Game 3: Rangers must defend their turf


Got a lot of good stuff up on, including Josh Thomson’s story about the Keeper of the Cup and tales of Stanley. Click here to see that.

And Sam Rosen’s diary, in which he says Game 3 is the pivotal game in the series. Click here to see that.

I hope to put up both of them as separate posts at some point today. And maybe a last-minute Live Chat around noon … not promising, but hopeful.

Then there’s a fairly important game …

Here’s my column from The Journal News and

By Rick Carpiniello

LOS ANGELES – Madison Square Garden, which hasn’t been an advantage for the home team all season, is going to have to be that now.

Brad Richards, after the Rangers’ excruciating 5-4, double-overtime loss in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final — a loss in which the Rangers led 2-0, 3-1, and 4-2 entering the third period — said it so matter-of-factly.

“We have to win our home games and it’s a best-of-three,” he said.

Sounds good. Except these aren’t the Philadelphia Flyers or even the distracted Pittsburgh Penguins, and certainly not the whiny Montreal Canadiens.

These are the crash-tested Los Angeles Kings, the 2012 Stanley Cup champions who beat three Western dragons, all of them in Game 7s on the road, to get here. This L.A. team is loaded, hefty and determined. It also is never, ever out of a game or a series.

Through two games, the Rangers have at times been just as good in a very different way, and they haven’t been backed down a bit by the Kings’ physicality. In fact, through a lot of Game 2, the Rangers doled it out — especially Chris Kreider and Ryan McDonagh — as much as they took it.

Through two games, heavily favored Los Angeles has not led during the course of play — not once, not for a moment. Yet the Kings are up 2-0, and teams that have won twice at home to go up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final have won 32 of 35 series, though two of the three that didn’t win occurred in the last five years.

The Rangers had legitimate complaints about the goal that turned around Game 2, when Dwight King prevented Henrik Lundqvist from moving to his right to make a save, and got away without a goaltender-interference penalty. At the very least, it should have been one of those incidental-contact plays and the goal should have been disallowed.

Lundqvist railed loud and long on the ice, and in more quiet tones in the locker room, saying that the referees “have to be better.”

He said referee Dan O’Halloran told him, unbelievably, that the puck was already past Lundqvist when King made contact, which isn’t even close to accurate.

“That’s a wrist shot I’m just going to reach out for,” Lundqvist said, “and I can’t move. It’s a different game after that. Such an important play of the game.

“After that, it’s a different game. … They need to blow the whistle. The goalie can’t move when you have a guy like that on top of you. It’s such an important play of the game, and I don’t buy the explanation.”

We have seen this call made, or not made, so many different ways all season. We have seen goals and non-goals wiped out and allowed. We have not figured out, any of us, what qualifies as a goal or as interference any longer. Benoit Pouliot, on a play that wasn’t nearly as egregious, got a penalty earlier in the same game.

We have hoped not, but wondered, all season if one of these goal/no-goal, interference/non-interference calls or non-calls might cost some team a Stanley Cup. And maybe that one eventually does.

The Rangers were warned by coach Alain Vigneault that they needed to bring their ” ‘A’ game” against Los Angeles. They were hardly perfect in Game 2, but the ” ‘A’ games” were present and accounted for almost across the board.

Problem is, in addition to the non-call on King, Los Angeles is on this unprecedented roll. The Kings have come from two goals or more behind in five of their last eight games — including a record three in a row, all of them overtime wins.

This is a special team doing special things, doing them to a Rangers team that could easily be 1-1 or up 2-0 in the series.

But it’s down 0-2. And needs to chip away right away. At home, of all places.

(Awesome) Illustration by Chris Brown/The Journal News/



By Josh Thomson

When asked Sunday afternoon what the Rangers needed to get back in the series, Alain Vigneault kept it simple.

“We’ve got to win tomorrow,” the coach said.

The Rangers return to New York after losing the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final in overtime. They never trailed in either game until the final shot, a fact players have pinned their hopes on.

“I think our confidence is still there,” center Derick Brassard said. “I think if we keep playing the same way, we have a great chance to win. It’s a far way to be over. We came back from 1-3 against Pittsburgh. We proved to ourselves that we can come back against some really good teams.”

Of course, so have the Kings, who are the only team in Stanley Cup Final history to win the first two games of a series despite not holding a lead in regulation in either game. Their overtime magic has left the Rangers embracing the obvious.

“(This) is about as close as a ‘must’ game as I think you can have,” Vigneault said. “Until you face elimination, that’s as close as we can get.”

Gaborik to grace Garden: Marian Gaborik, who leads all players with 13 goals this postseason, will return to the Garden for the first time since the Rangers traded him to Columbus in April 2013.

“Yeah, that gives you extra jump,” said Gaborik, who is two goals shy of matching Wayne Gretzky’s club record for most goals scored in a single postseason.

Ice chips: Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick, a Milford, Connecticut, native, will make his Garden debut.

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Twitter: @RangersReport


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  1. Time for some home cooking boys!!!, you can do this. Play the same way. Get four again. King is in his court. No way they get away with the same nonsense at msg. Let’s go rangers

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice story, Carp. And welcome back!

    They need to continue bringing their A game. I don’t think they forgot how to close a game when they have a lead, though, admittedly they’ve blown more leads this year than 2011-12 team. Something AV has to look into. They also need to forget that goal that shouldn’t have been allowed. Let’s win at home, boys!

  3. I’ve been away this weekend, but am I the only Rangers fan not all that pissed off about the non-interference call?

  4. Carp, spot on especially regarding the physicality. The only guys whining, bleeding and hurting from the physical play are wearing black uniforms. Bottom line is, they have to finish. 5 opportunities in OT to end it and nothing to show. Gabby a non-factor other than a lucky bounce. Doughty is a nice player; hardly the second coming of Larry Robinson. LA’s strategy seems to be to get guys to the net and throw the puck there looking for deflections and bounces. Rangers must have an answer for this.
    I am VERY proud of the Boys and am looking forward to GAme 3 tonight.


  5. Apparently there’s some major server issue but a couple of us aren’t affected.

  6. Admiral Akbar on

    Ledge:Bandwagon ratio =


    The Bandwagon has been emptying of casual fans at a rate only exceeded by Boneheads rushing to the Ledge.

  7. No, there’s really an issue. Manny is flipping out and Carp has addressed it on twitter. Odds are its just us getting through because we want it more than anyone else.

  8. I’m still not really all that worried. Not thrilled, but I look at it more as “we’ve outplayed them enough to be up 2-0 or atleast tied” versus “we’re so lucky to have hung with them and now we’ve blown our big chance”. I’ll barf if we lose tonight.

  9. If nobody responds by 2:30, I am the greatest Rangers fan ever and everyone else is a Kings fan.

  10. Is thing on. Must freaking win. Lets go. What the hell happened today, why how not now.

  11. WOW…its fixed
    Horrible monday morning pouring out here and was locked out of this site all day until now…


  12. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp I think the blog was broken for awhile. Did you know that Carp? Just FYI the blog may have been broken.

    Just letting you know the blog was broken, Carp.

  13. iManny-O-War on

    Good to see you guys today!

    I’m about to take off to head back to NYC. Hope my location change brings us some more luck!

    Let’s go Boys!

  14. Rob in Beantown on

    While the blog was broken I -was super productive and focused and got all of my work for the whole week done- hit refresh over and over again and suffered withdrawal symptoms and cried to myself.

  15. Jeff in South Dakota on

    OK, I’ve been trying to get on the blog all day. Who broke the interwebs?

  16. ThisYearsModel on

    This thing is finally working? CARP must have wanted us to feel his Metro North pain. Tonight needs to be a decisive win. 4-1, 5-2, 3-0, something like that. Make them understand that they lucked out twice in LA.

  17. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I’ve never seen the cup in person nor ever met the keeper of the cup, but I’ve worn a cup. Does that count?

  18. Matty"DidYouKNowDominicMooreWentToHarvard??"Boy on

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……the addiction continues……….ahhhhhhhhhh……..

  19. Matty"DidYouKNowDominicMooreWentToHarvard??"Boy on

    How many times will Emrick or Pierre tell us where Moore went to college tonight? Took a game off last game!

  20. I’ll be at the game tonight with Sonny Boy!!!!!

    On the Chase Bridge!!!!!!!

    Whatever happens, I will not jump.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  21. Admiral Akbar on

    Ledge : Bandwagon still at 3:2, I think.

    If Kings score first, Ledge over Bandwagon 4:1

    If Rangers lose Ledge over Bandwagon 100:1

    If Rangers win, Bandwagon over Ledge 3:2.

    This is loosely based on the aforementioned Terror:Excitement ratio, except this takes into account the actions and opinions of the legions of Bandwagon Rangers fans, who couldn’t differentiate between John Tortorella and Mark Messier.

  22. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Messier just done on 98.7. He and Brassard just predicted we will win tonight. Right, E3?

  23. Admiral Akbar on

    Mantra of the Rangers fan:

    “I love the Rangers because I hate myself.”

  24. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Papa, have a great time!!

    Embarassed to say I sold mine for tonight. I feel awful cheap, but it did defray costs for rounds one, two, and part of 3.

  25. Admiral Akbar on


    I’ve actually touched the Cup. I met it in a shopping mall on 1995. I lightly touched it, despite being warned not to.

    I don’t play in the NhL, so therefore, I am not subject to the players’ superstitions and mores.

    The Cup was very beautiful and shiny, btw.

    I even have a photo. :)

  26. Prediction: we run their goalie and a key Ranger ejected from the game…we lose in 4. Hope: We stay disciplined and win to make it 2-1. We’ve outplayed them for much of the series…Rangers deserve to win! LGR! LG Blog! LG Carp!

  27. Thanks, Matty. Hope you didn’t sell your game 6, the night we gonna raise the Cup!!!

  28. And we’re back!

    Strangely optimistic tonight boys and girls. Positive vibes going out to our boys in blue.

    Carp, you’ve been a rock star with
    Your coverage, man. Thank you

  29. Papa, instead of paying off the mortgage on the Jersey waterfront vacation mansion, will be in attendance for game 6. Greater love hath no fan.

  30. CARP, you almost gave me a heart attack today with your outage. I woke up and – as usual – clicked on your site. Then … nothing!

    Ps. THE Kreider.

  31. If he comes back, the Devils better lose a 1st. Again. But this time for real.

  32. How come MisterD was able to post here when the rest of the world was shut-out? Topic to peruse for Mulder and Scully.

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    “Disco” Dan Bylsma is going to be a studio analyst for NHL Network for the rest of the SCF

  34. Coos I made it to Walters Friday before the commute home. I thought it would bring the boys luck. Backfired

  35. I explained that above, Coos. Want. You guys go on and on about heart and guys “not showing up” or being intimidated and I say its stupid and look what happens. When the posting gets tough, all the want-ers fade and I power through. You should all be ashamed.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Black in Blog , were sure glad to be Back!!

    Baaaaaack , baaaaack in blog …cuz were BACK IN BLOG!!!

  37. The newly TRANSFORMED Walter’s! Six months to install washer in employees’ toilet area.

  38. Alain needs ti limit Brad /richards ice time and keep him off the point.

    Alain needs to shield Girardi from first pair situations, the LA forecheck is eating him up.

  39. like our chances tonight… was gonna come on today and tell carp to cut it out with the live chats on gameday… thought they were messing with our karma.

    looks like it was taken care of! should be all good now!

  40. Only complaint about AV is his stubborness with #19. I suppose if he wanders around again tonight in a fog, but plants one, he’ll be the golden boy around here again.

  41. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    California Chrome Owner – “I’m sorry I said those mean words, but those another horses were cowards and even worse they were gutless. I’ll rip every leg off of man, women, child, and horse is even the slightest related to to those weak, lame horses. It’s like me playing basketball against a kid in a wheelchair that has no arms a pond can barely breath. It’s like me beating up a newborn baby with bare clenched hands. It’s like me beating my wife when she’s sleeping and I’ve tied her up in chains while a ball gag is stipuffed in her mouth”

  42. Norm Merton on

    Rooting for any and all Rangers tonight, including [msg garbled] even if he makes an early mistake.

  43. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Think Mr. D really works for the NSA and that is why he was the only one able to post earlier?

  44. Papa, have fun tonight! If there is another blown interference call or non call, I expect to see you on the ice with a zebra under each arm.

    Hey, what’s that guy doing running after the ref?
    Oh, don’t worry, that’s just Papa, keeping it real.

  45. From the South Bay to the Valley
    From the West Side to the East Side
    Everybody’s very happy
    ‘Cause the sun is shining all the time
    Looks like another perfect day

    I love -L.A.- NY (We love it)
    I love -L.A.- NY (We love it)

  46. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Bob Costas is so short he needs a booster step to drink at a kid’s water fountain.

  47. So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, “WE WANT THE CUP! LET’S GO RANGERS!”

  48. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    When LA kings in this world appear
    And break the laws that they should fear
    And frighten all who see and hear
    The cry goes up both far and near
    For Brassard, Brassard, for Brassard

    Speed of lightning roar of thunder
    Fighting all who rob or plunder
    Brassard, Brassard

    When in this world headlines read
    Of those kings who slash and bleed
    Who cross check and throw a knee
    At THE and Hags with and their blinding speed
    There goes Brassard

    Speed of lightning roar of thunder
    Fighting Kings who rob or plunder
    Brassard Derick Brassard

  49. SeeDubb, LOL.

    It’s best for all concerned to leave Ref Safari to Sonny Boy tonight.

  50. Napolean’s favorite joke:

    aide to Marie Antoinette: ‘Your highness, the peasants are revolting.’

    Marie: ‘Revolting? They’re disgusting!’

  51. I did it Yergs. It felt great. Oddly my two neighbors didn’t bat an eye. They probably just thought there was a day game.

  52. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Bob Costas is so short he has to climb a riser to interview jockeys.

  53. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Torts and Costas sharing a Car seat:

    Torts – “dude what’s with all the ******* Botox, what are you, a ******* woman?”

    Costas – “shut up you little turd before I melt my face all over you”

  54. Jeff in South Dakota on

    You gotta hand it to Bob Costas sometimes, ’cause he can’t reach.

  55. We win
    Home games we win cup
    Guarantee it. One shift one period one game.

  56. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Costas – “torts, pass me the mascara”

    Torts – “get me the **** out here. I’m ******* sitting next to a ******* drag queen. UN ******* strap me, before I ******* lose it

    Costas – “hand me the red lipstick”

    Torts “%**%#}~>€^#}|#^***%}{#^*+*>~|\]}%***££”

  57. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Jeffery Dahmer looking at Costas – “hmmm finger food”

  58. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Chris Christie – “I’ve had rigatoni bigger than Costas”

  59. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Bob Costas is so short that you can see his feet in his license picture.

  60. Oh crap… Blog’s back up and so is my addiction to it. Thought I was safe to be on the inter-web again. This things worse than porn.

  61. Most shocking thing California Chrome owner said was, ‘I’ll never see another triple crown and I’m 61.” 61? As in years old? Makes me feel like Dorian Gray. Maybe I’ll look like that after a couple of more games like game 2. Seriously, Rangers have an opportunity here…just keep doing what you’re doing- with home crowd and last change we could turn this series tonite. Beat the Kings and they’ll be the ones “looking for their ‘A’ game”- which they haven’t really had since maybe game 5 of last round.

  62. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Rigatoni to Fusilli to Ziti; sounds like a double play call on an Italian baseball team.

  63. I was almost in a panic this morning. I wanted to check in to see what everybody was thinking and I kept getting a Server Not Responding message or whatever it was with that yellow exclamation point! I felt lost!! Ha ha!! My heart is already pounding for the game tonight.

  64. Call me crazy, but I fail to see why this LA team is treated with such reverence by the media. Good, certainly, but great? No can see.

  65. Rob in Beantown on

    Will we loyal blog customers be comped free blog time to make up for today’s outage?

  66. Carp
    i think some hippie hater
    knocked down the blog
    because we were talking
    about the Grateful Dead
    last night……at least it wasn’t about

  67. Noticed that Coos. Surprised Larchmont didn’t riot when they closed for renovations lol

  68. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    California Chrome Owner – ” that field was stacked like Kate upton against my horse. Filthy, no good, cheating, loser, cowards. Every one of them. It as if I played basketball and someone with no arms and legs. I apologize for my remarks, but it’s like me playing touch football again a guy with hands. My horse had a bullseye on his back bigger than bob Costas. That’s not saying much, but maybe a bullseye bigger than Bob Costas’ eyes after Botox injections”

  69. Admiral
    sorry i didn’t see you post last night
    i’m enjoying the new Jack White album
    was never a huge Stripes fan
    if you like the first single, “Lazaretto”
    i think you’ll enjoy
    there’s a bit more of an influence of his
    Nashville hometown but in a good way
    i like his singing voice here

  70. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Diane – I’ll tell ya what’s pounding and it ain’t my heart (apologies in advance)

  71. Eddiex3

    thanks for the get well thoughts
    last night
    i ended up staying up til 6 am

    today i realized i forgot to take the
    next installment of my meds……
    would have helped me. ugh!

  72. Our heros take the ice
    Goals by the score, they will score
    Home turf defended

  73. I think Gnasher & Ricardo hired some techie teens to break the blog… they were tired of the abuse.

  74. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Jpg – I was up late too. Hope you’re feeling better today, laddie

  75. Gees, if the Clippers are worth 2 billion, maybe we can get rid of Dolan and the Wilpons.

  76. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    I’m going out on a limb:

    Game 3

    Rangers 5
    Kings 0

    GWG Brassard. Double OT

  77. Brassard to Eddie Eddie Eddie:

    “We will win tonight….

    in a parallel universe where our Coach scratches that loser Brad.”

  78. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    There are more typos in my posts today that bad calls against the rangers in game 2

  79. Only good thing I can say about Richie is that he DID recommend that McD be put on PP.

  80. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Brassard – “triple Eddie, I’m scoring a goal for each one of you tonight”

  81. Gravy

    We’re still going to look back at this conversation and laugh about how we were talking about offseason moves when the Rangers win the Cup.

    May 9th, 2014 at 2:01 PM

  82. thanks King EddieVI and such

    yeah, amazing what happens with some rest
    and taking the meds!!

  83. Gravy, you’ve done all that you can. You’re leading by example, taking hold of the room.

    LGR !!!

  84. Guys, rumor has it that there’s an incredible story on THE Kreider floating around … anyone have a link to it?

  85. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Tonight is “NASH breakout time!!!”””” That’s Rick Nash with the goal!!!!

    LGR!!! LGR!!!

  86. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Papa, held onto game 4 and 6. Keep it warm!! Keep it warm!!

  87. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    love these broadcast guys that never pay hockey attention, but know everything about it anyway.

    Michael Kay did make a good point just now on 98.7 that AV needs to consider using the 3rd line differently. In particular, Richards.

    Wonder who fed him that???

  88. Heard a rumor today that O’Hall explained that Henrik moved to impede King, therefore not a penalty and goal counts. I knew that the crease had lost meaning in past decade… but the goalie has to give the forward room in the paint????

  89. Can you imagine some of the other juicy gossip in Sam’s diary? Does he have a secret crush on Meredith Marakovits?

  90. June 9, 2014
    Dear diary – today joe micheletti and I went to lunch with AV (you know who that is LOL). His accent is so cute. Al Trautwig said he’d ask AV if he likes me. I can’t wait until tomorrow BFFL!

  91. Two friends I saw yesterday who have no clue about the rangers, hockey, this blog or Carp were talking about Walters.

  92. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I wish some one would make a shirt:
    Keep Calm
    Carry On

  93. It’s already 5:51!

    Has Quick Draw McGraw already started giving the puck away? His assist in the Kings first goal Sat night was his best pass all year!

  94. got to win the next 3 games. Have tickets for Monday night’s game and love to see the CUP. Richards has really hurt us big time. The Kreider line has to make the difference. Nash needs a the game of his life. Crash the net.

  95. Carp has a Dad? I though he emerged from a fireball that came down from the heavens above MSG?

  96. I’m the one who should be pissed about the Belmont, not Chrome’s owner. I’m the idiot that put down 200 on Richards to show

  97. If you think Sam’s diary is good, you should read the slam book he’s passing around

    Every letter I in Carpiniello has a star above it instead of a dot

  98. Passed a sign on the Merritt Parkway today that said ‘ORANGE, next exit.’ Like I’m gonna get off the road to see an orange, jeesh.

  99. Good evening all! Been in the weeds since Saturday night, when about the only good thing that happened was meeting and getting my picture took with Amirante.

    I think my whole body may explode to tonight….


  100. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Staying at a B&B in Chicago with – literally – rooms without a roof.
    The caretaker/janitor/chef/managing director looks at my Rangers cap through his greasy glasses and says: “Rangers in two”
    That must be a sign.

    Manny – very violent shirts. Especially the three bottom ones.

    Where is Za’rat when he is needed?

  101. iManny-O-War on

    Orange!!! That was wherey first girlfriend, from a Jewish youth group oddly, lived.

  102. Anybody from Westchester, Rockland or Putnam at the game tonight and want to be interviewed for a story?

  103. Carp, heads up. I think the blog was broken earlier in the day. Either broken or really, really slow

  104. Mess still looks like he could net a few. And, reminds me, I’m out of Tic Tacs.

  105. Carp, I’m at the game and knew a girl or two from Westchester a while ago.

  106. If the boneheads had clicked and clicked often during the season, Carp may have had a shot at a better hotel.

  107. Hot tub eddie, holding a glass of ’61 Petrus, suggests that other people sleep on the beach.

  108. No one
    And I mean NO one
    Comes into our house and pushes us around
    Except maybe the LA Kings

    Who are we playing tonight exactly?

  109. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    E3, bold prediction from Brassard.

    12-0? Man, that’s confidence!!

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – sipping some very chilled Chardonnay. Was in the hot tub this morning watching the fog drip over the hills….

  111. I’m on the Bridge tonight. I’m going to hold on extra tight to my Roast Beef Panini.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boiler – the Cabernet won’t come out tonight. It’s Chardonnay followed by champagne if we win….if we lose, god forbid, it’s Chardonnay followed by 30 Xanax

  113. Carp great pre gamer with a nice lead into garden playing Metallica “one”….also good video with mess..

  114. McD: “I will consider crashing the net tonight if Richie promises to get back.” lol

  115. Matty"WeWillWinTonight"Boy on

    Papa, oh Papa!!! Crouch down and hold on tight when the Rangers score!!!

  116. Just heard Adam Graves on WFAN. What did Dolan ever do to deserve this exemplary guy?

  117. _Just heard Adam Graves on WFAN. What did Dolan ever do to deserve this exemplary guy?_

    He was born with the Silver Spoon?

  118. Due to today’s broken blog, carp will hand out vouchers during the first intermission for free blog access tonorrow

  119. Carcillo, wearing three piece suit, in front of large mirror in locker room, practicing knee thrusts and furtive stick fouls.

  120. Dolan hires Knick coach with no coaching experience for $5 million per, 5 years guaranteed.

  121. Still have complete confidence in this team and feel strongly they will even up this series in NY
    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!

  122. Duguay tells the 40+ year old women at the Pennsylvania hotel bar that he plays for whichever team is winning

  123. After the second period, Bettman will offer AV the chance to love it or list it

  124. Pierre: “What does your team have to do to win this game?”
    AV: “We have to take it one shift at a time.”
    “Thanks, coach.”

  125. I wanna Rock right now
    I’m rick carp and I came to get down
    I’m not internationally known
    But I’m know to rock the Walters phone

  126. Obviously, the Kings deal much better with jet lag than the Rangers…beginning of the end.

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