Game 3: Kings at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Kings at Rangers.


Want to apologize first of all for the blog crash today. I know some of you guys inched out to the ledge … and some of you were already out there since Saturday night.

First Stanley Cup Final game at MSG since June 14, 1994.

As you are all aware, the Kings are up 2-0 despite not having had the lead for even a second of the first two games.

But hang your hat on the fact that this is the year of the comeback in the playoffs, that the Kings came back from 0-3, and that the Rangers came back from 1-3, and that the Blackhawks forced an overtime in Game 7 after trailing the Kings 1-3, and that the Kings have had two three-game losing streaks in these playoffs, and that the Rangers came back from 0-2 last spring against the Capitals … and so on.

The Captain, by the way, is in the house tonight. I have posted a short video up top. Also  will attempt to put up the entire audio if time permits.


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  1. I wanna Rock right now
    I’m rick carp and I came to get down
    I’m not internationally known
    But I’m known to rock the Walters phone

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ranger goal, number 16, his third of the game, Derrrrrrrrick Brasssssssssssard

  3. Messier just vomited and our whole third line just lapped it up like feral hogs

  4. Any hockey player who has a mouthful of big, shiny teeth after playing for 25 years is not a hockey player.

  5. I find it rather funny that LeNeveu can get his name on the cup without having played an NHL game since 2007!

    Oh and LGR.

  6. Skates sharp, razors edge

    Pulses quicken, puck is dropped

    Home ice defended

  7. Keenan just gave Nash good marks, said he is happy to take the puck and heat to open up teamates for opportunities.

  8. big interview with Brad on CBC and introduction to the Rangers.

    Kreider’s favorite players growing up was MSL and Brad Richards

  9. Papa let us know how long that seat is empty. Are you in the blues near the bridge?

  10. Carp, my splattered remains accepts your humble apology(fell of the ledge Sunday- in a drunken stooper, trying to wallow game 2 sorrows away…)

    Have my THE jersey on hoping for another great game of hockey! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Maybe my Dad a huge ranger fan can work some behind the scenes magic..” How bout it POP “?

  12. OH BABY!! 20 years since a Stanley cup finals game in MSG. Hope they blow the roof off of the joint! Show the Kings fans just how pathetic their building is.


  13. iManny-O-War on

    This is it boys. It’s now or never. Please don’t let “Scotty” be at MSG with the Cup tomorrow night. Please

  14. And I don’t care what anyone says.. BOTH of these games at MSG are MUST games!

  15. iManny-O-War on

    Yes. Next two are Must Wins. Any game that could result in the Cup being in the building are *must wins*

  16. Is Eric (AKA: Mr Optimism) “from plainview” at the game tonight? Wish I could have been there. Just refused to pay $1,000 to sit all the way upstairs.

  17. I was at the last Stanley Cup Final game at MSG. I saw many a grown man cry!

  18. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Yeah, watch Rick Nash… because he’s been stealing the Rangers money all playoffs.

  19. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on


  20. I am so sick of the Kings holding up the rangers speed by interfering. The Ref’s need to start calling them on it!!!

  21. Richards looked like he had some legs. He really needs to redeem himself from that putrid performance.

  22. When Dorsett dumped the puck in, they interfered with him going into the zone. I am sick of that!!

  23. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    I’m Pilsner Uraquel from Czech Republic tonight!!! THen Grey Goose.

  24. The way that the Kings are dealing with the Rangers speed is by interfering on almost EVERY shift. I am furious. AV should be screaming about this.. It is either interference or not, I don’t care that this is a cup final game. The Ref’s can’t let them get away with this.

  25. iManny-O-War on

    The Kings really do interfere a lot. Hockey should probably allow a lot more of that stuff

  26. 99% sure Quick got the paddle down and deflected MZA’s shot out of the side of the crease. Insane save

  27. Kings are playing to the Refs non-calls (Pierre calls is structure). Rangers are not playing to the Refs non-calls cause they are afraid to be called.

  28. with 2:18 left, this would be a beautiful time to get the PP back on track!

  29. This is the best the Kings have played all series so far and we still hang with them.

  30. And the Kings are pissed that it was called. 6’4″ ass hat beating on little Nordic dude

  31. Brad Richards has sucked the very life out of this team
    Is AV THAT stubborn?????

  32. iManny-O-War on

    At least I was finally reminded what the Rangers I root for are actually like.

  33. Yup, good solid period, down the drain. Instead of going in feeling good and with confidence, you let them score with 0.6 seconds on the clock. Are you freaking kidding me?

  34. Hate to say it. I’m on the verge of turning the tv off. Can’t take another heartbreaker of a game. This is shaping up to be just that…

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Disgusting to allow a goal at the end of the period like that! Inexcusable garbage

  36. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I knew it..
    they’re playing not to lose which means hello golf
    and stop treating gaborik like he’s a power forward flatten him

  37. See you in October don’t recover from that let alone game 2.

    We’re done the journey was over. It hurts it stings it will linger for weeks.

    Carp tonight or any other night is not about onions. Save that for weeks from

  38. Just watched the replay. Clearly offsides… Right in front of the linesman. Joke of a league

  39. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    So, let’s get this straight. Ryan Callahan wants to be paid more than Dustin Brown??

    Kid, you’re getting bad advice.

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    Don’t tell me the play was offside too. I’d rather we just suck than we suck and are getting jobbed again

  41. This team doesn’t have the killer instinct of a champion. Imagine what Messier would have done if some crap like that just happened? I just don’t feel like the leadership on this team is going to raise hell with people coasting.

    Would have been nice for Hank to get that one, but a deflection of a shot from a 40 goal scorer from 15 feet out is a tough one. Colossal defensive brain fart.

  42. jpg's sister on

    in a weird way may be to NYR advantage when ahead by 2 goals in the first and lost in OT. maybe they want to come back from deficit to win

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If there is a hockey god, may he shine down and fill our boys with strength and resolve.

  44. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    does it matter offside deflection .. it’s their destiny to lose

  45. 1st Goal against? From the Bridge view? All on Mr. Softie, remember the superstar player who is doing “all the little things well”


  46. Can somebody tell me why we gave Lundqvist and Girardi huge contract extensions? They suck.

    And so do John Moore, Richards and Staal.

    We are done. And we gave up a ton of future for 1 more season of MSL who refuses to hit anybody even in the Stanley Cup finals.

  47. AV pulled the first line on that PP pretty fast. if someone gets decapitated and we get another one I bet Pouliot, Brassard and Zucc start.

    Mcdonagh trying to get cute on the PP again.. we pass too much, he is the one D-man who can shoot….

  48. Onecupin75yearsandcounting on

    Like my late dad would say “you didn’t think they were going to win did you “?

  49. Mzev and i Gravy just rewound and indeed puck goes after the skates… called every time except this time… interesting. Thought O’Hollaran wasn’t reffin’

  50. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    Come on guys! Let’s be POZY!!!!


    We will win with the power of POZY!!!!!

  51. Thanks for checking guys. Not watching on the DVR box, but looked like it live.

  52. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    It’s pretty hard to call out anyone tonight. After all, these guys made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Not bad, eh?

  53. Rob in Beantown on

    I didn’t watch the replay, but as long as the skater has possession of the puck it doesn’t matter whether his skates go in first. He can skate in backwards and be onside according to the rules

  54. Get out the brooms for Wed night? Rather that than see them lift the Cup in front of their fans

  55. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Games have momentum swings. We will overcome that last second debacle. You heard it here.

  56. Rob, I believe you are incorrect. At least how it has been called in NHL for as long as I’ve watched

  57. Is that true, Rob? Thought even the carrier had the cross after the puck. I think it may have been King on the far side.

    And how annoying that the Kings have a player named King.

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    The Boiler:

    “However, a player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the blue line.”

  59. 83.1 Off-side – Players of the attacking team must not precede the puck into the attacking zone.
    The position of the player’s skates and not that of his stick shall be the determining factor in all instances in deciding an off-side. A player is off-side when both skates are completely over the leadingedge of the blue line involved in the play.

  60. Prediction: One of these days, #19 will throw one of his scaredy-cat blind passes that connects and he will be lauded.

  61. MSL and Richards are all talk and no action. They play like garbage when the Cup is on the line. There is no extra effort.

    I think the only players that want to win the Cup are Zuccarello, Hagelin and the 4th line.

  62. He bobbled the puck therefore did not have control as he crossed and puck followed him

  63. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Where’s all the “playing with house money” fools? You should still be happy.

  64. iManny-O-War on

    Pretty sure the Trainer just tried to wipe zits off of Kopitar’s face

  65. Why don’t we punch these guys that crash the net after Hanks covers the puck!!!

  66. -The Rangers- Every team that’s had a two goal lead has lost in this series.

  67. gregm_oldsection403 on

    So when I go to the game on wednesday, do i dress for a funeral? And what is the appropriate attire for an NHL burial…cuz the Rangers are burying themselves.

  68. Rob in Beantown on

    I hate that corner camera. I think Kreider should have taken it to the net but I can’t really tell because that stupid camera view is awful

  69. Oh well getting swept is much better than losing in 7 games:

    1. saves us time
    2. saves us sanity and health
    3. maybe Sather will wake up and actually make some improvements like fixing our joke of a defense.

  70. Carp I’m really impressed you can watch and report the game and keep an eye on Boneheads behavior on the blog. Well done.

  71. Zucchini is everywhere and hitting. St. Louis is shorter than zucc and not physical at all. We need more zucchini.

  72. Why are Fast and Miller not getting playoff experience?

    Staal is a glorified Tom Poti all he knows how to do is wave his stick around.

  73. Make a freaking adjustment same unit of 5 over and over, put Nash that loser out there

  74. So AV put Richie out for the whole PP. let’s chip in and get this blogs transcripts sent to AV

  75. Unfortunately, Hank has not been the best goalie on the ice this series and unless that changes, the Rangers have no shot.

  76. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Richards must have some Sather’s homemade porn video or something.

    Why would 2 good coaches over 2 seasons continue to put #19 on the ice…shift after lousy shift…worthless powerplay after powerplay…turnover after turnover. There has to be a reason.

  77. The way we play defense in our own zone is a joke, Dmen are just allowed to run around instead of defend the net.

  78. Wow what PP are people watching? There were how many chances on that PP? How many saves for Quick?

  79. ummmmmm…..PAGING THE CAPTAIN

  80. Greg – The video definitely has the cigar and glennie in a compromising position…

  81. okay that was a penalty
    was that enough to keep Nash from
    actually putting the puck into an

  82. into the chest of quick?
    someone just
    send neigh to sleep with the fishes

  83. So it was Richards that got Tortorella fired. In that case he at least did something useful for us.

  84. Gravy
    i’ll have to see the replay again
    looked like Nash was being hooked but i don’t think
    stick was on his hands

  85. I love Hank as much as anyone, but Quick is making the saves that Hank is not.

    LA getting ALL of the bounces too…

  86. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Carp, that was a “good looking” PP.

    A “good” PP results in a goal.

  87. Carp, PP looked good. A lot of good looks, but there comes a time at key points of a game where you NEED to bury one..

  88. jpg & iGravy that was the penalty call… so you hate the calls so much you don’t believe them when they are right and go our way. Rather blame Nash?

  89. I heard that video may contain something about an exhibition with a Shetland pony….could be wrong, though.

  90. Kings look like there normal self now. Good luck getting another win. They looked at half efficiency in games 1-2. Now they look better.

  91. Carp
    YES BOTH power plays moved the puck, had some good lucks, some movement
    being down by 2 in the game
    the 2nd period
    you NEED to SCORE
    you just HAVE TO SCORE
    if not then

  92. That devils announcer is calling the game. No wonder there is no puck luck tonight! Then there’s the guy with his name on the cup from ’94 who bad mouths the rangers. What a slanted on air crew! No Byfuglien Clue

  93. Notice how 30 doesn’t close his glove when he snags a puck? Anybody know why? Seems kind of risky. I have seen others do it as we’ll.

  94. Another chance we have is if Kreider intentionally on purpose murders Quick, but even then we are not guaranteed to win because our defense blows, our offense sucks, our PP is dead and our goaltending is overrated.

  95. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Yeah, a Shetland pony and unlit cigars. Definitely a fetish flick.

  96. I almost feel sorry for these guys. It really is unbelievable that they haven’t score in this game.

    But who here really thinks they have any chance of winning this game?


    They’re done.

  97. The Rangers have basically dominated the game since the second goal. Hank held then off for awhile. Same as the Kings in Game one. Need to get a goal at some point though.

  98. Richards is getting paid 6.66 million to play like garbage. Think about that. Lundqvist is signed for the next 7 years for 8 million and he is not gonna get much better, just older. Think about that.

    Jim Rutherford was fired by Carolina, who will now give us a good return for Staal? NOBODY!

  99. Turned it off… Goodnight everyone. If I miss a miracle comeback, so be it. Can’t watch this anymore

  100. The King’s style is that of a robot. He does not have the ability to freestyle like other goaltenders. That is why he will never win a ring.

  101. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Carp, if the Rangers have 30 PPs and they all look as good as the last one, but they go 0 for 30, do they have a good PP?

    let’s see if this this next PP is a ‘good looking’ PP, or a ‘good’ PP.

  102. Repeatedly, its players with a decade plus in the league making bad decision after goddamn bad decision.

  103. Paul

    At least be honest enough to leave out the “we” and the “us” in discussing this team. It is obvious you are gloating and exulting. I get it. Just don’t insult people with this charade that you are a NYR fan. Thank you and drive home safely.

  104. down 3. wouldn’t it be kinda nice if pp actually scored rather than get Participation Badge ?

  105. jpg's sister on

    you’re right jpg would not be so bad to take this game if we had wson one

  106. Wow Nash uses his gangly body to finally crash the net! Too let or still a chance?

  107. If that was Kreider instead of Nash driving to the net, Quick would be done and we’d win the cup

  108. That freestyle really didn’t work out very well in Games 5-6-7 vs. Pit … not Games 1-2 and 6 against Montreal. Did it?

  109. Does anyone take anything Paul says seriously since the Powe for Boyle first comment?

  110. so i guess quick was holding off his play
    during the olympics so he could
    give it his all during the playoffs?

    F*** YEAH!!

  111. AV’s plan is a legendary comeback from a 0-3 series lead to win the Cup, so don’t sweat it we are about to win 4 in a row.

  112. jpg's sister on

    doesn’t show in the score, but Nash is heading to the net shooting from the center instead of periphery, trying to make a difference

  113. They played 10 times better in LA. Pathetic showing tonight – I don’t care how good Quick has been.

  114. Waiting 20 years for a chance to call the cup ours and still hoping this game will tilt in our favor. LGR!

  115. iManny-O-War on

    I thought we just ignored people without avatars (except for Eric and Latona)

  116. Stemmer, I just turned off the emotion (this series so far was an absolute disaster), suggest you do the same.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    To be honest, better to lose like this than those heartbreakers in games 1 and 2

  118. I completely agree with AV’s thinking in using #61, his $64 million dollar dude, on the PK and benching him for the PP. (s)

  119. Miserable first power play (see #19) at the end of the first period, followed by the buzzer beater (make-able save)just sucked the life out of this team and this crowd. Boggles my mind how Richards cracked the lineup tonight.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, no???

  120. on the 3rd LA goal our grizzly vets showed us what awesome backcheckers they are MSL and Richards. And Girardi amazing hockey sense and footspeed. Girardi if we cannot trade this guy should forever be demoted to the 3rd pairing.

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m still not giving up. The rangers have come back to tie a playoff game down 3-0 going into the third.

    April 11, 1975: Fairbairn scored two, Vickers one.

    Tonight, Brassard two, Klein one.

  122. The butterfly deep in his net will work sometimes. It will not work other times. King is unable to adjust.

  123. FROM INSIDE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN: This was a waste of money for a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. I sure as hell know NYR will lose many more games like this throughout my life.

    Also, Richards is done and Nash is a waste. Anyone see the play where Nash literally skated across the Kings zone and then just gave them the puck back?

    Stralman best D man thru two that is a major problem.

    Really disappointing.

  124. I feel like the Kings have been getting lucky. Let’s end the lucky streak here!


  125. Boneheads, I took one ($) for the team tonight.
    This is my 3rd Playoff game and I can honestly walk away and say:

    NO NASH, NO RICHARDS, STEPAN – 3rd line or DISPOSE, St.LOUIS if there is a taker see you later…MARC STAAL – tough call but bye bye.

  126. I said after last game Richards should have been scratched in favor of Miller, but nobody listened.

    BTW who is a dumbass now? I said before the series began that we needed more speed top overwhelm the Kings and you all laughed at me. If we would have replaced some slow guys by fast ones we would have won this series.

  127. Manny- I have no idea how to make an avatar!! I’m a welder not a computer guy. Would love to have one! Hint hint. Btw I post on an iPhone. Can you make an avatar on one?? I’m serious too

  128. Brassard to Eddie:

    “Sorry Bud, I meant Wednesday we would win, not tonight. Got the calendar mixed up.”

  129. those close to me wonder why i have such a negative attitude
    and i can point to feeling pretty good about tonight’s game
    before the puck dropped
    and how i feel now

    doesn’t ever feel as if it’s useful to have a positive attitude.
    hurts much much more when life cookes on you

  130. Obviously, the Kings deal much better with *jet lag* than the Rangers…beginning of the end. Rangers should have sealed the deal in LA.

  131. AV will get over his stubborness in game 4. He’ll substitute Carcillo for Dorsett. lol

  132. Rob in Beantown on

    Mzev, this is the site you need to use to make an avatar

    Just make an account with the email you normally use when you post here. Might be tough to do on your phone though!

  133. The Kings got lucky to have the better goalie.

    The King is dead, long live the Kings.

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SB1 – Brassard has had some great chances. It’s not for lack of trying…

  135. well
    unless Messier
    or the ghost of Herb Brooks or France St. Louis
    is in the locker room
    right now
    i don’t know see
    how they come back
    anything is possible
    but i don’t catch a whiff of anything
    other than the scent of
    depression and what’s left in a porta-potty

  136. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Kind of thought after that first goal that is was not going to be their night. But I’m not ready to give up yet. If you told me after game 4 vs Pitts that we’d be here I’d have signed up in a heartbeat.
    They’ve given us a great run here, just need one realllllllly good period.

  137. Hank worked to get better at handling the puck over the last two off-seasons, he will have to work on some new tricks if he wants a ring.

  138. It’s a tribute to this team that I’m a litle gun shy about listing how many times I’ve seen this very game over the years played out at MSG. It doesn’t make me less pessimistic- but it does give me pause.

  139. Orr, I know Nash has been terrible, but he’s a better/more dangerous offensive player than Kreider, especially on the PP. As far as Richards, he shouldn’t have dressed.

  140. Several players I hope never to see in the Rangers uniform again:

    John Moore

  141. AV should ditch the gum and get hisself a half ton of Blood Hound Plug Chaw tobacco and get it over with.

  142. gregm_oldsection403 on

    here we go again. Taking penalties works for the Kings…2 minutes without having to worry about Rangers scoring.

  143. effin commentator Zuccarello didn’t sell that. Tough to stay up when there’s a stick in your skates.

  144. gregm_oldsection403 on

    I guess AV got a visit from Sather during intermission and was told to put richards back on PP. Brutal

  145. I guess I’ll begrudgingly say I’m proud if our guys but Jeez if this doesn’t open Sather’s eyes about what we still need to win this friggin thing in the future

  146. Another great news Sather saved me about 3 hours of my life, no 1st round draft pick, no watching the draft, looks like 2 years in a row. Our future is so bright I think I see the light.

  147. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I tell you, Sather is going to keep Richards. Next year, He’ll have the C.

  148. so Carp
    how many good looks was that?
    still not enough to make a dent in the score
    at some point
    that only matters if you’re not
    behind the series by 2
    and possibly soon 3

  149. AV isn’t the problem he’s one of the main reasons the rangers are here. Kings are just a much better team. It’s crazy how much better the west is.

  150. Kings are a better team, if we play this series 20 times, they’re winning more than 10 … but barf. The money guys are fading all over again.

  151. iManny-O-War on

    There is plenty to be proud of once the sting of being swept passes.

    But we can expect this Management to disassemble this team and completely start over.

  152. Lots of things are losing this series for us but Richards is near the top
    Man oh man
    We have about two guys playing well, like the Yankees empty lineup

  153. jpg's sister on

    the NYR team that played the first period of game 1 of this series could have at least competed in this series.

    what happened to that team?

    I don’t think it is all that LA figured them out

    how much do you want it that you can make up for your mistakes

    now look like rangers from pre-season almost

  154. (And as a team, this game hasn’t been wonderful and the first two were fine. But the guys who are supposed to be on top of good middle-level effort have been carried by it and dragged it down instead. Which just sucks.)

  155. Weird. I was just saying to my brother, that maybe Carcillo can come back and cross check Doughty into Quick.

  156. Glitch
    AV has had an amazing year, BUT he hasn’t made the necessary adjustments (i.e sit 19) to win THIS series, and that’s upsetting

  157. LA has the rep of playing better as the series moves on. Seems like they have an answer for everything the Rangers throw at them right now.

  158. No call when Hank is bashed and gives up goal, but a call here when the bump has nothing to do with the play.

  159. Can’t really complain. Won two more series than they had any right to.

    Doesn’t make it any easier though.

  160. Kern he doesn’t have much of a choice imo. Where is another center going to come in from during the cup finals?

  161. From the NY POST:

    “I’m not taking anything away from Cally, but he was pretty young and not that vocal…….
    It’s not like he was 38 and had been in the league for 18 years, so everybody was looking to him to listen to what he had to say,” Richards said of Callahan. “We have other guys here who know what to say and when to say it”

  162. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Zucc getting plenty of minutes…he deserves it. best player on the ice tonight for rangers…which tells you something.

  163. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Yeah, AV should sit Richards and start a rookie in game 3 of the finals….got it.

  164. Fat guy it’s hard to believe at some times. It’s like a different better league in the west.

  165. Basically The Kings won this series when the King of Kings fell on top of King whose water broke and he couldn’t stop a beachball since then.

  166. Rangers score on PP….gives boneheads hope with new momentum…score another with 2 to go….kings score into EN

  167. if we don’t come back
    what’s going to make the pain even
    worse is when
    the kings tell the media
    after the series is over
    how tired they were getting
    and would have had problems in a game
    6 or 7

  168. Rangers suck at jigsaw puzzles anyway :)

    Why does Richards never hustles to the bench for a line change? I do not get it.

  169. I am hitting the sack…Rangers have already done this from the first minute of play, aside from Zucc and his linemates. Well, we can always come back from 3-0 and take it to the team that did that to the Sharks.

  170. hey Gravy
    you see how the kings players are acting now?
    like they want the win
    maybe if Nash acted that way with his
    team wouldn’t be looking at pumping up quick’s
    non-Olympic resume

  171. gregm_oldsection403 on

    8 minutes left, down 3-0, and Rangers are making fancy passes and opting NOT to shoot? seriously?

    But, hey, we got a couple of good looks on the PP.

  172. jpg's sister on

    maybe they think there are 4 periods in a playoff game since that is what they have been playing, but forget the game has to be tied first

    less stress no OT

  173. Kings look even scarier than when they won against NJ. More balance they can win any type of game. The tri state killers these guys are.

  174. This could be most important game of the series and Quick is the only reason Kings win. Conn Smythe for him so far

  175. I said during the season that when the Kings got Gaborik, that would make them instant Cup contenders. I knew Kopitar would be the perfect center for him…

    Well, they didn’t exactly march to the Final easily, but Gaborik scored so many big goals for them. Cemented his reputation as a big game performer. Even if he doesn’t win the Conn Smythe.

  176. My favorite football team, the Denver Broncos, made the Super Bowl this year. My favorite hockey team, the New York Rangers, made the Stanley Cup Final this year.

  177. Gaborik>Nash

    I never believed that Carp, but it’s tough to argue the point right now….

  178. gregm_oldsection403 on

    So fitting. Richards losing the faceoff while laying on his belly looking helpless.

  179. If just two of the big time players on this team had put in a smidge of effort in games 1 and 2, then this loss is no big deal.

    They’re probably saving it for the next series.

    Go Rangers!!!!

  180. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Doc says, “brad Richards gave it up.”

    How many times does it take?

  181. The Rangers will have played all but one of the maximum number of possible home games in a single playoff season. This is a massive, massive success for the ownership.

    Just think about that. This is the best it can possibly get for them. They don’t care one iota about the Cup.

    Sather’s deluded confidence is completely renewed. Dolan will double-down on his misplaced faith in Sather.

    This was a complete, 100%, unquestionably perfect season for the New York Rangers ownership.

  182. de-facto Captain, #19 shakes up locker room: “Some of us here have to pick it up! Me and Marty have been here before. Some of you should watch and learn!”

  183. Chris from Albany on

    2012 Kings – Win Games 1 &2 in OT. Then shutout Devils in Game 3. Crazy.

  184. Zev the welder on

    This was a rough night for all. High points for me——– avatar!!!!! Hope they at least win one. Wednesday it is!

  185. Did you realize that tonight was Quicks first game in the Garden?

    I post this in case you missed Doc saying it eleventy billion times.

  186. Good night boneheads may your sleep be filled with pleasant thought of brad Richards buyout.

  187. I have a friend whose girlfriend is a (real) Kings fan so today I photoshopped a picture of them with Kopitar’s eyes on both of theirs. Looking back, that was my high point. That or my bottle of Enjoy By in the 1st period. Definitely not the hockey game. As much as I loved the first two despite bad results, this one made me barf.

  188. jpg's sister on

    way to come back from game 2 controversy.

    LA looked like the bully that was keeping the football away from the short kid in the playground

  189. Admiral Akbar on

    All Hail to the Kings!

    –I think I’m going to puke.

    Ledge:Bandwagon ratio = INFINITY

  190. The Devils managed to beat the Kings twice in 2012, and that Kings team was *MUCH MORE* dominant than this Kings team. Destroyed every team going into the SCF

    Lets see if this group of losers can manage to get a win. Sickening!

  191. Next season starts with camp in Alaska, two preseason games in Kazahkstan, home opener vs SJ in Mexico City and then a ten game road trip while Dolan remodels his MSG toilet

  192. Zev the welder on

    Oh! My second highlight of night, the Advil PM I just popped. This way I’m not up all night dwelling on this depressing series

  193. jpg's sister on

    Ok I get it LA is a very good team, but thought NYR could compete, win one game by this point okay, I still think they won game 2 because of call.

    I know carp they moved the puck well, NEW RULE: No PASSING BE SELFISH SHOOT THE PUCK

  194. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    well, it ain’t over till it’s over (he said, trying to prop up the secondary market sales prices).

  195. If the six NYR players on the ice at the end of the first decide to stick around and finish the period, is this a different game?

    If Stahl can keep his stick down on the ice instead of waiving it around like some fuggin mental patient, resulting in a PP goal, is this a different game?

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Really needed the split in LA said Mr Obvious.

    I blame the blog shutdown on bringing bad karma to boneheads, and by extension, the team

  197. That’s the sad part. LA is not as good as everyone made them out to be. They’ve been good, but NYR handed games 1 & 2 over to them. Quick stole game tree.

    We needed Hank to steal one of those two games in LA, and he couldn’t do it. Tonight, all he needed was to be good, and he was average. Couldn’t come up with the big saves like Quick.

  198. Another “soft” play by Nash on the dump in results in the puck going the other way and deflecting in off of Girardi’s skate and in. That was all she wrote.

  199. When the team scores zero goals, and two of the three goals go in off Rangers, and the third is a blocked pass that goes right back, hard to place blame on Hank.

  200. It’s still the same old story
    A fight for love and glory
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers
    As time goes by

  201. When was the last time a Stanley Cup final won in a sweep? I ask but I might not even want to know.

  202. Papa is too proud to ask but he needs a place to stay while his wife cools off over the CC bill

  203. Admiral Akbar on

    The Rangers Fan Mantra:

    “I love the Rangers because I hate myself.”

    So friggin true.

  204. I don’t even like the Rangers – I just like acting like an idiot in this site

  205. Ranger-on-the-Isle on

    Richards: “We have to play the next game, it’s on the schedule” Are you F-N kidding me. That’s embarrassing!

  206. interesting about Hank and game 2 interference.
    i wonder when all is done if he did tweak something when
    king bumped into him….twice

  207. Admiral Akbar on

    Mike Keenan going nuts on MSG.

    Blaming this completely on the Rangers.

    Nice to hear. Very emotional.

  208. also
    1st goal — atrocious lack of concentration especially when he showed good glove hand later in the game.
    you know that if NYR did that, time would have run out before puck fully crossed goal line

    2nd goal — was already too disgusted to fully watch

    3rd goal — Girardi screwed up allowing 2 on 1. king on Hank’s right passes puck. Hank moves to his left for the shot
    puck hits Ranger’s right skate and goes back to king passer
    who then takes the shot before Hank can move back to his right.

    would have been nice if he got that but would have been a bit of a miracle too

  209. Admiral Akbar on

    Take Wilbur out to pasture.

    Glen Sather – God be with you, please make the right moves this summer. Pour boys came really close.

  210. What Keenan just said is why the Rangers are losing. Vigneault is a great coach, and I appreciate his level-headed approach. But make no mistake about it, there is a time and a place to become indignant. That time has come and gone for the Rangers, and it’s too late.

  211. Who makes it back to the Finals first, us or the Devils?

    We have four things going for us: McD’s HoF resume, Kreiders future, Hags speed and Zucc’s balls

  212. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    Am I the only one who KNOWS our boys will take 4 games in a row? I know it!


    It’s gonna work!

    I guarantee it! Let’s be POZY!

    What else do you Negys have to lose? If I’m wrong you’ll have all summer to practice your negative attitudes. Then again, many of you don’t need much practice at that.

    Our sexy boys just gave you a Final Series and you don’t wanna cheer? 3-0, they can handle this!

    I’m a guy who believes this! If I’m wrong, I’ll turn straight. Kings won 3 in a row. Why can’t we?

    Why not us? Why not us?


    Join me!


  213. I’d sit him and his 3 piece Untuckit up in the rafters with Falk for as long as this series goes.

  214. The Kings have played well, they’ve also gotten every important bounce in 3 straight game. Bad bounce for Girardi in Game 1 and they get a golden opportunity, which to their credit they put in. Gift goal by the refs in Game 2 to get them back in when they were down 4-2 in the 3rd period. 2 Deflection goals off Rangers tonight, and one deflected pass that results in an open net as Lundqvist is going the other way. Rangers had many chances tongight but couldn’t catch a break. Everyone wants to say they played like crap, I didn’t see that at all. They played hard and it wouldn’t go in so the end result looks like crap.

    Play with passion and commitment next game and keep the series going. Maybe the puck luck starts evening out and we get back in the series. Nobody in the world thought we had any chance down 3-1 against Pittsburgh, and we won that series. I’m not ready to quit on this team.

    Nobody has ever come down from 3-0 in a Stanley Cup final, but teams have come down from 3-0, including this year. Why not us? It’s hockey, you never know what will happen. No matter what, I’m proud of this team but I am nowhere near ready to give up and am still hoping for something very special to happen here.

  215. Kings were good enough team to know that, even though they won games 1 and 2- they weren’t good enough…have to admire that. Tonight, I felt like I was watching game six of last years Boston series .

  216. Admiral Akbar on

    Rob – trade Nash for a pick?

    Hugh Jessiman.

    Otherwise agree with you 100%

  217. Bartender at the Triple Crown just woke up Carp in the stall. He’s a sweaty mess jogging back to MSG to see what he missed.

  218. AV = Undercoach

    “Here I come to save the day!”
    That means that Undercoach is on the way.
    Yessir, when there is a wrong to right
    Undercoach will join the fight!

  219. If micheletti wears a dark bandana, he’d look like an old Romanian gypsy widow

  220. Give Nash away…..just get out from under the contract…..use the money to go buy some players with onions

  221. Can’t forget The Good One on the first goal. Two chances to dump it in, and he fails.

    Buyout Neigh, and trade The Good One. Sather has to work some magic on that trade.

    It’s never going to work. This is the Stanley Cup Final, and he still can’t step up his game. GET RID OF HIM!

  222. How much does Slats offer Callahan for the second go ’round?

    And, what about Gaby?

    Slats believes in second chances ;)

  223. If he wore a dark banana, he’d look like a tongue waggin’ Jamaican voodoo tarantula.

  224. Rob in Beantown on

    Nash is finished in New York. I never want to see him in a NYR sweater again. The rangers will never win a Cup with him on the roster

  225. Team needs to shake things up next year
    Fire AV and hire, I don’t know, Torts maybe?

  226. Just heard with my own ears Brad say, “not much to say, except we have to play the next game, it’s on the schedule.”

  227. If he says again, “sometimes you just tip your hat,” I’m gonna go through the TV set at him.

  228. Gnasher’s last 5 goals (over the last 29 games by the way) have been against Budaj, Tokarski and Hackett….not a starting goalie in the bunch….good thing he does the little things well! What a guy!

  229. Admiral Akbar on


    Wilbur is already out to pasture. He’s just playing out his time here. He knows it.

  230. The bottom line in this series is when Lundqvist plays average we cannot win. Case closed. Ssimply stted. Keenan spot on with his post game comments. Richards should be benched for his comments . What a freekken disgrace.

  231. Admiral Akbar on

    If we didn’t unload the $6 million Captain for MSL, Rangers season would have ended a month ago.

    Callahan was a nice player, but he’s not the guy to get them a Championship.

    McDonagh should be the next Captain.

  232. Stranger Nation on

    Dave Maloney was ripping Mr Ed for staying on too long on PP in the first

  233. for those still around
    and someone kind enough
    for those of us w/o MSG or radio
    please offer some of the comments made by Dave Maloney
    and Mike Keenan
    catching a sense of it but don’t know if it’s poster’s interpretation or actual line

  234. AV’s decision to not have a Captain and to let Richards drone to the Press like a zombie helped not.

  235. Maloney should be pissed at AV, not Neigh. I think it’s pretty obvious that AV wants Neigh on for the full two minutes. He did that during the last game, which is amazing since he almost cause shorthanded goals on two PP’s in game 2.

  236. My point is that when Cally left, AV should have appointed McD and got it over with. Hell, I’d accept even either Dorsett or Carcillo as pro-tem Captain until next season. At least some Fiiiiiyaaaaah!

  237. I am an eye witness. I know what happened. Norm try and tell how good Richards played. Just try.

    As far as Nash, anyone who wants to Klingon on to the horse crap (see what I did there Carpis? ) that he is contributing to the greater good, tell your story walking.

    It’s been a great and inspirational ride, in spite of Richards and Nash, the 2 highest paid “superstars” on the team.

    Please, Get fuhcking real.

  238. Admiral Akbar on

    Neigh is finished here.

    Thank you Neigh, we had some great moments, but your rapid decline in,play with untenable contract has ended your stay here.

  239. Our defense has totally sucked in the series Mia MSL hags and Captain horse mouth Girardi has never played worse than this and I still can’t get over the comments by our temp captain

  240. Great thing about hockey, and unique to all of the major sports in North America; you can totally outplay the other team (which the Rangers did) but still find yourself on the short end because of a hot goaltender. Kudos to Quick, he was lights out! Rest of the series belongs to Lundqvist if he can keep his team out of the way; something Gump Worsley said when he was a Rangers’ goalie comes to mind. Oh, and one more thing…bench Richards!

  241. how annoying is darryl sutter? he looks and sounds like he should be making moonshine in the backwoods of the appalachians.

  242. Admiral Akbar on

    Sorry about the game, Papa. You deserved to see a better result that’s this.


  243. Sorry but we have to dump Nash also. he’s never been the same since the second concussion

  244. If AV had the balls to sit Richards up high near the Roast Beef man, Richie, slogging through the ice on his next dismal team will tell the Press: “I wasn’t used right and felt a bit of disrespect.” Book it.

  245. When Sutter tries to talk, just turn down the sound and play ‘Dueling Banjos’ from ‘Deliverance.’

  246. Admiral Akbar on

    Jonathan Quick looks like a dbag in this presser. Unprofessional, and punk-like. Screw him.

  247. I am happy for our boys getting further than anyone thought we would. Can i just enjoy that at least…..mother hartnell….LGR! niters…

  248. See you next at the draft.

    BTW, the fool I sat next to ( not Sonny Boy) was trying to spew how good Nash would be if he had a legitimate #1 Center to play with. I literally almost tossed him over the bridge.

  249. Johnny"we arent built for this" boy on

    Stayed away from this site to avoid the negative Nancies for the PO’s… and I’m glad I did, “fans” like some of you don’t deserve a Cup winner.
    Great season that lead to an unexpected finals appearance.

  250. They dont need Callahan or Gabby unless Nash goes. We need a power Center next year

  251. Czechthemout!!! on


    Hags has played well. MSL and BR, not so much.

    Biggest heart on this team belongs to Zucc! Also the biggest onions. The kid is a winner and should be signed long term.

    Girardi has been a disaster in these playoffs. It is amazing the MCD does what he does saddled with such an anchor along side him.

    We have some very nice pieces here and a very good coach with the right system. We need to jettison the remnants of Torts garbage and that means G, Ritchie have to go!

    Still one game left to play. They cant give up. The Kings came back down 3 so anything can happen.

  252. Admiral Akbar on

    I’m sticking with our boys, win or lose. This season was freaking awesome no matter what kind of drek happens in these Finals.

    I just want to feel secure in knowing we will have an improved team next season.

  253. This team will NEVER win a STANLEY CUP with NASH on the 1st Line. *NEVER*

    If you are a true Ranger Fan, pray that Nash is gone by the trading deadline of next season. Pray hard.

  254. Did he really, coos? I believe you, but that’s not how it looked on the quote sheet … I coudln’t be bothered with him, was too busy fighting two cameramen around Lundqvist’s locker.

  255. I spent $50 on a new McDonagh t-shirt, some chicken fingers and waffle fries, and a few beverages.

    The rest I wasted.

  256. Scott Arniel must have emptied his grease pencil and is using one left behind by Mike Sullivan.

  257. for someone who lives on sarcasm as strongly as
    blood flowing through my veins
    i just thought that Richards comment
    was sarcastic.

    maybe it was an answer to another canadian media person asking him if he’s going to bother show up on wednesday

  258. Hagerstown Md. Rangers fan on

    Well I know all of us are bitterly disappointed, I know I am. But please lets have a show of hands, who thought this years Ranger team would get to the SCF? Still I’m really pissed. That non call in game two has clearly turned the series. It’s not over but it kind of is. Sucks right now.

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