Game 4: Rangers-Kings in review … another Live Chat today


First, this: Looking at yet another Live Stanley Cup Final Chat, probably 1-ish. It’s tentative, but probable. Will let you know here, in the comments, and via twitter if/when I wake up. Be there.


1) I have an old friend who doesn’t get hockey. Baseball/boxing guy. He says 90-95 percent of all goals are lucky or accidental, and that it’s completely random who wins and loses. Maybe he’s on to something. I thought the Rangers were better in Game 4 than they were in Game 3, somewhat, but I didn’t think they were nearly as good as they were in Games 1 and 2. Anyway, it seems to me that the results of the first four games have been pretty random.

2) Because, though I thought the Rangers’ start was OK, and it got better as the first period went on, and they left the period with the lead, they were dominated in draws which made life difficult on them. They were better on draws in the second, and played fine, and got out of that period with the lead still. And they were completely hanging on in the third, just waiting for the other shoe (not Mike Milbury’s) to drop. And boy did it almost drop a few times. To be fair, the Kings have done that a lot, and to better teams than the Rangers, in these playoffs.

3) So, with so much puck luck in this series — and again, I thought a lot of the bad luck the Rangers caught in Game 3 was preceded by bad plays, and so the bounces were somewhat deserved — we had a Game 4 where the Rangers got a fluke goal, the Kings got a fluke breakaway goal, Marian Gaborik beat his old pal Henrik Lundqvist but hit the crossbar, and Lundqvist benefited from the two snow-balls and was bailed out by Anton Stralman and Derek Stepan sweeping pucks right off the goal line.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Four

4) If the Rangers somehow come back in this thing — and that’s still a pipe dream at this point — those pucks on the goal line are going to go down in history.

5) Despite the snow in Lundqvist’s crease, BTW, I thought the ice looked pretty darn decent on another warm and very humid day. Should have been. Hours before the game the building felt about 30 degrees. And, as you know, NHL ice guru Dan Craig is spending all day every day at the arenas. Not only was the ice better, the crowd, I thought, was one of the best of the season … though it looked/sounded ready to turn for a little while there. Also very cool when Mark Messier was on the jumbo screen and he waved four fingers, and then some of the celebs (Michael J. Fox and John McEnroe) picked up on it and did it too. I seem to recall a salute of fewer fingers during McEnroe’s playing days.

6) Lundqvist. Yeah, he was lucky. He was also really good, again, as usual, in an elimination game. He made 40 saves … so … It’s 11-2 now in the last 13 on the brink (1.30, .959). And he and the Rangers have an eight-game home winning streak facing elimination, a playoff record (8-0, 0.99, .968). So, yeah, it’s not just lucky. Five of those facing-extinction wins are this season.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Four7) I repeat myself, but Anton Stralman is making himself a lot of money in these playoffs. Boy, if there’s a way to go into unrestricted free agency, this is the road map. The freakin’ blueprint. Big hits, terrific defense, game-saving plays. Wow. Glen Sather might want to get on that before July 1. Another thing about Stralman, who seems to be an awfully good guy and very well respected by his teammates: You know how we’ve spoken about how the American players stand at attention after the anthem until the colors leave the rink. Well, Stralman does too. Very respectful.

8) Dan Girardi is having a night-sweats series, though. I am not faulting him on the broken-stick breakaway goal. Though it seemed he tried to make a play on the puck before it got to him, and thus caught it on the heel of the stick. He also got roasted by Jeff Carter, had a couple more of those passes to the middle, to Kings. In fairness, though, he and Ryan McDonagh mostly, and Marc Staal and Stralman, have effectively shut down Anze Kopitar. And Girardi did have a couple of blocks late. McDonagh and Staal each had a very big hit. Stralman had two more.

9) Speaking of blocks, another beastly game by Brian Boyle, who was called on for extra duty with the 2-1 lead late, replacing Chris Kreider. Also blocked a bunch of shots and passes, had a couple big hits. Another guy playing for a big raise … and you have to wonder with his value going up, if it means he won’t stay,

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Four10) So Alain Vigneault showed some onions. He didn’t change the lineup, but he sure changed the dynamic of the lineup, moving Brad Richards down to fourth-line left wing, switching Carl Hagelin and Kreider. Not sure the entire effect of the moves. And also not sure if the point was, in AV’s mind, that Richards hasn’t played well enough, or if it was just to limit his minutes as he’s looked to be running on fumes. We’ll see in Game 5. Whatever it was, I thought Richards was fresher, and played better 5-on-5 than he had in the first three games, had a couple of beauts in the slot stopped by Jonathan Quick. Was defensively responsible on the wing, even had a couple of hits.

11) Daily Nash-O-Meter. So did Rick Nash. I know he gets bashed a lot, and he deserves it for his complete lack of offensive production, but if you’re saying he didn’t play well in this game, or that he was on the perimeter, I think you’re incorrect. And, again, as I’ve been saying, that’s still not acceptable. He has to score. But I’m saying, he’s not dogging it.

12) Ironic, too, that with three of the lines changed, the one that stayed together — the best line over the course of 106 games now, and the best power-play unit all year — got the first goal, two seconds after a power play ended, on Benoit Pouliot’s chest-high deflection. All three of those guys (Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard and Pouliot) competed at a high level. Again.

13) Another guy who competed is Derek Stepan, who made the pass off Kreider which was converted by Martin St. Louis. He looks like he’s lost a lot of weight on his liquid/mushy foods diet since the broken jaw, but he competed. And he was drilled by Mike Richards after the pass to Kreider, barely avoiding a huge collision. He lost his stick and both gloves on the hit. By the way, goal No. 8 of these playoffs for MSL. Not a bad postseason.

14) I think some stick manufacturer is going to find a way to make a stick that doesn’t break so easily and is going to own the market. Man, I don’t think I ever saw so many busted twigs in a single game as lasrt night. These are game-changing plays very often, too.

15) This was also probably the best officiated game of the series. They got both of the snow-ball plays correct, got Pouliot’s deflection correct — stop the presses, a goal review went the Rangers’ way — and didn’t do anything drastically terrible that I can recall. Though I did think that when Derek Dorsett got clipped by that high stick, he did a Plekanec and got away without an embellishment penalty. That said, there really has been a lot of grabbing and stuff in this series. I don’t terribly mind that. But that ticky-tack pansification stuff was called all season long.

16) The Kings are now 3-8 in these playoffs when trailing after two periods. Which is a really high percentage in hockey. Only it seems they were 10-0 in those games before Game 4.

My Three Rangers Stars:2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Four
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Anton Stralman.
3. Derek Stepan.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Martin St. Louis.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Anton Stralman.
3. Derek Stepan.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Anton Stralman.
3. Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. what the refs didn’t get right was the kings cheating on every faceoff and interfering on every Rangers entrance to their zone.

    At the beginning of the year they were calling a lot less of an infraction interference….

    Awesome game by Henrik….

    I get to watch another game.

  2. So nice to wake up to this……and then try and watch some of it and find out NHL Gamecenter is still blacking you out!!

    Honestly, what are they freaking doing!! I paid for the service, there is only one game every few days, sort it out you eejuts!

  3. Excellent review carp as always. Nice to actually enjoy it with the cup of Joe.

    I agree with Tomb above.. The amount of interfering to slow down the Rangers is beyond belief! There could have been a dozen penalties. It looks like a game from the 1990’s before those calls were supposed to be made. They have found a way to neutralize a lot of the rangers speed and unfortunately for the Rangers, it is illegal.

    Look, I am so proud of the fact that we are here and we won last night. But man, the Kings are a better team. Which makes it all the more frustrating that we didn’t win one in LA. We outplayed them in game 2. We should have won that game.. Shoulda, woulda, coulda…. sigh….

    Can you imagine how freaking cool it would be to bring it back to MSG for a game 6, talk about Rocking?? The place would be pulsating with energy.

    I love this team and pray that Game 5 is not our last..

  4. After game 5 of the conference finals, I told my son I thought the Rangers had one- maybe two wins left in the jug. I was confident they could shake at least one out. Hope I’m wrong, but last night sure looked like the last cookie stuck to the bottom-kind of tasted like it, too. Kings abandoned the structure that won them game 3 and played more like 1 and 2. The fact that they probably feel they should have won might coax them into playing game 5 the same way- best shot for us to bring this back for a six.Exactly what was the difference between the way the third period was officiated and having no refs at all? Faceoffs were an absolute joke- lets go back to one-two-three taps and draw- bet Rangers are forced to put their sticks down first in LA. O Halloran had a tear in his eye at the end, still…he did his part.

  5. So Friday night after work my schedule looks like this now:
    17:00 Mexico v Cameroon
    20:00 Spain v Netherlands
    23:00 Chile v Australia
    01:00 Rangers vs Kings

    Going to need gallons of beer and a lorryload of popcorn!!

  6. brent addleman on

    Carp, are you referring to Marco M as your baseball/boxer friend? I recall baving a similar convo with him when we all worked together.

  7. AV did a good job moving Richards to the wing, but he should have only switched Dom Moore to MSL Hagelin line. Kreider shoulda stayed with Nash & Step.

    AV MUST MUST MUST get Richards of the PP. Give John Moore a chance back there. He looked like he had some life on the point and the NYR actually scored (2 sec. after PP) on John Moore’s slapper from the point. Stralman and Moore need more time at the point.

    There was also another snafu during one of the PP when MSL was on the left and Stepan on the right circle. They never rotated to get to their spots. That rotation often opens up chances. They never even moved.

    Not getting too excited because it felt like the NYR were losing from the middle of the 1st period on, but it’s nice that they forced a game 5.

  8. Great write up, Carp! Rangers were lucky to win this one, and even Lundquist admitted they have “puck luck” last night…but they were headed back to the style that kept them in Games 1-2, as you point out, and that is encouraging. Rangers in 7!!!!

  9. Was all Kings after Brown’s goal. Rangers looked like they were going to unravel and Hank wouldn’t let them. As I said last night it’s hard to imagine that even the best of goalies in the world could sustain that kind of level of play in order to beat this team 3 more times in a row isn’t likely. When the Kings decide to turn it on they really pour it on.

    With that said you’re going back to LA. You have one game to play this season. Go out and try to win one game. You haven’t trailed at Staples center at all. Go win one.

  10. All I ask is that the Rangers bring this series back to the Garden and if the Kings can finish it here then so be it.

  11. James G: Stralman fan on

    Oleo we aren’t there yet. game 5 is THE game. I don’t care about the ’42 Leafs or the Red Sox I don’t care what happened in 2012 with LA and NJ
    They just have to go out and try their best to win it.

  12. James

    Bringing the series back to NY is essentially the same as saying win Game 5.

  13. MSL had a legit goal disallowed against Philly, right? Should be 9 goals.

    Not too shabby.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    That off puck stuff you like gives us very little chance of using our speed. Watch 28, 73, 70; just killing the smaller, faster team with off puck picks and outright grabbing.
    Nash was engaged last night. Great set up for Havs off the first draw, was battling in the dirty area during one flurry in front of Quick
    Girardi and Staal – hope they find their A games
    Simple PP fix – Bucky and Girarfi off points, puleeze!!!

  15. James G: Stralman fan on

    But to say that it would be ok for the Kings to win it at MSG at that point? Lol

  16. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Nash may not be dogging it but he is here for his offense and where is it ?
    Stralman has been consistently consistent all season long .. Geradi and Staal have had their moments but Geradi has killed this team in the finals

  17. **Staal Wart** on

    Carp great review as always and I hope you wake up!
    Unfortunately work has gotten in the way of every Live Chat for weeks now…arg!!!
    Yaaaaaah…we didn’t get swept!!!!!

  18. 3 to go!

    Another chance to vomit tomorrow night.

    Great write up Carp.


    Sire Father!

  19. **Staal Wart** on

    Since I can’t make the chat…
    Here’s a question.
    Both Boyle and Stralman have been key to the rangers success…how important is it that the Rangers try to sign them?
    I mean loosing both would not be a good thing…

  20. Admiral Akbar on

    Staal Wart

    Don’t forget about Dominic Moore and Benoit Pouliot.

    Uncle Glen has some big decisions to make.

  21. Miami Pimp – Don’t forget, the US Open golf too this weekend! “Heaven, I’m in Heaven…”

    UK Ranger – How did you come to be a Ranger fan? With words like “lorry” and interest in the footie, I’m guessing your a Brit as opposed to an ex-Pat. Perhaps we knew each other whilst I was living there. I played for the London Legion rec hockey team during the 12 years I lived in London from the late 90’s to 2010. I can empathize with you trying to stay up to watch American sports, though when I was there the Rangers weren’t very good for most of the time, so it usually wasn’t them causing me to turn up blurry eyed for work, rather the Yankees.

  22. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp, That was hard game to watch, didn’t feel confident they could win it, especially after Brown’s heart-breaker. Far from the best they’ve played, but Hank stole this one.

    You want to find some positives going back to LA aside from the W last night? I think that was the best game LA played so far. They were more defensive and opportunistic in game 3. Last night they defended well, but also threw everything they had at NY but a kitchen sink. And lost the game. A little doubt and a broken arrogance perhaps? Let see how it goes on Friday.

  23. The problem is the Rangers also currently have one of the worst farm systems in the NHL right now so it’s not like in years past where we had top prospects like THE, Hagelin, McDonagh, Stepan, etc. to call up.

    Miller doesn’t seem like he’ll be a player like that. Neither does Fast or Mac Il Bust.

    Our only other guy is Duclair and he’s not NHL ready.

  24. Do not underestimate the work that is being done by both teams’ medical personnel. This has turned into a long and grueling playoffs run for everyone. Cuts and bruises, muscle strains, twisted joints, dehydration, etc. What they can do is crucial for how their teams are performing.

  25. I missed the first period last night, saw the second at a club in Midtown, saw the third at Flying Puck. What scene at the Puck. I found the blue seat fans!!

  26. Love the Kings talking about being the better team last night. I don’t remember that being the NY teams reaction first couple games… us fans yes, players, not really at least not in public.

  27. This series should be 2-2.

    They will win in LA.

    Keep the focus!

    In Hen-rik we TRUST!

  28. What a nerve-wracking game! When Boiler missed the empty netter at the end for an icing, I thought we were doomed to have the Kings tie it up. But even as Vigneault acknowledged in the post game presser, some times the hockey gods look down favorably upon your team. Sure did on us last night. While it was frantic and hectic and tilted for much of the game, I was proud that our D, led by Hank, really held the line. I don’t expect that we’ll be as tight in game 5.

  29. “We easily could have won that game,” said defenseman Drew Doughty. “We just didn’t bear down at the right time. It’s not like they had any great opportunities or anything like that, so we’re not worried about it.”

    That is great news for us. Please don’t worry about it for us… especially back in LA where you haven’t led for a single minute!

  30. The problem with the PP is entry. I am not sure we have anyone who can get it across the blue line. That is on the coaching staff.

  31. I’m with you, Sioux. But for that ridiculous non-call in Game 2 this series at least should be 2-2.

  32. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Carp, any opinion on Girardi, is he hurt, out of gas, or not up to the level of compitition?
    He’s never been fleet of foot, but he seems to be getting turned around a lot lately.
    Great review as always, thanks!

  33. Mickman – i’m a fully fledged Brit who’s obsessed with the Rangers! Thanks to (strangely) the 1998/99 Gretzky team – i came for a weekend and took in a Ranger game and i’ve been a fan ever since.
    I’ve always lived in the Midlands/North though so highly unlikely we ever met, unless you attended any Coventry Blaze hockey games between ’99-’05?

    If this is the real Anton Stralman, why couldnt he have played this well for the last 3 years? He’s a hitting machine!!

  34. This series epitomizes why teams play to just make the playoffs.

    – Anything can happen, like winning three game 7s
    – Luck plays a huge part, like two pucks stopping on the goal line
    – The best team on the ice doesn’t always win

    I’m kind of amazed that most of the people on here don’t fully realize this despite watching a ton of hockey. Over 82 games the cream will rise but in a 7 game series, a team clicking at the right time and luck can go a very long way.

    Any team can win a series, this is the new normal in the salary cap/parity world of the NHL.

  35. I just have this feeling that if the Rangers get this game back to New York for Game 6 then the teams will have one more trip to the left coast because the series will go seven. Of course, that if is a big IF.

    At one point during the third period my wife crossed the line from Rangers fan to Rangers FAN. Without any prompting from me, Doc, Edzo or Regis, she started screaming at the linesmen because they weren’t making the Kings get their sticks down on faceoffs. I might add that her language was hardly lady-like. Actually, it was very “blue seat” of her :-)

    I still want to see the Rangers ratchet up the forechecking even more. A lot of our success in the playoffs has been when we have been aggressive on the forecheck. Also, keep setting up the offense from behind the net because we need to get Quick moving. When he can get set, he is good. When he starts moving and over-reacting, he is not as good.

    Hopefully, the Rangers and Kings spend the real 20th anniversary flying back to NY for Game 6!

  36. I’m certainly not going to complain about Stralman today because (1) that save he made washes out everything and (2) we won, but its funny this is his big stage game. Shots were 17-1 LA with him on the ice last night even strength, which has to be the worst number I’ve ever seen. This wasn’t a top 10 game for him in these playoffs despite him having his top 1 singular play.

  37. Three words for you:
    He continues to know exactly how to sum up the focus needed for the task at hand…the four finger salute was GOLD, Jerry
    We’re going seven, ladies. Stick to the road, beware the moon, and may The Lord have mercy on your souls

  38. The post-game comments by Doughty (aka, Cindy II) are good news. Keenan was correct; this game will seep into the Kings’ heads. Boiler is right. I have never heard a post-game comment like that. Not worried, Drew? Good to know!

    I cannot speculate on what will happen in Game 5 but I do know one thing. If the Rangers have a lead in the 3rd period, all that will be on the Kings’ minds is that pending 3000 mile flight back to New York. If the Rangers win Game 5, they will float back to NY.


  39. Finally some Stralman love. Dude has been playing awesome this postseason, completely under the radar. His play has also been more physical as the postseason has gone on. Forget whether it was game 1 or 2 (think 1), he was along the boards and tried to make a play knowing he was going to get creamed. He attempted to make the play, got creamed, puck deflected back to him, and he knew the same thing was going to happen again and still made the play. 2 crushing hits, and he absorbed both to make the play. Was awesome and exactly what he’s been doing all year.

  40. The shots being 17-1 with Stralman on the ice is not an indictment of Stralman. It is an indication of the Kings attack in the third and an indictment of the forwards for the Rangers in the third.

  41. bull dog line on

    I remember that play well Cosmo. but the question is, did LA get a shot on goal while he was on the ice? because if they did, he was not playing well.

  42. Anybody catch HL’s post-game presser? Keenan’s take on that was that HL can single-handedly win the Stanley Cup for the Rangers. Even Trautwig was taken aback.

  43. Now that we won the game I guess it’s ok to admit that Brown demolished Hank on that break

  44. Bull Dog, read it the other way. If I’m saying last night was overall his 11th best game this playoffs at best, am I not heaping a ton of praise on him? Don’t look for the negative.

  45. I guess we shouldn’t expect to see Carcillo in game five either, nor Manuel Frederico Espinosa Carlos de San Luis Diaz

  46. We got this far despite Richards and Nash giving us zero.

    Imagine what this team could look like when they are gone.

  47. ES shot diff …

    Chris Kreider: -2
    Derek Dorsett: -2
    Brad Richards: -3
    Martin St. Louis: -4
    John Moore: -4
    Brian Boyle: -4
    Dan Girardi: -5
    Dominic Moore: -5
    Ryan McDonagh: -6
    Derek Stepan: -6
    Rick Nash: -8
    Carl Hagelin: -8
    Kevin Klein: -9
    Derick Brassard: -11
    Mats Zuccarello: -12
    Marc Staal: -12
    Benoit Pouliot: -13
    Anton Stralman: -16

    Team / Henrik Lundqvist: -26

  48. If that’s the case them I hope we take more penalties and release Hags and Zucc upfield

  49. _Now it’s on to LA and lets win there_

    We should be like “oh, you guys think you’re so good, how about this … if you win, its over. If we win, it counts as two and we just stay right here for Game 7”. Some people have a very tough time not taking a bet or a dare so its worth a try. Thoughts?

  50. Great write-up as always, Carp. Didn’t get to see a moment last night, but having seen so much of the Rangers this year and having read all your post-games, I now feel as though I did see this one. California, Coffee and Carp! And, this team, this team!… it’s firmly in the Rangers’ pantheon.

  51. Seamus McDuff on

    Great work, Carp; as usual. Refs were good, but did miss a fairly egregious too many men. Also, great job by Boyle staying on the ice post-icing late, despite clearly smarting after a shot block. Unlike a certain high numbered Montreal player who would have taken the opportunity to get off the ice…. LGR!!!

  52. ilb, I remember those Stralman wristed goals in that [shorter] run. I hope he’s got two more! Man, has he been good.

  53. Rob in Beantown on

    Maybe instead of winning 3 games, they should just think of it as “not losing any more games.” Sounds a little bit easier, right?

  54. Is it true that Warren Buffet has asked King Henrik whether he will be the face of DQ’s snow cone advertising blitz? Sure beats watching a rhinoceros turn into hocky pucks, he retorted…

  55. I really hope we trade for Spezza. Then we could have *three* #2 Centers. What team doesn’t want THREE of them!?

  56. Sign Stralman and dangle Staal to get a no1 center, maybe Spezza, Kessler or Thornton.

  57. Gentle men, this is the ultimate sports weekend:

    – World Cup opener
    – US Open
    – NBA Finals

    – 3 WC matches
    – US Open
    – NYRangers

    – 3 WC matches
    – US Open

    – 3 WC matches
    – US Open
    – NBA Finals

    – 3 WC matches (including US – Ghana)
    – Rangers

  58. I’m going to state the obvious (even though I like what Keenan said), but the second win is the one where you can really start to think about a comeback.

    This first win was nice and prevented the letdown/embarrassment of getting swept. But, winning Game 5 on the road, and coming back to MSG with a chance to tie could get into the Kings psyche. Especially if Lundqvist has another great game.

  59. I thought the NHL banned clutching and grabbing – ie, Devils trap hockey – after 2005. Seems as if the Kings are morphing into the Devils before our eyes. It seems as if this is the only way they can cope with the superior Ranger speed.

  60. jimG the desertrat on

    Thank you Rangers,don’t have to live under the stars cause now I got two houses,tried to voodoo the kinks as their plane flew overhead.

  61. Matteau:
    Spezza – no thank you
    Thornton – too old (37)
    Kesler – reports out there saying he does not want to come to NY.

  62. jimG the desertrat on

    Tomorrow hip replacement surgery in the AM Rangers victory in the PM.I stoked!

  63. Spezza sooooooo fits the Sather MO. Big name, big money, bad side of 30, starting the roller coaster down portion of his career curve. Miller, J. Moore and our next two seconds sounds about devastatingly right.

  64. Miami – thanks for the reminder!! I forgot it was the US Open too!!
    i need to beer shop on the way home tonight – Desperados will be the order of the day – it matches the Rangers mood!!

  65. Curious why are people down on Spezza? Is there a better no1 center option? He’s 6’3 and creates offense.

  66. What’s the point of buying out Richards and replacing him with Spezza? (who Slats will overpay for no doubt)

    If anything SLats should have learned his lesson by now! Trade don’t sign UFA’s!!

  67. _Curious why are people down on Spezza? Is there a better no1 center option? He’s 6’3 and creates offense_

    What do you think he’ll cost to acquire?

  68. Spezza:
    just turned 30
    $7m a year cap hit (and not likely giving anyone a discount)
    has missed approx 90 games in the last 5 years through injury
    will want a long contract

  69. I thought Nash had his best physical game last night. I realize he gets hammered here but thought he brought a lot of snarl last night. Some huge hits including a ferocious forearm shiver. Guy can be a beast when he wants to be. Love to see him turn it up a notch.

  70. (Hits thrown, not hits absorbed. Neither Nash nor Spezza could avoid hits at that rate.)

  71. He did, JD. Each time he does its sort of a kick in the penis knowing he can do it but mostly chooses not to.

  72. Ottawa wants a 1st round pick and a top 6 forward for Spezza, a 30+ captain who wants out of Ottawa, makes 7 million/year and spends most of his time drifting on the red line.
    No thank you!!

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Spezza talk – talk about vomit inducing two way play. Will make you miss Bucky’s invisible back checks

  74. Big line shift in the series. Rangers go from 12/1 to 7/1, Kings go from 1/25 to 1/15.

  75. Kings -170 tomorrow night, Rangers +150. Nice bet if you like our odds of making them come back with us.

  76. James G: Stralman fan on

    Stralman has always raised his playoff game. Remember when Rozsival was a Ranger that was his game too. Not nearly as effective though. Stralman has earned his stripes. Hope he stays.

  77. Agree, Manny. What does he have, something like 90 shots in the playoffs? 90 shots, 3 goals. Is that even possible? Emrick said that there seemed to be an anti-Nash Forcefield around the net preventing the puck from going in.

  78. Did Kesler turn us down at the deadline?
    He’d be the one i’d target for a trade.
    Big Joe is too old now (3 more years at $6.75m too), Spezza (see above), other than that i’ve not heard many names other then the entire Toronto roster (bar Kessel)

  79. Kadri still feels like the best trade chance for getting value that exceeds cost. Spezza the worst. Thornton the double worst.

  80. James G: Stralman fan on

    Nash isn’t getting tough breaks anymore than LA has been “lucky”
    I don’t want him here anymore.
    Dubinsky was making about 4.5 mill to be a third line wing/center kill penalties and do great things away from the puck plus he was a better face off guy than 2 current centers and everyone wanted him gone because he couldn’t score 30 goals. That’s ok but Nash should be able to play that game minus the face offs and make 7.5 million?

  81. We have $18m plus BRich’s possibly buyout of $6.67 cap space next season.
    Without accounting for:
    Brass, Pouliot, Kreider, Zucc, Boyle, DMoore, JMoore, Stralman who are all UFA/RFA or adding Fast/Lindberg/Miller to the roster

  82. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman has played well, especially in comparison to his partner who has spit the bit for the most part this series. Marc ‘Poke Check’ Staal has not brought his A game in this series.
    Kings make you look bad, but he has contributed a lot on his own as well.

  83. James G: Stralman fan on

    Listen if this run has shown anything it’s that guys like Hagelin
    Zucc, Brassard and Kreider are the ones you’re going to have to pay over the next several years.
    Hank has his big deal signed Now is the time to get the rest of the payroll in order. No one on this team should be making 6-7 million a year unless they were to acquire a Kessler or a can’t miss game changer type. Kessler himself isn’t going to play in NY. Not sure who the right guy is but I know he’s not a guy in his early 30s with a ton of mileage and wear/ tear

  84. Stranger Nation on

    Brass, $4.0
    Pouliot $2.0
    Kreider $2.0
    Zucc $3.0
    Boyle $2.0
    DMoore $2.0
    JMoore $2.0
    Stralman $3.5

    Total – $20.5M

  85. Been reading more about Spezza, guess I could understand the skepticism. Especially since he won’t come cheap.

  86. Eric, you don’t mess with what’s been working.

    Brass, $4.0 – might get a year, too low long term
    Pouliot $2.0 – no idea
    Kreider $2.0 – would be smart to go higher and avoid bridge
    Zucc $3.0 – sounds right
    Boyle $2.0 – low
    DMoore $2.0 – sounds right
    JMoore $2.0 – high
    Stralman $3.5 – low to very low

  87. So much Strawlmahn praise…and deserving so…someone should check in on Manny…see if he didn’t jump outta the window.

  88. Even cutting Richards it’s hard to see that there is enough budget to sign all the UFAs Stralman, Boyle, DMoore and Pouliot.

    Unless Staal is traded, which I wouldn’t be opposed to if the trade can help upgrade top center position.

    Hard to believe but I’d rather have Stralman than Staal, especially with Staal contract expiring next year.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Before game 4 – money line to win the cup:

    Kings: -3000
    Rangers: +1400

    Going into game 5:

    Kings: -1500
    Rangers: +700

  90. Well, after the first couple games, Deliverance Sutter saw his boys being burned by our speed, so turned back in time to the old clutch-and-grab and interference. Pretty shrewd, if the zebras let him get away with it, and they did.

    AV, on the udder hand, stymies his normally effective pressing fourth line by injecting Richards. He has proven, so far, to be an anchor on any line.

    Let’s go, boyos. We’re still breathing. Stranger things have happened.

  91. Pretty sure with the way he’s played your not getting a package that good for (g)Nash

  92. The Nash Rambler must be about to explode or implode. Missing an open net by ten feet and bringing the puck back for a d-zone faceoff in the last minute boggles the prefrontal cortex.

  93. I really don’t mind that Nash took a chance at the empty net, though it would be a better play if they weren’t getting dominated on draws. Too often, they get burned for quality chances when they aren’t decisive enough trying to clear the puck.

  94. Yeah, I liked the shot. If I could give him any advice for next time, I’d say “shoot it into the net rather than past the net”, but that’s about all I’d change.

  95. REAllY? WHY? Because it is too negative while the Rangers are still alive? Because god knows Eric; you are the model of optimism during the games. You never project negativity.. :-)

  96. “Eric
    If I hear any off season talk today I will find you
    June 12th, 2014 at 11:58 AM ”

    REAllY? WHY? Because it is too negative while the Rangers are still alive? Because god knows Eric; you are the model of optimism during the games. You never project negativity.. :-)

  97. My son in law was at the 1994 Stanley Cup final game in MSG. I just found his ticket stub for that game. He sat in Section 310, row D, seat 8.

    The price for that ticket was $46. My, how things have changed!

  98. I definitely liked the hammering of Gaborik behind the net by Nash last night.

    I was watching him skate around everyone and I was saying, “just hit him!” Right before Nash did that. I let out a big yell.

  99. bull dog line on

    I agree with those that are no on Spezza. not for the same reasons, but no matter I would not want to deal for him. it makes a lot more sense to sign Stastny, than to trade for a center. also count me as a no for Thornton. Kesler I would have to think about.

  100. Carp – hypothetically – it’s the same squad next year. Not possible, I know. But for arguments sake let’s say it is…who pots 30? Anyone?

  101. _Nash in his worst season still gets more goals than the next-best Ranger in his best season_

    The problem is that’s really all he does and, as everyone has agreed on when it comes to Alex Semin, you don’t pay $7MM for a guy who only scores goals. Only other player with 20+ goals and less than 15 assists was Sean Monahan and he’s like 12 years old and on a terrible team.

  102. Maybe its taken 2 years for Nash to shake off the 8 years of Columbus rust, no playoffs, low expectations, non-hockey city (thanks, Bettman!), scant media coverage in a city obsessed with all things OSU.

    BTW, there is only one thing wrong with the Rangers going deep in the playoffs – having to listen to Francesa talk about hockey. He claims to know nothing about hockey but manages to talk over all his hockey expert guests.

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