The run to the Stanley Cup Final: Some memorable moments


Happy Father’s Day!!!

A couple of things … we’ll have at least one Live Chat this coming week.

Monday is breakup day and I will be there, and I think Josh Thomson is coming, too, and we’ll have a lot of tweets and audio and video and blog posts and news from there.


Here’s my column from The Journal News and

By Rick Carpiniello

There’s going to be plenty of time to break down this Rangers season, and the somewhat rocky, albeit short, offseason that began early Saturday morning, on the 20th anniversary of the best night in franchise history.

There’s going to be plenty of analysis about a five-game Stanley Cup Final in which every single game could have gone either way, in which 85-plus percent of the series was played either tied or with a one-goal difference, in which bounces and officiating played such huge parts in outcomes.

But right here, right now is the time for some memories of almost nine weeks of wild swings in an improbable and out-of-nowhere run to the Final that couldn’t have been imagined when it began.rangers with wales

Some of my memories, chronologically:

Game 7 against Philadelphia at MSG: In a wobbly series in which neither team won two in a row, the Rangers survived their fourth consecutive Game 7. It was a minimal accomplishment that gave no indication of what was to come.

Game 1 in Pittsburgh: The Rangers scored not one, but two overtime goals. What? Yes, Derick Brassard’s shot beat Marc-Andre Fleury and ricocheted out of the net so fast that only Brassard knew it was in. So Benoit Pouliot grabbed the loose puck and put it past Fleury again. Video replay showed Brassard’s goal had actually ended the game.

Game 4 against the Penguins at MSG: Rick Nash was booed off the ice. Martin St. Louis was booed, too, and said it was probably the worst game he’d ever played. The Rangers had gone through a ridiculously bad 0-for-36 power-play skid, and had barely survived an absurd schedule, playing five games in seven nights, with their worst performance of the playoffs. Down 3-1, everybody thought they were done. Heck, I thought they were done before the series louis goal vs. mont

Game 5 in Pittsburgh: When the Rangers arrived in Pittsburgh, St. Louis learned about the death of his mother, France. He flew to Montreal to be with his family, then returned to play in a 5-1 victory. Who knew what was next?

Game 6 vs. the Penguins at MSG: On Mother’s Day, St. Louis scored the game’s first goal, and during the game, Sidney Crosby became increasingly distracted by Dominic Moore. Henrik Lundqvist was fined $5,000 for squirting Crosby with a water bottle during one fracas.

Game 7 at Pittsburgh: Goals by Brian Boyle and Brad Richards (7-0 in Game 7s in his career) gave Lundqvist all he needed as the Rangers came back from 1-3 down for the first time in franchise history. Lundqvist’s five-minute stretch of the third period, in which the Rangers allowed more scoring chances than they normally do in a full game, not only got them to the Eastern Conference final but also cost Penguins GM Ray Shero and coach Dan Bylsma their jobs. Both would still be employed otherwise.

More Game 7: This was my personal favorite single moment of the entire playoffs: a GIF of the bench, of grown men acting like children, with Brassard looking for somebody to hug in the final seconds and Benoit Pouliot face-washing Mats Zuccarello and Brad Richards jumping up and down. Click here to see it.stepan down

Game 1 in Montreal: The Rangers exorcise all their Montreal ghosts in a 7-2 win (they would win Game 2 also), and goalie Carey Price is lost for the series in a collision with Chris Kreider, which sets an ugly, nasty tone for the series.

Game 3 vs. Montreal at MSG: Brandon Prust’s blatant head shot, which broke Derek Stepan’s jaw, is called “interference” by the NHL, and the series just deteriorated with accusations, threats, suspensions and whining. The Canadiens really conducted themselves in embarrassing fashion throughout the series. People around the league thought so.

Game 6 vs. Montreal at MSG: Lundqvist’s helicopter save on Thomas Vanek highlighted a 1-0 win in the clincher, the Rangers’ best game of the postseason. And Dominic Moore — another great story, returning from sitting out a season after the death of his wife, Katie — scored the only goal.helicopter save

Game 1 in Los Angeles: A bad hop became a turnover by Dan Girardi and an overtime victory for the Kings.

Game 2 in Los Angeles: A non-goalie-interference call on Dwight King’s goal helped the Kings come back from 2-0 down again, and win in OT again. They led the series 2-0 without having held a lead during play.

Game 3 vs. Los Angeles at MSG: Three bad plays and three bad deflections put the Rangers down 0-3 in the series.

Game 4 vs. Los Angeles at MSG: Two pucks stop in the snow on the goal line to keep the Rangers alive despite being dominated in the third period. Mark Messier, in the crowd, waved four fingers, indicating four wins needed.

Game 5 in Los Angeles: Again, Lundqvist was spectacular, the Rangers fought back from a 1-0 deficit on goals by Kreider and Boyle, but a bad tripping call on Mats Zuccarello, who was tripped himself, let Marian Gaborik tie it, and the Kings won the Cup in double OT.puck on line



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  1. Gregm-section403 on

    I was smiling until I got to the LA memories. Still such a bitter taste.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Very nice, Carp. The memories will linger for years. It will become a very memorable season, and I will remember it as a season played by a very special team.

    It’s been a few crazy days for me, between the graduation party and busy work schedule this weekend, but I will be ready for an offseason talk this week, I’m sure. I’ve been reading the blog here and there last two days. And I have to say that I disagree with most of you. I would not trade Rick Nash.

  3. Zev the welder on

    What I can’t seem to erase from my Stanley Cup memories- game 5, 3rd period start with the quick changes, short shifts that gave a huge lack of offense and all the momentum back to the Kings. To me, It was inevitable the Kings were
    Going to tie that game back up. Oh, well… They had a tremendous run.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

    I remember during 2012 playoff run, Carp mentioned several times for all of us to take it in and enjoy it… 2 seasons later…. That much closer. Pretty darn cool

  4. bull dog line on

    there are a few of us that feel the same as you about Nash, ilb. in time there will be others. right now the wound is to fresh for most.

  5. Even with the season over I’m still reading Carps Blog. Great stuff. Thank you Carp.

    I too wouldn’t trade Nash, I’d like to see a core created & solidified. Also would love it if the 15 or so core players going forward would find a place in Metro NY to live close to one another and really solidify their team core like the Kings do. All the Kings live qithin walking distance of one another. I think it makes a difference.

  6. This season ended like I predicted: The no-talent clowns fell short.

    They are bush-league. Amateur-hour to the core.

    Trade everyone.

  7. Carp

    What time tomorrow break up day begin. You need a ride. I got handcuffs for my 5 minutes with Nash.

  8. Happy Father’s Day !!!

    If you truly love your kids, don’t let them be Ranger fans.

    Just kidding, misery loves company.

    Just kidding, Let’s Go Rangers !!!

  9. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Re: Nash, I just hope the concussions haven’t permanently affected his skills. I don’t see fear in his game, the amount of hitting he did and the defensive game he played ruled that out in my mind. it’s the timing, balance and decision making that I’m worried about.
    I agree, if he starts the season strong he’ll be okay, but if he struggles, and won’t go between the circles it could get ugly.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – great stuff, thanks for all your efforts, this blog rocks!

    Brought family to Mothers Day game and when Marty scored the first goal, the Garden felt electric again!!

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Re Offseason moves – focus on defense, with Stralman most likely leaving and Staal at one more year, need to revamp back end.
    Belov would look good in Blue

  12. Hapot Father’s Day! Not the best ending…but is it second best? Multiple game changing calls left a bad taste….really bad! There is nothing about the make up of this team today that suggests another run like this next many UFA unknowns..but at least Richards will move on…and we have some financial wiggle room. The King was healthy enough to make this run…and while a team player was more key…and The King removed any doubt from his resume about his worthiness to hoist the cup. All the shortfalls in the last series lay elsewhere..we all know…for a fact…this series was not lopsided as a five game loss would suggest and .even though the kings owned the puck for long periods of time. The reason for that lies woth Henrik…Long Live The King!

  13. I’ll never think it was a cool run
    I’ll forever think we gave away the Cup, albeit to a great team. Feel like it took a few games to learn how to play at a Finals level and to figure out wtf the refs wanted from us.
    F’in BS

  14. Old Ranger Fan on

    At least no one needs surgery this year. I was afraid we might not see McD until Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone else can rest and heal and be ready for training camp.

  15. I am glad that you included the last 5 Carp. I think the Kings were a better team, but the Rangers were in every game and a couple of bounces and we are still playing. NOTHING to be ashamed about.

    There is no doubt Richards should be and WILL be bought out. Surprisingly, I think there are things they will really miss about him. I think he was well regarded in the locker room and his leadership can’t be denied. That being said, the contract (after the new CBA) became an albatross and the Rangers must shed it.

    I really don’t think the Rangers problems are that bad. The main concern is Nash. Is there something wrong with him? His balance did seem off. He seemed to be unsteady on his skates. Is this who he now is?

    I want everyone to remember something. Marian Gaborik STRUGGLED greatly in the playoffs. I LOVE Derick Stepan and think he is underrated here. BUT, Derick Stepan would be a very good #2 center and an excellent #3 center. As a matter of fact, that is what the Rangers need in my opinion. They need Stepan to slot into Richards spot and they need a TRUE impactful #1 Center. What happened in the playoffs to Gaborik when he was paired with Kopitar?????

    The other issues will be Stralman, Boyle, D. Moops and Pouliot? Can they afford to keep all of them? I sure hope they can. I think all of them played very important roles on this team. The value of being 4 lines deep was evident. It took us YEARS to construct a good 4th line. We now have one and they had better keep it together. Very important to keep Boyle. His excellent playoff performance isn’t a one shot deal. He has consistently shown that he can elevate his game when it matters most. So many players can’t and that is something that is valuable.

    All 4 players are in an interesting position. I think there are multiple teams out there who will be able to pay more than the Rangers. Will these guys give any type of hometown discount because they love the team and love the situation they are in? Athletes have shown me again and again that they only care about money. I hope it will be different this time, but I am not confident that it will be.

    I am really sad that this incredible run is over…. The only saving grace is a very short offseason because they played so deep.


  16. More pissed off right now:
    Duguay (because his macking offseason began earlier than he hoped)?

  17. By the way, “THE KREIDER” has 666 followers on twitter. JUST SAYIN!

    I think “THE” had a very good playoff for a 23 year old kid. 13 points in 15 games! He needs to work on some deke moves for the breakaway though. A TRUE #1 center would GREATLY benefit “THE” as well!

  18. bull dog line on

    I think the Rangers off season should be a simple one. buy out Richards, sign Stastny. try to keep Boyle, Stralman, and maybe Pouliot. let Moore go. open up roster spot for Miller, and maybe Linberg.

  19. Yev, totally agree about THE; he comes in on breakaways like a freight train and if his shot doesn’t hit the net, he usually hits something; end boards, goalies, etc!!! A little less speed and a little more finesse. But man, is he exciting to watch when he’s flying!!

    Carp, been reading your columns since the Standard Star and the Donnie Murdoch days!!! Still great insights and I feel like I’m reading a conversation between me and a rabid Ranger fan!!! You are a great writer, writing about our favorite team. Thanks so much for this blog too!!

  20. Old Ranger Fan on

    It was a whole lot more fun than last year waiting for Torts to be fired. The draft is in 2 weeks and there are UFAs and RFAs to sign. Before you now it it will be time for Traverse City.

    The problem now is that they have raised expectations and we will want them to do this every year.

  21. And just throwing this out there. I know I am probably in the minority here, but I truly believe that this team is good enough to get back to the dance next year. You have no idea what this run and experience can do to a player. Give a taste and the hunger grows. Proud of this team.

  22. Still going back and forth between feeling the stinging disappoint / heartbreak and gratitude for an amazing unexpected run.

    I miss this team already.

    Happy Fathers Day to All.

  23. Old Ranger, let’s wait on that. Breakup day is tomorrow and that’s normally when the real injuries are revealed.

    Good crack of noon, Sally!

    And, again, thank you all for the kind words. You guys rule.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on


    Game 1

    Rangers 5
    Habs 0

    GWG Brassard

    Ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole

  25. This was a glorious run for our boys. Though they came up short, it wasn’t from lack of effort or heart. They were beaten by the better team. As a fan, it makes you understand and appreciate what it takes to win it all.

    That being said, the Rangers have the character to win. They also have adequate depth, although not great. I think they are missing at least 1 very key piece (assuming they keep the team intact except for Richie)

    They need a franchise center (a la Kopitar) if we ever hope to win this thing. You can certainly say with confidence that the Kings would have lost in the 1st round if it wasn’t for Anze. NYR need a guy that can shut down the big opposition every night and lead your team in points. We aren’t going to be bottoming out and getting a high draft pick anytime soon. So, Slats is going to have to get creative in the trade market.

  26. bull dog line on

    where do you find that franchise center? I think there formula of 3 number 2 centers worked just fine. having said that, the franchise center is already on the team, his name Chris Kreider.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We definitely could use a beast like a Kopitar at center or E. Kane on the wing.

  28. Kreider’s got a long way to go in understanding the away-from-the-puck part of the game before he would even be considered to play center, IMO, bull dog.

  29. This was the first time Bettman didn’t mention the losing team in the Stanley Cup presentation. That says a lot and explains a lot.

  30. bull dog line on

    I know his D play needs to improve Carp, but not every player starts his career being a good D zone player. everything about him screams center. size, speed, and good passer. the D stuff will come with time. now I don’t believe for a minute thats what the Rangers plans are. it is just my opinion.

  31. Bulldog, I agree with Carp.

    The Kreider is the quintessential power winger. Do you remember the many times this season he flew the D zone, received the stretch pass and burst past the DMan like he was standing still? It happened at least 3 times in the finals and during OT in games 2 and 5.

    Are you willing to sacrifice that potential by saddling him with burdensome DZone down-low Center responsibilities?

    Not me. He’s a power left wing with unbelievable speed and burst.

  32. Anyone considering dumping Kreider has to be nuts. He is what this team needs a lot more of.

  33. bull dog line on

    I will answer that this way, Papa. what is more valuable, a power winger, or a power center? I think a power center is more valuable.

  34. bull dog line on

    that I agree with Carp. Kreider on the off wing.
    nobody is talking about dumping him.

  35. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    THE and Step for Spezza. Spezza has 10 or 20 good games in him still…..

  36. bull dog line on

    the coach who did not hate him, wanted him to go through the process. this coach, once he called him up, played him. lived with the mistakes, and was rewarded for it. Sather said about Kreider that he would be a better player in the NHL than he would be in the AHL. so the process should have been letting him grow in the NHL.

  37. There is no one on the planet that can convince me the rangers didn’t get screwed in the Stanely cup final, no one and I don’t believe the refs are that incompetent. Yes, the kings are the better team but in my mind games 2 and 5 and the penalties not called in game 2 and the one on zucc changed the out come of the games. I will have a hard time getting back to being a nhl fan like I was before game 2. I didn’t watch games 3 and 4 but I watched 5 because my friend wanted again for me to come over and watched the game with him only to see the same crap I witness in game 2.

  38. tommy, not a chance in hell that the NHL and NBC didn’t want that thing to go seven. The ratings were awesome, and they were raking in millions in all sorts of related revenue every game. NYC-LA was a dream.

    It was incompetence.

  39. Don’t think I’d dump Nash either.

    I’d get rid of secretariat, don’t think both d Moops and Boyle will be back, I think NATW is a goner, I’d also seriously look into moving Staal.

    Pouliot is a must resign IMHO.

    We need forward size badly.

    I’d look into trading step or brass.

    I wonder if Kesler still doesn’t want to play for AV?

    I trade jt miller.

  40. Tommy G, I am having a hard time getting over it, too. The Kings were diving almost as bad as Mtl did in the ECF, that’s how Muzzin drew the penalty on Zook that led to the tying goal. I heard the splash all the way from LA. And before that, Dom Moore got a penalty for being tripped. I just can’t take this league anymore. I love hockey but hate the NHL. Just like I love America but hate the government.

  41. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Tommy – they were horrible calls but I really believe the Kings would have just turned the volume up even more and would have scored those goals regardless. The Rangers had many chances to put that final nail in the coffin in every OT game, but couldn’t seal the deal….That said, this was the second best run in my lifetime. Much better than 72 and 79.

  42. bull dog line on

    JT Miller is going to play in the NHL for 10 years. the question is, is he going to be top 6, or top 9. you talk about needing forward size in on breath ( which Miller has), and then trading forward size in the next.

  43. Carp, :)

    Also I love that clip too!! Brassard was going to explode looking for someone or something to hug.

  44. jpg's sister on

    Hasppy Fathers to all the Dads, Grandpas, Stepdads, Godfathers, Soon to Be Dads, Pet Dads on the board

  45. if the officials are that incompetent than the idiots who run the nhl better do something about it because I won’t waste my time anymore with this mickey mouse organization called the nhl.

  46. bull dog line on

    after the missed goalie interference call in game 3, there was over 40 more minutes played. same with the Zucc call. the Rangers had plenty of time to recover. those losses are not the officials fault.

  47. eddie, it was a great run and the reason why it was great run because no 0ne expected it. Unfortunately the rangers are going to lose some players in the off season and a key player they most likely will lose is Boyle. Boyle was great in the playoffs. I don’t see the rangers getting to the cup again next year and who knows when they will get there again.

  48. bull dog line on

    as far as the no one expected the run stuff. I know of 2 people here that realized about midway through the season, that the east was wide open , and thought the Rangers had a very good chance of winning the east. myself, and Doodie.

  49. really? Doodie? the guy who predicted the rangers to lose to the pens in 5, habs in 6 and the kings in 4, yea, ok.

  50. Bull dog
    I know you love miller, but he weighs 3lbs more than brassard…I wouldn’t consider either one of them as “big”, and yes we do need size…size larger than miller or brassard.

  51. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I sai all along the only team I was afraid of was Boston. Moreover, had the hawks won their game 7, we would be SC champions

  52. We need size, speed and grit in the middle.

    For the most part, KingsCenters physically dominated in both ends this series.

    Kings have some great Cap friendly contracts. Quick at 5.8 for 7 more years. Carter at 5.2 for 7 more years, doughty at $7m for 5 years.

    Gaborik will sign with Kings. 4 years @ $26M.

  53. Fwiw I also said Columbus scared me a bit in the playoffs, but I said we could beat the pens and NO ONE here believed me.

  54. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Wicky predicted a last place finish. He should not be added to the list ;)

  55. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Miller will fill out and he likes to hit. JT has a physical game, speed, and his hands are better than average. I hope we keep him – especially after he gets it all together…

  56. yea, I was glad we didn’t play Columbus, they are a fairly big physical team and thought the rangers could beat columbus but it would have been a taxing series on the rangers. It fell perfectly into place for the rangers. I don’t see that happening again.

  57. I said at the start of the playoffs I want to play Philly, Pittsburg & Boston.

    San Jose in the SCF.

    No fear.

  58. Odds to win the 2015 Stanley Cup

    Chicago Blackhawks 15/2

    Boston Bruins 8/1

    Pittsburgh Penguins 9/1

    Los Angeles Kings 10/1

    St. Louis Blues 10/1

    Anaheim Ducks 14/1

    San Jose Sharks 14/1

    Colorado Avalanche 18/1

    Minnesota Wild 18/1

    New York Rangers 18/1

    Detroit Red Wings 22/1

    Montreal Canadiens 25/1

    Tampa Bay Lightning 25/1

    Vancouver Canucks 25/1

    Philadelphia Flyers 28/1

    Dallas Stars 33/1

    Toronto Maple Leafs 33/1

    Washington Capitals 33/1

    Columbus Blue Jackets 40/1

    New Jersey Devils 40/1

    Carolina Hurricanes 50/1

    Edmonton Oilers 50/1

    Ottawa Senators 50/1

    Phoenix Coyotes 50/1

    Winnipeg Jets 50/1

    Calgary Flames 66/1

    Florida Panthers 66/1

    Nashville Predators 66/1

    New York Islanders 66/1

    Buffalo Sabres 75/1

  59. What’s the bigger problem here?

    That the officials are so incompetent?

    Or that the NHL thinks the officials do a good job?

  60. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    12 – 25 -13


    Merry Christmas everyone. I predict the rangers will come on last place even though Eddie 3 Xs says they’ll win the Cup



  61. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – Robbie just told be that those odds are not correct and that the House has a huge advantage and that your blowing smoke and everyone sees right through you

  62. Add me to that list too!

    And TJ Miller is only 21. He’ll get bigger/stronger. Hopefully he doesn’t pull an “Alex Bourret” and injure himself in the gym trying to do that! That was the last thing I heard aboot that guy.

    Apparently he was the guy NYR were originally going to draft until Stahl started to drop. Then they traded up to get him. Bourret could have been another NYR first round bust.

  63. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Feb 14, 2014


    Happy valentines day

    Haha I just read Eddie’s post that the rangers will make a deep run. No way. The rangers couldn’t beat a high school team. I predict a worse than last place finish.



  64. bull dog line on

    you were ascared of them, Wicky. Tommy G thinks they were to big and physical for us. they will not even sniff the playoffs next year.

  65. Yes, Carp, Columbus did make the playoffs. They lost to the Pens in the first round, five games.

  66. yea, I’m not buying anybody thought the rangers were going to the stanely cup. I read this blog allot this year and remember mostly everything people post on here, especially people who post often.

  67. Bull dog
    How does me saying I didn’t want to play them (I thought it was a bad match up for us) constitute “Columbus love”?

    Go back through any post you want bro, and find a post where I am all about “Columbus love”.

    You are 100% wrong!!! You need to learn the difference between stating opinion about a match up and “Columbus love”.

  68. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I remember Wicky not being afraid of CBJ and in fact, I think he wanted them in. 2nd round

  69. Bull dog
    Simply a bad match up for us IMHO, nothing more nothing less.

    Not an angry post, a precise and accurate on that clearly got it’s point across ;)

  70. bull dog line on

    for what it is worth,I think Columbus is tremendously overrated. we would have gone through them with ease.

  71. I have no affinity for Columbus whatsoever, not do I really care about what former rangers play for them.

  72. orr, I hope your right and I hope they resign D-moore and at least keep together two thirds of the 4th line.

  73. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Tommy – I’m not sure I said “rangers are going to the final” but I was optimistic and predicted victory EVERY night with Brassard scoring the GWG

  74. bull dog line on

    what Boyle does in the regular season can be replaced. it is what he does in the playoffs that will be very difficult to replace. if the years are right, I would overpay him to stay. Moore can go.

  75. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Boyle is the anti Nash. Doesn’t score much during the season, does lots of other things well, but once the playoffs start, Boyle plays big. Real Big

  76. I don’t think dorsett is going anywhere so 2/3 of the 4th line will remain intact…it’s just a question of which of d Moops or Boyle stays?

    I’d also keep Boyle over Moops.

  77. We could no doubt sign #13 for 1 mil and inject him into 4th line with Dorsett. Just sayin’, in case Boyler wants the world. Not that Boyler wouldn’t be the choice, if you had a choice.

  78. Slats should have traded Dorsett at the deadline. Could have gotten a decent pick for him. Now, I think he gets less. You know how teams are at the deadline, they get desperate. D.Moore was traded for a 2nd round pick tree times, or maybe two!

  79. bull dog line on

    I just hope that if Boyle leaves he goes to a good hockey market. don’t waste your time in Nashville, or Fla. go to Chicago, or Detroit.

  80. Must Sign Boyle. Not even a question. There is no reason not to. What is the absolute $$ limit???

  81. Boyle’s sh goal was a frikkin thing of beauty, and beat “the best defenseman in the league” AND “the best goalie in the league”

    Now it’s just like Soriano’s game 7 HR in the desert

  82. bull dog line on

    moving a guy like Dorsett is a good way to save on the cap. I like Dorsett, but you can find somebody to do what he does for cheaper.

  83. You’re no doubt correct, Carp, but he comes relatively cheap, contributed, and didn’t embarrass himself on the last line.

  84. Don’t know whom he would have replaced, but we could have used Carcillo’s grit and forechecking in the last round.

  85. bull dog line on

    I like Carcillo because you can put him in and out of the line up, and he is always going to be ready. if he play 4 minutes you notice him. you could do a lot worse with your 13th forward.

  86. “bull dog line
    but who is that number 1 center, and what is the cost to get him?

    June 15th, 2014 at 10:37 AM”

    The MILLION dollar question! I don’t know, but I sure know it aint Stepan and I love Derick.

    I also can not believe that people are giving up on JT Miller already. The kid is 21 and has barely a SNIFF at the bigs. He is exactly what we are looking for. In a few years he will be 6’1″ 215. (he is 205 now at 21 and will fill out a bit) he is a tremendous skater with great speed. I think he is going to be an important player in the future for the Rangers.

    It really bums me out that we will probably not be able to keep all of our guys. I really love that 4th line of D. Moops, Dorsette and Boyle. Unfortunately, I think Stralman is the one that almost certainly will leave. He played so well in the playoffs, so solid. Someone is going to give him a boatload of $$$. It is a shame that Brady Skeji is only 18, cause if you watched him in the frozen four, you had to be VERY excited. Another GREAT skating defenseman picked by the Rangers and he has a booming slap shot from the point. I was extremely impressed with his poise for a Freshman.

    It is a shame that I do not think McIlrath will ever be a solid player for the Rangers. Unless he works at it and shows dramatic improvement, I just don’t think his skating is good enough. It is too bad because the kid is big , strong and seems fearless.

    We should be watching another game tomorrow!!! UGHHHHHHHHH!


    What a spectacular play this was! Watch hagelin. That kid not only has the wheels and the talent, but talk about hockey IQ. He uses his speed to beat Voynov to where the puck is. Instead of going for the puck, he uses his body to check Voynov and then gets tremendous position that allows him to feather the pass to boyle. Boyle uses a great move and fake and top shelfs the puck.


  88. So are there 30 #1 centres in the nhl?

    I mean we don’t have one so is there 29? Does one team have two of them?

  89. bull dog line on

    McIlrath is trending towards bust, but just remember, Dmen take time to develop. especially big ones.

  90. The very first time that marionette chick spilled eddie’s Screaming Eagle Cabernet, she’d be history.

  91. bull dog line on

    the Rangers played with 3 numbers 2’s this year. that worked out fine. sign Stastny and go with the same plan.

  92. Yes on Pouliot!

    Is spezza a #1?

    I think stastny is a upper level 2C but better than anything we currently have.

  93. Big, gangly Forego never would have become a champion if they hadn’t castrated him. McIlrath?

  94. I wouldn’t hold my breath with Brady Skjei. NYR don’t do well with 1st round d-men.

    If Mcilrath wants to make it in the NHL, he’s going to have to avoid fighting guys like McGratton. That was dumb! He’s lucky McGratton took it easy on him.

    Dubiny was the same way. In the pre-season he fought Andy Sutton, and thought he can take anyone. Game #1 of the season he gets knocked out by some Senator.

    Just play physical, solid defense. Stay away from the goonery.

  95. My Grandughter, the sweetest little girl alive, just arrived, gave me a big hug and said,

    “Happy Fathers Day. I love you Poppy. Don’t be sad. The Rangers will win next time”.


  96. But Jesus said, ‘Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.’

  97. I think with d men they don’t have to be fast like j Moops or mcdonut, they just have to be quick in the hips, and be able to swivel on a dime and change directions

  98. McGrattan said to the Undertaker: “Good go, kid,” and patted him on the azz. But give McIlrath credit for picking maybe the baddest guy in the league.

  99. Not too mention he got the hat from teammates after that game, that goes a long way

  100. In terms of the 2012 draft, we screwed big time up again!

    27 Henrik Samuelsson (C) United States Phoenix Coyotes
    28 Brady Skjei (D) United States New York Rangers
    29 Stefan Matteau (C) Canada NJ Devils
    30 Tanner Pearson (LW) Canada Los Angeles Kings

    We “could of” had Pearson!

  101. I can’t decide if Stralman has turned the corner big time or if he will revert to his ordinariness and start letting fast forwards turn him inside out again.

  102. “ORR!! What Is It Good For!!??
    I wouldn’t hold my breath with Brady Skjei. NYR don’t do well with 1st round d-men.”

    In terms of Brady Skeji, that is based on what? Did you watch him play in the frozen four? He was EXCELLENT against the best college players in the country. He is only 18.

    Was MDZ a bust for us? Yes. Will McIlrath be? Who knows, too early to say. But Brady looked fantastic in the tournament.

  103. Mcilrath could be a low cost d man on the right next season for the rangers especially if we are close to the cap

  104. bull dog line on

    yeah Stralman is a tough call. he is going to get paid. will he live up to it? if the Rangers feel Staal is going to sign and stay, I let Stralman walk. if not, I trade Staal, and sign Stralman.

  105. “NYR_FAN
    In terms of the 2012 draft, we screwed big time up again!

    27 Henrik Samuelsson© United States Phoenix Coyotes
    28 Brady Skjei (D) United States New York Rangers
    29 Stefan Matteau© Canada NJ Devils
    30 Tanner Pearson (LW) Canada Los Angeles Kings”

    How can you possibly say that? Brady Skjei hasn’t played 1 second in the minors nor the NHL? Stefan Matteau is a good NHL player so far? REALLY?

    Samuelson put up good numbers in the WHL. Does that mean he will be a good NHL player? Tanner Pearson looks excellent. So, explain to me again how we “screwed up big time?”

  106. bull dog line on

    to me McIlrath needs to be on the team next year. even if it is as a 7th Dman and he only plays 40 games. they need to start pushing forward with him.

  107. With so much drama in the L.B.C.
    It’s kinda hard being F. A. T. double G
    But some how, some way
    I keep comin’ up with funky a$$ spit like every single day

    G’s up, ho’s down

  108. Yev, relax, I was being sarcastic and just pointing out some of the other players surrounding the Rangers 2012 #1 pick.

    Sure, Skjei could be a good pick, we won’t know for a while…I’m not holding my breath

  109. It’s too soon to say we screwed up the 2011/2012 drafts. Way too soon!

    Yev, I’ve never seen him play, but like I said, the picks have not been good in the HISTORY of NYR. I’m not saying he’s a bust, I’m just saying, I’m not getting my hopes up.

  110. It will be sad to see Boyle, Stralman, or D Moore go. They all had fine playoffs. The fourth had some fantastic shifts in one of the first two OT games.

    Better to have three “number two” centers than one number one. Anyway we won’t get that number one. The good ones aren’t available.

    Depressing the season is over.

    Thanks for this blog and all the savvy commentary.

  111. Media trying to make Rio look like paradise but conveniently leaving out the fact that in every shadow, and often even in broad daylight, is a favela desperado willing to shank you for a dollar

  112. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    The run we just saw was miraculous. There are many positives.

    The biggest negative is that the hockey world will now think that Sather actually had a handle on what good GM’s need to do. Let’s face it. Four lines works, no doubt. He pretty much ‘back doored’ into fortunate match ups to get to the finals and this team was anchored by the best goalie in hockey, so it perpetually has a shot if the chips fall in the right place.

    However, how many high draft picks do we have? Do trades like Clowe (for multiple draft picks) and MSL (for 2 1st rounders) make long term sense? What do we do with draft picks when we have them, anyway (but, boy, gotta like Kreider, Step, perhaps JT)? What is our prospect sheet looking like? Do we have anything of value for trades? How close to the cap are we? Will we ever have a crease clearing defenseman? Is John Moore his idea of a power play point man? Will we get a no. 1 center? On and on and on…..

    But, how many hockey people now see Sather as a GM that knows his stuff because of this ‘fortunate’ run?

  113. Boyle will be this seasons prust. He made 1.7 and he will get a deal for 3mil. 4 yrs 12 mil. Question is do rangers pay 4th line center 3 mil whose essentially getting paid 3rd line money.

  114. But, he’s not just a fourth liner, Eric. Great on PK, important faceoffs, and is a playoff warrior. Need guys like that. $3M is OK with me.

  115. I would sign him too. Was just talking in terms how he’s viewed. He’s a playoff type player.

  116. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Boyle could have been resigned by a smart GM months ago. He had his opportunity. And hockey people knew how important a player he was then. Now, the world knows. Of course the Prust, I mean price, goes up.

    Another reason to :


  117. bull dog line on

    Boyle is a much better player than Prust. Prust is a 4/5th line player. not worth what Montreal gave him. he was a healthy scratch for 2 playoff games.

  118. I mentioned it a while back, but Mike Babcock spoke very highly of Boyle in a pre-game vs NYR this season. Of all the guys to single out, he chose Boyle. So you know he’s going to make a push for Holland to sign Boyle this summer.

    Dime a dozen to a few dopes here, but GM’s few Boyle as a really valuable player.

  119. Matty, I believe they spoke with Boyle during the season and at that time thought he wanted way too much. Now that amount is going to be a bargain.

  120. I really don’t want to go back to signing the big UFA’s to fill a need, but this team went to the Cup Final and they could replace Neigh with Stastny. That’s tempting.

    You go for Spezza or Jumbo Joe, you’re giving up significant players.

  121. “Matty, I believe they spoke with Boyle during the season and at that time thought he wanted way too much. Now that amount is going to be a bargain.”

    CARP, what if he wanted $900 billion?

  122. Boyler wants to stay, but I bet he likes Boston, too. Were this the Yankees, we would pay him. In a small Cap league, things could be tenuous.

  123. The Garden Faithful on

    Who votes we trade Nasher for Ryan O’Reilly and then re-sign Gabby? After his classy tweet the other night I have the sense he would love to come back here and play for AV. Only reason he was jettisoned here was because of Torts.

  124. It wasn’t just Torts, TGF. He was the driving force, but the entire organization wanted him out. They won’t be able to afford a player like Gaborik anyway. Though I agree, Gaborik in this system could be terrific.

  125. I said here before we knew whom they’d be playing in round 1, “I want to play, in any order, Philly, Pittsburg & Boston in the East and
    San Jose in the SCF.”

    Carp, responded, “feeling ambitious (or confident?) Papa?”

    So, there you have it. it’s documented, I had the Blueshirts going to the finals EVEN IF they played Boston.


  126. ThisYearsModel on

    Rangers spend what it takes to get Stastny, and he will be hammered up here regularly just like Nash and Richards are. He disappears for games at a time and, IMO, is not better than Stepan. The Rangers are not getting a #1 center via FA or trade, unless they pry Ryan O’Reilly away from Colorado. Even then, he is not a proven #1 either. We need someone to block Sather’s phone from Doug Wilson, before we end up with Marleau or Jumbo Shrimp in Blue for our next 3 available #1’s and Brady Sheij.

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