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  1. Lloyd Braun on

    kind of wonder if the people who would try to buy out Nash realize that Brad Richards is on the Rangers

  2. If Nash doesn’t step it up next game I never want to see him on our team ever again.

  3. Lloyd- you’d have to buy out Richards and eat salary to trade Nash to Toronto where he is over valued.

  4. me too, and neither do I care for Carp’s moronic jabs and stupid nonsense comments about the Rangers.

    Screw Richards.

    And MSL trade sucks even more if we do not win the Cup.

  5. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    It was 80 degrees outside! The beach was rocking! Summer is here!

    Things could be worse. Plus, we’re gonna win the cup. We’re the best team!

    Yay Rangers!

  6. Lloyd Braun on

    not going to get hung up on the St. Louis trade because Callahan is a crazily overrated player and the Rangers have had a whole buttload of draft picks since 1994.

  7. I was at the game. what a train wreck. I called the interference from the 3rd deck immediately..

    $2600 for 4 tickets to watch the nhl do there magic.


  8. Nash doesn’t have to be bought out. Someone will trade for him.

    If Sather is considering going after Joe Thorton in the off season to pair with his buddy Nash next year as some rumors are starting….that’s when I vomit.

    Nash has to be traded.

  9. ThisYearsModel on

    Ouch Stuart. That hurts.

    I am sure that O’Halleran and the gang are quite happy with their work tonight. They won’t lose any sleep over it.

  10. Nash can only be traded IF Slats convinces him he needs to go.
    he has no movement, no trade clauses that stick around for years

    was it Brooks who wondered if the Rangers go after joe thornton to play with Nash since they’re friends
    or could it go the other way
    and Nash goes west?

  11. Lloyd Braun on

    I’m sure Rick Nash could be traded

    As for Brad Richards, unless Rick Carpiniello happens to be the GM of an NHL team, nobody is touching him.

  12. I wouldn’t touch him either, Lloyd, but thanks for the kind words …

    but he will get a contract somewhere after the buyout. Cannot be traded at all because of recapture.

  13. yep
    O’Halloran has lightning speed eyesight where he could tell that the puck was in the net BEFORE Hank was interfered with by king.
    and actually king bumped into Hank at least 2 or 3 times, fully in the paint when his skate bumped into Hank’s

    whatta load!

  14. of course Richards gets another contract. maybe he’ll go to toronto or calgary…..who wanted him in the first place. maybe the sweet Canadian air will cause him to find a little extra zing in his skating stride
    but it sure hasn’t happened with his current team
    especially in these past
    if he’s going to be considered the “captain”
    then he should be acting like one on the ice and
    NOT just in the press room after games

  15. Lloyd Braun on

    who was the moron emphatically hitting the glass when he couldn’t have possibly known one way or the other how that puck ended up in the stands?

  16. Even Torts finally saw through Richie. Get him off the point. Get him off the PP. Don’t play him 5 on 5, because that means 4 on 5. Untuck him. If he gets himself a one-year chump-change contract next season somewhere, he should do six novenas and the Stations of the Cross.

  17. …….Just starting to wonder if ranger fans enjoy watching games at all..I mean come on!!!!! If it is that painful and you can’t enjoy this type of hockey go watch baseball. That said………I am upset to be down 2-0 with the way they played, they deserve at least 1-1 but I refuse to get all negative and pissy about this. I am usually half way to “wish it was October” by now…let’s go home and win 2…….pozzzzzzzzyyyyy!!!!!

  18. I totally understand how this must hurt you guys, but that was a great hockey game and most of the guys busted their onions for 90 minutes or whatever it was.

  19. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    If Richards isn’t bought out, I’m not watching much next year.

  20. It sure was a great game carp…and most of experts said rangers would have trouble matching up against the west…outside of a few bad bounces and help from officials this is easily 2-0 the other way..I refuse to “Paul it” and give up.

  21. Really, really love the few Dorsett bashers here who have no clue what he has added to that awesome 4th line!

  22. ThisYearsModel on

    Richards and St. Louis -3 tonight! Check. Dan O’Halleran the game’s first star? Check. 4 refs without the onions to call the puck over the glass 30 seconds before the winning goal was scored? Check,

  23. It was enjoyable 2 games, but it really sucks because we could have easily been 2-0.

  24. I think we beat them tonight. With some decent officiating and a center who can skate and plays 2 ways to replace Richards, we’re (semi) golden.

  25. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Mr. Ed was the worst player on the ice tonight. He really sucked major moose.

  26. eddie – Todays Belmont winner’s time puts him 23 lengths behind Secretariat.

  27. Richards has sucked on the PP for so long and AV just refuses to see it.

    Even strength Richards is even more useless.

    Miller can skate, can hit, will take a hit to make a play, strong on the puck and badly needs all the experience he can get.

  28. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Richards is moving like a -tremendous- broken down machine.

  29. Richards should have been bought out last summer. I fear he might have been a negative influence on some of our players and played a role in us overpaying for MSL.

  30. BTW John Moore sucks, I would try to trade him and Staal and Girardi as well. If able to trade any of them then re-sign Stralman.

    And if Boyle wants 3 million then either let him walk or trade his rights at or before the draft for a 7th round pick.

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