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  1. Did he really, coos? I believe you, but that’s not how it looked on the quote sheet … I coudln’t be bothered with him, was too busy fighting two cameramen around Lundqvist’s locker.

  2. Scott Arniel must have emptied his grease pencil and is using one left behind by Mike Sullivan.


    And that my friends is the difference between a good team (NYR) and an elite team (LAK). They take the lead and they keep it.

    I am not giving up yet…I want to believe, still…but…we all know the history. Great season. We will be talking about it for a very long time.


  4. I spent $50 on a new McDonagh t-shirt, some chicken fingers and waffle fries, and a few beverages.

    The rest I wasted.

  5. look this was a very nice surprise. nobody expected much of anything from this group. they managed to squeak by Philadelphia without playing especially well. they looked dead and buried against Crapsburgh and ran off 3 straight. they couldn’t figure out how to put a puck past a goalie with 2 minutes of pro experience and still managed to take down Montreal in 6. there’s no way I ever thought this team would get to a Stanley Cup Final.

    all that being said, this has been an embarrassing Final for the New York Rangers.

  6. Hear Richie with my own ears. I’m sure he’ll regret it and will try to dance his way around it, but that’s not leadership.

  7. I said that Carp had bus lag from the JNews Northwest Passage transportation dept. and couldn’t get a laugh. Tough room.

  8. not buying that the Rangers deserve any fate better than the one they’re staring at right now. they took 2 horrific losses, 1 worse than the next, because they were incapable of sustaining an effort for 60 minutes. this was the same old story with this team all season long (and in recent seasons, for that matter). Rangers were good for about 10-15 minutes of game 1. They were good for about a period-and-a-half in game 2. They barely showed up tonight. Efforts like that don’t net you anything when it really counts. the correct team has a 3-0 lead and in the end, the Rangers have no one to blame but their own personnel.

  9. Speaking of transportation, my daughter, as an intern at the UN, was flown to Africa First Class and was mad as a wet hen at their extravagance, instead of them spending all that $ on people who needed it. First time she agreed with me about the UN. She’s learning.

  10. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Kooz – my math says you need 4 to win a cup. It ain’t gonna be easy. But not impossible. One game at a time.

  11. I had such a good stretch of playoff games. In ’07, the 7-0 victory against ATL and the 2-1 double OT victory against BUF. In ’08, Game 5 against the Devils in Newark, think that was a 5-3 win. Even in ’09, I was at Game 4 against WSH which they won 2-1. Last two playoff games were Game 5 against Swamp Rats in ’12 and tonight’s! Brutal!

  12. well lads what do you think? does this group have another run in them? not looking so good. quick outplays hank and nyr has no chance. brutal

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