Game 2: Rangers at Kings … It’s Go Time!


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Rangers at Kings.


First of all … NOT a must-win. Big, very important game, yes, and going down 0-2 will be extremely difficult against this L.A. team … but NOT a must-win.

Some stats:

Teams winning Game 2 of the Final have gone on to win the Cup 55 of 74 times (74.3 percent) since the Final went to the best-of-seven format in 1939. That includes eight of the last 11 Game 1 winners.

Forty-eight teams have taken a 2-0 series lead in best-of-seven Final series. Of those clubs, 43 (89.9 percent) have gone on to claim win the Cup, including the Kings in 2012.

The all-time series record of home teams sweeping Games 1 and 2 of the Final is 32-3 (.914), but two of those losses have come in the last five years: Detroit, which won Games 1 and 2 before losing to Pittsburgh in 2009; and Alain Vigneault’s Vancouver Canucks, who won the first two at home and lost to Boston in seven.

The only other time the home team has won the first two games of the Final but did not ultimately win the Stanley Cup was in 1971, when Chicago took a 2-0 series lead and lost to Montreal in seven.

Every series since 2004, except last year’s Chicago-Boston series, was 2-0 after two games.

Within games, four of the last seven games in the Final were won by teams that led for fewer than 60 seconds. Los Angeles, which never led Game 1, was the third team to win in that fashion in that span.

Ryan McDonagh entered Game 2 on a four-game assist/point streak (0-5-5), the first Rangers defenseman since Sergei Zubov in 1995 to have assists in four straight.

Dan Girardi moves into sole possession of second on the franchise’s all-time list for games played (86), ahead of Dave Maloney, trailing only Steve Vickers (93). Girardi can’t catch Vickers until next spring.

John Moore, back from his two-game suspension, replaced Raphael Diaz on defense. Cam Talbot (undisclosed injury) remained out. David LeNeveu dressed as Henrik Lundqvist’s backup again. Daniel Carcillo served the fifth of his reduced six-game suspension. J.T. Miller was available, but did not play.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    TTHREEE Periods of non stop Stanley cup Playoff Hackey folks!!

    Nash will deliver TONIGHT!!!

    HE WILL DELIVER!!!! New Pizza boys in town!!

    SO LET’S DO THIS!!!! Lets gog go ggogogoggogogogoogo!!!

  3. Who carried on his shoulders, a Siamese cat.

    Ain’t it hard when you discover that. Jonnie Quick isn’t where it’s at.

    The kings invincible and game two he shall steal.

    How does it feel?

    LGR !!!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    yeahhhh but , games not on? LA looks empty? waaaa , late start tonight Carp?

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chrome’s owner – “I will kill every owner and their horse if they didn’t run in all three races. I’ll rip their eyes out. I’ll cut their legs off. I’ll go all Godfather and cut their heads off”

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Dam Horses , messin up everything …isn’t horse gambling illegal?

  7. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Yeah Carp!!!


    Ahhahahaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!

    Stanley Cup Game 2!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chrome’s owner – “and when I’m finished, I’ll BBQ every one of those horses and I’ll eat them”

  9. It’s pretty much a given that Richards does something special tonight. Lotta buildup.

  10. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Robbie, the Wall Street tycoon, just lost 200 million betting on Chrome.

  11. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Hate those disgusting unimaginative black uniforms !!!!

    Win Rangers win!!!

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rob in bean town – I never mean you when I speak Robbie – just to be clear

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Oh LA is said to come out all BLAZIN…well that could help us. Give LA 2 goals and then we storm back and bury them!! They wont know what to do with a lead …

    LETS DO THIS!!!!

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Let s gog gog go gog ogogogogo!!!!

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chrome’s owner – “I will kill Bob Costas. I will take his Botox filled face and punch it until he’s dead. Then I’ll have Chrome stomp on him until he’s even more dead. Then I’ll light the barns on fire where all those horses that didn’t run in those other two races. They are cowards and soon they’ll be dead cowards. We will see who is the last horse standing”

  16. Let’s go Rangers!!!!!
    Just got back from the beach club with the family. Ready for a Rangers victory! Bum out that California Chrome lost :-(

  17. iAdmiral Akbar on

    More McLovin for Drew Doughty tonite on NBC, get ready….

    Hon mentions:

    1. Duster Brown

    2. Willie and the Hand Jive “Mr Game 7″ Williams

  18. gregm_oldsection403 on

    We’re here, carp. just waiting to get through 47 NBC commercials. When i saw the Belmontpost time was 6:53, i knew there was no byfuglien way this game was starting anywhere close to 7pm.

    we’re saving our comments for when they really are needed. conserving energy

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh thank god they finally got through with that ridiculous “sport”

  20. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    No A-Team, no A Rod or A la carte.

    We just need to bring the


    That’s all.

  21. Last 4 games watching at dad’s house town over rangers 0-4. Home tonight solo. Wife out kid sleeping.


  23. iAdmiral Akbar on


    “We Are All Kings” — the LA Kings’ slogan sponsored by McDonalds.

    What a joke. These SoCals dont deserve a Stanley Cup contending team.

    Lets Go Rangersssss!!!!

  24. iAdmiral Akbar on


    Good vibin, man!

    Enjoy the game!!

    Lets go Byfuglien Rangers!!!!!!

  25. Will Nash have a breakout game?? I keep hoping/wondering/praying/dreaming… One can only dream, I guess.

  26. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Lets see what West Coast Pansies the Kings put out for the anthem. Nobody can touch the awesome power of Maestro John Amirante

  27. gregm_oldsection403 on

    did i ever mention how much i despise arenas with these stupid fog horns? so obnoxious.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Don Cherry saying LA will win tonight . LETS DO THIS!!! Everyone seems all on LA’s side… LETS MAKE ’em PAY!!

    We are the best team , WE WANT THE CUP!!!

  29. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Isnt Pia Toscano from NY????!!

    What a funking JOKE!!!

    Lets go Rangers!!!!

  30. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Which means, i pretty much dislike most arenas. most of them seem to have these dumb fog horns nowadays.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BIG GAME from THE Nash , BOYLE ,STAAL and Girardi!!!

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    still hurts Nash didn’t pass to a wide open Kreider…

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Another bad turnover by MZA. Getting caught in possession way too much.

  35. The ice looks like complete crap again……….

    Rangers gotta be more crisp and clear quicker.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Boys these KINGs are trying to hurt us!! LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO!!!

  37. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Two injuries to two key players:

    Of course their guy miraculously returns to bench, ours, who knows…

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Kings completely in control right now. Totally outworking us and absolutely pounding us.

  39. decent chance on the last sequence

    only a hand for girardi? good legs still work

  40. Freaking anemic pp takes till 30 sec left to get a shot. Can’t win cup with this crap. They could not us on pp

  41. Carp
    can you ask
    if they practice passing into opponent’s skates
    during pp practice
    or if it just comes naturally?

  42. imagine nash getting a goal soon. i think willie mitchell gets one before him

  43. gregm_oldsection403 on

    McD brought his A game. Awesome game by the future rangers captain.

  44. Hey do u know the Kings are bigger than us?….how many times do we have to hear it.

  45. Will say this if you don’t have a play get puck deep. Enough with neutral zone turnovers. It can’t happen. Manage the damn puck.

  46. is it kings being allowed clutch/grab or what…….keep seeing Ranger being turned around when a king goes to where puck is located?

  47. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Rangers don’t have the puck enough for my taste. they are letting LA control. rangers win when they have puck possession.

  48. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Rangers look REAL and SPECTACULAR tonight!!



  49. Know why we’re gonna win? Because I are at Walters yesterday!!

    DO IT BOYS!!

  50. gregm_oldsection403 on

    I like the nasty in McD’s game, but that one was a bit too much.

  51. Good evening all! Ok, I had my hockey town fun and all that, but would a rather be home in a cool room with you all…and OH MY!!!!!

  52. Don’t care about the dreaded 2 goal lead. They are playing great. Keep it up!!!!!

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    need to relax need to calm down need to keep pressing need the period over!!

  54. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Mzev – rangers are playing great – i agree. They have raised their game to the level of their opponent, at least for the first 20 min.

  55. I just wish though AV should worry about draws he rolls lines like its water. Def zone draws richy can’t take I’m sorry

  56. iAdmiral Akbar on

    They’re (Rangers) REAL and they’re SPECTACULAR!!!

    2-0 lead — LGR!!!!!

  57. Carpie , how are those California Girls? Are they as good as the Beach Boys say?

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan THE logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    we need to keep pressing

    We can’t let LA think they have chance

    We have them by the juggular , LETS DO THIS!!!

  59. @rangersreport

    First goal ever scored by a Norwegian in the Final … also, FYI, the Cup has never been to Norway.

  60. is it my imagination
    or am i being too hard
    doe Girardi and Staal
    look as if they’re NOT
    bringing their A game?

  61. ThisYearsModel on

    Well they withstood the physical abuse so far. Coming out of it 2 goals up is good.

  62. BONEHEADS! Watching a Stanley cup FINAL game with my 20 year old daughter for the first time. VERY SPECIAL!

    I thought that was a much better period than period 1 in Game 1. While they weren’t as dynamic offensively, they seemed less juiced and much more in control of their emotions. (Except for that stupid penalty for Mac)

    Also, both Mac and Girardi seemed like they wanted to give a goal right back when they handed it to Tafoli…


  63. iAdmiral Akbar on

    LA will keep coming and will raise their game.

    Rangers MUST raise their game and not take their foot off the gas.

    McDonuts’ nastiness is absolutely awesome. He has been destroying people in this game.

    Mr. Dustin Brown, come get yer Oscar!

  64. was the ref calling a penalty with .02 seconds left?
    thought he had his arm raised.

  65. Brown hurt McMonster on a check seconds before he cross checked McMonster, then he lost his temper and hit him up high. NBC misses it all even on replays…….geez

  66. Akbar- absolutely. 40 more minutes of like minded play. Hope they can keep it going. Hank is so in the zone… Think it carries over to the players to elevate their play.

    Btw, it’s hysterical to me to address this post to a Star Wars character!! It’s a trap!!!’

  67. iAdmiral Akbar on

    As I said before the game, here comes the NBC love for “Mr Game 7″.


  68. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Rangers must ATTACK!!!!

    Offense and puck management will be the KEY to fending off the Imperial Fighters, err… LA Kings..

    May the Force be with us!

  69. Milberries on Williams – “If Williams weren’t so clutch, Girardi would never have passed him the puck.”

  70. Yev- that’s awesome. Enjoy it!! I’m watching with my 9 and 8 yr old boys- both Ranger fans. When their not playing Minecraft. Which they are doing at this moment. They come into tv room when dad starts yelling and jumping around like a lunatic after they score, stay for 4-5 mins and go back to their video games. 20yrs from now, they’ll wished they watched the full game!

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Williams might be Mr game 7, but Brassard is Mr. Game 6, and this baby ain’t going 7.

    Rangers in 6

  72. Kings would probably be a playoff team in the NFL. Not 1 player turns away or passes up a chance to hit a Ranger.

  73. “Mzev
    Yev- that’s awesome. Enjoy it!! I’m watching with my 9 and 8 yr old boys- both Ranger fans. When their not playing Minecraft. Which they are doing at this moment. They come into tv room when dad starts yelling and jumping around like a lunatic after they score, stay for 4-5 mins and go back to their video games. 20yrs from now, they’ll wished they watched the full game!

    June 7th, 2014 at 8:22 PM”

    Mzev, my 9 year old is addicted to “minecraft!” Glad it wasn’t around when my oldest was 9. Instead she watched Hockey games with me. There is nothing like it when the kids end up loving the same teams that you do!

    LET’S GO BOYS!!!

  74. Girardi used to be our best Dman now McD is an absolute beast and Girardi and Staal look like turned into 2 useless turds.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Are the kings bigger than the rangers?

    Not in the shower, where it matters most

    # Big balls

  76. Paul: are you a Devils or Islander fan pretending to be a Ranger fan? Personally, I think so. Girardi and Staal, “useless turd?” How amazingly silly!

  77. gregm_oldsection403 on

    i must say, the organist in LA is pretty good. that’s about the only thing i like about the staples center.

  78. iAdmiral Akbar on

    The Force is what caused Justin Williams to lose his footing on a breakaway despite having no player nearby.

    That, and possibly some bad ice.

    Lets go Rangerss!!!!!


  79. gregm_oldsection403 on

    If only the NBC announcers would be quiet…NBC’s coverage would be so much better if they put a word count limit on Doc.


  81. gregm_oldsection403 on

    we have the wrong richards. there are at least 2 other richards in the NHL i would rather have on the rangers.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s not just the turnover, it’s the complete lack of hustle to get back into the play. Stoll doesn’t get that shot if Richards wasn’t so terrible in recovery.

  83. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Cant they mute that hideous fog horn on the 15 replays NBC shows of each Kinks’ goal????


  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Can Richards just get on the bench and stay there already? I wish he would break his leg so we could shoot him.

  85. ThisYearsModel on

    Up 2-0, off to a good start in the 3rd until the de facto captain gets out there and effs everything up. Unreal. What on earth is wrong with Richards?

  86. How can a vet like Wilbur make a lazy play like that? He does it every game maybe every period. Pathetic ….that goal is on him solo and maybe the game

  87. right now i truly believe
    KEITH Richards
    would be playing better
    Brad Richards

  88. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Great shift by the fourth line.

    Door Stop is very noticeable in this game. Wow.

  89. Tired of hearing shoot it where I am……but all means shoot it when net is covered by black and not a Blueshirt to be found

  90. Matty"WhyNot!!"Boy on

    Man, they’re playing great, so far. Keep it up, boys!!


  91. Where’s the ghost of John Torterella?

    “Richards, you’re scratched”

  92. @rangersreport

    Brutal play by the referee to pick McDonagh as he’s trying to defend against Brown near the net.

  93. if uncalled penalties on kings players was a drinking game
    i’d be getting my stomach pumped out

  94. Yeah, McD with an awesome read/intercept in the neutral zone. He came to play.

  95. For Cripes sake…..let’s do this….I heard Amirante sing outdoors today, his voice echoing off MSG.,,, and now MSL! ,

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    No dog or baby in house. Finally can yell and scream. F U upstairs neighbors.

  97. Doodie Machetto on


  98. What’s funny- I missed that goal. Found out from blog. Had game paused at some point, I guess

  99. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Intimidated and demoralized, right Carp?

    The Force is strong with them.

  100. How is that not holding against Nash. I would really love for holding to be called in this series. Kings would be half as good.

  101. love how excited Doc gets when the Kings score and how apologetic he is when the Rangers score. . .

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    I seriously think E3 is going to buy a game used Brassard jersey just so he can get some of Brassard’s DNA and then clone him

  103. gregm_oldsection403 on

    does doc have to call him willie mitchell every time? can’t he just call him Mitchell?

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard just texted me – “e3, I’m going to score another”

  105. Educator he always does the exited voice for the home team if you haven’t noticed.

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hans plays with lotte, lotte plays with jane. Jane plays with willie Mitchell, willy F’s up again

  107. “Hans plays with lotte, lotte plays with jane. Jane plays with willie Mitchell, willy F’s up again”

    That’s Darryl Sutter’s hit single “Jeux sans fronhubbadubba”.

  108. Brown completely slashed Girardis stick out of his hand in that last sequence and nothing was called

  109. I have a strange comfortable feeling with this 2 goal lead going into 3rd. That’s good, no??

  110. Carpie,

    From TV Land,,,,,,Looks like The Kreider BRUNGED it SCF Game 2 style,,,

    how’s it look live????!

  111. Actually doc said the black uniforms make them seem smaller! The white is “more pronounced”

  112. i LOVE when THE
    goes all
    Bam Bam
    and just knocks the living cooke out of anyone
    wearing the wrong jersey

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sutter in between periods:

    “Hubba wubba rubba bubba tibby wibby Lubba dubba”

  114. and THE was interfered with and than the LA player held his stick and pulled it out of THE hands, can’t get more obvious penalty than that but of course no call.

  115. This Kings team has been giving up goals all playoffs long. Need strong D shut down period now.

  116. Not sure about you guys but I’ve almost vomited a couple times… And it’s not from my 12 Stella’s

  117. So happy that Zucc had some redemption after he took that penalty. That kid works so hard! Love him..

    Brassard sure has shown a knack for scoring big goals!


  118. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, if Henrik didn’t screw up it would be 4-0. They need to dump the puck into Doughty’s corner and THE needs to wreck Doughty as much as possible. We need the next goal and to not go into a shell.

  119. Carp
    2:45 until ur B-Day! We need to send something to your room…..nice. Mine too I’m starting with a Calf Red, to highlight the night out west.

  120. “Eddie Eddie Eddie
    Tomorrow Brassard wins the French open

    June 7th, 2014 at 9:05 PM”


  121. Not only does J. Moops look good, but he helps Klein so much.. Klein had a terrible game playing with Diaz.

  122. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Wow….dingleberry actually gave rangers some credit. he said the rangers have outplayed the kings, except for 2rd period of game 1.

  123. Heralded Kings are absolutely beatable…intimidation factor is not working…

  124. Call your cardiologist now. This 3rd period will be torture. Defend defend defend.

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just vomited in the air, did a cartwheel, and swallowed said vomit. Chardonnay tastes better the second time

  126. McD is playing strange game tonight – beasty but with some bad mistakes, not being forgiven by anybody else…

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Robbie bonfire: the rangers have 4 goals, if they score 1 more – how many will they have?

  128. Helene Elliott ? @helenenothelen

    Hits are 31-29 for Kings through two periods…Rangers are 26-23 in faceoff circle

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m holding my breath the entire third period. But first, a giant bong load of chronic

  130. The kings will be pressing hard and vulnerable to the counterattack transition.

  131. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Got to keep ATTACKING, managing the puck.

    Keep the Kinks on their Heels.

  132. I’ve seen all season long way less than that on a goalie and interference was called. If the rangers lose this game they will have gotten robbed. I just don’t get this league and there officials.

  133. Can’t cry over spilled milk, but can’t you be a little irritated about an obvious non-goal which may have serious consequences in this game/series?

  134. That’s what I told about McD tonight – monstrous plays and monstrous gaffe…

  135. We blow this game we get swept. You don’t blow 2 games 2 goal leafs and recover u don’t.

  136. Too much freaking time defending. Told u all earlier. Freaking Nash what a waste of body. Put that piece of crap out of my misery

  137. However this turns out I think I’m done with the sport. It’s not worth it when it’s so completely obviously flawed, and not even concerned that it is. It’s a mockery of a once great game.

  138. That timeout. They shoulda called Lundqvist to the bench. He’s dwelling on the interference goal… Not good. It’s gonna take him right outta his zone

  139. No need for Richards n Nash at this time, they have done so much for us this far.

  140. thanks to buttman and his joke of a league the rangers got and will get screwed tonight. I’ve seen enough of this nonsense. Kiss this series goodbye.

  141. NYR blew the last game. If they lose, they did no such thing tonight. Screw the officials – they’ve been ruining the playoffs across the board since the first round.

  142. If a puck is scored with a high stick that is a no goal, if a goalie has a 250 pound gorilla sitting on top of him that is a good goal.

  143. iAdmiral Akbar on

    I feel so sick because of that bullsh 3rd goal.

    I hate this league.

    I really do NOT want to have to hear that miserable go horn again tonight.

    Come on Rangers.

  144. Boyle should have touched his nose and asked carter
    if the cocaine is as good in la as it was in philly

  145. we blew 3 2 goal leads in less than 2 games. Our defense is a joke and our puck possession sucks.

  146. 2 goals off of weak clearing attempts by our 2 superstars…rest skating their areas off….not these 2 liabilities.

  147. iAdmiral Akbar on

    Kings never seam to miss the net, and never shoot into the logo. Every shot is so freaking hard and dangerous.


  148. When do these freaking turnovers end whennnn . Stop blaming officials this 3rd per is as posses poor as pissible

  149. I agree to an extent, ORR, but it really should be 4-3. That said, they are not playing well right now. Maybe 2 or 3 good shifts.

  150. Nash just wants the puck off his stick right away….he doesn’t want this…no onions

  151. iAdmiral Akbar on

    This sucks.

    I feel like we are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    But the hell with it:

    Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!


  152. Nash is bad. I hope he does something soon. Just anything for this “superstar”. Brassard has been the best part of that trade.

  153. sorry Carp
    even a Powe
    doesn’t do much right now

    awfully awful that can be totally if we don’t score one more than them

  154. leetchhalloffame on

    Boys vs men. This is a horrible matchup for our boys. Kings refuse to lose.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Say what you will about Torts’ Rangers, but if the second period ended with a two goal lead, you might as well just called the game right there because the Rangers were not losing.

    Of course, the flip side of that is I can probably count on one hand the number of times they scored 4 goals in the first two periods.

  156. iManny-O-War on

    One awful call but this team can’t possess the puck, keeps turning it over and Nash is useless

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    Nash isn’t the only passenger. But I wish they would shorten our bench. Drop Nash, Richards, and Dorsett. Put MSL with Stepan and THE Kreider, and put Hagelin with Moore and Boyle.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    The ref at the goal line only could see McDonagh’s back. Probably thought McDonagh pushed him in.

  159. That goal changed the entire complexion of the game and possibly the series. NYR are having a bad period, but you can’t just ignore that.

  160. It was so obviously goalie interference. Lundqvist was going for the puck. You’d have to be…forget it I’m not even going to say it.

  161. Latona

    Save it yes bad call fight through it. Don’t allow 4th get off zone time. Other then richy shot quick saved what else h face.

  162. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    blow 2 2 goal leads ?
    Richards awful
    nash awful
    with the exception of 94 , this is common for this organization

  163. Maybe the Panthers will take Nash off our hands….they’re always having to add payroll to get to cap floor

  164. welcome to the finals…

    I hope goalie interference is reviewable in the future, because that was blatant.

    Rangers are looking a bit tired out there. They better score early in the OT.

    I think Pouliot pulls this one out.

  165. Let’s hope ” the ball doesn’t lie” applies and we get this OT win.

    Just like in Pittsburgh.

  166. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Open your windows and shout :I’m mad as hell and I have to take it

  167. It’s over we’re not finding away. Who Nash richy two guys I can’t fathom to look at .

  168. came to see if everyone was still alive… I feel like a zombie… third one shouldn’t have counted but still can’t believe we gave this game back

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    I wonder what Maloney’s take on that play was. Let me rephrase: I wonder how animated Maloney got in deriding that call.

  170. Canada still likes Nash…..ship him somewhere up north for anything. Cut Wilbur and you got some big bucks. Don’t forget Richards way to often lazy pass then absolutely no hustle to make it right. 13 million dollars of dung right there. The other guys deserve so much more.

  171. That 4th goal 1st goal by richy turnover piss me off more then king goal you all are going nuts over

  172. ThisYearsModel on

    How many times have we been through this? How can there be goalie interference at one end and not the other?

  173. Exact same play got called earlier against rangers. Can’t justify not callin interference.

  174. No fuggin way they win this. Mirror of last game. Crap third period and then some bearded dude in black scores in OT

  175. SWPLetsGONYR on

    So to be an “analyst,” you have to fail miserably in running a team? I guess that’s why Milbury is there.

  176. this is what the brink looks like guys. here we are.

    a loss, or a win and a real chance to do it all.

    if you believe in a God, now would be the time to start praying.

  177. NYR allowed three disgraceful goals against, two the result of turnovers and one the result of a horrendous offensive zone penalty. But guess what – they scored four. Game should be over, 4-3.

  178. Tough to win when 2 of your top 9 forwards are jaking it. They’re screwing up 2 lines.

  179. Dear NYR,

    Please score so I don’t have to go into a media blackout to avoid hearing words like commanding and stranglehold.


    Your bud,


  180. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards is useless. Norm, I know you love to defend him, but it’ gotta be getting pretty hard these days, even for you.

  181. duckbill platypus on

    Difficult to watch as a fair ‘feathered’ friend….too nervous. However, miss you all and glued to back slashing rangersreport!

    Kindly regarding,
    Le Duck

  182. Joining this game in OT, got rid of pesky dinner guests. Seems as though we have a good match-up, eh?

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards looks like that guy in your beer league who usually plays in the lower skilled group but is really good in that league, so he thinks he can play in the better league, but that should really stick with the lesser league.

  184. According to Emrick, either the series is 2-0 Kings or even if the Rangers win. How can he be so sure?

  185. Yes the second rangers do something wrong make that call. Forget the kings 500 holds this game.

  186. Hats why I said last game embellish every interference since refs don’t call it.

  187. Are we unsatisfied with the play of our favorite scapegoat? Amazing the team has carried him all the way to the finals, eh? :)

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    Norm, as Richards’ most ardent defender, please, defend him. Because he has seriously been terrible.

  189. Richards selling as hard as Nash! I wonder if he’ll recover miraculously. What a great, great dive.

  190. The Hollywood thugs fans don’t seem to be used to having any penalties called on them.

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh my god, kill Richards, turn him into glue, and then glue his remains to the bench.

  192. gregm_oldsection403 on

    richards is not only useless, he is a liability. when will AV realize? PP is awful with Richards on the ice.

  193. iManny-O-War on