Game 5: Rangers-Kings in review


We’ll have some more chats, for sure. And we’re going to have a lot of reaction the next several days, then through breakup day, the buyout period, the draft (do they have any picks?) and of course July 1. Gonna be a short summer.


1) Happy Anniversary? June 14, the best date in franchise history. And now one of the most painful?

2)  Not breaking any news here, but that was one freakin’ out-of-nowhere run. Hope you all enjoyed it. It was sure fun from this corner, I’ll tell you. Thanks to all of you nuts. You all have two things in common. You love your team unconditionally (well not every player, and not the entire organization, but the team and the uniform). And you are very, very much appreciated here. You rock. You rule.

3) Every game in the series could have gone either way, but the Kings were the better team.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

4) Henrik Lundqvist. He still doesn’t have the one thing his resume needs, but what a 25-game postseason he had … a few hiccups, and some performances that just knocked your eyes out. That change-of-directions save on the deflected Drew Doughty shot early, my word. How about the save on Kyle Clifford in the second, at 1-1, around John Moore .. who struggled in this series. Jonathan Quick was terrific, but if you switch goalies, the Kings win all five games … in regulation. And if you switch goalies, Lundqvist wins the Conn Smythe.

5) Then he was left helpless by Marc Staal, Anton Stralman, Dominic Moore and late-arriving Carl Hagelin as four Kings get three whacks for a 1-0 lead. Staal was caught fishing for puck instead of taking the open man on the original shot. And I know some of you were quite critical of him in the Final, but he and Stralman played against Anze Kopitar, and Kopitar was pretty much shut down.

6) Dan Girardi, on the other hand. Poor son of a gun. Nobody plays harder, or tougher minutes, or with more injuries. He had a nightmare series right from Game 1, that cough-up in OT. Completed more passes to Mike Richards than Brad Richards. It probably didn’t help that he had two days between Games 1 and 2 and for two-plus days was asked about it. Looked like his confidence took a big hit. But he’ll rebound. He’s a very legit first-pair right D and those sure don’t grow on trees, or have as reasonable contracts.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five7) His partner, meanwhile, turned 25 Friday. Ryan McMonster is still years away from his prime. Played 42:12. Set up Chris Kreider’s goal. What a future. Maybe with a “C” on his chest … I think it’s his or Staal’s next season.

8) Don’t want to jump to too much off-season stuff here, but that was almost certainly Brad Richards’ last game as a Ranger, and if it was, well, he should be proud of the way he bounced back from the demotion, and his struggles early in this series. Had a bunch of chances, ran a few really good power plays, had some hits. Again, it’s not his play that’s going to get him bought out, and it certainly isn’t his character or leadership. It’s the cap-recapture penalty. And even if wasn’t that, we saw him worn out — he played all 107 — and he has three years left on his deal at big money. The Rangers can’t keep him. But they did play nine playoff series in his three seasons here, and he was a big reason why this team played in June.

9) Was that Benoit Pouliot’s final offensive-zone penalty as a Ranger? OK, this is the now daily (and final) portion of the program where we discuss the men in stripes. I don’t have a huge problem with the Pouliot penalty … but given what happened in Game 2, and the goal that was so critical in that game and in this series, well, how is Pouliot’s a penalty and Dwight King’s isn’t? Also, Quick could have gotten an embellishment call. Plus Quick was well out of the crease. As @tomoboyle tweeted last night: “what purpose does the goal crease serve, exactly?” Because apparently you can’t bump a goalie outside the crease, but you can run him over in the crease. Or maybe it’s just new game, new rulebook. Terribly inconsistent … but what else is new? Dustin Brown dives for the, I don’t know, eighth, ninth time in the series on a little bump by Girardi in the corner. No call. Of course. The penalty on Dominic Moore, the phantom hook? Pansification. With 1:00 left in regulation, Rick Nash got absolutely plowed from behind on a cross check by either Jarret Stoll or Slava Voynov, I forget whom. No call.2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

10) Then we get to the third period, 2-1 Rangers lead, (I’m tired, so I forget, was it Jake Muzzin?) sticks out his leg, trips Mats Zuccarello, Zuccarello gets the penalty, Kings tie the game on the power play. We talked all season and all playoffs that, boy, we hope one of these officiating gaffes doesn’t decide the Stanley Cup. Can’t say that it did. But those two calls sure made it really difficult for the Rangers to win it, and they didn’t.

11) Also, I’m not second-guessing Alain Vigneault, because I think he did a fabulous job all year, and I don’t even truly understand a fraction of stuff he employs in his system, which worked so well. But it seemed to me in those third periods with leads that the extra short shifts, especially the ones that began in the defensive zone, went like this. Battle to get the puck, get to center, dump it in, change. And to me, that’s too passive. To me, it gives you no chance to make a play, and even more so, no chance to establish offensive-zone time. The Rangers were destroyed in third periods in this series. But in fairness, the Kings did that to a lot of teams, a lot of teams with more skill than the Rangers.

12) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Took an early offensive-zone penalty. Had a good late-first chance on a redirection and Quick made a very good save, from the scoring area. Was robbed with an open net to win it, by Slava Voynov’s stick. Played really well, I thought, in the third and OT. But … 37 playoff games, four goals. If he says “Good” this year, it will be better than the “Good” last year. But it won’t be close to “Good enough.” No sir. And the guy they chose to dump to reload the depth they traded for Nash, well, he ended up with a playoff-leading 14, including the one that forced OT, and he got to kiss the Cup.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five13) How good was that play by Carl Hagelin in the neutral zone, to angle off Voynov, beat him physically, then patiently make the pass to Brian Boyle? And how good was Boyle’s move around Drew Doughty and then his shot for the SHG?. Or how bad was Doughty? Mostly, how great were those two Rangers  on the PK all freakin’ season, and especially in these playoffs? They’re not playing last night without them, plain and simple. Not in this series without them.
14) I had actually just typed here, and tweeted, that I don’t understand why AV doesn’t star the power play with his best power play line (Pouliot, Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello) when the other unit, Kreider in front of the net, scored. So …
15) Said it a few times in these playoffs … they should do away with the long-change in the OT periods. Creates a few more chances, but also creates a lot more safe plays and bad hockey because of gassed players. Causes the players to be more tired more quickly as OT goes on. I don’t see the benefit.
16) It always sucks when hockey season ends. But I will say this, even with the officiating, these record 93 playoff games were pretty damn spectacular. And the two best things in sports are: The handshake line and when the guys with the white gloves bring out the Stanley Cup and the winners pass it around. Nothing better.
17) The coach who now has two Cups in three years, Darryl Sutter, sure says some smart things sometimes. With Pierre McGuire on the bench he said, “It’s more about the output than the outcome.”

My Three Rangers Stars:2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. Carp, I am not much of a commenter, but I make sure I read every post game review every morning. I saw you retweet the great Sam Weinman this past afternoon, and I want to thank you for keeping the blog alive when Sam got the opportunity to go cover golf a few years ago. You truly tell it like it is, and us Rangers fan appreciate it. Have a great summer, and I will be reading!

  2. Only 4 comments?!! Where are all the Boneheads?!! Did they…Did they all jump off the ledge?!! Oh, wait a minute, it’s 4am. PHEW!! Scared me for a minute. Hey- I hope they’re all having sweet dreams of all the good things that happened to the Rangers this year and not nightmares of losing tonight. Thank you Rangers for a fun season! And thanks to Carp and the Boneheads for making it enjoyable, as well.

  3. That was a great season. I was surprised by all the series.

    We almost gave LA a good run.

    Thanks Carp for all you do. Preseason was a long time ago.

    I am already looking forward to next year.

  4. jpg's sister on

    agree about the third period being too passive, put all the pressure on Hank to win it or keep it close, they weren’t really trying to score and take some pressure off Hank. reason for 3 OT games though 2nd game never should have went to OT

  5. Can’t tell you how many times, during this run, that this team had me shaking my head at their refusal to quit. When Boyle scored tonite I laughed out loud -what onions! (And how bad would we have killed Hank if he had given up a shorty like that one?) Just could not get that goal to really make this a series- when McD hit the post-you knew what was inevitable. NHL network has now removed all mention of the HORRIBLE call from their highlights package- one PP in the third period of SCF game and you award it to the wrong team. Who knows, if we get the PP we deserve there maybe we regain our composure-probably not. Thanks Carp-this has been a great place to come to before work and after work and before the game and after the game and during the game and whenever you have a free minute-

  6. ThisYearsModel--If ya ain't first, yer last on

    I bet the roster will turn over significantly before the season starts next year. Hard to believe that all of Stralman, Boyle, Moore, Pouliot will be back unless Nash is unloaded. Hopefully, Hartford will be able to contribute a couple players. Miller? McIlrath? Kristo? Fast? Allen? It will be a different team. This is year 2 of 3 straight years without a first rounder………although this year it would be the 29th pick. Here’s hoping we make the playoffs so Tampa does not end up with Connor McDavid with our lottery pick next year.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    First Kings Goal: Stoll interfered with Henk trying to save puck. No one had touched him, puck was out of crease area and his stick was leterally pulling Henk’s legs apart

    Second Goal off of BS penalty call , which actually should have either been a no call or a penalty against Kings

    As a Ranger Fan, very frustrated at the officiating. Did the more talented team win? Yes. Did they earn it…NO

    Realistically should be 3-2 Rangers heading back to Garden.

    If only McD’s slapper in first OT….

  8. Great season….second or third best since I started watching in the early 60s. Well…second best..actually thanks to this site and youse guys!

    Henrik…you deserve the cup…but you have nothing left to prove to me…nothing.

    I turned the channel as soon as the puck entered the net. But no regrets. Three OT loses..with chances to win each one..Man, I wished the refs had not left their mark on to this ..but they did. .still…we had a chance. Boyle…just great..McD..Hags..MZA…lots of honorable mentions. Nash…I would undo that trade in a hearbeat.Girardi…I have no clue what to think…but you sure tanked…I Kept Explaining To Out Of Town Friends That You Used To Be so good..

  9. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Great, great season. Wow. None of us thought this would happen and, I don’t know about youse, but I want more!! Hockey is a drug. It’s an addiction. And you boneheads and you, Carp, don’t help!!!

    Wow. We just witnessed something special. Thank you the the Rangers, all of youse, and that means you, Carpy!!!!

    Great time!!


  10. A great review, but a tough one to swallow. It was an IMPROBABLE run. The rangers had things fall their way. When Chicago lost, I was worried. The Kings to me seemed like the Bruins of the West. I thought we could beat anyone in the East but the Bruins, their style gave us fits. DITTO, the Kings.

    I have to say that the Kings are an impressive team. when you have a guy like Richards as your fourth line center. How the HELL did the Flyers give up on Richards and ESPECIALLY Jeff Carter. Carter was a BEAST! I thought he was the best forward on either team the entire series.

    My heart bleeds blue for Henrik Lundqvist. I shook my head in amazement over his play last night and throughout the entire playoffs. His record, GAA and save percentage in these “elimination games” is nothing short of spectacular.I am worried though that he is 32 years of age. How many more years at this level do we have with Hank? 3 or 4 at best. The window is closing and the Rangers need to try and get this done while hank is still hank.

    The Rangers were 8-0 at MSG in their last 8 elimination games at MSG. That is an NHL record and it is mind blowing.

    There is a lot of good talent on this team and I BELIEVE deeply in what Gordie Clark has done.

    BRAD RICHARDS must go. We will miss elements of his game, his character and his leadership. The contract is an ALBATROS and must be dealt with.

    I still believe (strongly) that JT Miller is going to be a very solid NHL player. He needs experience and maturity and I think this coaching staff will get the best out of him. He should be given a chance to center the third line next year.

    On the VERY positive side, the Rangers played two consecutive series with two of the most highly touted defenseman in the NHL. I don’t think I am being biased when I say that Ryan McDonagh outplayed BOTH Subban and Doughty in consecutive series. Best trade EVER. SCOTT GOMEZ! LOL…

    The Rangers MUST resign Brian Boyle. He is a whipping boy for many Rangers fans, but was there a better role player in the playoffs for the Rangers than Boyle? His ability to lift his game in the playoffs has been Consistent since he got here.

    The rangers also need to resign D. Moore and Anton Stralman. I sure hope that these guys want to stay on the team and that squeezing every single dollar out of a team for thier contract isn’t paramount. Unfortunately, this seems to be the way it is with almost every single professional athlete. I hope that the organization and the success they have had means something to them and that is part of their calculus.

    Oh well…. I am about as melancholy as one can be. My heart is heavy, but as the days pass and we are able to reflect; we will remember this run forever. It was a truly amazing ride.

    As Carp said, the best thing is that the summer will be very short. It is like falling off a horse. Can’t wait to get back on it.

  11. The flood of negativity will begin here soon enough, but what a great response here overall to the play of two superb finalists, two teams that played the game the right way, respected each other, and treated fans to one razor-thin game after another. Too bad it only went five — the Kings were better, but all five games could have gone either way. Hard to believe there’s no more to watch.

  12. Sranger Nation on

    The first 3 games were all Rangers and then the Kings decided that Derbils style clutch and grab was their only hope for those less fleet of foot on their team so they went back to the off puck interference and hitting guys 2 or 3 seconds after they got rid of the puck.

    Top 5 Performers in this run:

  13. (the) Krei me a river on

    Thanks Carp, I’m a rare poster but don’t start any day after a game without reading your review. In fact, any time my buddy and I have an argument about something, the winner usually ends up being “Did you see what Carp said?”

    Outside of that, I’m horribly depressed today.

  14. What an incredible run in a year that I was waiting to wrap up in late April/early May. So many emotions and playoff memories to process. Twenty years ago today I was an ecstatic 12 year old kid happy his team won and without a clue of how tough or how special it really was…this run hAs been amazing and I’m excited for their future..but this is a tough pill to swallow. I’m gonna take a little hiatus. You guys rock.

    And Carp, you remain a class act and a very appreciated friend and columnist. For what you’ve done for us this year with your dedication to your work and more specifically to us blog nuts- thank you so much.

  15. What a series. What a team. What a blog. Thanks, Carp, for all the hard work this year and providing us all perspective and insight. Some boneheads will inevitably claim the season was a waste because we didn’t win the Cup. Not me. I am proud of the run this team went on. They were in every game with a team that no one seemed to give them a chance to beat. It is really a shame that the refs blew those calls in Game 2 and last night. I firmly believe if they hadn’t put their stamp on those games like that the series would be a completely different one. Maybe 3-2 Rangers. Kings could pour it on in the 3rd period last night and Game 4 because they had a bigger margin for error, playing with a big series lead. Whatever. It all sounds like sour grapes, but they really ought to have a replay or coaches challenge or something. The refs should not be allowed to influence the game like this, not when we have the technology to overturn blatantly bad calls.

    I’ll look forward to the post season discussion. I hope we re-sign Boiler, Stralman, Dom Moore. They proved invaluable. Pouliot less so, if only because of the penalties. And Uncle Glennie HAS to buy out Richards. Nash? If only he was the offensive force that he showed to be on defense.

  16. Thanks for your great reviews and analysis over the past season, Carp…and a great one to top it off. Was an entertaining game to watch, edge of the seat exciting, even if we didn’t win it. Rangers had a shot to win many. Will be interesting to see whether the Rangers can find this chemistry again next year, with all the free agent questions and BR gone on to (dollar) greener pastures…

  17. Carp

    Many, many, many thanks — your work ethic is sick.

    Not that it would have guaranteed a win, but that call on Zucc was beyond all reason. I’ve been watching the NHL since the Kennedy administration, and I have NEVER seen a tripping call made on the player who was skating instead of the one who was stationary. Mind-effing. Horrendous.

  18. I’m a hockey fan first and Ranger fan second. We’ve been hearing for a month that the East doesn’t have a chance. I don’t mind. I just want to see as much good hockey as possible and hope NYR is there as long as possible.

    It disgusts me that the officiating was allowed to be involved. Since when does the major favorite team need help from the stripes. If there so great let them win it fair and square. They did not. End of story, the only team that should be proud of their achievement and behavior this series is the losing team. The winners cheated on as many faceoffs as they could and the refs gave them plenty of advantages.

    Major issues need to be addressed for this great game not to become the silliness of international futbol.

  19. I will be careful with words right now. I may need a few days to enjoy the run and I know I will. But right now I’m crushed. Completely empty feeling I had All through night. I love this team so freaking much I just want one more cup. I want to feel tears of joy not tears of pain today.

  20. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Hey, Eric, you’re a great fan!! So many great fans here.

    Mark my words, all of us will look back at this and realize how lucky we were to watch and be a part of it. If not now, sometime.

  21. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Let’s not forget in both OT’s we got 2 calls that usually are the ‘whistle has been put away’ calls. The ref’s knew they $*%&’ed up. Not that they weren’t penalties.

    We had chances and couldn’t put it in.

    How many times will we all look at Nash’s SLOW decision to shoot to the wide open net and the puck get sticked by Voynov. That, to me, is the biggest letdown of the entire night.

  22. This about sums it up…..

    3) Every game in the series could have gone either way, but the Kings were the better team.

    IMO When two relatively even teams meet in a playoff series, these are the three most important factors;
    Power play
    Winning face offs

    Imagine if the Rangers had a dominant face off man.

  23. Ok I’ll admit it
    I actually shed a tear when I watched the replay of Giro’s pp shot that got deflected and bounced off the post
    But just one tear, so do I still get to keep my bro card?
    Who knows when we’ll get back here but dammit, the giveaways, refs calls and missed chances/rebounds will haunt us until we win it. We actually could have won this friggin thing.
    I’m not here a lot during the offseason so I’ll miss youse guys. Rather than a post, Carp should email us all if we really do a BBQ with Dave Maloney

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    The good news is that I won’t have to stay up all night in Europe like I have the last 3 games. The bad news is that I won’t have to stay up all night on Sunday night. I’ll be home by then anyway. Where can the Rangers get a Toffoli, King and a Pearson? Have not seen any of those in Hartford.

  25. What a run, this off season should be very interesting.

    Any chance of moving Nash at the draft?

  26. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    As I wake up this AM, I know it’s over. No more games on the horizon. Hard to be POZY now. But I will try. I did realize this however. I’ve never seen so many Negy people in one place in my life. You insult all the hard working players on a nightly basis. Such a miserable group of people. You need to grow up. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  27. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    ThisYear….we did get a Kreider. Give them credit for that. To be fair, we keep on trading away draft picks all over the place, so how can we draft anything?

    As well, aside from THE, is there an unwritten Ranger law that all draft picks need to be “no more than 5’11” and weigh no more than 185 pounds”?

    Just what do you do with all those non-MSL, non-Zucc’s midgets???????

  28. MATTY:

    JT Miller is 6’1″ 205lbs and will probably end up at 215 when he fills out. He is a great skater and I truly believe he will end up being an important part of the young nucleus of the team.

    On the other hand, it was CLEAR that the size and strength of teams like the Bruins and the Kings gave us fits!

    The Blackhawks would have been a MUCH better match up for us.. UGHHHHHHHHHH!

    Can’t shake this sadness

  29. 55 years a fan on

    And I never post, but always read….

    This team, this run, and the whole playoffs remind me yet again why hockey is the greatest sport in the world.

    World Cup vs. Stanley? Not even close!

  30. Early for this but I’ll be first, Playoff Scorecard:
    A+ Hank
    A Boyle, stralman
    A- Hags, Dom Moore, McMonster, Zuc, MSL
    B+ pullout, Klein, Staal, kreider
    B Brassard, Carbomb, Richards, Dorsett
    B- John Moore, Girardi, Stephan

    Every player had some great moments thru this run.
    Players and Grades with a C or less and more importantly not a positive moment.

  31. John Giannine just tweeted a breaking story that Slats acted quickly at 2am on a perceived need by trading Kreider for the rights to Mike Modano

  32. As I sit here on the can
    I reflect how proud I am as a Rangers fan

    They went as far as they could go
    I just dropped another Rinaldo.

  33. Stranger, right on. The two missed goalie interference calls in this series cost the rangers the cup. Terrible, just terrible. Should be 3-2 rangers going back to the garden to win it at home. What a bunch a BS. The league is a mess. They don’t even know what an icing is anymore. Sad. The boys got a good taste though. They’ll be back, hungrier than ever. LGR!

  34. Stranger Nation just looked up at your top 5 about same as mine except. Stralman is a top 5, THE had his moments but not quite enough of them

  35. The Rangers don’t have anything on the farm. It’s a pretty barren system as the Rangers haven’t had many 1st and 2nd rounders.

    Anthony Duclair is the only guy in juniors that is notable and JT Miller hasn’t really shown much in his time here. Lindberg might be able to replace Moore and Fast is a wildcard, but after that, what is there?

  36. Good season, Carp! You are the bestest & the awesomest. Thank you!!!

    Outstanding season. Didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted, but there’s a lot to be proud of here. LGR! Next year!

  37. Thanks Carp for being Carp!
    Thanks Boneheads for making this more fun!
    But the biggest thanks to everyone on the Ranger team for giving me this great ride!

  38. Thanks for doing the blog Carp! You are responsible for at least three pieces of my furniture not being destroyed this year. In all seriousness though some good bi-partial looks on the team on and off the ice. Hope to see you next year. Still really proud of the Rangers.

  39. Thanks Carp.

    Funny how Nash whined his way out of Columbus to get this opportunity and does NOTHING with it. He must go.

  40. BroadwayBlueshirts on

    Thanks for a great year! I stopped commenting after game 4 of the Pitt series out of superstition and what a ride that turned into. The one consolation I take in this is that it is now a short off season. Is it October yet?

  41. bull dog line on

    Hank- keep
    Talbot- keep, but if he has value (doubt it) trade him and sign a vet.
    McD, Girardi- keep
    Staal- keep if he signs, if not trade him before season starts.
    Stralman I think has played his way off of team. keep if reasonable.
    Klein- keep. if he is your number 5, you are in good shape.
    Moore- keep. still improving.
    Diaz- keep as a 7. doubt he stays

  42. Carp, you’re the best.

    Not just because I agree, but # 11 in the review may have been your best observation / comment of the season. Dead on correct.

  43. bull dog line on

    Stepan- keep. very underrated by the experts here.
    Brassard- keep. if you can sign him for just 3yrs, do it. 1 if not.
    Richards obviously must be bought out.
    Boyle- keep. going to be tough, probably is going to get overpaid.
    Moore- keep if Boyle leaves.

  44. bull dog line on

    Kreider- keep
    Hagelin- keep
    Pouliot- keep on a 1 yr deal. I think he is going to get 3 elsewhere.
    Miller- keep. at worst he is going to be a 3rd liner.

  45. bull dog line on

    Nash- keep. I know that is not a popular thought.
    MSL- keep.
    Zucc- keep
    Dorsett- keep. Carcillo- keep.

  46. Nash- pick up some of his cap hit and see what Ottawa, Winnipeg or Toronto is willing to give for him.

  47. Unfortunately, watching this series, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to the early 80’s.

    The Kings are very similar in roster makeup and style of play to the Islander Dynasty teams.

    They can look ordinary and beatable for bits and pieces of games, but when the game is on the line they come in waves with a relentless forecheck and wear you down with their big physical and skilled group of forwards. Their goaltender makes the clutch saves during crunch time. They have great depth with 4 balanced lines, are very strong down the middle, and are mobile, big and physical on defense.

  48. bull dog line on

    I would move Kreider to center to address the size at center issue. doubt that will happen. so signing Stastny makes a lot of sense for the way they like to play.

  49. Very proud of the team, and extremely tired. And I kept telling myself to enjoy all this because of how hard it wil be to return. This is especially true because of all the changes that are coming, and the question of where to get replacements.

  50. Like most of the bone heads here today (and last night), Huge Thanks To Carp For His Hard Work and allegiance to this blog!!! You hit more nails on the head then a carpenter (or is it Carp-enter?)!!! Really loved and enjoyed your game reviews. They were so spot on! My opinion about the games means nothing and I won’t rail on the zebras, but of all the calls that went against our boys, it was King’s interference on Hank in game 2 that was the turning point. Not that it explained why the rangers played so badly in game 3 but if they had won game 2, we might be talking about game 6 right now!! Love the rangers and love this blog! Thanks again, Carp!!!!

  51. Thanks again Carp for your diligent, tell it like it is columns before and after games. Made the season that much funner.

    As for the series and the game, to me this run by the Rangers was MUCH more like ’79 than ’94. A youngish team with a bunch of kids and a small veteran core of leaders who surprised the heck out of the league and gave our fans such joy. The Pens series was equivalent to the Islanders series of that year (I know, quarter finals versus semi finals), but it was just that the team wasn’t supposed to be there and there they were. It was a great run, and I knew, after it was over both times, that I’ll look back with a lot of joy. The Kings were a better team, yet, 3 OT games where we could have won. My first reaction to the Martinez winner was, that goal was the series in a nutshell. Martinez is there to put the puck in the empty net, and both Nash and Richards at different points in the game had empty nets to shoot at and both hesitated and either missed or it gave the D to get the puck deflected. This was a series about missed opportunities by the Rangers. History will look back on the series a 5 game domination, yet, really it wasn’t. Carp, you know those third periods I was thinking the same thing. Those short shifts kind of hurt us. We’d get the puck clear finally and change without getting the puck deep in our end with a forechecker. It just didn’t work.

    On the penalty that lead to the tying goal. My son and I gave each other a high five and said…Rangers PP only to be shocked! SHOCKED that the call went the other way. My guess is they thought it was a tie and tie goes to the offense. And you just KNEW the Kings would score there. But, the only two OT PPs were ours and we didn’t score, so maybe that makes up for it. I don’t know. I thought one of the penalties on the Kings were borderline.

    All in all, it was a fun season. One where I kept saying they had a chance because of the speed and the system while many boneheads here were ready to trade the whole team for a bag of used pucks at one time or another. Not ready to talk about the offseason yet, but it’s going to be short and interesting.

  52. _The flood of negativity will begin here soon enough,_ norm @ 6:57….

    perhaps you should read your own words first.

    With an opening sentence like that, seems you’re batting lead off for “Team Negative”

  53. Now that I got to sleep off all the hate I can say what a great run….and I will miss these reviews more than anything else. Nice job carp…this run doesn’t happen without you.

  54. For some reason, I’m less devastated by this loss then the loss to the Devils in 11/12. Maybe it just hasn’t sunk in yet.

    Thank you to Carp and to all of you Boneheads out there. It’s been great watching 107 Ranger games this season with youse.

    We’ll get em next year!

    LGR !!!

  55. Great year – need to address the third period issue, not sure why we can’t play our game for 60 minutes. I think the ’12 team did a better job at that. Needless to say good riddance to Nash and Richards let’s get some young legs in there.

  56. When I say Stepan sucks, I’m not underestimating him. If anything I am overestimating him. If the Rangers had choices at Center, he’d be trade bait. All that said, props to him for gutting out the rest of the playoffs in that Darth Vader mask

  57. Thank you for your efforts Carp throughout the season Carp, I always enjoyed the reviews.

  58. Good point Papa – lots of “look at them not me” on here over the past few weeks

  59. Thanks to Carp and you boneheads. This blog has been a great find. Exhausted, physically and emotionally. It was a great run. A little sad because I know how difficult (and unlikely) it will be be to get back here, and the fact that we had a chance. I agree that Kings were a better team, it would just make it easier if a) the Kings had tied the game on a legitimate goal as opposed to one that wasn’t the result of a BS power play, and b) the Kings had won game 2 without the benefit of a BS non-call on King.

    See you on the blog boys….

  60. First off-Carp-Thank you for all of your hard work, well done.

    I know there is more to the game than what shows up on the scoresheet, and we have heard a ton about how well he has done the “little things” , but Nash drives me insane. Big guy, is supposed to be a goal scorer but doesn’t score when it counts. Seems like he gets knocked off the puck with relative ease. I was really hopeful when they traded for him but it’s pretty clear he is not a “big time ” player.

  61. Carp – I got a case of the sads. Can you write me a prescription that will make it go away? A real LA after-hours rave special?

  62. Nice run boys…nice to beat Pitt , Philly and Habs…teams I really can’t stand….both Rangers Kings gave their best….officials gave their worst…not just against Rangers but throughout playoffs…no other sport deals with this mediocrity

  63. A wise man once said, “It’s not the Inn, but rather the Road.” Don’t know if he was right, but I sort of get it.

  64. Haven’t had time yet to read all the previous posts (I will) but anybody besides me confused that the Press gave Girardi the third star?

  65. THANKS CARP…BUT. OF COURSE, THERE IS STILL TODAY, TOMORROW, MONDAY, TUESDAY……And SO ON ANd SO FORTH…and you have no one to blame but yourself..well that and every who reads and sometimes writes on this blog..oh yeah..and blame that Josh guy too!

    And to my son up in Btown…who introduced to this site-these rides with this team are special to me because of you. ..and you will be happy to know your Mom and sister watched until they couldn’t handle the pressure (aka 2nd OT)…but at least they understand a little better why we bleed blue!

  66. LA burning or does no one outside the arena know they won…couldn’t go out on a sentimental note…and BTW…Potvin sucks!

  67. Contemplating off-season moves?

    I always like to apply the Carp Rule of Hockey Transactions:

    (Paraphrase) If it makes the team better, you make the move.

  68. WE don’t need an 8 million dollar a year defensive winger. Nash gets PLENTY of ice time and and contributes next to nothing on the offensive side. Sorry, but I’m done with that clown. Nash’s shoot from the wall, softly try and cut to the middle crap has worn it’s course on me.

    You look at Kreider, he missed the first series and a half, and the kid winds up with 7 goals, and created MANY more opportunities.

    In spite of the poor officiating, including that joke of a call on Zucc in the third last night (Muzzin with the dive into the pool at the blue line after HE trips Zucc), we had our chances and should have put the kings away.

    LA is a tough team, and they wear you down, but we could have won this series for sure. Time to clear out the passengers (Nash) and get guys who are willing to drive!

  69. Finally all the thinning TV mullets and Twitter experts can say – “see, I told you the rangers wouldn’t win the Cup this year”. The journalism industry and Olczyk in particular should be embarrassed that they couldn’t find a moment to admit what they watched with their own eyes for six weeks. Openly rooting for and salivating over all four opponents as we systematically knocked three out, but needing a 220 pound scorer if we hope to consistently win OT playoff games. Hey, I like Cinderella rides as much as the next guy, but I can’t see the Finals becoming a standing invite for us every year. I don’t think we’re close to multiple return trips.

  70. Coos, I think Girardi was the third star because he was instrumental in the Kings win.
    Poor guy, solid as a rock most of the year, he had five games he’d like to forget.

  71. SeeDubb that reminds me. Was listening to Glenn Healy the other day on NHL Radio (HNIC show) and they asked him who the Conn Smythe should be, and he said…Brad Richards…his no show has been most instrumental in the Kings winning :)

    Props to Heals :)

  72. This is just completely heartbreaking. For a team that lacked an identity for most the year, they became immensely likable and stubborn in the playoffs, was just amazing to watch that transformation. Talent wise, they probably didn’t belong in the Stanley Cup, but effort wise they absolutely deserved to be there. Yes, this team does have issues to address (and that has nothing to do with them losing in the finals), but man, what a freaking ride. Let’s do it again next year. Hank deserves a Cup. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  73. A good season as they out performed their roster. A big plus was avoiding the Bruins.

    Need to get bigger at center to be elite. They couldn’t come up with grind and greasy goals when it counted.

    You need to give up something to get something. Only valuable chip is Staal. If they are going to move him should be in off season.

    Thank you Carp.

  74. And Carp, THANK YOU! These recaps are amazing and made this season way more fun. Heading to the blog is the first thing I do after every game. It’s nice to see a writer with rationality, especially considering the way some of us need to be talked off the ledge every other shift, haha.

    Again, thanks. So looking forward to next year.

  75. bull dog line on

    Fat guy,
    every team in the league would line up if the Rangers put Stepan on the trade block. Stepan is very underrated here.

  76. Czechthemout!!! on

    My grades for the season are first for the regular season, and then the playoffs are as follows-

    Hank A/A+ what else can you say? Best goalie in the world! Has about another 3 seasons in top form. That is our window to win.

    McD A+/A only gets an a for the playoffs because of his slow start against the Flyers and Penguins early. A true superstar! Outplayed Subban and Doughty.

    Girardi A-/D- a very good regular season followed by a nightmare playoffs! He looked like he should retire against the Kings and washed up against the Habs. An albatross contract Too.

    Stepan B/B- very inconsistent in the playoffs even before Prust’s cheap hit. He is a number 2 playing as a number 1. Is a keeper though in my book. He should only improve.

    THE A/A very impressive player who comes to play in big games. Will only be better with experience. MSL’s story brought the team together, THE return to the lineup against Pittsburgh was just as important! A star in the making.

    Nash B+/C+ pretty good but inconsistent regular season followed by a very disappointing playoffs. Yes he played well defensively but that is not what he gets 7.8mill to do. He was brought in to score goals in the playoffs and for the second straight year he has failed miserably.

    Hags A/A very consistent in what he does. Battles much bigger opponents and wins most of his battles. A winner!

    Richards B-/C- he is being bought out. His skills are clearly gone but boy do I wish we had him when he was 27 years old. Too bad.

    MSL F/A- he was terrible after the trade but was very good in most of the playoff games. Still feel we gave up too much for him.

    Staal B/B- had a nice regular season and was mostly strong in the playoffs but also had some nightmare games too. Sather needs to know quickly if he wants to stay here. I would move him for the right package. This system is not a great one for his game to in my opinion. Brings almost nothing on offense and we have major need for another defenseman that brings it from the point.

    Stralman B/ A good regular season and just a great playoffs! He may have just made himself a bunch of money, no way we can afford him. Too bad. i would rather lose Giarrdi.

    Pouliot B/B good season for him. Showed that he has some value. I would keep him with a modest raise.

    Brassard B+/A would love to see more consistency from him. But he was great in the playoffs. Second year in a row. Nash could learn a thing or two from him. I hope he does not ask for a crazy raise.

    Zucc A/A+ a beast! The toughest player on the team. This kid has so much heart and huge onions! Was outstanding in both the regular season and the playoffs. He battles anyone and wins many of them. He can teach Nash what it takes to be tough. What a player. We would never see him if Torts were still the coach.

    J. Moore C+/B- all the natural talent in the world and the hockey sense of a peanut. He is improving and you do see signs but I dont think he gets much better than he is now. Good number 6 but you want more.

    Klein B/B+ good solid player who is a great number 5. Good pick up for MDZ who is a bust.

    D.Moore B/B+ valuable fourth line player who was very good in the playoffs. Is a keeper.

    Dorsett C/C not much I can say about him. Did his job well at times, tok stupid penalties at times.

    Boyle B+/A+ was very good this season but than stepped it up big time in the playoffs! He found an offensive game under AV too. I was a big critic of his but have since come around. He busts his ass and comes to play in big games! A keeper for Prust money.

    Carcillo B/B was good when he played. Scored some big goals and did not take stupid penalties. Several players credited him for changing the atmosphere in the room when he arrived. I would like him back at a reasonable price.

    AV A/A the right system for the long run. Offense is not a dirty word for him. A lot of players steeped up their game under him. The complete opposite happened in Vancouver with Torts. One issue I have with him is that he allows them or is ok with them going into turtle mode in the third period. It did not bite them quite so much in the regular season, but it killed them against the Kings. That needs to change. I also hope he shows some more patience with the kids like JT Miller. Other wise, excellent coach.

    Sather A a very good year for him too. Made some very good deals that helped us reach the finals this year. Lf course his best move was dumping Torts for AV.

    Great season!

  77. As sad as I am to see this season, this amazing season end, I have to say that this has been the most fun I have had watching this team since 94, and maybe the most proud I have been to be a NYR FAN. Wow, you can’t have a closer 5 game series. I have checked in to the blog here throughout, but just like on twitter and social media I have kind of stayed away from posts and responding to the irrational posts. Aside from the birth of my daughter two and a half weeks ago, a cup would have been the best thing to happen all year. What a ride, and aside from some pretty bad calls from the officials, what a WIN for the NHL. It is hard, damn hard to make it to the dance, but if this team can keep most of these players together next year and make a few tweaks, I think we can compete with the best in the league. Will be an interesting off season, but at least it will be a shorter one this year. Carp, awesome job here and on Twitter. I tell you all something else, to be able to pass my love of this team down to my kids, and to see them get so emotionally attached, it is such an amazing thing. My daughter was in tears last night because I let her stay up to watch the game. What a year! Stick tap to all the rational and irrational boneheads as well. Heads high, a lot to be proud of right now.

  78. Just talked a NYR fan/friend off the Neggy Ledge. Took a minute or two. But this was a great run and nothing to be ashamed of as fans or players or coaches.

    As I’ve already said the NHL and officiating teams should be ashamed. This series had all the makings of going to 7 and having last nights events happen in game 7. Never should the officiating be so involved in the outcome of such important games.

    The Rangers are not as good as Kings, but the played with them on most nights and should have beat them two other games.

    Nash & Richards got this team in the Stanley Cup Finals along with a great cast of soon to be greats or amazing role players. Richards might have spent the last bits of his “youth” on getting the Rangers here this year. Can’t imagine how that 34 year old body feels and if it can be repaired from the damaged of 107 games on top of the many seasons prior.

    Nash may have not scored enough in the playoffs but scored plenty getting us there and then attracted the best defenders to him throughout. It’s the time of the year when the stars get many times more attention from the leagues best. He still created chances and plenty of shots and plenty of rebounds that should have been cashed in on. We were never near the juicy rebounds left all this series.

    I just hope the coaches develop the young potentials to all their potentials and Slats finds real fine Vets to help them learn how to be great.

    Obviously we have a slew of potential stars on the younger side of the team, hopefully we keep them and guide them well. It will kill us to see Stralman or Kreider or Hags or Zucc or Miller find their game with another team.

  79. bull dog line on

    strangely, Kreider is underrated here too. many are quick to point out any mistake he may make, looking past the overall effect that Kreider has on each game. physical, tough, and fast. Kreider goes to all the dirty areas. he is a very good puck retriever on the power play. in all the years I have watched the Rangers, they have never had anyone with his skill set.

  80. Thanks for the forum Carp, this column is the best. I’m going to miss the discourse and your insight. Tough loss again.

  81. Cross Check Charlie on

    Carp, I don’t comment here much, but I always read your reviews. They are always top notch. I’ve always wondered though, how a guy that follows the Rangers so much is not a fan of the team?

  82. I think back to last October. Did anyone think at that time that the season would end up the way it did? I think that the Rangers have nothing to be ashamed of, and with a few clever moves in the off-season, we can look forward to a very productive season next year.

  83. All I can say is lock up Zuccarrello to a long term deal. I think he’ll get even better with the experience of this year under his belt.

    I know Nash seemed to put in the effort, and played well defensively, but he still doesn’t have the intangible quality to be a Champion. When measured against the Kings’ forwards, his deficiencies were glaring.

  84. To the gentleman desperately trying to engage me with name-calling and other projections: not gonna happen. I know a man-crush when I see it, but, alas, we shall never be.

  85. Great article, Carp! Thank you! Those phantom calls on Dom Moore, Zuccarello — which led to the tying goal — and the stupid goalie interference on Poulliot had me reaching for the brandy bottle. It was too much to take. I love that Dylan McIlrath tweet I saw, “Dylan McIlrath @dylan_mcilrath

    Definitely makes me hungry to make the team next year and play in front of the fans at MSG! No place like NY!”

  86. Phantom goalie interference of Poo, I might add. Anyway, great run, Rangers, you all made me proud! I can’t wait until training camp.

  87. Late to the party, couldn’t chat with people after that heartbreak last night.

    I want to thank you guys and Carp for giving me a place to share my emotions both good and bad. Having a friend/family group that is 95% devils fans you guys are my extended Rangers family. I’m another one who lurked here for a few years before posting.

    As far as the game and the series are concerned, we were beat by a better team. I don’t think anyone would doubt that. I think however each game was there for us to take and that is basically all I could have asked for.

    Do I wish the refs hadn’t been terrible? Sure. I more wish Kreider and Nash had buried their A+ chances in each of the OT games. That would make it so we wouldn’t have to discuss the Officiating.

    Let me also say this. I like Rick Nash. The guy we saw during these playoffs, was not Rick Nash. Clearly none of us know what is going on with him but this just wasn’t the same guy. Maybe he hit his career decline early and quickly. Whatever the case may be, it just sucks that our “guy” wasn’t, from what i could tell able, to be our “guy”

    I think that the future of this team is actually bright. Once you get past the faces of the Torts Regime: Richie, Nash etc, we have a reaally good core.

    YOUNG 1A Defensement in McMonster
    YOUNG 1A Power forward in THE
    Primetime best goalie in the league in Hank

    We have some work to do for sure. Clearly Richie is gone. Thanks Richie, you really did alot for us (no sarcasm here).

    I think of the RFA’s, Brass, Zuuc need to be brought back. Of the UFA’s I want Boiler, Dmoops and Stralman.

    Puliot is a nice to have, i thought he brought a great element to us that we didn’t really have anywhere else in the lineup. However, i think that his role can be filled by Miller next year.

    Stralman is one that may be hard to justify the price, but who knows. He played well enough this year and in the playoffs to justify getting a pretty hefty raise. He was better than Staal in the playoffs as a whole and better than Girardi in a portion. I’d like to have him back.

    Sorry for the TLDR post Just some stuff i needed to get off my chest

  88. So bummed right now but helluva run. Definitely had plenty of chances and though i don’t they’ll get acknowledged for it in the press, i think they destroyed all the “experts” assertions that they didn’t belong. Rangers could have very easily been up 2-1, 3-1, etc. That the refs directly altered 2 games with shockingly bad calls is a bit tough to swallow but I think championship teams need to be able to rise above that. They certainly had their chances to bury the Kings and they didn’t. Definitely feels a bit better to lose to a team that not only is better top to bottom but took advantage of breakdowns where Rangers couldn’t seem to close.

    G had a nightmarish finals which is mindblowing given how solid he is…Nash, yeah he’s the whipping boy and deserves it cuz he’s paid to come up with that big goal in games like last night. But, it’s not like he didn’t work hard out there, made some very key defensive plays that most probably didn’t even notice, and he almost did win it if not for an amazing play/luck from Voynov. Not enough for $7.8 but don’t hate on him for taking the more knock to his melon and he’s retired. Still disappointing when you see other team’s big stars get it done but, to keep some perspective, Kopitar, Criesby, Giroux — none of those stars did much damage against the Rangers so….but still not enough from the guy who was brought in as the missing piece and who we had to rebuild around….while losing a guy who just got his first ring.

    In the end, it’s sports and we should all relish the run…there were some pretty incredible moments – storybook moments – and plenty of heart attack moments too.

    Thanks Carp..always look forward to your posts

    Great run Rangers

    Gonna miss my beard

  89. Tennessee Jeff on

    Hey guys,
    I never post on here but follow it every single day and just wanted to say thanks to Carp for having the best, most professional, and level headed opinions/reviews of this team.
    You are a true pro, and this blog made an extraordinary season even better.
    I was a whaler fan in ’94, so I didn’t get to celebrate that one. After moving to NYC after college I adopted the rangers in 1999. This year I had low expectations, which made this post season even more fun…and even more heartbreaking.

    Thanks to all of you…most of you seem like total sociopaths, but that makes for great reading on a morning after.
    Maybe I’ll stop stalking and start posting next year.

  90. bull dog line on

    who are you trading Nash for? of you can get a JVR from Toronto, ok. or a Max Patch from Montreal, ok. but I am not trading him for players like Dubi, and AA. those type of players are 3rd line type of players. like it or not, Nash is a 1st line player. opposing teams treat him that way. there best Dmen are out there against him. if you trade him you better get a 1st liner for him.

  91. bull dog line on

    one more thing on Nash. after game 4 against Pitt, I was convinced his Ranger career was over. he was booed, and playing lousy. he could have packed it in. he did not. from that point on he played harder and tougher than at anytime as a Ranger. he had some of the biggest hits the Rangers threw in the playoffs. busted his ass every shift. got rewarded for it in the Montreal series, but not the finals. I get that he needs to score, thats what he is paid for, but I will take a guy who when he could have quit, didn’t. trading him would be a foolish thing to do.

  92. What a run. Can’t believe it’s over just like that. They were beaten by a better team, but they deserved better.

    My 5-year old son said to me after the game: “Dad, I think the Rangers will win the Stanley Cup next year.”

    He’s a quick study of Ranger fandom.

    Thanks for everything Carp. Hope we get to do this again soon.

  93. All I can say is thank god that distraction is over. Now we can go back to talking about the important stuff! What we would do if we were gm.

    Ferinstance. Don’t worry about resigning Boyle, Nash can easily take his spot. Dimeadozen

  94. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Even though my wine buzz wore off, I’d still tap that puppet chick.

  95. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Bulldog – I concur re: Nash. I care more about effort than anything else and Nash was giving it every thing he had….just didn’t finish. I thought he had a very good final. He was pounding everything in sight and played great in his own end.

  96. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    If if if if Nash had only hit that wide open net in 2nd OT

    If THE scored on the breakaway.

    Stepan had a chance…..

    Funny, I felt much worse after the game 2 loss Han I do now…

  97. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I said it after game 1…..The Lings are the Terminator. They just don’t stop coming after you.

  98. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Orr – spezza is too often injured at this point in his career. The time for Spezza would have been when Slats went after Richards. I’d go after Statsny….

  99. Rangers would be ill-advised to deal Nash unless they can rob someone. Even if they’re determined to do it, they should wait for his value to rise. The goals will come again, and big ones — if Voynov’s shaft had been millimeters removed from where it ended up, Nash would be everyone’s hero today. Excellent hockey player, lucky to have him.

  100. bull dog line on

    I like Spezza as a player, just not sure he fits the Rangers. would not complain if they got him, he’s just not my plan A.

  101. That’s a good point, I forgot he has a bit of an injury history.

    I’m keeping Nash if he’s making a whole lot less than 7.8 a year. But that’s not the case. Trade him. For who? I don’t know. It’s not worth having a guy that can’t step up his game for the playoffs. He has to go.

    I said it back in April, Nash will be just like Heatley. He’ll never put up the numbers he put up in the past. Trade him before his value completely plummets

  102. For the best recaps day in and day out…thanks Carp!

    Still hurts this morning…this will take a little while. In other sports that the team I follow gets knocked out, it doesn’t affect me the way it does with this team. I hope we get back here soon. I may not have the 20 years to wait for this again.
    I think one thing that NYR management has never understood, that we as fans love the players that put out the incredible effort consistently, they work the hardest because everything doesn’t come easy to them. Not the so called elite players that are brought here year after year and disappoint consistently and disappear when they are needed most.

    I’ve probably seen worse officiating over the years, but this year was abslutely brutal. It was nice to hear NBC for once actually criticize these clowns. The best officials in any sport are the ones that you don’t notice…the scary part is these guys were there based on merit.

    I don’t think I ever heard a more classless presentation of the Cup as Bettman’s last night…what an ass!
    I guess it would have killed him to acknowledge NYR. But, they knocked out his beloved Penguins, so wha did I expect.

    The best part of this run is the experience that our young players got…they will be better for it.
    The worst part is that unless the overpriced losers are gone, a lot of these players will be bringing their experience to some other team.

    McD…the next captain…42:00 TOI last night…incredible!

    Hank…still don’t like the contract, but if all players cared and prepared the way he does we would be in this position every year.

    We will all start feeling better soon as soo as Richards is bought out, see if we make any trades at the draft nd start free agency…then we will backto our old selves.

    October will get here fast this year….really hope we get another shot at this soon.

  103. The crazy part is, Nash put up those great numbers with horrible Columbus teams, and pretty average linemates. So you can’t say if he had a better center he’d put up better numbers, like in Gaborik’s case.

  104. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    That was one hell of a game.

    Series finished 1-1-3. One win, one loss, tree ties. Can’t ask for more. 2 double OT games and 1 single OT game against that team? Our sexy boys did everything they could except get one by Quack in OT.

  105. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I NEVER saw gabby play as well for the Rangers as he did for the Kings. Gabby as a ranger was a terrific sniper. But his game really evolved with Kopitar and Brown as line mates.

  106. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I hope the undertaker busts his assen this summer and makes the team. We could use a monster on the back end. He needs to skate skate and skate every day for hours.

  107. Well, if Stralman doesn’t re-sign, which is what I’m expecting, they’re going to need one of these prospects to step up. Right handed D would be nice, which Mcilbust is, if I’m not mistaken.

    Or they go after Dan Boyle, which would be a vintage Sather move.

  108. I’m with you ORR. Nash is damaged goods and on the decline.

    He doesn’t use his big body to bull rush to the net anymore.

    Did you see where Gaborik was when he was scoring his goals? He was right on top of Hank.

    Nash seems content to be a perimeter player who occasionally tries to finesse his way in to the slot by turning his back on the defender. It’s the same move every time.

    It’s great that Nash upped the other areas of his game, but hard playing checking wings are a dime a dozen. I think his brains are scrambled from too many concussions.

  109. I don’t care who we trade for Nash…. A first liner, well he isn’t a first liner n now we give props for getting going after he was booed out of MSG?? Nash for no Nash is a winner just shed the 8 mil a yr. And be patient, Uncle Glen won’t be though. Just got back from Canada they still luv him, send the no heart fat cat up there……. Evader Kane maybe?

  110. E3 — back-to-back wallet-emptiers at Tucos Cafe here in Davis. Nice spot. Was it here when you were here?

  111. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Norm – my wife went to grad school Davis…she doesn’t remember it. I’ve been to UCD many time for conferences and I don’t recall it. Not to say she or/and I haven’t been there. There is a great brewery on the east side of the school that was a good hangout…can’t recall the name…

  112. Stranger Nation on

    _Hedberg – Stranger Nation just looked up at your top 5 about same as mine except. Stralman is a top 5, THE had his moments but not quite enough of them_

    I thought about Norris S but thought that he looked better in comparison to his partner – Stalled. his actual stats are pretty lame. That said he played better than expected. Watching Gabby score last night with him unable to tie him up was a deal breaker for me…

    THE finished with 13 points in 15 games and helped turn around the team in the Pissburg series.

  113. Stranger Nation on

    Watching Richards, Nash and Staal play brings me to the conclusion that concussions must ‘age’ a player as well. Nash and Staal in particular have slow reactions and Nash’s inability to stay on his skates was Dubi-esque.

    As much as i like him as a person, would not resign Staal, he is damaged goods and one bad hit away from Sauer-land.

  114. The officiating in the NHL is atrocious when Stalney Cups are handed out because of bad penalty calls.

    That being said, the Rangers were outplayed and outclassed in the 3rd period of all these games and clearly they should have now learned that “safe is death” in a Cup final. You have to stay on the attack and defend. Can’t just do one and not the other…

  115. Thank you, Carp for all your hard work!

    Thank you, ‘heads for a memorable season!!!

  116. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Werd NYR Fan. The Lings actually accelerated their attack once they had the lead…our boys tended to tighten up

  117. Richie plays a decent half court well, but only half court, and only if we control the puck. Gabby still has some wheels and will get in your way, shoots accurately, and will go to the net. No comparison right now.

  118. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Just to be clear, my previous post about the Lings attack pertained to their entire playoff run

  119. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz -,that puppet chick comes with no strings attached (pun not intended)

  120. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Just so freaking proud to be a Rangers fan right now. What a great organization. For all the ’94 guys to get along so well and get together to support each other and the ’14 players? For the guys on the ice to leave their hearts there these whole playoffs?

    To watch young players like MacD and THE? To have the best goalie in the world? And a core in addition with names like Girardi, Staal, Zucc’s, MSL, etc.?

    What a run. Never expected. Never. One, maybe two and out. Not this.

    GREAT TIME!! Glad to share it with all you guys!! Let’s do it again next year.

  121. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    AV may be 0-2, but it’s not like he had favorite’s either time. He did a great job with this team. These guys played like beasts for him. Really.

    It’s pretty hard to win a cup when your team is up against a better squad. AV deserves full credit for going this far.

  122. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    The rangers had a tough time with their forecheck. The kings just smothered us. It also seemed like the race to almost all loose pucks were won by the kings. Rangers had a tough time connecting passes….the puck was jumping off their sticks.

  123. AV definitely deserves credit. I was just posting that because there’s no many coaches that have gone 0-2 in their career.

    And Vancouver was a favorite in 2011. They had the best team in the league. 10 points ahead of the 2nd place Caps. Definitely a monster of a team. Sedins on their game, Kesler, Burrows, Luongo at his best, except in Game 7. Hell of a team at that time.

  124. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Stemmer made a great point about the zucchini penalty. In all my years, I’ve never seen a tripping penalty called on the player moving relative to the player standing still. How does a player going forward trip someone virtually motionless?

    It defies laws of physics.

  125. Size was an issue but not as much as many think. It was not the determining factor.

    The difference was our depth at center. Stepan and Brassard are 2 and 3 respectively. We have no #1. It is the MOST glaring need.

    Honestly, outside of Malkin and Crosby, who in the East has a great #1 center? Bergeron I guess but he is on the decline…If we had an elite #1 center we would easily separate from the pack.

    McDonagh is going to be Leechian. Many years to go until he is in his prime…

  126. Eddie, the only way I tap that Sexy Puppet chick is if she agrees, it has to be a “No Strings Attached” encounter.

    Ooh, that was brutal.

  127. Still bummed out over last night. Been a fan since 1968 and it will be a couple of days before I can look back and enjoy the season. Carp, you are right that some of it has to do with the “Steinbrennerization” that has crept into sports however, other factors are the length of the playoffs, the multitude of media out there compared to years ago, more vitriol among the fans of other teams (yeah, already some Islander fans I know were rooting against us and are mouthing off), the cost of going to the games and even watching them on MSG. It just seems to hurt seeing them go so far and not win it all. Oh well, I have seen Giacomin, JD and Richter take us to the finals and Hank is the best of all. The other goalies had better teams in front of them but in the finals, it looked like Hank was basically a one man team.

    Thanks Carp and all the other boneheads!! I am an everyday and few times a day reader and occasional poster. Looking forward to continuing to enjoy the blog and comments all summer.

  128. Fun to think back to the beginning of the year. Who, other than Lundqvist (who ironically became one for a little one) did not have a question mark over his head? Callahan, McDonagh, Girardi, Nash? Maybe Hagelin? Amazing to see this group grow as a team, every one of them contributing big stuff along the way. Wonderful season, will linger in memory.

  129. Thinking about it, you can’t really blame AV for trying to play it safe in the 3 periods of these games with a lead.

    The Kings transition game was too good to trade chances with and was wearing out our defense. Crazy as it sounds, for AV’s Rangers, they believed the best defense was playing keep away and dump/chase with a lead…this worked for them during the season…

    I thought they really turned it on at times in the OT.

  130. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Papa – that puppet chick would dance all night if I were on those strings

  131. In my above comment, I failed to mention Tavares and Stamkos. They are probably the best of the bunch in the East next to Crosby…

  132. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    NYR fan – agreed. We had our chances. The 2nd OT we were the much better team. If THE scores in OT games we head back to MSG up 3-2

  133. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Tavares might need a year before he’s back coming off torn ACL

  134. Carp – Great review as always. How many former Rangers have kissed the cup in the last 10? More than a few. Alain did a great job with what he had. But clearly, we were out manned physically – and when the grind becomes the real grind when – you are no more than 4 games away – well, that has to show its teeth. And thats one area we really need to load into the mix here.

    How many 3rd periods can one goalie survive with that kind of pressure? We puck watched A LOT when there was a mad scramble on. Our D corps needs some more teeth, and we are in need of one or two monsters on the wing – Nash can’t be the ‘guy’ – just like gabby could not be the ‘guy’. We are close to a great run again, I think. Lets see what July 1 brings.

    Time to shave the beard (already did mine) – collect the gear, and head into summer. I have my HS team in the weight room already – I suspect that the Rangers will do the same after our mourning period.

    They should be proud – one good run. Head up Hank – you were a lot more that 50% of our team. Carp – I agree – he is a Conn Smyth winner for sure if puck bounces go our way.

    Enjoy summer – hit the weights and see everyone in pre-season

  135. The thought of Nash in a Ranger Sweater next season makes me feel worse.

    The guy had trouble staying on his feet during contact, had very little stamina and completely lost his skating burst. More times than not, he made poor (nervous?) decisions with the puck in the offensive zone on those few occasions when he had it on his stick.

    I’ll agree that he was more noticeable in the finals than in the previous series. But, big deal.

    In two years, he’s had 6 forgettable (miserable?) playoff rounds for the Rangers. Time to cut our losses and prevent regrets during next years playoffs.

    Plus, he is grossly overpaid and eats up far too much Cap space for a (cough, cough) defensive specialist.

  136. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers 18-1 to win the cup next year. 8-1 to win the ECF. If there is a typo there, Robbie, let me know…

  137. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I married me a wife, she was trouble all my life……in the cold rain and snow….

  138. Man, I put off so many things “till the playoffs are over”. This week is gonna suck.

    I don’t want to go back to the real world.

  139. Carp
    Great review and thank you for all the hard work and giving us this great forum!!!

    Offseason talk?

  140. @rangersreport

    @KennyAlbert covered each of the last 17 games played in the NHL. Think about that. And today he does baseball. Man doesn’t sleep.

  141. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Real bummer – no game 6. No more hockey for awhile. Next year will be interesting.

    Let’s go rangers

    Great blog Ricardo. You deserve a raise (the cup)

  142. I liked that kid Leblanc that got traded to thé ducks…I wonder if the ducks are moving a centre at some point?

  143. I also hate that there is no more hockey for a while, but I really really love the draft, buyout period, and free agency. I love the trades and player movement!!


  144. I hope they find a way to upgrade at center,, need a better combination of size, skill and grit down the middle.

  145. What ever happened to that d-man Boomer Esiason said NYR were going to get?

    NYR needs a reliable d-man since Straman is likely gone. J.Moore is not better than less. Need a prospect to step up, or make a trade. Don’t know how many UFA’s are available/worth it.

  146. I would try to move Nash for first round picks in next years draft…

    That draft is supposed to be super deep. And, we have no first rounder as of now…

  147. Gaborik please come back :(

    Nothing but positive on this team IMO- great depth and speed. Our two “star forwards” didnt show up. Thats the only thing to be mad and negative about.

    They need to eliminate one or both for next year and re-tool.

  148. Papa Bear

    Totally agree with you re: Nash. I cringed every time during the playoffs when some commentator remarked that even though he was not scoring he was hustling and playing defense. Well, he did play some defense but I did not see a lot of hustling as you point out. I mean, he gets $8 million per to come here and be a game changer and score. If ALL you need to do is show up and try for all that dough I will be happy to do so for only $1 million.

  149. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Carp I ADORE you,considering your not a fan or a regular beat writer you are the BEST at what you do! I’m so proud of this team that i’ll be wearing my Rangers winter classic jersey the next few days even if the temps are going to be in the 80’s.LGR Also could you please remove the LA reporters & Lavoie from twitter asap it might make it a little easier for me & the other boneheads to deal with the off season that is upon us .

  150. One thing that frustrates the hell out of me is Staal, he has decent size and the only thing he ever checks with is his stick…

  151. Need more size and grit in top 6 and at centre and wing.

    Like to see at least one physical guy added to blueline if not two.

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I woke up this morning to see a envelope pushed under my door. I was wondering , fathers day isn’t until tommorow so….can’t be a card for that. Then I opened it up and it was a pritty serious looking sympathy card. I was wondering omg who died!!??? I was kinda nervous in a slight panick as I started to read , “With Sympathy . As close as a whisper and remembered with every heartbeat , precious in though and memory….( As I opened the card) ,Sharing in the sadness of your loss With heartfelt Sympathy …( he wrote) Over the next year may what you hoped for may become yours ; Larence PS They will have to get by the habs.

    Whoa , I wanted to kill him!!!

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