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  1. Manny

    which name did you yell when you saw me? and sorry i didn’t hear you…i was too busy paying attention to my wife :)

  2. so do you let Moore walk if he gets an offer higher than, like, $1.2 million because I probably would

  3. JMoops will take the 2 year bridge contrace, 1.75 + 2.25 same thing as McD & Del Zotto did.

  4. Slats will not give 4th liner Boyler the dollars he can get elsewhere. Unless #22 loves NY more than money, he’s gone.

  5. ‘I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.’ Great song, no veracity.

  6. Kristo made $65,000K as an AHL. He played for free last year. Better give him a raise.

  7. the problem is the last 3 years of Stanley Cup winners have proved one thing emphatically: the John Tortorella method of playing a handful of favorites does not win championships in the present day NHL. balanced, 4-line teams win championships. for this reason, guys like Boyle are going to get more money everywhere and Sather either needs to get on board with that or relegate himself to trying to re-build the Edmonton Oilers for the 400th time.

  8. Rangers came as close as you can get to a balanced 4 line system this year, with AV’s system.

    Trouble was the 3rd & 4th lines, were our best lines for over HALF of the year.

  9. Watch Boyle end up in Boston.

    He will make their 4th line even better. Play for his hometown team, in front of 12 Brothers & Sisters.

    It could happen.

  10. JT Miller next season AHL salary, 70 grand. With the big team, $830. Pick it up, sonny boy.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s better? Stepan-Brassard-Unnamed 3rd Center-Moore and Lundqvist or Crosby-Stepan-Brassard-Moore and Jonas Hiller?

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    J Moops is going to get less money because he’s shown us less than those guys did at that point of their career.

  13. Boyle will bring 2.5 – 3.0 for 3 years, do you sign him for that?

    Our 4th line was as good as it gets when it comes to killing penalties.

  14. I think Boyle gets well in excess of $3M per on the open market, and Stralman gets way more than $4M per. UFA is insane.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree with you, Carp. I’d say Stralman gets Andrew MacDonald money on the open market. Boyle gets Paul Gaustad money.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Who knows, maybe they take a discount to stay. Probably not Stralman, but maybe Boyle.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, did anyone ask McDonagh what his shoulder injury was and whether it required surgery?

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Kevin Gordon ?@KGordonSentinel
    The injury update on Altidore makes me miss the upper body/lower body injury updates during the NHL playoffs even when it’s obvious.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s as if they made a deal with the devil for a 1-0 lead. Sure, you can score a goal in the first minute, then everyone dies.

  20. Boyle has to be retained. If my budget doesn’t let me keep Boyle and Stralman, I let Stralman walk to keep Boyle.

    There are going to be teams lining up for his services. That is because his skillset is rare.

    Try to find me another 6’7″ forward who can skate and defend like Brian. He is a dominant physical player and why shouldn’t he be paid like one?

    Mike Babcock, Darryl Sutter, Joel Quenneville are salivating at the chance to get a player like Boyle in their bottom 6…

  21. I mean, I don’t see Boyle losing many battles. And, when he is in BEAST mode, it’s not even fair…

  22. If the choice is between Stralman and Boyle, the choice is always Stralman.

    Stralman is easily a top pair defenseman, which is far more valuable than a fourth line center.

  23. OK Boyle isn’t Lindros and maybe dominant isn’t the best word to describe BEAST mode, but I am not at all thrilled about potential UFAs that Slats may get to replace him. Whatever Slats finds will be a downgrade, IMO.

    Boyle is also an important guy in that locker room. Why break the chemistry of this team?

  24. Nash with that smirk on his face talking about the “worst stretch of his career”.

  25. Love Little Dorsett’s heart for the role he plays.

    Hate little Dorsett’s size for the role he plays.

  26. I’d go so far as to be willing to give Papa’s left testicle if Dors could be 6’7.


    On 1010 radio they just said that Rangers’ Brian Richards is likely to be bought out…I have a question…who’s Brian Richards?


    Betcha 1010 radio has no idea what being bought out even means.


    There is this place called Family Corner in Astoria Queens, they make the best nutella milkshakes…ever. so…I’m having one right now. Aha Aha…off seasons suck.

  30. Where in Astoria, CCCP? I was just on a job site there today. Maybe it was nearby.

  31. iManny-O-War on

    You were being very sweet to your wife. And also, CCCP, I yelled your REAL name. The one I would never say here…

  32. Sounds to me like Boyle wants to go somewhere and take on a bigger role than just a 4th line beast who kills penalties and grinds down opponents..if someone gives him that chance PLUS money he’s gone. Stralman sounds like he’s going too.

    I really hope they resign Moore and Pouliot. Too much turn over is going to equate to 4 completely different lines, an altered top 4 defense and new PP and PK units…can’t say that’s a good thing..

  33. This thing with Richards is going to be worse than when they had to put Barbaro down…

  34. iManny-O-War on

    My buddy was in vet school at UPENN when Barbaro was in recovery there. He cared for him. He told me that Barbaro had a TV and get well cards all over his stable. None of the other horses had anything.

    He also told me that get well cards for other horses were thrown out.

  35. That just really doesn’t seem fair to the other horses. It’s as if they treat them like animals.

  36. iManny-O-War on

    I didn’t chase you down because I had coffee for me and my wife in my hands and I was in a revolving door.

    Stop judging me.

  37. I bet they give Richards a slow news cycle, waive him on a Friday or something.

  38. Manny

    It woulda been nice to say to you “You suck” in person…next time just drop the coffee and come say hello :)

  39. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    I still believe that that we lost cause not enough people were POZY when the team was having trouble. The fans turned their backs on our boys. It could be years until we get the chance to go that far.

    My mean cousin who is a devils fan hurt my feelings. He sent me a “present” that said CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR RANGERS. When I opened it it was a 1994 Stanley Cup video on VHS. Who even owns one of those? SoI call him and asked him if he could get me a DVD and he laughed and said they didn’t invent DVDs back then.

    I’m so mad at him! I hope their dumb old goalie signs somewhere else this year!

  40. One thing you have to add in is will Boyle want to stay on in a 4th line role? even if he is paid $2.5m+ ?
    He’s been quoted as saying he’d like more responsibility and AV won’t expand his current role too much, so i expect Boyle to sign elsewhere.
    Stralman will get a lot of money thrown his way which the Rangers won’t match ($5m?), and probably shouldn’t given we need to re-sign Staal and also have Klein, Diaz, McIlrath in the organisation who are righties and coming through the likes of Conor Allen, Brady Skjei and Calle Andersson.

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