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  1. Soft-Shell has a Sather Signing all over it.

    37 years old, scored 1,300 NHL points, #1 pick overall granted it was in 1997. He will fit right in on the top line – OLD SCHOOL HOCKEY!

  2. Sioux, you’re probably right but god, how the hell could you want to touch that guy

    If Nash is going to make Richards look like a bargain, I suspect Thornton makes them both look like Messier inside of 2 months.

  3. If someone told me to think of a trade the Rangers should make, then give them the opposite, it would be Stepan and two minor leaguers for Thornton.

  4. Stepan and others for Joe Thornton is the kind of trade you make in a video game when you’re a huge Joe Thornton fan. In real life it’s a joke.

  5. Thorton had 76 points in the regular season, and 3 in the post season. He fits right in with Nash :)

  6. Just the thought of Stupid Joe Thornton, who has verbally bashed this team before, makes me sick. He’s exactly what we DON’T need.

  7. @jthomson22

    Fast forward to 5:20 for Ryan McDonagh’s full comments on whether or not he’s ready to be the #Rangers captain: soundcloud.com/lohud/ryan-mcd…

  8. Rob in Beantown on


    (my caps lock was on when I started typing that, but it seemed appropriate so I left it on)

  9. Can I trade Brad Richards for Joe Thornton? I’d definitely do that in real life and in a video game.

  10. I’d probably trade Stepan for Kesler (assuming that would ever be a possibility), and even then, I’m not sure it makes sense.

  11. looks like we agree one one thing, coos

    well, maybe not, because I am sure I wouldn’t trade Kreider

  12. You know who I really don’t want to trade? Hagelin. That kid is special. What a weapon.

  13. 6.7 for 3 years… I’m just saying he could replace Richie’ numbers, for the same dollars. I didn’t say it was the right move, or to trade Step.

  14. Ew. Sioux. No! Did he go to North Dakota or something? Is this like when you want Greene as well?

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Nobody is untouchable. The problem is, some guys will never get moved because nobody will pay the price they’re worth.

    For instance, Jimmy Rutherford calls up Sather tomorrow:

    “Hey Slats, I want a goaltender. I’ll give you Crosby for Malkin.”

    Are you not making that trade in an INSTANT?

  16. Carp – any OTHER buyouts out there that Sather will give a fat check to for a couple of years?

    Mike Richards?

  17. Stralman looking for “stability” and tired of moving! This is where he wants to be! Sign him up, SLATS!

  18. If you believed that Talbot could be your #1 (I’m not convinced), then Hank for Malkin almost makes sense for both teams, assuming the Pens could move MAF.

  19. Kreider is not untouchable but he’s as close to untouchable as Stepan was 2-3 years ago.

  20. In a trillion trillion years, if Hank ever goes anywhere, it certainly wouldn’t be Pittsburgh. For a myriad of reasons.

  21. Of course that trade would never happen for many reasons, one of which that they are in the same division.

  22. Nash has 4 more years.
    Richie is bought out.
    Step, Hags, & Dorsett have 1 year left.

    Who knows what forward will be here in 2 years.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s better? Stepan-Brassard-Unnamed 3rd Center-Moore and Lundqvist or Crosby-Stepan-Brassard-Moore and Jonas Hiller?

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