Game 2: Rangers-Kings in review



1) I’m going to start out with that one single play. I understand, maybe the Kings come back anyway, maybe they don’t and there’s no way to know. It sure started the comeback that did happen, though. But we’ve been saying all year long how these freakin’ inconsistent calls might eventually, or probably would eventually, cost somebody a Stanley Cup. Well, that might have been it. That one incorrect non-call might have cost the Rangers the Stanley Cup.

2) And it was the incorrect call. At the very least, it’s incidental contact that prevented Henrik Lundqvist from stopping that puck, and so at the very least it has to be no goal/no penalty. It cannot be a goal. And referee Dan O’Halloran’s explanation to Lundqvist — which he said “I don’t buy” — was that the puck was past him when the contact occurred. What a crock that is. Lundqvist said that it was a simple wrist shot that he would have been able to easily reach out and stop. But he couldn’t move because Dwight King’s XL body was on top of him. O’Halloran should be embarrassed to say that to a goalie in that situation. One more point … how is Benoit Pouliot’s bump goalie interference and Dwight King’s not? How? Anybody? The bigger problem is that nobody knows what the hell is or isn’t a penalty, especially around goaltender interference. And hasn’t all year. For two similar plays to be called so drastically differently in the same game is a shame.

3) Would love to know how many games Lundqvist has lost when the Rangers scored four goals.kreider doughty

4) I know a lot of you don’t want to hear it because of the result — Mark Messier used to say “there’s winning and misery” — but I though the Rangers really showed up in this game, played a nasty game right along with the much bigger Kings, banged with them, showed a lot of onions. They really did. It wasn’t a perfect game by any stretch, but in the effort and heart departments, the Rangers, for the most part brought that “A game” Alain Vigneault said they needed to bring. They were as good as the Kings throughout Game 2, and for a lot of Game 1, and they could as easily be up 2-0 or tied 1-1 as down 0-2. That the Kings haven’t led for even a second of play during the first two games tells you a lot.

5) But Game 2 was a roller coaster. Ryan McDonagh was a McMonster again, with his early hip check that sent Jeff Carter to the trainer’s room for a while, plus a goal and assist and the pass to Chris Kreider on which he didn’t get an assist, but Kreider and Derek Stepan set up Martin St. Louis for a power play goal. But he tripped over Derek Stepan and lost the puck on the Marian Gaborik goal, he lost Dustin Brown on the game-winning deflection in OT, and while he made a ton of remarkable, sometimes understated defensive plays, he had some turnovers too.

6) Kreider was downright beastly after the lousy performance in Game 1. Just punished some of the Kings players with his strength, led the team in hits, used his speed. Unfortunately, the puck hit his stick and went right to Gaborik on the tying goal in the third, and Kreider had three chances to win it in sudden death, hitting a post and twice being robbed by Jonathan Quick, once on a breakaway. Kreider made no excuses. He said “I have to score there.”

7) Another remarkable game for the Dominic Moore, Brian Boyle, Derek Dorsett line.

gaborik8) On the other hand, there was the Brad Richards, Martin St. Louis, Carl Hagelin line. I had no problem with Hagelin’s game, again. St. Louis had the PPG, but I thought struggled, especially defensively. And Richards was brutal. As bad as he was last season. For a guy who talked and talked about taking care of the puck, he sure coughed up a few, including the first L.A. goal when he turned it over then got badly beaten to the net by Jarrett Stoll. He struggled on the point. He was robbed by Quick late. He lost the draw on the game-winning goal. The Kings seemed to be happy, happy, happy when that line was on the ice all night. And Richards looked worn out, as if the tank was on E. As if he couldn’t keep up.

9) Just the opposite for the Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello, Pouliot line, which kept up and then some, backed off the Kings a lot of the night. Zuccarello had the first Cup Final goal ever by a Norwegian — after he stole the puck and went to the net, outmuscling Anze Kopitar, by the way —  made the steal from Willie Mitchell and pass on Brassard’s goal 11 seconds after Mitchell had cut it to 3-2, and just missed the open top of the net in, I think it was the first OT. I can’t keep track.

10) Because those OTs were a track meet. Just mayhem. Honestly, if you didn’t have a horse in this race, it was an awesome hockey game to watch.

11) How about the pass Stepan made to St. Louis on the PPG? Did anybody curse Stepan for over-passing that time?

12) That first period kinda showed you what it’s all about, how much these guys (or any NHL players) want to win this big prize. It was take no prisoners. Nasty game. Girardi, on a hit by Stoll hurt a finger; Carter hurt a leg on the McDonagh hip check. Brown got away with an uncalled spear on Staal. Brown crosschecked McDonagh, then embellished the retaliation and the refs bought it. He also went down really easily on that collision with Zuccarello in the second, Zuccarello getting the penalty of course. The Rangers this summer should get one of those guys who can do whatever they want every shift and never get a penalty … like Brown … and Chris Neil. That said, Brown’s a heckuva player.

Nash13) Daily Nash-O-Meter. I’m not here to defend him, not at all. I thought he played hard, played well, had s bunch of shots and good chances, drew at least one penalty. Was very good on the PK again and a force offensively. But … but … in addition to him not getting nearly enough of the bottom line, I think this is the problem. Did you see where Gaborik was when he scored? Did you see where St. Louis was when he scored? Did you see where Zuccarello and Brassard were when they scored, or where Dwight King was — even if he shouldn’t have been allowed there — when he scored? Now how many times a game to you see Nash in those spots? Right. And please stop the talk about Nash being bought out. If the Rangers do decide they don’t want him — and I doubt that — he would have trade value. It makes no sense.

14) So now it’s back to the Garden. I don’t think this is necessarily over, but it’s getting close. Getting down to the point where the Rangers have to do something really special to get back into this. Wonder how all those folks who emptied their bank accounts for tickets, and how all those secondary markets trying to steal people’s wallets are feeling about this 0-2 and all the buzz that’s disappearing?

15) I will say this, too. The Garden’s quiet, but it’s not far behind L.A.’s home rink. The Garden’s ice is better than L.A.’s ice — God, was it terrible in Game 2. Bet you never thought you’d hear that. And the Garden, for all the dumb stuff that goes on doesn’t do this: Kings took a too-many-men penalty. TV timeout. The entire break was spent on Kiss Cam. Then as play resumed much later, they finally told the fine patrons that there had been a penalty called. Awful.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.lundqvist
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Chris Kreider.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Chris Kreider.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Derick Brassard.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Chris Kreider.

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  1. well that was a wild game.

    I agree with you Carp, Richards is a liability out there. He can’t keep up any more, he doesn’t even try to.

    I am not going to bed until I drink all my beer.

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    So I connected on the Lufthansa Wifi on my 10 hour flight to Johannesburg and listened to Kenny and Dave for 5 periods only to have to endure what I have endured for decades. Another heartbreaker. They continue to have the ability to suck me in and smash me into the rocks. I was confident they would win in OT, especially after they got through the first 5 minutes of OT #1. Of course, Kenny and Dave were perplexed at how the King goal was not goalie interference. The gutless O’Halloran didn’t have the onions to make the proper call in the home team’s building. Now it is morning 9 time zones from home and I am still irritated. Who knows if these guys will ever get back to the finals, and they are down 2 games having never trailed. This Kings team is good, but not THAT good. The refs again refused to onion up when the Kings shot the puck out of the rink right before the winning goal. These clowns screwed up the Stanley Cup Final. The NHL showcase. What a sick joke.we can only hope they find a way to hold serve……something they have not been very good at. Otherwise, a fun ride but a disappointment nonetheless.

  3. jpg's sister on

    carp, I am not being facetious, but if players can be suspended what about NHL Officials? Could Dan O’Halloran be suspended so he doesn’t work the rest of the series or or at least games 3 & $ at the Garden?

  4. In the history of non-calls, that non-call could go down in history.

    seriously, its time to remove a ref from the ice and give him a video replay screen and the ability to get things right

  5. One thing I kind of disagree with in the review- Rangers were not “as good” as the Kings in game 2- they were clearly the better team. Except for the part of the third period after the “gift” goal the refs awarded them- the Kings were outplayed- including almost ALL of the first OT. I’m a type B Ranger fan: criticize first praise later (I often wonder what negative thought I might offer up even after they won the cup-“Great job- now buyout Richards!”) I was incredulous for most of the game that the Kings were still IN the game- still haven’t led in regulation. That said- early in the third as the refs had clearly pocketed their whistles (especially on King penaltys in the offensive zone) I knew that LA would take that as invitation to push the boundaries in an attempt to get back in the game- and they did. Gutless, non- call on goal #3 is not evidence of anti-Ranger conspiracy but rather example of why, on most nights, the NHL would be better off playing with no refs. Brad Richards- ughhh- wish I could say he was invisible in big game.

  6. I’ve come to believe that the Kings are destined to win this. Anyway they can. They take advantage of their breaks where the Rangers don’t. It’s as simple as that.

  7. Not on the ledge. I am so proud of the rangers. This isn’t over. The kings wont lose four of five but they will lose game three.

  8. What a depressing day this is going to be… Thought they had this one. Even my wife, who doesn’t have any clue whatsoever about hockey, thought that was clearly interference on Lundqvist. If I had time to do it, I’d make a video montage of ref no calls, tripping Ranger defensemen, forwards, blocking pucks, stopping pucks, etc… Playoffs alone- montage run time would break the 20 min mark. I’m so not a conspiracy guy… But really? At least I can enjoy my sons house league game this morning and know the refs will be above and beyond better

  9. I guess it always seems like an agenda when it happens to your team, but there is no agenda. The officiating just eventually catches up to every team. Rangers have been on the good and bad side of officiating these playoffs, but you could imagine how we would be feeling if it was Lundqvist who was injured in the ECF and not Carey Price. I think its harder to grasp because imo the Rangers have been the better team in these two games and still have lost, but I guess their learning that you have to bury your chances in the finals or you’ll regret it. That said Its not over yet, and screw statistics the Rangers have already made them irrelevant this year. There’s still a chance, and eventually the Kings breaks will end. The Rangers came back from 3-1 vs maybe the best team in the east. They can come back with two wins.

  10. We can still win this thing…we have tilted the ice back to level…and now can tilt it a bit more. Richards needs a seat with the Black Aces…just not sure they want to be near him!

  11. UK Ranger – totally agree with you on replays needed. I brought this up a series or two ago here. War room override? Coaches challenge? Just something to be able to get it right! Playoffs only, maybe??

  12. I was wondering how the Kings were gonna win it all in 3, after last night I think I figured it out.

    Zebras -1

  13. Brad Richards KILLED the NYR last night. EVERY TIME he was on the ice the Kings were licking their chops. How many times did he fall down last night?!? He looked like absolute GARBAGE last night. And to think Torts took all that heat for benching this bum last year. I told my son that the NYR will lose this game with Richards on the ice. It’s amazing the didn’t score 6 goals against that line.

  14. Norm Merton on

    Excellent write-up as always. Coffee not so much this morning. Heck of a series so far, great contrast in styles. Hope the Rangers get a bounce or two to extend it!

  15. Bushwick Bob on

    I was half-in half-out of sleep this morning when I remembered that BS third Kings goal and the non-call.

    Now I’ve snapped full awake.

    It’s a beautiful day out, birds chirping, sun shining and I’m absolutely pissed. I don’t think for a moment that the Kings would have made the comeback to tie without that blasted gift goal.

  16. It’s great to be a fan and it’s brutal. I am in brutal mode right now. A beautiful sunday morning and I am so freaking depressed. They could have won both of these games and they are down 0-2. That is about as crushing of a defeat as you can get. I will be very interested to see how they play on Monday? Will there be carry over in terms of the crushing nature of this defeat?

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Carp. I hate to complain about the Ref’s, but that non call/ non “no goal” on the Kings 3rd goal could have very well cost the Rangers any chance at a cup.


  17. Good morning, boneheads!

    Well, I’m not angry, I’m upset. And I haven’t been that upset all playoffs long. If the Kings were the better team, like everyone predicted, it would be fitting that the score is 2-0. They weren’t so far. Going down 3-1 to Pittsburgh was fitting, they were the better team. But the Rangers, so far, are better than LA for more periods than not. LA is yet to lead for a minute, and they are up 2-0. That’s hockey, but I still feel upset. One can hope that at some point, if they continue playing the same way, they will start winning.

    Not ready to call it a season yet. They’re going back home. Let’s win there, and go back to LA

  18. Oh, and by the way, I don’t care if Brad Richards manages to score 30 goals in the next 5 games and wins the Conn Smythe trophy. the Rangers, MUST, MUST, buy this guy out. He was so putrid last night.

    Also, Nash tries, but it is not enough. He is a HUGE guy. He should be parked in front of the net and down low constantly. He never goes into traffic. He knows he is one hit away from the end of his career. It is sad. He used to be one of the most dynamic players in the league. He is a sad shadow of his former pre-concussion self.

  19. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Richards was brutal, just brutal and cost the NYR big he’s a deficit
    But blow 2 goal leads in 2 games ?
    NYR have to be Nastier from this point on if they want to win.

  20. Someone please explain to me why so far Carp is the ONLY writer that compared the Pouillot interference penalty vs the NON-CALL goal? How can anybody look at those two and think the King on King is not a penalty.

    I’ve been saying for at least two series if the Zebras don’t call things the other team thinks it’s open season. The brutal slash on Henrik behind the net got called because it was so obvious. Never would even happen if refs were making correct & consistent calls.

    Oposing players don’t think twice about running or hacking Henrik… brutal.

  21. Admiral Akbar on

    Here’s some more points:

    Let’s not forget about the NON-CALLED delay of game penalty in the 2nd overtime, which was the sequence immediately prior to the OT goal.

    Also, the egregious PICK OFF by the ref on McDonuts as he was defending in his zone, which lead to a grade A scoring chance by the Kings…

    Didn’t someone post a stat before the game yesterday where the Kings were UNDEFEATED in OHallaran ref’ed games??


  22. At least the game winner was a hockey play not a TO

    Believe me, I’m not taking any solace in just “getting there” but when your top guys on paper turn the puck over, it doesn’t lead to Cups. I have changed my mind tho about this LA team being an all time great….99 Yankees maybe but not 98 Yankees

  23. Admiral Akbar on

    O’Hallaran and the NHL should be served a lawsuit for this brutal incompetence.

  24. do the kings ask that the rangers be spotted a two goal lead before the start of game 3?

    Stop with the bad call whining. They had a two goal lead twice and still couldn’t shut it down!

  25. I’m slightly reminded of game 3 vs Pens. The Rangers outplayed the Pens in that game and lost on two bad bounces… really sucked the wind outta them for the next game. This time the it wasn’t bad bounces that caused the better team to lose.

    Wonder if there is any kind of play that could have THE run their goalie score & Carcillo run one of the stinky refs all on the same sequence. That WOULD be KARMA.

  26. Admiral Akbar on

    It’s a problem when the 2-goal lead is cut into by the ref blowing a blatant interference penalty.

    That goal allowed the momentum to squarely shift in King’s favor in third period. Kings are a great team, an experienced champion team – they know how to take advantage of every break.

    That break wasn’t from a Rangers turnover or gaffe – it was from an incompetent referee..

    I advocate a lawsuit against these bastards.

  27. It’s long overdue

    A goalie contact review

    Rough stuff in the blue

    Rhyme and haiku? Whaaaat?

  28. If we lose game 3 also, I refuse to give Susan Sarandon any thunder down under

  29. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    One thing I hate around here is that when Carp says something everyone follows in line. You guys don’t see things for yourselves. You have to be led. So, when he says something then, you pile on. (S).

    Guys, please. You’re all ganging up on Brad Richards. He wasn’t so bad. Actually, he played hard, showed leadership. Earned his keep. Made no errors. No turnovers. Not on for game losing goal, as expected. No way LA was chomping at the bit when his line was on ice. No way they had their way with his line because of him.(s)

    Just ask Mr. Magoo. That would be Norman.

  30. Penalty or not on king the ability to minimize turnovers major issue. Been resilient all year if this isn’t a mental thing going forwArd I don’t know. What is.

    4 of 5 seems impossible. Prob is.

    Let’s talk about onions a day after break up day not today and especially not last night.

    I slept for an hour or two. For me this loss is going to eat at me for a very long time.

  31. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Nice review, Carp. Coffee and…….

    Cherishing the review. May be as little as 2 left this year,up to 5. You do a great job!!!

  32. …..The Non-Smythe
    ……Mr. Softie
    ……The Good One
    ……Nashed Potatoes
    ……Tin Man

  33. Admiral Akbar on

    I am proud of our Rangers. They’re playing their asses off and are giving some exciting hockey games well into June.

    I’m enjoying these games.

    Would be nice to get some bounces, but this just may be the King’s year.

    Hopefully, after Richards is bought out, some money can be used to get a valid no. 1 center (Stastny?), and power play point man, as well as retain Boyle/Stralman/DMoops/Zucc/ and perhaps even French Poodle.

  34. Admiral Akbar on

    Let’s hope we are seeing a the beginning of an era where the Rangers will be competing for deep playoff runs for the next 2 or 3 or more seasons.

  35. @Boiler…I said the EXACT same thing last night about the Poulliot play to my brother. If his was a penalty then King should have been called also. Just maddening.

  36. It’s always a pleasant feeling flashing back thoughts of Adam Graves & Mark Messier…..

    Fast forward to the nightmare of Nash & Richards and I want to vomit.

  37. Norm Merton on

    And the name-calling begins anew. Ah, well, I’m sure you’re a good guy in your other walks of life. Happy Pentacost.

  38. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Admiral, couldn’t agree more. So glad this team is here. Hope we can bounce back. If not, great ride. Can’t wait till tomorrow’s game!!!


  39. Sioux Captain in 6 on

    Good game, great review Carp!

    Just a very tough loss, rangers needed that one!

  40. Carp, on point 15, don’t forget they also have the “flex cam” and the “dance cam”

  41. Norm Merton on

    Ironically, for all the cries here of, Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! it is rarely noted which two Rangers lead the team in playoff shots. By a lot.

  42. Place a guy that knows how to actually score and a player with some gas left in the tank with similar salaries to Richards and Nash in their place and you have a Stanley Cup winner. Seriously. They make 7.8 and 6.8 against the cap respectively. You guys realize what kind of player that can get you? How about Alex Steen at 6.5, David Backes at 4.5, Zetterberg at 6, Parise at 7.5… the list goes on and on. These guys are paid that much because they are supposedly better than the players around them, so logic dictates that they should be able to step their game up and produce on the biggest stage. Every other player on this team is pulling their weight, or more.

  43. “A player who is behind an opponent, who does not have the puck, may not use his stick, body or free hand in order to restrain his opponent, but must skate in order to gain or reestablish his proper position in order to make a check.
    A player is allowed the ice he is standing on (body position) and is not required to move in order to let an opponent proceed. A player may “block” the path of an opponent provided he is in front of his opponent and moving in the same direction. Moving laterally and without establishing body position, then making contact with the non-puck carrier is not permitted and will be penalized as interference.”

    Apparently the refs need it spelled out that the “ice he is standing on” is not to include the opposing team’s goal tender.

  44. If we don’t win this year, we will load up to make damn sure we win next year.

  45. Don’t have room in a Cap system to pay a player the sum of money Nash gets so that he can ‘master’ the ‘other’ things.

    It’s akin to paying the mail room clerk the CEO’s Salary.

  46. Richards needs to be bought out and Nash needs to be traded to anyone who will take him.

    Get a defenseman with a rocket from the point on the PP, a true #1 center, and a guy who can score 20-25 goals and we have something.

  47. Carp, is it any surprise Nash doesn’t get into the mix? He is one nasty hit away from having his brain scrambled again and he plays like it. I hate it, but I’m not surprised by it. I’d be surprised if he took that risk often.

    And I think his concussion history has a big effect on his trade value.

  48. I just don’t understand why Nash always falls down. Is he one of the worst skaters in the league? I don’t get it.

  49. Richards will be bought out, no doubt about it.

    However, if we can’t dump Nash and his salary in a trade, we are going to lose at least 3 of 4 from the group of Boyler, DMoops, Poillett and Strallman to UFA.

  50. Matty,
    richards looked like he did last year. Take off the glasses, I saw it halfway through Game 1, Richards lost his legs with the time off between series, or he was getting to E towards the end of the Montreal series.

    Literally every shift he was on last night, he made a fatigue related mistake..

    I dont want to hear this Richards apologist crap.

    Well my dad said it before the playoffs started, he was afraid the refs were gonna make mistakes that outright determined who the the Stanley Cup Champion would be, and it happened (for a second time this post-season)

    I have every ounce of confidence the Rangers take Game 3 and 4.

    Things aren’t going down the way they went down in Games 1 and 2. They’ve outplayed the Kings for all but about 30 minutes of the 180 minutes played. The best team is going to come out on top and I think the Rangers are a better team right now.

    I was thinking this all game long last night, it was the second game in a roll in which the rangers dictated and controlled the tempo of the game, and meanwhile the media coverage of it is a Kings romp.

  51. RICHARDS is an atrocity. Forget the ref, Richards cost us the Stanley with his inexcusable play. I wish THE KREIDER would take him out.

  52. How bout we get on the coach whose in game coaching was awful. Continues to throw richy over the boards in all situations def zone draws for one. How bout giving them a diff look on the pp in ot where we looked completely lost out there LED by richy.

    AV biggest weakness as coach is in game management I believe.

  53. (I’m sorry, I’m not totally awake yet, I meant to address the post to Matty, sorry Matty)

    richards looked like he did last year. Take off the glasses, I saw it halfway through Game 1, Richards lost his legs with the time off between series, or he was getting to E towards the end of the Montreal series.

    Literally every shift he was on last night, he made a fatigue related mistake..

    I dont want to hear this Richards apologist crap.

    Well my dad said it before the playoffs started, he was afraid the refs were gonna make mistakes that outright determined who the the Stanley Cup Champion would be, and it happened (for a second time this post-season)

    I have every ounce of confidence the Rangers take Game 3 and 4.

    Things aren’t going down the way they went down in Games 1 and 2. They’ve outplayed the Kings for all but about 30 minutes of the 180 minutes played. The best team is going to come out on top and I think the Rangers are a better team right now.

    I was thinking this all game long last night, it was the second game in a roll in which the rangers dictated and controlled the tempo of the game, and meanwhile the media coverage of it is a Kings romp.

  54. Star centers few solid dman great goalie win championships.

    Good down the middle we lack a true top center.

  55. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Yep, perimeter shots by Nash sure total a lot of shots. How many of those are scoring op’s?? But they sure do tally as ‘shots on goal’.

    And, oh, yes, our valiant PP point man, you know, the ankle weight guy, yep HE SHOULD have a ton of shots. After all, the way our PP is established, it’s feed the point and shoot. (even if it is a half speed, off-target 50% shot). He should also lead us in goals, shouldn’t he, with all the odd man time he gets?

    So, ho hum, Richards and Nash may have the most shots……

  56. Czechthemout!!! on

    The Kings are a very lucky team. I dont usually talk about luck but boy are they lucky.

    Brad Richards has stunk this series so far! He cost us the first goal and was inept on the PP. He has had two or three strong games in these playoffs but is clearly finished.

    Dan Girardi was awful once again. A turnover machine who looks like he is standing still. He has been exposed these last two series as an overrated and vastly overpaid player. He is fortunate to play with the great McD who covers up for him too many times.

    Nash is a giant disappointment! Not the player I thought we were getting in the trade I was so happy about. This would be a much better team withAA and Dubi still on it. Not to mention the first round pick that it cost in what was a great draft year.

    In summary, the Rangers committed numerous unforced errors in both games and still should have won both of them. That tells me that this series is still not over. I can see a scenario where we can win the next two games rather easily. This team has not been intimidated by them nor has it been out played by them. We need to stop the unforced errors and have to play quicker with the puck, especially the defensemen not named McD. Losing the first 2 on the road does not mean a darn thing. They can still get this done. Lets not lose faith just yet.

  57. jimG the desertrat on

    The broadcasters were just gushing about how Helloran was Letting Henrik talk to him for oh my God 30 seconds after that vomit inducing call! Helloran=Bucky’s back end.

  58. Edzo and Milbury were sick to their stomaches that they were forced to say what they were. You saw milbury crack in the 2nd intermission.

    After initially saying the politically correct answer, when he got a chance, he said, ‘i change my mind, I would have called a penalty there’

  59. Come on Eric this aint a story of how much better the Kings centers are then the rangers. Its really even out there, the one place it hasn’t been is whoever is matching up against Brad Richards. Stepan, Brassard, and Moore are holding their own, just fine, just fine.

    The kings have an advantage every time Richards has been out on the ice.

    The rangers have played step for step with the Kings

  60. Every member of the ’96 Yankees must be in attendance at Game 3. They were down 2-0 too.

  61. Carp I’m curious of you would allow me to write a short guest blog, I want to touch on the blown calls, and how I feel it is our responsibility as fans and ticket-holders etc, to insist that James Dolan demand an investigation and immediate amendment to the video review system.

    Dolan wants 17k of yous to pay 2k a pop on Monday night.

    Your paying to watch a one of a kind product, a world-class product, the best their is on the planet, which is why your paying so much money. Your paying for the opportunity to experience such an incredible organic live competition of the highest order, and the biggest most powerful hockey association in the world, can’t make the right calls, or they say ‘rules’ prevent them from making the right call’


    give me the platform carp, please

  62. The ’96 Yankees lost the first 2 to the Braves (basically the equivalent of the Kings now) and then won 4 straight. That’s what I was referring to jpp.

  63. Remember this too- it could always have been 2-1 Kings after 3 regardless if if we made it 1-1 last night.

  64. CARP from last night – “I totally understand how this must hurt you guys, but that was a great hockey game and most of the guys busted their onions for 90 minutes or whatever it was.”

    That’s WHY it hurts CARP. It was a great game. Most of NYR played their hearts out. And an egregious officiating decision is most likely the difference between 2-0 and 1-1.

  65. Was listening to post game on radio and even La Gregca and Pete Stemkowsi were killing Richards. Said he has to be taken off the PP as he is a liability right now. I don’t see to it happening. Thought Nash was great in OT. Wish he played a whole game like that. Also not happening

  66. jpp I have to say that was strange. It did look like Milbury was unwillingly saying what he said, and then it just came out what he really thought. Regardless of what happened on the ice if it was incompetence or agenda. Those two guys you know are told what to say more so than not.

  67. iManny-O-War on

    The Rangers lost two coin flips and an officiating gamble. Now they are in a serious hole.

  68. Yes, it was a great game. Years ago when we were watching other teams participate in the ultimate tournament, we would say: “That’s a real hockey!” Well, that’s a great hockey played by both teams, and the Rangers are a big part of it. They surprised us all year long, beating all the odds. Not ready to give up. I’m enjoying this ride, I hope everybody does the same.

  69. Well said jpg about the cost of the product and the lack of respect the owners of that product treat the customers. Dolan & Slats need to speak up… Maybe they can call Torts to borrow some huevos rancheros.

  70. Bettman controls the NHL Network and NBC. Not much truth spoken there as far as criticism of the league.

    Maybe that’s why JR replaced Jones for the OT in the studio? Bergman made the call that Jones would be too honest about the officiating?

    Bettman is a very powerful Commissioner.

  71. WHen the Rangers are ahead, AV has to yell at them “THE GAME ISN’T OVER” and not go in a defensive shell. Keep the puck in their end is the top priority.

  72. And THE doesn’t get a pass here either. Finish it’s not enough. Come through at a key time in a big spot. Had more the one occasion.

  73. I wasat the game and I also emptied my wallet like all true ranger fans.

    King fans are as stupid as most fans.. Cannot be honest about miss calls etc…

    I called the goalie interference on King from maybe 250 feet away as soon as it happened but the zebras 10 feet away come up with BS excuses why it was not a penalty/infraction.

    NHL will never get it right….

  74. leetchhalloffame on

    Come to think of it ever notice 19 is 61 backwards & upside down? Hmmm.

  75. I said to myself after the second that we had this game because the Kings would need 3 more goals against Hank and it wasn’t possible.. 8 goals against in 2 games. Not all on him but still gonna be a story line.

    – that’s 4 -two goal leads they’ve blown in 2 games.

    – Richards has been out of gas since around game 3 of the Eastern finals. These are his last couple of games in blue.

    – We are in the finals. And this is as much as we’ll ever see out of Nash. For 7.5 million.

    -LA isnt unbeatable. Someone should tell The Rangers that..hope I don’t wind up glad I didn’t buy tickets to game 4. but I Wouldn’t want to see The Stanely Cup in person for the first time ever in Dustin Browns hands..

  76. It sucks that we lost, but everyone would have been psyched if we came back 1-1. So this is only one more. Not irreversible. Perspective.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    First we win game 3. Hit reset and win game 4.

    This is what we want. A long final that tests our boys like never before. Go back to LA tied at 2 with the Kings having not held a lead for 1 second. This my friends is a story that will live for eternity.

    Rangers in 6

  78. 61 has been much better then 19 not even close.

    nash had 8 shots on goal last night. he hit everything that moved. nash and kreider played very well.

    if you see the shots for and against for brad Richards they are scary bad…

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards turns the puck over early and often, falls and trips over both blue lines, red line, both goal lines, and all of the circles, the few times he’s upright he gets in the way of a team mate trying to do something, and he’s absolutely adismal on the PP.

    If he is not bought out, I’m not going to watch much next year…..

  80. London Broil on

    The anger from this wont subside for a long time. It’s not incompetence or blindness when it’s always us thats the recipient of the referee cheatjobs. How many more times do substantial calls go against us than our opp. and how many more penalties against our opps. are just missed or dismissed like the Prust hit on Step than against us??? Never changes, never will change.

    The whole complexion of the game changed after that nongoal, the referees stole this game away from us. Aside from that, this was Nash’s best game of the playoffs. Brad made too many mistakes but so did the rest of the team. McD made a ton & Girardi even more than McD. Our team couldnt stay upright at all. On twitter, the excuse was bad ice but none of the Kings kept falling for no reason. Terrible. Stanley Cup Finals. 20 years. Cant stay on your skates, falling all over the place like a bunch of idiots.

    Series is done. We were the better team in both games. We screwed ourselves with costly mistakes in G1 & the refs screwed us in G2. For all intents & purposes, we won both games. Whats the likelihood we’re able to, essentially, win 6 of 7 gms from the Kings??? No matter how much better of a team we are, winning 6 of 7 games against them is almost impossible.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m hoping Richards tweaks a knee and is scratched for the rest of the series. Someone needs to go all Nancy Kerrigan on him. Does that make me a bad person?

  82. Carp
    Wonderful review.

    I’ve been saying it all along, size matters.

    That Hagar line flat out scares the hell out of me when it is on our side of the centre ice line.

    I liked the wY the game was called (more on the goalie call in a sec), clutching and grabbing allowed, a bit of stick work went uncalled, a few high hits went unpunished. I liked it.

    My big problem with the king call was the pouliot call. Pouliot was trying to get by quick for position, squeezed into quick by defender…penalty…king doing same, more contact than pouliot, no penalty…wtf? If you call one, you have to call the other, right?

    Hank will only give up 2 goals next 2 games.

    What the heck is wrong with the cambot?

  83. You know I watched these two games and all that nonsense about the West and the Kings being vastly superior is SO bogus. The Rangers outplayed them at least half the time. As someone mentioned, the only way the Kings have stopped the NYR speed is through interference, pick plays and so forth. The Rangers and especially Kreider hit with them. McD looks as good, if not better than Doughty. The difference is, they took advantage of their chances and we didn’t. And that’s TWO games now. Hags scores on that second breakaway in game one, we probably win. We had three or four golden scoring opportunities and we missed or hit the post. if Zuc doesn’t lift the puck up over the net when Quick was down and out, we are 1-1 and accomplished what we wanted. These are two games we could have (should have?) won. This is no beating, it’s the pucks are bouncing their way. Ask Chicago, same thing. The hockey gods are pointing west, I’m convinced.

  84. Where is Nash’s “burst and balls”?

    He has no overdrive gear. No power in his legs. He refuses to go to the slot. He loses most puck battles along the boards. He has no strength or leverage.

  85. The likely hood of secretariat getting scratched at any point in this series with his obvious locker room leadership is between not going to happen and not going to happen.

    And where the hell has LW been with his expert Willie Mitchell analysis?

  86. London Broil on

    yep steve. wicky, the clutching & grabbing being allowed only serves to take away from our speed game. thats the Kings strategy to nullify our speed.

  87. No way I pin these losses on the refs, if we bury chances or keep one more puck out of the net…if we don’t do soft clears or weak passes up the middle that end up in our net, we win at least one if not both games.

    The losses are on the rangers, simple as that!!

  88. How could they see Poulliot’s interference on Quick when the puck wasn’t even near him. This is what really bothers me.

  89. London Broil on

    wicky, not a chance. the 3rd goal last night changed the whole complexion of the game. If that goal doesnt count, the Rangers likely win. Then, no delay of game called on the Kings, we wouldve had a power play, instead the Kings go right down & get the game winner. Refs win Gm2. Simple as that.

  90. What percentage of the time does Nash try to do it all…does he ever even get a shot off? I applaud the effort…but question the decision(s). To my fellow bonehead who wants to nickname Brad Richards “Mr. B GAME”…….if he even played B..or C…or D game…we would be up 2-0….instead he he brings us ” no game”…and while MSL scored an important goal…he looks like a little kid playing with Pro’s most of the time…like a fly on an elephant. But at least he has not making the samepoison passes that Richards has made in almost every game this season….and according to most of papers today…some of the worst hockey of his career..and that has got to be some pretty bad hockey!

  91. bull dog line on

    London Broil,
    you sound like the Canadiens fans did during the Rangers series. was it a missed call, yep. was there another 40 minutes played after it? yep. plenty of time to bounce back.

  92. What about the delay off game non-call? Was it confirmed that the puck hit the glass? Didn’t look like it did last night,


  93. Gregm-section403 on

    Before the game, my 11 year old son asked me why I don’t like Brad Richards? He says he likes all the Rangers. I told him that Richards might cost this team the Cup.

    By the end of the game, even my son saw how brutal #19’s game was. And he agreed. Richards is a liability now. And the Kings are exploiting it.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – a talking moose hanging on the wall in the room can have messages recorded to sound like they’re coming out of its mouth…”it’s not over”…”one game at a time”. “We have to be better” “blah blah blah” THUS, the talking moose fills Mr. Ed’s leadership role and the talking moose head doesn’t fill a roster spot.

  95. London Broil on

    that wasnt just a “missed” call. it was a Goal on the board that shouldnt have been there. spin it any way you want to make yourself feel better. the fact is we got cheated.

  96. bull dog line on

    you are doing the spinning. there are tough calls in every game, some go for you, some against. you either take advantage of them, or you don’t.

  97. I am at my 5 year old Grandaughter’s dance recital.

    These little girls have more heart, soul and courage than Wilburr had last night.

  98. NYR had plenty of chances to score a fifth last night and didn’t convert. Yet, I don’t understand how people can blame NYR for blowing a two-goal lead when one of the goals was illegal.

  99. bull dog line on

    Richards was not good last night, but it was not because of lack of heart or courage. the game was to fast for him. like him or not, his leadership is a big reason they are where they are.

  100. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m sick to my stomach this morning. I believe that the non-call on King was likely the deciding factor last night, but even if it wasn’t we played two excellent road games against a very good team, never trailed, and have nothing at all to show for it. I just don’t see how you can take 4 of 5 against this team. It must makes me sick when I think how it could be 1-1 or even 2-0 for us.

  101. Za'rat (TheOtherGuysGreed) Jones on

    Hey! What time is it?


    Keep it POZY and I guarantee we win the cup!


    Yay Rangers!

  102. Stranger Nation on

    Richards coughs up the puck because he is afraid to be hit. He does not want to engage physically.

    No engagement = no heart

  103. Bull dog
    Agree again.

    It’s like the Hagar goal in the first game, you put yourself in position to take advantage of bad breaks or misplays of the other team…we don’t take advantage of those right now like the kings do.

  104. bull dog line on

    not defending Richards play. just defending the cause of his poor play. its not heart that is causing it. it is AGE. the games was to fast for him last night. plain and simple.

  105. bull dog line on

    I agreeDiane,
    hold serve at home. they have played well in LA. just need to steal one there.

  106. Absolutely, Bull dog! This will make them even more determined to win this thing. They will be pissed!

  107. The officiating last night was at times inept. In particular, the failure to invoke a legitimate rule by one official at a crucial time during the game resulted in an illegal goal for the Kings.

    This is my opinion. To say so is not to whine. The official blew that call and it led specifically and directly to a goal. That goal, reduced the deficit to 1 and it may be argued, gave the Kings momentum and put the Rangers on their heels.

    If they had disallowed the illegal goal (as the rule book calls for) who knows, maybe the Rangers find another found way to lose? Maybe they don’t. We’ll never know, and that’s too bad.

    I thought in general, the Ranger team went toe to toe with the Kings during OT. Except, of course when Richards and St. Louis were on the ice, then it felt like the Kings were on the PP.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hold serve and we are right back in this thing. I think the Rangers can win this. Starts with game 3. Get a few breaks, catch a lucky bounce, get a call from the refs…..The heart of this team is on display Monday night. I believe that tell tale heart gets us to game 4 down 2-1.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If there is justice, we head back to LA tied at 2. Then the series is for the taking.

  110. Strange 11:47 Werd.

    Richards appears to hesitate or pull-up whenever contact is likely. That’s called fear in my book.

    Fear on the ice = failure to perform

  111. Yes, Eddie. They can’t lose heart now. Too late for that. Get even MORE motivated to show up this Kings team and the refs.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We are seeing some exciting hockey. Perhaps it was meant to be this way. The pain and suffering we all feel will be replaced by pure bliss as the Rangers come back to tie the series, then win game 5. Can you imagine MSG, with the cup in the house and the Rangers the chance to raise it?

    We want the cup
    We want the cup

  113. Forget a good to intimidate opposing players – we need Carcillo out there to intimidate refs into calling a fair game. One more botched call like that and Danny boy will give you an elbow to the chops.

  114. I also agree with the series isn’t over…we played 2 winnable games against a bigger, stronger, more experienced team in their arena, win one at home and then another at home and it’s all in!!!

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – Diana – The Rangers know to a man that they can beat this team. Now it’s time to kick some assen. Hank needs to be big and we need to bury our chances. Catch a few lucky breaks and all will be good…

  116. PB.

    Keith Jones is married to some big-wigs daughter. He doesn’t call it straight. He’s a company boy now. Which kinda sucks, bc I have six degrees of separation with Jones. When I was young, i’d say between 8-12. My family was at magic kingdom and I ended up waiting on line for Space Mountain behind a guy wearing a Red Wing jersey. We talked hockey the whole time and he brought up that he grew up with one guy who plays pro and thats Keith Jones, and this was early in his career. So I had watched out for Keith Jones bc of that.

    Secondly, It seems that JR takes over for Jones on the post-game coverage. Same thing in game 1.

    Milbury is the guy who said it like it was

  117. The Rangers are on the verge of an epic comeback.

    I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside
    oh yea, oh yea.
    I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide
    oh no, oh no.

  118. JPP, didn’t know that about Jones.

    And BTW, you gotta Fast Pass Space Mountain.

  119. Oh please believe me I’d hate to miss the train
    Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah
    And if you leave me I won’t be late again
    Oh no, oh no, oh no
    Yeah, yeah, I’ve got a feeling, yeah
    I got a feeling

  120. I’ve got a feeling that keeps me on my toes
    Oh yeah, oh yeah
    I’ve got a feeling I think that everybody knows
    Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!!!!!!

    Rangers in 6!!!!!!

  121. London Broil on

    we won the 1st 2 gms, we’re not winning 6 of 7 games against the Kings. refs werent inept, when the significant calls always go one way, it’s not ineptitude, it’s a choice.

  122. The Ranger Fan Triple Crown

    1. The Cup
    2. Buyout Richards
    3. Trade Nash ( for NoNash & future RH McDonuts)

  123. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    One shift. One period. One game at a time.

    It will be nice to have the home team advantage for 2!!

  124. I don’t buy into the NHL against the Rangers conspiracy theory, but I also believe JFK and Marilyn Monroe are living out their golden years in a modest villa in the South Pacific.

  125. Didn’t feel like talking about the game this morning, but can’t help it.
    Unfortunately, Richards will not be scratched….AV saw what happened to Torts when he benched “golden boy”
    It’s weird how Hags is playing great on the PK when away from Richards…..MSL scores last night when away from Richie Rich. PP regressing with Richards on it and a defensive liability the rest of the time. Both Richards and Nash shy away from the contact and just want the puck off their sticks. Nash is probably worried about another concussion…understandable, but you play the game to be in this situation of playing for the Cup.
    Safe is death in the playoffs…need to lay it all on the line. Hard to win when 2 of your top 6 forwards are not laying it all out there for the team.

  126. Stranger Nation on

    As I have stated many times, Richards is no longer a center, but a winger. We have 2 centers on the 4th line…hmmm

    Would move D Moops to center Mr Ed and St Louiee
    Put Boyle in between Hags and Double Ds

    We are rolling 4 so who plays on what line shouldnt matter, cant have Richards marking the Kings’ center

  127. That Brad, I say, Brad Richards is as fidgety as a bubble dancer with a slow leak when an opposition blueliner appears. Defenseman, that is.

  128. Poilet brass Zucc
    Kreider Stepan MSL
    Hags Moops Nash
    Boyle Wilbur DD prefer though

    Carcillo Boyle Dd

  129. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Richards hasn’t taken a hit to make a play since round 1. And when he does have the puck, it’s a guaranteed turnover. If he doesn’t turn it over, he tries to make some blind backhand pass that never connects. He’s out of his league in this series.

  130. Kern, first AV would have to believe 19 plays poorly, and i don’t think he believes that.
    Good afternoon, Sally!

  131. That was one of the best hockey games I’ve ever watched. Talk about a game of bounces. A game of chances. The Rangers were the better team through 90% of this series. They’ve played 3 games and are down 0-2. How is that even possible?

    I’m so proud of the way that this Ranger team competes. They are a special team.

    That being said, the fuggin’ zebras control everything. 2 egregious non-calls cost the Rangers the game twice last night. The King goal was textbook goalie interference. The puck flip over the glass was textbook delay-of-game.

    I’m proud of my boy though. Zuccarello played the game of his life last night. He almost scored a beauty in OT.

    It is a disgrace that Brad Richards considers himself the leader of this team. He is finished as a player. Absolutely done.

  132. Agreed, ORR! This NYR team has the onions to come back and make it a series!

    And, guys, don’t forgot that this Kings team lost 3 in a row twice in these playoffs!!!! They have some cracks and aren’t a perfect team!

  133. The refs didn’t cost NYR this game. NYR did. 2-0, 3-1, 4-2. This game should have been over.

    Step-On with the stupid turnover.
    Girardi with the stupid turnover
    Richards with the stupid turnover
    McDonut with the stupid turnover, trying to do way too much

    Stupidity is costing them this series. They had their chances to win. They blew it.

  134. I can only get on Richards because he is incapable of redeeming himself after last night’s performance. Seriously, this guy doesn’t have the motor to play these types of games. You can’t glide for nearly 100 minutes and expect not to be exposed…

  135. If Neigh scored that goal right after the game tying goal, we’d probably be singing a different tune today. We wouldn’t even think of all the turnovers.

    But he fails to score.

    Look at Zuc. He takes a dumb penalty, Kings score, then the next shift he sets up Bro for the fawth goal. 11 seconds after the Kings scored!

  136. At least Hank got an explanation from O’Halloran…the puck was already by him? Now everyone can see how incompetent he is …no onions to make the correct call ..same on the delay of game in ot before the goal…that is a penalty all year long but they don’t have the onions to make it

  137. Everyone wants to talk about the interference call but there were two other “calls” that were very bad and one led to a goal. The two hybrid icing calls where they called it icing eventhough NYR was going to be first to the puck. I think the one that led to an LA goal was with PooPoo and then there was Kreids in one of the OTs. I think they need to change that rule, maybe go back to what it was.

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Re: Richards, to paraphrase E Howard Hunt, When the legs go, the heart and mind will follow…

  139. _If Av doesn’t believe Richie is playing poorly, he’s truly blind._

    Deaf Dumb and blind boy
    He’s in a quiet vibration land
    Strange as it seems his musical dreams
    Ain’t quite so bad

    A vague haze of delerium
    creeps up on me
    All at once a tall stranger I suddenly see
    He’s dressed in a silver sparked
    Glittering gown
    And His golden beard flows
    Nearly down to the ground

    Sickness will surely take the mind
    Where minds can’t usually go
    Come on the amazing journey
    And learn all you should know

    His eyes are the eyes that
    Transmit all they know
    Sparkle warm crystalline glances to show
    That he is your leader
    And he is your guide
    On the amazing journey together you’ll ride

  140. Did anyone see the excitement in Keith Jones’ face when he said “if the Rangers lose this game, they’re not coming back here to LA”

    Is the NHL the only league that doesn’t have actual star players to cover their games? I don’t know aboot the MLB, but every time I turn on a NBA and NFL game, they usually have star players doing the pre/post game & intermission.

  141. Unless Slats is protecting Richie (which could be true) AV must be convinced he has no one whatsoever in the system capable of replacing Richie. Not a good sign.

  142. Forget skating during play, Richards even ‘skates’ to the bench like he was on a Mediterranean vacation, holding up his anxious replacement.

  143. REPO

    eddie – Yesterday’s Belmont winner’s time puts him 23 lengths behind Secretariat.

  144. Beezle- hybrid icing rule is a disaster. Watching hockey all my life and now I don’t know what icing is anymore- asking incompetent buffoons to use their judgement is always a bad idea- of course this means no change will be made. Noticed Keith Jones’ gleeful prediction, as well-Orr.

  145. Was at the game last night, a real heartbreaker. Made game 6 of the 2012 ECF seem like an easy pill to swallow ( I was there too, maybe it’s me?). Whether or not this becomes a series depends on the game 3 response. If we let the disappointment of this one carry over in the first tomorrow were done.

    Carp, first time long time, great blog. Love reading your thoughts the day after, thanks for the good reads!

  146. Exactly why I asked the question Carp. Keep up the great work, this place is much needed after devastating losses like last night!!

  147. LOL! Couldn’t agree more. They were calling hybrid-icing like a two-line pass. What’s with that? Kreider is ahead of the d-man and they still call it.

  148. Robby Bonfire on

    One thing in this life I have never been able to figure out is if so-called “omens” have any validity? Sometimes I see something which can be taken as an omen, but nothing materializes from that, so I have to have some skepticism re the subject, but with an open mind to other theories and people’s experiences.

    Yesterday, regrettably, started with a situation which could have been construed as a “bad day omen” occurring in my back yard, when, early a.m., my big, handsome charcoal gray cat “Panther” caught up with a cute little chipmunk who was feeding in my vegetable garden, and need I say, the chipmunk came out second-best? Really saddened me to have to witness this from a distance, and not be close enough to be able to help the situation before it was too late.

    From there it was all downhill. My tech was supposed to come over and help me with some issues with my computer, which he custom built for me. He became a “no show” with no follow-up communication to our missed appointment.

    Then a man who runs a local karaoke club was supposed to drop by and audition my performing an original-composition country music song of mine (“I Pay My Rent At The Bar”) for possible performing in his club. He too, was a no show with no follow-up contact.

    The California Chrome Belmont Stakes outcome was a downer, too, as five minutes after Bob Costas informed the world that in years when teams from New York and Los Angeles are playing for a professional sports championship, we get a Triple Crown winner. On behalf of the horse’s owners, the bettors, the fans, and the thoroughbred racing industry, may I say”Thanks for that Bob,” – but I’m guessing that beyond Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra folklore you are out of your element.

    To top off the vexing day and night, the Rangers played well enough to win, except Terry Gregson has retired and this generation of zebras seems to be lacking Terry’s officiating ability and personal integrity.

    Hopefully a good omen or 10 will pop up in the lives of all of us, come tomorrow, and help nudge this beleaguered team over the threshold from impending failure to the ultimate success.

  149. Happy Birthday Carp! To me as well trying not to let it bring me down today. Milestone just like ’94 gotta hope. Kreider went up miles in my book, saying he has to bury those chances…..Bucky not so much.

  150. By the by- for everyone who wants to tie Torts leaving to the benching of Richards- I really think it had more to do with that monster wearing #20 last night. With him you must take the bad with the good- something JT was not willing to do (this coming from a guy who threw a chair across the room when Kreider failed to finish his OT breakaway).

  151. From Rule 81:

    “…If the race for the puck is too close to determine by the time the first Players reaches the end zone face-off dots, icing shall be called.”

    What a dumb rule!

  152. We re getting tons of chances. If Henrik stands on his head, we can still do this.

  153. You don’t have to be a czar
    To drive my car.
    You don’t have to be the King
    To make me sing.
    And You don’t have to do the rama-spin,
    You just have to win,
    Baby, Win, Win Win!

  154. I was just looking at the comments over on TSN about the non-call and the game last night. NYR is absolutely hated by most fans up north. They are delusional when commenting and watching hockey. I can’t imagine they have such little understanding of a game sooo important to their culture. They just HATE NYR.

    Saw a comment about the slash Hank took behind the net… totally nasty play that deserved a call. Those TSN commentators thought it shouldn’t have been called and think Hanks a bigger embellisher than any player in the league!!

  155. Canada, the supposed cradle of hockey, and all they got was the Canadiens, who didn’t last long. Sour grapes.

  156. My decades long following of this team causes my outlook to typically fall more on the Eric side of things but I have to say I think we have a shot. If they keep playing the way they’re playing they will win tomorrow. And then it’s a whole new series.

  157. Trying, but failing to put up vertical ceramic tiles behind my oven. Erect Tile Dysfunction.

  158. The Boiler, I noticed the same thing. However, the actual TSN writers/personalties I came across seemed to think it was a no goal – Craig Button and Dave Reid (the latter being a personal favorite of mine) were both adamant it was the wrong call, with Reid pointing to the call on Pouliot and Button further criticizing no call on the delay of game. Kerry Fraser, former official, and Jim Fox, a Kings TV guy, also thought it shouldn’t have been a goal. Guess the Habs fans are still bitter.

  159. After all the crap Hank puts up with in his crease throughout the season you really think they call that slash (to the back of his legs by the way) without some acting?

  160. McD, Boyler, Dorsett and little Zucc all deserve an A on their jerseys waaaaaay above Native Dancer.

  161. Nash and Henrik both dove and should have been called – speaks further to the incompetence of the officials as if there wasn’t enough evidence of it.

  162. If you dive, despicable as it is, you take yourself out of the play, sufficient ignominy.

  163. It will be a joyous and memorable day in the Papa Bear cave when Carp announces to Bonehead nation that Wilbur has been bought out.

    It will be a extra special joyous and unforgettable day in the Papa Bear cave when Carp announces to Bonehead nation that Nash has been traded.

  164. Everyone should check out Chris “Knuckles” Nilan’s twitter. The guy’s a riot!

  165. Though Carp thinks otherwise, I can’t imagine a team who would want that #19 dog. He’s playing H-O-R-S-E in the driveway on a fast break team.

  166. Papa, let’s ship Nash off to TOR for JVR. He was a NYR fan growing up – imagine him on one wing and THE on the other? Wow!

  167. We are two breakaway conversions, (Hagelin closing seconds of game 1; Kreider Game 2 OT) of being up 2-0.

    It’s sucks.

    But it’s also gives hope.

  168. This might have been said already, but how can the referee on the one hand say the puck was already going past Lundqvist before King bumps him and yet at the same time actually award the goal to King himself?! That has to mean he was already there in the crease interfering!

  169. That’s the only reason why I’m not in total panic mode right now. NYR are throwing away these games. I’m not saying the Kings are not earning these wins, but they’re sure as hell not dominating NYR.

    Just win at home!

  170. Surprising regular season stat: Despite playing about 15 fewer games, The K leads PullOut in penalty minutes, 72-56.

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – saw your posts re: Big Red

    And Brad Richards is moving like a -tremendous- broken down old rotting machine.

  172. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My money says the refs give us plenty of make-up calls in games 3 and 4.

    Book it

  173. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This will go down as the most exciting cup final ever played. 6 OT games, with game 6 going triple OT – Brassard with the cup winner

    Rangers in 6. Believe and it will happen,

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the rangers mindset is “we’ve only begun this fight” they will win this series. The Kings will be totally fatigued heading back west tied 2-2. Game 5, Baby, let’s do it.

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – as regards Richards, Adversus solem ne loquitor.. ….but you insist …..and in theory, aegroto dum anima est, spes esse dicitur….but I’m afraid he’s finished….

  176. *offseason* talk…don’t tell ilb.

    *IF* the rangers traded Nash out west, the logical destination would be SJ *IF* they keep jumbo soft that is…so what is the return?

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Werd Djk –

    Adeste fideles. Amat Victoria curam. Nevertheless, is AV’s hand forced? Brevior saltare cum deformibus viris est vita.

  178. Cjm1194

    I was at that game too. The abruptness of how it ended was like a freight train to my energy. I was so amped for the start of OT. and boom, before the play ever comes down into my end, it was over.

    Difference is we still have 5 games to play. 5 games left in the season boys. Lets all enjoy it :)

  179. Brassard: “we will win tomorrow night ….I was kidding e3 when I said we would win last night.”

  180. ‘If the rangers mindset is “we’ve only begun this fight” they will win this series. The Kings will be totally fatigued heading back west tied 2-2. Game 5, Baby, let’s do it.’

    This Eddie3x. If they can look past the results, and play with no hesitation or frustration. Im telling you, its just gonna make this story sweeter

  181. The Boiler, I noticed the Ranger hatred on TSN in the comments too. I must be a glutton for punishment for regularly checking over there to read those comments. They are disappointingly delusional. I expected better out of them.

  182. DJK.

    sorry i labeled you. I tried to be quick to comment on the fact you might be being sarcastic.

    I apologize

  183. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sb1 – if the Rangers win game 2, 4-3, my boy gets the GWG. Alas, we live to fight another day.

    Brassard – “get on my shoulders boys, I’ll lead you home”

  184. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    And for those speaking French:

    Richards est terminé. Sa carrière est terminée.
    Tout mécanisme qui serait signe lui est fou.

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My bruthas: I be lovin Ebonics – Bottom of the fact of the matter all be boiling down to something serious – sit

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You know what I’m sayin? I be diggin what all be goin down once my bruthas be scoring goal for reals:

  187. may repost this tomorrow so more will this

    thought this was pretty cool that habs Budaj supported Hank in the Goalies League and went against habs Blueshirt haters

    “@peterbudaj30: @Real_ESPNLeBrun well… Goalie interference on 3rd goal and no call of delay game right before the goal .”

  188. If anyone looking for single seat a guy I’m friends with has one. Section 210. Asking $850.

  189. hello Diane
    new name around these parts, i think.
    pleased to meet ya!

    i’m sure we’ll be yelling at each other soon
    maybe not

  190. so Carp
    if it’s really birthday
    Have a HAPPY ONE!!!

    and thanks for giving all of us
    this gift of a place to vent, commiserate and be wiseacres.

    if it’s not your birthday
    well then
    consider me early……..or late

  191. Hi jpg. I’ve been posting here since last round with Mtl. I’ve been lurking before that, not posting. Nice to meet you.

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yes Diane, hi and hello as well. I’m the blog spiritual guide, psychic, guru, and fortune teller….

    As I’m typing I’m feeling very strong vibrations….

    Game 3

    Rangers 5
    Kings 0

    GWG Brassard

    Triple OT

  193. JPG thanks for the link- watched a chunk of the CBC coverage of the game this afternoon-so superior to NBC- they had no difference of opinion on the goalie interference- and they were quick and decisive. What was Joe M. smoking on MSG postgame- saying call could have gone either way? And the call on Pullout? What about that call. This league has a huge problem with officiating- the least it could do would be to provide a representative of officiating to do postgame pressers- the best would be to open the refs up to questions. Imagine if that call had gone against the Canadiens- on the broadcast today it appeared to me that the other ref approached O’Halloran with, perhaps, his point of view- but got shut down by the senior official with an “I saw it” gesture. The two ref system working at its best. Kudos to the imbecile linesman who is the only person in the world to see the puck bouncing off the glass in OT- when it certainly appeared physically impossible. Garbage. Now, lets forget that and get back to business tomorrow night- think of all the makeup calls were owed! Yeah….right.

  194. Good evening all!!

    The only good thing that happened for me last night was meeting and getting my picture took with, and hearing John Amirante…..

    This could have been ours, should have been ours, will and can be be ours…

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg – that might be the first time Craig’s Button had something positive to say in favor of the rangers…

    Cosmic Charlie how do you do?

  196. thanks Eddiex3
    i’ve heard Button say some good things about the Rangers in the past but it might have been back in ’11-’12 when he was impressed by the work ethic of the team.
    thanks for a little Dead reminder.

    attended Dark Star Orchestra’s festival a couple weekends ago. boy, that band REALLY can get deep into the jammin’ spirit.
    putting up photos soon.

  197. not that it totally changes anything as far as the score
    but posting that video
    at least makes me feel a very minuscule teeny tiny bit better that
    we’re not the only ones speaking out at how HORRIBLE
    the officials acted in that game

  198. I am so upset and frustrated…not with our boys…LGR! See you winning tomorrow!

  199. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    DSO can really jam. Love the mood they set. Very swirly – weaving in and out…..

    She wore bells on her fingers and rings on her shoes…..

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    After tomorrow night’s game, we will all be pleased as punch ready for game 4.

    Pozy pozy pozy

  201. Pozy Pozy! Look at all of our pretty, pretty horses. We must back our handsome, pozy boys!

  202. ‘As I was walkin’ ’round Grosvenor Square
    Not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air,
    From the other direction, she was calling my eye,
    Could be illusion, but I might as well try,
    Might as well try.’

  203. ‘The night was clear and the moon was yellow
    And the leaves came tumbling down.

    I was standing on the corner
    When I heard my bulldog bark
    He was barkin’ at the two men
    Who were gamblin’ in the dark.
    It was Stagger Lee and Billy
    Two men who gambled late
    Stagger Lee threw seven
    Billy swore that he threw eight.’

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    She wore Scarlett begonias tucked under her curls
    I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls

  205. Eddiex3

    i had the jazz trio at my wedding playing Scarlet Begonias
    as well as
    Sugar Magnolia
    Standing on the Moon
    (proposed while that one was playing)

  206. ‘Down the lane I walk with my sweet Mary,
    hair of gold and lips like cherries,
    And It’s good to smoke the green, green grass of home.’

  207. Threw a little dinner party for Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, so missed the game. Although I saw none of it, I think Richards played well. Get off his back.

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Standing on the moon is a beautiful song…

    I jamming on Russian lullaby as I type….

  209. getting some work done
    and i’ve been addicted to the more music from Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack
    “White Lines……don’t do it!”

  210. Admiral Akbar on

    Standing on the moon is gorgeous!

    Grateful Dead paint some beautiful imagery in their lyrics and melodies.

  211. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Money he’s divided, women get excited, now I’m broke, it’s no joke, it’s hard as hell to fight it…don’t do it

  212. ‘Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars;
    Oak tree you’re in my way.
    There’s too much coke and too much smoke;
    Look what’s going on inside you.
    Ooooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell?
    Ooooh that smell.
    The smell of death surrounds you.’

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Standing on the moon – tremendous tranquility for just 2 chords…one of Jerry’s sweetest songs

  214. Montrealer’s Lament

    ‘The best things in life are brie
    But that cheese don’t do it for me –
    I need hockey
    That’s what I want.

  215. Admiral Akbar on


    Montrealer’s Lament is opposite of Los Angelinos’ Lament.

    Except for a few transplants, they don’t give a hoot aboot hockey. They don’t deserve. Team like the Kings.

  216. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Game 3 is all that matters. We need to come out hard and step on their fuggen throats…

  217. Admiral Akbar on


    How is the new Jack a White record?

    I didn’t like the last one much.

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m watching nhl channel. Reliving that awful feeling from last night. Ugh

  219. Admiral Akbar on


    Don’t torture yourself, Greek mythology style by reliving that hell from last night.

    Stick with the Dead instead..

  220. Admiral Akbar on

    That said, Rangers better learn how to close out a game with a lead.

    Fugg the referees, etc. win the gadamn game already. Get all Mariano on them and CLOSE it out!

  221. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Admiral – the mid 70’s cutoff jeans short shorts….with his pulled up tube socks :)

  222. well Susan Sarandon is better at attending
    wining home games
    away games

    game 6 in ’94
    in LA for game 1 and attended game 2
    all losses

    gotta give her a True Blue Badge of Honor
    when you’re superstitious…

  223. ‘There’ll be bluebirds over
    The white cliffs of Dover
    Just you wait and see

    There’ll be cheers, love and laughter
    And peace ever after
    When we win game three.

  224. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bobby’s “Ace” is a brilliant album. Greatest Story, Black throated wind, PITB…classics

  225. Admiral Akbar on

    Ace is great.

    Phil is my guy though. Phil can make any band feel like the Dead.

  226. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm is a believer till the end. I appreciate the loyalty, but question what he’s seeing on the ice…

  227. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I saw about 30 Phil and Friends shows from 2000-2004…great stuff.. NYE in Oakland one year Hot Tuna opened.. Another NYE in Oakland , with Joan Osborn, Phil had the Funk Brothers open for him…

  228. Rumor has it that the Green Mountain Boys are Bruin fans, not out of the norm.

  229. finished up 3 stories and 3/4 of another one.
    and tired of coughing all day
    (sinusitis has got me down……..but not out!! like our team!!)

    have fun with your song lyrics and more
    there’s a Bobby documentary that should be coming out soon.
    it’s only been screened at a few special events so far…

  230. Admiral Akbar on

    I saw a great Phil and Friends show at Jones Beach, Ny in summer 2006.

    Joan Osborne was singing and Trey Anastasio sat in for the second and third sets. Sublime stuff.

  231. Admiral
    did you just read that story in the la times?

    i wanted to mention that during OT the other night
    the superstitious person in me
    kept me quiet
    if you still have the game and dare want to look
    you can see how the kings faces look tired
    and they were quiet on the bench
    while the Rangers looked fresh and talkative
    didn’t help us in the end
    due to a miscue
    but could as this series goes on and on…

  232. alright don’t get me started on Phil and Friends…..loved the shows i saw
    enjoyed RatDog but got off more at Phil shows
    saw The Dead at philly spectrum in 2009 and it blew my mind
    when on 2nd night the crowd was singing so loud that they were drowning out the band…..on numerous occasions.
    Furthur got better as the years passed.
    may see ’em at Lockn’ festival later this year.

    good night

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The fact that west coast body clock says 9:43 – barely late evening, yet it’s pushing 1am NY time… way the kings will be ready to play given what theyve been through…

    Rangers will destroy them in game 3

  234. Hi there, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam comments?
    If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any help is
    very much appreciated.

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