MORNING SKATE AUDIO: Alain Vigneault, Martin St. Louis, Brian Boyle, John Moore, Dan Carcillo, Kevin Klein


First, if you’ve missed it so far, remember to check out Carp’s pre-Game 4 chat here.

Anyway, I’m down at the Garden this morning, but no audio file for Alain Vigneault. Here’s the transcript of his press conference:

Q. Is the mood different from yesterday? The guys seemed a little down yesterday. You thought they’d be more upbeat today.
COACH VIGNEAULT: Not sure what you guys expected. But I think our overall mood was the one that was expected and appropriate. I didn’t think anybody would be making cartwheels yesterday. Today we’re back at work. We had a good meeting this morning. We’re getting ready for a good hockey game tonight.

Q. I’m assuming all lineup decisions will be a game time?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Your persistence, I love it (smiling).

Q. If you do bring Dan back into the lineup, after a six?game suspension…
COACH VIGNEAULT: He would bring what he’s brought to us all year long, is real good energy. He’s been in these situations before. He’s been a good player for us. If we do use him tonight, I’m sure he’s going to be ready.

Q. Have you seen this before with guys who are in and out of the lineup like that, and when they come back in, they tend to do something positive? Is that adrenaline?
COACH VIGNEAULT: That’s why sometimes we make changes. You know, we’re expecting changes to be positive for our team. Sometimes you can shuffle the deck with the lineup you have, or sometimes you bring new players into the lineup to hope that they can give you a spark, so… Every time we needed players to come in for different reasons, they’ve usually come in and done a pretty good job for us.

I had my Netflix imitation for you guys today. Nobody asked (laughter).

NOTE: Here’s the video Vigneault referenced…

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  1. So the WORST case scenario for tonight’s game has nothing to do with the score or the Stanley Cup:

    If Brad Richards gets injured, the Rangers can’t buy him out and we’re trapped in Salary Cap Hell until 2020.

    All the more reason for someone to stuff him in a bathroom and bolt the door shut prior to the game.

  2. I wish they WOULD sit Ricards to protect him buyout wise. He really has contributed NOTHING, been a liability.

  3. Either Leonard or Gross speculated he would be in for Dorsett, who only played a few shifts after being slew footed onto his tailbone.

  4. On the contrary, all we should do is talk about the *offseason* because we are *DOOMED*.

  5. Admiral Akbar on

    I agree Brad is not worth the rest of his contract.

    But, during his tenure in NY, the Rangers have been to the SC Finals, the ECF 2x. Assuming they lose this series, the Brad Richards era Rangers have been 6-3 in playoff series.

    You guys may not agree, but I think Richards was a good signing, and coincided with the Rangers being a team that barely makes the playoffs to a team that competes deep into the playoffs.

    Despite the tailing off of his skill set, Brad Richards was a good addition to the Rangers.

    Hopefully, he doesnt get injured tonight or thereafter if there are any more games to be played.

  6. His signing was good. His contract was terrible. And it got worse with the new CBA and the cap recapture penalty.

  7. Swing by the flying cup to see what the ledge looks like first hand.

    Do Eric & Gravy live there?

  8. Oh. I used my $10 gift card to order a Puck. I assumed that was the most expensive thing for them to ship to me and would thus cost them the most money.

  9. Richards signing was right move- as buying him out will be. He has been an important part of these last three playoff runs- but, at the very least, he needs his ice time limited- as the Kings have totally taken advantage of him in this series (whixh accounts for how defeated he sounds). Can’t see AV sitting him- that’s not his style. Thought we were outplayed worse over first three last year against Bruins- and forced a game 5.

  10. Admiral, “The Brad Richards Era” is just as aptly called “The Anton Stralman Era”.

  11. Rob in Beantown on

    The only made the ECF once and the SCF once, unless you’re counting this season as making the SCF *and* making the ECF, which is kind of cheating

  12. Grow up Gross and Leonard.

    This is what journalists have become in the social media age. They are on twitter, bringing to attention the fact that a kid misspoke. A 24 yo is trying to work with them and give them a byte, his team is on the brink. And for some reason the way our brains work we think its funny to publish it in a mocking way. For tweets, for 2 cents a hit. For more followers.

    I scroll the twitter feed to see some hockey-related info and quotes, and I get two of the rangers beat guys having a joke on social media on Step.

  13. Sioux Captain in 5 on

    Rangers are 10-2 in last 12 post season games when facing elimination. Lundqvist GAA 1.32, .957 save %.

    Why not a win tonight?

    or is it 10-3.

    Greene & Gabby on the Cup?

  14. Sioux Captain in 5 on

    I’m on the Fence with Richards.

    You can’t sit your top 3 point producer and win game 4 in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    What if he gets injured, yikes!!!

  15. I like that the idea of the team (despite one less game) or Richards (4 years younger than MSL) being too tired.

  16. I like that the idea of a snitch (despite having three first names) or stool pigeon (worse than a snitch) being irked.

  17. “When I creepily look your personal information up on the internet then post it, I don’t expect you to mind.”

  18. Just saying, Momentum is REAL and we can turn it back on our side tonight. I believe GAME 6 will be closely contested and that means I believe we win it tonight. Big game from the unexpected (but previously expected) suspects. Too much at stake and too much heart to lose another.

    Added Marty St. Louis, “We’re upbeat today. It’s a game day. Obviously, it was a tough day yesterday for everybody. We have a chance to do something special. We’re going to take it one game at a time. It’s all about momentum.”

    Momentum, yes. More so limiting the on-ice mistakes that the opportunistic Kings have converted, holding two-goal leads and scoring timely goals. That would help build some momentum.

  19. Cross Check Charlie on

    ….and the coach….he had that speech….You remember what he said?…..WELL, THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYIN’

    Let’s Go Rangers

  20. Cross Check Charlie on

    It began with Rick blocking me for linking to my site


  21. This makes absolutely no sense, but I am very confident about tonight. VERY!

    AS a matter of fact, I see this coming back to the garden at the very least for a game 6 and then all bets are off…

    As far as Richards goes, good signing, horrific contract. I said at the start of the playoffs that even if he won the Conn Smythe trophy that they should buy him out. His contract handcuffs them big time. I want to see them bring back D. Moops, Boyle, Stralman! They need FLEXIBILITY.. I have always thought that JT Miller (who is still VERY young) is going to be a good NHL player. He is strong and a great skater. He fits the profile for this team. Let him be the third line center next season!


  22. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    JR – “the only thing that matter is what’s important. Keep that in mind”

  23. Heard a clip of Brad Richards on WFAN a little while ago…

    Jeez, not exactly the St. Crispin’s Day speech. I get more inspiration from a Bazooka Joe cartoon

  24. Sioux Captain in 5 on

    Manny – did you get your gift certificate in the mail?

    I haven’t received anything yet? But I like the puck idea :)

  25. I may score but you can be sure I’ll be in the ice for goals against.

    – Captain Richards

  26. If Rangers get to a game 7, at least Al Michaels will be in the stands for the “do you believe in miracles?” call

  27. “Brian Boyle on #Kings clinching at Garden: “I don’t want to see them win it at all. WE want to win tonight. There’s a lot of reasons why.”

    I just want to declare my undying love for Brian Boyle.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bob Costas – “I’d love to watch game 4, but after my latest face peel, tummy tuck, cheek implant, and Botox injection, I’m not feeling so well”

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “you guys and girls, especially Eddie 3 times, have been great. I’m scoring the first goal tonight and dedicating it to all of you”

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    California Chrome’s Owner – “The kings are cowards. Why didn’t they run in the first two races? I’ll tell you why, it’s because they took the cowards way out. My horse had a bullseye on him”

  31. Mefears that, in playing the West, we are too small and too slow at the center position. #19: “I’m not going to lie to you, it’s hard to be upbeat.” Sayonara, sucker.

  32. Hanging Stepan dad at flying puck. He’s lost 13 pounds since jaw broken.

    Step told his dad yesterday because they don’t talk
    On game days we win tonight. I will score. Not in our house.

  33. A true leader in the locker room sings and sings loudly: “Come fly with me, let’s fly out to LA!”

  34. Also – more importantly, is Step’s mom there? Grrrr! Remember her? The hat-trick honey?

  35. Cross Check Charlie on

    No reason to go out on a ledge. Win or lose this Ranger team should be applauded for coming together as a team after a horrendous first half of the season and then giving us the gift of a Stanley Cup final. This is a workmanlike bunch of guys and they’ve played their hearts out.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  37. Ran into Mr & Mrs Hossa down in Atlanta when the boys beat on the Thrashers in round 1. Mrs was very nice and talkative…a true cougar before her time!

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Tonight’s game , a hero will be born . Our guys are a different animal come elimination games. We play with a purpose . I say we see a whole different group and Carcillo scores the opening goal. The LAK with their backs to the wall are a different animal too . Right now they are telling themselves not to be that way. They can’t help it , there ahead in the series. Tonight , we kick it up to the top level ..hand The Kings loss #1 . From there on ..look out !!! The boys are BACK!!!

  39. Eric I missed you at the Puck. Had a Guiness there at 2p.

    Business Dinner midtown will be yelling in bar during. May catch another Guiness before catching train to Brads Southampton Mans.

  40. Eric, my boy, I’m rooting for you (us). I don’t think they’ll disappoint us tonight.

    LGR !!!


    #19 Faux – captain: “I’m not going to let this 3 games losing streak ruin my buyout party”

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Actually a ” must win” game does not refer to an elimination senario. A “must win ” is usually right before the elimination game putting you in a ” must win” for the next game. Tonight game is A DO OR DIE situation . We win , we keep doing. We lose , we die.

  43. Oh Derek lost 13 pounds well the entire team is losing a chance at 39 pounds sob sob sob sob sob …

  44. They’ve wheeled the Cup into the bowels of MSG. Fear is a rusty knife. Do not let it enter into our house!

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Congratulations to James Dolan, Glen Sather, Coach AV, the entire Ranger organization, and especially the players.

    King Henrik, Come get the Stanley Cup

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lord is there anything more gay than Disney channel teens singing and dancing for an audience of 4-6 year olds…

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