

    Boyle will get an upgrade on the Prust deal from someone, $3m per for 4 years i think. He really boosted his stock in the finals, as did Stralman who will also be gone.

    Zucc will hopefully get a 3-4 year deal, Brass will probably go to arbitration. It’d be great to keep Dom Moore for about $1.5m for 2 years, not sure if it can be done though. Pouliot will get offered a 2 year deal, but may be able to get more elsewhere. JMoore will get a bridge deal.
    Kreider is going to feel the wrath of Slats hardball tactics through no fault of his own apart from lack of arb rights and will eventually sign a Stepan-type 2 yr deal.
    Diaz will probably be back to play bottom pair although i’d hope McIlrath would claim that slot.
    Falk, Carcillo, Richards – gone.

  4. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    The Chris Neil deal was one done one year prior to Neil’s contract coming due. Boyle was ripe for the taking as he loves it here.

    By the time Sather got to him he was already higher. Poor management. Sorry, he had his moment.

    Losing role players and bringing in guys who don’t know the team and give their heart and soul will hurt this team as much as keeping Richards or spending big and long for the wrong ‘top’ ‘flashy’ player. Moore, Pouillot, Boyle are what I would work on re-signing. But I would have done that months ago.

    Sather, you got a few weeks and will now have to spend more to keep them.

  5. I think given that Stralman reportedly turned down 2 yrs at $3m per before the deadline he was bound to be a goner, but i’m surprised they’ve let it get this far with Boyle, but again his agent probably knows he can get him up to $3m per on the open market and we all know Slats hardball tactics probably mean he’s not even offered him $2m yet.

    Boyle will be leaving a ton of money on the table if he re-signs here.

  6. Here’s an idea:

    In order to save cap space and bring in other players, why not keep Stralman and trade Stall.

    Maybe they can get a young center like Riley Nash from Carolina. There are plenty of teams Stoll would be a first pair d-man on and when you factor in his bloodlines and reputation, I think he would have significant trade value.

    To me, I’d rather have Stralman and the player(s)/picks we could get for Stohl (who we are going to lose after 2014/2015) than lose Stralman for nothing.

  7. Raymond from Latta on

    1) Is keeping Staal over Stralman such a no-brainer anymore?

    2) Keep hearing rumors that Talbot got hurt in a bar fight after Game 6
    vs. MTL.

  8. Oleo, Stralman’s cap hit will be higher than Staal’s, and now you’re still looking for a second pair defenseman.

  9. Richards buyout is a no brainer.
    I’d rather see them lock up Boyle rather than Stralman if both can’t stay. I think Pouliot should get a new deal as he’s under rated and they just don’t have a lot of guys that so what he does.

    Nash just isn’t worth talking about right now. Lot of teams will throw money at Stastny. While I want a big center I don’t think they should over pay for one

  10. But finding a LD is easier than finding a RD, especially given the players in the Rangers system. Other than McIlbust, our “top” d-man prospects are all LD (Allen, Bodie and Skjei).

    One of the young guys (or a cheap UFA) can do the job during the regular season and if they need help can always rent a veteran at the deadline.

  11. Carp, I know there were times during this run where some outlets were giving Sather credit for being a good GM, assembling this team. Whereas, a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile, the whole amnesty buyout situation with Brad Richards is the sole responsibility of Sather and the crazy contract he gave him!!! I had to stifle my vomit countless times during this run when the talking heads gave Sather credit for “stealing” McDonaugh from Montreal, which is absolutely true but it too was the result of a horrible deal he gave Gomez!!! So, I ask you, is Sather a good GM because he corrects his wrongs? After 14 years, can we count more positive initial moves to improve the team vs. reclamation projects of his horrible moves?

    Say what you want about his relationship with Dolan, Sather has been given an extreme leash in running this team and has said it takes time to build a winner; when is it enough of this guy? And I’m totally convinced Gordie Clark and Jeff Gorton are behind all the positive moves he makes. Carp, I know you don’t like the FIRE SATHER comments but honestly, how does a man keep his job after close to 2 decades of bad moves?

  12. Good morning, Sally.

    Artie, when did I say I don’t like the FIRE SATHER comments?

    He keeps his job because the owner loves him. He has made three or four times as many bad moves as good ones, he nearly lost Kreider in the Nash deal.

    That said, this team is all his, including the drafting of many of the players, from Lundqvist to Kreider, and the relatively recent acquisitions of McDonagh, Zuccarello, Brassard, Pouliot, the two Moops, Dorsett, Stralman, Boyle.

  13. Artie- Sather deserves plenty of negative comments going his way, and it is mind-boggling that he is still has this job. But mentioning Brad Richards and his contract shouldn’t be listed as negatives in his tenure. First, Brad Richards was a necessary signing, and he improved this team by adding what they were lacking- first line center and a PP quarterback. Richards did his job, and he is one of the reasons why they had 2 successful and deep playoff runs. The recapture penalty was introduced by NHL after his contract was signed, so I don’t see how it’s Sather’s fault either.

  14. Slight change of subject – but the NHL awards are 24th June. I’d love DMoops to win the award and have a shiny new (relatively team friendly) multi-year contract in hand.

  15. ilb – the lockout ruined Richards in more ways than one, left him out of shape and turned what was a genius contract into a potential albatross

  16. The amnesty buyout, by the way, is a perfect scenario to end Richards’ contract, given the circumstances. It appears that even before his last three years at $1M per “retirement part” of his contract starts, he is not be able to continue playing at a required level. It looks like it might be a very friendly divorce- they remove his cap hit, he collects $51M-$53M of his $60M contract with 6 years left on it, and signs for a few years elsewhere without having to be the go to player.

  17. Hey: If you entered *The 5th Sometimes-Annual, 2013-2014, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest* it’s time for you to get your *AFTER* pics in! Voting to being as soon as you guys pull your heads out of your rumps and email *AFTER* pics.


  18. My only problem with Richards being bought out is if Slats does the unthinkable and DOESN’T buy him out!!

  19. Yes, the buyout will benefit Richards. Ironic, though, that he was involved in negotiating the CBA with the cap-recapture penalty in it.

    Manny, begin? :)

  20. Here are some guys that *have* to stay (in my usually incorrect opinion) and I’m only looking at UFA/RFA:

    D. Moore

    The guys that must go, via trade or buyout:


    Consider that after next season you need to try and lockup:



    I really like the idea of trying to get Eric (6’4″, 205lbs) and Jordan Staal (6’4″, 220lbs) to join this team rather than losing Marc Staal to Carolina. That would add insane amounts of Center depth.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Brad Richards – PP QB – hahahahahahaha
    don’t look at the stats for any validation of effectiveness

    Don’t be surprised if someone throws an offer sheet at THE, would really screw us up royally around the Cap and force us to pony up more than we want.

    Pullout – do not get rid of any size. let alone tenacity and some hands
    Stralman – gone, over rated in POs; looked good compared to partner who was shot
    Nash – trade for RD partner for McD for the next 5 yrs and slot DanG up to 2nd pairing. Yes, lose goals but he scored how many in reg season and POS and we got to the SCFs???
    Staal – no harm holding on to him for his last year; may need this break more than anyone.
    Boyle – must sign, even if over pay; size, grit, faceoffs, PK
    Bros – resign and play him and Step as we have; don’t overpay for center in UFA market, rarely works out. Bring Miller up for 3C
    DMoops – on the fence, love the guy, but depends on other contracts and how much he wants. Best 4C in league at the right price
    Zucc – resign for right price; very inconsistent in POs, but had solid reg season.

  22. We don’t need to trade Nash, we need a hypnotist to make him skate towards the net (or stand in front of it) instead of doing these long skate arounds which end up in weak shots or turnovers

  23. Doesn’t the fact that The Kings are possibly about to buy out Mike Richards, who Ryan Callahan was most comparable to, say something about how ridiculous his contract demands were?

  24. “I’ve been down, but not like this before”
    -Lowell George

    What a run! Let’s do it again.

    I would sign everyone … And then trade them all.

    LGR !!!

  25. _The Rangers simply can’t afford to spend between $8M and $9M in order to keep both Boyle and Stralman, especially if they plan on replacing Richards with Stastny_

    I don’t get this logic. The cap is up like $9MM, Boyle and Stralman are already on the books for $3.5MM and Stastny or more less replaces Richards’ money. If we want to subtract Richards, add Stastny and keep Stralman and Boyle at those estimates, we financially can do it.

  26. Trading Nash is more an emotional approach rather than a hockey move. First of all, you aren’t getting any true value back, and would have to retain a good chunk of his salary. But, most importantly, you are now trying to replace his and Richards’ production. I’d like to see him and MSL in the lineup for one year. I’d give it a chance to see whether his concussion related issues get better next year. At the end of the day, he is still an instant threat on the ice, and one of the reasons why Brasrard-MZA-Pouliot line was successful this season, Nash still requires top defensemen to play against him.

  27. to play devil’s advocate, wasn’t Mike Richards’ contract one of those that made Callahan think he will get that? And he still might. Andrei Markov wants $6M per for three up in Montreal, according to McKenzie.

  28. MisterD- take a look at what will be required to resign Brassard, MZA, Kreider and Pouliot. They may be able to keep Boyle if he is willing to stay at or just under $3M

  29. Stranger Nation on

    Re Zucc in POs: after Game 1 v. Habs, Zucc was 1G, 1A in the last 10 games

    Re moving Nash: slot MStL to first line in Nash’s slot
    Sign Vrbata to play RW with Miller and Hags

    Agree Nash took the attention away, but slowed down THE IMHO. The guy just stopped passing the puck and only looked to shoot. Probably looking at Richards as his role model…

  30. Vrbata averages .27 GPG, and he is 33. He isn’t replacing Nash. I don’t think the Rangers will be moving him this year.

  31. Brad Richards: No brainer amnesty. Anything else is borderline economic incompetence.

    Rick Nash: Explore trade market. Don’t simply give away without a plan to replace, but take 75 cents on the dollar (Gaborik deal) if you’re paying those 75 cents half of what you’re paying Nash. The dream is some other team flipping their talented young enigma (names are obvious) in return for a more “proven” “star” veteran like Nash.

    Chris Kreider: Sign him for as long as he’ll sign for.

    Derick Brassard: Bozak deal would be optimal (5Y/$21MM), but that’s contingent on Brassard passing on his UFA option.

    Mats Zuccarello: Minority opinion, I imagine, but I don’t go long w/ Zucc. Take the lower RFA year or go 2 years.

    John Moore: I have no idea given how lost he looked in the finals. If he’ll take security at an obscenely low number, ok. I’m sure he’ll stay at a fine 3LD with upside, but I’m not actively buying out years at this point.

    Justin Falk: Couldn’t care less. If he reads this, I’d feel bad, but odds are he doesn’t. Just the standard replaceable 7/8 D.

    Anton Stralman: I have no idea. Whatever Manny says I’m cool with.

    Brian Boyle: Keep. Keep, keep, keep, keep, keep. Its not a coincidence that people suddenly appreciate his value more in the playoffs, its that the playoffs highlight his value even better than the regular season does. Keep.

    Dominic Moore: Keep unless someone gives him the playoff overpay.

    Benoit Pouliot: Let walk. He’s a proven enigma who looks very good when he looks good and looks like an AHL star when he doesn’t. I don’t want us to be the team to see what happens the first time he has full job security. (I understand the logic of signing him, but if we gave him 3 years, is there anyone here 100% certain we wouldn’t lament that deal just 2 months in?)

    Daniel Carcillo: Bye.

    Raphael Diaz: I like Diaz a lot. Having a 3RD who can play point on the PP is a pretty nice dual-talent option. Keep.

  32. If Stralman can be signed for under 5m he should be signed. Wrote this last week, Staal has trade value, trade him for value. Stralman is the team’s 2nd best Dman.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Hello boneheads! Disappointing finish to the season, to be sure, but I am taking it much better than most of you seem to be. Of course, I had been bracing myself for the Rangers to lose the Cup Final in less than 6 games from the moment the conference finals began, because of course I would miss the Final on vacation.

    I see the discussion has turned to Stastny. I do not see any way the Rangers can obtain him without either gutting the team or moving out Rick Nash.

    No, I see Sather throwing an inflated contract at Dave Bolland instead.

  34. Rob in Beantown on

    Rick Nash *has* to go because he’s a dead weight in the playoffs. I don’t see why that would change next season or the season after. It’s been almost 40 playoff games for him now so it’s not a fluke thing. Unless you think the Rangers miss the playoffs without Nash (and I think you could make a case for this) I think moving him is a no brainer. If you can replace even some of his regular season production in the deal I think you need to do it.

  35. ILB, Without having an idea of what the ACTUAL market is for Nash, your 9:30 post, with all due respect, is purely speculative.

    Trading Nash is an emotional approach? Considering several variables including 1) his cap hit, 2) his playoff performance of the last 6 series, 3) his injury history and the possibility that one more head shot might end his career, I think it would be a prudent and wise decision to aggressively pursue every potential option (excluding a buyout) and select the best one for the team moving forward short and long term.

    The “emotional” decision may end up as Sather doing something foolish like holding onto him and trading for Thorton in an attempt to get him going. Sather must not be foolish inan attempt to justify the Nash acquisition.

  36. Carp – surely anyone offering Callahan that kind of money now has to think about whether that is a wise decision 2-3 years down the line.
    Slats needs to get THE Kreider signed as a priority, any offer sheet to him and we’re Blackhawked!

  37. Even factoring in Nash’s ability to draw off matchups, given that plus his production, what’s his true cap value? Is it even $5MM?

  38. Mckenzie. Winnipeg poss looking to move Kane. I’m in. Going to get the gas manny hop aboard.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    People are talking about jettisoning Carcillo, but shouldn’t we instead be talking about retaining him and ditching Dorsett? Dorsett carries an ABSURD 1.633 million cap hit. We could keep Carcillo for like 600-800k. Every penny counts this summer. Plus, Dorsett could probably fetch us a mid round pick.

  40. Question of the day should be.

    Do rangers see another cup final in lundquist era( 8 years)

  41. Playoff Stralman > Playoff Girardi

    Wishful thinking: Like to see them get a #1 Righty DMAN and move Girardi to the 2nd pair.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric: maybe 1. And just like this year, it’s 100% on Lundqvist’s back.

  43. Agree doodie and was told by his brother Dorset will sign out west in Canada once contract is up be closer to home. Also don’t believe Dorset likes AV too much

  44. Papa- what you mentioned in 1-2-3 is pretty obvious to every GM in the league, don’t you think? That’s why I said you aren’t getting a true value for him. Give him another year, let him play on the same team with another scorer, see if his concussion issues get better. And after next year, if it doesn’t work, you can explore other options, including, by the way, an ordinary buy out that only impacts their cap by $2.67M during the years where cap is going to go up.

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Please read carefully and don’t be *emotional*

    Marty replaces Nash for next year with Step and THE

    Bring back 1st line, which was our original 3rd line to play the 2nd line

    put Vrbata on RW with Hags and Miller. The guy is a possession player, and this is where the game is going (has gone?)

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Did I mentioned Vrbata is an actual RW who is a righty and has a good shot? If no hold on to Pullout, slot him with Brass and Zucc

  47. Consider this re: Staal / Strallman debate ( if there is one)

    If you lose Stralman to UFA there is no return.

    If you sign Stralman, trade Staal, there is additional return on investment (roi) in the assets acquired in the Staal transaction.

  48. Nash has plenty of value in a smaller market. Butts in seats and the thought that your General Manager has made a BIG TIME MOVE in an attempt to win.

    NMC’s and NTC’s are a joke. They aren’t even real.

  49. Yea. I’m 100% with Eric on going to get E. Kane. I will split the gas and pay for potato chips.

    I also still want Jordan and Eric staal and think moving Marc Staal would be a fool’s move.

  50. Kreider Spezza/Stastny/Thornton StLouis
    Poulliot Brass Zuc
    Hagelin Boyle Nash
    Big winger Moore Dorsett/Carcillo

  51. Counterpoint: Vrbata is 33 years old and last season is skewed by the fact that he put up 3 goals in his first game against us and 11 of his 20 in the first 35 games. Do not want.

  52. I want in on that trip and I’ll bring a case of bottled water. I’ll remember to put some in the freezer the night before so they’re still cold 6 hours in.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, tell that to Vancouver (Luongo), Ottawa (Heatley), Columbus (Nash), and Tampa Bay (St. Louis).

    They’re very real when players want them to be.

  54. I think there’s more chance of Big Buff being on the O-Line at the Metlife than the Blue Line at MSG

  55. ILB. We disagree. IMO, bad Mangement if Sather just holds on to Nash and “hopes” he plays up to his salary and skill level next year and in the playoffs without first exploring every option.

    Why wasn’t it obvious to Gainey that Gomez was finished? I suspect there are GM’s out their willing to kick the tires.

    I’m advocating that Sather close no doors, explore every option and make the best decision for the benefit of the team.

    He must be realistic in his valuation of Nash as well. When you consider 1,2,3….he is not going to return assets at the level he did for Columbus when he was acquired by the Rangers. But he eats mega Cap space.

  56. So it’s settled. We’ll buy out Richards resign every ufa we have get E and J Staal and trade for E Kane! Think we’ll have enough to still throw a ridiculous deal at Stastny??? :-)

  57. They aren’t *real* in that the player can’t be moved. It just means that if you threaten to embarrass the player enough they will waive it and go somewhere else. In the case of Luongo, St. Louis and Nash those guys DEMANDED trades. Just gives the player more control.

  58. The only thing more ridiculous than signing Stastny would be paying for the Staal brothers.

  59. “I wanted to go to a winner but then I realized how much work it was to try to win. I mean, did you see some of those guys? Hitting, getting dirty in front of the net, playing the power play. Some guys were out there _more than 20:00 per game_. Come on.”

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Trade for the Staal brothers, Jarret Stoll, Sebastian and Victor Stalberg.

    Then, hire Leslie Stahl to replace Joe M

  61. CraigWeather on

    Okay… Regarding Nash:

    HOW AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THIS?! – His problem ISNT the concussions… It’s his LEGS!!

    Once upon a time, this guy was a freaking stallion! He had skill AND a straight-forward explosive stride (Not a Brad Richards reference).

    Now…. He’s big and SLOW… and CONSTANTLY beat in the foot races.

    He truly reminds me of what happened to Dany Heatley… A power forward on top of his game and then one day…. POOF. GONE.

    In conclusion.. His speed was a huge part of his game. He was like a wrecking ball (not a Miley Cyrus reference) but once you neutralize that…. He’s easy to contain.

  62. But are his legs dead or is he just not using them, Craig? Its not like he’s still going to the net like before, just slower. He’s avoiding that area altogether.

  63. I’m with Mister D – he seems to be avoiding the net, he runs that loop around the net, one hand guarding and one on his stick and then tries to line up for a shot in the slot – its predictable. He’s built like a truck – 6’4 215 – has great long stride and wingspan, good hands too. Drop it off and get in the paint.
    Do we really need a big #1 center? or just a guy who can find him better? Is Michael Nylander still playing?

  64. Richard is gone, that HAS to happen.

    Sather must sign Krieder & Staal asap.

    I would sign both Moops and Zucc.

    Not sure where the chips will fall on the rest, change is around the corner, that for sure.

    Sather gets a thumbs up for all the changes he made last year, and help put together a Cup run. It was a fun year to watch that’s for sure.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Nash, at times, looks as though he just started playing hockey. His instincts are brutal and he never, I mean, almost never passes the puck. Turnover machine with no ability to score when it counts.
    Worth $7.8M? not to me…

  66. A small part of me believes Nash might go back to the player he was as more time passes since his last egg scrambling.

    Best case scenario is we trade him for younger talent. 2nd best would be holding onto the guyand hoping for the turnaround, *in* *my* *opinion*.

  67. Also by the end of playoffs Nash started to throw his body around a little more, threw some big hits, was found in dirty area here and there. Could those be signs of him recovering mentally from his concussion and overcoming fear of being concussed again? Getting a little rest during summer may help too.

  68. I think Nash throwing it around in Game 5 was his audition to go to Montreal for Pacioretty. We gain cap space.

  69. ilb, at 8:54, nailed the Richrds signing. Was the money a bit high? Probably. But, the cap hit was reasonable at the time.

  70. Proposition H

    Big, gangly, clumsy Forego, who chased Secretariat in the Belmont, never would have become a champion if they hadn’t castrated him. McIlrath?

  71. Curious if Boyle’s engagement to a model plays a part in whether he stays for less, since her career is obviously here. October to May is a long time to live apart in two separate cities particularly is one of them isn’t in the Atlantic corridor.

    Didn’t turn out well for Nedved…..

  72. Final WBM (c), weighted for full season:

    0) Boyle

    1) Richads
    2) Nash
    3) Pouliot
    4) Stralman
    5) Stepan

  73. I’m just going to say this now: Absolutely no Way to Paul Stastny. There are not enough #1 Centers to go around in this league and signing them in UFA is the WORST idea ever especially under the new CBA:

    Drury, Gomez, Richards.

    Also, Stastny looked *SLOW* during the Olympics and was relegated to 4th line. No thanks.

  74. I guess it depends which you value more;

    cap space and the removal of an underperforming superstar who is clogging up a valuable and costly roster spot


    hope that the underperforming superstar will somehow return from the land of the washed up and more likely improve the team by staying rather than going. Hope, based on what, a marginal (perhaps debatable in some eyes) return to glory during the final 3 games of the SCF?

    After watching Nash over the last two playoff years and 6 series, I’d rather go with the sure bet – cap space, roster spot, and whatever asset(s)you can get in return.

    Nash for No-Nash plus…. (fill in the blank)

  75. At his worst he still potted more goals than anyone who played here full season. He is just gaining his true playoff experience. Having MSL here for a full year takes a ton of oressure off of him. Whatever you can get isn’t getting you better, necessarily.

  76. I mostly agree with paying the money it’s going to take to sign Stastny, but is saying you’re the fourth best Canadian-born center really that bad.

  77. Rob, before I click…

    Is that article going to make me want to destroy things?

    I don’t think I’m ready to read puck daddy.

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s not a very serious article, Booby. And it makes fun of the Rangers, just like all of the eulogies have made fun of the losing teams. It wasn’t too bad though. I think the Rangers got off pretty light for it having been written by a Phlyers fan.

  79. _Whatever you can get isn’t getting you better, necessarily_

    I’d be far more inclined to agree if he weren’t at over 11% of our cap.

  80. With all that is on his plate, Slats will not even give Nash a thought unless some goofy GM bowls him over and also takes on Nasher’s full contract.

  81. If ONLY Nash could score like Gabby in the playoffs, those overtime losses could have been wins.

    It’s not all on him, 4 goal in 37 games, isn’t going to get it done. But Gabby did, so good for him.

  82. We should have just traded Tim Erixon for Derick Brassard and otherwise avoided Kekäläinen.

  83. Hey, at least a former Sioux captain got his name on the Cup, so we got that going for us. (s)

  84. Eric – I’ll grab the trucks we could get in and out of Winnipeg in a couple of days. Just say when, bring the clubs we should golf Buffalo Point. Beautiful area, its the northern most part of MN, worth ever foot step.

  85. Wonder if Nash would be willing to go back to CBJ for Umberger and a pick/player?

    Would be a lopsided deal trade-wise but would clear his contract and cap space

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    If only they had played Kristo over Nash, we would all be at the Canyon of Heroes today.

  87. What truly boggles my head is #61’s paucity of assists. The way he is collapsed upon, someone must be open, somewhere.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    When Nash got here, the first thing he impressed me with was his ability to stickhandle in tight defensive coverage and work his way through checks and into scoring areas doing so.

    I do not remember one instance of him doing so during this entire season and playoff run.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    “Speaking of soft hands, the thing that has surprised and impressed me most about Nash is his stickhandling. The guy has AMAZING hands. He can grab the puck at the top of the zone, dangle through defenders in the slot and get right on goal. The rangers need to learn to have a guy trail him to pick up those rebounds. More than one opportunity went by the wayside purely because of the surprise that he managed to create those opportunities.

    Honestly, I’m thoroughly impressed by him at this point.

    January 24th, 2013 at 9:27 AM”

    Now they have a guy in Kreider who can get to those rebounds, but Nash isn’t creating those opportunities.

  90. Coos, I think I posted this the other day (or atleast meant to). The only player with 17+ goals and less assists was Sean Monahan (22 + 12).

  91. If Richie is truly gone, Pat Leonard and all can stop kissing his toches. If we got Byfuglien, they wouldn’t be able to miss.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    Hmm, previous comment regarding the stickhandling got blocked. Don’t know why.

    Basically, I said that he had impressed me with his ability to do what I said above in my 2013 post, but that I did not see him do anything resembling that this year. Then I posted my 2013 post to drive it home.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Byfuglien is a nightmare scenario for me. At that cap hit, ew. Honestly, he’s a PP specialist and nothing more.

  94. I’d take Byfuglien in some permutation of a trade that involved Nash and Kane, but don’t want him otherwise.

  95. Carp, sorry to harp, but the Richards contract; whereas I understand that the NHL turned it into an albatross but don’t you think giving a 30-year old a NINE YEAR DEAL was a crazy contract? I mean, I get that Sather felt he would give the Rangers a few good years as their #1 center and trust me, I was on board after his first season. But 9 years for a 30 year old? He isn’t Messier so I blame the contract on him more than the CBA turning it into an albatross.

    And his “defacto Captaincy” can easily be replaced!!! I understand he was good in the room but so were Dubi and Cally and the Rangers got by without both of them all the way to the Finals, where BR came up woefully small. Just hope Sather does the RIGHT thing and right his latest wrong and buys out BR. Okay, I’m done with this. Carp, I just had to vent!

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Nash for Spezza straight up. Gives us the center to replace Richards, gives us a right-handed shot, and gives us more cap flexibility moving forward.

    Ottawa might want us to retain salary, and I’d be fine with that if it meant dumping Nash.

    Plus we get his goofy laugh.

  97. Wild at 20-1 might be the pick, or Red Wings at 22-1.

    Might give you better odds, If you had to pick a long shot.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Stralman says “security for his family” is priority #1. Sounds like he is going to UFA unless the Rangers offer him a max term to keep the cap dollars down.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    On Talbot breaking his hand during game 6 warmups, there was a point during the warmup where my brother and I actually noticed his absence. Now we know why.

  100. To me it’s either Stralman or Klein and Klein is much more affordable so….tough break Anton.

  101. Manny I went to the Cannon of HERO’s after the Giants won. MRS SIOUX just about scalped me.

  102. Just a thought I was having the other day and you guys are free to pan me or give an opinion.

    There are “championship caliber” players, and many of the Rangers did not bring the compete level necessary to win on the largest stage. LA did. Obviously an extreme example, but what do you think Mark Messier would have done? I think Mess hated losing more than he loved winning. Mess would have smacked the bejesus out of Nash if he brought that kind of BS worth ethic. You can sugar-coat it all you want but it’s the reality; Nash is here to score goals. Not to back-check. Not to kill penalties. Not to get chances. Every player has a role on this team, and on that stage, your job is to perform that role to the highest level, and do more if you can. Nash failed miserably. It’s no fluke either. His international stats are crap, too, with the exception of the 2005 and 2008 world championships. He contributed a whopping 1 assist for the 2014 olympics. When the chips are down, this guy turtles. He needs to go.

    I think there are guys on this team though that really brought it. MZA, Hagelin, Stepan, Brassard, McD, Stralman, Staal… these guys brought their A game. The problem was the guys who should have been backing off the LA defense, driving possession, and filling the net. Instead Nash was too busy falling down after trying to ass-bump his way through 3 LA players and coughing the puck up, and Richards was just a complete defensive liability (on the ice for the game 1 and 2 OT goals against in LA).

    Bottom line. Remove Nash and Richards from the NYR lineup. Replace them with players who perform at their cap hit (Nash = Parise/Stamkos, Richards = Datsyuk/Toews/Kane/Jeff Carter) and the Rangers win the Cup. The margin between the Rangers and LA was razor thin, that would have been the factor that tipped the scales.

  103. Am I crazy to wonder why everyone thinks Boyle is going to be hard to resign?

    He’s a 5-10G/10-15A tops 4th liner, plays 10 minutes even strength plus 2-3 minutes PK and wins 50% of draws. There’s a fair # of guys out there like that – in fact the Rangers signed one in D Moore for $1m last summer (granted a bargain contract after missing a year).

    Taking my Rangers glasses off and decent playoffs aside – anything over $2.5m per and you let him walk in my opinion. There are other options out there.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d really like to have Stralman back, but it sounds like there’s just no way. Klein improved tremendously during the playoffs, but once we traded for him, I knew Stralman was as good as gone.

    BTW, after watching J.Moops flounder in the playoffs (especially the Final), was moving MDZ instead of Moore the right choice? I know some of you (especially eric) would answer yes, but at least MDZ has shown me that he can be a really good player at times (like in 11-12). Still waiting for Moore to show me more than just a handful of games strung together.

  105. Just keep in mind that both Toews and Kane will be UFAs after next season and while odds are both will be retained, the Rangers would throw the world at either of them if they hit the market.

  106. I think winners is a retroactive label, Joe. Look no further than Carter and Richards on the other side.

  107. Stralman needs a security blanket…. so he is gone.

    He had a good run with the Rangers, considering Columbus traded him for nothing, and New Jersey cut him in the preseason. Best of Luck Anton.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    JJP, who do you sign to take his place and for how much?

    Not to mention how byfuglien good he is in the playoffs.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    “He contributed a whopping 1 assist for the 2014 olympics”

    That’s a bit unfair. He was used in a defensive role on that team.

  110. Chicago will not let their Captain get away from them. NEVER.

    I could only dream that Toews could be a Ranger.

  111. Always wondered how much influence certain wives have, sub-rosa in these signing decisions. You rarely hear a player say “I could have got another mil, but my wife wants to be near her family and friends and doesn’t want the kids starting over in a new school.”

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Sioux would literally explode if Toews became a Ranger. He wouldn’t live to see a single shift.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, it’s usually after the fact, like Mrs. Pronger forcing her way out of Edmonton.

  114. Ha. I bet it was, Doodie. The important part is that he was also in the Canyon of Heroes.

  115. Some truth to that Doodie.

    I had 10% of me thinking Rangers had a shot at Parise.

    But when things are to good to be true, I can’t even entertain the thought of it.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Need Germany to win big today. USA has a shot against Portugal. Then just play for low goal differential against Germany.

  117. Now I would let Stralman walk and pick up Greene, he is a UFA for the Kings.

    10% of thinks that’s possible at $3+M a year.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, I agree. Him and Kane both locked up for sure. And I bet they take short term discounts and sign their big money deals at the end to keep this championship window open.

  119. Had Nash potted two in the finals at crucial times, he’s king of the hill. Not tellin’ anyone anything he doesn’t know. Fate lies in the fickle winds.

  120. Ladies and Gents,

    It’s obvious what needs to be done. Richards will be cut, so not worth discussing. As much as I was fine with the Girardi signing at the time (despite his lack of actual skill) because there will always be demand for a shutdown top line dman, I feel trading him certainly needs to be explored. You just cannot afford to have carry his $5.5M on a team where you have an $8.5M goalie and a $4.5M going to McDonough. I’d look to deal him for a younger, offensive-minded dman. You’re going to need to let Boyle walk. While his playoff contributions cannot be understated, he just doesn’t do much during regular season and, quite frankly, feel he’s a little overrated on the PK. Yes he blocks a lot of shots, but the other team is able to enter the zone w ease because of his inability to stop anyone in the neutral zone. Other than that, they need to sign one russian, someone who can carry the puck into the zone on the PP. And let some kids play…

  121. Can you imagine what happens to Stralman when he’s getting that kind of money and expected to play first pair minutes and anchor a defense? Ouch

  122. Rob in Beantown on

    “Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Boyle is going to look for a bigger role when he hits free agency. AV told him today he’d continue in current role next year here.”

    Sort of vague, but makes it sound like Boyle is already gone.

  123. Doodie, defensive role or not, 1 assist in 6 games when you’re playing on an all-star team is trash.

  124. New York Rangers captain Jonathan Toews, come get the Stanley Cup!

    That phrase would cause Sioux to explode. Literally.

  125. Really a dislocated pinkie? On his foot? Oh…his hand? Seriously? I would have sworn fractured ankle..dislocated hip…slipped discs in the L4-L6 range…well, as I told lots of my out of town friends…he is a monster..and after the playoffs..the truth will be known and his poor play understood. So, either the full truth is not known…a dislocated pinkie is a serious matter…or we made a big mistake with the contract…so I am sticking with the pinkie!

  126. It’s not just that the Blackhawks wouldn’t let Toews go it’s also that Toews would never leave the Blackhawks. I mean…why would he?

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    So Corey Perry is trash, too? Duncan Keith and Alex Pietrangelo also? What about Patrice Bergeron (2 assists, no goals)? Tavares, Duchene, and St. Louis had nothing. Sharp had 1 goal and no assists, is that much better?

    They only scored 17 goals in the entire tournament, and 7 of those came from Doughty and Weber. Add in Carter and that’s 10 of the 17 goals. Really, most of the team didn’t add much to the scoring column, and those are the guys who weren’t used primarily in defensive roles.

    Absolutely no blame on Nash for his Olympic output, whatsoever.

  128. Stralman is going to be a super interesting UFA. His possession stats are outstanding, but … weird. They don’t adjust for QoC and he’s obviously not drawing top lines very often. They don’t account for partner and, while Staal gets dinged here a lot, I can’t imagine many people think he’s not a top 2LD. And, the biggest weirdness, is the components. He’s really, really high on the shot attempts for side despite being really, really low on personal shot attempts. So if there’s an argument to be made that possession stats allow for passengers, Stralman is the perfect case study.

  129. _It’s not just that the Blackhawks wouldn’t let Toews go it’s also that Toews would never leave the Blackhawks_

    Thing is … Blackhawks have no say. Its 100% on Toews to want to stay or to value that extra year more than going elsewhere.

  130. Also, Stralman as “patient zero”. I spent 3 minutes trying to remember that term then posted and instantly remembered.

  131. If they let Boyle walk, this team takes a giant step back…

    He’s earned a larger role. And, if the Rangers don’t want to give it to him, that’s ridiculous…

  132. The New York rangers will miss the 2014-15 playoffs. U heard it here first.


    We lose out wild card to capitals.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    Boyle has absolutely not earned a larger role. He’s earned the maximum amount of dollars a fourth liner is worth.

  134. Larger role doing what? He’s out there for every key defensive situation. You want him out there in offensive situations?

  135. When Rangers were at the top of conference in 2012, Boyle used to sometimes play 20+ minutes and shut down the top forwards on the opposition.

    Rarely, if ever, a liability. His role has diminished since.

  136. Kind of what Doodie said. I’d pay Boyle 3rd line dollars (or rethink how to properly value 3rd and 4th liners relative to each other) to stay anchoring our 4th line and PK.

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, that’s absolutely correct on Stralman. solid 2nd pairing guy, but in no way can he be your first pairing defenseman. Lots of places he would be a really good fit. How about Pittsburgh in Orpik’s spot? Or behind Carlson and Alzner in Washington? Out west, he could be a great fit on San Jose to play behind Vlasic. Or in Phoenix he can be paired with Yandle.

  138. Doodie – “JJP, who do you sign to take his place and for how much?

    Not to mention how byfuglien good he is in the playoffs.”

    There’s no disagreement that he’s good in the playoffs but in a cap world there’s a trade-off for every dollar spent. I like Boyle but if I were the GM I’d rather spend that extra $1m somewhere other than the 4th line. Our team is constructed around a $8.5m goalie and just got beat by a team with a $5.8m goalie.

    4th line players are out there, it’s kind of why they’re 4th line players. Will they be as good as Boyle, probably not but I’d wager they’d be 80% as good and for a lot less money. Some 4th line type UFAs that come to mind are Gionta and Carter on NJ, Hall on Philly, Goc and Glass on Pit – all of these guys will sign for roughly $1m or so

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, exactly. 4th lines are more important than people think, especially when you have a really good one. I’d give him Prust’s contract, nothing more.

  140. Stranger Nation on

    _Nash excelled in all areas in the playoffs except scoring_

    excelled at losing puck battles, falling down when touched, ignoring open team mates, taking wide turns in Dzone, running off for short shifts…the guy really did do a lot come to think about it…

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Hall sucks, Goc and Glass suck (part of the reason we beat Pittsburgh), Gionta and Carter had one good year (against us) and have been pretty crappy ever since.

  142. I agree with NYR. Losing Boyle would be a very, very bad move for the Rangers. He’s a huge part of this team and what it does so well: Defend.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    but you can only pay him so much, you know? We already pay another guy 7.8 million just to defend.

  144. Also, playing 4th line under Vigneault, how he rolls 4 lines, isn’t much different than playing 3rd line. Or 2nd line since our second line is pretty much our 3rd line and our 3rd line is really our 1st line.

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    Size is not something that mitigates towards Boyle. He’s physically a large man, but he’s pretty soft on his skates.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, it’s about 2.5 minutes less a night, and that includes his heavy PK usage.

  147. I love BEAST MODE as much as anyone here, but I love him so much more on the 4th line than the 3rd line.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    Instead of saying he needs to move up the lineup, why not do what we were doing in the playoffs, and give one of our “better” players like Nash and St. Louis more frequent double shifting on the fourth line in Dorsett/Carcillo’s spot to give the line more meaningful shifts in the offensive zone.

  149. _Mister D, exactly. 4th lines are more important than people think, especially when you have a really good one. I’d give him Prust’s contract, nothing more._

    More than that, I’m working on a theory that proven 4th liners are actually more valuable than proven 3rd liners. Basically, you can call up a reasonably responsible maybe 40 point guy from the minors. The odds of calling up a lockdown, top PK guy are far lower. And the UFA scraps of the 4th are Jeff Halpern.

  150. I think the Ranger’s 4th line is one of the areas that was fantastic. Boyle is a beast, outstanding penalty killer, and plays big when it counts. Moore is the defensively responsible center who kills penalties and who can still score goals that the Rangers have been looking for for years. Like a Blair Betts that can actually score. Dorsett was fast and tenacious, worked strong on the forecheck.

  151. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s an interesting theory. I don’t think we have that call up in our system (that includes Kristo, Sioux), but I can definitely understand it on other teams.

  152. Doodie Machetto on

    Dorsett has no finishing ability. That’s why I like Carcillo more. Not as good of a forechecker, but at least the guy is a threat to score.

  153. You’re kind of missing the point – it’s how bad do they suck for every $1 they earn. For $1m or lower, they’re fine and you can easily sit them to bring in youth.

    I’d like to think the reason Pit lost was more due to Fleury, Crosby, Letang, Malkin than Goc/Glass.

    I like a good 4th line but the Rangers need that money elsewhere. The PK can be managed, it’s been good for years with a rotating cast – Callahan, Dubinksy, Fedotenko, Prust, Anisimov, Drury, Higgins, Betts, Straka all gone…PK still good.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, I’m not sure that’s entirely correct. Total line value I think is still 1-2-3-4. I think you need to pay someone on your 4th line like they are on your third, but you can’t have an all AHL callup 3rd line.

    So to break down the 6 players, I think it’s 3, 3, 4, 4, 3, 4.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    JJP, no the reason Pittsburgh lost is because when Crosby and Malkin aren’t going, they have absolutely nothing else behind them to pick up the slack.

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe you can convince me 3-4-3-4-3-4, where that first 4-3 are almost exactly the same, but you need to have your top 2 third liners making more than your top 2 fourth liners.

  157. More Stralman possession numbers. 143 D qualify (75% of games), these are his even strength ranks …

    Fenwick%: 6th (Muzzin, Vlasic, Doughty, Burns, Demers)

    TOI: 43rd

    Points: T-97th

    S+M For per 60: 11th

    S+M Against per 60: 20th

    Stralman S+M per 60: 98th

    Stralman S+M as % of team’s: 121st

  158. Doodie, part of my structure hinges on the 3rd line being mostly young, pre-UFA players. Like if two kids from Hartford, say Miller and Lindberg, make the team out of camp next year, they’re both on the 3rd line. So maybe mine is …

    3 – 4 – 4 then it all hinges on the 3rd 4th liner.

    3 would be a potential top 6 forward (Brassard), the next two would be Boyle and Prust. Specifically those two.

  159. Okay, just agree to disagree Doodie. I’m happy to let you have the last word even if it’s fundamentally no different than the statement I made. So you’re absolutely right….

    “no the reason Pittsburgh lost is because when Crosby and Malkin aren’t going, they have absolutely nothing else behind them to pick up the slack.”

    is far more astute than

    “I’d like to think the reason Pit lost was more due to Fleury, Crosby, Letang, Malkin than Goc/Glass”

    There’s no way my statement could encompass Crosby or Malkin not playing well. Well said.

    Weren’t we talking about spending on the 4th line?

  160. Losing Boyle would be a major mistake. He is a better player than Prust, not a fighter, is finally coming into his own, plays the entire season, faceoff guy. penalty killer and has size. I’d pay him FMV and keep him.

    In fact, with Richards leaving, I see Boyle becoming the 3rd line center.

    Boyle is my #1 free-agent signing from the current roster, than Moore, Stralman, Pouliot.

    We have Staal, McD, Girardi and Klein as top 4, plus Diaz, McI, UFA signing.

    Pouliot I make the 2-yr offer, 3 if it’s less per year.

  161. The best point today so far I heard was trade Dorset to a western Canadian team resign carcillo and save a million. Good job doodie

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah but you need good enough AHL players. I don’t think Miller and Lindberg are those guys. I’m thinking in that situation, guys like Jurco, Pearson, and Smith-Pelley.

  163. Doodie Machetto on

    JJP, no, my point is, if they had any depth on that team, they wipe us out. We shut down their top two players (although it took a while to shut down Malkin) and they had no answer.

    We shut down Anze Kopitar and LA’s depth still beat us handily.

  164. Small as they are, every team needs a couple guys like Dorsett/Carcillo as energetic role players and to stick up for the more fair-haired types. And EVERYONE in the locker room appreciates that.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, the only way it could have been better is if the red card was on Ronaldo.

  166. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle would be even MORE effective with a tough guy on RW. He was at his best when Prust would play the ‘fighter role’.
    Having middleweights on RW is not the answer (and i thought Car Bong and Double Ds played well for their given roles in POs)

  167. Hey gang, season’s over so less posting now. Sorry Carp. Going to Israel next week, should be around on July 1st. Always reading still, just not posting as much. Was a hell of a season.

    My opinion:

    Richards has to be bought out. Im probably his 2nd biggest defender after Norm, but it’s just business. His signing was very good at the time for all the reasons ilb stated.

    Stralman i really want to come back. He wants security (4-6 years im guessing). I’d go 4 but not higher. Also $$$. Dont think we’ll have enough and I think he goes out West. Certainly looked like he and his family enjoyed the beach time prior to Game 2.

    Carcillo i hope comes back. In place of Dorsett. Im not sure if eric actually met Dorsett’s brothers but based on Dorsett’s play his role was limited he looked more fitting under a Torts system. Carcillo brings everything he does and can score and is cheaper.

    Boyle. I was sure he was a goner at trade deadline. He’s a big game player. Not Justin Williams big but up there. He wants a bigger role. That’s not a good thing. He’s a bad 3rd liner but amazing 4th liner. Keep him with moore and carcillo and we have amazing 4th line. I dont think he’ll be back and this time ill actually be sad not like when Prust bailed.

    Moore. Bring him back, please. Once he got his legs going after being out for over a year he just didnt stop. Think he’s back.

    Now im getting lazy so…. i think MZA, Brassard, Kreider and Pouliot are all back.

    You wont have both J.Moore and Diaz on the team next year and id look into trading Moore for whatever you can get and have Diaz be the #6.

  168. Wish hockey had yellow and red cards so, before he goes, we could see CarBong just once grab one and rip it up into six jagged pieces on the ice.

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    First, I liked what I saw from Carcillo in the playoffs more than Dorsett. Second, once Richards is gone, Carcillo’s value slightly goes up since St. Louis would be the only other “ring in the room.” It’s not much given his role on that team, but this is the third team Carcillo has been on in the past 4 years that’s been to the Final. Guy has definitely seen a lot. That’s not worth any dollars on his salary, but it’s worth picking him over some other generic plug to fill that roster spot.

  170. Dorsett is faster, uber aggressive, and can and does get more quickly back to the neutral zone and bang there. Both will buzz the net. #13 seems to have better hands when the puck falls on his stick out front. One way or the other, if Boyler comes back, 4th line is not one of Slats’ major problemos.

  171. Carcillo can be a liability for his team. Dorsett has not been a liability, outside of the first two weeks of the season when everyone was.

  172. Carcillo won’t take 600k. Who’s paying 800k for a guy suspended a lot. He may not have options. I’m trying to save that mil btwn Dorset and carcillo and maybe that extra mil keeps stralman or boyle

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards declined to meet with media after meeting with AV, who says management has not made a decision is buyout.

  174. _You wont have both J.Moore and Diaz on the team next year_

    Unless you let Stralman walk, right? That could be your 3rd pair right there.

  175. By the way, since NYR_FAN pick the Kings to win, (and therefore finished with the most points), and DC62 picked Boston (and was tied with me for 2nd), can we just say I won the bracket challenge with the most points of anyone who picked the Rangers?

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s not officially toast, yet. And until I see a definitive report about his buyout, he’s still here.

    I can still see Sather screwing this one up.

  177. Czechthemout!!! on


    Agree on Boyle. He is important but not worth more than 2.5 mill per. As for an expanded role, he is not cut out for it. He is what he is, an excellent 4 th line center and great Pk player.

    MDZ sucks! He is a bust. J Moore has all the physical talent MDZ wishes he had but the hockey sense of Nick Fotiu.

  178. How many more forwards were better in the playoffs, Czech? We can’t always tie dollars to goals.

  179. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I hear you on Moore, but the thing is, I just have not seen him put together anything resembling that first post-trade run he had to finish out the regular season. Honestly, he just kinda looks like MDZ with less offensive upside, but with fewer HUGE defensive gaffes.

    I’d rather have MDZ’s upside, which I’ve seen in full effect for a whole season. McDonagh’s great offensive breakout this year? 14-29-43. Del Zotto had a 10-31-41, once. Moore will be lucky if he ever gets half of that.

  180. If Moore and Diaz is our 3rd pair with Klein/Staal our 2nd we are in a whole lot of trouble. AV was hesitant playing Diaz and Moore late in games (rightfully so) when one of them was in… I cant see team going with that D.

  181. He’s never been forward enough to step backwards. Speed, decent slapper, but needs to solidify d-zone play before working more on offense, imo.

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    I wonder when Stralman walks and McIlrath still doesn’t make the team, what the few defenders he has left will say.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    Would be the first time I change it, and I still haven’t come up with a suitable replacement. I reserve the right to do it up until the start of next season.

  184. Doodie Machetto on

    Hell, for as bad of a season MDZ had this year, he still had more points than John Moore.

  185. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    No doubt but Boyle is not more than a 4th line player. So how much should we pay him? 2.5nil seems fair. Torts played him way too many minutes and he did not perform well enough in that expanded role. I think AV uses him well and that is his best role.

  186. You went by *Puck & Gavel* until you unincorporated your blog. But everyone still called you Doodie (like Latona).

  187. Neither one has learned to play shut-down D, but at least J Moore is tough, speedy, and may have an upside left to him. DelZ will never get it.

  188. _If Moore and Diaz is our 3rd pair with Klein/Staal our 2nd we are in a whole lot of trouble. AV was hesitant playing Diaz and Moore late in games (rightfully so) when one of them was in… I cant see team going with that D._

    That would still be a top 10 D in the league, I bet.

  189. _No doubt but Boyle is not more than a 4th line player. So how much should we pay him? 2.5nil seems fair._

    I guess I hate hard numbers. Like are you going to be mad if its $2.75MM? Or would you be more pissed when you see that $250K sit unused?

  190. Micheletti says Sutter is a genius because he told Gabby he didn’t have to block shots or check, just score goals. Duh. Took Gabby off his blocking/checking game.

  191. If Moore and Diaz is our 3rd pair we definitely don’t make playoffs. Two guys who have no clue how to defend

  192. Czechthemout!!! on


    MDZ and Moore both are relative busts. Moore has played a lot less games than MDZ I think, so there is that hope but I just dont see the hockey sense in him.

    What we need is an offensive dman who can bring it from the point. Every team that wins the the cup has at least two and some have 3. We have one. I know you guys hate him but Big Buff had 20g and 36a. He was the best player on the ice the last two seasons we played them. I know he is fat and needs to drop 30-35 pounds but he is big, he hits, he has a right handed cannon from the point and and he is a UFA after next year so he will be very motivated. Just think how much better our PP would be with him on it.

  193. St. Louis doesn’t meet media had parent teacher conference. Lol. His kid a troublemaker

  194. Diaz actually had pretty wonderful possession numbers. You can do a lot worse than a guy like him as your 3RD manning a PP point.

  195. A defenseman’s primary and necessary job is to play effective D and to move the puck up ice. Anything else, like the natural and unusual talents of a McD or a Doughty is a mitzvah.

  196. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    250,000k more for Boyle would not flip me out, not at all. But there is a limit on how much money should be spent on the fourth line. Assuming your numbers, Boyle, Dorsett, and DMoore would cost this team around 6 million, way too much for a 4th line. However I would get rid of Dorsett’s salary. He is way overpaid for what he brings. Carcillo is a better option anyway.

  197. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    They switched him there after the coaching change. You know what, I would gladly play him with Hags and Richards replacement, or as Poo Poo’s replacement and than put him on the point when on the PP. He is a major weapon and he is also a very good skater.

  198. MSL is an eagle-eyed raptor. He’s not what he once was, but he does not suffer fools gladly. Could be the effective bridge to the McDonuts eventual Captaincy.

  199. _But there is a limit on how much money should be spent on the fourth line._

    I guess I just disagree with this line of thinking, “4th line can’t make X”. Boyle’s worth to the team is the question, not his role or his points comps.

  200. Plusses: Boyler can take faceoffs and he can play wing and center. And, aside from goons, he’s always willing and big enough to play a bit of Bogart to everyone else.

  201. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    We will soon see how much he is worth to the team. I hope 100k is not going to be the difference in him staying. I for one would love to have him back but like anyone else, it has to come at the right cost because of the salary cap. It is too bad too because Nash is way overpaid for what he has done here. By at least 3 million per season.

  202. Boyle rules. I would give him an “A.” That’s how much I think he’s respected.

  203. And I’m in the minority, but I think not having a Captain during the playoffs didn’t help us. Bucky said Cally was not vocal enough, as though boring Bucky was yipping and hollering with a megaphone in the room, pushing guys for more.

  204. Intangible, meaningless, etc … but how many times did you catch Kreider going to Boyle during breaks in the playoffs? I get the BC thing, but still …

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    Big Buff is a move I just cannot cosign. Just can’t pay him that much money.

  206. Forgetting the nice guy factor, just moxie and fight, Boyler with an A rather than Staal is my choice.

  207. Doodie Machetto on

    Seemed like a good Torts guy, too. Can’t have too many guys like that on your roster, especially in the bottom 6.

  208. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know how anyone can look at Nash and not say it was the concussions.

  209. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Rangers say, as of right now, no players are scheduled for offseason surgery.

    That’s good if it’s true. I remember some lingering concern that McD might need shoulder surgery during the offseason.

  210. I just can’t imagine guys like Staal, Richards and even Girardi getting on a Vince Lombardi soapbox and challenging the team to go unpenalized crazy and leave it all on the ice. We have a couple, few, and they should have the letters. This isn’t a beauty contest.

  211. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal was mean in the earlier rounds of the playoffs. Don’t know what happened to him in the later rounds.

  212. _I don’t know how anyone can look at Nash and not say it was the concussions_

    I’m not saying concussions weren’t what changed Nash, just that he somehow repressed the side effects for the Olympics and that Columbus game. That’s the problem. He flashed his old game, but at the most questionably selfish possible times.

  213. Staal develops a mini mean streak after he is banged, sticked, and tossed around a lot. Not before, not after.

  214. _That’s good if it’s true. I remember some lingering concern that McD might need shoulder surgery during the offseason._

    Also, because it increases the likelihood that Richards is fully healthy.

  215. AV made Nash play D, concentrate on responsibility, put him on the PK. With Richie, he knew none of that was available, so he just kept sending him out there hoping the puck landed on his stick. No excuses for Nash, but maybe he should be coached just like a Gabby/Richie player and be always fresh in the offensive zone.

  216. bull dog line on

    I would not trade Nash. I have a hard time believing that Stralman will be the player he was in the playoffs going forward. if Boyle is looking for a bigger role, he is gone, and the team that signs him to play a bigger role will be disappointed with him. AV uses him perfectly.

  217. I have no problem with Boyle as our 3rd line center next year. Bring back the dependable and versatile DMoore for the 4th. Either Brass or Step is 2nd line center, with the other one moved for a true no1.

  218. I think Lindberg has earned a right to play some games as a Ranger last year. MVP of Sweden, points champion of the WOLFPACK, there is plenty of up side in him.

  219. bull dog line on

    I am torn on Staal. you watch him sometimes and you see a top 4 Dman. then other times he is just awful and soft. probably have to sign him because Stralman is leaving. would be curious as to what the Rangers could get for him in the trade market.

  220. bull dog line on

    Boyle has been the Rangers number 3 center in the past. he is just not good enough to a number 3.

  221. Knowing what you know, would you sign Richards to the 3-4 year $4M per after buyout contract if it was another team buying him out? I probably would.

  222. Skjei will grow into the Stralman spot if he jumps out of college. Maybe not next year, but soon. He has the making of a mini McD.

    Same type of speed and size, plays a similar Defensive style, granted in college, but who knew McD was going to be THIS GOOD as a PRO?

  223. Bull Dog agree on Staal. Would trade him to get value. Personally I’d rather sign Stralman.

  224. bull dog line on

    no I would not. at this point he is more suited to play the old Eric Christensen role. center 4th line and play power play. 4 mill is to much for that.

  225. BullDog not sure I agree. I think even with 4th line wingers (Prust etc) he did fine.

  226. _I have a hard time believing that Stralman will be the player he was in the playoffs going forward._

    As much as a lot of us aren’t into Stralman, his playoff numbers were nothing new. He had (statistically) a really, really great season.

  227. I’m thinking the Rangers should look towards the youth.

    There isn’t one guy that’s going to come next year that is going to take us to the “next” level, if our leaders don’t score.

  228. I don’t know how any Bonehead watching Stralman this year could think he’s not a valuable Dman.

  229. Gravy: Depends on my team and cap makeup. And probably center depth since he looks much better as a wing these days.

  230. _I don’t know how any Bonehead watching Stralman this year could think he’s not a valuable Dman_

    It was (is) a difference between recognizing the value be brought and believing that value is sustainable over the long term rather than career peak.

  231. bull dog line on

    I guess what I am saying MrD is, I think Stralman had a career year. I don’t think he is going to maintain it.

  232. Stralman is valuable, but you can’t have all of your top 4 making $4.5 – $5.5M. And the Rangers get a serious break with McD making $4.7M.

  233. I don’t know how anyone can look at Nash and say he is worthy of of owning $7.8 of cap space.

    I for one don’t doubt that there were players on the Rangers, players who were leaving it all on the ice every game, who didn’t look upon Nash and his unwillingness to go to the hard areas and leave it all out there as a Loser.

  234. bull dog line on

    the McD contract is why Sather should have done a similar deal with Stepan, and probably should look to sign Kreider for as many tears possible.

  235. All of us watching him since he got here knows he is only getting better. He has worked hitting into his game. You have to not just look at age but appreciate the trend.

  236. Papa I agree with your posts on Nash. I was very much pro Nash in acquiring him. Now I would release him for the use of salary space.

  237. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, the way Stepan played this year, the bridge contract might actually have been a pretty shrewd move.

    With Kreider, sign him up now as long as he will go for as cheap as he will go.

  238. How can anyone have watched this team the past two years not realize that #19’s legs are GONE, GONE, GONE? He’s like a moribund, stationary upper flapper in a pin ball game who will swat at the silver ball when it serendipitously comes to him, then go back to sleep until it happens again, three games later.

  239. bull dog line on

    I look at Stepan’s year a little differently. he had an awful start, and was able to fight through it and have a decent season. I give extra credit for that. I think Hank had his best season for the same reason. had a terrible start, overcame his worst stretch as a pro, to have a real good season.

  240. Like a good hitter who is an embarrassment in left field, Kreider should spend the summer assiduously working on his glove. He has all the rest.

  241. I don’t agree that Boyle is only a 4th line player. If your “fourth” line logs as much ice time as the “third” line, then how do you tell the difference?

  242. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, there was definitely an improvement, no doubt, but he never came close to approaching the level he played at during the shortened season.

    Furthermore, he continues to have poor numbers in the playoffs. Sure, blame his broken jaw for the later numbers (although he did score twice in his first game back), but before the jaw was broken, he still was pretty poor.

  243. Rob in Beantown on

    Josh Thomson @jthomson22
    Rick Nash on his playoffs: “It was a struggle. It was frustrating. I wish I could’ve done more. I didn’t get the job done.” @rangersreport

    Better soundbite than last year at least. Did Nash get PR training during the offseason?

  244. Doodie Machetto on

    vogs, Boyle doesn’t log anywhere near their ice time, especially at even strength.

  245. bull dog line on

    Stepan was the 2nd leading playoff scorer on the team. with my eyes, he did struggle, but overall I think this was his best playoff.

  246. I think when people refer to Boyle as a 3rd/4th liner, they are thinking in terms of expected offensive production. He was considered a “3rd” line center based on projected 15-20 goal output. For all I care, you can call him a 1st line center, as long as he performs the same as this year.

  247. Doodie Machetto on

    bulldog, the vast majority of those points came from a great 7 game stretch starting in game 6 against Pittsburgh and ending with game 6 against Montreal. Great run. I don’t want to take away from how much he was producing during that stretch.

    But he was a complete offensive nonfactor for the first 12 games of the playoffs (which was last year’s entire playoff length). I’ll give him a pass on the Final because of his jaw. He had to be totally drained from lack of food.

  248. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry, that should say 6 game stretch ending in game 5. 3-6-9 in 6 games. Fantastic.

  249. Please please buyout Richards. Everybody is making it seem like a given, but I still fear Sather will be crazy enough to keep him!

  250. I think Boyle and Stralman are gone, some team is going to overpay them.

    Richards will go play with Vinny in Philly, or perhaps the Capitals could use him, after the Rangers cut bait with him.

    Not sure about the rest, but I could see everyone including Carcillo getting a deal.

  251. this loss still stings, a lot…but…….

    the Rangers effort in the last 2 games helped to partially salvage the series, imo. had they been swept and gone down the way they looked in most of game 2 and all of 3, I think the SCP would have been an utter failure. but this team won a game 4 in which they were blatantly outmatched, and had all kinds of chances to force a game 6. Lundqvist was unbelievable when it mattered most. Brian Boyle had a tremendous playoffs, as did Dominick Moore. The Rangers don’t make it through any of those rounds without the 3 guys mentioned.

    as for Brian Boyle, you’ll never hear me criticize him again. I know you guys like to hang a sign on me that I’m a goals scored guy and nothing (which isn’t true but last I checked you can’t win a game without scoring a goal) so you’re going to say I like Boyle now because he scored. and again, that isn’t true, his effort throughout those 25 games was tremendous but the goal he scored, not that he scored, but how and when he did it, shows the true worth of the player. you can say whatever you want about Brad Richards’ contributions but the supposedly Cup-winning guy never scored a goal at any point in the season as big as the one Boyle scored in game 5 (in a losing effort).

    also, I’m as big a critic of Anton Stralman as anybody here. I’m sure I said multiple times he was barely an NHL d-man. but he showed his mettle this season and in the postseason. he played big and quick, showed some offense and was great in the transition game. he dramatically outplayed every Ranger defenseman that wasn’t named Ryan McDonagh. if you don’t want to re-sign him, simply put, you weren’t paying attention.

  252. I think Richards’ no-show at breakup day today means he knows it’s over, sb1. I’m sure the decision has been made.

  253. since I focused on the goal Boyle he scored, I showed also have said that he utterly outplayed Richards in all facets of the game in the postseason. and Richards, to his credit, did show up in game 5 and may have had his best game of the playoffs. but ultimately, like to much to do with Brad Richards as a NY Ranger, his contribution came to nothing.

  254. bull dog line on

    reading between the lines today, Boyle, Stralman, and Richards are all gone. they have Stralman’s replacement already on the team in Klein. but not sure they have Kleins replacement on the team. they won’t miss Boyle in the regular season. its the playoffs where he will be missed.

  255. I’m convinced that players don’t look at salary cap numbers and instead look at their paycheck. For players not in their final contract it makes sense that those salary numbers rise over time – player gets better, gets paid more. In Boyle’s case he made $1.8m in salary next year. Cap up 10% plus a 20% raise on top of it gets you to $2.4m which I imagine is the starting point of negotiations.

    I’m really interested to see what the Rangers do or don’t do with Staal. He’s going to get paid $5.5m in salary this final year of his contract. Do we really think with the cap going up he’d be willing to accept a contract for anything less than $6m per?

  256. The Talbot bar fight rumor, is there anything to that? I thought I heard though Carcillo and “Max” Talbot once got into a bar fight in Philly….

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