Game 3: Kings 3, Rangers 0 … post-game notes & quotes


Post-game notes courtesy of the NYR; interview transcripts from the NHL/ASAP Sports:

Game 3: Kings 3, Rangers 0.

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Team notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Los Angeles Kings, 3-0, tonight in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers trail the best-of-seven series, three games to none.

–        The Blueshirts have posted a 12-11 record in the playoffs this year, including a 6-5 record at home.

–        The Rangers outshot the Kings, 32-15, in the contest, and held an 11-2 shot advantage in the third period. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the 15 shots on goal the team allowed in the contest are tied for the fewest the Blueshirts have given up in a playoff game since 1974. New York has allowed 15 shots on goal in three playoff contests this year (Game 1 of the Metropolitan Division Semifinals vs. Philadelphia on Apr. 17; Game 3 of the Metropolitan Division Finals vs. Pittsburgh on May 5). The Rangers are the first team to hold their opponents to 15 or fewer shots on goal in at least three playoff contests in one year since the New Jersey Devils did so four times during the 2001 playoffs.

–        New York has held its opponents to less than 30 shots on goal in 10 of 11 playoff games at Madison Square Garden this year, and has held its opponents to less than 20 shots on goal on four occasions in the playoffs at MSG. The Rangers’ opponents have averaged 23.5 shots on goal in the playoffs this year at MSG.

–        The Rangers were credited with 25 hits in the contest. Twelve different Rangers recorded at least one hit, and six different Blueshirts had at least two.

–        Fifteen different Rangers recorded at least one shot on goal in the contest, and six different Blueshirts registered at least three.

Player notes:

–        Henrik Lundqvist stopped 12 of 15 shots in the contest. Lundqvist has posted a 12-10 record in the playoffs this year, including a 6-5 mark at home. The game was Lundqvist’s 90th career playoff appearance. The Rangers’ all-time wins leader in both regular season and playoff action is the 13th goalie in NHL history to appear in 90 playoff games with one team. Lundqvist is also the second Blueshirt (among skaters and goalies) to appear in 90 career playoff games with the organization (Walt Tkaczuk – 93). The Rangers goaltender ranks second in the NHL in GAA (2.20) and SV% (.922) in the playoffs.

–        Brian Boyle won six of seven faceoffs (86%), was credited with three hits, and blocked one shot in 10:29 of ice time. The Rangers forward has won 59.6% of faceoffs he has taken (56-for-94) over the last 11 games. Boyle ranks second on the team – and eighth in the NHL – in hits (62) in the playoffs. Boyle also leads all NHL forwards, and ranks fourth among all skaters on the Blueshirts, in blocked shots (29) in the playoffs.

–        Mats Zuccarello recorded four shots on goal and was credited with a game-high, six hits while leading all forwards in the contest with 21:36 of ice time. The Rangers forward is tied for third on the team in hits (51) and ranks fourth on the team in shots on goal (50) in the playoffs.

–        Ryan McDonagh tied for the team lead with two blocked shots, tied for the game-high with two takeaways, and was credited with two hits while skating in a game-high, 26:56 of ice time. McDonagh leads the team in average ice time (26:04), and ranks second on the team in blocked shots (47) in the playoffs. The Rangers defenseman also ranks sixth in the NHL in blocked shots, and 10th in the league in average ice time in postseason play this year.

–        Derick Brassard registered a game-high, five shots on goal and was credited with one hit in 20:13 of ice time. The Rangers forward has recorded 13 shots on goal in the last four games.


Alain Vigneault

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Vigneault.

Q.  How concerned are you with Richards’ game in Game2?  Do you feel changes might be necessary as far as the forward alignment?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I mean, I’m sure Brad, with his experience, knows that their whole line needs to be better.  If you look at the stats on that night, it obviously wasn’t one of their better nights.
But they’re veteran guys.  They’ve been around.  They can evaluate their game real well.  I’m sure they’re going to have a good bounce?back game tonight.

Q.  Take a look at the success of the fourth line, the way they got the puck in, cycled.  Is that a message if you keep it simple you’ll have more success?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I would say to you that our three lines ? Step, Brass, and Dominic Moore ? last game did exactly that.  They got pucks below the top of the circles.  We spent a lot of time in their end cycling pucks, getting pucks on the net, getting opportunities.
Chance?wise we’re right there with them.  We played some good hockey.  We got a little bit unfortunate in that last third period.  But, you know, we’re right there.  We feel real good about our game.  Going to be a great night to be hockey fans tonight.

Q.  Marty St.Louis said it took him a while to get comfortable in this lineup.  When did you see him get comfortable and what did that look like to you?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Marty is real dominant on himself.  When he got here, offensively he wasn’t producing to the pace he was used to, the way he wanted to.
He was doing a lot of other things real well.  He was playing, in my estimation, the right way.  When you play the right way, you give yourselves a chance.  Even though he wasn’t on the score sheet, our team was doing what’s important:  we were winning a lot of hockey games.
When we got into the playoffs, he was still playing the right way, found a way to get on the score sheet.  Obviously you only get to this stage if your top players are doing that.

Q.  After the way Game1 ended, was Girardi’s Game2 even more impressive?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I personally wasn’t impressed in the sense that I knew that’s how he was going to respond.  Dan’s got a lot of mental capabilities.  He got unfortunate there.
We seemed, in the first two games, to have a couple of those bounces not go our way.  Things always even themselves out.
With the right effort, the right attitude, they say if you work hard, luck will come with you.  Well, we’re working hard, working our butts off here.  Very confident we’re going to have that same type of effort tonight and are going to be real good.

Q.  If you’re down 2?0, coming home, sometimes the urge is to do too much.  What is your message to the guys, not to do too much out of their element?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  We have to hold serve, and we know that.  But we know our game and we know the way to play.  When we do that, we’re a good team.
We have done that for the most part throughout this series.  But even though we’re playing hard and we’re playing the right way, they’re a great hockey team.
I mean, it’s been nine periods of real good hockey so far.  Could have gone one way or the other.  They’re up 2?0.  Give them full credit.  We’re going to try to make this a series tonight.

Q.  It was a tough a game for Brad Richards.  Do you have the same expectations you have for Dan in Game 2?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Without a doubt, Brad is a veteran player.  I know he’s going to respond real well.  I’m confident that’s what he’s going to do.

Q.  Did you have any more communication with the league about the Dwight King goal?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Yeah, I did.  It will just be between me and the league.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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  1. reposting this since Carp is playing musical posts…

    not buying that the Rangers deserve any fate better than the one they’re staring at right now. they took 2 horrific losses, 1 worse than the next, because they were incapable of sustaining an effort for 60 minutes. this was the same old story with this team all season long (and in recent seasons, for that matter). Rangers were good for about 10-15 minutes of game 1. They were good for about a period-and-a-half in game 2. They barely showed up tonight. Efforts like that don’t net you anything when it really counts. the correct team has a 3-0 lead and in the end, the Rangers have no one to blame but their own personnel.

  2. Touching down in San Francisco — here to put food on my family’s table — watched the whole tragedy on JetBlue TV without sound or boneheads. Thought the Kings were unbelievably lucky and the Rangers otherwise to win this two-period game. No reason to think they can’t win the next one unless Quick has a puck magnet in his paddle. And for godsake let Lundqvist see the puck! Otherwise I thought everyone played well.

  3. crowd tonight was pretty good. everyone around us was boisterous. the team took the air out of the building with all those failed power plays and giving up goals on every third shot. can’t get on the crowd for that.

  4. “Going to be a great night to be hockey fans tonight.”


    “Brad is a veteran player. I know he’s going to respond real well. I’m confident that’s what he’s going to do.”


  5. Size=3 wins

    Speed=0 wins

    One of these days you guys will get that.

    Size over speed any day in hockey, especially if your size has speed.

  6. well, skill and speed I would take over size. but the Rangers are primarily just speed, and yes, good consistent size will negate that 9 times out of 10.

    and with regard to luck, I think tonight demonstrated that the Rangers were extremely lucky this Kings team didn’t show up for games 1 and 2.

  7. sorry Norm but you’re drinking gallons of the most potent blend of Ranger-Aid if you took anything positive from tonight’s game

  8. Rangers didn’t do much of anything in this game. And I know Quick is a good goalie but after about 30 minutes any long time Ranger fan knew this was one of those patented games where the Rangers weren’t going to score no matter who was between the pipes

  9. “Rangers didn’t do much of anything in this game. And I know Quick is a good goalie but after about 30 minutes any long time Ranger fan knew this was one of those patented games where the Rangers weren’t going to score no matter who was between the pipes”

    Said it to the guy next to me.

  10. No speed tonight and Hags plays 8 minutes 5 on 5? AV has been treated like a gentle genius. I think he has a lot of questions to answer.

  11. Not really, Lloyd. I watched the game, I know the game, and there’s no spinning how lucky the Kings were. They know it, unfortunately, and won’t have fat heads going into game 4. Very good team, very good coach, hardly unbeatable.

  12. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Rangers were not desperate tonight.

    Richards needs to be bought out.

    Rangers have had a great run but the sands are running out.

  13. going to need some proof of this monumental streak of luck you claim the Kings rode tonight, Norm

  14. Lloyd, did you happen see the three Kings’ goals? Any of quick’s miracle saves?

  15. not sure where Hagelin was. seemed like Vigneault lost most of the guys who’ve been putting up the consistently best efforts in recent weeks (with the exception of Zuccarello who was far and away the best Ranger player tonight). I understand that given the score and the number of power plays, he wanted to get offense going, but slanting the ice towards guys like Nash and Richards isn’t what’s made this team successful for the last bunch of weeks.

    by the way, I just saw that Derek Stepan had the 2nd highest TOI among Ranger forwards tonight. quite frankly, I find that absolutely shocking because I’m not convinced he even dressed tonight.

  16. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Norm – luck is when opportunity meets preparation. The kings are playing better and they derisive the position they’re in…..

    Hopefully, the tide turns in game 4.

  17. read what Richards said
    and i thought he was being sarcastic
    with that statement about the game
    being on the schedule

  18. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Quick is making big saves. Rangers D has cost them the series. Staal and Girardi are just atrocious.

  19. Thanks, E3, for that trite aphorism. The Kings played well, deserved to win, and were lucky to win. No mutual exclusivity in that.

  20. A ‘Captain’ doesn’t confuse and use sarcasm with his troops unless he specifically states that it is sarcasm. This isn’t F Troop.

  21. Norm,

    I know you’re really caught up on this luck thing and perhaps watching on a 5″ screen compromised your view of the game, but that the Kings scored 3 goals and the Rangers didn’t score any as about as much to do with luck as your plane taking off, flying and landing had to do with magic.


    First goal: lousy defense, Girardi deflects a puck into the net. Must be about the 20th goal Girardi has put into his own net this season. Kings saw a seam in the D and took advantage. Bad luck that Girardi does what he does rather frequently but again, Carter made the play happen when the Rangers failed to protect their end.

    Second goal: Kings get a man in front, take a shot, and it goes in off a Ranger. Do you watch many games? Rangers seemed to allow about 1 of those per game during the regular season. Definitely the most “unlucky” of the 3 goals, though

    Third goal: Girardi makes the questionable decision to pinch and Martin St. Louis decides to go for a tour of Madison Square Garden. Leads to an odd-man rush. It looked like the puck may have come back to Richards off a d-man (couldn’t tell for sure) but he got the shot and buried it. The Kings earned that goal no matter how you want to slice it.

    You make your luck in these games. The Kings were pressing smartly while the Rangers were (sometimes) just pressing. There’s a difference. And as for Quick’s miracle saves? How long have you been watching the Rangers? Do you recall the walking on water demonstrated by Ken Wregget and a dozen other middle-of-the-road goaltenders just like him? Do you remember the OH MY GOD EDZO THIS KID DUSTIN TOKARSKI IS JESUS CHRIST IF JESUS CHRIST TRIED A LITTLE HARDER from two weeks ago? The Rangers do one thing in the game of hockey better than any other team, and that’s make average goalies (and average goaltending) appear immortal. Quick made some good stops when he had to (Lundqvist didn’t) and the Rangers weren’t going to score tonight if they played 16 periods and Sutter got so drunk he told Quick to sit out the final 13.

  22. Norm belongs to the Myopia Hunt and Tennis Club. The blinds are pulled down, but nobody notices.

  23. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lloyd – beautiful post. But leave Norm alone, he considers Richards to the best player on the team. Aside from that, he labors over many other misconceptions.,,,

  24. have to ask you guys who had the misfortune of enduring the NBC broadcast tonight whether Doc, Mr. Potato Head and Edzo were leading the Vezina write-in movement for Quick like they were for Dustin Tochristki a couple of weeks ago. I heard nothing approaching the level of saliva directed at either goaltender in the previous 2 games with which Edzo and Potato literally drowned a Dustin Tokarski and his cup of coffee’s worth of NHL experience. curious if the big time performance tonight and shut-out from Quick has dethroned THE ALL-TIME GREATEST GOALTENDER IN THE HISTORY OF ALL-TIME GREATEST GOALIES EVER EDZO

  25. Troller Norm…. Take head out of arse. Wipe brow… Watch.

    Then, mAYbe you’ll see the real game. Otherwise keep trolling you stupidness ignorant tool.

  26. The puck is heading for the logo and goes off Girardi’s skate into the crowd. Nope. Net.

    The puck goes off MSL’s glove and bounces to the corner. Nope. Net.

    Other Richards passes the puck to himself off a D-skate goal.

    Lucky, lucky and lucky.

    And if anybody thinks the Rangers weren’t unlucky not to have at least two in the net, we were indeed watching different games. I get it that we’re disappointed, but keep it real, fellas!

  27. come back and tell us how unlucky the Rangers are when they’re bounced on Wednesday, Norm

  28. The expression, E3, that you’re myopically hunting for is ‘labor under the misapprehension’. Close, though. Deflected wide.

  29. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Lloyd – broadcast booth praised Quick, but no where near what we heard regarding Tokarski. Edzo and Pierre talked about how deep and strong and heavy the kings play… How five guys are always in view of the puck…

  30. I’m hoping the Rangers get a bounce or three Wednesday, Lloyd. We’ll likely have sympathic refs again, calling Mitchell for being taller than Zook, for instance.

  31. You’re forgetting another stroke of luck, Norm:

    The Rangers somehow only lost 3-0.

  32. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Norm – and speaking of myopia …I’d say you are completely blind as to what what you see on the ice.

    Hey how did that big dinner go? That dinner with all those Ivy League professors hanging out? If true, pretty impressive.

  33. I will be rooting for the overachieving NY Rangers Wednesday. What an amazing year. One more win, Blues, one more. Meanwhile I will continue to deliver pizza to the Ledge.

  34. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Norm – myopia >> completely blind.

    By the way how did that dinner with all those Ivy League profs turn out, if true, pretty impressive.

  35. Capt. Parmenter: ‘Men, we’re surrounded. We’re almost out of supplies. There are 10,000 armed and hostile Indians out there to our 25 troops, but that doesn’t mean we are going to die. It’s unlikely, but we may be taken prisoner, so look sharp.

  36. But, Lloyd, if I’m nuts and you’re engaging with me, that must mean… Hey! Are you my therapist? How did you locate me? How does that make me feel?

  37. ‘Alice, I told you we can’t afford that pricey toilet paper. What was so wrong with the washcloths and the coin-operated Sears and Roebuck in the basement?’

  38. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Norm – if 1.5 kings can score 1.5 goals in 1.5 games, how many goals can 9 kings score in 9 games?

  39. I think you’re right. But in any event, I do not own a mansion or a yacht. I do not own a string of polopponies.

  40. what is it you’re claiming Richards said during the press conference that was so out of order?

  41. Eddie Cubed, I don’t understand the question, but my answer goes to eleven.

  42. Sergeant O’Roarke: “He wants us to look sharp so we can get tied up and thrown over the back of a horse?”

  43. All I’ve seen is you complaining about something he said but not what he actually said

  44. St. Peter, Gate of Heaven: “All of you Boneheads with a good voice, step over here.”

    And over the line crossed Norm. Period.

  45. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    It was a problem that I had when I was in 7th grade. I’ve never forgotten it. Given your inflated sense of genius, I thought you’d like it ….

    But, why not just make 10 the highest? Make 10 as loud as it gets.

  46. You contributed to the previous post both before and after the discussion developed. The ego of it!

  47. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Brad – “they scheduled game 4 on Tuesday. I suppose I’ll show up and suck for that game too. After all, it’s on the schedule, why should that game be any different?”

  48. When I turned forty and finally divorced my wife, I started dating, but got tired of asking my dates what they were majoring in.

  49. not sure what you’re talking about, coos. I only got home around the time that post-game audio thread was posted and you clearly had already said whatever it was you think Richards. all I saw was you taking him to task for something.

  50. Lloyd, he said something like “We have to play the next game. It’s on the schedule.”

  51. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Oops – that should scheduled it “under Wednesday” not “on Tuesday”

  52. Saying Coos taking Richards to task is the same as saying Coos is awake. It defines him.

  53. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    You’re not as confused as Nigel. It’s not your job to be as confused as Nigel.

  54. Norm’s wife: “You’re not drinking out there, are you?”

    “Drinking? I’m getting aggravated on the gdamned Ranger blog.”

    “That’s good.”

  55. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Norm – check out the bath houses on Polk St. Just wear a raincoat.

  56. AV: (again and again) “We had some really good looks.” Did this guy just break out of a nuthouse?

  57. The Garden Faithful on

    Dear Rangers,

    Our team. Our boys.

    What on earth is up with this mopey, defeated, lousy body language, we’re not gonna win attitude that is splashed all over the entire country today? Yes, we recognize that you are in quite a pickle. Yes, we also realize that many breaks have not gone your way. It is disappointing to get to the Stanley Cup Final and have it play out this way. We understand.


    The Kings have won 3 games. They have not won four. You played admirably in the three losses, and honestly all three could have gone different ways. They did not. But just as easily, the next 3 could go different ways too. We are proud of how you played regardless of the results. But now you are making us much less proud.

    Frankly, we cannot believe what is coming out of the locker room right now. The gloom, the doom, the slumped shoulders and losing body language. The whining. Why are you guys, of all things, at this time, acting like this is already over? Like you know you have no chance? Like you’ve given up?

    WHERE ARE THE 22 GUYS WHO STORMED INTO PITTSBURGH AND MADE RANGER HISTORY BY COMING BACK FROM 3-1 DOWN? And the guys who ran over the Habs those 2 straight at the Bell Center – WHERE ARE THEY?

    There’s an old saying that you go with what got you to the dance. We cannot tell you exactly what it was that got you here – probably a combination of guts, belief, being able to “see it” and an undying belief in one another. But we can tell you that the way you are acting now is most certainly NOT what got you here.

    The opportunity is still right there. Decide you give up, lose tomorrow, and then it really is gone forever. But it is still there right now, and is an even greater opportunity than it was a week ago. Yeah, its a long shot, but so was the last four weeks of your lives.

    So tomorrow night, get together, lift each other up, come hard for 60 minutes, or longer, whatever it takes. We will be there, screaming our guts out like we always are. We are not giving up, or quitting, because we believe you will win this game. And you will, because you have pride in each other and in the sweater, and you will not allow some other team to skate around our Garden ice with the Stanley Cup. You can do it, and you will.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

    The Garden Faithful

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