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  1. from a friend who got this on fox sports news….” And this little tidbit from the real world…Gotta make you feel good about NYR fans: According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Bobby Ackerman, a Long Island native, wanted to pass on his love of hockey to his newborn daughter, Madison. The first-time father even bought Madison a tiny Henrik Lundqvist jersey soon after she was born in the hopes that she would someday wear it to a Stanley Cup game with him, but tragically, she passed away in April at four months old. As the Rangers were beginning their postseason run that same week, word began to spread of the sad news. Shawn Revell, who runs the Facebook site called New York Rangers Memes, didn’t know Ackerman personally, but he was determined to do something for the grieving father. “We all just said, ‘We need to do something for this guy,'” said Revell. “We agreed if the Rangers made the finals, we were going to find a way to get him there.” The Rangers went on to defeat the Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference finals, and Revell worked on setting up a fund to raise enough money to send Ackerman to a Cup game and purchase him a Rangers jersey with his daughter’s name on it. Within 24 hours, the page had raised over $1,000, and the money only continued to pour in from fans around the NHL, including some Kings fans. The support was overwhelming, and it was enough to purchase tickets for Game 4 on the date of the two-month anniversary of Madison’s death. “I still can’t find the words,” Ackerman said. “I’m just your average guy who loves hockey. The hockey community is the best thing in the world. Without it, I don’t know where I’d be right now.”…please pass to the NYR , they need to know about this….another inspiration from another angel…..

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can’t believe we are already playing our 5th ‘must win’ game of the series tomorrow night… Let’s go boys!

  3. Sad story for sure. Hits to close to home for me. I lost my first son on the day he was do.

  4. Jessica Summers on

    Here’s what you need to know, Manny. Kristo has wicked wrists and he can score. We need *goals* as we approach game 5. Something or someone has got to give.

  5. LOL – Jessica. When Richards blows out his knee in game 5, you are going to *WISH* the Kristo Kid was in there instead :)

    You can thank me later!

  6. I knew there was a shortage of something lately, but couldn’t put my finger on it. 28 year olds from Northern NJ.

  7. Manny – I think we need to take Jessica out for drinks :)

    or she’s picking on me.

  8. I bet Kristo would walk barefoot through a snowstorm to use those wicked wrists and score.

  9. Not sure, Sioux. They have at least three extra forwards (Carcillo, Miller, Fast), two extra D (Diaz, Falk) and three goalies (inluding Missaien) with them all the time.

  10. For whatever reason, the organization seems to have Fast and Miller ahead of Kristo in the depth chart. Not sure why. Kristo is pure scorer. Obviously, kid still has a lot to learn in pro hockey but his production in CT last year was a complete shock to everyone except Sioux.

  11. Aren’t the reasons “overall skillset” with Miller and “defensive awareness” with Fast? And both were on pace to outpoint Kristo down in the other HL.

  12. not sure if that’s the depth chart based on future. But depth chart now, in terms of NHL readiness, yes.

  13. I guess, Mr. D. They are 3 totally different players. I think the most glaring need is a sniper over a defensive responsible forward or a good all-around player. NYR might not agree.

  14. Is the term “Black Aces” a racist one? I can’t decide if I should be offended.

  15. Jessica Summers on

    i dont know wuts wrong with you guys but that wasnt me before. seriously. whats wrong with you!

  16. Snipers don’t help if they’re giving up 2 or 3 snipes for every one they create.

  17. Moving Richy down to the fourth line really hurt our puck possession, I think it was a big reason for the forty shots against.

  18. Carp, great article on the buyout. It wasn’t up there for too long. You should consider re posting it after game seven.

  19. “Snipers don’t help if they’re giving up 2 or 3 snipes for every one they create.”

    But does Girardi help for giving up one for every 2 or 3 he denies?

  20. I don’t have a good answer for Girardi. The biggest gaps that need to be closed in the possession metrics are shot location and QoC, both of which I _think_ would bump our top pair up, possibly significantly.

  21. Kristo needed a full year in the AHL, that’s common coming out of college.

    Kreider & Miller are still figuring out the defensive responsibilities away from the puck.

    Kristo is a RFA so I could see him getting a 2 year deal, and a solid shot to make the team next year.

    I still put him in our top 3 in the depth chart, for forwards. I wouldn’t write him off yet.

    I was kidding about putting him in for Richards, outside of Richards getting hurt and costing this team $6.7M for the next 6 years.

  22. Hard to trust comments by avatars that are pawns. Too easy for some jerk to impersonate.

  23. I guess it will come down to who is brought back next year.

    Pouliot, Boyler, Carcillo, D Moore are all UFA.

    RFA Kreider, Brassard, Zucc should all get new contracts.

    Kristo will have to earn his stripes leading the wolfpack, and get called up, I guess he would have a slight chance to make it out of camp.

  24. carp—do you think the rangers should take a chance on mike green? I read that the caps want to get rid of him,i think buyout buy maybe a trade…he is a very good offensive d-man and can fire the puck…he’ll help out the pp,at least…

  25. NHL network showing last nights game now. It’s the CBC broadcast and is immeasurably superior to nbc, and I like Doc.

  26. PullOut owes a lot to AV. He was heading south until AV played him and stuck with him. However, dollars are, more often than not, thicker than blood.

  27. For every goal Mike Green scores, I’m pretty sure he is on for roughly 89 against.

  28. WTF was JLo and Pitt Bull doing opening up the World cup??

    and that ceremony was kind of lame, anyway…

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